If the Midwest seceded from the Union what would they call their government?

If the Midwest seceded from the Union what would they call their government?

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The Lake Erie Monsters


>>380676357"They"? Who even lives there?


>>380676357New Africa

>>380676357Cracker junta

>>380676357The Disunited Judeo People's Republic of the Absolute State of Weimerica



>>380676563Farmers. The US produces 1/3 of the world's corn and basedbeans and 90% of that comes from the Midwest.

>>380676872If it weren't for the Midwest everyone would starve.

>>380676357Fuck that gay map Iowa and MObro's are joining the Great Plains.

>not expelling Chicago


>>380676357The Rust Belt Confederation of States


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>>380677005The issue will still be one of logistics. If they're tied to any major water ways (and they are) THEN it'll be easy for The Federales to pull off a "Anaconda Plan Mk. II electric Joogaloo" and the next thing you know it'll end as soon as it began.

>>380677092shouldn't be a place of abject poverty and suicide then don't ya think? Sounds like Cleetus and the boys cant into finance


>>380677563Honestly that's a good thing - it means they're detached from the Money Kike. Unlike Vegas, Reno and Carson. Most of Rural Nevada also needs to STAY Rural.

>>380677563>shouldn't be a place of abject poverty and suicide then don't ya think?You just described every state in the U.S.

>>380677689That would be most of the south.


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>>380676357How can a state be in the Midwest if it's in the eastern timezone?

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>>380677954We are East of the West.

>>380676357Mid Eastmight as well be middle east 2.0 anyway.

>>380677932THIS would be a cool anthem for these States (note: not a Commie BUT this version of The USSR's anthem in English is fucking lit):youtube.com/watch?v=N9RZ1ONZybo

>>380676357"america 2, bigger, better"


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>>380678455> Louisiana less than 10%Yes - that's because Louisiana is a PRETTY French place (alongside with parts of Texas, Alabama, Georgia and Florida).

>>380677176Fuck that, stay on your side of the river.

>>380678820Either way both of y'all will get fucked by Uncle Sam via The Mississippi and The Great Lakes SHOULD this Secession attempt ever occur.

>>380678455Delusional. Get back in place faggot, America has never been German. You'll always be #2 behind Bongs.

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>>380678999Sadly though Anglo Americans are THE biggest Race Traitors like EVER to exist in The US. SO there's that.

>>380676357Ah yes... it's coming friends. The GLC! Great Lakes Coalition! Like picrel we control your food and fresh water in the dystopian future and Ashley Judd can't save you in real life.Once Ohio and Michigan agree to team up, and after the cleansing in Bullettown (Detroit) and Gastown (Chicago) we will form high trust ethnocentric society that will dominate what's left of NA.


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>>380679218> Great Lakes CoalitionPretty good name but user...> [The] Rust Belt Confederation Of StatesI prefer this.

>>380679127How is that when Anglos in America have never been a monolithic group? Everywhere is Anglo, except some Northern areas of the MidWest. It isn't Anglos bringing in muslims, it is Germans in the Midwest. It isn't Anglos running the Democrat Party, it is Irish and kikes. The Anglo biblebelt put Trump in power, and even the NYTimes lamented this, and complained that the Anglo bibile belt was too anti-vax. Your logic is flawed as you think Anglo= New England progressives, when everywhere is Anglo, just different types (yes, we're not hiveminded bug people like Krauts that all think the same).


>>380679436Fair enough as long as we agree no one gets our lakes!

>>380676357There are still lots of Jews in Minneapolis and Chicago, so it wouldn't be any different than how it already is.

>>380676357The Midwesterners Reich

>>380676357Nova Somalia

>>380676357Name: Cornland.Citizens: Cornholes.Official Motto: Spirare non possum.

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>>380679574Well don't suffer Dixie's fate - make sure your water ways are HELLA secure.

>>380678999This thread is about the Midwest, you island monkey. You can keep your nigger infested South

>>380676357The Great Lakes Confederacy

>>380679501>everwhereand everything is Anglo>Anglos arent responisble for anythingYour island monkey brain is malfunctioning as usual

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>>380679925Anon.... you've dropped something...

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>>380681140There were more Bongs in America in 1830 than all of the German migration in US history combined.

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>>380681547Right, perfectly logical, as Anglos are a spectrum of people, not one party, unlike for example the Irish which run the Democrat Party as do kikes. You have Anglos in all states, from Florida Man types to Utah mormons, to rural Washington state types. They aren't all in on this agenda like other groups are. They aren't bringing in muslims in ANY of their areas regardless of politics, but Germans and Nords in the Upper Midwest are.

>>380676357There will be no talk of succession.

>>380676357Gotta cut out Detroit and I’m in

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>>380682688Germans americans oiverwhelmingly voted for president Trump, get your facts straight>>380682164The capital of North Dakota is literally Bismarck

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>>380676357It would be called Ohio.

>>380682164There still are. I call it the ‘stealth anglo phenomenon’.250 years of anti-anglo sentiment combined with a taste for the exotic (as opposed to the anglo norms of traditional american society) means that an American of 50% English and 50% French heritage will claim to be French when asked.

>>380683136THERE ARE LESS GERMANS RETARD. The bible belt put Trump into power in 2016, that is where the driver was. > B b but German Americans gave Trump 3 electors!Fucking cope.

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>>380683051He isnt right in the head. His island is literally full of muslims and yet he claims Anglos arent resposible for anything.

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>>380676357Cornutopia is my preferred name, and fuck off, we’re full.

>>380676506lmao based and hockey-pilled

>>380679501I stopped reading at "It's Germans bringing them in". This delusional idea must be the biggest propaganda victory of the kikes over Whitedom. You know and everyone knows the kikes bring them in to destroy our people.Brenda Lerner.jpg


>>380676357peoples republic of chicago

>>380684490Trump himself, is literally German american. Like Hitler.Anglos only produce cucksyoutube.com/watch?v=xLwRlrjLBy4

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>>380684877Oh that is convenient. So the user was blaming Anglos, who are objectively the most pro-white and segregationist group in America, for being the most anti-white, but all of the policies don't come from Anglos or from Anglo states, they come from German ones. Say what you want, they're german kikes. They aren't Anglos as he stated.

>>380678455>self-reportedInto the trash it goes.

>>380676357The "Why the fuck am I attached to those faggots in Minnesota and Michigan?"The Midwest belongs to the Midwestern Reich, from Texas to the Dakotas to the Rockies.

>>380677412all rail lines in the entirety of the US run through Illinois. the entire country would be fucked.

>>380677563You just described every blue city and Appalachia, niglet. The prairie is fine.

Great Lakes Nation

>>380685333His family are Scottish and he owns multiple properties in Scotland and visits all of the time, but...he doesn't own anything in Germany or speak German. And all of his kids married jews, and his father is buried at a jewish place. I would post the Miles W Mathis 'trump' link but I got a 2 week ban for posting it last time.Carry on pretending that America is somehow a German civilisation as every single aspect of it is Bong not Kraut, except burgers.


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>>380682164>Not pictured: the anti German programs of the late 1800s and early 1900s where Germans stopped teaching German to the kids and anglicized their last names

Warshington North

>>380685890There is no such thing as "Anglo-kikes" or "German kikes" or "Polish kikes".They are their own separate identity at eternal war with the local populations,be it English, Germans or Poles. Even Guatemalans.It's just one of those things you have to word correctly to communicate the correct basis of your statement. There are jews living in the United States, but there are no American Jews.

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Burn down Chicago and this would be the best place to live on earth

>>380677563No contrary to what these retards believe, despite the midwest producing a majority of the produce we consume, a VAST majority of it is from large corporations. Very very very few farms are actually mom and pop owned. The reason being that US agriculture is virtually not profitable. Ironically Holla Forumstards don't realize that the only thing keeping agriculture from collapsing are the spics that the companies smuggle in to work the fields


>>380676357The Council of Somalia

>>380686496Yes, they stopped them speaking German as that is how you integrate people, just like you don't like spics speaking Spanish now in America. The surname issue is completely overblown as they Anclicanised their names, they didn't make English names, they'd just change "Sch" to "sh" for example. We have the demographic figure, I've already posted them above. The DNA is even more comprehensive. Your people were never close to being the biggest group in America. I don't know why coping with this provable fact is so difficult for you; it is like you're pathological liars that won't face the truth..

>>380677412Remember when the US shock and awed Iraq during the first Gulf War and Iraq responded by torching Kuwaiti oil fields and blowing up reserve depots?Imagine that but with fields of staple crops and instead of losing $200 B in oil and having to deal with a few months of higher gas prices you have to deal with not being able to feed billions of livestock animals or hundreds of millions of people.Hell, just look at the fucking havoc being wrought to food supply chains by the Russia-Ukraine conflict cutting off ~10% of world wheat supplies.

>>380678999post brit120

>>380686347His family comes from Germany. He is half german. Stop with your delusional lies.>I would post a made up stupid link, but unfortunately not even this shizo website lets me do itStick to your own island, bong

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