How's your personal experience with latin american people?

How's your personal experience with latin american people?

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>>380672674that's really bad

What do our resident latrinos think of med nations?

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>>380672555some are based, they have soul

>>380672555They're mentally ill like all half breds

>>380672555Judging from the USA, many are ungrateful antiwhite piece of shit like most none-Whites.

>>380672861Besides spain, literally nothing

>>380672555Born and raised in San Diego. I watched one of the greatest cities in California turn into a shithole thanks to spic migration. We aren't even as bad as LA or Bakersfield, and it's still fucking terrible. I used to think Mesoamerican nations were fucked up because of the CIA. I've realized that isn't the case. Everything south of the border is shit because the people there are shit.

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Imagine waking up and remembering you’re Mexican

>>380672555>latin americais a nonsense made up term by the frenchwhat you want to say is Ibero AmericaBut even so, is more a geographic or geopolitic term, not an ethnic or cultural one. The ibero american countries are mostly very different between each other.An Uruguayan have nothing to do with a Nicaraguan beside the language.

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>>380675160"Ibero America?" Ha. What a joke. The Iberian blood in Central/ South America is weak as fuck. Even the vaunted castizos of Mexico are the just equivalent to quadroons. Most South American Whites are of German, Jewish, and Italian descent. They don't have much to do with Spain outside of a language and a broad cultural sympathy (probably due to the language). Borderline Whites (Meds) fucked up and mated with objectively non-Whites to produce the trash people of these lands. The idea that any actual Spanish person would want to lump themselves in with most of those fucking Martians is sad.

>>380676807>Let me tell you about what parts of the world are white

>>380672555eh they're fine.

>>380677031Nigger, I spent 7 months down in Mexico after college (mostly in the capitol and Monterrey). I know just how non-White most of the people there are.

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>>380677293So? I’m not the one writing paragraphs on why the defendants of arab rape babies are not white

>>380677718You're the rapebaby of a rapebaby then

>>380677718Neither am I. My point was that the Iberian peoples and Central/ South America don't really have much in common. I think it's stupid to call it "Ibero America."

>>380672861Hairy and gay. Greece invented pederasty. I like gyros.

>>380678315So what are chicanos anyways, are you a chicano?

>>380678064Concentrating that much in race is not productive, only uninformed Americans think Spaniards look the Mexicans. Iberoamerical is used for historical, linguistic and cultural reasons, not race, trying to classify such a huge piece of land by race is as useless and simplistic as the therm “white”

>>380677922Oppression is in my veins

>>380678683Yes. But im sure you have bigger problems to worry about than us. That area of Europe has a fucked up history. The worst part is you all look the same lol.

>>380676807>Even the vaunted castizos of Mexico are the just equivalent to quadroons.Yeah because Castizo never meant pure White.. That's a creolo.

>>380672555I only ever met one mexican and he was a great guy, I dont think I have a big enough sample size irl, I have a morbid curiousity towards organized crime so naturally I know a bit about the darker side of latin america since they have the biggest drug lords in the world but I dont think its fair to paint the entire populace like that either, they have cool racial slurs btw, spic, beaner and wetback just sound fun

>>380675160spaniard moment

>all the muh huwhite race LARPing ITTDon't care, still making castiza babies

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>>380672555They fucked up my town. Used to be white, like most US towns, but it is now a spic shithole.

>>380678760Again, it wasn't a racial argument I was making. It was a cultural one based on continuity (which race is a component of). It'd make more sense to call all these nations "Drug America" or "Poverty America" than "Iberio America."

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>>380672555Who's the other girl?>>380673373This lol. The only European countries people here know about are Spain (because it's our mommy), France (because movies), Germany (because movies about nazis, also they think the country is an almost perfect utopia full of rich and handsome people), Greece (because of greek myths and gay jokes), Austria (because of the Habsburg and some investments Austrians made in the past) and more recently Ukraine (because of globohomo news/propaganda).

>>380678683>what are chicanos anywaysThe children of (usually illegal) Mexican immigrants. They were born and raised in USA and have little to no connection to Mexico and its culture/autism.

>>380678760>is as useless and simplistic as the therm “white”It isn't useless lol there were entire laws based around this concept. The only people who find this concept hard to understand are the same ones who think it's simplistic. It's quite ironic really.


Very friendly, lie about everything.

>>380680053it's funny that biden administration deport a lot of them

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>>380680924On paper but that old shit release them on the red states


>>380681044no, they send them to spain lmao

>>380674522>I used to think Mesoamerican nations were fucked up because of the CIA. I've realized that isn't the case.That's because it's what the spics say. They blame the CIA for their third world status. The reality is that their genetics make it impossible for them to advance beyond a pathetic level.

>>380681080Oh that guy, thought he stoped making porn an decided to only make Holla Forums type of comics

I have nothing against them. They vote republican after two years of living in the country, so they're smarter than White women. That said voting is just a meme and your votes don't matter

>>380680068>also they think the country is an almost perfect utopia full of rich and handsome peopleit used to be, shitskins ruined that

I never met with one sadly. Same for chinese or japanese people. There're mostly people from the middle-east, slavs, scandinavians and a few indians here.

>>380681144Right, the recent change of direction due to biden stupidity Forgot about that

>>380672555I prefer them than niggers.

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>>380672555I worked with Guatemalan chefs. They weren’t afraid of race mixing and always encouraged me to get a “mamacita” often saying “gringa no good”They seem nice here, but if we were in their country they would stab you and leave your body in an ally so I consider them spear-chucker-tier

>>380677922Ok Ahmed

>>380681162To be far the CIA could have stoped making the cartels after 2005 but they just had to fund them more

>>380681385idk i find funny that mexico had mor authonomy than spain and say "we don't want that people" so USA fleet them to spain instand lol

>>380680924That was due to covid, faggot, and you know it. That graph doesn't take illegal immigration into account at all. There are thousands of people illegally crossing the border every week that have no interaction with USBP or ICE.

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>>380681616Bet its because biden current orders is to make one Huge american state by joining canada,US, mexico That or the Jews truly hate spain for some reason

>>380681709Funny how in the recent pictures with haitian niggers that are invading the US the military an ICE are both there but they arent stoping them but instead helping on deliver them into red states What gives then?

>>380681873Is the normie problem a real thing in Mexico? Or there more based than mutts?

>>380681328True, but most people don't know that. They also think the American dream is still alive.A lot of them still would prefer moving to Europe or USA even after learning about their problems, however.

>>380680478Are italians white?

>>380682049Its a king of the type of situation (they are based but at the same time blind on several regards) so its your take how to see them My opinion? They are like racist retards knowing how niggers are but they dont know why they just do, and while they still worship whites they dont know the current situation europe is suffering

>>380682043biden want to fleet them to spain for what i get, also a lot of haitians are stug on mexico for that, not that much enter the states if we compare with africans in europe

>>38068233550/50If only they didnt decided to invade somalia

>>380682043USBP and ICE have been neutered by the Biden admin. Why do you think so many agents quitting? That was my point. The graph shows entrance numbers for LEGAL immigrants - legal immigrants that were confined by covid restrictions. There has been a huge upsurge in illegal immigration though.

>>380682525Two questionDont both the military and ICE have to make some kind of oath? So by knowing that they know their jobs but still follow the orders of their corrupt gov? Why? And why arent the quiting agents saying anything?

>>380677293>umm actually sweatie, i know a lot about south america because i spent 7 months in mexico! (which is in north america)

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>>380674522>>380681162You Euromutts will say this shit and then do a full 180 and go that were it not for those pesky Ashkenazi kikes you'd be space faring gentlemen of the finest civility.Yeah Mossad fucks you but CIA isn't an excuse, shut the fuck up maricones.

>>380682797>Which is north americaWe are?!!!

>>380682043Haitians aren't niggers.Don't compare them to ADOS afro-saxon gringo scum.

>>380682989geographically yes

>>380672555As one of them I can say we have the biggest dicks, highest iq, best food, and most of us aren't crackers.


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>>380672555whats this crap means? why the french tranny came?

>>380672555Never seen one.

>>380683085>Haitian arent niggers>Says niggerOf course!

>>380683381Been to Mexico and it's like the nigger situation. Actual mexicans are based but mexican-americans are cringe as fuck.

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>>380683103>>380683300Those lying mutts, they have call us south americans for years

>>380683876i thought mexico being part of North America was common knowledge

>>380682785>Dont both the military and ICE have to make some kind of oath? So by knowing that they know their jobs but still follow the orders of their corrupt gov? Why?They absolutely do take an oath. So do cops. That didn't stop any of them from standing by why BLM and ANTIFA ran rampant through the streets. Most of them are company men. Don't trust cops. It also doesn't help that a lot of USBP agents are spics themselves. It makes sense when you think about it. >And why arent the quiting agents saying anything?There's plenty that try. Their stories don't get much traction. I blame

>>380683876Never take geography lessons from an American, they suck at it but like to pretend that they know everything

>>380684158Guess it is but in my case i been called south american from the mutt so many times i thought it was true


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>>380684364It’s ok, user. They can no longer lie to you


>>380672555best sex i ever had

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>>380684212Well thats quite the fucking pickle, so their whole "We are racist" propaganda was nothing but bluff?

>>380684945so how is your mom hernandez

>>380684974A bluff? It's about as true as pic related. The media said this agent was whipping illegal Haitian immigrants like slaves. Draw your own conclusions.

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>>380684350or sociology. they call us hispanics

>>380685687Now you are just jumping the shark, we are hispanics nothing else

>>380672555Brown mutts that don't belong here.

>>380685529desu there's that much haitians in states?

>>380684350Want to play a game? Show me your score on this quiz:

They’re generally been really nice to me. But I also have like a childish understanding of Spanish and try to be nice and simpatico. Oh and after listening to Mexican and Guatemalan Spanish I can’t stand Spain Spanish. It sounds so strange

>>380672861Deep down they kinda hate meds but will occasionally try to gaslight Spaniards and Portuguese into joining pan-mutt "Hispanic" movements.

>>380685529Is it? So they can act like old time slaver master when there is cameras around but when there is not they act like good slave themselves an follow the rules of a corrupt gov? Activates the almonds dont you say?

>>380685849There was a caravan of maybe 10,000 that came up through Mexico a few months ago. Why do you not know this? Why are you making threads about spics when you are so uninformed?

>>380686044Have you ever ridden a horse?

>>380680306And even less to American culture.

>>380685873Sure, but I’m driving at the moment, so it may take me a while

>>380686126What that has to do with anything?

>>380672555Perfect, I've never met one

>>380672555>>380681080haha wow this comic is pretty gay and stuff hahahaha

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>>380672861The average browngentinian wishes he can move to Europe and swears he'll got his european passport despite not being eligible for citizenship or being stuck in a 10 year queue + bureaucratic nightmare. Then, they'll go to Europe to clean old people asses with their tongues and get cocky when anybody tells them their country is shit and claim that niggertinians are courageous and strong people who will save europe despite being unable to do anything for their own shithole and escaping like cockroaches to another continent full of gay stuff because they saw a gay person on niggertinian tvWhen they realize I'm a schizo rich NEET who owns property and guns and can live without working and I have italian passport their nigger blood starts boiling with resent and frustration at the fact that despite them being normalfags they'll never be european and must eat an entire bucket of shit to maybe be able to move to another place where they'll continue being internally disturbed inferior cockroaches with a mestizo complex. Imagine studying 7+ years to end cleanung toilets since your toilet paper degree has no value outside niggertina and then taking pics of yourself with the eiffel tower as background and claim you're now a winner in the first world despite living in a neighbourhood full of niggers. Fact: ANY browngentinian woman you see in europe has arrived there sucking dick and rimming old hairy asses, no matter what they tell you. Even if they have passport they had to swallow der dingleberries of some psoriasis ridden boomer to land a job or a roofMe? I've travelled the entire world from the comfiness of my sofa with my computer, banged every single top model out there in my mind with my visualization powers, I've even lived in past decades and probably banged ur mum too in my mind. You? A loser with the health and skin of a 90 year old at 25 product of your slave mentality and useless wagecucking life, that without counting your STDs and PTSD. Nigger

>>380686298He wasn't whipping anyone except his horse. It was a media narrative. There are plenty of terrible law enforcement agents. There are some good ones too. The real question is: why does the media present certain aspects of law enforcement like border patrol so negatively, and then insist that other aspects of law enforcement should have absolute control over people's lives (i.e. - the gun control debate)? That's the sort of shit that activates almonds.

>>380683085You’re right Hatians are double niggers. Literal demon worshipping, dirt eating cannibals.

>>380683300Kamchatka is rightful American clay, you see it right here.

>>380672555lol So the comic depicts the Spanish coming to Mexico. nice

>>380686844Thats the classic obvious reason,yesStill doesnt make sense if those Guys call themselves "Border patrol"

Rude fat disgusting manlet goblins are the only ones I have ever seen or dealt with

>>380687279Not really, its about italians making out with mexican for some reasonSerously why do they think we share something with italians?

>>380681403That woman is turkish. It's from a turkish drama

>>380683815>mexican-americansCall them chicanos

Generally good.