Brit/pol/ - Village Tyranny Edition

Basically a small village of 600 people are being forced to accomodate 1,500 asylum seekers. They get 4 busses a day and have only one shop in the entire village. They are protesting but there's only a

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>>380674978god save the queen and all who sail in her

we're so fucked lads... my heart goes out to these people, nobody even consulted them.

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Slav girls choosing brown men over whites??>>380671852

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There is only one solution to this. It's basically a life-death situation anyway.Choice is theirs. They have 600 people.

>Queen pulls out of Jubilee service appearance>The Queen will not attend Friday's Jubilee service at St Paul's after experiencing discomfort at Buckingham Palace's probably a broken heart after what that bastard in Australia has done.

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atleast they're not speaking german

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No matter who you are, you can improve your life. Take control. Move forward. Dreams keep us alive, fighting for them makes us feel alive.How have you improved yourself this week/month/year? Lifting isn't life, a well-balanced human being is productive, has fun, pushes him/herself to succeed, is charismatic, and strives to live the best life they can. Share your successes, failures, methods, and everything in between.Basic Recommendations:>Have a productivity Framework that is flexible.>Use a calendar for things YOU WILL DO.>Learn to focus. Think positive.>Do routines for things you should do periodically/daily, this should cover daily things or weekly chores such as laundry, cleaning, shopping.>Identify and Eliminate conflicts within yourself.>Focus on identifying the time wasters in your life and eliminate them.>Focus on the essentials. If you try to do everything at once you’ll burnout. Little by little.Remember that physical health and mental health go hand in hand. Eat and drink healthy... THINK healthy. You MUST have a healthy mind. What music are you listening to? Is it depressing or noisy unthinking nonsense? Begin to cut that out of your life the same way you would smoking. Same goes for what you are watching on the television etc too. All these things are effecting your brain. Which leads on nicely to addiction of pornography and masturbation. You must take control of these urges. The end goal of nofap should be a healthy sexual relationship with the opposite sex. The end goal of Self Improvement should be a large beautiful family, where your children are being raised correctly... far away from the madness of the cities.

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>>380674978Delay is better than nothing. Hopefully it becomes permanent.

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I can't stop watching this guys videos lads, something just feels comfy about

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>>380675248SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!

>>380675198Knew Harry and meghan shouldn't have been thereProbably gave her a heart attack when she turned around and saw meghan

the UK is a lost cause, and i know the flak im gonna get as an american by saying this, the mutt memes and such. america is lost too but i had at least once before some hope that the UK would last a bit longer. my great grandfather was from durham uk and worked as a miner there, now to see whats happened in the UK is a big joke, and the worst yet is all the liberals in the UK who welcome the diversity and they have ruined every country. the US, UK. Canada, its all trash now, us white folks has no more ancestral home lands, no where left to go. we've been replaced in our own homelands. jesus christ. its all lost, i took the blackpill.

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>>380674978Fuck that's grim, coming to a quaint village near you.Gotta get involved in local council work and support each other.Even if you've no interest in it and think it doesn't matter you need to start paying attention.

>>380675363Government can't ever just cancel as it looks like weakness, a delay is the first stage to leaving it so long everyone forgets about it, but it's not guaranteed.

>>380674978Take youre fkn sandniggers like good goyim

>>380675373The subway videos are better imo

Ginge bit off more than he could chew Should’ve patiently waited to take out the tripfags and claim the throne (king of the brinnies) for himself Too much of a sperg!Maybe he’ll have another crack at it in the future

>>380675373>>380675540get on my level

>>380675464By the time normal people like us notice it's over, it has been over for a long time. Hope I get hit by a bus this year lads.

>>380675464It is not lost while our blood lives on.

>>380675464>D-don't bother, it's all over g-goys! I mean guys!If you're acting in good faith then we all have days of feeling blackpilled but this doom mongering doesn't help. Besides, you called it but that doesn't save you from the criticism: stick to your own lane.

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>China should be able to shoot down Musk’s Starlink – scientists>Chinese military researchers say that China needs to develop the capability to disable or shoot down Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites, should Beijing deem it necessary, the Daily Mail reported last week, citing a Chinese study.According to a paper that was published in the Modern Defence Technology journal, China needs to boost its anti-satellite capabilities in order to track, monitor, and, if necessary, destroy Starlink satellites orbiting the to BTFO Musk.

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>>380674978they can't care that much if they're not willing to burn it to the ground if its builtregardless of whether or not the "asylum seekers" are inside

>>380675783>If you're acting in good faith then we all have days of feeling blackpilled but this doom mongering doesn't help. Besides, you called it but that doesn't save you from the criticism: stick to your own lanes.FTFY

>>380675723until your grandaughter marries that nice Indian fella.

>>380675363Where's the right place? an artificial island off the coast?

Business idea: paint Ukraine flag over fag flags

>>380675856Christ, it would be nice to have just 600 men who would burn their own homes before they let them be taken, but we don't.

>>380675880splitting hairs but alright.

Let us annex you lads. We could grant the villages recognition as an Indian tribe and give them sovereignty to deal with this

A house can fall on anyone

>>380675891That's when you go lone wolf.

>>380675988well it is pride month, right

>>380675675he's a known substance abuser, SSRI user, larper, samefagger, closet homosexual who begs for backup from other boards when he gets btfoits a shame because if he put his ego aside he could have a lot of potential but he squanders it with his incel behaviour and all round childishness

>>380675689Ha. 1+ to me.

>>380676028I was calling the yank fat mate.

>>380675981where they fucking belong, in their own countries...

>>380675981The. First. Safe. Country. A. Refugee. Enters. In. To.

>>380674978Oh Prince Andrew is a paedoHe wears a paedo's hatHe sweats when he is noncingIn Ghislaine's London flat.Joe Biden is a paedoHe wears a paedo's hatHis son trawls pornhub every dayAnd sends the links to 'Dad'!Rolf Harris was a paedoAnd Jimmy Saville tooThe BBC is full of themAnd hires groomers too.Bill Gates is a paedoHe wears a paedo's hatHe jabs the kiddies day and night,Melinda saw through that.Oh, Klaus Schwab, he's a paedoHe wears a paedo's hatAnd creepy Klingon Star Trek robesWhile wanking in the bath!Xi Jipeng is a paedoAnd so's Zelensky too,The EU and the World BankAnd almost every Jew!Epstein was king of paedosHe wore a paedo's hatThe world is run by paedosAnd Mossad kompromat

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>>380676092Oh. Oh now I'm feeling stupid.

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>>380675083I'm gonna need proof all 600 voted BNP every chance they got the past 20 years before I give a fuck about them.

>>380675990the sad thing is when you find men like those you tend to find the majority admonishing them for ridiculous reasons purely because they don't adhere to the same social norms the normies doI am willing to bet if there were any genuinely redpilled people in that community like me they were probably outcastedand those normies probably still look down upon them even though they likely predicted whats happening currentlythe normies are suicidal, just progressively slowand they deserve everything they're getting

>>380676232Why don't they just fight for democracy in their own country, like we did?

Reminder that Queen Liz dies Monday (extra day off)

>>380674978600 people?so they gender balance is gonna become about 200 adult females to 1700 adult men?

>>380676274Nah, I thought it was a bit convoluted when I was posting it but I couldn't see a way to make it more obvious without diluting the brilliance of its essence.

>>380676321because they are cowards and scum?

>>380676290Literally this.

big expose of the Liverpool match where the fans got blamed for Muslim violence.

>>380676291>it will never happen to us, said the normie

>>380676291The normies are docile cattle herded to slaughter, a few are wild bulls but they get kicked out because they disturb the peace and make the doe eyed cows nervous.

>>380676346Business idea: selling 4k cameras and plastic bed covers in whatever that village is called.

Cringe is high, seethe soon to follow

>>380674978Priti Patel should be on trial for this. It's a war crime.

>>380674978So what ar they trying to say?..If the village had 1500..3000..10,000 people then it would be ok?..If they were holding signs saying fuck off back were you came from then I'd have more sympathy for them..

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>>380676680Don't be so upset mate.

>>380674978Village of the Bamed

>>380676630This is a good approach, find a way to commercialise the fear and build networks around it.

>>380676346pretty much, lad... where the only passtimes will be, fishing, robbery and rape.

Hiding tripfags is comfy

>>380676516>>380676601I've found in my own personal life that if you even so much as point out that people could be doing things in a better way. they will attack you head on and outcast you / make you into a social pariahpeople would rather socially disclude those who try to show them a better way of doing things than actually consider whats being said to them and work to do better as a communitywe've been there for a long time nowpeople don't want responsibility and people who try to inspire that are hated more than those who are actively doing us wrong collectively

>>380676680This place is ffucked, it's fffucked you cunts are ffff-ghmm. Y'know all the shit you fuckin accused me of *crunch* right *chewing*, detracting from fuckin conversation *chewing* fuckin, I dunno fuckin, derailing threads an tha shite, fuckoff. It's not fuckin true is it *crunch* [inaudible].*agitated chewing* I went though some fuckin shitty times, *sniffs and chews*, I used this place as a crutch esnzup-VOO YOU FUCKIN NONCES THEN *sniffs*.You could have a laugh with somebody or you could have a fuckin genuine arguement with somebody an you'll have some FUCKIN PRICK *angry exhale and inhale* try to take it somehwere like that, *sighs and crunches*.Aye you fuckin whinge at me, that I don't fuckin have conversation here every single fuckin time *large sniff*. I've tried to have a conversation about fuckin *clink of plate* actual shit, fuckin constitutional-law shit *sniffs and grunts* or some someones askin a question about the military, or *Eddie thinking* or even just a general conversation fuckin religion, or fuckin that reatard who's fuckin larp about fuckin owning guns, he couldn't even get his own fuckin paperwork right until I fuckin corrected him "Ay he's a fuckin expert on this this right?!" Despite already admitting fuckin lying about it! But y'know what?!.. You're sitting there having a conversation with FUCKIN somebody *music playing in background* oh your fuckin, your legal examples wrong it doesn't err it doesn't, doesn't fuckin err, it's not even fuckin relevant to what you're tryna say *sniffs*. Oh well fuckin look af-YOUR-FUCKIN-KID FUCKOFF YOU FUCkOIDER..[sic] YOU'VE FUCKALL, YOU'RE ABSOLUTE FUCKALL YOU FUCKING CUNTS, YOU'VE NO FUCKING IDEA I HOW MUCH I DO! *exasperated breathing*

>>380674978that village is an allegory for the entire British Isles being overrun by foreigners

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>Charles and Camilla on Eastendershope he asks Phil Mitchell about his son getting bum-raped

>>380676885You have no fucking idea how close I am to her *sniffs and lip-smack* how much I fuckin see her ohlyohly-every fuckin day "Eddie ya fuckin prick", "FUCKOFF-UH FUCKIN NONCE", you FUCKIN retards can't FUCKIN differentiate; like the amount of times I see fuckin idiot *heavy breathing*.You'll pull up the fuckin archives with some stupid fuckin things i've never spoke about in my fuckin life, oh somebody was sayin oh I like this fuckin Tory MP or some shit *sniffs*; "fuckoff Eddie", "err fuck of ya nonce", "err I bet your kid's gettin fuckin raped by a bla.." *burst of anger*.The FUCK, not even f-ah, not even-ruh *sighs* because you retards, fuckin autism, fuckin, transfers well beyond fuckin face blindness doesn't it ya little PRICKS *sighs*.Nah i'm fuckin done, this is my fuckin just post, fuckin DONE me you cunts. Cunts I thought were better than this aswell *music plays in background*.That fuckin cunt Rabbit *sniffs* justhinkaweebitmoora [sic], but nah soon as err he's a little fuckin *deep sniff, sigh, and pause* polularity whore isn't he, he used to be alright when the fuckin majority of the board was alright, or the general. As soon as all you fffuckin retards and you FUCKIN nonces took over, aye he's gonna fuckin play the fuckin tune isn't he, he's gonna play the tune, an aye.I cannae afford a fuckin bus right now but i'll be, *thigh slapping* we'll save that one, we'll fuckin save that one. But one day, one fffuckin day; nah, FUCK YOU CUNTS, FUCKIN. NONCE. CUNTS. GO FUCK YOURSELVES, HOPE YOU ALL FUCKING DIE, every single FUCKIN last one of ya....*sighs*.

>>380674978lolhey far right chuds, stay away but refugees welcome (well not really)

>>380675464It's time to go back.... to Durham i mean

>>380676734>If the village had 1500..3000..10,000 people then it would be ok?..well if the village had viable infrastructure it owuld be better but it doesn't so it will derail their lives. If the government insists on doing it they should split up the groups or something. I honestly don't know what the best course of action is if we do get forced to have them. I just know it's gonna be bad.

>>380676895Why do you want to murder BAMEs, racist?

>>380676863It is much harder to convince someone they have been fooled than to fool them.If we want to achieve anything then we'll need to stoke absolute moral outrage in the twitchy curtains and drive home the circumstance to them.

>>380676885Called it

>>380676895this maked me sad, don't post please. :(

>>380677183It's easy to call it when you post it.

>>380677042>an MP has saidlistening to MPs is how we got into this mess

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>>380676895I'm not racist, butseeing those pakis and wogs in parliament and knowing they have a say in how a white nation is regulated really grinds my gearslucky for me I'm an anarchist and do whatever the fuck I want anyway

>>380677183Edoseether is low key one of the funnier posters here

>>380677036>That fuckin cunt RabbitNeeds an apology

>>380677042the state of us

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>>380677321>I'm an anarchistHere he goes with another LARP

>>380677088>if we do get forced toThis bit made me genuinely upset.

>>380677321I can't pick between absolute monarchist or anarchistthere's a pragmatic simplicity to both of them

>>380677343what was that zinc supplement you recommended again mate?


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>>380677343Would you rather have an apology or the 5 grand he owes you?

>>380677511Anarchy as a system of government is entirely indefensible in the face of organised outside attack, and I don't mean militarily.

>>380674978i hope it doesnt get burned down by 13 year olds. then the police cant do anything against theese little racists.

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>>380676863>hi, im a 30 something mentalist on spackerbennies whos done nowt and looks like aids gollum, but heres how YOU should be doing things betterReally? what a shock that is.

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>>380677511>not taking the Monarchical anarchpill Ngmi

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Even rabbits seething wtf


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>>380677321non whites are racially empowered while the native white population is entirely repressed and will even attack other whites who are not socially conditioned to hate themselves while fetishizing nogs

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>>380677629Ive given up on ever seeing the money again, so ill settle for the apology.

>>380676734>>380676759>>380676768>>380676787>>380676798>>380676832>>380676863>>380676885>>380676905>>380677036>>380677042>>380677063>>380677088>>380677099>>380677175>>380677183>>380677232>>380677247>>380677252>>380677321>>380677330>>380677343>>380677372>>380677482>>380677484>>380677511>>380677552>>380677557I have such little faith in this system but Malcolm [email protected] Paula [email protected] Nigel [email protected] District Council Chief ExecutiveDr Justin [email protected] local MP is Kevin [email protected]

>>380677511anarchism is the stupidest fucking ideology

>>380677511I'm into esotericism so for me its anarchismI don't think any form of external authority is legitimate because reality itself governs us and is the only authority that cannot be deposed because it is innate within us and inherent within everythingexternal leadership when legitimately considered and accepted on a conscious level by the person choosing to follow it is permissablebut we don't have that, most people are unconscious followers purely because they're told they should follow and that someone else is their leaderhence why we are governed by our inferiors as plato put it

>>380677700Do you really think the useless cunts infesting every level of employment in the UK and western world in general would be doing better than josh is now in a society designed to reward whatever the fuck josh is?

>>380677621I justr cringed at how deeply that Eastenders wifey curtsied, practically kissed his feet

>>380677896All ideology is retarded



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that is beyond fucked. Good luck brit bros

>>380678004Fuck me all the papers are going to be fucking seething

>>'s right chuds, you better stay away from it and mind your own business

>>380678077what's it like in panama?

>>380678004disgusting quintessentially America genetics

>>380677700I guarantee you I have done more for the weight watchers community in the last 10 years through my dealings with local weight watchers groups. giving hardline absolute spot on weight loss advice than you have ever done in your entire life. the amount of people who respect me and look up to me would shock you. you have zero people who look up to you and if you do, which you don't. certainly not for any reasons relating to weight loss or anything else regarding health and diet

>>380678154It's appreciated, American.

some good reaction images for when tripnonces are posting

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>>380678284>>380678225>>380678207>>380678161>>380678158>>380678154>>380678077>>380678004>>380677997>>380677977>>380677938>>380677934>>380678433Even Americunts, doesn't matter, can we get a little help in Baraging these people's emails?Councillor Malcolm [email protected] Paula [email protected] Nigel [email protected] District Council Chief ExecutiveDr Justin [email protected] local MP is Kevin [email protected]

>>380676895mobile phones should be banned in the Housediscuss

>>380678284I would pay to see this. And your resulting performance in a Magistrate's court.

>>380677042What a dickStill he's probably right that having Mark Collett etc showing up isn't exactly going to help their cause


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>>380678450Can i use TOR to email them?

>>380677934You make a solid point>>380677977So what about people who kill for their ideology?

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>>380678530eeer, just made a bunch of protonmail accounts...

>>380678486Collett is a state asset, he's probably been sent there to discredit opposition to the scheme.

Beacons in the Brecon Beacons

>>380676078Nice to see you're not still rattled or anything.

>>380678004its over

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>>380678575Lol you’ve got me there I’m just in a shitposting mood

>>380676078His Mumberg posts can be quite funny, but I hope it's a larp and he doesn't actually treat his mum poorly.

>>380678821nice driveway mate


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>>380678854Draw saw brinnie memes

>>380678450Not saying you shouldn't email them, but they are powerless to stop the decision ultimately. You should email Priti Patel/the Home Office.Reminds of that yank TV show by the same guy who made the Wire, about how people and politicians tried to stop nigger houses being built in Yonkers, but ultimately it was mandated federal decision and trying to stop it bankrupted the city.

>>380677511dont associate with anyone who associates with anarchy

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>>380678938>if only you knew how bad things really are

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>>380678821Christ, imagine having the balls to make a political statement like that when you can't be arsed to weed your own front.

gonna get meself this with me rishibux

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>>380679021opened this image and ERIIIIIIIKABOOM BOOM BOOMblasted into my head immediately


>>380679171also this

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>>380675373To be fair that does seem like stressful work.

>>380679016it's all so sad now, I'll try

>>380679171LGBT keyboard? You finally coming out lad? Good for you. I hope you can finally find happiness and acceptance for yourself.

>>380678821the monarchy doesn't stand a chance with that calibre of activism

>>380679241and this

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>>380678486>Still he's probably right that having Mark Collett etc showing up isn't exactly going to help their causeWho else? The "moderate conservatives" are the ones putting refugees there in the first place. Anyone who opposes it will be called far right.

>>380679221Draw some funny brincels memes

>>380676042DEAL! DEAL!>Most Turks already know their country as Türkiye. However the anglicised form Turkey is widely used, even within the country.>AnglicisedIt's in English what are we expecting here? It's the same with the change from Kiev to Kyiev. It's an interesting trend developing with yet another attempt to change the English language to suit a different, foreign, language. This time even introducing a letter that has no place in our own language.I'd say it's an interesting development and what is to be expected when a language becomes so influential it stops being just ours and becomes a global one but that's not the case here. It's yet another attempt to pull apart our identity.Kiev not Kyiv, Turkey not Türkiye, Constantinople not Istanbul, Peeking not Beijing.

>>380679290>lgbt keyboardtop kek

>>380679416I can’t draw

>>380674978But at least, they defeated Germany and the Conservative British Party is in charge. Don't worry: everything is ok.

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>>380679552complete self confidence what a chad

>>380679427but I mean countries have always had different names for themselvesgermany call themselves fucking deutschland doesnt sound even remotely like germany

>>380679514You're credited with creating the Norf FC meme?

>>380679171Corr I was eyeing that up, I've got an old as fuck blackwidow chromaNot sure about your mouse choice though I'd go for a G Pro which is what I switched to from razerNight and day in the quality and usage

>>380679634he was blatantly a glowie sent to rile up the crowd

>>380679638Don't care if they have a different name in their own language but the wider point wasn't about that, it was about it altering ours.

>>380679646No I’m not stupid newfag

>>380679409Even if, and it's a big if, Collett's band of "happy" men somehow manage to stop this scheme legally, it's a pyrrhic victory, by the literal definition. People must learn to fight for themselves on a local level. Closet homo clubs like PA are not the strength of the British yeomen, each locale is supposed to be capable of defending itself, not reliant on some roving army of young men without families.

nice pinBaroness Scotland, sec gen of the Commonwealth, on about sustainable development goals

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>>380679830im still seething about it

>>380679552>niggers just stand there while the Aryan Chad walks off with his hand inside his pocketsBased and chill-pilled.

>>380679774The tache rather gives it away doesn't it? Either a nonce or SAS.

>>380679774>yes, Joshua... everyone is a glowie

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>>380679634> he runs to kick and punch some signs and then he walks away like a bitch; self-confident; what a chad!LMAO

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>>380679734yeah I had a gander at the g pro stuffnot really into them ngldon't like the styleI like my stuff to be matching alsog pro have nice mice and keyboards but speakers, not so muchrazer do all 3 tho so this best suits methe leviathan looks sickcurrently got 5.1 logitech from about 6 years agotoo many fucking wiresleviathan is way more streamlined so I'll be happy with thatsubwoofer looks badass toojust a big black ominous looking cube

>>380679552that guy has cool clothes, how do I get that look?

>>380679774Explains why he’s dressed like a twat caricature of an English nationalist and bolts

>>380679830>The earliest archived illustration of the character can be traced back to one of Holla Forums's generals, brit/pol/ on December 11th, 2017.[7] The drawing showed a trip-poster with the name "Eddie."Why are you LARPing as Eddie, Edo?

>>380680035Is this joshua in the room with us right now?

>>380679646norfs started out as drawings of eddie made by anons, he didn't draw them himself

>>380680138That doesn't claim he created it?

>>380679798well yeah I get that, it's like cultural backwashit's especially trendy atm because it's political signallingbut in the end people are always gonna call kiev "kiev" because it reminds them of chicken kievs and that shit runs deep

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>>380680065Ngl I have all the elgato shit too they're pretty basedThe mic especiallyGot a spare green screen from them if you want it kek

>>380680009the way he's dressed / styled from head to toe screams a carefully crafted archetype to invoke a certain kind of anger from the crowds and the public watching the stream or whateverthe way he walks up and pulls it down nonchalantly and walks off as quick as he turned up with absolutely no altercations is sus as fuck alsoalso the way he moves is very intentional, like an operativeand the other user can fuck offI'm not one to scream glowie everytime something happensbut that one to me was obvious

Hey Stella…

>>380680138Are you actually retarded

>>380679888Not even sure what the legal case would be. You can stop planning permission by showing there would traffic disruption etc but that's not an issue here, the base already exists and is owned by the government, they would just be moving people to a site they own and unleashing them on the unsuspecting boomer population.It's more appealing to the government not to be arseholes.

>>380679921She sounds British, except when she said 'Pacific', she sounded Kiwi

>>380680294If you tell them exactly what they did wrong they know how to do it right.

I will no longer namefag to counteract the Ginge menace

>>380675464I've from Durham, and you're entirely right, it is fucked. Funnily enough Durham is the least fucked city in the UK, but the UK is general is fucked. I'm moving out asap. It is a lost cause and 90% of Brit/pol/ spent the day masturbating to the royals not realising they're running this operation against white natives here. There is no solution with a population that love being slaves.

>>380680417By legally I meant by legal means such as saying no until the government decides not to have its way with you, as opposed to illegal means.

>>380680111exactlyits peak optics if you wanna implant the notion that old guard wignats are seething over whats happening into the minds of the plebslike thats probably how they picture white nationalistsposh twats with old man caps and nonce taches like how british men are often portrayed in dramas n thatso ye it invokes tv drama aesthetics too which is perfect for reeling in the normie masses attention and consideration>>380680293will do la nice onetrust do some nice stuff as wellthe trust tytan 5.1 system looks decent but its discontinued nowthey had one where the subwoofer reacts to the music with its LED / RGB lights so acts as somewhat of a visualiserbut ye, don't sell it anymorewtf did you get a green screen for lad?

>>380680073flat cap and Barbour jacket

>>380680406>Answers my question with a question

>>380680697Wanted to make funny shit with the kid and Mrs to send to family before my body tried to fucking off itselfNever got round to using it

>>380681016keep it ladyou'll end up finding inspiration in something at a later date and wish you had

>>380681016I should point out we used it when my second daughter was born to take some home made professional photos or whatever during covid but that's it

>>380680474Where are you going to? I was learning Russian but now it seems like it would be hard to emigrate there.

>>380681173>home made professional photosyeah urmgonna need you to elaborate on that matesounds dodgy ngl

Damn, shirehorses are aesthetic>>380680111>>380680697he's just a quasi-larper, like most people hereexcept probably has funtional life and balls enough to actually do something like that instead of complain about it on an indonesian cross-stitch forum

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>>380681286Kek it does doesn't itBasically when you go to one of those professional photography studios for family photosWe just decided fuck it we'll do it at home

>>380681211>Where are you going to?You’d be safe and warm if you wuz in

>>380681366t. glowie

>>380681434yeah they cost a fucking bomb nowadays don't theynot that I look up child photography online or anything like thatI just know photographers are way overpriced nowadays

Amazing how all it takes is a flat cap and a moustache to mess with schizos' heads.

>>380681601There just weren't any open near us during covidWanted to take a last set of family photos before the (at the time) inevitable happened and I still had hair

>>380679774>>380680009>>380680035>>380680111>>380680697he was obviously a squaddie.

>>380681784aw ladglad you got better and are still around for your family

>>380681897maybeI'll settle for that like

>>> Being British has nothing to do with nativism or skin colour. It's about a set of values and a cultural identity which joins each of us together. Thats why the flag has places us all somewhere and the places us all nowhere.based nonce

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>>380681897>squaddieRupert more like

>>380674978>>380677863trifles, small price to pay to make Barbara feel comfortable

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>>380674978if you want to stop it, you have to kill them as quickly as possible. that's the only actual message that can be sent.

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>>380682452Weird that they let you post on 4chan from yank prison.

>>380682201Laurence Fox is a cunt.

>>380682467fucking larpers

>>380682201But what if I don't stand for freedom of speech, equality under the law and democracy?

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>>380682201he's rightbritain is a political union, not a nationanyone in the world can be british if they reside within the geographic regions of england, scotland, wales, which are also nations, which britain is notthere is no such thing as a british personbut anyone can identify as being a british citizencompletely different concepts

>>380682693Of course a kike would say this

>>380682573then you’re not british bruv

>>380681211America if I can get there, Mexico if not. Europe is dead.

>>380682820not an argumentyou've been done

>>380682693Nations are cringe and a larp, anything other than a tribal community of more than ~250 is a cringe and a larp

>>380682452sorry mate, I'm trying to read your post but all I can see is pic related?

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>>380674978Just perform so much vandalism on the construction site, in minecraft, that they have to abandon the project, in minecraft.

>>380683113maybe even less than 250I mean the tribal community of brit/pol/ can barely regulate itself and we are below 250

>>380682693>anyone can identify as being a british citizenCitizen is a legal term

>>380683113>Nations are cringe and a larpBut how else will Brincels get their personality?

>>380683175unironicallythis would probably happen in certain areas by default too

bit fishy this, like

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>>380683113your whole life is cringe and a larp

>>380683272Experts vary, I think 250, even 150, is a high sounding number for how many people you can genuinely care about and socialise with as a community

>>380683175>fuck's sake sarge he posted in minecraft>the crafty bugger, it'll never hold up in court now>our entire legal system, defeated, a shambolic ruin, an empty vessel cast adrift, we are undone>jones, why are you talking like a fag?>did you just hate crime me boss?>shit

>>380682912Mexico would be an interesting choice. I have considered the South of Brazil (which is mostly white) as I lived in Brazil for 4 1/2 years as a teenager but it's getting enriched now, seems there are few places to escape clown world.

>>380683292exactlybritain and the united kingdom are legal fictionthey only exist on paperengland, scotland, wales, are all nations that exist because of the shared genetics amongst the majority demographicswhen england is minority english, it is no longer englandwhen britain is minority white, it is still britainsimple as

>>380683445For me it's like 5

>>380683113The problem with this is in a community of 250 everyone would know what a useless spacker you are.

>>380683292being a citizen is literally illegal, the new vibe is citizens of temporarily misplaced documentation status

>>380683371Well yeah, that’s the point, pretty much everyone on earths life is who isn’t living like the sentinelese

>>380683445it probably depends mostly on the type of system employed to regulate and the type of values instilled in the community

>>380683512Gchq btfo

>>380683099>From the eighteenth century, the terms 'English' and 'British' began to be seen as interchangeable to many of the EnglishBritish is just another word for English. British culture is completely dominated by England. The overwhelming majority of people within the UK reside in England and are English. Who gives a shit about the union? It's all semantics at the end of the day. Britishness and Englishness is synonymous.


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>>380683600Well it would be different if you weren’t forced to live in boxes carrying out unfulfilling tasks for society tokens, if you lived in a tribe of 100 people, and having to contribute, you’d probably be much more socialThese aren’t natural conditions for homosapiens to live in

>>380683605>small community would collectively decide to stone him to death>only kept alive through large societal anonymity and benniesthis is next level self loathing, comes from losing a war to protect child rapists

>>380683445So basically a mafia clan size

>>380683654>type of systemYeah, it’s called survival

>>380683809Based shoop.


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>>380683760It's funny I'm in Scotland at the moment and they all feel the need to have a Scottish flag on their car somewhere. I don't need an English flag because that is the default.


>>380683760>british is just another word for englishbut england is just one of four nations within britain?>british culture is completely dominated by englandbritish culture is completely dominated by bummers and bames>the overwhelming majority of people within the UK reside in England and are Englishand when the overwhelming majority of people within the UK are bames, britain will still be british, but england will no longer be english>who gives a shit about the unionthe political / economic / social / military forces that govern everyday life within the land known as england who enforce their laws via the threat of violence>its all semantics at the end of the dayit is, I can agree with thisbut no>british and englishness are synonymousthey are notbecause againwhen the english are outbred and replaced, english is no longer english, but britain is still british

>>380684095me in 2020 when I came back from orford and was on the eccy falls

Can they really do that? Just pick a random sleepy village and dump thousands of foreigners, more than the population of the village itself? Woukdnt the migrants leave due to it being overcrowded and understaffed??

Seethes bubbling, expect a Brubeck blowout in the next hour

>>380674978>be village of 600>1500 criminals and rapists show up>no longer safe>constantly living in fearWhat do you do?>hold up little signs and walk aroundAt what point are whites and ehite communities going to get it through their retarded skulls that following the guidelines set by the opponents will only result in your downfall?

>>380684674Migrants want kebabs, migrants make kebabs, migrants deliver kebabs.It’s like importing a ready made self sufficient economy



whys seethe high

>>380684674Lots will leave because they don't want to live in a rural village full of old people in the middle of nowhere, they want to live in cities where there are black market jobs and kids to rapeThe others that stay will shit up the place and intimidate the locals into white flighting away

Pork meat everywhere they are. Bacon strips thrown out of cars at them. Pork bbq smokers rolling all day and night. Make them uncomfortable

>>380685119Some bird flirted with me at work again and josh probably said something too

luv the stink of boiled egs that've shuvd up me arse

For fuck's fucking

>>380682435Ahh Barbara Roche, the arch-traitor. I'd gladly send blair and the entirety of his cabinet to the gallows

>>380683760>The overwhelming majority of people within the UK reside in England and are English.Majority, but I wouldn't call it an "overwhelming majority" by now. There's a difference between "reside in England" and "English", remember.2011 census: 63 million people in the UK, 53 million of them in England, but only 37 million people in England identified themselves as English (whether on its own or in combination with any other national identity)The population of England made up 84% of the UK population. Actual English people, however made up 59% (lows 60s if you count the 1-2 million English living in Wales and Scotland).Things of course will be much worse by now.

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>>380675464UK is a terrible police state. No driving tests for 2 years now due to the fake pandemic. I’m suffered more tyranny in this place than anyone would believe. It’s an utter fucking shithole and I live in one of the best parts. Seriously a boring police state shithole where you need a license for everything. NHS is fucking atrocious.

Anyone else like this album? Fucking

>>380685626move to runcorn mate


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>>380683605>>380683879He couldn't even live with a woman he had mild disagreements with for the sake of their child and he's talking about the ideal size of a healthy self-sustaining community baka

One is much pleased by this Jubilee thread, dearest anons.

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>>380684674if nobody stops them. yes.

>>380684574>but england is just one of four nations within britainEnglish culture dominates Scottish and Welsh culture. They resent us because of how much influence we have had on their countries.>british culture is completely dominated by bummers and bamesPunk rock, British (English) comedy, science, entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, philosophy, poets, writers etc is completely dominated by the English. bame only claim to fame is shit music like grime.>and when the overwhelming majority of people within the UK are bames, britain will still be british, but england will no longer be englishIt's just semantics. Britain will cease to be Great Britain if you replace the indigenous population that created the country. America will no longer be America when the Mexicans out breed the Whites; it'll turn into Mexico, a fucking shithole.A piece of paper doesn't make you British. It has a far deeper meaning. You could say anyone can become an American which is largely true, but it will lose the soul that made it America. Areas will resemble Mexico soon.


>>380684806>At what point are whites and ehite communities going to get it through their retarded skulls that following the guidelines set by the opponents will only result in your downfall?Send those people an e-mail highlighting this obvious truth.. who know's maybe you will wake up these 600 people. Do your part user. For God and country.

>>380685795when you live with a modern day woman you're already living with about 250 people by proxy mate and thats just from her multiple personalities, stop oversimplifying things

>>380679552this is the world Winnie wanted

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>>380685667listening now

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Where's my baby Stella? She comes and goes man, it's not fair on my junk meat.

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>>380685945But he doesn't live with any woman?

>>380677511Monarchy is how humans naturally organise themselves. It is the purest form of governance, you just build on previous decrees and form a constitution of the most favoured ones

>>380686050Don't misgender him.

Nonce month confirmed

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>>380686294Glad you could make it here

>>380686209>Monarchy is how humans naturally organise themselves.Bollocks.Why do you need big daddy government or a monarch to rule over you and tell you what to do?Are you a slave or something?

>>380685858It's been a very grey pill. Lots of tradition, history, wholesomeness, community, and a distinct lack of BAMEs. But things will keep getting worse next week.>if only you knew how great things could be

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>>380685904>English culture dominates Scottish and Welsh culture. They resent us because of how much influence we have had on their countries.but american culture is dominant today? which is primarily about bames and bummers>Punk rock, British (English) comedy, science, entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, philosophy, poets, writers etc is completely dominated by the English. bame only claim to fame is shit music like grime.this is true, but again, this (english) culture is by no means primary, and as far as I can see has barely any influence anymore in the overal social spheres. maybe in certain niche intellectual groupings online or in high society irl like higher education. but not in the bulk of society. most people don't give a fuck about english culture. they care about whats ont' telleh which is predominantly ameritrash>It's just semantics. Britain will cease to be Great Britain if you replace the indigenous population that created the country. America will no longer be America when the Mexicans out breed the Whites; it'll turn into Mexico, a fucking shithole.completely disagree. I'm english not british. I see no point in deferring my ethnic / national identity to a political union that merges three four predominant nations here into one for the sake of simplicity. I'm an englishman, plain and simple. to me, britain doesn't exist except on paper and nothing anyone says can convince me otherwise

>>380686205he lives with himself?

i unironically hate how overcrowded england is

>>380685904The best comedies are Scottish


>>380686508Because in any given group of people eventually a decision needs to be made which will affect every individual in that group. For decisions to be considered, responsible, and useful, those decisions need to be made by someone accountable for those decisions. If nobody is in charge how do we take action if we're making the wrong decisions?

>>380674978Masons rape, torture, and brainwash children in order to use as actors later posing as politicians and public figures to manipulate public opinion. Almost everything that happens if fake, WWE style.