The worst posters on this board by far

I have never seen a single funny or educated comment from these snow orcs. Just endless EU shilling, seething and anti-Russian butthurt. They are so useless they got colonised by fucking Sweden.

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>>380670378the ones with the catalonia flag BY FAR take the cake

>>380670378Leafs are and will always be the worst.

AgreedThey should just shut up and produce more catboys

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>>380670378You're a moor rapebaby so watch what you're saying shitskin. The nail of a finnish woman is worth the lives of 10k spanish children

>>380670378>snow orcsForest Elves, faggot.

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Oh no the Mexicans are upset.

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>>380670378they also try to replace the leaf's post in humor threads.fuck 'emDeath to kikes.

>>380670999Charles Martel pilled

>>380670378You don't really want to visit our boards then. Beyond the moonlanguage ofc.Nato-shilling is real. So was vaxx-shilling.

>>380670378I mean you got browned by arabs and now look at you copeing in 155 cm


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>>380670999Says the Algerian Frenchmutt Even Anglos laugh at how diverse your shithole country is. Another thing they best you at.

I disagree

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>>380670378Really, aren't you that antiEuropean shitskin who constantly post hate posts about other Europeans? Kys you piece of shit.You're not a nationalist. You're not one of us, you're a traitor and a shitskin lover.

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>>380671039Forest Fairies more like.

>>380670378Fingloidistan got cock blocked by based [[[ TÜRKIYE ]]]

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>>380671039The beauty of the finnish race shall not perish from this earthAlso the finnknight was an actual guy who was obsessed with lauren southern and eventually killed himself. Lmao.

>>380671259That's in the past now. The Finns have gone mad

>>380670378No thats been debunked

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>>380671230yup, brainwashing is real. And we are supposed to have most free media here.Bullshit.

>>380670821Canada has the highest Holla Forums user per capita rate in the world

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>>380671221Are you talking to yourself?

>>380671287You can’t be pro white and pro EU you stupid autistic Danish rape baby

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>>380670378Finns are morons and it's impossible to change that. Best thing to do is just ignore them.

>>380670378from the posting style it's literally 2 finnish posters with non static IP switching on/off airplane mode. Most finnish posters are normal

>>380670749This. Catalonia posters are either superpozzed globohomos or just plain vpn vatniks

this is a reminder that salvation is by faith only. watch this gospel video if you want to be 100% sure of going to heaven after you die

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>>380671127You fags trust your government to much

>>380671230no Estonia and Latviaprobably because of large % of Russian-speakers there

A year ago I would have told you that canada should be globally IP rangebanned, and that Russian posters are all based chads. I was correct. Today, it is different. Half the russians need to be banned. It is for the best that they are removed at random. No need for fancy studies of posting behavior. As for the cuckanucks, they are getting redpilled, and the retards among them still give me a good laugh now and then. I say we keep all the leafs. Remember, if you see a leaf, throw your best holohoax image at him. They'll learn eventually.

snow orcs ahahahahah

>>380671255>literal rapebaby calling me algerian because we have some welfare leechesYou're genetically a nafri faggot, hence why you're all so brown and shit about Finland ever again and I'll come over to destroy your recessed mug


>>380671628t. leaf visiting his cousins in New York

>>380671537ah, but Russia can't ignore a US military extension right by its borders and near the second largest city get ready for part 2

>>380670378how did you forget for these mutants?

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>>380671488I'm warning you Ivan, I'll refridgerator cuck you

>>380671537>Finns are morons>>380671394>The Finns have gone mad

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>>380670378>I have never seen a single funny or educated commentso stupid you don't know where you are

>>380671737So, you ready to lose again?>nigger

>>380670378Scandis and Catalonia both terrible

>>380671697France has never won a real war so I fear nothing. Everyone knows the French can’t fight. Surrender monkey.Go re-elect Macron you fucking garlic stinking piece of Afro-Frankish shit

>>380670378based. I've been saying that for ages.

>>380671628We have the highest Holla Forums user rate per capita in the world.You however have the highest reddit user per capita in the world >The research, led by the U.K.-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) think-tank, identified more than 6,600 online channels — pages, accounts or groups — where Canadians were involved in spreading white supremacist, mysogynistic or other radical views. >On some forums, Canadians were found to be "highly active," even more, on average, than users in the U.S. and Britain.>On one particular message board called "politically incorrect" on the fringe site 4Chan, researchers found Canadian users created 1,636,558 posts, representing 5.71 per cent of posts from all countries.>The study suggests when the numbers were averaged out using each country's "estimated internet-using population," Canada was shown to be producing more content than anywhere else.

>>380671737cant wait to remake this picture with you

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>>380671737just pretend finns are moscow elite eating caviar. russians seem to have no problem ignoring them.

>>380671230Its true tho

>>380671944We're gonna genocide you>France has never won a real warYou literally lost to fucking Morocco and had to beg us for help. one more thread talking negatively about Finland and the next spanish diaspora faggot I see is getting shanked

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>>380671944oof, but Spain has really taken the big L. What's left of the old glory?

>>380671564Catalonia is a memeflag you newfag.

>>380671230south europe being retarded as usual

>>380670378>SpainWhy are you guys so incredibly butthurt and jealous about our success? We literally live rent-free in your heads. Devastating.

>>380670378The good thing about Finland is unlike Ukraine who has decent citizens worth saving all of Finland is modernist petty bourgeoisie white trash and they can be wiped out all at once with no value lost.

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>>380672093Like Taiwan of the mainland Taiwan?

>>380670837kek, the sanest tranny I have ever seen on shitcord was from finland now that I think about itbest part was that his parents didn't like it hahaha

>>380671414This. Leafs are the worst and most gay by far

>>380670378op is a filthy blackamoor ape

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>>380671737>get ready for part 2u 2, u2.

>>380672137Can you feel the winds of cope?

I'm sorry...we have a lot of autists man.We rarely speak to each other this means there is a lot of us, retards, who don't communicate with other people apart from anonymous online boards. And one particular super fringe isolated group recently discovered this place.Sorry again, I hate them too.

>>380672171>the old gloryHere's your old glory. And they make fun of us for being surrender monkeys when they literally lost to inbred tribals and had to come beg us for help.

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>>380672137Damn this Frenchman is pissed as fuck

>>380672178all memeflags are faggots

>>380671383Imagine hating this.

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>>380671841Yes Finnish anons are absolutely retarded.

>>380670378Nazi Russia has earned the condemnation and scorn of Holla Forums. The problem is all the paid Russian Nazi shills hiding behind vpns and spreading lies here. >>380670749>the ones with the catalonia flag BY FAR take the cakeFunny you should say that.

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>>380672250moor/brownie mentality. always seething at west/first world

>>380671230Greece is so based

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>>380670378>Forgets poland

Swiss niggers are annoying too

>>380671477I always thought this. Why tho?

>>380672866No idea desu I thought it would be the usa

>>380672725Height should be an indicator of whiteness barring niggers

>>380672820We are trying so hard, and no one is noticing

I say we delete all USA faggots. When have they added anything of value? All they add are Reddit tourists

>>380670378Worse than UK? Idk man. They're probably more mid-tier posters.

>>380673143Or twitter threads. We are cancer.

>>380672956I did too until I learned how few ppl live in Canada. Also tons of the us is just niggers/spics who only occasionally come on here to vent about us.

>>380670378Ay caramba!Shut it down!

>>380670378>>380672820>has to constantly start threads seething about particular flag>Just endless EU shilling, seething and anti-Russian butthurt. lmao

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EU is based for sanctioning Russia and Russia needs to be balkanized. You may not like it but it's the truth.

>>380672589The way she kind of reminds me of myself. I don't know what it is, maybe face shape.


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>>380672137Your country got invaded in a few days. Imagine seeing smug Germans parading around your own capital lmfaoFrance is the most pathetic country in history. You are England’s bitch and full of foreigners, most of whom are an improvement on the natives. Frances most famous son wasn’t even French, and died miserable and alone on an English prison island. Come down here and you’ll get a smack, little liberal French pussy

>>380670378The war brought about an influx of tourists from some board full of normie NPCs, and the average quality of Finnish posts changed accordingly.

>>380673191I’m is definitely the worst when it comes to lack of humor and inferiority complexes


I just researched this topic and a new study was published that revealed that no one actually produces anything of value on this site xDWe expanded the research a bit and found out that no one on this gay earth produces actually anything of value xD It's just shit and shit memes that we have left here xDDxD xD Fuck you all homo gay sapiens faggots xD

>>380670378finland used to be funny.but in the past 5-6 years, they are just lame.

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>>380671466Well "free" as in not under direct government control.

I miss him so much.

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>>380673781succinctly rebonked snow orc

>>380670378You are exaggerating, canadians are definetly worse but we aint too far behind since the NATO stuff started desu, some kind of surge of migratory fingoloids from other corners of the internet started then, fingoloids used to be somewhat liked on the board just a year ago

>>380673771Because it would be better for the rest of the world.

>>380673548It’s always the most irrelevant EU countries that love the EU the most. It’s because without attaching yourselves to real players you would be nothing. You’re just a northern Belgium. A complete meme.

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>>380673949What is that meme language you're trying to use? Nigger orcish? Is it from Philadelphia? Briston?

>>380670821You're just butthurt that Germany has literally no reputation on this board. You're basically just an irrelevant NATO mouthpiece. Sad.

>>380670821AHEM! Aren't you forgetting someone?

>>380671230>Entirely Russia/more Russia than NATOWho came up with this completely retarded question?

>>380673630Are you single? Want to be kept?

>>380670378They USED TO BE GOOD but ukie RUSSIA GATE burned their good graces.

>>380674167>Oh no no no no Spainbros...

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>>380674139lol. kys.

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>>380674363No, I have a boyfriend. Sorry, I hope you find someone.

>>380673706You literal nigger. You subhuman baboon. Your history is nothing but being humiliated and raped by foreign groups. Be it the carthaginians, the romans, the vandals, the moors, and now it's niggers from all over the world. You're the most racemixed faggots on earth with nothing to look up to. 30% of your youth is unemployed because Spain is a dead country with a past full of failure a future full of regret. The moment you had moment you used it to go ooga booga due to your monkey DNA and create the abomination that's south america. You turned what used to be civilizations into the most violent countries on earth. You are cursed, it's better to have aids or a cancer than 1 drop of spanish blood. You're used as a cum dumpster for drunken anglos. Latinos in your country are your most successful demographic. If I ever were to come over I'd decimate your nation of wrinkly manlet. You owe us everything, your kind was sold as slaves by barbarian pirates, your most renowned author was a literal slave, and that's representative of you as a nation. Die a violent death and reside in hell for all eternity.

>>380673707>>380673781Mistä vitusta ne tänne tulee? En koskaan nähny niin vammasia postauksia.

>>380671039Dass Orc, mayne (FUCK YOU KIKE).

>>380674189...better. keep going.

>>380674514Vitum suomalaiset!Vihaam niitä. >:(

>>380674446>>380674167I was just about to post this, stfu when you leave on EU gibs yourself. Leave it then.

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>>380674511Black hands typed thisAs I said, go re-elect Macron you snivelling little surrender monkey

>>380670378Turks, Brazilians and Canadians are much worse

>>380674738*live fuck I can't type

>>380670378>non-whites having opinions on things

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>>380674514Minä näkeä vastaava ei koskaan vastaavaa? Mikähän suoma laisiin mennyt? korona rokote piikki tappaa aivo soluja varmaankin.Ollaan kaikki nöyryytetty itteämme vähintään 2 vuotta. Mitä vittua tässä jaksaa enää edes yrittää :-D

>>380674738Who said I’m Spanish :^)

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>>380671056go feed the kids monster

>>380672488Dude France was involved in this war on the Spanish sideNegro s’il te plaît…

>>380674417This, there was some kind of surge that happened right around that time, fingoloids were at one point relatively intelligent posters

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>>380674950>reading comprehensionI know that retard, look up the details, they were getting obliterad by a bunch of farmers and asked for our assistance.

>>380670821Well we can certainly kick your ass, and just to rub it in, we will attend the Churches you dumbass Krauts have abandoned.Christ is King and long live the dominion!


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>>380674702Oho! Tota noin ... eihän se vaa ollu' sun ajokoira? Ilmatyynyalukseni on täynnä ankeriaita, serkku. :(

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>>380671532Are you a Greek? Even worse leech than Spaniard.

>>380674506Too bad, you're going to be my girlfriend now. Your new name is retard. Go make me a sandwich retard.

>>380670378Good Guess, but no. Leafs are by far the worse. They shit up ALL threads, not just /chug/. Stay mad.

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cock n balls, cock n balls

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>>380675084Why did you have to prove him right?

>>380673981they all came from ylilauta/ww3 to play fucking disinformation warriors and save the world.

>>380670999Verifié et rouge pillulé

>>380671287>Pro EUYou fucking Zogbot KYS

>the daily anti-finn thread #38596and just because of nato

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>>380670378Uhhh... I disagree... they're utterly lost in the middle of the pack somewhere. Canadians are without a doubt the worst posters.

>>380670378Nah, Greeks are BY FAR the worst postwrs on this board. They don't even make threads about politics or current events. For some reason, they seem to only be capable of make threads about>I hit my GF, am I going to get in trouble?>how do I get a GF?>why can't I get laid?>why do girls in my voubtry go for X guys?

>>380670378>the new shitposting king riseswe had a good run.

>>380671477You know we had other things going on at that time. Like fighting against literally everyone else in the western world and against mongoloid hordes in the east. Not even a leader is mentioned? What was that, a small town defended by a fractured Hitlerjugend? But well everyone needs a piece from the cake of pride for "defeating the Germans". Every country "single-handedly defeated the Germans", at the same time all together. Congratulations.

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>>380674902would blow out all 3 o-rings

>>380675897>we will save the white race by killing white people Mongs

>>380675768That's just a single greek troll. What is your IQ ? 0.725 points or somethingFucking nufaggotry talking rn FFS

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>>380675659It's okay to hate Russia but joining the kike federation was a wrong movie


>>380671628What have the Russians said? All I see is retarded >AHAHA CNN SAID RUSSIA IS LOSING>MILITAR COMMANDER KILLED AHAHA RIP RUSSIA COLLAPSE>RUSSIABRUBLE COLLAPSE INCOMINGBy Americans, probably boomers, most of the time. I've never seen a Russian spam the board with trash

Spanish fragility

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>>380670378Iberian brains can't process high grade dry humor, only farts and slapstick

>>380676113>imma fuck boyz an shit, anons. KILL HIM GUYS.

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>>380675518Maybe, you legit never saw pro NATO stuff from finnposters before the current phase of the Ukraine war, or I atleast didn't, I think its fairly obvious that this involvement in internationalist organizations such as EU has been rather detrimental for the country and NATO most likely isn't going to be any different, I have been called a russian many times for not having loyalty to NATO which is ridiculous to me

>>380670378You create threads about Poland, and now about Finns?Hang yourself, rusnigger worshipping spic subhuman.

>>380670378Also>butthurtWay to out yourself, rusnigger.Nobody but you uses that word.

>>380670378Fins are what you'd expect, cynical like the Dutch, but they aren't the worst. Brits have the worst posters on here as so many moronic chavs migrate here from Holla Forums, and there is no entry requirement in terms of a second language. I end up arguing with more Bongs than anyone else combined, just constant fucking bullshit from royalist bootlicking scum that worship the royals and these system. 95% of Bong posters on here think that supporting the royals is opposing the nwo. Literal bluepilled normies thinking they're edgy. Have you seen Brit/pol/? It's all "Wahey check out me baked beans pic, first 4 mozza innit". Craven, moronic scum. It is a permanent embarrassment that these cunts share my land.No one else has to put up with shit like this.


>>380676359Who said I’m Spanish Tee hee

>buttblasted vatnik seethingKeep coping kremlin bot. I can taste your seethe from here.

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>>380670378>Anti-RussianOh no the Saracen-mutt doesn’t like it when the people with the most experience about Russians are not very positive about them. It must be everyone else, Russia has never been anything but delightful in their entire history!

>>380676935We all know you're a subhuman rusnigger.

>>380670378git fucked nigger

>>380676560you think russia would not demand neutral finland's disarmament if nato and russia go to war? we are nato aligned without the defense guarantee from it. like the worst deal ever.

I miss the days of spurdoposting

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>>380677148If Poland is so strong why don’t you declare war on Russia

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>>380676490>memeflag NIGGER>feel free to braid my asshair before you kill yourself

>>380676560>You never saw pro-NATO comments from Finns before something happened that changed a lot of Finns’ opinion on joining NATOThe mind fucking boggles. CHANGED OPINIONS BASED ON A CHANGE IN THE GEOPOLITICAL SITUATION?! Unbelieveable. Nyt vittu oikeasti.


>>380677837Are you that dumb or just pretending?

>>380670378I have canadians and swedes and memeflags filtered across everything. My browsing experience is significantly better now, but I'm considering adding the germans as well cause they tend to suck too.

>>380670378Not at all, there are hohols with polish flags, kikes with meme flags, australians with blm flags, canadians and more, all are worse than spurdo.

>>380676729As a half Bong/Fingoloid mutt i agree whole heartedly, most Britposters on this board are braindead.

Do Finns even exist?

>>380677837nice chudjak leftypol trannythanks for segregating yourself

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>>380670378Im the worse poster hate me faggots but stop fighting each others


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>>380671560So it seems

>>380670378Finngolians are unironically the gayest posters on this board now, hands down. Not even Swedes are that bad anymore.

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>>380670378At least everything is done in time as promised here unlike in your country where you promise to meet someone at 1pm and you show up 2 hours later or not at all. That is so retarded.I like Japan because everything is on time there just like here.

>>380670378I can hardly blame them living in a country that‘s cold and dark for half the year, and their "sweets" are salmiak.

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>>380670378By your standards Estonians should be worse. Anyway just admit you're a generic hispanic Putin cocksucker #403962667 and that's your only issue with the Finns.

>>380679305>I like Japan

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>>380679481Salmiakki is the bee's knees. If you don't like it, you're probably a 7 year old girl who doesn't like beer.


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>>380671362One more roach outside Turkey, everyone despises you here. Go clean my bathroom

>>380671466I remember Stubb somewhere saying that "Russia is not free, therefore banning Russian media increases press freedom in Finland".90 % of this country agrees and is super proud that our government safeguards our freedoms by banning so many unfree things.

>>380681416yle is fucking fag trash thoughYOU PAID TO MAKE THE MARSHAL OF FINLAND

>>380670378At least they have never been conquered by Muslims.

>>380672435I thought Jaatkosota was part 2. And Finland lost. You mean part 3 where Sweden's Scrotum rises up to slap the bear in the face.

>>380682092They are right now

>>380681843There's nothing wrong with Marshal of Finland, it's about an African kid who has never seen white people imagining what Mannerheim would look like.

I hate ylilauta and ylilautists so much it's unreal.

>>380671466>Finnish mistrust of the Russian state is just brainwashingYeah it couldn’t possibly be the hundreds of years of watching Russians or Russia-led empires walk all over us without mercy whenever it suits them. I swear, these zoomer Finns that inhabit Ylilauta and 4chan trying to be rebellious is the saddest thing.In before this guy says he’s some 45 year old rekkakuski named Pentti.

>>380670378finnish people are russian rape baby snow orcs, change my mind

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>>380682659Hate SwedenHate RussiaSimple as

>>380682972Sweden has gotten rid of that Swedish Conquerors-memory by becoming a good neighbour and close partner in trade, military, everything. But Russia remains the Detroit Nigga family that you always kinda just put up with living next to because your house is okay. But around blacks, you never relax.And Russia has made ZERO effort to ever lose that image. And now people have the nerve to be surprised when we default to ”yeah Russia is the bad guy”.

No. Finns are based

>>380673639I thought that was a granny in a rocking chair Lol

>>380683456Jaaha, et nyt jäbä rupee cuckaan soijaruotsia. Paska ex-sortovalta, jota jostain syystä "eliitti" tykkää ritaroida. Kunnon mamugetto se on, ei mikään oikea maa.Death to Sweden and their bootlickers.Nuke Russia.

>>380683456I hear in Finland Russians are so bad there was once an investigative report on the news trying to find out why they shit all over the place in public toilets.

>>380683938Lol ok, convincing argument.

>>380670378>anti-Russianlol are you fucking retarded? why the fuck would we be pro-Russian? those faggots invaded us too and tried to take over Finland and once succeeded. fuck you spanish nigger

>>380684662He probably doesn't know about the Greater Wrath

>>380684662with this logic you should be anti sweden you fucking retard.

>>380685157I am you fucking retard. Fuck Sweden.

>>380685157Literally just wrote that at least they have worked to get rid of that old hatred. Russian state’s still a pack of untrustworthy crooks and niggers since time immemorial.

>>380682390The only thing, that kept our grandads from marching to Moscow, was the US supplying ryssä

>>380685157They are. Finland is forced to trade with Sweden and Russia due to geography but distrusts both. The issue is the government is full of pozzed commie pan-European WEF faggots who idolize Sweden and vote pro EU shit all the time, selling out Finnish independence. This includes the retarded whore Sanna Marin.The people in Finland think Sweden is gay, rightfully. There is also a large Swedish population in Finland, either Swede or of Swede ancestry, and the fennoswedes always vote to make it mandatory for Finns to learn Swedish and for pro-Swede shit. They are like the dual citizenship jews of Finland.

>>380685472Cope. You had some victories in skirmishes against the Russians after Stalin purged the officer corps and they had logistics issues. Once they sorted those out, you got stomped and lost the Winter war.

>>380674514Venäjän röllitehtaasta.

>>380685757And you guys get raped by sandniggers and jungleniggers in multiple wars. Good job.

>>380671580No. Our people exist only to hate the Russians. This has been the case for a millennium. We have no intention of changing our ways just because some anons here have a fad about loving a Russian monky.

>>380685757After we have not won a war in 50 years despite having overwhelming military supremacy, I do not think it wise to criticize a nation of like 3 million peasants that managed to shit on a Tripartite power for years in gorilla warfare in a country with no mountains.

>>380676560Last gasps of FSB as Finns finally end Finnlandisierung cuckery to moskal monke! (Or a literal nigger from Somalia who loves Russia) Russia already treats Finland as NATO member enemy target in its military operational strategies! Finns get all the negatives of NATO membership with none of the defensive guarantees. NATO only way to deter orc invasion by neobolshevist ryssät!

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>>380686313>After we have not won a war in 50 yearsUS hasn't declared a war since 1942 against Kingdoms of Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

>>380687112Yeah Finland also still has conscription and all its military training is against "aggressive unnamed nations in the east." It's ridiculous to expect Finns to support Russia.

>>380670378anyone remembers the lauren southern finn

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>>380687112Foreigners who know nothing about Finland and Russia will just ignore this guy as a ”Nato shill” anyway, but he is absolutely right. Colonel in the video served for 40 years in Finnish Intelligence all spent focused on working with the Russians to learn about them. He knows his shit. Disagreeing with him doesn’t change that.Must-watch for any foreigner who wants to understand our situation beyond 4chan and media nonsense.

>>380686152Historically illiterate perspective, there has been multiple times of hostility and multiple times of nothing but trade and peaceful coexistance, back in the day when Russia was founded by Rurik finno ugrics were very much respected by the slavs of the area for example, genetic studies of the rurikid dynasty imply that Rurik himself was a nord/finnic mutt