Two 14 year old niglets rape woman in front of 4 year old daughter

A 14-year-old boy was indicted for allegedly raping a young mother inside her Long Island home last month and then slashing the woman with a switchblade when she tried to defend her daughter, officials announced Tuesday.The teen – whose name was not disclosed – is accused of breaking into a Mastic Beach home on April 19 with an accomplice and sexually assaulting and strangling a 23-year-old mother in front of her 4-year-old daughter, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office alleges.Then when the mom tried to protect her child, the teenage assailant slashed her face with a switchblade and then stabbed her chest with it, prosecutors allege.A 14-year-old boy was charged with allegedly raping and slashing a 23-year-old mother in her Mastic Beach, Long Island home on April 19, 2022.A 14-year-old boy was charged with allegedly raping and slashing a 23-year-old mother in her Mastic Beach, Long Island home on April 19, 2022.Suffolk County PoliceSurveillance footage of the suspect and an accomplice released by Suffolk County Police.Surveillance footage of the suspect and an accomplice released by Suffolk County Police.Suffolk County PoliceThe mother received stitches and staples to her head, face and chest area, the DA’s office said.“Aside from the extreme violence of the criminal activity, what makes this case so shocking is the age of the defendant who is accused of committing such callous and violent crimes,” District Attorney Raymond Tierney said in a statement. “It is becoming increasingly common to hear of violent cases like this involving minors as the perpetrators of such vicious acts.” woman is most likely white, as that area is overwhelmingly white.

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>>380674880Hang Them

"Teenaper"Reminder to our Eurocuck friends this is why we carry firearms.

so? just dont live around niggers


>>380674880>NYThey voted for it

>>380674880Not political, all fields: herbal

>>380675944Did you not read the part where it said white part of town?

>>380674880>what makes this case so shocking is the age of the defendantPrimitive hominids developed faster and died younger.

>>380674880new yorkers are not humans and the government of new york is a criminal enterprise

>>380675648Please kill the niggers

>>380674880yung nigga$ stay hustling yuhbix nood

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>>380675944Retard, do you think anyone wants to live around niggers?? They just get put in places they don't belong, you'd think someone with your flag would already know that.


>>380675944Read the article. It IS a white area. The fucking coons came to the white neighborhood specifically to attack a white woman.

>>380674880>NY woman gets what she voted forNo Refunds

>>380674880You became an instrument to implement multiculti so kikish parasites can feel safe, what a clown fate.

>>380674880I hate niggers. Please Americans, get rid of them for good.

>>380676890>FlagChecks out, Muhammad.

>>380677195>Now let me tell you about your country

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I feel nothing, women voted for this and continue to do so. You get what you fucking deserve.

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>>380674880Not my problem.

>>380674880Guten tag britfag. But I guess you don't know what it means since you fortunately don't speak German

>>380674880>The woman is most likely whiteAnd also most likely a wealthy liberal. Those folks are getting enriched now. feelsgoodman.jpg

>>380674880Yeah? And? Get used to it because shit like this is all whites are good for now.

Nothing will happen, you'll moan for a thread or two before this story gets memory holed in about a week.

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>>380674880Why can't we just kill human filth like this? It's apparent that they were going to rape the 4 year old daughter as well. WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR GETTING DEATH PENALTY BACK.

I hate niggers

>>380676263Sadly, they didn't. There are so many deep red areas on long island, but their vote gets completely nullified by the other boroughs packed with minorities and nogs. I genuinely think all over long island east of brooklyn and queens needs it's own separate vote, it's 2 completely different types of people.

each and every one of these crimes rests squarely on the backs of anyone who has or continues to support the multiculturalism of the United States and the West. you were wrong, MLK. and so was anybody else who went along.

>>380678103Why do you hate yourself, ameribro?

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WEBM perfectly illustrates the burden of young, white, males.

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>>380674880Lower the age of consent. Teens are clearly able to consent. In fact, they are able to rape and sexually assult adults.

>>380674880If anyone has ever not needed an AR-15 it was her.

>>380677876>23 years old mother with 4 years old daughter>liberalThe unlimited amount of cope from manchildren who have all the guns but are too afraid to use them to take their country back. Go play more vidia and fap, that's all you are good for.

>>380674880Explain this gated community in the middle of hell>America do you really?

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How can anyone not hate niggers? How is it possible?

>>380676443>>380676263>>380675944reminder those posts are made by spam bots and anons should not take them seriously

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>>380678768Pretty sure i could kill them all.-american

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>>380678912I've been in there, did yard work for an Israeli mafia guy. He wanted me to do bookkeeping for him, but I'm glad I didn't.That's where Jeffrey Epstein grew up.

>>380674880part n parcel

Not my problem. I live in the most Rural part of the UK. Its city and town cucks that vote and support this. You get what you deserve.If you didnt move to the countryside by the late 90s you asked for this.

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>>380674880>The teen faces up to ten years behind bars if convicted.

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>>380678879Vidya and fapping is comfy. Fuck roasties.

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>>380674880niggers have no place in a civilized country.anyone with a songle drop of african blood should be expelled to africa immediately

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>>380674880Seems like a cultural misunderstanding, she should be more open-minded next time.

>>380679185You don't understand, we would rather eat each as opposed to fighting niggers in unison.

>>380679423>i'll never stand up for anyone>surely this problem will never affect meyou're nothing but a pathetic coward and you will one day be ruled as such

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>>380678912Lmao even a gated community isn't a guarantee.I know a story about Sea Gate. Some white whores inherited a house there and brought their nigger bfs to live with them.

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>>380677161You're are asking the people that literally worship them, literally have holidays dedicates to grovelling and kissing their feet - that literally did this furing BLM enmass to kill them?Really?


>>380677654It is literally this attitude which brought us to this point

>>380674880lmao this is the exact reason i will never ever turn my guns in. i have them to kill niggers who want to break into my house and harm me or my family. since niggers typically roam in large groups - an ar15 is the perfect defense option to stave off these orcs. i will never turn my guns in. thats a quote.

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>>380679832And what are you doing? In the middle of it, turning an eye hoping they dont see you. All this talk of muh guns yet you pathetic cowards prefer to kiss the feet of any and all during the BLM matches

>>380679520>fuck roastiesThat's what niggers and mudslimes do while they laugh at you with kikes.

>>380680308>moves to countryside while london turns into le 56% face

Will be out in 6 months, if that

>>380675944Learn to read faggot

>>380674880Just another day in Sweden

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>>380678768Lel, that vid gets me every time. Zoomers are such unrelenting fags.

>>380679207>>380679884I was killing time looking around NYC on the maps & happened to drop in by this place. Weird af - Middle to upper-class America on one side of the razor wire fence & a projects / slum on the other. Kek. Reminded me of picrel in Brazil.

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>>380680308im talking with my friends and family about the importance of racial consciousness and advocating for it where ever i canwhat im not doing is pushing apathy and defeatism like you, you literal fucking kike

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only you can end the nigger menace

>>380674880Don't care that white bitch was most likely a leftist white guilt asshole anyways.

>>380681630Rare flag

>>380679423Nice pic. You trying to get the New Zealanders excited?

>>380681785>Rare flagBosnians/Bosniacs are here all the time, newfag.

>>380680287absolutely based and red pilled

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>>380678075because we gave women rights

>>380674880Fucking niggers. Black people, you better get your nignogs under control or you will be rolled in with them just like damned jews who don't expose the kikes. You really wanna throw your lot in with niggers? Then you will share that fate. same with you kikes and jews. You fuckers are all in a narrative bubble that's gonna choke you and I really don't give a shit because you've had plenty of time to get it.


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>>380674880>teen momwho cares she was probably a nigger

>>380681423The Israeli mob guy had a runaway sloth living in his trees. I really wanted to catch and keep it, since it wasn't his.He was talking about bidding on contracts for food vendor at the NYC Public Library in Times Square. I asked him a question about that, and he told me I ask too many questions, meaning it was all mob shit.And he had his brother's Mercedes parked there, while the brother was living in Israel and suing his brother the guy I was working for.I told my Jewish NYC developer friend about the brother suing the brother, and he said that's how Jews show their family that they love them, by suing them. Like if they didn't sue each other than that would be like showing that they didn't love each other.It was a half joke, and pretty funny.

>>380674880>Mastic Beach, Long IslandThat place is filled with trash of all colors. It's basically if you took the worst parts of NYC and jammed it into a little Long Island neighborhood. I used to take the train out there to buy cigarettes because there's a small "Native reservation" there. It's mostly methed out white trash and hostile darkies. I paid my cab driver extra to sit and wait for me in the parking lot while I got my cigarettes so I could get the fuck out of there ASAP. Most of the cab drivers waiting at the Mastic-Shirley train stop know people only go there to buy cigarettes anyway.

>>380682420I'm waiting for the race war. People are done with talk, arm yourselves and your family, we're being targeted niggers, spics, kikes, and chinks on all fronts.

This is what Democrats vote for


>>380679989You make a good point. I just don't want to give up on them completely.

>>380674880>10 y/o boy texts that he wants to shoot up a school and has whole identity revealed>14 y/o literally rapes and mutilates woman in front of her child in her home and his identity is withheldthe fuck is wrong with this country?

Americans killed each other, so that the nigger could fuck their daughters! It'd be wrong and evil, to stop them now!It would lessen the sacrifice their ancestors made!

>>380674880good, fuck women

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>>380676911>mastic>whiteit's a fucking muttoid brown blob suburban hellscape with zero value to humanity

>>380679989Bingo. It's a nigger paradox if I ever seen one. How can you worship niggers even though they hate you? It makes no sense.

>>380683370I take a knee

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>>380678768He absolutely deserved that. I hope they killed him or at least gave him brain damage.

>>380676443>herbalmore like downward vertical

>>380674880>The teen – whose name was not disclosedcunts

>>380683690No he didn't. She hit first and he hit back.

Why was lynching popular in days gone by?

>>380674880If only she had a firearm. Oh wait.

>>380674880Hanging people who defend niggers is going to be double the fun of hanging the niggers themselves.

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>>380683962Jewish influence hadn't taken root yet. People still had a natural hate for criminals.

>>380683690Pretty disgusting, user. No need to be edgy for the sake of it.

>>380674880i'm sick of niggers. they have for generations had shit parents and it aint stopping. only ones that are worth a fuck are ones that convert to white culture and stop acting like God damned niggers. i blame elites and jews too. they pushed for this nigger shit and still do

>>380675945kys nigger jew flag. asap

>>380684120>>380683948He hit a random girl for no reason. If she hit him she had a reason to. He probably would have done something horrible to her had the crowd not stepped in.I'm not being edgy.

>>380684221Soon they'll be the minority if Biden keeps importing South American, Indians, Middle Eastern, and Chinese immigrants. Then we won't have to worry about them.

>>380674880>The woman is most likely white, as that area is overwhelmingly white.Lol no.maybe 30 years ago.T. Lawn Guylandfag.

>>380677876>And also most likely a wealthy liberal.If you have $ you wouldn't live in Mastic Beach.

>>380684435>If she hit him she had a reason to.Faggot retard.

>>380684435>He hit a random girl for no reason.That's not what happened.>Girl drags dude towards her with his backpack as her friends try to restrain her>Dude shoves her away>Girl hits him in the headKeep fabricating alternate realities though

>>380674880Mayo monkey chimpout when

>>380679488we need to start lynching these so called people. Then when the DA has something to say about that you /lynch them too/.Sooner or later you run out of people to say boo at you then you start concerning yourself with MANPAD systems cuz AA is on their way with the bayonets.

>>380674880Where are those KKK cocksucking glowniggers when you need them? Fucking useless organization.

>>380676791WTF is this

Voting democrat isn't without consequences. Next time the daughter might get raped too.

>>380682748Kek. It's definitely a strange place. Can't say we have anything like it in Australia

>>380685317The nigger was put in a nursing home for COVID quarantine and he abused an old White man while he was

>>380674880and people think white lynched niggers for the colour of their skin

>>380674880Stop being racist, these guys are just jogging. There is literally zero reason to pester, stop, or otherwise harass black people who are walking around in suburbs without sidewalks, even if they don't live there.

>>380674880typical genocide

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>The woman is most likely whiteNo proof dont care

>>380678768Pro-tip: if you're going up against a mob like that you have to go for debilitating strikes right off the bat.Eye gouging, nut shots, ear/hair pulling.If you've got enough nails to scratch, you need to do that as well.You gotta fight like an animal against mobs familiams.

>>380686548Shouldn't you be dying in battle?

>>380686291Dude you're literally surrounded by niggers and sandniggers, worry about your own country dumb Bong.

>>380674880Mastic Beach is something like 75-80% white, and the white population skews a lot older than 23. The single mom was likely known to the rapist nogs in some way, because what are the odds they just happen to break into a home and it's a single mom? Leads me to believe she's either black or or some coalburner white or hispanic who hung around blacks, who spread the word to these kids that there was some defenseless single mom living out in Mastic Beach.