>LATEST NEWS:THE GREAT AMERICAN PEOPLE'S CONVOY IS STILL MARCHING ONBILL GATES' TED CONFERENCE IN VANCOUVER & TRUDEAU APPEARANCE IN VICTORIA WAS PROTESTED VIGOROUSLYTHE GREAT CANADIAN CRUISE IS STILL BUILDING UP ENERGY FOR JULY 1ST DESPITE ALL ATTEMPTS TO MEMORYHOLE THEM.AND TRUDEAU IS PLANNING TO SIGN THE W.H.O. TREATY ON PANDEMIC RESPONSE AND PREPAREDNESS TO SOLIDIFY HIS GLOBALIST POWER.>QRD:Truckers drove across Canada in Jan. to protest unlawful pandemic mandates, gathering millions of supporters worldwide along the way. Trucks parked in front of Parliament for 3 weeks until the tyrannical Trudeau govt. enacted their most extreme powers to forcefully clear Ottawa and crush dissent; however, protests continue across Canada and a return to Ottawa is planned... > >LINKS & (US Convoy) VETERAN JAMES TOPP'S MARCH FROM BC TO OTTAWA (LIVE GPS!): ON EMERGENCIES ACT REVIEW: ON COURT CASES: TO ESCAPE CANADA UNVAXXED: archive. ph/qgBFlVet on Nuremburg: Lich is free! Pat king is not yet free: Treaty Bread:> THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE TO DEFEAT TYRANNY.PROTEST EVERY WEEKEND.BE PEACEFUL, AND REMEMBER THAT GOD IS WITH US. Prev. >>380519475

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If your going to buy your handgun do it now before the bill is passed!>

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>>380675296All the West as brothers.

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>>380675172Were fucked aren't we?

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>bought a handgun at local gun shop 2 days ago after hearing transfers were still happening>shop still hasn't given me a reference #>tried calling them, met with automated message stating they're no longer answering calls "due to the unprecedented number of restricted firearms purchases and are processing transfers as fast as possible"I'm not getting my gun am I

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>>380675736Very much but it's never hopeless user, thought I did have a worrying dream.

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>>380675960It's okay user you can still get shot guns >based yukari poster

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>>380677052I hope you get more activity with this.


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>>380677239>>380677239Dangerously based.>>380677137Me too, proves how much the media tries to hide this stuff to make it seem the convoy nonexistence.

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>>380675401Why do that and put your name on a list for it to be eventually confiscated when a nigger on the street will sell you one no questions asked and it's off the record?

>>380677398They want you to feel alone.

>>380676318>you will never go skeet shooting in the mountains with a fluffy qtwhy even live

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Trudeau: selling a lot of guns with everyone buying a lot more guns now.

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>>380677536>They want you to feel alone.Absolutely, they fear the fren and they fear it when you realize there are other people who hate the system too.>

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>>380677716Only if your not a man among men

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>>380677533checked and an actually fair point user

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>>380677918that is one of the biggest ironies trudeau's gun grab is making many canadians buy more guns.

>>380675960Wait a minute. HOL UP. I thought buying pistols was already banned. Any idea on how big the window is until I'm out of time? Also handgun suggestions

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>>380679046You've got until Fall from what I've heard. Good luck finding anything on the shelves though

>>380675172>Vaccines r bad cuz pol schizo and bogs said!Your antivax free existance to life has expired

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>>380679046Ask the Canada general on /k/.

>>380679355checked i bet leafs on /k/ are melting down.

>>380679836They weren't taking it too well last I checked.

>>380679961poor lads, we need a second amendment. I know a constitution isn't a magical force field against tyranny but it would help get the idea out there.

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>>380680237If you win get a Bill of Rights.

>>380680381we shall yankee, we do have a charter better to amend it including getting rid of section 1.

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>>380680607That's the part that says you're multicultural by law and that the government can decide what is a "reasonable limit" to your rights, yes?

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>>380680867not the multicultural one but it is the reasonable limits part, it's why we have hate speech laws.

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>>380679139yep, big corporations want you disarmed too.


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>>380681043I honestly thought it was all in the same section because it's been a while since the convoy thread when I learned about how your charter isn't worth the paper. Could you blame me?

>>380681218Oh of course not, most canadians don't know much about our own charter. Everyone should take a look at it.>

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>>380681644One of the things I do remember it was singed on by Justin's stepdad.

>>380681769Yep, and the queen. I have no problem being a constitutional monarchy but it is funny seeing the queen there with trudeau's stepfather.

>>380682436You could do better than Lizzy that's for sure.

>>380682501I rather be directly ruled by the queen then trudeau's WEF blue helmet forces. Sadly the queen has been reduced in power over the years, i think she backed the vaccine just so the monarchy would be wiped out by the GAE.

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>>380682779There's not really any difference between the two in my eyes.

>>380679327this picture is fake

>>380682944 (checked)It's not a big difference i will admit but i don't think the queen is happy about most of globohomo but is more or less powerless to stop it.

>>380683118No shit, still terrifying imagine him chasing you down a dark alley way running at all fours orgasming with needles in his ass

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>>380683166She dissolved Oz's parliament back in the 70s so it stands to reason taht she can do it yours.

>>380675296We're neighbour. And good neighbour's need tall fences and nice gates. We currently have a nice pool between us (A fucking moat as the boarder)

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>>380683411 (checked)She could but i think globohomo would destroy the monarchy if she did, i can't blame her for not doing it despite how great it would be.

>>380683585Two nations united by Traditionalism, Nationalism & Liberty all under God and his Natural Order.

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>>380683844I don't think that's the case mate. She is either a senile vegetable reading speeches from teleprompter or she is in on it. She has been in power for many generations, observing how nations under her rule degrade into disgusting cesspits run by evil self-serving shits like trudeu and tony blair and did fuck all, she didn't even express any criticism of what has been going on and nobody from so called "royals" ever did.

>>380683983We either become one state with USA or we end up as a giant concentration camp just like all the other commonwealth regimes.

>>380684266Honestly i would say some level corruption and age i mean she's older then fucking communist cuba and has to deal with a parliament of retards.

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>>380684528Dude, UK and other commonwealth countries begun going downhill since 1940s, and for 80 years she literally said NOTHING. Not a single word of disapproval. I'm sorry, but I don't think "royals" are on our side.

>>380685123regardless Trudeau still trying to move towards his vaccine police state>pircel the last thing you see before execution circa 2040

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>>380675172Would Canadians be mad if America took over your country and hung your officials ? Or, let you all gidahffi him

>>380685622 (checked)If the took over was temporary then sure but probably would be better for us to do it to make it have an organic impact on us.

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>>380685495Don't remind me of that cringe.

>>380686363>Be Stephen Colbert>Snorts some coke backstage>Stephen walks on stage>Sips his coffee >"AAAAAAH THOSE FAR RIGHT RUSSIAN PAID TRAITORS">Audience starts to crack up>"THEY DIDN'T GET THEIR 6TH SHOT">People start coughing from all the laughter>"HAHAHA MAN BABIES I'M DANCING">People start banging the ground from the sheer force of comedy>"LAUGH">Boomers start having flashbacks to the 60s drug orgies before as they foam at the mouth >"LAUGH AT ME I'M FUNNY MAN" >"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!">>Devours Colbert alive as he orgasms from the pain>He unleashes his final form in a maid outfit>Starts throwing screaming clot shots upon the masses>People's bodies start melting as the chorus of vaccine parody music among the screams is the last thing they hear>Stephen wipes out all life on Earth>"Drumpf finally defeated" He thinks>Hears something in the distance>"AWOOOO!">Flies over>Sees a small wolf girl with a red hat>Hearing her sad howl as she cries>Licks lips>"WELCOME TO THIS SEGMENT OF THE VAC-SCENE!" He screams>"Awoo!?!?" She looks>Stephen grabs her by the throat>Slams her to the ground>She crawls while bleeding trying to escape>"New mandate came in">Colbert pulls down his outfit>Awoo looks in horror>Pulls down his panties>"FAUCI OUCHIE TIME!">He penetrates her at lightning speed>"AWOOO-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!">Every thrust hurts more then the last>She grabs the dirt begging him to stop>"LOL more of the freedumb propaganda!">"How selfish!">Stephen starts accelerating his rape>"I THINK THIS CURVE HIS ALMOST FLATTEN">"NOO PWEASE DON'T GET ME PWEGANT!" she pleads with blood in her mouth>"AL-ALMOST">He moves so fast he becomes a blur>Massive laugh track starts playing as he finishes>Tears fill her eyes as her mind goes almost numb>All her memories start flooding as the world goes dark>"Just show business kid" He lights his Cuban cigar>Taking a deep breath in with his foot on her back.

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>>380675172I have a serious question for fucking leafs in this thread and board.How many of you have actually gotten involved in politics after recent events (I'd say post 2020, we've had plenty of reason for average people to get inspired to fix this country, to unfuck it)This isn't a glowie question. I'm not talking about anything illegal. I'm talking about actually answering the madness with new age reason.4chan has impacted the world so much. I don't see why future Politian's can't come from here.Conceal your powerlevel if necessary but for god sakes, we have so many advantages by frequenting this place

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>>380686857Forming decentralized elites to prepare for collapse and build institutions sure, politicians well might do some good but ultimately there is no political solution. Not that becoming a politician is a bad idea but it's not the only piece of the puzzle.

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>>380686606looks like i made some mistakes on the green text but hey editing is a part of every story.

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