This angers the Eurocuck

Layaway available and same day shipping. Sorry europoors, none for you.

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It's an European made machine gun though.

>>380672788>3.5% credit card feeIt should anger you too.

>>380673854Wrong. It’s Muslim made in Europe.

>>380672788fuck the M249. get an M60 and run through the jungle

>>380672788when the US gov comes for them, you'll give them up like the fat faggot you are burger.

>it is for hunting hurr durr

>>380673854american design of european gun concept via us army trial, made by fries. about as european as a chinese AK clone assembled in guam.

>>380674137Your circumcision has rotten your brain.


>>380673977I've been seeing a lot of places charging that fee and citing the economy as reason for it

>>380672788if we need to overthrow the government we just casually stroll down to the local police stations and military warehouses and arm ourselves. its not a big deal since when europeans are out for blood we set the whole world on fire and dont stop until all tranniekikes are gassed unlike you dzmb fat retards who buy 5 assault rifles to gang them on your wall and look at them while you get browner and fatter spicmutt

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you'd only use it to masturbate with anyway.

>>380672788>$10,000Maybe if it was $1500 at most. That price is a defacto ban for most people

>>380672788Also>implying that thing isn't a $10k paperweightAnyone carrying a semiautomatic saw is a fucking retard >b-but you could make it fully automaticIt's possible with massive amounts of skill but you aren't going to be the one to do it. There is a reason a fully auto m249 goes for $35k

>>380674628>im just gonna take it from the armyIs it that weak?

>>380672788but why. you can get one of these so much cheaper.

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>>380674607Places have been charging that fee for decades at least in my area

>>380672788>Implying I even have 10000$>Implying the bank would allow me to spend 10000$ at onceAnon the real reason we don't have firearms is we're so fucking broke we couldn't even buy those brazilian hi-points /k/ makes fun of. That whole "ethos" thing is a cope.

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>>380672788Who the fuck buys on gunbroker go take your tranny shit website somewhere else

>>380672788>gets armed to teeth>lets jews create them holodomor anyway>kill each other for foodis it your brain on burgers?

>>380674827>A dremel is massive amounts of skills

>>380672788>This angers the EurocuckOnly coz I want one.

>>380674924I used to see that fee a lot from companies that sell directly. Usually heavy equipment or uncommon stuff.

>>380672788not even fully automatic. only a retard would buy something belt fed that is semi.

>>380674372OH CANADA

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>>380674987nobody buys from gun broker. You do the same thing you do when looking for stuff on amazon. Find what you were looking for. sort and filter the shill reviews for the real ones then either contact the company that makes them yourself or find a non amazon store where theyre far cheaper and keep bezos' cut

>>380674753Yes and you can't lol, stay mad!

>>380673854>still cant buy itjust sad, honestly

>>380675072>Gets armed to the teeth>Daughter fucks niggers anywaysOver for Americucks

>>380674868yes. military and police is a larp for low iq who want to feel powerful because they were bullied in school anyway

>>380674763Id rather have a full auto Mac for 8-12

>>380672788Love the 249 para. My fucking dream gun.

>>380672788Will they ship to India, the price is not that high.I do not even want to shoot it, just keep it with me

>>3806727883.5% credit card fee? Would not be allowed in the glorious EU.

>>380675352Gunbroker is good for hard to find high end and limited release stuff, you will pay out the ass though.

>>380675389i'm just a bit sad is all, some disgust in there as well.i have two autos illegally obtained, should be enough for these here parts.

>>380672788I bet it jams constantly, mg42 or nothing

>>380672788OP is a jewHe is imlpying that America is "good" because you can buy weapons there. But if you use a weapon to defend yourself against a jew-tool nigger, then you will get fucked.

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>>380676119Yes but when I’m looking for the top shelf stuff I normally go to auctions

>>380676119For those rare things you can contact the seller directly as most of them are selling through multiple sites including a brick and mortar store. Really only boomers and lazy fucks will get butt hurt if you try to bypass gunbroker

>>380674372You won't do shit

>>380672788>>380674763It's really not for civilian use. It's for suppressive fire and you need a squad of guys behind you to really make use of it.

>>3806727881. you will not use it for anything illegal, based or useful, a right-wing revolution will not happen because you do nothing else but shitpost on Holla Forums2. once the feds knock on your door to take your guns you will hand them over like a good little goy because you are an americuck.

>>380674451it's semi-auto, so yeah it could be but it would be kinda heavy

>>380672788>belt fed semi-autolollmao even

>>380673854>he built it>so they could use itThis isn’t just being cucked. This is advanced cucking, build me another one eurofaggots.

>>380674451Accurate the 3600 yards on a man sized target, so I can shoot a large prey animal from my home even if it’s far the fuck away :)

>>380672788249's were cool for their time, but I prefer picrel.

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>>380676500dont get me wrong i think guns being freely available is cool and you can collect them and go to the shooting range for some fun but this muh tyranny larp is beyond pathetic at this point. the last american civil war was over 150 years ago

>>380676880What about child sized tatgets?

>>380675468Why buy it, when I can use it for free.

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>>380677067so basically what you're saying is any Croatian immigrants in America won't fight

Europoor meme is true. I wouldn’t buy it even if legal without a loicense just because 3,5% card feeWho the fuck nigger pays such fees? Fucking mutts

>>380677447no one wants to fight anywhere because everyone is a lazy fat wagecuck jewish trannie cock sleeve in 2022. hopefully there will be civil war in europe soon once food becomes a luxury in some poorer countries as prices keep skyrocketing

>>380677067Imagine posting this while living in a country that fought for its independence like two decades ago lmao

>>380678163I think russia may give you the war boner youre looking for. You may not want it once it comes but at least you'll finally get what you asked for

>>380677067I do agree and I will buy a 1858 Remington by Uberti. Americans are to big of a cucks to use it against the government. Even if the white population is like 40% and out of that 30% stick together they could easily overthrow the government. If they cannot defeat bunch of low IQ sandniggers they will be unable to defeat white people with easy access to military gear.

>>3806727889,999USD for that pile of crap? You could make a bomb that could level a federal building ten times over for that amount of money.

>>380678957>AnonymousThis. Home made explosives are the thinking man's weapon of terror.

>>380678957>>380679093you should post some of the ones you made

>>380672788Overpriced as fuck lol

>>380672788$39,99 shipping fee Fuck that.

>>380678555no one cares about muh russia. fagtards only care about their own well being since everyone is a goy individualist. i see leftists starting to get annoyed at the sanctions towards russia since super and diesel hit 2 euros and is going towards 3


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>>380672788SOTS are buying the shit out of these because the FA conversion can basically be done with a dremel

>>380674827>massive amount of skill>grind the sear a little bit

>>380674928Are French really that rekt? I have 300k USD in savings.

>>380679216You think Holla Forums does anything but shitpost? lmao


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>>380674928>bank wont allow me to spend my own moneyWut?

>>380672788shit thread you will never conquer nobody this way you will larp until the day you are killed by your masters will of course calling everybody that does a realistic analyse off the situation a defeatist you and other Holla Forums spergs can be proud about how places like 4chan and internet culture in general redpilled so many ppl in the last 10 year however instead off only having power fantasy and thinking one day you and all your redpilled buddies will pick up the sword and safe the day mabey try have a realistic approach to how revolutions are created or do you think that just shitposting alone is going to cut it its not that there is anything wrong with this because like i said autists shitposting actually redpilled lots off ppl in the last 10 year but think about it fren

>>380672788You can buy it in most european countries, you know ?Some fully auto, other semi auto (which is retarded but it's europe).

>>380679873this looks vaguely sexual

>>380672788>Belt-fed semiauto "machinegun">10K$why?

>>380679954lets see yours

>>380672788It sure does, that's way too expensive. It should be more available.

>>380672788Imagine an auto sear in that bad boy

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>>380674372>thinking there wont be dead bodies in the streetsNGMI

>>380674922I was looking at those last night. I really need to get a good welder.

>>380672788God bless America.

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>>380672788>Semi-auto M249But...why though?

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>>380674451The 2nd amendment isn't about hunting its about an armed populace being the best defense against foreign and domestic enemies.

>>380672788Could buy this or a .50 BMGProbably would prefer the .50 since this is only semi

>>380672788What required to get guns like that in America? Don't you need special licenses for fully automatic weapons

>>38067278810,000 dollars and you need to pay a license for that every year. In effect you don't own it.

>>380677248Depends on your optics. Id only trust my iron sights to about 600 yards but if i had a 6-12x scope, i might chance it at 1000

>>380680329worst part of a .50 is the cost of ammo though. shooting 5 dollar bills is only for rich rednecks and white trash of a greater wealth

>>380680418>need to pay a license for that every yearAsk me how I know you don't know what a charging handle is

>>380676994That's what I have. >MCR belt fed upper>FRT >80% lowerFun times. Eats every kind of steel case, etc ammo with no problems.

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>>380680377very few people can afford or own fully automatic weapons in America.

>>380672788>Gunbroker>Scalpers selling horded primers for 3x +$50 shippingI know what I got!

>>380680611Ask me how I know you don't know what a receiver is

>>380680760inb4 gay buttsex ref

>>380680377Thats a semi automatic rifle, anyone with a clean criminal record can own itFull Auto generally requires a FFL+SOT which will cost you $550/yr which will give you access to unlimited machineguns

>>380680377The weapon shown isn't full auto but you can buy them after doing a bunch of paperwork. It's not the fees that are expensive, it's the guns themselves because not many are made/available for civilians

>>380676530Wait so you can pay 10k for a machine gun that fires semi-auto? Are Americans really that retarded?

>>380680418It's semi auto. Not an NFA weapon.Supposed to be a hack to make it full auto.

>>380672788This is about small penis mentality again isn't it?

>>380680846>>380680866What's the point of a machine that's not full auto?

>>380672788>buys a 10k usd mg>does nothing with itlmaoretarded merimutts

>>380680927>>380681056Its primarily for those who can convert to auto or want to collect something from the global war on terror.

>>380680615why the fuck would you want a belt fed semi automatic?

>>380680418You have no fucking clue what you're talking about, nogunz.

>>380674827>but you could make it fully automatic>It's possible with massive amounts of skillJust buy a rotary trigger dipshit.

>>380680927You do the hack and make it full auto.I bought the MCR belt fed upper and added a fully semi automatic forced reset lower.

>>380681056Because it's belt fed and fun to shoot

>>380681146youre arguing with euroshit trolls.

>>380680963explain. So it's a LMG that is semi auto? What is the hack that wouldn't make it illegal?

>>380681109Forced reset trigger. Not semi auto, but fully semi auto. Wink, wink.

>>380681056You don’t typically need full auto, it just wastes ammo. If you have a squad or whatever one guy will have one but that really only works as part of a larger whole. Soldiers generally don’t fire fully auto

>>380681081>cant buy a gun

>>380680846Oh so you CAN own a full auto gun over there?

>>380681118Okay retard spit the info out

>>380672788This isn’t even in full auto.

>>380681237Semi auto, but the trigger makes it shoot real fast. Wink, wink. Forced reset trigger. Look it up nigga.

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>>380681299Yeah, you just have to pay for """tax stamps""" to keep them legal

>>380672788>>380673977 >>380674227 >>380674372 >>380674628 >>380674763 >>380674827 >>380674922 >>380674928 >>380674987 >>380675072 >>380675089 >>380675138 >>380675771 >>380676025 >>380676081 >>380676221 >>380676241 >>380676411 >>380676500 >>380676580 >>380676994 >>380678957 >>380679330 >>380679529 >>380679672 >>380679873 >>380679905 >>380679954 -Yugoslavs don't LARP about le civil war, don't own 100 million civilian guns, don't have pre-made militias-Yugoslavs start a war the moment some ethnic banter comes out of place -Russians in Ukraine don't LARP about le civil war, don't own 100 million civilian guns, don't have pre-made militias-Go to war the moment Western Ukraine overthrows the democratically elected president -Chechnia, Dagestan, Moldavia, Armenia-Artsakh, IRA and UK>USA>100 million guns>THOUSANDS of militia groups>dozens of years of "le south will rise"/"le third american revolution"/"le black revolution">???>NOTHINGInb4: Muh Kyle Rittenhouse-> literally a single mutt out of 100 MILLION rightwing gun-owners. Such an anecdotal example that it isn't even a fucking statistic. Inb4: additional 2 mutts out of 100+ million gun-owners.

>>380681262But wouldn't you need to replace the lower receiver also?

>>380674451No its not and no one claims that.Americans have guns for potentially fighting the government with them.

>>380681393I am guessing you would need to buy the whole gun?

>>380672788>This angers the EurocuckNah not really, Europe is using SAW firearms in a proper combat senario right this minute and not larping with them, if we were really keen we'd jump on a car to Ukraine and play properly.

>>380681299Absolutely, I own several

>>380681453MCR upper.AR 15 lowerJust replace the trigger, etc. Good to go.

>>380674628> CroatiaYou literally got civilized by the west and allow nigger sex tourists to fuck your women.

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>>380681342No fees are required to own this gun. It's a semi auto rifle.

>>380681431youre mad because those lesser fiefdoms chimpout at the drop of a hat and you want us to as well?

>>380679873Why do they always use AR-15 for school shootings and not shotguns?Do they need armor piercing bullets to defend themselves against the police and their kevlar vests or to penetrate obese Yank kids "fat vests".BTW Are semi-automatic shotguns legal there too?

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>>380681569genius. What about the cost?

>>380681431>>dozens of years of "le south will rise"/"le third american revolution"/"le black revolution"Forgot Le BoogalooEven planned to move to the US to help the faggots, but it turned out to be nothing.Inb4: it's all teh glowies.

>>3806816556k for the upper.

>>380681299Yes, but you are basically on a watchlist when you go that route.

>>380672788> Semi-auto replica of the government-issue FN M249 SAW> *

>>380672788>laughs in swiss

>>380681431why did you (you) me you dumb hohol i agree with you mutts are larpers and mcdaddy slaves

>>380681606I'm just laughing about amerimutt larpers, who are all bark but not bite. Give me five ukrainians, russians, serbians, chechens with sticks- and I'll slaughter a hundred americans with guns.

>>380681691You can't even help your own country what makes you think you can help anyone else.

>>380672788Isn't the one available to civilians semi-auto though?

>>380681549No you can replace the trigger in an existing rifle.

>>380681847>Give me five ukrainians, russians, serbians, chechensand theyll all behead each other then rape the corpse

>>380681146Ok, now that you have a machine gun are you going to take on the government or are you just going to brag on the internet?

>>380681935Nah, they are what remains from the previous beheadings.

>semiautoyikes dawg

>>380672788It sure does, 10.000 dollars is a complete and total ripoff for such a simple product. It should cost a third at most.

>>380681944I'm going to put my faith in my elected leaders.

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>>380681431unfathomably based and putmuttsintheirplace pilled

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>>380682062oh so you just rape each other then and let russia lazily skull fuck your "nations"

>>380681847the thread triggered you and then you admitted to being a larper. you wouldnt do shit btw

>>380681693You don't need a $6k belt fed upper with a FRT but it helps with not needing to change mags every few seconds

>>380674928>allow mewtf

>>380681431>Inb4: Muh Kyle RittenhouseAlso, forgot to add that he only acted in self-defence.

>>380682247what would a Ukrainian know about self defense

>>380681869Yes, which makes it a meme gun. However, if you have the right credentials (such as an FFL), you can get permission from the ATF to modify it into a automatic firearm. I understand that you can to do some serious gunsmithing to do it, on top of getting the "don't shoot my dog" paperwork.

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>>380672788>hau hau>hau hau hau>hau>hau hau hau hau hau hau hau hau hau

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>>380681292>muh gunthe gun is a penis replacement for the mutilated and dysfunctional amerimutt dick. the american is mentally paralyzed and emotionally terrorized by castration anxiety because of his loss of a foreskin in early childhood. therefore the american tries to protect the rest of what is left of his petty little man penis by hoarding weapons to defend himself, just in case that big mama (the government) wants to cut off the rest.your weapon obsession is an expression of a mutilated penis syndrome, a cope.also, you want to become a girl and get fucked in the ass by your father and suck his shit covered cock, which stands for your negro greetings~

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>>380682159Good goy

>>380682348>you can get permission from the ATF to modify it into a automatic firearm.Not permissionYou inform them you have

>>380682192>no, it's not us who are larpers>it's you who are a larper!>where did you larp? well, ehh....khm....ahhh....ohhh....FUCK OF, EUROPOOOR

>if our gubmints let us have gunz we would overthrow them tomorrowlmao

>>380676994The fight lite is a bit pricey, i prefer to ha an ar15 with 24" bull barrel a swivel bipod with a drum magazine and a holographic optic. It's cheaper and probably more reliable for controlling an area.

>>380682324Tens of thousands of Ukrainians are fighting on both sides, whilst mutts are only LARPing on 4chan

>>380682557Tens of thousands of Ukrainians are losing on all sides

>>380682472>Even planned to move to the US to help the faggots, but it turned out to be nothing.>guyz trust me im tough i really am

>>380682463Based. I like you.

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>>380673977>>380674607It’s standard on gunbroker to charge such fees for credit card purchases. Most people usually pay with USPS money orders as guns cost hundreds and the credit card fees+ taxes and “fees” stack up.>>380672788Shitty bait thread by 1PBTIDEuros can get open bolt guns, even machine guns made into semi auto unlike the US.

>>380680377Technically there are two loopholes to get full auto for civilians, registering as an FFL or getting a frt trigger.

>>380681693All the news says that Biden made FRTs illegal. Be careful dude.

>if the EU gave us permission we would genocide all the shitskins

>>380682723recent news claims Biden made FRTs illegal.

>>380681431Hohol is rightYou can have 10000000000000000000000000 machine guns, rocket launchers, tanks, jets but if you got no balls you ain't doing shit

>>380679093flag checks out

>>380681431Say that again in 2 weeks nigger

>>380682677>have nothing to say to any of the main points (e.e. Mutts doing NOTHING, despite dozens of years of LARPing and owning guns)>beging an adhominem rant by accusing the author of the points of allegedly calling himself "tough"...only because he planned to move and help the yanksKek.

>>380672788My shooting range is literally next to a kindergarten yet nobody wants to shoot it up..Our machine guns don’t require a tax stamp either. They also don’t have to be made before ‘86 to be transferable. What is it with burgers and there ignorance on our gun policies? You know what the big difference is? The general population of European countries just doesn’t care for guns at all. This does not mean we can’t have them. It’s just that there’s a tiny amount of people that actually wants and has guns.

>>380672788it's bullshit that civilians can't own new automatic weapons. there should be a way without doing legal acrobatics to get one.

>>380683018sad you expect him to live that long

>>380681431>btw pls send our civilians more guns

>>380681262>Frt triggerBut the aft said you are supposed to hand those over or destroy them with proofs.

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>>380683018>two more weeks >trust the plan

>>380682387Shalom. The problem with having NFA items like autos is you're on a special list. Also, if you have money, it's easy for the govt to take it away. So, I have a dozen non serialised AR's to hand out to poor people should something start. We can all do our part in our own way.

>>380672788>buy a machine gun on layaway

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>>380683065so post yours then

>>380682386>coping mechanism goes directly to gay fantasies

>>380683094I'm pro-Russian

>>380682849Yeah. Some ranges are a no go. It's a grey area.

>>380672788It does admittedly make me quite jealous. It's one of the dullest sides of this that slaves get only the (((approved))) toys. Would be nice to shoot barrels with this or something, I imagine. On the other hand... whomever wants to kill people can just run them over with a car. Eh.

>>380681606Point for rightoid/huwite chimping passed twiced during the patriot act and 1/6, user.

>>380683258Based>>380683130>The problem with having NFA items like autos is you're on a special listYou do want the end to be sporting, right?

>>380672788Not only the EurocuckAlso me too

>>380672788Get a PKM and i'll kneel

>>380679772Most westerners don’t make their money off of illegal acts>>380681593>mutts law>>380682723FFLs aren’t loopholes and ATF cracked down on people who got FFLs to get machine guns.The FRT trigger is not a full auto component despite what the ATF says. The guy who owns FRT is getting screwed by the ATF as he ass blasted them in court.

>>380683111ATF put out a letter saying they MAY be very naughty. Forces manufacturers to close and businesses to stop selling.

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>>380683258we'll see if you stay that way when getting ass raped by a drunk conscript

>>380683065>What is it with burgers and there ignorance on our gun policies?We don't care about your countrys policies simple as. Americans dont have a gun problem we have a nigger problem simple as.

>>380683270Biden seems to be going after these triggers right now. That could mean two things it's in a legal hiatus or it's straight up illegal now. I suppose the people who bought them before are lucky enough to have them since the government isn't coming to your home but buying them right now is risky.

>>380680377Not being a retard and buying guns through private sellers only.

>>380683130>I have a dozen non serialised AR's to hand out to poor people should something startThis is part of why I love guns so much. No matter how much jews and glow niggers and NPC leftists seethe, you literally cannot stop untraceable guns from being produced and distributed.Mexico completely banned guns, yet every single cartel member has one. If they actually try that here, gun owners will be like cartel members except White and therefore significantly more dangerous. Having an IQ over 90 changes you from "cartel member" to "demon". I won't do shit.And I won't have to.

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If an average European country had the same amount of guns that US has + 2nd amendment there would be civil war 24/7just look at Eastern Europe, the governments there actively prevented citizens from grabbing anything stronger than hunting rifles yet every 5-10 years there's a civil war there

>>380681425Can you resell it?

>>380683220daid the gun cuck who accepts state enforced homosexuality in his schoolget fucked you faggot

>>380683434All the news says Biden is going after those triggers.

>>380683258Your govt isnt and its begging ours for more guns to send to your civilians.

>>380683207Why would I? If you don’t believe me you can just Google a thing or 2 about European gun laws (they differ per country though) The laws in my country specifically are not that harsh at all. It is, like I said, a cultural difference. A big part of the population in this country is not even aware of the fact we have shooting ranges or that they can own weapons at all, they simply do not care about guns.

>>380683434>FFLs aren’t loopholes and ATF cracked down on people who got FFLs to get machine>>380683592To resell to another civilian it must be made before 1986Post 1986 machineguns have to transfer to other FFL holdersSilencers, sawed off shotguns, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, pipebombs and short barreled rifles are all free to sell to civilians though >>380683589>there would be civil war 24/7Good

>>380683392I'm all for a roundup, but the current system targets the wrong group.

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>>380683738so you don't have anything

>>380682907>>380683553you can 3d print frt triggers now with select fire too

>>380683065>What is it with burgers and there ignorance on our gun policies?People are ignorant of gun policies in the US. Most American flags here are either shills, retards, underageb&, and VPN fags.They don’t know shit about Europe nor do they care unless their inferiority complex gets stricken.

>>380682849Eh, they issued a cease and desist to a manufacturer. That doesn't dictate the law but it does indicate where they're with future rules

>>380683054you asked where you larped and i quoted you. you are really retarded

>>380683522>more adhominems and banter instead of actual facts and logicK. is way more fun

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>>380672788>3.5% credit card feeWTF, explain burger friends, everytime a new kike plan drops it always makes its way back here.

>>380679880Many banks cap debit purchases at a certain amount per day, say 5,000 at once or some shit

>>380682100>with just a few easy mods, watch how this ‘fully semi automatic’ becomes what it was always meant to be!

>>380683695They only handed out 10,000 guns to volunteers in Kiev, a city of 2 million, when Russia was at the gates.

>>380683956sad fact: your country is being invaded and you're doing nothing about it.

>>380683818I do, I bet you’re probably gonna be jealous of the 2 legal full auto’s I own if there’s a burger flag behind your meme flag, as these are hard to come by in the US yet pretty common and not rare within Europe.

>>380683553It's a grey area. May change at any time since ATF thinks they can make laws. >>380683581I'm planning to move to Europe. Going to make them for free and hand them out to frens.

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>>380681431>waaah putin attacks us >ppp please send guns and red dots and scopes and anti tank artilleryYeah real tough you fucking nigger.

>>380684068ok show me how jealous i am by posting them here

>>380683934>I literally stated that it isn't a LARP, as I didn't call myself "tough">I also stated that said accusation doesn't in any way dev/null my previous points about Americans doing nothing>mutt can't comprehend even such simple things

>>380672788>3.5% credit card feeWTF. THIS ANGERS ME

>>380682100he doesn't know how easy it is to turn guns full just takes a coat hanger and 5 minutes to turn every AR-15 full auto

>>380683979It costs money for small businesses to process credit card/debt transactions, usually 3-3.5% is pretty standard. You can avoid this by paying via check, money order or wire transfer.Mostly exists to keep people from using credit cards as cash and dick on small businesses>>380684068What do you own? >>380683976Also true

>>380683604>oh no, a teacher said gay people exist i better overthrow the governmentKeep coping. I'd love to see what the German govt is teaching their kids but I cant read Arabic.

This would be UK if it had 170 million guns + 2nd amendment like USBri'ishers hate each other 100x more than yankees/southerners, they would start shooting each other immediately

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>>380683589>if our government gave us permission we would declare war on our governmentyou wouldnt do shit

>>380684058>more adhominems and demagogyBTW, not invaded, but liberated.

>>380684168>>3.5% credit card fee

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>>380680086>posting you guns on the netYou first. This is basic courtesy.

>>380684284go welcome your new captors with open arms then

>>380672788>M249S>SDon't post that garbage here, faggot

>>380683766Short barreled as in carbine?Let's say you bought an M4A1, can you resell it to me?

>>380683066>there should be a way without doing legal acrobatics to get one.Literally move to a European country.

>>380684055>they only handed out 10,000 guns to civilians to defend their homelandRight, and in America we wouldn't need to do that because our populace is already armed and know how to shoor. See how that works?

>>380684384uh huh.

>>380684284>liberate me harder daddyUkies are truly the biggest cucks on planet earth

>>380684442Short barreled rifle is anything under 16"M4A1 technically 14.5" but we have many 16" variants free to resell in semi automatic configuration

>>380683979Gunbroker is ran by the most money hungry bastards.All of the big sellers have shill accounts to drive up bidding and pull boomers into bidding wars. Then there’s the occasional scam account but most users see right through them.>>380684469>know how to shootI don’t know about that part

>>380672788How many kids this bad boy can mow in a minute?

>>380684192A type 1 AK 47 and an MG42

>>380684764>A type 1 AK 47Post that shit. They’re unobtanium here.

>>380684713Bout tree fiddy.

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>>380684192So it's an extra fee put in place by the seller so they don't lose money on the payment processing? Makes sense. Today I was in a bookstore and the owner was complaining that they will soon be forced by law to accept credit card payment, he said he would lose all profit margins on small purchases if people payed for like a 5€ comic with a card. Me I always pay in cash, building a good credit score with a card isn't as critical in shitaly.

>>380684165>i was gonna join a militia>but they werent gonna do anything>accusing anyone of doing what you admitted to doingjust go back and delete the post, hohol

>>380684764Thats cool, ive got an MG3 and a couple selectfire AKs myself. MG3 gets most of the love.>>380684942>Fee to cover processingYes>Margins on small purchasesSmall businesses here generally have a creditcard minimum at like $5

>>380674607I think visa and mastercard charges them so they pass on the fee to the consumer, thats why.

>>380684668But can you resell it to me if you bought a fully auto one?

>>380684942you could probably pay in cash if you wanted but in america at least where i live we have this fucked up law that lets the cops take your money if you travel with more than 6k i think.

>>380685114Based on your flag you can probably get one easily.

>>380685114Nah you're probably not a FFL holder so I cannot sell you a new production M4A1Pre 1986 M4a1 would cost you around $20,000 US which is fine because they appreciate in value.

>>380672788>$39.99 shippingMan, once in a while… i get jealous of my American brethren to the south.

>>380676880> Accurate the 3600 yards on a man sized targetNope.

>>380685314Is shipping in Canada expensive?

>>380684925I know because of import bans. Type 1’s are expensive here as well because of historic value, they’re just not as rare as in the US because we’re way closer to Russia and there’s no import ban. In fact, if you’re a member of a shooting club you get a card that allows you to buy weapons in any European country and bring them back home in the trunk of your car if you choose to drive there yourself rather than having a gun shop import something you want.

>>380685441Yes. Its half the size of Russia - and our taxes are ridiculous.

>>380681528>potentiallyYou misspelled never.

>>380685514you guys have nice homeless people though. Last time i was there some hobo offered us 5 alive and pot.

>>380685125>Cops take your money of you travel with more than 6kFuck...Here there is a cap on how much you can pay for something in cash, and they keep lowering it. Now it's 2k. I hate this country so much it's unbelievable.

>>380685253The thing is, the exact one i want is hard to get. I don't know if your army fellas refusing to do deals or whatever.>>380685279Holy shit dude, i could buy a fully auto rifle of most types for around 1.5-3 thousand dollars


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>>380685670Hes talking about civil asset forfeiture which primarily exists in a drug context. Every once in a while cops will seize it from someone shady but legit and they will get their money back.>>380685775Yep thats the problem with government regulationsA semi auto M4A1 will cost no more than $1500 new but if you lack a license it cannot be full auto.

>>380685670I wonder what stage of the great reset that is. Either way hard times ahead for all

>>380685641As someone who has immediate family in Chicago’s south side - yeah. People here are generally a lot nicer. Fuck homeless people, though. Whenever I’m near east hastings in Vancouver late at night I will take a piss on some poor, sleeping shitstain. Good times.

>>380672788I wish I had the 10K to get oneIts my most wanted gun

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>>380685946abbot needs to get off his fucking ass and fix that shit though. Its used more by corrupt cops than actual dealers and traffickers

>>380672788I can assure you from my zogbot adventures that this civilian semi automatic version is super authentic and true to the original design. So authentic in fact that it fails to chamber once every 3-5 rounds. Also have fun reconstructing your belt for like 10 minutes every time you empty it. Last fun fact: when the SAW spits out belt links, approximately 50% actually go to a different dimension with no trace.

>>380674227>M60The leaf C6 locally produced version of the FN MAG is much better than the M60

>>380672788But it's semi-automatic? Would that even be fun to shoot?

>>380685513>you’re a member of a shooting club you get a card that allows you to buy weapons in any European country and bring them back home in the trunk of your car if you choose to drive there yourself rather than having a gun shop import something you want.Its a shame. But if we had such a law your country would be overrun with Americans buying up all the guns from your shop and shipping them back home, not that some importers don’t do that of course. >>380685775Take solace in the fact you can get one for cheap and far dissed than in the US.Keep looking and inside you’ll find the gun you desire.

>>380686230Maybe a shitted out nam era 60 but the new E5 variants are extremely nice, only surpassed by the mk48.

>>380686230but did it kill vietnam shits? 1 point to the venerable flaming pig


>>380685946All i want is a Remington ACR and no nigger is able to provide it for me

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>>380673854For the eurofags: $10349.99 and no CC fee. You pay it too, you just don't see it. Dumb fucks.

>>380686263Thats automatic, if you have an ffl license you can own machine guns

>>380686492but even remington doesnt' want the ACR. Why not get a SCAR in 5.56.

>>380686492They have been discontinued domestically for a number of years. Try for FN SCAR

>>380672788What does the handle do, bros

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>>380680846>>380682723Wut? FRTs aren’t full auto. The only federal requirement for a full auto is the $200 tax stamp, paperwork and fingerprints.

>>380686263I don't understand the purpose of a gun like this considering the real m249 is only a few thousand dollars more

>>380686764the carry handle? commonly used for carrying or complaining about having to carry it

>>380686641>but even remington doesnt' want the ACRWhy?I'm not too familiar with western guns honestly, it's all soviet and russian shit here.I like the ACR honestly and want to spend time exploring it plus the SCAR is also a favorite gun of mine but not before the ACR.

>>380673977Take it up with credit card companies. Normally these costs are absorbed by all but the dirtiest of gas stations, but one of the first perks to go in time of economic downfall. We still absorb 1.5% on finance fees, but we charge 2% on all card purchases (unless it's like a 20 dollar fee)

>>380686492Bushmaster made it too IIRC.You might be able to get different gun like a CZ Bren or something else to fill your satisfaction.>>380686814Not a lot of transferable belt fedsFN only did a short run for these so collectors can buy them up.

>>380686776thats for registered FA before the ban in 86. new stuff requires further buttfucking

>>380681278If you don’t need full auto then you don’t need a semi-auto version of a full auto design do you? Fucking retard.

>>380686776FRTs are declared MGs by the govt now, no real reason to buy them

>>380672788i honestly loved being the machine gunner. carrying that thing on ruck marches makes you feel important and powerful, even though i'd probably be first to take a sniper hit.

>>380686982mostly because remington tried to toss it into the selection program for the army's newest rifle. memory serves it fell out ridiculously quick and remington had spent millions trying to grease the wheels in their favor.

>>380686387The FN MAG and its variants, which the C6 is one of, has killed multiples more people than the M60 ever did>>380686374No

>>380687286FN Mag is obsolete, canadian small arms industry is dead

>>380687286I didnt say people did i?

>>380686764It's a carry handle. Those things weight 17 pounds empty, 22 loaded. And you have to carry it all day. That handle is a lifesaver.

>>380686680>>380687003>>380687197You guys are getting me depressed

>>380674763It's preban bro

>>380681651The people making gun control laws have no idea how guns work or what gun is what. That's why anti gun politicians always say that AR 15s are fully automatic weapons of war and that all you need is to shoot a shotgun off the porch to scare off a robber(ignoring the fact that that is illegal inside any city limits). They are so far removed from reality that it doesn't matter what kind of gun is used, they just call it an assault rifle. The goal isn't to focus on the rifle specifically, the goal is to ban them all eventually. They know that with a rifle such as the AR 15, we actually stand a fighting chance in the event we decided to *fedpost* irl. It was proven effective years ago at the Bundy ranch when armed coyboys punked the Feds into leaving them alone. Also, the Branch Davidians gave them a run for their money. They want you to think that some redneck with his AR is powerless against the military, but the truth is they are scared of rednecks with guns. People just need to stop cucking and giving away our gun rights.

>>380672788Hell yeah, I would love to have one as well.

>>380680329Get a Noreen ULR. They're fantastic for their price. Just know that it took me like 9&9 months to get mine. It was during the coof and they are custom made to order.>>380682497I have both. I'm working on printing a diy desert tech quadstack and mags. I've got an extra WOT to throw in it. Probably going to top it with my bnr-180 upper.

>>380672788>can buy>can't shoot no onelike buying a car you can't drive outside your backyard.

>>380687642>Branch Davidians

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>>380687537well if performance is your concern then don't think too much into it. US Army field trials rarely keep whats technically the best equipment in favor of whats cheapest or gets congressmen more money.ive no idea how it performs as ive never heard anything good or bad about it in that regard

>>380674868Actually yes, two kids disarmed a copper and shot him in the head for shit and giggles in niggeritaly.We have weak basedboys and faggot military coppers strolling around wielding assault rifles and SMGs.

>>380687397>36 post by this id>meme flag>ask for people to post their gunsYou glow a lot...

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