This shocks and confuses the Europoor

This shocks and confuses the Europoor.

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>>380672498It's true but who asked?

>>380672498Now show them a garbage disposal

>>380672498Imagine venting in your own house tho.

Wait until they find out about deodorants...

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>>380672498You forgot the part where the underground section is permanently wet and has fungus glowing in it, with the spores being circulated all over the house.

>>380672878It's for circulation.If you blow air in a room and the air it replaces doesn't come out, the air can't go in, so the HVAC is pointless.

>>380672812Garbage disposals are peak retardation

>>380672984seethe cope and dilate, sweaty (unironically)

>>380672498I don't know how they can deal with not having AC in the places where it actually gets somewhat hot, like Italy.

>>380672923Million pity

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Are all American houses made of such flimsy materials like plaster board and paper or do you have some human houses made of bricks and stones?

> Ducted air conditioning.> Circumcision at birth and 15% of your population are niggers.You can only choose one. Silly Europoors.

>>380673257by having houses not built out of cardboard. designs based on the experience gained through centuries

>>380672498Yes because air conditioning would be a fucking tremendous waste of money in Finland. All for that one day a year where it hits 30

>>380672498I have seen this in the toy story game.

>>380673056They make some sense in highly urbanized area where compostable items from the kitchen, but if you think that's bad, don't ask South Korea about toilet paper and public toilets.

>>380674357this lmaoI have thick brick walls, the only way this place ever gets hot in the summer is if I forget to close the blinders so the sunlight heats up the roomotherwise it's a cool comfortable temperature all year round

>>380672498Imagine living in such an infernal hell scape, you need more life support than Mars colony

>>380673257>thick stone walls (this confuses the OSB burger and his pet termites)>windows facing north/east>solid wood window blinds for when the sun is worstOld Italian houses remain comfy without electric houses.

This confuses the americans

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>>380674021All British houses are 20 feet wide and butt up immediately to your neighbour's house and your backyards are 10x20 feet and you all have fences and your backyard "gardens" couldn't grow enough food to survive 2 weeks and your weather is shitty and you all suffer from vitamin D deficiencies because of it and you can't even hunt rabbits with a .22 rifle and the Queen eats squab for lunch every day while you eat jellied eels

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>>380674644I just don’t get why you guys don’t just pick the stuff out of the sink and put it in the bin.

>>380672498So does a toothbrush

>>380672498Shit it's backwards.

>>380672498>house completely made of wood

>>380674407How do you live an entire life below freezing... brrrr...

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>>380674644>don't ask South Korea about toilet paper and public toiletsW-what do they so with toilet paper and p-public toilets?

>>380675002Haha you owned those europeans

>>380674889That’s just the shitties. The countryside is full of comfy ancient cottages.

>>380675029I actually used to live in Australia and trust me I'd much rather -20 to +50

>this confuses and enrages the American

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>>380672984If the ductwork is insulated and the condensate drains properly, then the scenario you describe is unlikely to occur.

>>380675029I love seeing the government saying "set your thermostat to 78 and then thinking about how my central air is set so low that it's uncomfortable most of the time simply because I can.

>>380675098They don't flush tp, you're supposed to put the used paper in a provided trashcan.Also i think they might have some squat toilets still (which are basically a hole in the ground).

>>380672498This is backwards lmao

>>380672498Oh, wait...>air handler in a fucking crawlspaceWhat sort of retarded nigger shit is this?

>>380672984With spores, you can grow anywhere you want.

>>380674892>spends time picking food out of the sink>thinks a tool to make this unnecessary is retardedThis seems like a dumb thing to dislike. Do you enjoy fishing food out of drains?



>>380675377Lmao spics do that for some reason. Enter any given spic house and you have a 20% chance of finding used toilet paper in a trash can. >squat toiletsIt's fucking amazing. You ever encounter a third worlder that never learned how to use a toilet? They literally stand on the lid and leave where their shit lands entirely up to fate. Pacific island niggers do this.

>>380675864I've seen it while visiting Turkey, actually.Best toilets were in Japan, bidets are actually pretty cool ngl.

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>>380673056They just passed a law where I live that you need to separate compostables from your garbage. I would do that anyway, if I had a yard to compost in, but they want you to sort it, give them the compostables, so the recying industry can sell it to farmers or whoever the fuck. But they want you to work for them so they lobbied for a law. So now I shove everything in the garbage disposal.Recycling industry is huge. They want me to have three trash and in my tiny kitchen so they don't have to hire people to do labor that makes them money.

>>380672498Lel our houses aren't built from paper and wood. We don't need this crap. Mybhouse is 350 years old and better insulated than an american one

>>380676220>TurkeyYou mean Türkiye

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>>380675864Squat toilets are healthier for you. But convenience wins.

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>>380674659Most of the southern US is 30°C or hotter for 8 to 9 months of the year, often with very high humidity. That simply doesn’t happen in Europe.

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>>380675773>Do you enjoy fishing food out of drains?There’s a grille over the drain so foodstuff doesn’t clog it up. >This seems like a dumb thing to dislikeIt seems like messy overkill, and it clogs more often than a normal sink

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>>380672984? My basement is perfectly dry, and any condensate goes through a small tube to a sealed drain. My model trains are set up right next to it. I can have model trains because I'm white.

TrueI never got what's the advantage of paperthin walls

>>380675300hold on. americans don't have shower heads?

>>380676933>My model trains How to tell us you're an incel without using the word.

>>380672498Jewish divide and conquer bullshit again.

>>380677163I believe it's implying that fixed, wall-mounted showerheads are more common in burgerland

>>380677181Married, 2 kids, wife is pregnant. Also have decent sailboat and I'm a pilot with a few homebuilt planes. So. Sorry to burst your bubble kid. Oh. And not jabbed.

>>380677485oh, i seelike in prisons and stuff, lol

>>380676220>bidetseparate or sth like picrel

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>>380673257we are simply just not obese 300 pounds walking barrels of fat like arguably most of americans are

>>380674889sounds a lot like toronto

>>380673056It's not dumb it's lazy and it's brilliant for lazies.

I have a "The Homer" outlook on how family housing should be. You have a nice home for you and your wife, then you have a secondary, significantly smaller home for your children to live in. Basically giving them a one bedroom, one bath "tiny home" / used mobile home.Let them scream and hell raise in there and you get peace and solitude in your own living space.

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>>380672498We don't have them here because we don't need them.

>>380677644>Married, 2 kids, wife is pregnantAnd I'm the queen of France.

>>380679479this is what I did. All earthbag construction. Cheap.


>>380679716nice to meet you, Emmanuelle

>>380675548former HVAC tech here. you see that shit all the time. we used to have to put them in sideways sometimes the crawlspace was so tiny.

>>380677163Most Americans use a rag on a stick.

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>>380677485It's just a threaded pipe you mount the shower head to, cheap and easy. If you want you simply unscrew the fixed head, and put whatever one you want on there. Anyone with a pair of channel locks and teflon can do it.

>>380675300>New International Code Book

>>380680269you don't even need the teflon. most shower heads come with a seal already in place.

this terrifies and frightens the ww3 fodder

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>>380672498we have these but we build them better sorry Carlos

>>380682499why would a finn ever need cooling?

>>380672498Thats now how modern central air works. There's usually only one air return per floor.

>>380683053I've worked on systems like that and I can say from personal experience that multiple returns circulate and thus cool or heat the air faster.

>>380672498>EuropoorYou are literally too poor for split units so you run tubes from 1 big AC to blow basement air into every room. >>380680898This is trash for poorfags.

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>>380683623>You are literally too poor for split units so you run tubes from 1 big AC to blow basement air into every room.our homes aren't two-room cuckshacks.

>>380672498why tf do you collect the air at the ground where it is already the coolest

>>380672498This is how my cousins house burst into flames, was a 10 million dollar house. The company fuxked up the electrical for the heated flooring in the bathroom kek go figure

>>380683053you can have as many returns as you want>>380683266>thus cool or heat the air faster.that doesn't mean anythingt. hvac engineer

>>380683623As a refrigeration mechanic let me tell you this. Sure they work but they are completely useless compared to a central unit. Those are nothing but a money grab.You want another head in another room? Buy a new condenser, pay for install and sure. It will cost you extra $$$. Thanks for buying useless product and paying my wage, faggot.

>>380675377Because the plumbing in Asia is completely fucked and it clogs instantly when you put tissue in it

>>380672984>Retarded Russian hasnt figure out condensation and how to control it yet.

>>380676683my grandparents halfassed pvc windows into their "house" around 2013 and that shit does not leak air at all, it's greatmuttoids what the fuck is this shit? I really did not expect that EVEN THE FUCKING WINDOWS WOULD BE WORSE

>>380684805>that doesn't mean anything>hvac engineer>doesn't understand air circulation

>>380685144>field guy once again thinks he is smarter than engineer

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Wooden house you mean? Yeah, wtf. It's not even wooden. IT'S PLYWOOD OR SOME OTHER SHIT lol. They also pay millions for this and then tornado comes. FUCK THE GREAT SATAN.

>>380672498Not really, many houses here have it, its that plenty more dont because absolutly no one sees the need for climate control in house. They are well insulated (bricks do that) and if its hot or cold, thats whaylt types of clothing is for. Waste of money better spent out with friends. Houses are to sleep in and waste time, life is outdoors, ya know... with friends. Oh you wouldnt know, how insensitive of me

>>380684167>NOOOOOO WHAT DO YOU MEAN I NEED AN AC UNIT IN EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ROOM!!! I JUST DO OKAY???? Shut up and open the doors. >>380684810>As a refrigeration mechanic let me tell you this. This is gonna be interesting...>Sure they work but they are completely useless compared to a central unit. Those are nothing but a money grab.Shittiest "refrigeration mechanic" I ever heard of! A money grab which cools my fucking room within 10 SECONDS of being turned on? Worth every penny I say.

>>380685502hey guess what I can calculate CFM and draw pictures too. you're not that smart.

>>380674892I don't understand why do you need harvesters? Just pick the rice by hand.


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>>380674889> All British houses are 20 feet wide My kitchen is 20 feet wide>and butt up immediately to your neighbour's house Mines detached>and your backyards are 10x20 feet and you all have fences and your backyard "gardens" couldn't grow enough food to survive 2 weeks Im on 15 acres>and your weather is shitty I can ski from home in the winter and get a great suntan in summer in the weather that is the best for cattle production in the world>and you all suffer from vitamin D deficiencies because Yet we managed to take over 1/3 of the world>and you can't even hunt rabbits with a .22 rifle Why cant we? I shoot rabbits with a .22 on my land and roe deer with a .243>and the Queen eats squab for lunch every day while you eat jellied eelsNever had jellied eels in my life but squab is pretty tasty.

>>380686067>AN AC UNIT IN EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ROOMNo, just the one in the basement.>splitsthey work alright but for a bigger house they get fucking expensive>keep your doors open lolI don't want my kids walking in on me fucking my wife, something you know very little about.

>>380683623>This is trash for poorfags.1 USD = 110 Serbian dinarshmm, really makes you think...

>>380677485fixed, wall-mounted showerheads being necessary for the home, the rights of the people to bathe shall not be infringed

>>380672498What's the deal with ducted air conditioning?I have it at the office, but it's nothing I'd like at home.Heated floors and maybe a split ac for the few hot days are much more comfortable.

>>380680193I hate amerimutts so God damned much. Fat fucking retards all of them

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>>380672984That’s only for trash like you, the rest of us have dehumidifiers and sump pumps. Stop being so poor and retarded.

>>380686072then why don't you get licensed and make more money in a comfy office?

>>380686682When you consistently have 103 degree days with 80% humidity you'll understand.

>>380675300>autistic need for stacking>no climate control>a tube filled with other peoples farts>a university campus>a removable showerhead

>>380687084the AC coil also acts as a dehumidifier for the entire house.

>>380674021How is that subsidized housing going cuck?

Europe has bidets so they're winning in one aspect

>>380672498How do you clean this shit?

>>380675300Its the NWO that blocks good shower heads. I fucking hate the hippies that pushed that legislation. Trump managed to repeal that and for a few years we had decent shower heads on the market. Then Biden brings back that stupid regulation

>>380687145Because I did my time as a tech, ran my own business for a few years and then sold my company (and customer base!) to a bigger company to buy some land and build some houses for me and my kids on it.We don't live extravagantly but I don't have to work another day in my life.

>>380672984A third of the us is a desert that not even mold can grown in

>>380675269Can always bundle up more. Can only take off so many clothes. >using celsiusy tho? It's a 100 point scale in which only half is used. You know those surveys that say "rate this on a scale of 1 to 10" well that's fahrenheit when used for weather. Celcius is "rate this on a scale of -2.3 to 4.7"

>>380672498middle eastern had the same design but with ventilation towersso they had natural AC without electricitythe merimutt invented nothing

>>380674889And spotted dick

>>380682668After the sauna

>>380678695Who is the queen of Toronto?

>>380672984Most of the time that part is in the garage or a closet, not the crawlspace

>>380687277$50 and a wrench and you can have your very own bidet.

>>380687338There's a large air filter in the air handler part.

>>380672498Why are the arrows backwards?

>>380673257Most places south of the alps have aircondition.

>>380687737any recommendations? i've been wanting to buy one for a while

>>380687650isn't that why they jump in lakes?>>380687693people pretty much just put them where they have room for it

This shocks and confuses the AmericmuttiBut please tell me how cardboard McMansions with AC is better than us Europoors can affoard to build

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>>380683623>he wants to climate control my 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 3000 sq ft house with what is basically a single window unitThis isn't Europe. Median home size in the UK is 800ft and doesn't even have a garage. People in the US have garages more than 800 sq ft and it's not even included in the livable space measurements.

>>380687357What now?

>>380674889Sounds like mutt bug hives alright.

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>>380676683How is left more expensive?