Why do nazis think racemixing is wrong?

ever heard of hybrid strength? Mutt is essentially a compliment

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Which racially mixed population demonstrates "hybrid strength"?

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Eugenics and antiracemixing was raging in Britain and USA.

Most mixed people are ugly mutants.

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>>380675298The opposite of racemixing isn't inbreeding you complete fucking mong

>>380675298I still fail to see the implied irony. Yeah, he's inbred. And? still within the race

>>380675298Why do jews have the uncontrollable urge to subvert and swindle?

>>380675298Because preserving culture is not exclusive to non-whites?

>>380675415kikes ?

>>380675415Niggers and jews, although jews are mostly just an identity they take.

>>380675517i prefer blasians over nigs and chinks

>>380675298Name an engineer, mathematician, or scientist who has created anything groundbreaking who isn't somekimd of german.You can't because they don't want you bunch of peasant fucks asking for them to take time out of their valuable to teach your retarded child.

>>380675531ever race is a slightly inbred group of people. mixing = more genetic diversity, inbred = terrible lack thereof

>>380675717Ashkenazi Jews are one of the most endogamous populations on Earth.>>380675754Niggers in what way?

>>38067580499% of people have a fucking loose wire and are worth nothing except as a tax base, and that's just the people I'm aware of in my anecdotal experience.

>>380675298>BUY A TORMACH

>>380675531stick to mutt. bong insults like dip, mong, are just disgusting and makes me picture your shark like teeth (hence why u need more genetic diversity, britain was genetically isolated for eons and u need to be forcefully mixed)

>>380675298it's really funny because that "inbred man" looks like the anti-white kike from the SPLC

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>>380676256he looks nothing like that guy

>>380675298Look at them!!!They're all ugly genetic freaks

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>>380676256i think u just wanted to post that picture and had to pretend they looked similar in order to have context to post that. they are both ugly tho, yes

>>380676003The men want their harlots back for some reason, and the women misinterpret their natural urge to breed as to destroy their reproductive organs. Just nuke israel and everyone in it, nothing of value would be lost. You're supposed to shun whores like witches.

>>380675904Motte and bailey argument. Races are "inbred" in that they are more closely rellated than two distinct races mixing, but they don't produce negative effects like close family breeding does. You trying to conflate the two just exposes your kike nose. Secondly if you were against inbreeding because of the negative genetic defects you would be against race mixing for similar reasons.

>>380675904Are racially mixed populations superior to populations which aren't race mixed? Are Brazilians superior to the Japanese or Norwegians?


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>>380675298Hybrid vigor is described in two highly inbred populations of plants derived from a single orignal population that are then crossed with each other. The resulting offspring are a return to normalcy, the initial ones are more "vigorous" in the selected traits of their parents and more so than their ancestor population but successive generations return to resembling their ancestral population.What you are more likely going to encounter is out breeding depression. You gain nothing, you lose and it should be seen as a form of child abuse.

>>380676518and I think you're a kike.

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Sibling's pairings result in deformities but so do pairings with someone too genetically distant. The golden mean is third cousin.

Breed with niggers = Low iq children

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>>380676841brazilians are the strongest race you just havent noticed it yet they mog the japanese in homocide rates

>>380676706what genetic problems does racemixing produce? im familiar that a halfnig might have sickle cell or something, but thats due to the nig not the mixing itself. the genetic isolation of, say, aboriginals has clearly been detrimental

>>380675298>whites are inbred!>Noooo you can’t say you want to keep Africans and Latin Americans out for being inbred! Just because they all came from tiny tribes of 20 people in the jungle and the savannah doesn’t mean they’re inbred their genetics are god tier!Pick one nigger

>>380676228Nigger, you only need a population of about 300 people to escape the chances of inbreeding defects, I don't know how small you think Britain's population has been over the years "britain was genetically isolated for eons" means fuck all.. and if it did you are descended from us you absolute spacker

>>380675298Lol. Is that a real person?

>>380676228>Truncated dipshit and mongoloid are too much for the mutt brain to parseA prime exhibit of outbreeding depression.

>>380675298There's a thing in dog breeding, where the first generation of a cross-breed is looking great, but every generation after that is unlike this mix and completely unpredictable in traits.

>>380676841brazilians are some of the most attractive people in the world. As much as people shit on mutts they rape in sports pump out trophy wives like crazy. And yes, I feel like Hapas japanese are superior to 100% japanese people

>>380675298This doesn't sound like Propaganda at all. Lol. "Americans want to legalize segregation, says man who thinks about murdering niggers all day."

>>380675298>had to photoshop a picture of a white guy to make him look dysgenic>could've just used an actual picture of most niggers to accomplish the same thingReally makes you think

>>380677306>attractive Subjective. How about health outcomes and bad decision making? Where do they rank there?

>>380675298Ashkenazi Jews are the result of Jews mixing with White Europeans. If that's not enough, then there are medical repercussions of mixing. Organ donors is a big one.

>>380677291yes, ur right, the term mongoloid is just really hard to grasp. Admit it, bongs are just shit at insults. I watched a video of them "vocal jousting" once which is the bong version of roasting, and I suggest you do so as well. its painfully unfunny

>>380677306>>380677306Hapas are in no way superior to japs. What the fuck?! Are you sure you aren't inbred because everything you say is retarded

>>380677306Would you rather live in Brazil or Norway? Which population produces the most innovations/geniuses?

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Mixed race society.Low iq, poor and crime

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>>380675298God gave gay people aids and race mixers with a toll. Payment is due, simple as.

>>380677108abbos aren't humans user. Has it been a catastrophe for dogs or wolves? Just absurd you people think you're non-binary persons of science or whatever.

>>380675717no one inbreeds more than the jews, not even brits

>>380676706It's like, if you thought your entire race was worthy, you probably not breed outside of it. I don't like people who are born to till, just not my shit, they're easily convinced to do shit like to to Israel to retrieve a homeless man's gold chains and chalices or something, Jews are good at this. My point is, why wouldn't you try to select for traits that work well. Like what if one parent has a big jaw and the other doesn't? The teeth are gonna be a fucking mess.

>>380677659Native Brits aren't inbred whatsoever. That's just an anti white lie.

>>380677573what is it like to live in such a neighbourhood ?

>>380677404beauty is both objective and subjective. Look up cross cultural agreement. Some of what youre attracted to is genetically imbued so that youll produce successful offspring. Just look at aboriginals, or the person in my OG post, the genetic isolation is on full display in both examples and it indicates to us on a primal level that something is unhealthy. If japan were to breed amongst themselves for eons, like the aboriginals, the same would be true of them.

Europeans are the purest and the least inbred race, curious.

>>380677573i mean this looks terrifying, depressing but comfy, exotic, interesting at the same time

>>380677850Aboriginals haven’t always been that way though. Look at old photos of them being rounded up the men were ripped. Generations of alcoholism killed them.

>>380677759no it's just bants you fucking autist, the jew part is real though

>>380677454Anything making someone less chinky is an improvement so long as its not a nig. Youve just seen too many hapa memes on 4chan. In reality hapas are way more confident and sociable than purebred asians

>>380677455Shit comparison. Id rather live in Brazil than many other pure spic nations. Ofc id rather live in European nations than Latin America

Tigers and lions are both great animals. However, when mixed, resulting in either a liger or a tigon (depending on which species is the father/mother), you get cancer-ridden creatures.That does not mean that every pairing is horrible or without potential. But you cannot take for granted that a pairing will not be utterly horrible. And even if the pairing has potential, the environment, circumstances, handling, probability, generational filtering, etc., has great influence on the possible consequences.

>>380677573where is that?

>>380678226> pure spic nationsThey are all mestizo/castizo nations to varyinf degrees

>>380675298Mutts suffer from autoimmune diseases, they have a hard time finding organ donors and they dont belong anywhere since they have no identity, being a mutt of two different races is definetly a weakness, sorry for you user that you are a product of such unnatural and deviant relations

>>380678226>Shit comparison.Why? You're the one claiming that race mixing leads to a superior population.> Id rather live in Brazil than many other pure spic nations.Which country which has a majority racially mixed population would you rather live in than any European nation?

>>380675298when you cross breed two mutts is when unpredictable mutations happen. i posted this countless times.

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>>380677573I wish Mexico City would just fall into its sinkhole already.

>>380678304race =/= species. Speaking of, many white supremacists on here talk abt how mixture with neanderthals legit rendered europeans/asians/jews superior to those with no admixture

>>380675298Whites are the least inbred race on the planet. Blacks in America regularly inbreed because nobody knows who their father is.

>>380675298The shitskin fears the consanguinity map

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>>380678595race = subspecies

>Come from Poland>Look up my genes through ancestry>Mix between slavic, baltic and scandinavian DNA>Girlfriend is 100% german>We are both considered white in the US>Our kids have an incredible high chance to be absolutly healthy I hate the US

>>380678352>varying degreesand it doesnt get worse the more mutt they are, id much rather love in Brazil than some purer spic nation I dont know the name of

>>380675298Cool it with the antisemitic remarks

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>>380677136Alright how do you even fucking measure something like that?Logically speaking, walked in jenkem buffers would be the most inbred, a certain area or locality having a particular look should hint to this.

>>380677168I bet you pay for vpns and less inbreeding is more as the saying goes.

>all the muh huwhite race LARPing ITTDon't care, still making hapa babies

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>>380678528>people are cornIm absolutely certain you enjoy many genetically modifed, hybrid foods.

>>380678729show me a biologist who says that and not just a 4chan meme that shows that humans look a lot different and some subspecies dont.

>>380679392Nice onyfans pic, I'm convinced

>>380677452American television's best comedy series were directly copied from the Brits. The limey fucks might not be pretty but they are witty. You're working off of a single data point and generalizing from there.There is something to be said about different styles of humor and what people find funny, just look around this lovely place as an example.>>380677850Abos are some weird and ancient as hell hominids and looked way better before being introduced to our industrial society's diet. Seriously, the food has fucked them up even more than the gasoline and now endemic FAS.

>>380678753inferiority complex

>>380679408when it comes to DNA genealogy they are the same as corn, ignorant fool

>>380677404The funny thing about intelligence and attractiveness is that lots of people who look smart are dumb, different from genius autism and general thickness. But yeah it's easier to convince people they're very smart if they're like 110iq, especially when they're surrounded by people with 100iq.


>>380677306>brazilians are some of the most attractive people in the world.No they are not. >And yes, I feel like Hapas japanese are superior to 100% japanese peopleNot in IQ atleast. And what if you mix Hapas with low IQ population, will they still be superior in your eyes?

>>380679031>many amazing racial hybridsmost hapa women are hotter than purechinks. Fact.

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>>380679392Good for you, non ethnocentric whites should race mix so their genes are out of the white genepool, clearly thats a major weakness for europeans that needs to be gotten rid of

>>380677437I don't even know my blood type, fuck bad drivers I hope the medevac teams also crash and they need organs it's a faulty system.

>>380679683Ridiculous and nobody agrees with you whos an expert in the subject but you completely sidestepped the rest of my point

>>380680131what point, you made none

>>380677454Bruce lee was a hapa and he looked the most impressive when displaying martial arts!Yeah no he'd get wrecked by someone larger, sharper, and that learned to like 2/3 or so of his skill. He always had some weird spaciness to him probably from americans.

>>380675298Especially funny considering all Indo-Europeans are racemixed EHG-CHG mutts since their inception.

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>>380680016not that onechinks are attractive because of their neotenous features, quit going for ones that look like spics and drug addicts

>>380679546Charles Darwin, THE DESCENT OF MAN, and Selection in Relation to Sex, 1871; John Murray Publisher

>>380680005>not in iq at leastthat is the one thing chinks have to offer. Nothing artistic, musical, etc. but their pattern recognition. Just like an AI. Whites, hispanics and europeans are far superior to chinks in learning things like sports quickly, i reject the idea that IQ testing is a good representation of intelligence as well. Schizos on here alwayd whine abt how "you cant change your IQ" which is true, but you absolutely can honr your abilities at IQ test style questions. I sucked at them at first and with minimal practice learned to do exceedingly well. It really is mostly cultural, and the fact chinks slave away doing nothing but math and school work and only enjoy a like 5 point IQ lead relative to europeans is fucking sad

>>380680459Which means white race has been around for about 5000 years atleast with more or less the same genetic composition of these three groups, whats the point you are trying to make here?

>>380675298>ever heard of hybrid strength? Mutt is essentially a complimentI've heard even republicans say this. They fell for the meme, as they worship the purebred men that were stronger then themselves from the past.

>>380680616because that wasnt a chink at all, it was a nigger who looks much better than pureniggers. This does tho

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>>380680768>Whites, hispanics and europeans are far superior to chinks in learning things like sports quickly,Sports do not matter.>i reject the idea that IQ testing is a good representation of intelligence as well.Then you are stupid. >It really is mostly culturalYou are really stupid. >the fact chinks slave away doing nothing but math and school work and only enjoy a like 5 point IQ lead relative to europeans is fucking sadIQ is mostly genetic. I'm tired of you mutts. Go racemix yourselves away and turn America into an irrelevent thirdworld shithole so no one ever has to listen to your bullshit ever again.

>>380679392Is that lilypichu?

>>380675298>hybrid strengthAbsolute bullshit. Speciation is desirable for humans just as any other species on the planet.What you offer is shit.You are Undesirable.Rejected.

>>380679392And Ill make babies with those babies

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>>380680021then the white race would only consist of dysgenic chuds kek

>>380675517Why would someone choose this over a white son who looks like him

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>>380681511And how would that happen exactly, you worthless disgusting mutt? Stop talking already, retard.

>>380681617for a woman who doesnt cheat on them constantly

>>380675298I was thinking about the other day what would be the most triggering thing you could possibly do to make people nuclear levels of assblasted without actually breaking any laws. I think I finally figured it out. For a white guy who is into asian women, get one to agree to marry you but not have children with each other. Then find a white egg donor for your asian wife to be a surrogate of to have a fully white baby, but then do the same thing with an Asian sperm donor and have a fully asian baby. Then abort all the white females and asian males, keeping only whites males and asian females.

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>>380681154>no one ever has to listen to your bullshit ever againViscid, envious universalists cannot stop themselves or be contained, only erased.Their failed experiment and soiled genes/memes have to necessarily die in a cleansing fire.

>>380681511The strong healthy white people would remain while the fat coalburners and betta manlet riceburners would be removed from the white genepool. That is eugenic

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>>380681672because the people unwilling to racemix are 4chan chuds

>>380680848That there are no "pure" whites like the Nazis and Holla Forums tries to claim. all Indo-Europeans are by definition racemixed. they are literally a creation of 2 distnict peoples.tThe last pure component oh whites were their EHG ancestors (who themselves were 75% ANE who were the first blondes 22,000 years ago).Not to mention the further racemixing with the neolithic farmers in Europe who by today standards would be considered swarthy nonwhites by Holla Forums.And no, it's not advocating for more racemixing with negoes or whatever, just pointing out that fallacy. All euros are mutts.

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>>380677454Bruce lee was a hapa and he looked the most impressive when displaying martial arts!Yeah no he'd get wrecked by someone larger, sharper, and that learned to like 2/3 or so of his skill. He always had some weird spaciness to him probably from americans.

>>380681813I mean if you actually observe the guys that marry asian women, it's almost always basedboys.


>>380681742Cheating, on tests and spouses, is the chink national sport. If you trust a chink you are retarded

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>>380681801>3 children alreadyhaha tell me about how people like him will be bred out of the gene pool

>>380675298miscegenation is illness

>>380681813You really want that to be true, don't you, mongrel? You are dumb as fuck, why did I bother responding to someone like you in the first place? What a waste of time.

>>380681978>actually oberve peoplethats how I know youre not on 4chan much. the types of people ITT dont go outside enough to be able to do that. I agree though

>>380681801That asian bitch looks like the momo meme.

>>380677659Do like wenches make up for their insufficiencies with practicing something as easy and simple as sex to retain an edge?

>>380679408People are 60% banana, corn can't be too far off.>>380679546If you use the same tools and methodologies as scientists for taxonomically categorizing the rest of the animal kingdom you will have multiple subspecies of humans. Just going off of genetic fixation index we are are at an fst like jaguars iirc and those have clearly defined subspecies.There is literally nothing wrong with there being different branches of homo sapiens and it would help everyone around the world to not treat them all as identical cogs to be used in the current machine. It has incredibly important ramifications for medical applications because one thing might be a cure all in one population but either a dud or even harmful in another.

>>380682086They will mix with niggers and other chinks and his grandkids will look even more ethnic and further from white. It is cucked to let your genes live on as a host for nigger and chink genes

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>>380681893>this fictional superior character that I came up with totaly beats Bruce Lee's ass!kek, that's the argument?

>>380681617That guy and his Asian qt look happy and American as fuck. His kids look fine. If they reproduce with whites, their kids will be white. Freedom first, faggot.

>>380682196Looks like a tailless monkey. Non whites are subhuman

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>>380677759Peasants everywhere stay within the same area for hundreds of years, same shit. Picking a mate that has the same features is just fucking weird.

>>380682172i mean you can lie to yourself all u want, but deep down you know its true. Ask yourself this: of the confident, cool people you know (and Im sure envy) if you were to ask them "would you date outside your race, do you honestly think theyd say "no, I desire a strong white race. Fuck mutts" or is that exclusive to some degenerates on anonymous internet boards. Hint: its the latter

>>380681851>euros are muttsTherefore, they should not worsen this condition and pursue Speciation, as any other species on the planet. Consciously.It is desirable for the survival of the species to have variations adaptable to a variety of specific natural conditions.To desire otherwise, is para-religious universalistic drivel of literal judaized monsters who dream of viscid brown people singing Kumbaya together achieving "World peace", or malicious desires of enslavement by making humans dependant to the technè and unable to survive in any condition that is not artificially supported.

>>380682391You will never be Canadian chang. It is really sad what Canada has become full of chinks poos and mutts. I doubt there are any white births in Canada anymore. That guy has sons who look like they’re adopted from china and will grow up to be incels and will probably end like picrel

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>>380681511Nah this would mean in the long run that only ethnocentric whites would remain which is obviously very good and eugenic in this globalized world, white people are the least likely people to race mix so its not a major problem at all, there are no race spesific diseases for whites for example and historically white people were quite adaptable so the dysgenic argument makes zero sense, the race mixers are the ones who have some problem in their brains since its natural to have an unconcious bias towards your own race, you as a mutt cannot comprehend this ofcourse and want everyone to be rootless like you yourself are out of spite due to your misery

>>380682316what makes you think they won't mix with whites

>>380682307>people are 60% bananaa 0.01% gene difference would give people fucking bananas for eyes. 40% difference as fucking massive, as you know because youre clearly not a banana. There are massive amounts of hybrid and genetically modified foods you eat that are so popular you dont even know they are hybrid

>>380682457Kike detected

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>>380681617>Why would someone choose this over a white son who looks like himbecause white women are femminist whores that would destroy your life just to get some tinglesasian women are more cost effective

>>380682739What whites? Where are all of the whites they will mix with? Zoomers under 20 are minority white and more shitskins and chinks from abroad show up in our countries every day, and they multiply rapidly

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>>380682710meanwhile all of the athletic, confident, successful people have nothing against racemixing and the only people who do cant have sex in order to do it anyway

>>380678053The rich jews breed with basically whoever they want, is true for anyone rich. The people most insecure about their intelligence are midwits and rich people taking trophy wives is why so many jews run terrible businesses they got handed down to them.

>>380683105It was real in your mind.

>>380682963You’re a kike who got rejected by a white woman and now you still against white births in favor of mass immigration and ethnic replacement kek

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>>380675298Yes, however hybrid vigour probably isn't what you think it is. My mind is fucked at the moment but here's the thing. The range at which you think hybridisation and hybrid vigour occurs is not where it actually occurs. While i would go into dog breeds and horses as its where it's normally brought up it would be pointless for you, so here's my take. If you want Hybrid Vigour to occur in people, mix those from say, the Highlands in Scotland and Ireland (so celts), with people from Northern Germany and Scandinavia. Or perhaps those from Northern Italy and Northern France

>>380683277this explains american fortitude back in the 40s/50s

>>380681851White people are a combination of three different ancient groups, western hunter gatherers, neolithic farmers and indo-europeans, this genetic composition was possibly the most adaptable race of humans to ever exist and I would argue still is under right conditions, if you want to knitpick then there are no pure races at all but that doesn't really mean anything to me nor do I care, pure white means you are of these three different groups since before that combination there was no white race as it exists in the modern day or during the roman times, white race is give or take about 6000-5000 years old in this genetic composition

>>3806835466000 years of fuckin dominance

>>380683105I have never seen a chad or stacy racemix, only short beta low t men or fat ugly coalburner women. And every case is out of desperation. Successful healthy white people want white kids that look like them and can be their legacy

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>>380683782i want to fuck all of thsir daughters in front of them. The ones who are at least 18, naturally

>>380683546A paytopost fag saying white skin is 6000 years old. This has to be a joke, right?

>>380683243>You’re a kikenot a cuck at least >who got rejected by a white woman wrong , im the one rejecting 30 years old with multiple abortions and with simp orbiters, western roasties>and now you still against white births in favor of mass immigration and ethnic replacement kekwrong again, usually those are the white femminist in the west that vote for this bullshityou rip what you sow

>>380683105Like I said unconcious bias is real and exists in all races, this has been studied many times over so there is a natural reason for it and that reason is that ethnocentrism in evolutionary terms is adaptive behaviour, only the weirdest people who have some genetic defect dont have this unconcious bias and ofcourse people like you who are unfortunately the result of race mixing and dont belong anywhere

>>380675754wrongincredibly inbred

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>>380684004They would probably be grossed out by you since you’re a short racemixer which signals that you’re low t

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>>380683782jeez, imagine losing the cointkss 6 times in a row

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>>380684004The one on the left just knows that's more of a possibility if asked than a threat.

>>3806843056'3" i can take a pic of my license if u want.Also I dont care if theyre grossed out. Woman opinions

>>380684076Ok moshe enjoy your diversity and stay away from white people because you like shitskins and yellows better

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>>380675298Purebred dogs don't end up in shelters.

>>380684401the one on the right would probably have a panic attack and faint anyway

>>380684305Highest T people only nutbin their own, no not like that you inbred fetishists and poorly intended porn producers.

>>380684439why not just promote a culture where men can share all types of women? then thatd make the browns you so hate whiter while the pure whites are still white

>>380684500Kek>>380684429Stop being a faggot and have tall white sons then

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>>380684439enojoy being cucke by a 35 years old roastie ready to settle dow, im sure tyrone and rayray sons will look up to you for the survival of the white race

>>380675298Hybrid strength is a fucking meme

>>380684033someone i know believes this, this shit is ridiculious, there are cave paintings in the sahara (before it was hell it was actually green) with blonde women riding horses

>>380675448Always wonderd why they look so ugly.

>>380683705Most definetly, history speaks for itself and all white people are a mixture of these three different groups which in my opinion makes us all part of the same group, its a rather loose group but it exists genetically and culturally too (western civ), this is the reason why the US was able to assimilate whites rather easily in a generation or two but when non white immigration started the problems started to escalate and US started to lose its hegemonic position in the world, US kinda went back to the roots and made all whites part of the same nation again which is kinda awesome when you think about it>>380684033Checked no skincolor is not race even though it is associated with different racial groups, indians and africans can have albino babies who have white skin but they ofcourse wouldn't be considered white racially by anyone since white is a genetic cluster of these three ancient groups that I mentioned not a skincolor

>>380684714They reproduce too fast and run countries down. It would be better if they were segregated and sterilized. No white country is better off with non whites in it, only worse off>>380684723Demorazliation kikes got you good. I’m going to have tall white sons with my early 20s Christian gf, something you’ll never have because you fell for the interracial porn spammers (which are chinks and kikes trying to ruin you)

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>>380682650>Therefore, they should not worsen this condition and pursue Speciation, as any other species on the planet. Consciously.All true but you should not tell that to me but rather to your Roman ancestors who imported people and slaves from every place of their imperial possessions and gave them citizenship including from Africa and the Middle East.>>380683546>white race is give or take about 6000-5000 years old in this genetic compositionWell that's completely not true, see pic rel.>White people are a combination of three different ancient groupsYou're trying to make it sound like they were all living happily together singing kumbaya around the firepit.The EHG (who were already white but with brown eyes) raped the CHG thus creating the PIE. the PIE raped and replaced most of the Neolithics.>this genetic composition was possibly the most adaptableWas. and what it has become now? all those thousands years of dominance only to gift their entire continent to Africans and Arabs even tho whites are a global minority.

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>>380675298Nice AI article!~

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>>380684718what if I just get a whore like this though? The dad has to sit down at dinner pretending not to know that she sucked off 10 dudes probably this week alone

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>>380685094>Demorazliation kikes got you good. I’m going to have tall white sons with my early 20s Christian gf, something you’ll never have because you fell for the interracial porn spammers (which are chinks and kikes trying to ruin you)thanks for admitting of being a larper

>>380685094>No white country is better off with non whites in it, only worse off.Simple and well said.

>babylon beeJust goes to show cuckservatives are NOT your friend if you're pro-White. They love niggers and race mixing.

>>380685094even the writing of the white child is fucking awful, teach cursive in schools, not this shit

>>380679593and Americans do it better. Much better. As basic as it is just look at The Office. American version is much better. Even niggerjew Eric Andre is much funnier than bongs. Brits walked so others could run, Monty Oythin stuff is alright, but that inspired southpark which is much funnier

>>380685099Checked yes it is true because indo-european invasions started around 6000 years ago, before that there was no white people in large numbers in the same composition as today or during the roman republic times for example, meaning the combination of those three different groups that I mentioned>You're trying to make it sound like they were all living happily together singing kumbaya around the firepit.Not intentionally, ofcourse indo-europeans raped their way across Europe, they were absolutely brutal people back then, they even raped horses as a past time, these were savage motherfuckers for sure, there was no kumbaya but I fail to see why thats relevant>Was. and what it has become now?A civilizational dip if you will, nothing new to white people, we had those before and other peoples had them aswel, collapse is a feature in human civilization not a bug, just a matter of time but we are still made of the same genes that took over the entire world, me less so ofcourse since I'm finnish but you get the point

>>380685438asian and brown women only act normal in america because of immigration, as long as the parents get a little bit carefree they will assimilate

>>380677306Most Brazilian models come from the South where the Euros there didn't mix with nigs or natives.YGSIU mang

>>380682086Well the boys will end up spamming bbc threads on here for starters so it will rest solely on the girls riding chads kek>>380682796Correct, I am not a banana. I am a plantain. Your post doesn't really mean much. Plants were selectively bred, plants were used as a model for the building blocks of understanding genetics, plants share genetics with us, ergo looking at weird shit happening to plants can be useful information as to what can happen to us. It's not a 1:1 thing which is why we use mammals as better models.Not sure what relevance our selectively bred and modified crops (that are close to being clones of each other) have, other than they would all go extinct without our intervention. They are unfit to surviving in any environment that isn't made by us.

>>380675298>hybrid strengthThis is a myth... the initial mutt offspring usually have tons of health issues and also look weird. It takes generations of mutt offspring for the dna to stabilize. Kind of like a new race....

>>380681617>>380675517How DARE my 5 years old son not look like me, a 40 years old bearded man

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>>380686265this is incorrect. Some hybrid plants use it as a survival strength. So much so that theyre considered nonhybrid, because they are considered their own species.

>>380675298>Mutt is essentially a complimentHAHAHAHHA

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>>380675298OP's oic isn't a contradiction at all.Inbredness correlates with genetic distance to outsiders.In fact, inbredness is neutral: If the first individuals that behaved engamous had good genetics, this will shin upon all their inbed descendants and lift them above the masses.You cannot achieve greatness by letting bad genes enter your perfect gene pool.

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>>380686475would you mind linking your wifes vagina?

>>380686669>42 posts by this ID

>>380685099>rather to your Roman ancestorsWho lived in the past, and we can act on the future only.Therefore, desiring anything else than Speciation is a monstruosity aimed at destroying human biodiversity and the evolutionary proprietary paths of the various peoples of the planet.

>>380678595>40 PBTIDBut you don't even believe your own writings, Jew/Bantu.Thoughts on Bantus and their Homo Erectus admixture, and how distant Bantus are to just about all other groups genetically?

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>>380686265>ergo looking at plants can explain looking at things happening to us. on some level, but you should be able to cite actual evidence of fhe result as opposed to simply that pictute. There are clear dilineations from us and bananas genetically, so thatd help prove ur point more

>>380683782Neither of those two men are Chads, and the fact that they only produced daughters proves it

>>380686831im OP and people are responding to me. I have to debunk these chud nazis!



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>>380675717Jews inbreed their cousins to maintain their level of racial "purity" they have. Royal families do the same aswell

>>380675298Masons rape, torture, and brainwash children in order to use as actors later posing as politicians and public figures to manipulate public opinion. Almost everything that happens if fake, WWE style.

>>380686831im seeing a lot of frustration and not a lot of vagina posting. snap snap.

>>380686831beats>40 years old

>>380675298All Native Europeans with the exception of Scandinavians are racemixed.

>>380675298genetically race mixing in the right ways is good for everyoneyes i know more about it than you doanything the kikes try to sell you on should be resisted though, even those, such as this, with long reaching positives

>>380687165And you're doing a shit job. You could provide hybrid vigor by posting mixed race people who are taller, healthier and more successful than their parents, but I don't see you doing that at all

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>>380675298if you take the fastest greyhound and cross it with the strongest pit bull you will have a dog that will not be the fastest nor the strongest

>>380677168British people are celto, nordid and med hybrids. You are already a well mixed abomination

>>380687756>>380686835Viscid monster