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Prev: >>380661200▶Day: 99 - Daily battlefield assessment: isw.pub/RusCampaignJune1▶Latest>Russian forces control parts of Severodonetsk as heavy fighting continues in eastern city>EU to ban two-thirds of Russian oil imports>Ukrainian forces launch counter-offensive in Kherson region>ISW: Russian invasion that aimed to seize & occupy entire country has become desperate & bloody offensive to capture a single city in the east while defending important but limited gains in the south and east>Russia to remove upper limit for military service in armed forces>Russia increasing intensity of operations in Donbas>Russia takes control of Svitlodarsk town>Workers digging through rubble allegedly find 200 bodies in Mariupol apartment block basement>Food shortages could cause more deaths than war, UK minister warns>Senate passes $40 billion package for Ukraine>Russia continues air & artillery strikes on Azovstal Steel Plant, indicating that a remnant of Ukrainian defence is still in the plant>Several Missiles hit Lviv>Remaining Azov fighters in azovstal agree to surrender, as per instructions of Ukrainian command>Finland & Sweden to join NATO, Russia threatens to cut gas and energy supplies>UK signs mutual security pacts with Sweden & Finland>ISW: RU forces involved in battle of Mariupol likely heavily damaged, Ukrainian forces succeeded tying down & degrading substantial Russian force>Lavrov: Special military operation going according to plan>War could last years, Nato warns▶Telegram Channelsrentry.org/telosinthttps://t.me/ukr_pics/▶INTELLIGENCEhttps://www.understandingwar.org/publicationshttps://odin.tradoc.army.mil/WEG (equipment explorer)oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equipment.html (tracking visually confirmed equipment losses)twitter.com/Skawtishhttps://twitter.com/Osinttechnicalhttps://twitter.com/Militarylandnet▶/uhg/ OP Templaterentry.org/uhg2022

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>Russian senator Frants Klintsevich says the prospect of Washington sending HIMARS to Ukraine means "it's time to wreck American bases in Europe" using Moscow's "high-precision long-range weapons"twitter.com/francis_scarr/status/1532347061990981636Only reply to this post if you want to see them try.

>>380675169Post Raisin Bran is made with raisins which are grapes that have been dried in the sun for a long period of time and bran the hard outer layers of cereal grain along with germ it is an integral part of whole grains.

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the most gay thread on the whole Holla Forumsuseless faggots

Can a vatnik be used efficiently as a fertilizer?


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>>380675316Go on, i want to see Moscow being bombed.

>first uhg thread not made by a chuggerOh shit and it only took a whole day. Nice.

>>380675316god i wish a nigga would

>>380675316>Only reply to this post if you want to see them try.Yes sir.>>380675380It's better than nothing.


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>>380675316ride must go on

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>>380675316Leave it to the ruskie to feel threatened by HIMARS with no ammo to fire

>>380675316I hope they don't hit the NATO headquarters in the Holland. That would be tragic!

>>380675316Fags won’t do shit

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>>380675306>MLRSIsn't it supposed to avvebriateMultipleRocketLaunchSystemOr was your way right withMultipleRocketLaunchSystem


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>>380675316Fuck around and find out, boomer commie


>>380675316Nigger horde invades your house with knifes and sticks>Oy vey, you can't defend yourself with nothing, but the sticksNigger logic needs be tested

>>380675316>YOU AGAIN>GIVE UP>IT DOESN'T END>BUT ENOUGH TALK>HAVE AT THEEyoutube.com/watch?v=icw9_XehNWo

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I've seen a few claims of this. I'm assuming it's hopium.

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>>380676041I was talking about acronyms, calm your tits.>checks flaglmao, whoops

>>380675316Let's go faggots to oblivion and beyond!

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>>380675316I want to see them try

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>>380676250might be, might be not, will see, there are no new updates on this

>>380675467/chug/gers are paid shills

Russia chimping out actually works, with America refusing to provide ammo for anything remotely modern.Remember: it's not stupid if it works.

>>380676250>mfw we'll find out tomorrow that is was just wishful thinkingI want to believe...

>>380675316Hot air

>>380675316with what precision weapons?

God bless America

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>The children and staff at Nursery No 200 in the Russian city of Saratov have been singing about their readiness to die for Putin>"But if the commander-in-chief>Calls us into the ultimate battle,>Uncle Vova we are with you"twitter.com/GraniTweet/status/1532350055696551936

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>UpdateNew Marichka art folderMany new tomboy/musclegirl pics>TG channel for Marichka Art dump>t.me/ FGJTSFazhxg1NzIyAlso now with 2 Sticker packs:>t.me/addstickers/Mari4ka_Int>t.me/addstickers/Mari4ka_UHP>Megahttps://mega.nz/folder/I2AWUB4J#Cy34N8auTqjaAmMDqeDrUw>2D and 3D musclegirls and tomboys, around 722 files and around 120 gifs now, will add more later

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>/uhg/thread theme:youtu.be/3UpoeJ2X07w


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>380676398At least they're not - and may Allah forgive me for uttering this word: memeflags

MLRS that we will get are only 70 km in range yet they still forced kremlin to spew their "muh noooks" threats again, lol

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>>380676478Good bless America.

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>>380676493Is this the one where they sing about taking Alaska?

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>>380675529they don’t have workshops for that?

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>>380676493Also>Nursery No 200kekOver here nurseries have cutesy names like fairytale land, mother hen, fun house, cloud house, etc... >Meanwhile in Russia>Nursery No 200

>>380676724VULCAN LIVES

>>380676250It does sound just like ruskies pulling out Ukrainians out of Kiev to the fields and less urbanised area - a feint, you know. Can't say anything for sure but I'm going to hope anyway.

>>3806767240/10Low effort trash

>>380676750No, they are singing about dying for pynya's yachts and mansionsKinda terrifying if you ask me

Any update on Pushilin being wounded yesterday? Any confirmation from the general staff?

>>380676724damnshe cleaned a chimney or smth?


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>>380676250i hope it’s truebut won’t be too surprised if it’s not> Do not pursue an enemy who simulates flight; do not attack soldiers whose temper is keen.>Do not swallow bait offered by the enemy. Do not interfere with an army that is returning home.

>>380676901i am not up to date on this, did some one tried to carry out the bounty? kek

>At least they're not - and may Allah forgive me for uttering this word: memeflags

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>>380676901The claim originated from the Canadain Larper as far as I can tell.

>>380676691>MLRS that we will get are only 70 km in range yet they still forced kremlin to spew their "muh noooks" threats again, lolThat's basically them saying>we are butthurt, but cannot do anything about it, but want to say something so 'muh noooks, muh noooks mutafucka'

>>380676967>>380676765>>380676215Are you summoning the dominigger?

>>380677192let me help with thatshelmova

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>>380677192He doesn't put any effort in to it anymore. He posts once or twice a day and disappears. Think we bullied him too much.

fucking hate ebanuyu rusnyu

>>380676691The Kremlin always lies, when they say they aren't going to use their nukes is when you should be very worried

>>380677138Fuck that faggot seriously. Too many people follow him and take him for real.

>>380675339how its going dnr faggot? dont worry you will get droned soon.

>>380677192>>380676967youtube.com/watch?v=CBOacvuJFyQHe is so low effort these days, so I wouldn't even bother with him

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>>380676765>>380676967THE RUSSIANS WILL GET ASSCLAPPED*bam bam bam bam bam*Auuughghhhhyoutube.com/watch?v=NdqbI0_0GsM>>380677192No, dominiglet was probably just some misguided teen.I hope he gets his head S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T and sees through the emotional cycle that made him support Russia in the first place in time.

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>>380675529>theres cope cages on this old shit, you will be fine bro

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>>380676901That would be fantastic, I hope it's true.

>>380675316Do it, faggots

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>>380677038Pushilin visited some front city or village and *allegedly* got bombed the fuck out with some 75 dead kadyrovites. I've been looking for confirmation, but I can't read vodkarunes, so I'm limited in this sense.>>380677138Yeah, that's where I got it from. He later claimed it was confirmed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but like I said I can't into vodkarunes. Maybe some ukrobro can confirm?

>>380675316>Russian senator Frants Klintsevich says>Frants KlintsevichDo I really need to point this out?

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>>380667458This is an odd claim from last thread>Russia has 7:1 advantage>Russian telegram says Russia encircled 28k Ukrainians>28k x 7 = 196,000 Russian soldiers>That's what they had to START the warI don't understand why the Russians lie so obviously.


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>>380675169Nothing ever happens

>>380677550drop the links here, russanons and ukies can translate it

>>380675316>our integrityKek, these vatniks are delusional.

>>380676789>Nursery No 200Omnious

>>380676691You'll get 70km systems and monkey will "muh nooks", then when everybody realizes it was empty threat you will get 140 km systems with another nuks chimpout and then you will get better systems. In the end you will probably get what you need to bomb Moscow safely, but it will take time. Or wait until we get systems ordered by us that will vanish in mysterious circumstances, many such cases lately.

thread theme:youtu.be/31T_MoqlNRI

>>380677633Why wouldn’t they just give it to Ukraine They just made the bureaucracy so much worse

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>>380676901according to rumedia Pushilin himself denied it, but>rumedia

>>380675798MultipleLaunchRocketSystemas in it is self-propelled and armored and can fire and reload rockets one at a time moving around to avoid destruction by counter battery fires. vs shoot em and scoot type.

>>380677809Fucking cringe

>>380675316Interesting concept. I wonder how long it would take for the American Air Force / Naval Air Force to jointly destroy the Russian army in Ukraine? I also wonder if they'd go straight to bombing Moscow or just destroy Russian military targets?

>>380676508Thread themeyoutu.be/6pzTrsb6iXg

pondering about lizard girls right now

>>380676789Honestly it pisses me off in opposite way with development projects here. The new districts are called always something like Lavender Hills, Rainbow Valley, Friendly Gardens and other fag shit.While back in the days it was all based names like Heroes of Monte Casino district, Millennium district or Westerplatte Defenders district.

So now that consultative voting on gun ownership had ended with 59% voting in favor of everyone being eligible for handguns and concealed carry, any gun toting burgers out there willing to give tips on PDW selection?I'm thinking about something that can fire .45, but then again, that might be excessive.

>>380676476The ones guided by GLONASS. They can achieve precision as good as a couple of hundreds of meters, okay?

Great meeting with @POTUS to prepare for our #NATOSummit later this month. I thanked him for the #US leadership in #NATO's response to #Russia's war in #Ukraine. We agree that a strong transatlantic Alliance is the cornerstone for our security in a more competitive worldnitter.it/jensstoltenbergShould we make pidorruski dream come through and disband the NATO, create European millitary alliance, without turkturds of swiss mountain jews?

>>380678040If you're not used to hand guns, 9mm Luger.

>>380677487>THE RUSSIANS WILL GET ASSCLAPPED>*bam bam bam bam bam*>AuuughghhhhKEK>>380677433youtube.com/watch?v=9Ebdpv0KOlM

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>>380676478Thanks. We can use a few blessings right now.

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>>380677642>Nothing ever happensAnd best thing is monke probably won't live enough to see anything happens cause pancreatic cancer kills 75% of ill within a year.

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>>380677341I like him, if only for the fact that he shows that the two sides in this war aren't the same. I've seen tons of Russian accounts which constantly pull shit out of their ass just like he does and they're never fucking called out for it by people who are pro-Russia. Just the opposite, people still hang onto their every word.

>>380678152NO. NATO should just be rebranded to ITO international treaty organization and then had Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, the Philippines and Australia

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>>380678212Oh, to further expand: Glock has a lot of options, they're pretty solid as long as you're not hand loading. Beretta has good offerings and CZ does too, just be sure to do your homework. Compact or Subcompact for a CC pistol

>>380677785Calm your shit yokel, you're sending Ukraine literal garbage.You are not ordering jack fucking shit from U.S. and sending it to Ukraine, you're probably misunderstanding what your military is doing.

>>380678212>If you're not used to hand guns, 9mm Luger.Noted. Now that you mention it, i do remember reading somewhere about .45 having bit too much recoil for newbies and pistol grips too wide for many shooters.

>>380677845because they want a proxy, obviously.Also even if they wanted to "hand it over themselves" they could only do it over the black sea - you see the issue now, don't you?So it would have gone like this anyways.Also if the drone goes through Lithuania (which probably would have been the channel anyways for it due to logistical realities) it's much better that people can actually see the thing and films of it passing through.It's a massive morale boost for them too and a nice PR move too.Also it dispels any notions of "HURDUUURR no prooofs they didn't send it I bet oy vaaeeeeyyyy".

>>380678397Would an Estonian really be willing to die for a Filipino?That alliance would be dead before it was proposed.

>>380678040>firing .45s in yuropJesus Christ, you are too stupid for gun ownership. You shouldn't be allowed to touch a musket with your FUDD-tier knowledge

>>380678503>admitting modernized T-72s are shitIt also kinda doesn’t matter because Russia doesn’t have modern anti-tank weapons

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>>380678463>Oh, to further expand: Glock has a lot of options, they're pretty solid as long as you're not hand loading. Beretta has good offerings and CZ does too, just be sure to do your homework. Compact or Subcompact for a CC pistolThanks. Btw, whatever happened to the glocknade meme, they fixed that shit in fresh guns?

>>380678397>Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, the Philippines and AustraliaAs long as turkroaches, jews and swiss jews are out, I'd say doable

>>380676789you know what 200 means in the russian army? lmao very fitting

>>380675316it's time

>>380678587You misunderstand NATO fags don’t care about protecting ethnicity they care about principles. Would an Estonian die for a Phip? Probably not. Would an Estonian die for democracy? Yeah

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>>380678523better ask /k/ desu. i still think 99% of pol are autists that never had gun.

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>>380678652First of all, those 72s were not yours. The tanks that your actually own and DID send to Ukraine were wholly unupgraded. Fresh from the 60s.I noticed everyone in this thread is a weirdly smug cunt, despite knowing dick about shit. I'm not on twitter, I actually read articles.

>>380676250yeah i call bullshit until i see evidence, same as with everything else in this war

>>380678213youtube.com/watch?v=e9GX51lcZZ0Last one from me, don't want to shit up the thread with gachi loleOld japanese gachi is still better

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>>380678538>Roacheturd gives something for ((((free))))Fuck me sideways, are they going to invade israel tomorrow or something?

>>380679034>shit up>gachiImpossible

>>380678523This is because .45 ACP was designed to be fed from a single stack magazine, and it's a big heavy bullet. Subsonic, but to get to that speed it needs a lot of oomf. Meanwhile 9mm Luger/Parabellum (AKA 9x19mm) is a smaller, faster cartridge. Needs less powder to get to the same speed, and honestly the difference between 9mm and .45 in a hand gun is minimal, I'd rather have more rounds in a 9mm than less in a .45. Hollow points make the performance much closer for 9mm to .45 without sacrificing capacity.>>380678655Glocknade meme was entirely people putting too high pressure loads into early model glocks and blowing them up. Just don't run +P and you're fine. If you're really worried about that, just buy a CZ. >>380678934I am a /k/ autist, but yes ask there, people will try to help or just troll you.

>>380675316do it

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>>380676478>>380678276Tan looks "more American"

>>380678213>you make me>feel like I'm living a ver-dun-meme>the way you light me up>i can't sleep>don't ever look back, don't ever look back RUN>it won't stop>they'll send more javeliins>one. more. drop.>this time I do believe>this one cock>I won't ever forget won't ever forgetyoutube.com/watch?v=h91JIpq947A

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>>380679212I know but I wanted an alt to the valley girl version.

>>380678962You are literally making shit up you know that right?

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>>380678040FN Five-Seven if you can afford it and its rounds

>>380679088Turns out, roaches didn't give it for free, they're still taking the money under the guise of totally gonna it to Ukraine themselves, despite having donated nothing before.Like I said earlier, it helps to actually read shit.

>>380675316Russians have become even bigger impotent see there than the chinx

>>380677633aww bayraktar is like a lil baby predator. isn't it cute

>>380679303>canuck neolibI don't even care enough to throw insults at you

>>380678650>lame baitThat's still .45 inches more than is allowed for your cum chugging kind.

>>380675316HATO AGGRESSION!!!

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>>380677845Because they're still pocketing the Lithuanian money, retard.Jannies should probably also made be made aware of your avatarfaggotry

>>380678962you literally claimed HIMARS wouldn't get ammo you fucking retard

>>380679238No more flagpole in ass meme! Bully! Khokhol! Pshek!

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>>380679521>everything I don’t like is neoliberalism >the more I don’t like it the more neoliberalist it is

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>>380678040You are in Europe so it would be 9mm and downwards. .45 is rare here.

>>380675316>using Moscow's "high-precision long-range weapons">high-precision>Moscow's kek I guess Moscow will become nuclear waste>

>>380679776It's rare because it's a very american specific caliber. Made for US army requirements. 9x19mm is better overall anyway

>>380678397>Nuke Russia>Japan, South Korea and Taiwan can join

>>380678962Denounce Quran

>>380679612>yokel wants a .45 ACP weapon for carry purposes>in europe>think this is baitYou are too retarded to live and I hope you carry the proud slavic tradition of dropping dead at the age of 30.

>>380679737And they still aren't. What is your point Muhammed?


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>>380679238>No bully russia, pls no bully nato

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>>380679707Denounce gaddafi so I know you aren’t a shill

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>>380678962>I actually read articles. You didn't want to read any last thread when you crossed your arms and kept shouting that USA wasn't sending ANY rockets EVER and a BILLION ARTICLES couldn't be wrong. Fuckin retard

>>380679962I got one next to me. I still don't know what to do with it. Considering burning it and dropping off its charred remains at some mosque

>>380678934I usually avoid places like that, enthusiasts are more often than not are more likely to shit on new guys than give a decent advice.>>380679134CZ would probably be the first stop for me, ameriguns are ungodly overpriced here. Then again, that was before mass import of firearms, so here's hoping that would change.Any models you'd be willing to suggest?

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>>380680192How about denouncing it first

After huge success of hiding in Mariupol sewers, now we are hiding in the trenches of Donbass.We cannot stop winning zogbros, it is just unfortunate there are no women and children to hide behind now.files.catbox.moe/xukvz3.mp4

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>>380680192>I got one next to me.I didn't doubt it, pal

>>380679757>Your ass is where you obviously put the megaphone for every "intelligence report" from the amount of shit you talk lmaoThe danish chug-tranny obviously goes that route too lolTo quote:"The people of Lithuania have honorably raised funds to buy a Bayraktar TB2 for Ukraine. Upon learning this, Baykar will gift a Bayraktar TB2 to Lithuania free of charge and asks those funds go to Ukraine for humanitarian aid," the company said.Hundreds of people chipped in to buy the drone for Ukraine as a show of solidarity in its war against Russia, which also once ruled Lithuania. read moreA total of 5.9 million euros ($6.2 million) was raised in just 5-1/2 days, mostly in small donations, according to Laisves TV, the Lithuanian internet broadcaster that launched the drive.About 1.5 million euros ($1.6 million) of the funds raised will be used to pay for armaments for the drone, the defence ministry said, with the rest used for other help for Ukraine.>Source: archive ph/OVKIp>>380680115*bullies mercilessly but gives hints until democracy and freedom for the people from govt yoke and to pursue their own lives instead of debating which cock is sucked is learned*

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>>380675316Oh no! The parliament building!Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!

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>>380680132>russians don't care about the fate or honor of their soldiersIt always was like this.

We weren't supposed to be the ones to feint bros

Can I get some good news ugh bros? Im afraid ukies gonna lose this war for the first time :(

>>380680415Looks like ukraine has tigers as well

>>380680415>hiding in the trenches

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>>380675316DO IT!

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>>380680415>>380680570>>380680580Hello discord!

could ukraine actually win the battle for donbass?russians are steadily making gains for weeks nowit seems that they've learned a few lessons since the start of this shit

>>380680415FMay his loved ones have good support and find strength to move through their grieving process.

>>380680632>le spooky tranny face

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>>380680159No one has provided me with anything but otherworldly stupidity. If you are who I think you are, I literally told that there was so many fucking articles on that even doing the google search for you would be insulting.In short: kill yourself, my man

>>380675316bring it on already

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>>380680659well they arent doing first chechen war "convoy rush" tactics i give them that


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>>380680205Depends on if you're looking for a compact or full size pistol. CZ-75 is one of the classics, full metal frame and all, kind of heavy but for a first time shooter heavy helps deal with recoil. CZ P07's are pretty solid. With glocks it depends on the model and I'd honestly try and see how it fits in your hand first before recommending any in specific.

>>380680726>these are the people Russia is afraid of having on its border

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>>380680419I also have a mormon bible I got from some kids in Utah. I like collecting scriptures from various religions.

>>380675316Vatniggers don't have the balls. But I'd like to see them try, oh so, so very much

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>>380678040Does the Ukrainian government plan on modifying gun laws any time in the near future?

>>380680908The worst tranny soldier of the West is around the same level of Russia's best soldier.

>>380680965NATO troops in Poland:youtu.be/4ljr6CjmQ6I

>>380680675If it makes you feel any better, piggies thank to their low IQ have become extremely democratic and free, hence family values are none existant any more, his wife and daughter probably left to suck nigger dick in Europe 4 months ago.He will be only missed as a cannon fodder for ZOG.files.catbox.moe/vo450t.mp4

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>>380680908No you don't understand, NATO is useless but its also a threat that we NEED to defend ourselves against

>HIMARS training for #Ukraine soldiers has begun, US official tells @CBSDavidMartintwitter.com/CBSWalsh/status/1532438715171319809

>>380681160As much as I like NATO, I'm glad we don't have any burgers here. They rape as much as Russians do.

>>380681175Off yourself

Attached: 1523EB2C-5BC4-4EE8-8564-B0A952889088.jpg (1170x1468, 1.17M)

>>380680732And like I said before the pentagon cleared up their message yesterday and none of the articles since then say they're sending just the launchers (lol). You are very very very dumb, which is par for the course I guess. At least you are angry that is funny .

>>380680965There are basically no "tranny soldiers"Laugh at nonsense and don't let your discourse and thinking be affected by a bunch of leftypol fools babbling about - like what - 0,03% of the population?Damn, had this monke retard simply not been such a fucking monke retard from the outset Russia could be a beautiful country not only in natural landscape.youtube.com/watch?v=1bgMl3NQwS4But it's over now.I guess Germany had to go through two collapses too.And no matter if they manage to occupy regions of Ukraine for another few years and "win", the victory will be utterly Phyrric and naturally even for eastern Ukrainian vatnik retards Russia will now represent nothing but squalor, misery and corruption - and rightfully so.

>>380680726Kek. Imagine getting bombed and btfo by some trannies.

Attached: 1653845351881.png (600x712, 374.69K)

>>380681371I hit a nerve there, diasporacuck?

Attached: 1651350232748.jpg (1280x576, 299.81K)

>>380681406It was a merely a joke.

>>380680750For me? It’s North America

Attached: 017261CB-84C3-4ABE-AABB-2215ADE2BA7B.jpg (2000x1333, 212.01K)

>>380676507blessed as alwaysmissed picrel, though. Could cosplay as Marichka. Anything interesting happened on that thread?

Attached: 1652608414831.jpg (2072x2220, 1.04M)

>>380680889Cool, thanks for insight.>>380680957Yea, there was 2021 law project submitted for deliberations, it gotten new impetus after invasion + last month govt launched poll in govenment-in-poket mobile app "Diya".At this point it's pretty much guaranteed to pass.

>>380681373>in short: kill yourself my manFatigue has set in and I'm not reading your shit anymore, nigger. You had your shot in the last thread

>>380677607RuMOD says they don't report losses because there are none. Therefore it's not actually bullshit from the perspective of the vatnik posting it. Not that they'd have a problem lying like that otherwise.

>>380681485Has anyone seen this classic in a while?It’s almost nostalgic.Also not Ukrainian

Attached: 6FF4DBF4-36FD-4E02-A284-73F1CB844855.jpg (630x360, 143.19K)

>>380681160Holy based and wholesome.This is what all the brave Pigkranian zogbots are dying for.Black niggers roaming their street paid by the state of US living in military facilities and roaming around fucking their women.

Attached: 1651348522881.jpg (1280x961, 509.98K)

>>380681518Indeed that is one of the few regions that exceed even South Germany's beauty. I want to go live there. Now more than ever.

>>380681175Your mind is fecal and your post impresses no one.divorceinrussia.com/russian-divorce-statistics/

Attached: temp.jpg (1280x720, 60.9K)

>>380675316I wish a snownigga would.

Attached: 1647522163449.jpg (1200x1200, 343.4K)

VEEEEEEE DEEEE VEEEEEEEEvideo.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1532435607200440320/pu/vid/464x848/k3qf9QeUAxDeiP_I.mp4?tag=12

>>380681570Sloppy photoshop

Attached: 1651349855754.jpg (577x927, 213.35K)

>>380680116mad mad monarch

Attached: fluffy tsarina.gif (112x112, 35.67K)

>>380681830Dropped your memeflag I see nigger. pay debts

>>380681486Don't worry, I know. Just pointing out the caricature that is their propaganda.

>Only literal niggers care about Ukraine still>Everyone else is more interested in Johnny Deppit's over, sisters...

Attached: johnny versus ukraine.jpg (543x398, 25.79K)

>>380681692If you move here you are going to see a whole lot of Asians and Indians who are visiting the national parks

Attached: 2E849C3E-3F1C-4D80-83E6-BF27FAAE8DE7.jpg (1024x683, 99.31K)

Attached: marichka+bandera.jpg (250x300, 29.8K)

>>380676750>Is this the one where they sing about taking Alaska?Yep. And the one in which all of the world is tired of all these wars happening and EU doesn't have an opinion on anything, but Russia is always here to help everyone solve those problem. Ruski mir is an answer to that, little vatniks will gladly die if uncle Vova calls them to the last battle.

Attached: 1653937364449.gif (268x200, 902.99K)

>>380681846why are you posting old pictures

>>380681686By the way, to clarify, this wasn't a joke. These are actual NATO troops in Poland that were sent due to this conflict.

>>380681817>let me tell you about a decaying society from a country that in the span of 30 years went from 100% ethnically homogeneous to being less than 50% in every single major city.Ok bro.

Attached: 1651348865737.jpg (828x803, 146.07K)

>>380680205Glock is Austrian, they make them in Europe. The ones for the European market anyway..

>>380682063that looks horrendousalso bandera looks like nixon

>liveua reports 4 cruise missles fired on already destroyed bridge near Mikołajów Wtf?

>>380681970This is your culture retard

>>380682151agree the idea looked better in my head

>>380682090>These are actual NATO troops in Poland that were sent due to this conflict.>due to this conflictPoland is the biggest NATO cocksucker on this side of the ocean. Kosovo and Poland have based their entire identity as being US military bases overseas. They have probably been there for years.

Attached: 1654195213792.jpg (960x1280, 285.09K)

>>380681970The average pleb never gave much care to the motions of history but they are no less affected by them.

>>380682206Oh, so that's the cruise missile strike the Russian shills were asking about earlier?

>>380681597Teбя, кcтaти, мoгилизyютИ ты пoдoхнeшь

>>380682266You sound mad my gypsy friend, show me where the americans touched you

>>380682266In Mielec it's the first time I see americans. And there's dozens uppn dozens of them, all very, very young. Some women too. All tattoed.


>>380682377>You sound mad my gypsy friendWhy would I be sounding mad when I am stating facts?Maybe you just get butthurt from hearing some truth in your echochamber?

Attached: 1649879286403.jpg (1280x960, 162.03K)

>>380682323wow tough guy talk there, off yourself traitor

>>380682094Somebody post the official languages of monkeydonia

Attached: 090AA1D4-B23C-4E12-BBC6-635E48DC5351.jpg (1170x1900, 522.86K)

>>380682518Sorry but your gypsy delusions are pretty far from the truth, now show me where they touched you


Attached: 6E3D2537-F929-4B84-A0D3-EC4DEC3F72C0.jpg (2532x1128, 1.64M)

>>380682094I notice you're deflecting from how said decayed society is still objectively worse in every way.

Attached: russian roads.jpg (1316x4166, 1.3M)

>>380682206they are making sure, just in case that 40% miss rate worked on those missiles too


Attached: 60rqvanu58z81.jpg (600x971, 73.49K)

Edited some boomer Obama era comic because this shit with Russian "red lines" is becoming ridiculous

Attached: banan lines 2.jpg (1755x1245, 585.46K)

>>380682206>>380682940They had to hit that bridge towards Romania in the south like 6 separate times kek. I'm pretty sure its still standing aswell

>>380682141>Glock is Austrian, they make them in Europe.Dammit, i always associate this gun with US cops to the point of forgetting it's European origin.>>380682323While you, of course, would hide under your momma's skirt and talk shit on the internet lmao?

>>380683026kek>>380683079Yeah Glock being austrian surprises a lot of people. Really took off in the 80's and 90's in the US because PD's were looking at finally adopting something that wasn't a .38 revolver

>>380681406It's the habit of shills to pretend that the things they complain about are pervasive instead of irrelevant. People won't take their complaints seriously if they knew that the tranny problem was solving itself.

Attached: 1652440280215.jpg (600x564, 35.72K)

>>380682528>Somebody post the official languages of monkeydoniaOfficial languages:>Memedonian>AlbanianOffcial regional languages:>Turkish>gypsy>Serbian>Bosnian>Aromanian

>>380675529>YOU ARE NOT PREPARED FOR WHAT IS COMING YOUR WAY HOH-ACK!>files.shatbox.lmao/6jewsb.mpp4

Attached: 6791 - aids angry bloodshot_eyes clothes crying ear full_body hair kuz open_mouth rope soyjak suicide tongue track_suit transparent variant_yurijak.png (1189x3716, 395.8K)


>>380682648Cope>>380682775All of that started decaying after 90's when Russia became "democratic" and "free".Ukraine since BASED Soros in 2014 has been the bastion of democracy and freedom, ammirite? Then why are they even worse than Russia at all those metrics you just posted?

Attached: 1651349258468.jpg (960x1280, 354.19K)

>>380682094Should I spoonfeed you with a demographic analysis of based Russia, redpilled China or gigachad Northkorea next?You are banking on emotions and rage-bait, your claims regarding composition are at best 70% correct and the insinuations you make are simply wrong.A decaying society can be seen almost worldwide, even the birth rates in China are going down fast and Africa will soon stabilize if they manage to keep increasing the reliability of their governments and the wealth of the people.Revival can only happen by changes in the economic system at this point.Your racial conflations are also wrong.I really reccomend you watch this bit by bit:youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqeYp3nxIYpF7dW7qK8OvLsVomHrnYNjD

Attached: original(43).jpg (900x600, 224.54K)

>>380683079You know less about firearms than any given Ukrainian 12-year-old wirth 15 hours in CSGO.Good thing your government will be too Jewish to allow to actually own anything more lethal than a farm animal.


Attached: 1632266124739.gif (337x370, 138.24K)


>>380683352>Africa will soon stabilizeNever seen a nigger lose credibility that fucking fast. Wew

>>380683240I know, which is why it's just much more sane to simply scoff at the nonsense they spout and bring up things you actually believe instead of playing this stupid game of conjecture like >>380682377 for example.Because even when it's in jest, it just adds to the noise and I don't like that.

>>380675316An official US response would be interesting to hear.

Attached: duma_statesman.webm (640x350, 1.29M)


>>380683240I hope the problem that US is no longer white, since it now has only 49% of kids ages 0-4 being white, will solve itself too.

>>380683332Yeah, it was definitely after the 90s when it started decaying and not merely the inherent decay becoming obvious.The Soviet Union was a dumpster fire and you know it.

Attached: Trofim_Lysenko.jpg (1458x1977, 982.61K)

>>380676493Ruskies are destinied to suffer. Literally entire nation doomed for generations. Imagine being a mother that stands with her child being brainwashed to die for some old fags. And being proud of it. Sick

>>380683026Classic ComedyCrow posting

Russian girls are my total favorites. I have contact with a harem's worth of very cute young women all over that country. Some are very Christian and proper, some are devil-worshipping whores, the rest is everything in between. Every single one of them would let me put my ring on her finger though. Now more than ever. All I have to do is choose the best one. Russia will go extinct a whole generation before Japan and the West because we'll reach a point where pretty much every productive Russian girl will be taken by a dashing foreigner and out of that big shithole.

Attached: DhCmkjFWAAIQti-.jpg (994x1086, 89.85K)

Okay Lithuania user, I've applied your recommendations and matched with a cutie

Attached: Screenshot_20220602-225315_Tinder.jpg (1069x1639, 1.02M)

>>380683380>after years of frustrating any effort to legalize handguns govt. adopts and fasttracks law to allow just that>Good thing your government will be too Jewish to allow to actually own anything more lethal than a farm animal.Keep crying, bitch nigga.

>>380683332>monkeydonean no wonder you like jewtin lol

Attached: 242935973.png (1200x600, 164.94K)

>>380683842Russia = Eastern Europe. You all suffer the same fate, there will be no escape.

>>380683945based, good job

>>380683606We don't seem to have the same idea of what "soon" means.I for one would like to exit this world knowing I've done my part in trying to ensure that civilizations can exist and prosper another 2022 years.The rest of your post is pubescent cringe so I won't discuss it.

Attached: temp.jpg (793x558, 72.78K)

>>380683352>Should I spoonfeed you with a demographic analysis of based Russia, redpilled China or gigachad Northkorea next?You zogbots seem to completely disregard that all those ethnic groups lived in the territory of modern Russian Federation for ALL ETERNITY.Do you understand that? Like for example when Anglos went to America and slaughtered 99% of the natives, that NEVER happened in the modern territory of Russian Federation.You compare demographics on countries that have had 1000 different ethnicities, hundred different languages and dozens different races for all known history to mankind, to countries who have been 100% ethnically homogeneous up until 50 years ago.

Attached: 1646688176649m.jpg (1024x691, 145.27K)

>>380677550>>380677701Fog of war.>The head of the terrorist organization "DNR" Denis Pushilin was wounded in the city of Liman, Donetsk region. This was reported on June 1 in the Telegram by RIA Melitopol, as well as advisers to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko and Viktor Andrusiv.It is not an official statement, just "advisers". Gerashchenko is a known retard, and has been publically cautioned not to talk too much by General Stuff.Arestovich: >As a result of a successful attack by Ukrainian artillery in Liman, Donetsk region, captured by the invaders, someone from the top of the Russian Federation was liquidated. Information about the wounding of the leader of the "DPR" militants Pushilin needs to be clarified.>The leader of the "DPR" terrorists, Denis Pushilin, according to preliminary information, was not injured as a result of the strike of Ukrainian troops on Liman, Donetsk region. This was reported on June 1 by "BBC News Ukraine" with reference to sources in the Ukrainian special services.

Attached: IMG_20220602_225519_582.jpg (1198x798, 136.82K)

>>380683945basedmay your seed spread far and wide

Attached: mmmmm.gif (381x434, 1.98M)

>>380676493Jesus fucking Christ.An entire generation, lost.

Attached: 1651269697501m.jpg (1024x576, 79.69K)

>>380683332he finally didn't got away with it

>>380684041I don't care about your wholly unwarranted African shilling. Legit what the fuck is wrong with you? French negrophile cuck on holiday in Berlin?

>>380683784>Like for example when Anglos went to America and slaughtered 99% of the natives, that NEVER happened in the modern territory of Russian Federation.HAHAHAHAHA HOLY SHIT.A DOZEN WEASEL QUALIFIERS AND HE'S STILL WRONG.

Attached: 1652656533925.gif (800x430, 564.42K)

>>380683819It started decaying and it fell apart simply because it lost, doesn't take a genius to realize that.If Soviet Union won the Cold War it would have been the modern version of USA, but probably worse.And all these butthurt belters would sip the feces out of the soviet unions asshole instead of american one today.

Attached: 1650381862715.jpg (605x1280, 170.06K)

>>380684242Africa unironically has more value than denmark

>>380683954>>380683945I am friends with numerous atomwaffen division branch in north america they all want to join azov battalion, we speak on numerous secure platforms such as whatsapp, telegram and discord. How can I get AZOV in contact with them?

Attached: 1653846749800.jpg (1024x564, 57.89K)

>>380678040Don't be retard, just buy TT.

>>380676250>RashistsIs this a play on "Russian" and "racist", or something else?

>>380684133Do they all have alcohol poisoning?

>>380684047Siberia, outer Manchuria, northern Kazakhstan, Caucasus, and Crimea are typing...

>>380684133Imagine doing costplay for your school and then ending up on some weird western image board that uses it for war propaganda against your country. Wild.

>>380684327Denmark doesn't have natural resources, so way to go captain obvious

>>380683945I missed out on this one. What was anons recommendations?

>>380684322Why do vatnik gypsies always project their cock obsession?

>>380684296meant for >>380684047

>>380684519lithuanian rapists was teaching ukie user the ropes of tinder

>>380684519No selfies, lightharded bio

>>380684047>Those ethnic groups lived in the territory of [the] modern Russian Federation for [...][a long time].Yes. And it "worked" since 1917.As soon as such multicultural empires stretch too thin and demand too much they stagnate and fall. It's similar to Rome really.So you have two options:>Russia is a big, strong multiracial, multicultural empire (that can't really lean on the cooperation of those multiple cultures for their dumb imperialism)>Russia is an ethnostate, I only have to draw a doughnut-shaped ring around Moscow and include the further fringes of Russia as well (they're still a strong ethnostate, low divorce-rates, high birthrates, low youth-emigration, I swear!)

Attached: temp.jpg (512x512, 35.72K)

>>380684403Please brother I have soldiers at the ready to help you in defending your homeland. You will be in Valhalla and I will be sent to Jannah. Brothers in arms. ONE STRUGGLE!!!!!!!

Attached: 1653949897622.jpg (889x540, 155.71K)

>>380683332>All of that started decaying after 90's when Russia became "democratic" and "free".Soviet Union nostalgia? But these are not decayed roads, they've obviously never been covered. You'll maybe some day understand why everyone who could separated from the Soviet Union and mostly continued relations at a large distance.

Will Russia win?

>>380684613because russoids have been genetically buck broken by centuries of autocratic rule. all russoids know is getting dominated by some pidor ruler, whether that's a tsar, general secretary or an officer at the conscription office.

>>380683352>Africa will soon stabilize if they manage to keep increasing the reliability of their governments and the wealth of the people.Oh, Africa will go down fast... But it sure aa shit won't be because of the increased reliability of their governments or the wealth of the people.

>>380684946As it stands right now? Yes.

>>380683945godspeed user

>>380675316hurry up and do it, we want war

>>380684388Dial 1-4-8-8 and wait for the operator

>>380683945>applied your recommendationsWhat recommendations? Need to know, for frend.

>>380684047BAAAASED multicult! russia strong! diversity is our strength!


>>380676493>>380676493good kill the children for a russian free future

>>380684756Rome collapsed because of internal politics (and not wanting a half vandal to have power over the emperor despite him proving he was EXTREMELY loyal to the Roman state)

>>380685064>>380684741here you go

>>380684327Maybe, but not as a cohesive unit like Denmark with capable governance.>>380684242I don't care about the strawmen you litter your yard with.Anyone reading our discussion will laugh at you and perhaps find a few actual errors in my reasoning here and there.You're a caricature in your cramped attempts of ridicule.

Attached: fearsome nanachi.jpg (1400x900, 103.54K)

update on kherson?

>>380685012How long will it last? Should i leave my country before i get drafted?

>>380685159I see, thanks.

Attached: 1649637727136m.jpg (683x1024, 71.63K)

>>380685413Russians falling back, retreating and blew a bridge, not much news. No clear idea of what the front looks like yet.

>>380685132Do you know why you use the phrase "diversity is our strength" as an insult? Because west has been beating you with it for years, insulting and abusing you with it. They buck broke you so hard that you now see this as the worst possible insult and use it on anyone you see as your enemy. Slinging it at anyone but the original perpetrator.

>>380685422are you that polish-russian rape baby, who other lithuanians keep shitting on?

>>380685216Rome collapsed due to many reasons and I don't doubt that they could manage to conjure up such internal politics that would send Russia further into a spiral of decline.But I don't think we'll see anything similar to Rome's fall since times and mechanisms simply have changed and communication is too ubiquitous for downfalls to play out the way they did back then.

>>380685566Don't bully him too much, he's suicidal already

>>380685566yes. how do i get out of draft.


>>380685344I haven't argued with you, Sambo. I just wanted to know what compelled you to drink negro semen in a discussion about Russia you had with a Serb.It was weird.

>>380684415Rashka (derogatory eastern European name for Russia) + fascist = Rashist"Rashkist" sounds better IMO

Attached: original (1).jpg (900x601, 92.55K)

>>380685616Internal politics was honestly the key one, the western empire fell into a spiral of nonstop civil wars and intrigue that meant that the more decentralized empire couldn't handle the stresses it had earlier on. Combine that with a shift in the power between the foederati and the empire, and the Empire's poor treatment of its friendly tribes and you get a recipe for disaster

>>380685052Will this get me in touch with Poroschenko brother? We have at least 300 atomwaffen members and approximately 500 ISIS members at the ready to help you with the Kadyrov apostate dogs. We will die for Israel brother alongside one another. FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!

Attached: 1653972344259m.jpg (751x1024, 116.04K)

>>380684479Africans > Buttercookies (such as picrel)

Attached: HCA_by_Thora_Hallager_1869.jpg (1409x2149, 528.07K)