!!! HUGE HAPPENING !!! Russia invites millions of german rightwingers

AfD Voters and anti goverment germans can enter Russia without Visa in the next weeks.

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>>380676510>Russian tit-for-tat: Medvedev offers Scholz critics refuge in MoscowBerlin is to become a place of refuge for opponents of the Russian regime. But the Russians are turning the tables. Moscow is now to become the exile Mecca of German government critics.

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just send russian aid putin come on

>>380676510smart! they want to train them for revolution back home

>>380676510Just no ahmeds please, we have our own batch alright.

>>380678813>Just no ahmeds pleaseI think that's pretty unlikely

>>380678813>Ja, I'm a German nationalist!>What's your name?>Otto Mehmet Skibinski!

>>380676510bruh unless theyre filthy rich, no one is moving to that shithole. even the afdlers and other right wing duderinos know that.

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>>380679566Reporting for duty, salem alekum

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>>380676510good for you hansyou can be human wave again

>>380676510Post source then OP

>>380676510can leaf scum hitch a ride in as well

>>380676510Mandatory reminder.

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>>380676510I cant think of a better way to destabilize Germany by taking out all the ethnic Germans and leaving the trash behind. Russians are smarter than i thought.

What about Americans? Or would the average Ivan just kill us

So... Russia's invading soon?

>>380676510Germany’s gonna send all their shitskins and niggers to RussiaSmart.


>>380676510Nice link you absolute nigger faggot

>>380676510Prussia will be German again, and then it will be used as a base to liberate the fatherland from the gae.

>>380676584Based. Actually already thought about that.

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>>380682016What if all based Germans leave and make Russia great instead to spite western leftards?


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>>380677703If he does this fir Canadians it'll be manna from heaven.

>>380676510You know what will happen to all that are dumb enough to go Russia ? Thats right, they end up in camp at Siberia. They will be hostages used in blackmailing against ze Zermoney. So go on and be stupid fuck.

>>380678813we will send German churkas to Donbass. native Germans will say thank you

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>>380676510I literally said germany was about to side with the russians two weeks ago and you all laughed at me. Apologize

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>>380678813You've been thinning out your ahmeds in ukrain, I understand you'd like some more sandgolems to send them larping as a soldier to the front. Thank you for sending ahmeds to kill the big Jew. win-win

>>380683361Funny thing is my aunt actually married a Kraut

>>380676510i heard rumors that most based wealthy white Germans were buying property in Crimea, they are looking to escape the roach infestation

>>380683748well. part of Germany. It's probably going to breakup in three soon enough.

>>380683813we now have Buryats almost arranging riots because Putin is demanding a new batch of suicides. This one is literally district 12

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>>380682333this has happened before.Weren't both Peter the great and Katherine the great, Germans?


>>380684225No, they need your gas to keep the lights on, let alone keep an industrialized economy. If they don’t side with you, they will be forced to deindustrialize. Instead, they gave 150b euros up front and a 2% gdp increase to their military, it’s obvious they will remilitarize and the rest of Europe will come together to defeat them. This had happened 17 times throughout history

>>380684562Indeed. Rebuild the great Russo-Germanic empire?

>>380676510Literally no one will move here, maybe couple of people directly on the Kremlin's payroll

>>380676584kek nice

>>380679970The average German is rich compared to the average Russian


>>380676510>no source>trust me broBesides who would even want to go to that snowy shithole? Vatniggers are getting desperate

>>380684856maybe the boomers but our millenials like everywhere in the west basically own nothing. maybe a 20k car or smt but no house

The whole issue about immigration is some sort of universally valid principle that has not been developed. Or other issues. Moscow and others try to abuse this. It will only make things worse.Monstrous.

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>>380684740chad unholy aliance

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>>380684306I'd vote for more batches of shitskins to be send to the Ukraine meatgrinder. at some point it will clog up

>>380682333Yes, you and other basement-dwelling NEETs will make an impoverished shithole great, I'm sure.

>>380684562Peter was westaboo, but he was 100% Russian. Catherine the Great on the other hand was Prussian

>>380676510Based, Russia was made great in the first place thanks to German generals

>>380685141>The whole issue about immigration is some sort of universally valid principle that has not been developed. Probably on purpose.

>>380685573seeth harder EU bot

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>>380680019What if it is just swarthy German? I know some of them. They are swarthy, yet fully germanic since ages.

>>380676510Where can I apply? I can program computers.

>>380685715You have no job, no education. You have nothing of value. You are nothing.

Like this Le Pen guy, his daughter followed up. Seemingly doing it better. Why was this Le Pen guy like a criminal? Only these mad utterances. Or Trump, e.g. CNN. They will change what they say, if it is true. And proof is handed to them. Not only by telling them to.

Russcucks never emigrate to Russia. They stay in the evil EU/NATO country and praise the midget from there.

>>380685573heh, you must be a woman

>>380678813Typical whitoids hating people who are dying for his country and actually making gains.If you are not interested in ahmeds why not allow Chechen to leave russiam federation?

>>380676510I don't support Russia in the Ukraine war, but this is a good idea. They could make the same proposal to the whites of other Anglosphere countries, and South Africa and Rhodesia (I refuse to use that nigger name).

>>380676584Catherine the Great did this as well.

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>>380676510wishes from WC

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>>380676510Russians I want to go there and work as a substitute teacher aNd be bullied by Russian teenage girls

>>380685573I don't mind if more Finns lived in Karelia. in any case, it's much better than gnawing at each other's throats again, and in the end Asians and Blacks will take everything.

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>>380678813Just invite the whites.

>>380686086Shitskin currypoonigger, you should be on your hands and knees everyday thankful for the British empire and for white people. KYS

Isn't the true issue everyone wants money? (To begin with).Everyone must work hard. Why would some get more or be more. It works like body parts.I don't mean communism. I mean i.e. as if its acceptable to be confronted with bigger cars, bank accounts. No one ever talks about it. But, you know, to anyone, its rather bullets as kind words?

>>380676584Uhm...not sure if this a stupid question but does Germany really persecute political dissidents?

>>380686086>If you are not interested in ahmeds why not allow Chechen to leave russiam federation?Judging by their presence in Novorussia, majority of Chechens are hardline Russian nationalists. The ones that wanted to leave got killed off in the 90s.

>>380686086>Chechen to leave russiam federation?they can't they cannot separate Chechnya from Russia Federation. Chechnya is a part of Russia since 1800, and therefore Chechens are considered indigenous people in Russia

>>380685573Speak for yourself

>>380676510>Russia invites millions of german rightwingersHoly Fuck! Is it Operation Barbarrosa day already?

>>380686775If you are a right winger. Every day. Are you under the delusion this is a free country?

Germans love russia its only natural. I can only remember the great rapings of WW2. Hey, Germans if you think the rape from sand niggers is bad look at those Russiana.

>>380681131Catherine the Great had a vision.

>>380686858What if you know, they held a referendum and wanted to leave?

>>380686153Pigman, u now have to die in Donbass, after ur commanders flee. Get fucking out of germany and go to the frontline, Taras.

>>380686240If u show them u are weak they gonna sit on face and laugh. So u have to be strong and rude with them.

>>380678813>we have our own batch alright.true.and that's one of many reasons why it won't trust russia neither (anymore).it's all just globohomo VS globohomo and they're sending waves of goyim into the slaughterhouseprove me wrong

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>>380685960I have an education of 4 years + working experience btw

>>380687067>wanted to leave?but that's the thing they don't wanna leave Russian Federation

>>380687067These people don’t have a tradition of democracy

>>380687004we like the German spirit who likes to fight and we want to bring this Teuton back from the grave

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>>380686976I know that denying the holocaust, doing the hitler salute, and displaying the swastika will get you in trouble...but I don't really know what constitutes a right winger in Germany

>>380687560someone against uncontrolled migration as we have it today is a right winger

Ah, spare me, do you think these Germans will be "far-right" with conviction? no, because the fag Putin is muttering "Nazism" all the time, this far right will have to adapt to Putin's disgusting gay anti-fascism.

>>380676510take your fucking liberals back tooi can’t stand their smug faces and gay ukrainian ribbons anymore