Autopsy on dead VAXXED overran by viral load

>Also on the subject; they have aids

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>>380673806Haaaaaaaaallllpppp reeeeeeeeeeee

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My wife took the vaccine do I have aids now?

>>380674027>worried about aidsThere's much worse things to be concerned about. I'd be praying like I had no other option if I were you.

>>380673575The cytokin storm is real>>380674027>letting your wife take that garbageShe's probably cheating on you

>>380674027you are going to be bombarded by the spike protein, AKA the shedding.>Worst if she got a mRNA jab not a adenovirus one

>>380674339How does it spread

>>380674324As good as aids, cant recover from a flu and catch it 3 times in a row

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vax cattle always tell me how smart they are

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>>380674492Look up how they kill mice in Australia.

>>380674492They expel it vial lungs or skin contact, you catch and it annoys your immune system ( skin rashes for example or headaches )Stephanie Seneff in on of her studies explained that the mRNA code still intact in the protein, you could catch it and produce the spike for 16 days in your body as a unvaxxed.

>>380674741they aren't trying to convince you, they're trying to convince themselves

>>380674027She's Satan's wife now.

My brother has had a very slight kind of asthma since he was a kid. He's been double vaxxed and has recently started a 6 day a week job working full time. He comes home and for the last few weeks he's coughing heavily. It used to be a once in a while cough, but the past few days he's been coughing hard. Not sure if this is it lads.

>>380673575The mysterious shedding from the jabbies is most likely just a cocktail of coronavirus + umpteen other transmissible pathogens that they breed. The funky feels purebloods get are just the immune system fighting that junk.

>>380674881Self spreading vaccine as Gates cunt said>>380675879Hope a honest doctor would help, your bother immune system as been destroyed

>>380673575>cause of death was clearly the virus

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>>380675024If you think about it, the shedded mRNA/spikes can only be reproduced ones. The injected ones, which are encoded with pseudo-uridine are pretty much indestructable and can be read and copied innumerable times. No human body can produce synthetic RNA so, what is being shedded is not bearly as bad, as what is being injected. Also you for sure will breath some oft it in and thus provoke a regular immune response. Yes, it's gmo and a copy oft a bioweapon and you might get a little cold, but ultimately, it's a regular thing for your immune system.Many of the vaxtards a fucked however.

>>380676487That's a very good point. Many of them really do look sick.

>>380676533And the proof the jabs are doing something ( ( else ) ) but not preventing or protecting from covid

>>380673575That means it’s working, no refunds.

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>>380675879>pic related is a vaxxed-lung. >the little spikes are suspected graphene oxyde accumulation He should go and get those lungs checked. And post pics here once he does.

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>>380676579Not good in a longer term, you will have to live near them for decades let alone if they cause others viruses to mutate and bring the plague to you

>>380677418sweet little horrors, rip vaxxoids

>>380673575Damn, are they gonna die off or end up in hospitals? Because if not I guess I’m never gonna try to get laid

>>380673575>tell body to produce toxin nonstop>get overrun by toxinnoone could have foreseen this

>>380677869Africa as low vaccination peer country, gotta bang that sheboon

>>380678094Well then I might get jungle aids user, still between a rock and a hard place

I thought you guys were bullshitting but half the vaxxies I know are perpetually sick nowadays. Every week they have a cough, or a cold, or something of some sort.

>>380675024Yes, but you're not going to die from it. If anything, your immune system will learn to deal with it. You haven't turned the keys over to Pfizer like the morons did. You are still protected by God's master DNA coding.

>>380673575LMAO the vaccine literally makes you more vulnerable.Peak clown world.

>>380674027I am sorry user, that isnt your wife anymore. She belongs to big pharma now.

>>380678390Their killer T cells have been significantly reduced

>>380678443As if they didn't know

>>380678323Since most women jabbed, being half brained as usual, jews turned everyone unvaxxed into a monk

>>380674027There is a slight chance you might have a genetically modified child or grandchild.

>>380678443its not clown world its jewish criminal activitythey do this shit since black death

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good thread

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>>380677722I spoke to a PhD yesterday.20..40% will develop some kind of autoimmune desease and self-isolate

In awe of the NPC mind

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lol, cytokine storm, niggers!

Since beginning of this year - I assume when they took their "boosters" - almost every day 10-30% of our team is out sick. International European company with around 300 people in this team/project.I am the only one unvaccinated that I know of there, always 100% attendance lol

>>380679805>mind-bogginglyI don't believe this person even has a mind that can be boggled. Perhaps they are all boggle and no mind.

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>>380674542>13 days alone>wearing on my mental healthThese people are like born victims. They just have no hope of survival it's amazing they made it this far.

>>380678562>I am sorry user, that isnt your wife anymore. She belongs to big pharma now.This may be true.(1) We saw that the gene-therapy alters the cell's DNA, unsurprisingly.(2) We know about how the USSC has ruled that only artificial DNA (or [m]RNA) can be patented.(3) We saw the excitement around CRISPR/CAS-9.(4) We saw references to forcing genes to be heritable, called "gene-drives".(5) We saw Moderna and Pfizer talking about "hacking the software of life" and "giving instructions to your cells" and even calling it a "platform".(6) Combining all the above, it's possible that the gene-therapies have embedded the CRISPR / CAS-9 machinery into the genome, thereby making the person's genes editable at-will... and(7) that such genes are forced-heritable, making virtually *ALL* children of such *ALSO* gene-editable.

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>>380678443I predicted this and they hated me for it.

Sydney subreddit which were total Vax Nazis is now full of people getting wrecked by random ilness Meanwhile>Never vaxxed>Never had covid19>No cold/flu>Lived with covid positive gf where I tried to catch it by kissing and sharing drinks and food I tell normies this and I see their face go into some sort of system overload reboot before changing subject

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>>380675633checked and keked

>>380673575I don't know a single person that died of covid.What is covid? Show me the isolated virus or kys

>>380673575>those willing to ruin other people's lives and destroy civilization due to fear of the common cold, are tricked into taking a jab that will kill them via the pathogen of the common coldpottery. honestly kikes impressed me this round. good job, you disgusting verminous yids, you've finally done one good thing in your entire existence. i'll spare you from gassing this time.


>>380673575check also >>380664753

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>>380675024been stacking nac and quercetin for about a year now to try and fend off shedded spikes

>>380677418>>380677857Thats a fungi infection, retard. Yes, is the stuff of nightmares, but unrelated to covid or vaccines

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I don't leave my house so I don't know how the vaxxed masses are faring but one of the libshit streamers I watch has been getting sick every single month or two for the last like year to the point where he even the chat is commenting on it and calling him the most frequently sick person they've ever seen. He blames it on having 2 kids that go to daycare. Coincidence?

>>380678071it's really mind boggling. truly. a 10 year old could look at the mechanism logic and tell you it's a bad idea. and everyone just screamed that any criticism of the vax was misinformation conspiracy theory anti-vaxxer grandmom-killer facebook-research nazism. i mean, fuck it. go ahead and take the shot then, take another one, then a booster and a booster for the booster. what the fuck. even a 10 year old could have forseen this.

>>380674027can you catch her blutooth?

>>380678390same. they are the only ones i know who "caught omicron". and/or they keep testing for covid and coming up negative, but have all the same symptoms.

>>380674027Dang. Sorry man, advise her to repent for her sins and seek Christ. If she turns to Christ stay with her, if not it's time to go.

>>380681730why though? your immune system will eventually just know what to do

>>380679805>-mind boggling

>>380681724jynneos pox vaccines also have a high myocarditis risk, almost a coincidence..ahaha

I spent the weekend with vaxxed family. When I came home my throat wouldn't stop producing mucus. Took ivermectin and it went away. This has happened at least a dozen times now. Shedding is real.

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>>380673575False. All vaxxed are dead already. big cover up

>>380680982>>Never vaxxed>>Never had covid19>>No cold/flu>>Lived with covid positive gf where I tried to catch it by kissing and sharing drinks and foodsame here except we're married. i believe the reason(s) i never caught italready took vitamin D drops for about 18 months before the year 2020eat one meal a day just because that's how i have always eaten since i was a teen, decades before i ever heard the term "intermittent fasting"have a bmi of about 19-ish

>>380682008those crazy coincidince theorists.

>>380683350It is and we gotta deal with it till, clown world

>>380673575>(((Hirschbuhl)))>Corona exists, goyim>trust me, here's SCIENCE data>see, it exists>WHY YOU QUESTION IT, GOYIM ?!!!!

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>>380675024>Stephanie Seneff in on of her studies explained that the mRNA code still intact in the proteinlol what?there is no mrna inside the spike proteins

>>380681493>honestly kikes impressed me this round. good nice job indeed

>>380679805Covid has been in our bodies all along

>>380673575If its just SARS-2 found its more likely to be VAED.

>>380684107They got data from pfizer shedding, and discovered the code to make the protein was intact, you could produce being not vaxxed.Self spreading vaccine, no word on Astrazeneca or JJ

>>380684468either that is pure bullshit or you misunderstood the topic here. There is no way that the spike protein itself can shed in a reproducable form. And exhalation of the lipid bubble delivery capsules are practically impossible seeing it is given as an intramuscular injection.Why do you guys try so hard to larp this shit to be something its not? It is the graphene shit all over.

>>380685008The interview is on bitchute, awful hosts but she said all it could do is to remain weeks on your body till it clear out. No you wouldn't be instant vaxxed by catching its not good any by any means

>>380674027No. You have to fuck your wife to get AIDS.However your wife's boyfriend has it, but he had it before covid anyhow.

>>380684468>They got data from pfizer shedding, and discovered the code to make the protein was intactYou're either misremembering or you misunderstood. The spike protein has no room for MRNA. What you're saying is akin to saying there's a book that describes how to make a hammer, and the hammer you produce actually contains said books embedded within it. It's a physically bizarre proposition. You can only accept it if you don't have any idea what these tiny objects look like, and what scale they are.

>>380681333mass hypnosis is real

>>380681333The scientific data are right here under the table...

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>>380683350lol usually i just eat some soup when im sickyou sound like a faggot