Do you celebrate it?

Nordic pride, world wide. Time for the Herrenvolk to once again take some pride in their own race. I think people are tired of faggots, niggers and jews.

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>>380672629I find blonde Swede girls with blue or green eyes and then I tongue their asshole

>>380673006Show your real flag, kike

>>380672629Nordic pride would be buck breaking Somalis. I thought you cunts like to rape not get raped.

>>380672629Kys you arab piece of shit. I piss on the quran on the daily. Use it as toilet paper.

>>380672629Hear hear. I hate that they made my favorite month a fag month.

>>380673299>I thought you cunts like to rape not get raped.Nah m8y, that's for the British girls in Huddersfield and Rotherham.

>>380672629Hell yes brother.

>>380673603Malis don't rape anyone in bongland. Ironic considering there are some over here. They're aiming exactly for you.

>>380673646>Hell yes brother.

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>>380673868Tell me when you've fixed your Pakistani rape gang problem, Gregory.

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>>380674006Stop posting pictures of me

>>380672824does it taste like shit?


>>380673228most BBC posters are just oldfags looking for (you)s these days

>>380674128I'm not the one prioritising bullshit events that just scream PLEASE MISCEGENATE WITH US! You should have them end up like picrel before you celebrate.

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>>380674768These bitches are super overrated. Trust me when I tell you Latina pussy is 10x better. Nord women don't know how to pleasure a real man.

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Imagine being so beautiful you can fail at whatever you try yet people will still adore and desire you.

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>>380672629>>380674148>>380674212>>380674768>>380674829>>380674954None of these women would give me the time of the day so why the fuck would I care about ''saving the white race''

>>380672629she looks more American than nordic. Nords look like the prometheus alien

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>>380672629One of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen frfr

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>>380674006standing on a flag? seems kinda disrespectful

>>380674569Here's a (you), bro. You are loved


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>>380675396>muh dick the subhuman ape take

>>380672824enjoy those worms


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>>380672629Hell yes I celebrate White Pride month.FUCK NIGGERSandFUCK FAGGOTS

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>>380675488Yeah I thought she looked Southern myself


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>>380672629Looks more Celtic than nordic desu though

Fapping to all these blue eyed whores being posted and imagining them getting defiled by black men.

>>380672629Do you see it... the lack of a thousand cock stare.Why this girl quite possibly still has a soul...


>>380672629Captain Sweden head ass. You think youre Alexander Skarsgard


>>380676748By fapping you mean putting stuff up your fagass? mmk

>>380672629Good post, felt good about it.Fight off the hordes swedebros.

>>380672629No one has pride for anything except for fucking gook goblins with fucked up facial features


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>>380673228>>380673006Jew indeed

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>>380673006They got discord channels for this

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>>380678035Also bots

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>>380678289They’re being trained

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>>380672629Are you a fucking retard or did you realize gay people can exist, and have likely before, without having anal penetrative 'sex?'chudmonkey.

>>380678289And coomers

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>>380672629Women need to be slapped back into line.

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>>380678460Last one

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>>380673299Swedes would never

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>>380675658>that background

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>simping for phenotypeskys

>>380679890Aesthetics are quite important for the Right, have always been and for good reasons. Dysgenic trash, Northener or Southerner, should be bred out in the span of a few generations.Beauty is Good and has power.>inb4 pictures of terroni manlets

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>>380672629BUILT FOR BTC

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This is a BBC thread now

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>>380672629This went from Nordic pride, to women worship.

White women are sooooo passé,we only stan queens of color!!!

>>380683090Holy shit what an ugly child.

>>380678091Fuck marry kill

>>380683090get help

>>380683356>>380683294Black Pride Universe Wide

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>>380683090Ugly Everything the nigger touches turns to shitGenes, civilisation etc.

>>380683574You're absolutely right, this is the reason niggers and mongrels push race mixing so hard misery loves company.

>>380675293No not that one oh no

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>>380675786Who is that, fren?

>>380683090everything shit touches, is made worse, its just covered in shit.thats what your people are

>>380672629pride is a sin

>>380675326For a bit. Women and NEETs are the same - riding the high, completely oblivious to how miserable they'll be when its over and they've invested nothing in themselves

>>380672629is that bitch swedish?

>>380675396Git gud mang

>>380673386Why would you piss on your toilet paper

>>380678091I want to fill the middle on up with so much cum she starts leaking it from all orifices

>>380684961Nobody cares about your desert morality cuck


Her name is Riley guava and people say she is CGI. She is not a real person.

>>380684961Get fucked nigger

>>380685439Because that way he kind of makes dick -to - ass contact.

>>380672824Why not marry and impregnate you stupid faggot?

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>>380672629Nordic identity is a meme since Fingolians are genetically distant from the rest of us.

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>>380672824>green eyes>whitePick one