Mormon CIA Child Sex Ring Busted

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>>380674669>first arrest will cause a mass awakening

>>380674669Buh bye Mittens! Glad he's gonna get canned!

>>380674669Not exactly Mormons....Jews. The utah county attorney is part of the ring.

>>380674669Mitt Romney btfo

>>380674956oh shit

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>>380674669Mormons are freemasons

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I don't know many mormons, but the one I do know is active in scouts and works with surveillence and I suspect he's a mason. I also know he's a pervert thanks to a zoom meeting accident.

>>380674669>Mormon CIA Child Sex Ring BustedCynically, I want to say "this will go nowhere because of Romney's involvement (and his connections to Hillary)."

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>>380675066Don't make excuses. You can't blame everything on the jews, just most things.

Why are kids so fucking sexy bros?

>>380675146Oh wowConfirmed Trump drinks water!You know what else drinks water? HorsesTrump is a horseSources familiar with Adolf Hitler report that Hitler in fact drank waterTrump is a Nazi horse

>>380674956Please God, I pray for this.

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>>380675146Remember, also, that Trump was in power when the Epstein not-a-suicide & cover-up happened.Regardless of anything else, he *ALLOWED* the cover-up and sweeping-under-the-rug.

>>380674669>literal satanic panic bullshityawn

>>380675620You mean the Epstein arrest that didn't happen again until he got into office?


>>380675450Found you, Mitt Romney!

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>>380674669More FLDS stuff maybe? Maybe just some fundamentalists marrying teenage brides, they tend to disregard corporal authorities.

>>380675430You can when a kike AG tries to cover it up. They will only go that far for their own tribe. But this is a slide thread of course

>>380674669Devil worshipping Mormons need to stop calling themselves Christian. They’re not. They’re heathens.

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>The second case involves a woman who made claims against 15 to 20 Utahns of horrific crimes. One man, a therapist, was charged with sexually abusing the woman. But according to Leavitt, "because the evidence was so outlandish and so unbelievable" and because the woman's claims were "so outlandish and so ludicrous," the case was dismissed by his predecessor, former Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman, and the therapist's arrest and charging records were recently expunged.>But on Tuesday, Leavitt said he received a copy of a 151-page report that included the woman's statements from more than a decade ago. He said that's when he learned for the first time that he and and his wife were named as suspects in the case and were accused of cannibalizing and murdering young children.>Leavitt said at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, Rossi posted all 151 pages on his website. He said it is his understanding that Rossi got the documents from Cannon. Leavitt believes it is Rossi's way of getting back at him for filing criminal charges against have a link to the report?

>>380676094Fun factMitt Romney started Bain Capital with a 1 million dollar loan from Gislane Maxwells father.

>>380676236at least mormons are better than catholics

>>380675620>he allowed thisThe Trump presidency should’ve shown you that the president is largely powerless in a lot of situations, like when the (((deep state))) is involved.

>>380676167That's what I thought but I wouldn't really consider anyone FLDS as "high profile"

>>380674669>mormons> has the identity of the suspects David and Chelom Leavitt and David Hamblin>Leavitt>Hamblin>Mormons

>>380675767You're not thinking cynically enough:"Hey, I need something that shows I'm tough on shit.""Like what?""I don't know... anti-semites?""What about pedophiles?""Hm, that might work, I know someone... having him take a fall will allow us to get him out of harm's way and transported back home.""Oh, who do you have in mind?""Jeff>""Sessions?""No, Epstein.""Ah, I see...""No, you don't. We can let it look like justice is being done, and then before the most damning things can be entered, well, he'll be "killed" and the case closed... that's how we can sell it to the public even as we make sure our allies and their operations are safe.""Got it, sir."

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>>380674669Elizabeth smarts dad, McMuffin.Mormons love molesting kids, trust me I remember being a kid in Utah. Fucked up

>>380676238>One man, a thevillagerapist, was charged with sexually abusing the womanftfy


>>380676236This is the same thing as adultery and goes against the church's teachings

>>380675066There are Jews in Utah?

>>380676363>Fun fact>Mitt Romney started Bain Capital with a 1 million dollar loan from Gislane Maxwells father.I didn't know that.But with how instrumental that was in pushing our "Vulture Capitalism" as a standard 'thing', and the method for offshoring while reaping profits, I'm unsurprised.Thanks for the info.

cant smoke, drink, caffine. but can fuck anything that moves.what could go wrong?

>>380675066kek. cope Smithlet, we all know that most cia glowniggers are temple recommend holders.

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>>380676574Not so.The President has enough tools in the toolbox to take on the Deep State... he just has to be willing to use them.

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>>380674669Mormons are all satanic cultists. It is nice to see this get proven for all to see.

>>380676236What kind of a weird ogro is that thing? That woman is not White.

>>380675146Remember when that kid tried to steal to officer's gun at a Trump Rally in Nevada? Or how that whole fiasco in Vegas? Romney has deep ties to Utah, and Nevada.

>>380676908appreciate by traditional investors – family offices, for example – Mitt Romney and the other Bain Capital co-founders turned to some unorthodox sources for their $37 million Fund I, mostly through foreign investors, the Times reports.The Times provided a rogue's gallery of early Bain Capital investors, including three parties who later were convicted in or connected to major fraud cases:Sir Jack Lyons, British financier and philanthropist, and a former Bain & Company associate of Romney's, later convicted for his role inflating shares of Guinness: $2.5 million invested in Bain Capital I.Robert Maxwell, British publishing baron who died in 1991 after raiding his own company's pension fund for hundreds of millions: $2 million invested.Francisco R.R. de Sola and Herbert Arturo de Sola, of a Salvadoran coffee exporting family that included Orlando de Sola, Herbert's brother, who was later convicted of fraud and also was suspected by the CIA of supporting death squads in El Salvador. They were part of a group of Central American investors that committed 20 percent of the fund's money.

>>380674669The ag is involved, he also owns a home in Ukraine and has been bringing refugees back sponsored by some rich guy, we have a major international child sex trafficking ring on our hands

no by traditional investors – family offices, for example – Mitt Romney and the other Bain Capital co-founders turned to some unorthodox sources for their $37 million Fund I, mostly through foreign investors, the Times reports.The Times provided a rogue's gallery of early Bain Capital investors, including three parties who later were convicted in or connected to major fraud cases:Sir Jack Lyons, British financier and philanthropist, and a former Bain & Company associate of Romney's, later convicted for his role inflating shares of Guinness: $2.5 million invested in Bain Capital I.Robert Maxwell, British publishing baron who died in 1991 after raiding his own company's pension fund for hundreds of millions: $2 million invested.Francisco R.R. de Sola and Herbert Arturo de Sola, of a Salvadoran coffee exporting family that included Orlando de Sola, Herbert's brother, who was later convicted of fraud and also was suspected by the CIA of supporting death squads in El Salvador. They were part of a group of Central American investors that committed 20 percent of the fund's money.

>>380674669Mormons, Scientologists, and Unitarians all serve a single head in Racine, Wisconsin. Look up Rothschild + Racine

>>380674669Is this one of those The Finders things? What ever happened with that investigation and the satanic panic. Did they end up arresting everyone?

>>380677128ThisYou two need to wake up>>380676797>>380676527

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>>380677339Awesome source.There's a couple interesting links I once had of Maxwell-to-Gates (her father), and there's also some interesting stories about a certain software that was taken and backdoored that is used in law-enforcement case-management.

>>380676986Mormons, Scientologists, and Unitarianists are connected. Look up Operation Snow White


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>>380677235Three assassination attempts in nevada actually, all tied to stratfor

>>380674669Yuk, Creepy

>>380677339>Francisco R.R. de Sola and Herbert Arturo de Sola, of a Salvadoran coffee exporting family that included Orlando de Sola, Herbert's brother, who was later convicted of fraud and also was suspected by the CIA of supporting death squads in El Salvador.And Romneys right hand man was Coffer Black who led the CIA during the 2014 coup in Ukraine and was rewarded with a board seat at Burisma.

>>380676986>agent Smith>MormonsOh wow that makes a lot of sense

>>380677784>(((Leavitt))) Every.Single. Time.

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Is this one of those The Finders things? What ever happened with that investigation and the satanic panic. Did they end up arresting everyone and what not?

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>>380674956Spbp.Here's to hopium.

>>380677933this is hilarious>CIA of supporting death squads in El Salvador.suspected by the CIA for connections to CIA trained death squads who trained at the school for the americas in georgia

>>380678192>Did they end up arresting everyone and what not?BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAAAOh lawdy, user... my sides...To answer your question: No, of course nobody was arrested. The entire operation was swept under the rug. The deep state won't prosecute itself, after all.

>>380674817And therefore will happen in 2 weeks.

>>380674669Looks like they were able to determine a crime was committed after twenty years of evidence.

>>380676527It sounds like they cucked hard over the last few decades, and it also sounds like a lot of them become feds and glowies. Sadly it seems like it's just the Amish and other groups like that holding out against globohomo.

>>380678095>Leavitt is an Anglo-Norman surname variant or an Ashkenazi Jewish surnameAn variant on Levett.This Leavitt guy is probably a descendant of Dudley Leavitt

>>380674817Really should’ve been Weinstein, Epstein, Mack, Raniere, or Maxwell

>>380675066Are the Mormons purging (((them))) from Mormon land

mormons are just as much a part of all this as everyone else

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>>380674669why was the totallynotacannibal DA keeping an apartment and casn in Kiev?


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>>380678898It’s shameful how the government employees are raping the money bag.

>>380679159there was something really important in that apartment.

>>380679108so he ties to Ukraine tooimagine that

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>>380677128Same with scientologists

Mormons and Jews are both pedo freaks.This guy is a Mormon Jew

>>380675384lulzlmaorent free

>>380679296>money laundering?

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>>380679285Probably stolen money… where else would someone with “low public service pay” get enough to travel international and buy an apartment to hide things

>>380679394You do realize that Hillary's Pay-to-Play via Clinton Foundation stint as Secretary of State involved a *LOT* of the then-current Congress, don't you?

>>380675384>>380677128>>380677729makes too much sense doesn't it

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>>380679788>its as real as Biden wonkeep giving themsm lies free boardMy head is full of 40k, its skulls week, and porn

>>380679604>money laundering?even schiff thought he was being cheeky about ityeah

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>>380679735>. In 2004, the American Bar Association asked Leavitt to spend a year in Kyiv, Ukraine, assisting the Ukrainian government in converting its criminal justice system from a Soviet-style system to one that more closely approximates the American criminal justice system. He accepted the invitation and moved with Chelom and six children to Ukraine. Following his one year stint in Ukraine, David and his wife, Chelom, founded the Leavitt Institute for International Development to continue the work they started. David spends the majority of his time building relationships in developing nations where TLI may be able to expand its program.

>>380675066Here in Canada we have a huge mormon family dynasty called the Blackmoores. They use their sons for cheap labor and keep the daughters for themselves. It's pretty sick and out in the open. Too powerful to stop.


>>380680030Cough cough bullshit

>>380674669Why are white ""people"" and Christians so pedophilic and rapey?

Seems about right. The Mormons I met from Cali loves to sexualize minors and in Utah they push their kids to be closet perverts while having sex ritual's masked as camping trips

>>380680149>t. granny fucker who asks for consent

>>380677721PROMIS softwareIsabel and the other Maxwell "female" created it.

>>380677128Even though I think their religion is a sham, I've been amazed at how good and decent most of them are. I've worked and known quite a few of them. I don't think of sexual abuse when I think of the men, but I have read more than one article over the years about Mormon mothers and daughters having what I guess could be described as "para incestual" relationships. Like where the daughter and mom share a guy at the same time or where the mother/daughter will suck off a guys' dick after he fucks the other one. So many porn results trying to search for it, but at least two sets of mothers and daughters were arrested over it and it made the national media. I've also had a Mormon friend reference the practice obliquely as something that happened in their own family but didn't go into it beyond the mention. There was some word or phrase he called it by that I wasn't familiar with.

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>>380680094So offshore money scam. Or you want me to believe this guy became a billionaire by working as the county attorney? Derp

>>380678192They got the (((shrinks))) to invent a new mental illness to placate normies- false memory syndrome. Then they distracted the conspiracy theorists with Dungeons and Dragons, Ouija boards, weird emo kids doing shit in the woods, and backwards satanic messages in rock music. Make everyone think satan manifests through troubled teenagers, not political puppetmasters.

>>380679296everything leads to Ukrainewhy would Romney buy a company that sells baby organs?Cofer Black, who served as a special adviser on the Romney 2012 presidential campaign, was listed on the Burisma board at the same time as Hunter Biden, according to the Federalist.Romney Invested In Stericycle, the baby fetus disposal company long utilized by Planned Parenthood clinicsDavid Corn reported in 2012: “Earlier this year, Mitt Romney nearly landed in a politically perilous controversy when the Huffington Post reported that in 1999 the GOP presidential candidate had been part of an investment group that invested $75 million in Stericycle, a medical-waste disposal firm that has been attacked by anti-abortion groups for disposing aborted fetuses collected from family planning clinics…

>>380680149trauma to keep them under an authoritarian ruleNotice for all their platitutdes we dont find these mass orginized rapes in the American branch of the CiscosysansHell, you dont even find them with organized campuses, just homegrown meetups

>>380680703most people are good and decent, dont let the internet tell you otherwiseyour bigges contentions will amount to the equivalent of hotdogs or hamburgers in life, with all this hubbabaloo telling you to rip their throat out as useless as rvb in quakeMake friends, meet people, spend time together, just the mere prescence on phones will do wonders for you to see what a wonderful world we live in

>>380680030>David and his wife, ChelomWife's name is SHALOM.This dude is 100% a kike, or at the very least, a crypto-jew pretending to be Mormon.

>>380680680THAT's it!I was trying to remember *what* it was called but couldn't remember.

>>380675767nigger Trump is one of the 3 men Epstein owes his fortune to

>>380679296speaking of Ukraine, where do elites go when they need an organ transplant? (or kids to diddle) Post reports that Governments, faith-based groups and churches, aid agencies and volunteer tourists, who donate cash and goods to orphanages or build and refurbish children's homes and other institutions, may be inadvertently funding human trafficking. Poor and disabled children, locked away and out of sight from families and their communities, are sitting ducks for traffickers and pedophiles. And nefarious staff are often the beneficiaries of perverse transactions where captive children are the commodity.The organization, Disability Rights International (DRI), recently released a report -- "No Way Home: The Exploitation and Abuse of Children in Ukraine's Orphanages" -- following a three year investigation of the plight of children living in institutional care.DRI found that children are at risk of being trafficked for sex, labor, pornography and organs in a country that is a known hub for human trafficking.

>>380680149>Why are ""white"" people so pedophilic and rapey?FIFY.You tell me, Chaim.

>>380677792Do you remember the one in France as well?

CIA Naggers caught in child trafficking? You don't say

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>>380674669> ritualistic sexual abuse or cannibalismShut it down

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>>380676986That's true. In the movie Donnie Brasco, one of the agents is offended by Donnie's foul language because he's Mormon.

>>380677933Burisma has Pelosi's, Biden's and Romney's kids on its board. I didn't save the Ukrainian threads where they listed the one Jew and his horde of shell companies>>380678192Lol why would they prosecute themselves? Dutroux affair as well. They're all pawns moved by other pawns who are pawns of others. Even Epstein wasn't punished

dont worry user , mormons are "helping" single moms in Church is teaming up with the United Nations to provide aid to victims and those particularly vulnerable--those with disabilities, special needs, single mothers, etc.--in eastern Ukraine.The UNDP [United Nations Development Program] in Ukraine and . . . The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints in Ukraine are launching a new project aimed at providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable populations living in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which are beyond the control of the Government of Ukraine.

>>380681831you forgot Whitey's grandson.

>>380680780It's not a white people thing it's an American thing.True detective S1 was a documentary. Americans in these small communities are perverted cuckholic subhumans.

>>380681102Mormons have weird names like that. Her maiden name is Eastwood and she went to BYU.

I hate mormons so fucking much.

>>380681831they fact checked that false.You see Pelosi's crooked son worked for a DIFFERENT Ukraine energy company

>>380675204And many of them are big nosed, have jewish last names, … the usual.>>380675430Same shit.>>380676198Is this case also fake? Or just partially fake?

>>380679108Nice. There's tons of evidence there. >>380679285>>380679735Liquidity and most likely blackmail. Anthony Wiener named his frazzledrip file insurance


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>>380675450They aren't. Go find a rope and neck yourself.

>>380679790Fucking Baphomet worshippers >>380680094Oh yeah them. BC has their "film" industry as well>>380680149They learn from the best; pic related

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>>380675450Strongly consider suicide.

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Can you sue the government for sending ridiculous amounts of money to the Ukraine? It’s not a war

>>380677784>>380678095>>380682517>"I-I DIDN'T RAPE AND EAT KIDS!!! T-THAT'S CRAZY!!!">"...sir, you haven't been accused of anything."Yikes.

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>>380682517Is Lookner covering this?

>>380675320What happened in the zoom meeting?

>>380674669Mormons are the OG American pedophile cult. Burn those fuckers to the ground.

Among these children are the roughly 100,000 orphans which pre-existed the national crisis. There is no telling how many are added to this number every day. In Ukraine, many orphans are institutionalized in boarding schools or orphanages. As is the case in other nations, a small percentage of these orphans are available for adoption—one former adoption agency Attempts to illegally smuggle childrenSome of these rescue attempts have gone beyond the legal process of adoption and venture into murky waters. Scooter Brown is a former marine who, early in the invasion, planned the unofficial rescue of six Ukrainian children slated for adoption in the United States. Matt Shea, a former U.S. politician, arrived at a hotel in Poland with sixty-two Ukrainian children from the city of Mariupol that he intended to take to the United States. Over the past twenty years, stories of similar missions through unofficial channels demonstrate that nearly any action (with a perceived good intention) may be defended under the aegis of rescuing children.

>>380680778Being the main supplier for organs that go to George Soros seems like a cushy grift>>380681102The Mormons also refer to themselves as "Israelites" and anyone not as "gentiles">>380682213I wish I had that list of all that Ukrainian Jews shell companies. I'd probably find it under there.

>>380674669Utah Jazz Jennings

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so glad trump drained the swamp

>>380678095>Be high profile official>Sheriff says he's investigating high profile officials involved in ritual abuse, pedophilia, baby eating etc. Asks people to come forward. No names named>Immediately call press conference>OY VEY! DINDU NUFFIN! DINDU NUFFIN! DINDU NUFFIN! ALSO SHERIFF SHOULD RESIGNWhy are Jews like this?

>>380674669True Detective is real


>>380683613>The Mormons also refer to themselves as "Israelites" and anyone not as "gentiles"I hate Abrahamic religion so much. These filthy desert death-cults need to die already. The final blackpill is probably that White people are stupid fucking midwits unable to rise above all this horseshit. I want to believe in my people, but they're all such idiots when it really comes down to it.

>>380681914Birds of a feather>>380683282It's Soros' PMC that is fighting. They're soldier of fortune, but Russia is a big boi>>380683492Them and Scientology really have the cult thing down pat.Mormons - groomers, breeders, recruitersScientologists - programmers, blackmailers, fake scientistsUnitarianists - moderate ones, help boil the frog, possible money launderers

>>380683856Looking like the swamp was in a different country… they just visit the usa. Isn’t this the cia’s job? Wtf do they actually do? What’s that international police force that Hollywood brags about in movies? Wtf do they do?

>>380684471sup mittens

>>380674817>>380674956>>380675066>>380675122Fake. No evidence to suggest any of this

DRI's Rosenthal said that even before the war, Ukraine was "an extremely dangerous place for children who are separated from their families", in a care system that is "disorganised... with little oversight".The fear is that children could slip through the cracks and fall into the hands of traffickers, he said.Some kids have already been transferred to orphanages in Romania and Moldova, where there is "a big trafficking problem", he said.The UN's International Organization for Migration has already warned refugees fleeing the country to beware of traffickers eager to take advantage of the chaotic exodus.And in March, Ukraine imposed new rules for the evacuation and monitoring of orphans, but NGOs say more still needs to be done.Thomas Hackl, from Caritas Romania, said his team at the Romania border recently stopped a suspected trafficker trying to take two young Ukrainian girls to Italy."Traffickers mingle with the population, offering transport. There were many signs that led us not to trust this man, he insisted too much, he wanted to take them to a specific place."The charity also said people arriving in Poland had told them they had been offered "shelter in return for sex".


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>>380683939sheriff never actually mentioned cannibalismmr leavitt just decided to deny eating babies anyway.seems like a reasonable response to not being named in an investigation, yes?

>>380674669>Inb4 investigators commit suicideTheir suicide notes are probably already written.

>>380684837like the Texas school shooting>We just want to confirm that we did not shoot any kids in the face

>>380684292Remember Yuri Bezmenov's interview? Basically the entire generation is brainwashed and it's irreversible. It's start now. Even then it won't really be felt until 20 years from now. My hope is that boomers are all dead so they can't do any more damage.

>>380676731>trust me I remember being a kid in UtahI'm sure you do, memeflag.

>>380676236>Everyone else was doing it so why am I being punished>If I air out everyone else's bullshit it'll make me look less badWomen logic everyone.

Wait a second, why does everyone in this thread keep saying Mitt Romney is involved? I know he's Mormon, but this is in Utah. Dude lives in Massachusetts. How the fuck would he be connected?

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>>380677784>or cannibalismThat escalated quickly.

>Survivor Brett Bluth said he met the therapist through a referral from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to "cure" him of homosexualityWait so they fucked the gay out of him? Wat

>>>After reestablishing residency in Utah, Romney announced his campaign for the U.S. Senate seat held by the retiring Orrin Hatch in the 2018 election; he defeated state representative Mike Kennedy in the Republican primary and Democratic nominee Jenny Wilson in the general election. In doing so, he became only the third person ever to be elected governor of one state and U.S. senator for another state (the others are Sam Houston and William Bibb).


>>380678898>went to Kyiv to collect documents

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>>380684743We need another Ukraine Trafficking General>>380684989"Manifesto" >>380683331Projection>>380684837Yeah he was just holding onto those fetuses for a friend

>>380685323Because everyone hates Mitt Romney?Because rich people traffick kids?Because some anons actually care about kids and sometimes croudsourcing works?

>>380678497That's what I'm thinking. There is the option that it wasn't The Jews this time, but the Mormon going Deus Vult seems more likely.

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>>380683331Hahahahahaha, Jews man.

Seiously, Mitt Romney voted to impeach Trump for looking into Ukraine corruption.


>>380676236> switch partners but not 'go all the way'Is this a special kind of stupid, or dishonesty?

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>>380674669Cathy O'brien always stated the mornon church was CIA controlled. Held by the Romney's

>>380675066was going to say this... I bet its jews and niggers.

>>380674669>muh child sex caseAll these cops and army are raping people and watching people constantly with radiation in their anus, literally non-stop surveillance. If you can make a picture with digital photo device, you can make a photo from any radiation going into apartment and back, like for example any phone call.

>>380685323Shitt Romney is one of Utah's two US Senators. Doesn't get much more "high profile" than that.

>>380675430>blame everything on the jewsIt's not about blaming. Jews aren't responsible for shit. Jews just hate "goyim" like the KKK hates niggers. They don't openly rant about us like the KKK did niggers, because they're used to being subversive about it. There's a reason they existed 2000 years in European society and never assimilated. Even niggers have assimilated better than kikes have.

>>380685323Note the Romney part in the Epstein driver diaries

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>>380674817No, they will be the "leaders" and that means the ring is captured, done. So somebody will take the fall and a new leader takes over. Typical CIA tactics, like Al Qaeda.

>>380677784lol who mentioned cannibalism?

>>380677037lol then you get Kennedy'd

>>380674669Cool. Can’t wait to never hear about this again

>>380678497>>380685835Refer to post>>380683613>>>380686028Operation Snow White was about blackmailing politicians to make sure their religion stayed tax free.

>>380686386Kennedy was naive, and didn't fully understand what he was dealing with

>>380684989THIS IS WHY THEY JEED A.I.>a perfectly tailored suicide note based on your meta data to place by your corpse that got double tapped from the Deep state

>>380686140Yes they do it’s called loxism

>>380683331But seriously why would he put himself out there when he hasnt been accused of anything? Whats the logic?

>>380686503He probably didn’t realize how deep it ran either

Mormoniggers are going to start their little holy war one day soon, it’s coming I’ve been saying it for years. We went too easy on them when we stopped at murdering their profit, we should’ve killed the rest of them too.

>>380674669Mormonism used to be the only based denomination of christcuckery, they are probably trying to slander them.

>>380678898>>380679108Fake and gay. No fucking way.

>>380676849Why do you keep forgetting who runs your country?

>>380686503Kikes had a score to settle with the kennedys as well. JFKs family came to prominence because his dad sold the top right before the stock market crash in 1929. Not only that, but he shorted it and then bought up the bottom. Guy played it perfectly and set his family up to be one of the biggest names in US history. This made the Jews very angry

>>380687045I'm sure just like the catholics there's some mormon men who want to marry and fuck 4 year olds


>>380686022>switch partners but not 'go all the way' It sounds so immature and stupid.It just goes to show that women have the permanent minds of teenage girls. Their brains stop developing at about age 16. Mormon girls are well-known for having anal sex, but not vaginal, because they want to remain "virgins" until marriage. Do these retards honestly think they're fooling God?

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>>380679618It's closer to 80k, but that's just from the "official" numbers for missing children reported and never found each year in the US alone. Then there are the countless thousands they traffic all over the world and God only knows what other kind of shit they could be running in deep underground bases. There easily could be children who've never even seen the surface and we'd never know. I know this is getting close to Q tier, but half truths often make for the most convincing lies. I'm not claiming I actually know anything, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. Do not underestimate just how evil these "people" are or just how much resources they have at their disposal.

>>380674817>>380674956>>380675066>>380675122proven fake

So our we smoking on the Mormon pack today?

>>380687173>Strong, tightly knit, successful community that watches after its ownI wonder who would benefit from using some isolated cases to slander them in public...

>>380686503Im just going to have to go with Occams razor and assume theyre all satanic pedo mason jew cultists.

>>380675204and the kike is already here...

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>>380674669Is Mittens implicated?

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He doth protest too much.

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