Alex Jones is poisoning the well with chemtrails again, he's doing an entire rant on his show today about it...

Alex Jones is poisoning the well with chemtrails again, he's doing an entire rant on his show today about it. If you asked him what the official version (which every scientist agrees with) is, he would open his mouth wide and call you a sheep and a shill. Conspiracy theorist is a religious cult, you cannot change their minds about anything. Shutting off your brain and skipping the official version is called "being redpilled" even though that's a bluepilled

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Literally just look up in the sky, dickhead.The trails persist and spread out into these characteristically thin, wispy sheets that do not correspond to any natural cloud formations.The technology is called SAI (Stratospheric Aerosol Injections) and it's been acknowledged by people like ex-CIA head, Brennan.The spraying has various functions, depending on the compounds used, from causing precipitation to reflecting sunlight (and causing temperature reduction).Ostensibly these are measures against climate change and not an attempt to poison people, but there may be collateral damage from inhalation of metal particles.

>>380670157alex is the best

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>>380670157They admit to chemteails now. Officially. They just call it marine cloud brightening and solar radiation management. Same exact chemicals and process as “chemtrails”. There’s millions of pages of scientific papers, university studies, and government treaties available online.

>>380670943The long trails and the short trails are both contrails. The long trails that linger for minutes or hours are caused by frozen water due to more humidity in that area.

>>380670943Those are contrails,take your meds.

>>380671175>time researched 5 minuteswow i just looked up the official explanation on reputed sources man

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>>380671340You can't argue with conspiracy theorists (narcissism). You on the left.

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>>380671472note that i did not spouse any point at allwew im a fanatic lel

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>>380672169Get over yourself.


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>>380670943>Ostensibly these are measures against climate changeOr maybe the thing causing the change.

>>380671374I would fuck Blaire’s bussy so hard

>>380670943>Literally just look up in the sky, dickhead.Seriously. It's obvious to see with your own eyes.

>>380671472Did you make that just for this thread? It’s terrible.

>>380670157Nobody can define what is a "Conspiracy Theory" or not, so the term "Conspiracy Theory" itself can be weaponized so as to narrow down the discussions of truth-seekers in relation to what is absurd and "well-poisoning" and "Conspiracy theory" and what is not.Also, shills use the term "conspiracy theory" to attempt to discredit truth seekers. It was invented by CIA.

It's probably weather manipulation to fuck up crop yields and drive up power/energy consumption.

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he’s always right you know tho

>>380670157yeah, he's a disinfo gatekeeper tells you 95% of the truth, he's a pied piper. Look out.

>> this faggot


>>380672443>You think only the short ones exist, look up in le sky dummy! See those long ones that linger there for minutes and hours and they form le clouds? Yeah that's right, BTFO!This is a classic strawman argument from chemtrailers.

>>380672484Feds aren't great with creativity.

>>380671238technically impossible from a high bypass jet engine. next shill please

hiw can you argue this look upthey admit theyre spraying brennancohen, many more admitted on video…

>>380672247>says the individual accuses others of narcissismlollmaoroflmao

>>380672933The case was just laid out succinctly over the airwaves, potentially millions will hear it. No amount of insulting random citizens on 4chan will change this fact, nigger that glows brighter than the Sun.

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>>380670157Why would they do "chemtrails" in a way that is visible for all nutters to see?

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>>380670157He mustve hit a nerve for you to post here, shill.

>>380673469Because they assume morons like you won't believe us anyway.

>>380673148And yet the official explanation (which you never looked into) is 100% accurate. You looked into the strawman argument version of the official explanation, but not the real one.

>>380672994You can have as many chemtrails as you want, but contrails are super long in the right conditions.

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>>380673469Because EVERYONE IS IN ON IT!!!

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>>380673821>>380670157Kill yourself shill

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>>380672766>Turning the frogs gay>Paper about the feminization of male fish due to pollution>Article about heavy metal pollution producing homosexual behavior in birdsNothing about frogs and his crazy man presentation is off-putting so clearly everything he says must be wrong.

>>380673821Don't care didn't ask keep seething.

>>380671472I liked your png. Not bad at all. But it seems like its you on the right.Chemtrails have been confirmed true for a very long time. Seems like shills didn't get the memo though, so normies like yourself continue to repeat their lines even today.

>>380671472>>380672484ai generated image

>>380673869The chemtrail thing might be real, but the topic is well-poisoned because chemtrailers think that the long trails that linger and form clouds over cities and airports are chemtrails. But those are the daily flight paths of normal commercial aircraft. Some days the exhaust freezes and forms "spider-webs" and "clouds" across the sky. Other times there is nothing, just short trails behind the aircraft. You will convince maybe 1 out of 50 conspiracy theorists, the rest love feeling smug about how they know more than "normies".

His chemtrail shilling drowns out any legitimate conversations about the weather modification industry.

>>380674067That's contrails in a place many planes travel through.

>>380674107Typical conspiracy theorist right here, doesn't care about the truth only what HE thinks the truth should be.

>>380675037Dude I live here that's a single plane I observed for hours, and contrails don't expand like this, ever, and don't leave shadows.

>>380674920And no one ever wonders why would the elite do the "chemtrails" in a way that is maximaly visible. You'd think they would do it in a form that is not visible at all. There would still be super long contrails in the sky, though, because that's how contrails are in the right conditions.

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>>380674920Tell us how thick a normal cloud has to be to make such visible shadows.

>>380675417>contrails don't expand like thisYes, they do. The shadow I know nothing about.

>>380671472What’s with you losers and the word loon lately? It’s so fucking gay.

>>380675135>multiple national governments literally admit it exists>"look at these stupid crazy narcissistic conspiracy theorists believing this shit"Your tactics are very lame nowadays. Your predecessors from a few years ago would at least try to be coherent in their movements. You just stumble around like a drunken frat boy at his first government contractor gig. Take another 9 minutes to respond so I know for sure you're going over your response with a superior.

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>>380670157ah, a fuckin shill thread, sweet

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>>380675699Contrails didn’t look like that in the 80s / 90s. Fact.

>>380675565If you're doing this for free you are even dumber than the paid shills.


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>>380670943>Literally just look up in the sky, dickhead.This.It's sunny like three days a year now. Everyone who flies commercial is guilty.

Actually chem trails poison the air, but I guess it will get into the well eventually

>>380675699Of course you ignore the shadow because you can't adress this, and you ignore the fact a single plane is running a bunch of parallel lines in the middle of nowhere, go fuck yourself.


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Alex Jones is a disinfo agent/conman.>59:30>the ADL is like hitler>the ADL aren't "real Jews", but pagans, and Orthodox Jews are good>Alex Jones: Muslims Run the Federal>"Rep. Ilhan Omar literally sounds like David Duke crossed with Hitler" - Alex>Alex Jones Visited by Mossad>Alex Jones Disrupts Pro Gun>The Chicoms are behind Jeffrey Epstein's blackmail>Palestinians are trying to take over your political>The ADL now is not even really pro Israel>The ADL are Nazis. The ADL are betrayers of>Alex Jones: I Don't Even Blame Israel for the Attack on the USS>Alex Jones and Jewish Jordan Maxwell blame whites/Germans for>"I'm proud to defend Netanyahu" - Alex

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>>380675902"source ?"Lol typical Reddit shill retard, I took those pictures, I live here you moron. This is located in Quebec province, Canada, near the Ontario border, up north.

haha out of all the bullshit he could circumvent his bullshit around in todays times he goes with .. chem trails? ... chem trails!??! who gives a fuck

>>380676137>I took those picturesDoubt. I don't trust anything you say.>This is located in Quebec province, Canada, near the Ontario border, up north.So? Nome a single thing this proves.

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>>380675714I've heard Jews use the word.

>>380670157>>380671175>>380671472>>380672247>>380672933>>380673821>>380674003>hey guys, not a military glownigger here, chemtrails are totally fake and gay and it's all just water from normal planes!>>380674920>well, chemtrails might be real, b-b-but it's well poisoned! so stop being a conspiratard and stop looking into it!!!!listen fucktard, I never thought about chemtrails until I was in Montana/South Dakota during last summer and for 3 days it was supposed to be "clear skies" with zero cloud cover, yet the entire sky was full of a silver haze>UHHHHHHHH WHY WOULD US GLOWNIGGERS DO THIS?1) research2) poison the interior of america3) glownigger blackop bullshit

>>380676111all that stuff about the adl is true they push degeneracy on jews they are anti semites

>>380670157uh they've been open about chemtrails since the obama administration. Clapper talked about it publicly. They claim it's climate related but it's really to bounce their DEWs off


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>>380676528> The shill don't trust me trusting my own eyes

>>380676111This guy sold out to the Jews so that he can have money, nobody is a bigger gritter than AJ. He says certain correct things like being pro-gun, while he convinces his audience that "we're winning" while we're losing. I think he really consciously sold out just for money and because he's a schizo and self-admitted narcissist (diagnosed too) so he needs a platform to open his mouth. His parents are said to be the ones in control, they are loons I think.None of this matters even if it's true because his audience likes him because he's a schizo just like him. Thieves like thieves, liars like liars, skeptics like skeptics and so-on.

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>>380670157>Doesn't name the Jews>Rants about chemtrailsThere is no better pairing in the conspiracy worldBe it Alex Jones, David Icke or Dave Cullen. NONE of these fuckers names the J E W S occupying our governments but they all keep the gay chemtrail disinfo psyop alive>"Ok, so where are those chemicals? Surely they'd fall on the ground for us to see? Or we could rent a plane and go grab samples directly? Any blueprints or load sheets you could shows where the chemicals are stored and launched on the plane?">"FUCK YOU!! DON'T RUIN MY GRIEFFING!! WE NEED TO SHUTDOWN AIR TRAVEL JUST LIKE THE GLOBALIST (NOT JEWS, I WON'T NAME THEM) WANT US TOO!!"

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>>380677152You have nothing just like I thought.

>>380671472>dunning-kruger: the infographic

>>380676918Not only that, there are companies who sell 'cloud seeding' and other weather modification services. This is just one low tier "conspiracy theory" that has come to light

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>>380676803>>UHHHHHHHH WHY WOULD US GLOWNIGGERS DO THIS?Why would they do it in a way that is visible?

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>>380670943>The trails persist and spread out into these characteristically thin, wispy sheets that do not correspond to any natural cloud formations.Nobody argues contrails are natural because jet planes aren't natural. You're directing attention away from OPs point about addressing all perspectives in favor of the most dramatic - in other words, you are not using reason to pursue truth, but rather rhetoric to pursue emotional activation.

>>380670157>chemtrailswhy doesn't he just talk about jet fuel additives instead?

>>380676944If the choices are chemtrails or jew hating then we surely are divided and conquered.

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>>380670943yeah bro, the point is he is making up a difficult to define fake news term to discuss the very real problem of air pollution caused by fuel additives he is changing the language to something that is wackadoodle when we have law and definitions for what is happening already

>>380677790Who said anything about "jew hating"? How about simply not lying whenever jews are involved with an issue?

>>380676918Irrelevant because the pictures chemtrailers are taking are not those things even if they do exist.

>>380677172>>380677256>the judeo-masonic terrorist ruling elite would not use airplanes to poison the interior ("flyover" country majority populated by Whites) of the country, while sparing the coastsok>>380677488because the chemistry of dropping massive amounts of metallic nanoparticles doesn't allow for invisibility, and it's easily obfiscated by claiming it's a contrail and utilizing the well established psyop of the "conspiratard" that the CIA created in 1960's - which is the ultimate linguistic killshotit's an easy obfuscation because most observed trails will actually be contrails

>>380671086Julian Assange tried to warn us.

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>>380677256Yep that's why mosanto is creating aluminium resistant crops

>>380670157Bruh, I work outside. Everytime its sunny, I come to work, and expect it to be cloudy. Why?Because as soon as I come to work, bunch of planes fly around, and cloudy mist that does not go away stays behind them. They make literal grids. Then, at end of day, whole sky is blocked with mist. Then, next day, its cleared up a bit. Planes keep planing, misty cloud comes back, then the day after it rains. It's been like this for 3 months now. And the cloudy mist comes down. Probably full of heavy metals, and heavy metal poisoning coincides with covid symptoms.

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Chemtrails are real OP. They admit it.

>>380670157I think Alex Jones came in pretty late with the chemtrail talk. Because other smaller youtube channels would talk about them non-stop. Most of those channels were banned and moved to Bitchute.

>>380678508geothermal engineering

>>380678508See the cloud next to plane line? Thats from the plane that flew by 30 mins earlier

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>>380678138How do you know Julian isn't a schizo? Why is he automatically the good guy if you agree with him, and the bad guy if you disagree? The conspiracy movement is filled with shills, schizo's, liars, you would be smart to not trust anyone. Alex Jones is one of the worst because you can just sit there and nod your head, I mean his audience doesn't challenge him and that's a fact.>Alex Jones was right abou ______! Major predictions!Meanwhile everything he is wrong about is left out. And that's most things. Everything is a cult and everyone is in a cult mindset these days. Everyone is an NPC.

>>380678751jet fuel additives

>>380678942Look at this clownery

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>>380678508>>380678592>>380678738what region are you in?I didnt think about chemtrails until O spent 3 days in the middle of Montana/South Dakota during last summer, in a supposedly "clear sunny day" and instead I got a miserable silver haze the whole time. There was obviously some metallic particulate dispersed into the atmosphere.

>>380678508This person has skipped past the entire thread and started it over again from the beginning so that the ball is in his court. Perfect hijacking.

>>380678086>>380678485Then shows the chemicals then.This isn't like Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory. In aviation every last screw is accounted for by several engineers, mechanics, pilot, load master, bean counter (the budget guys)...Nobody is citing a study of a study of a study from 50 years ago without personally visually checking and testing for a virus. Everyone in the entire aviation industry would have to know and be in on it. Do you realize how genuinely impossible that is?And you're already running away from the schizo "all clouds in the sky are chemtrails". Now it's only the clouds that are at times and places convenient to your narrative. Get fucked you jew wannabes.This another flat earth tier "conspiracy" to demoralize and defame real conspiracies.

Alex Jones, David Icke, etc are deradicalisers. When you say that the levers of power are completely out there and out of our control, not only will people tune out of trying to change anything but they will also feel less guilty about not doing anything because "even if I tried, I could never have done anything".

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>>380679050By the coast in Norway. I didnt even know it was a conspiracy theory. I noticed it a year ago during summer. Asked co-worker: why doesnt the lines dissappear like when I was a kid - but turns into mist?Co-worker: idkThen I went on conspiracy forum and asked, and they were on about us being gassed or whatever. I figured it was something they put in the fuel. >then I see Bill Gates talk about blocking sun>then I see Saudi Arabia bragging about cloud seeding

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>>380672310They prevent magnetic pole shift?

>>380676137No, I took them!See, authentic people, scientists etc. include all that information up front so others can independently verify or debunk their claims. Chemtrail people are long on conspiracy explanations, but for some reason they never organize enough to document their photographs with place/time/heading information that could be cross-references by planefags with flight databases to figure out what's going on or with weather databases etc..>nice try FBI I'm not revealing my locationSo drive away from your home for 20 minutes and eat a sammich before you start taking skyscape photos, if none of you make any effort to organize your data why should I give a shit?

>>380679100Bruh, They can just put shit into the fuel. You think people who fly planes look through rear view mirror? You think they fuel the planes?I even saw two planes flying right next to eachother and making these linea that turns into mist. Look at the mist next to the cloud. Its from the planes.

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>>380679100>In aviation every last screw is accounted for by several engineers, mechanics, pilot, load master, bean counter hol up>the judeo-masonic government and super-governmental entity that controls the printing of money and international banking system cannot have black-funds for their secret operationsdo you think 911 was done by sandniggers?jews and their masonic golems did 911jews and their masonic golems are committing White genocidewhy the fuck would this same entity not poison the air of middle america, where the majority of the remaining White population lives?this concern trolling about chemtrails is obvious glowniggery

>>380679616See the fluffy clouds? Thats from nature.See the lines? Thats from planes. See the mist? Thats from the lines.

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>>380670943FPBP>>380676111This in itself is Disinfo. Listen to him every day, listen to the American Journal. Mossad HAS Been getting called out for meddling and starting shit.>>380678508Norwegian Nigger is based.

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>>380679142Yes. A few weeks ago I was tuning into the AJ show, and he was about to go to a commercial, and he repeated some line he always repeats and it sounded totally automatic about how "we're defeating the globalists", it was then I realized that this guy isn't misinformed, he's acting and trying to convince his audience to do nothing (except give him money of course). >Alex Jones, David Icke, etc are deradicalisersI've read 4 of Icke's books, just to get a frame of reference, used to be a chemtrailer btw (didn't even look at the official version, just believed the conspiracy). I was casual about it, not extreme. I was young, and when you're in your 20's your ego is monolithic and you think everyone is a stupid sheep. Then I looked into the official version and it was convincing, then looked into it a few years later and it clicked that I need to start evaluating the things I believe. Lots of mainstream shit is BS, I'm skeptical of everything now but not a skeptic or conspiracy theorist.

>>380679616explain this: >>380679050go aheadgive me something with real explanatory powerI'll wait you worthless glownigger

>>380679938>This in itself is DisinfoHis own words are disinfo. Interesting.

>>380680128Show flag you stupid transvestite nigger.

>>380679739>Bruh, They can just put shit into the fuel.Do you realize turbine engines burn so hot that they need to structure them with holes so the flame doesn't melt the engine itself?Any chemical thrown in there is getting desintegrated.And if it doesn't then, you're free to show us a sample of said chemicals. They're so common it won't be hard to find.Think I'm going to start reddit spacing for attention like you glowniggers do.>>380679815Stay on topic schlomo. No goal post moving under my watch.

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>>380679938One more for you, based mutt

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>>380679468Every image you posted is a contrail created by commercial airplanes.

>>380670943dude let's just blast poison into the atmosphereit's global warming lmao


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>>380680266Then they have gasmachines or whatever. These lines didnt turn into mist 20 years ago. They fucked off after 10-15 minutes.

>>380673869I love that pic

>>380670157Chemtrails funny thing..I started believing in them when I saw a jet plane not leaving one behindBecause let me tell you something gotnothing stops your government for paying people and everyone has a price

>>380680422The entire sky is filled with this mist at the end of the day. Cant even see the normal clouds. And does commercial planes fly 2 planes next to eachother?

>>380677877There are chemicals in the contrailsand they're turning people gay.

>>380679931Fine, but non-responsive. Get together with other chemtrails worriers and organize your information, I do not care about individual trails. I grew up near an airport ago and contrails don't freak me out. If you wanna persuade people, organize your evidence. If you don't want to organize your evidence, then I don't care because your interpretations aren't worth shit.

>>380680489Literally called out Isreal the other day for war crimes. Go fuck yourself.

>>380680491>"Oh yeah, man those nazis had gas showers or whatever">"They turned my grandpa into a lampshade in 10-15 minutes"FuckOff

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>>380680513Look at my pics. The entire day, there were 3 planes that did not leave this mist behind them.

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>>380673469Because there are stupid people like you.

>>380680605>And does commercial planes fly 2 planes next to eachother?They don't.

>>380673869That's right goym. You must only believe in (((approved))) culturally acceptable conspiracy theories


>>380680696When he calls out the ADL he lies and says they're not really Jewish. How did he frame his criticism of Israel? And even if he did I don't see why you're dismissing a large list of examples of him clearly shilling.

>>380680618sure but there is existing law about putting toxins in jet fuel, so by using the term chemtrails you distract from the real issue and sound crazy where as if you had spoken in the usual legal terms what you want would sound entirely reasonable

>>380680869Insane conspiracies like flat Earth are put out there to discredit conspiracies as a whole in the minds of the public.

nothing to see here

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>>380681040I'm sorry the truth sounds crazy to you.

>>380678485Cannabis farmer here. Azomite is aluminum based. You'll know what I mean if you grow.Our soils are depleted from strip mining the soil via chemical agriculture. Aluminum is actually super common in the ground but organic matierials bind it up in nature. With us stripping the humus(organic) component of soils out of the ground and not adding them back in via a manure input like we used to for idk 6k+ years. the aluminum is freed and is now toxic since it is in a state not normally found in nature. You don't want to ingest aluminum it leads to all sorts of neuro disorders.

>>380681066That's true but as for the subject of this thread, Jones stated multiple times that arguing whether or not chemtrails are real is a distraction from doing something about it. He showed multiple government admissions of the programs.

>>380681250No. Only your reddit meme flag.

I'ts a tinfoil hat conspiracy

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>>380680696>Literally called out Isreal the other day for war crimesAnd now you are totally convinced that he's not supportive of Israel while he focuses attention away from Israel 99.99% of the time for the last 22+ years.

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>>380673869Brutal redpill: all the actual shady stuff the govt & elites do actually does IS schizophrenic fanfiction

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>>380681326aluminum oxide is not bad for your brain.

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>>380681303some language is good at effecting change, other language is good at preventing change, chemtrails as language, overall prevents change

>>380680105Not. My. Problem. I'm not here to alleviate your paranoia. Chemtrailfags will get taken seriously when they make the minimal effort to organize their information instead of just pointing at the sky.

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It's just my pimped exhaust pipe

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>>380678508I've seen this where I live as well.>sunny outside, sometimes not a cloud in the sky>grid pattern by what looks like military jets>2 hours pass>temperature drops by 15° and it's not dark and cloudyI've seen this happen exactly 15-20 times.

>>380670943>oh look a clouds are fake posterMeds jap, take them

>>380681805Most kiked thing I've read today.

>>380670157Imagine not being able to look up.

>>380682220yeah ok listen to the banker funded guy talking chemtrails and you don't wonder why he's so popular or why he uses the language he does, you deserve what you get clown

>>380680605>And does commercial planes fly 2 planes next to eachother?Organize your information. Take photos, keep a spreadsheet with time/place information (there is photo organizing software that can do this for you), cross reference it with plane flight databases which are open, or find a planefag who likes that stuff.I'm NOT saying you're wrong. I'm saying that if you actually care that about this then that's the effort you need to invest.

>>380681439>22 posts by this ID. Okay faggot. You do realize if he went full 14/88 he would not have been able to wake up millions of people? It takes time for someone to go from asleep to fully aware of the Ashkenazi psyops.

It's just normal traffick goy

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>>380682115*now ffs


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>>380682353>banker fundedliteral lie

>enter conspiracy thread>ad hom, ad hom, ad homNice arguments guys

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They add it to jetfuel. It goes through engines.High level (illuminati) planetary weather modification program and testing.

>>380682464Good start, now locate that is space and time.

>>380682676ok genius, how did Alex Jone's manager know enough to send him to sell bumper stickers in the waco parking lot? how was it Jones basically had inside information that the waco thing would escalate into a full blown women and children being burned to death thing? how did his manager know?

>but it's just condensed wateri can always tell where my friends went in the winter by following the trail of their breath

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>>380682429Same tired excuse is used EVERY TIME someone brings up proof of Jones' shilling. No one says he has to go "full 14/88". How about he just stops lying about issues which deals with jews?

>>380681865>>380681865exactly what I thought, worthless glownigger concern troll cant explain why a clear sunny summer day is ruined by a silver haze persisting in the atmosphere

>>380681753That image doesn't exist anywhere on the internet.

>>380683387he reads the lines hes paid to read

>>380683206like this ?

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>>380682665>a meme fagyou do it for free

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>>380680266>clearly layout the reality of the judeo-masonic order and its antiwhite project>logically there is no reason they wouldn't employ multiple modalities for achieving this, and that includes poisoning middle americans through airplane chemtrails>BUHHHHHHHHH UR SCHLOMO!!!! lazy and pathetic shit glowniggerprovide me a reason as to why the same entity that did 911 wouldnt poison flyover states in america?

>>380683796>you do it for freeyou don't shekelstein

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>>380683931>Moves goalpost

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>>380684355Now show your flag.


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>>380684359keep it moving

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>>380684419>Now show your flag.

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>>380673469>Normie sees it happening with his own two eyes. >(((MSM))) says to ignore. >Normie ignores evidence.Because they can get away with it. You've been eating nanoparticles for years too. FDA doesn't even require it to be anywhere in the ingredients. You are being experimented on all of the time.

>>380670157>antivaxxers leave>chemtrailers come back it’s almost as if they’re exactly the same peoplei knew this would happen years ago. which is why had time to prepare and i’m making money by milking these gullible retards. same with flat earthers btw. one threat dissipates or gets boring, another one takes its place and the same people falling for one bullshit are falling for another. if all goes well i’ll be able to buy another house end of summer.

>>380685028Chemtrails date back to the 40s, on record. And they admit it RIGHT NOW. They tell you everything they are doing then turn around and say it's not real.

>>380681753You are spreading disinfo. This has nothing to do with chemtrails or contrails.

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>>380684507>i can't find images on interwebz>If the interwebz don't haz them it's not realaluminum oxide is a hell of a drug

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>>380685263>it's just cloud seedingSo how does that work ?

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>>380685226yeah sure whatever gets me money at the end of the day, i’ll take it

>>380685487You're not trustworthy dude, the images you provide are put together to create a chemtrail narrative. >>380684597Can't even find this with reverse image search. No context.

>>380685028>>380685600>vaxxed gigagoyim is a shekel obsessed woodenheaded golempotteryget your boosters

>>380685487All your images are bullshit, this is an art exhibit. THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK!!! OOHHHH!!!

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>>380685645>those containers in airplanes mean nothing

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>>380685268Another image that you can't reverse image search.

>>380685913i should pay people like you spreading this crap but you're doing it FOR F R E Eand then i'd make less money

>>380686026None of these images have any context, looks like another environmental art display.

>>380686256They are literally telling you it's real. Cattle like you are getting us all killed.

>>380686170>the late stage DARPA black military project (the internet) after a decade of AI tuning and major jew controlled conglomerate internet companies censoring and curating search engines>why is this not helping me verify this conspiratorial subject in 2022???>>380686256get boosted you 6-7 figure peasant, you will never be elite

GEO ENGINEERINGIt's in google you lying fed fuckstain.

>>380680698I wish my ass was that fat

>>380685961> picture of containers in airplanes> "the pictures shows a group of kids at an art show"Imagine being so retarded that you believe a wrong description over your own eyes

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>>380686256Don't argue with the conspiracy theorists, they are being used for free to poison the well. These images have no context and you can't reverse image search most of them. I'm going to do an image search with the Merkel one, lets see if it exist (should be a common image), if not, then the group of people were photoshopped into the image. I already caught them in a lie, they posted cloud seeding on the bottom right...

>>380686360if I was a jewish sanhedrin I'd order EVERYTHING to maximize torment and horror on the goyimpoison them everywhere and in every way>>380686711>pea brained goy is trapped in the basic-tier CIA dialectic of "conspiracy theorists"NGMI

>>380682115I wish. It’s been that way for almost a decade here. It’s almost every day.

>>380671472You got completely BTFO

>>380686711>they posted cloud seeding on the bottom right...How does cloud seeding work brainlet ? To seed clouds they actually spray chemicals like aluminum oxide in the air to bond with water vapor.. Inhaling Aluminum oxide is toxic for humans and causes braindamage like alzheimer

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>>380682429He used to be honest about the JQ. Years ago. Had eustace mullins, Michael Collins piper, that Reverend Texe that was based AF.

>>380686170You're using google aren't you?

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>>380687323Oof, your entire narrative is failing with only seconds of reverse image searching.

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>>380687412These images are only located in chemtrail sites, there is no context to where the image came from. They are being used for chemtrail propaganda. I wonder how much money is behind sites like pic related and who is making those sites.

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>>380686360of course it's real, honeyotherwise you'd have nothing to fear and spend all your days in social media channels that i setup and get paid for while also selling you useless chink made shit at absolute disgusting markupsgoogle cloudbuster, and buy one.>>380686499idk i have an army of npcs financing my lifestyle and i don't even have to lift a finger because they're doing all the shilling and "research" themselves>>380686711it's important to occasionally argue with them to keep this shit alive. one day i'll tell them george soros funds all pilots to spray chemicals, one day i'll tell them it's a conspiracy. you just post once or twice for or against, and the retards will pick it up and spent hours of their days debating. you can also buy this service but it's kindled so fast that i don't have to do anything more than one or two sentences with a bait image.

>>380687595Can easily be explained that the images are likely leaks.Either way, you're dismissing everything they are TELLING YOU IS MOTHERFUCKING REAL because you used jewgle and read the deboonkers. You are cattle.