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Amerigolems fuck off. You had your time, and you squandered it by becoming the most decadent consoomerist culture in history. It's time to die and let the rest of us repair the damage you caused.

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>>380673507Hey, glory to french algeria, let's recolonize it.

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>>380673507I'm in mate even got a French flag ready

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>>380673780Damn right. It's time to go fuck the cute beurettes in front of their husbands and leave the kids fatherless.

>>380673978Listen to me australonigger, white flag represents royalty and is really appreciated by the french.

ok go build a guillotine then, take back your countryoh wait you won't, because you only drink soi! better luck next time, enjoy being raped retard

>>380674070Ce drapeau n'est pas assez connu je trouve

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>>380673507Show the real french flag.

>>380674233Cope niggerlover.

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>>380673507My country could crush yours in five seconds, you EU loving liberal Macronist wankers

>>380673507I speak fluent French just watch>”Hon hon hon I surrendeur monsieur Hans”


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>>380674173The Germans, Vietnamese and now Muslims really appreciated it too mate

>>380674398LMFAO sure Pedro. Pic related, this is in your own capital city.

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>>380673507Where’s the crescent moon?

>>380674173Royally fucked in the ass by the jewish and bbc, yep

>>380673507>he writes, in Englishkek

>>380674650Please your national bird is a fucking chicken that says it all

>>380674848Damn right.Speaking of birds, at least we didn't lose a war against them.

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>>380674683>Where’s the crescent moon?We've been infiltrated by the mutts

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France is gay though

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>>380675048That old cope kek do better le cock oh and have a Cassowary foot for comparison

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>>380675683C'est pour ça qu'on t'encule, l'anglois.

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Je voudrais rejoindre la légion

>>380673507I'm all for badmouthing America and globo-homo, but if you think a bunch of retarded Franks are going to fix the problem, you're in for a rude awakening.

borden les golems se font déchiqueter tel des posters antifa

>>380673507pol is a mexican american board tho, you guys are welcome to start your own ebonics board.

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France you say? What would happen if I... oops!

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>>380675850yeah and you enjoy doing it nd all

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>>380675850You will answer with your life!

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say what you want about the amerimutts but part of their white population wants to live, they elected Trump, even if in the end it was not so great it showed a desire to existHere the only candidate who wanted to reduce the genocide of the French a little did 7% and Macfon was re-elected with a large majority

>>380673507What the fuck are you talking about, Pierre? it's the fr*Nch revolution that caused destruction of the World.

>>380678019The frenchs have a real problem with the nogs seriously, it is not rare at all to find a true french since Clovis who tell you that he feels closer to a nigger from Congo who speak a little french over an bri

>>380673507>>380675850/pol/ est une planche anglophile, merci de retourner sur /r/france

>>380673507I seriously wish you Eurofags really would throw off your shackles and leave America to fuck off and die already.

>>380673507>consoomeristdon't talk to me about consumerism, your country has been turned to absolute shit after consuming half the population of africa.

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>>380673507J'ai envie d'y retourner pourtant je n'ai pas les moyens à présent

>>380673507Get blitzkrieged frog.

>>380679089lose the war kraut, for the second time!

Comment on apprend son compétence de parler francais? Je veux en, car francais est plus elegant que anglais.

>>380673507soon faggette

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>>380679334Maybe through globohomo bullshit like duolingo, monsieur.


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>>380679345you're not german but a walking pile of jewish grease> Most active french *chan.> Admins often forget to pay for the servers.verification not rquired

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>>380679549Its wants my data to keep the score. I have many books too but an instructioner I should find.


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>>380679615the french wouldnt have won both world wars if it wasnt for us and the russians pierre

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>>380679979Kek russia ww1 oh user really

>>380679979Or do you mean combined efforts like they fought first half then you guys at the end of the second half?

>>380679979what does this have to do with the fact that you're an overweight subhuman identifying himself as german due to his 15% "german" ancestry displayed on a jewish dna test made for the one people on earth that is literally starving from a lack of clearly defined identity ? you have no roots and you're citizen to a bastard mongrel country with no history

>>380674070Count me on bros

>>380680656Not to mention they have never and will never win a war on their own, fuck they would of lost war of independence if not for you guys

France was a nigger worshiping nation back when America lynched nigs. You were the original nigger lovers that promoted mass immigration and civic nationalism.

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>>380677699Dont be retarded whites mostly voted LePen. There was a fraud and non whites massively vote for their interests at the 2nd turn.

>>380681438You've certainly overtaken them in the nigger loving stakes now mate kek

*google frenchman*pic rel is literally first result>zis is ourwre board now mes ami

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>>380681438souless illiterate subhumans can't even read the thread and just repost the same picture over and over like the retards they are, I can't fucking bear trying to communicate with your lowly kind, europeans know how to fucking read!

>>380673507weakest faggiest country of Africa.acceptor of rigged electionbut enough about was your day?

>>380681783Do Englishman next mate and no cheating

>>380681797when do you celebrate 100 years of sovereignty?oh yes some time in 2044.

>>380681600>There was a fraudSource : gros, fais-moi confiance

ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, qui? honhonhonhonhonhon.

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>>380682095no contest

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>>380679789try finding some qt girl on Interpals or Tandem who is willing to learn Finnish, I'm sure you can find one

>>380682162you will never be european, you will never be german! get over it bastard and forsake your miserable quest for identity!

>>380681997Or America both fit the criteria

>>380673507>the most decadent consoomerist culture in historyoh the ironing

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>>380682170Source t'avais qu'à suivre tout le monde a bien vu je vais pas te ressortir les images des résultats avec plus d'un million de vote qui disparaissent. On est dirigés par des F. M et des youpins la transparence c'est pas leur principale qualité au cas ou tu n'aurais pas encore remarqué.

>>380682338OK will give you that one, I got this on ddg search

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>>380673507:ok sign:sévèrement burné

>>380673507Muskatnuss Herr Müller !Muskatnuss Herr Müller

>>380682741On va leur niquer la gueule à ces pédales d'amerloques de mes deux.

>>380682720what do you get for frenchman on ddg?


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>>380683069*farting noises*

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>>380683181First result hahahaha

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>>380673507Sink a few hundred more of these and I'll consider it.

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>>380683410fucking kek. wonder will search engine will roll the string of onions

holy autofilter. when did that happen?

>>380683410>no garlic in sightthat man is not french

>>380673507Disgusting gtfo South America.I can smell it from here!

>>380682606Dans ce cas pourquoi est-ce que la candidate perdante s'est contentée de féliciter celui qui aurait triché et plutôt que contester les résultats ?


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>>380673507This is a NIGGER board now?Fuck it, I’m out

>>380683472Kek fucking kiwi fags still won't allow nuclear powered vessels there

>>380683892Check his breath mate

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>>380684021Parce que ça fait deux élections qu'elle se sabote volontairement. Le Pen c'est l'opposition contrôlée. En 2017, 5 minutes après l'annonce de sa défaite elle était filmée en train de danser avec une coupe de champagne à la main.

>>380683850The rainbow warrior sinking? Was 86 I think from memory

>>380673507Yes ! Holla Forums is a Muslim board now

>>380673507I don't even see the native french as white so you haven't a hope.

>>380684556Show flag, João.

>>380674173Hoes mad.

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this is the new shill tactic, we're back to the good old strategy of causing whites to argue with each other. your country isn't doing so hot demographically either fren, this is something we are in together fren. >>380677699white americans have been brainwashed since birth to not know how to express their interests. it's very frustrating but it's something we need to continue to spread awareness of.

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>>380673780Based.Faites tourner les gégènes!

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>>380684021Parce qu'elle est pas là pour gagner c'est de l'opposition controlé. C'est pas l'important ce qui compte c'est l'idéologie du peuple et la majorité a bien compris que l'immigration c'est de la merde.Il y a pas de solution politique, la politique c'est au mieux un sondage d'opinion, c'est le peuple et nul autre qui changera les choses car personne d'autre a nos intérêts à coeur.

>>380684626Draw a line across Europe starting at northern Germany. Anyone south of that is a mongrel.French people have dark hair.


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>>380684362>>380684825Ou peut-être que les Français.e.s ne voulaient tout simplement pas de cette chudesse xénophobe, isolationniste et arriérée ? Il faut arrêter de voir des complots partout

>>380673507ok Mbongo

>>380684362>2002 18%>2017 34%>2022 42%>controlled oppositionSure faggot, sure.You're some kind of 20yo with a children brain children and think elections are won in one go...Most demographics voted Le Pen, but boomers. And since boomers are the most numerous demographic by far, of course they are the one dictating the outcome of elections. The fact that even newer generations vote Le Pen in numbers, show that it's almost already won for France as soon as boomers are gone.

>>380673780quite nice this flag

>>380686289Méconnu mais incroyable oui.

>>380686344this one is better though

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>>380674244L’Afrique n’est jamais assez rentrée dans l’histoire je trouve

>>380673507So we're just ignoring that France is one of the most sexually degenerate and miscegenated Nations on Earth? And you didn't even NEED the Juden for the first part.


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>>380673507Hit the ahowers, frenchie.

>>380686006What do french people have worth preserving? It's not an interesting country, culture or people. I don't really care if it gets over run.

>>380673780>let's recolonize it.Oh God please no. We need to decolonize France and never ever again occupy a foreign territory. Send them back, fund an english teaching program in their school, make them forget about us. France must become a forgotten place.

>>380673507Stop starting shit Frenchman. You bastards should never have come back into NATO. You or Turkey we will pick Turkey. Yeah lets rip NATO apart over the Suez. Be less French or I will fart in your general direction. Now go away or I shall mock you again.

>>380686006Everything is rigged and corrupted in this country. When you have polls asking to Frenchs if they want immigration you have 60% of "no" since decades. Look who control us do you think they would take the risk of let you change things by puting a paper in an urne ?They planned this shit since centuries dont be a retard.Democracy is jewish scam, how many times will we have to repeat it before you understand ?

>>380686532Why does it always boil down to sex with you people, you don't judge a society on how they fuck you fool. I bet you complain about falling birthrates too

>>380686828>You bastards should never have come back into NATOI can only agree here, and the sooner we leave this amerified shit mafia the better.

>>380686006Yes but what about muslim population growth? Expected to be 18% of population by 2050

>>380686947Go it alone then. I don't give a fuck. It would collectively lower half the planets blood pressure. You are French. There I have mocked you again.

>>380686557looks like a tranny pride flag or something, get that stuff away from my face!

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>>380686933>Why does it always boil down to sex with you peopleBecause that's the only way women know how to argue, and all anglos are women.