What's the deal with them?What's the difference between the different orders and rites?Are they Satanists?Are they Gnostics?Are Gnostics Satanists?Is Masonry Christian or anti-Christian?What governments do they control and at what levels?Are they behind the scenes controlling religions?

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>>380670001Was Jefferson a mason?

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>>380670001They were a decent brotherhood for learned men....200 years ago. The have be kabbalah-ized and comped in recent history. Freemasons are the ultimate "ends justify the means" pawns of the pedo Elite. 90% of them are also literal faggots.

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>>380670143Here's what the other Adams had to say about it.

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>>380670001The gnostic teachings were originally apart of the Bible and in truth is the missing teachings of Jesus. The masons were a group of people who wanted to get rid of the old corrupt monarchys in favor of rights for the nation's and people. Essentially proto nationalists but of course over time, they became corrupted themselves into what they are today. Just as the catholic church became corrupt and burned parts of Jesus teachings written by Thomas, the masons became corrupt and got rid of their nationalist purpose and became international.

>>380670759But the Gnostics, on this site anyways, express views like and act like Satanists.

>>380670419This makes him sound like a reasonable, he was in favor of the second national bank.Unlike his opponent, Andrew Jackson, who was a

>>380671053>you really think someone would do that>go on the internet and tell liesChances are very few people have ever met or conversed with a Gnostic Christian. They still teach of their persecutions and keep the faith insular. Posers and masons like to LARP though.

>>380670001They have gay orgies and worship baphomet

>>380670001615 S Crisp St, Uvalde, TX 78801Right across the street from the school.

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They are Boomers LARPing as the Illuminati.It is simply another of the numerous examples of the "Stepford-isation" of the American soul, which desperately wishes to present itself as more important than it has earned or deserves. And I can't help but feel that every incarnation of the Freemason movement is deeply pathetic.


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>>380671434You do realise that books didn't practically exist for several centuries after Christ?Where is any of this stuff found in a really old church liturgy, say for example in the East?

>>380670001They, like the jews worship saturn. Their left eye symbol is the egyptian symbol of Horus. Horus is also the god saturn.

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>>380671900Look for symbols of saturn on their little cabal. Perfect example is post-blackmail alex jones replacing the InfoWars logo with a black cube that spins.

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>>380671900>Horus is also the god saturnNo. They're not.

>>380671694Gnostic Christianity predates organized Christianity by almost a thousand years. The Vatican's forbidden library contains banned gospels, but other copies also exist and are kept secret/safe. You can handle your prejudices and misconceptions however you'd like. It was the Gnostic Christians that were able to discern the Fallen for what they are. First, I might add.

>>380672355>Source my ass>Also doesn't realise Orthodox operated independent of the Vatican and didn't give a fuck

>>380671053I have been studying it for a while and what most people here do not understand it's teachings. Infact I need to make a thread on x about this but yeah.

>>380672522Read more.

>>380672806>Read stuff the Vatican only has access tooSure thing!Anything else you'd like to pull out of your ass?More fanfiction?

>>380672354>no they're not>zero explanation of why notLol, lmao. Die in eternal fire kike. Saturn has lots of names and symbols.

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>>380673097Horus' counterpart is Mars, not Saturn.How's about not sucking at pagan theology?

>>380672354Even the kike freemasons at NASA agree.

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>>380672999As I stated before, the Forbidden library has their copies but others exist. Some are even online. Weak is the man who will not work for Knowledge.

>>380673249The jew's oldest trick is misdirection, and I'm not falling for it. Kek.

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>>380673315Mlk just means lord.>>380673343So you're just a bullshitter.

>>380673421So you're Jewish then?

>>3806700011, Freemasons claim to have a copy of the Book of Enoch longer than anyone else2. The Book of Enoch details the Watcher Angels - led by Samyaza and Azazel - who disobeyed orders not to interfere with mankind, took wives, taught magic and warcraft and were worshipped as Gods3. The Masonic hero Hiram Abiff was said to have found a copy of the Book of Enoch in a cave between two pillars when surveying the Temple Mount. Masons perform a lodge play upon reaching a certain degree which depicts this event. This lodge play was incorporated into Raiders of the Lost Ark by Steven Spielberg as the scene where the ark is discovered in the Well of Souls, the ark taking the place of the Book of Enoch4. The Freemason Rudyard Kipling retold the story of the Book of Enoch in his story "The Man Who Would Be King" about two ne-er do wells who venture to a primitive country to rule it as kings. They are mistaken for gods and one marries a native girl. Things go wrong and one is cast down a chasm and one is burned, the punishments reserved for Azazel and Samyaza in the Book of Enoch5. Azazel is known as Gadreel in Book 2 of Enoch. Gadreel means "builder or *mason* of God6. The occult book The Peacock King discusses Azazel's counterparts in other mythologies - Horus, Geshtu-E, Tubal Cain etc7. Tubal Cain is the password of a Master Mason8. Masons hold that their hero, Hiram Abiff, descended into hell to receive Tubal Cains hammer and a new magic word of power9. Masons worship Azazel. They lie and say they do not but it's really all smoke and mirrors. They eye of Horus is really the eye of Azazel. The G in the square and compass is for Gadreel. Azazel is Tubal Cain. He is the Man Who Would Be King who took a human wife and ruled as a God King before God cast him down. He is the antichrist scheduled to return and rule as a God King again.

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>>380670001Freemasons aren't Satanists but they can be if they want to be.

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>>380670001>FreemasonsIt's just judaism for goyim, they help eachother at the expense of nonmembers.

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>>380673632Solid post.

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>>380674125I think there's a little more to it than that.


>>380673606Kike. Lookit' them horus symbols wow always the left eye for the horus ones ayy lmao.

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>>380674335Sure there is a lot of lore and religious fillers into it but the bottom line is helping eachother. Don't get me wrong though, I don't think they are bad people. I've known quite a few.

>>380675015I'm not a kike. People doing hand gestures isn't proof of anything.Toddlers make funny hand gestures.

>>380673542A lord marked with the symbol of REMPHAN, also known as the god saturn. Ever wonder why kikes wear those funny little hats? They are emulating their Remphan-Marked Lord. >they sacrifice kids>every blood sacrifice story of gentiles is true

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>>380675358Pretty weak response. I thought kikes were supposed to be smart? Maybe it's all the inbreeding.

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>>380675453I don't know.I thought the so-called "Star of David" was an 1800s AD invention ripped off of some Turkish empire symbol.

>>380675630Nope. Kikes modified a sigil of solomon hoping to invoke saturn via the body of Molech-- the thing they marked with Remphan, the "star of David" as kikes claim.

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>>380675582This guy: >>380675453 doesn't think I'm a kike.Maybe you just need to relax.

>>380675855That's not a compass, it's a divider.

>>380670001They are gun-loving constitution writers that Americans will do anything to protect and worship.

>>380675882I touched grass and the kikes still appear to be genocidal god-cursed freaks. >picrel, this is the Chabad school sportsball logo, a bull within flames

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>>380675997>I've been found outShut the fuck up Moshe, lol.

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>>380675215They aren't bad people until they are. Once you rank up enough....2 suits, a camera, and a black sedan show up and you get a choice. And now you know why they are called the PedoElite.

>>380670001They built the

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>>380676334Reminder. NSA Q group caught them committing terrorism under Mossad instruction on CHILDREN.

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>>380670001they public freemasons are just a front/librarian kind of guys.vatican city is masonic, so are a lot of cults.

>>380675358>I'm not a kikethen you are worse than a kike, a brainwashed blind sheep, go kill yourself faggot

>>380673632Ok, so what about Samyaza? And what kind of beings are we really talking about? Giants? in, how is their DNA different than ours if they could mate with our women?

>>380677576Extradimensional beings cast down to our realm (the Fallen) - others followed of their own accord. Giants were the result of their unholy breeding with Man. >how is their DNA different than oursAsk Hillary Clinton or the others studying Gilgamesh's body.

>>380670001Organized crime by big nosed

>>380670001Masonry is occultist>inb4 “good occultism” or “occult means hidden”cope

>>380673632If 007 is azazel that means peachy is semyaza. Semyaza was their leader but iirc peachy survives the movie.

>>380677576>Ok, so what about Samyaza? ASamyaza is Satan. He's technically the leader of the fallen angels. In the Zohar, Samyaza took Adam's first wife Lilith and the child they conceived was Azazel. So he is the first god made flesh and therefore, according to Masons, the true Messiah. Remember when I said Azazel is the counterpart of Horus? Well Samyaza is the counterpart of Horus' father Osiris. And Lilith is the counterpart of Horus' mother Isis. Isis stole the true name of Ra and became a powerful witch. Lilith stole the true name of Yahweh and became a powerful witch. They are the same figure. Osiris is confined to the underworld just as Satan is confined to hell, for the moment. Horus rules is Osiris' stead. Azazel rules in Samyaza's stead. He is the god of this world and the Hebrews used to sacrifice two goats, one to Yahweh, the god above and one to Azazel, the god here. At the 32nd degree a Mason has the option to join the Royal Order of Jesters. Or rather he may be invited to join. The Royal Order of Jesters have a lodge play as part of the initiation. In it are featured two Jesters or Heralds - one called Laughter and one called T.Ale Bearer. When these two meet they are identically clothed and move identically. These two represent Christ and the Antichrist - Jesus and Azazel. You are meant to mistake the latter for the former, hence they dress and act the same. (see picrel)Essentially Azazel was the first Nephilim. As to how their DNA is different to ours, I have no idea, it's not discussed in any book I've read. However, if you watch the movie Prometheus by Ridley Scott, he tries to tackle this issue. He has "Engineers" (read angels) seeding life on this planet and giving rise to humanity. The beginning of the movie is literally the tale of the Sumerian Geshtu-E, one of the Igigi a third of whom rebelled against their masters (again like a third of the angels fell with Samyaza) and were ordered to create a slave race (humanity) to replace them.

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>>380679295>but iirc peachy survives the movieHe makes it back to the narrator (Rudyard Kipling) and tells him the story and then dies in a hospital from severe sunstroke (i.e. he was burned like Samyaza)

>>380677576>>380679295I highly recommend a look at

>>380672083You don't even know what Saturn isSaturn is the "prima material" or indifferentiated god archetype from which "gold" is produced through spiritual alchemy.>>380672354Horus' eye is the GREAT EYEYou could call it Kithras' or Dionysus' eye and it would be correct, too.Anyone want to know more? Read alchemy books like Evola's The Royal Tradition or Jung's Symbols of TransformationOG Christianity was NOT gnostic with "archons and demons" it was gnostic in the sense of KNOWING GOD DIRECTLY which is what true alchemy allowsWe are all both nature and divine, we are born with a spark of God in us "spirit" which you can interface with like Jakob Boheme, Meister Elkhart, or Brother Klaus did and wrote about.Fear of these things is the result of ignorance and a SEVERE dedication to dogma... Though I understand. Seeing the Face of God can be terrifying when he appears in all his Royal Awesome Glory.Jesus told you the kingdom of heaven is right here, and that you're gods. Do you think the Bible is literal? Have you read the Bible? Try it and wake the fuck up.

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>>380680311*Mithras' eyeJesus and Apollo and Helios and Horus are all the same message, anonSELF REALIZATION OR BUSTthat's where you'll find God.

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>>380679375>Remember when I said Azazel is the counterpart of Horus? Well Samyaza is the counterpart of Horus' father Osiris. And Lilith is the counterpart of Horus' mother Isis.This was also the story for nimrod, tammuz and semiramis. From this trinity came the Roman church trinity of god, Jesus and Mary.When Isaiah in the old testament mentions Lucifer, he's talking about nimrod.The old testament is based. The new testament is freemasonic as fuck.

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>>380672522Fool>>380672355Yeah, Nah Hammadi threw them for a loop but I'm glad it happened. These parables are invaluable for anyone struggling with WHY OH WHY is there so much evil if God is supposedly Good?Well, do you know what God is?Do you know what Man is?

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>>380680657>This was also the story for nimrod, tammuz and semiramis.Yes, those are another three counterparts.> From this trinity came the Roman church trinity of god, Jesus and Mary.This doesn't explain the vitriolic hatred towards Catholicism by Freemasons

>>380670001"Freemasonry is a road to nowhere, a clown-factory." - Joseph Gregory Hallett, King of England, Christ-Messiah, MashiachAll occult orders safeguard varying degrees of prophetic writings etc. Access to the manuscripts is hierarchical. Lower masons get themselves compromised by their "brothers" while seeking higher knowledge and status. They end up being pawns to fulfill "the Great Work," which is a well-intentioned, grand design that requires a constant supply of self-interested, evil actors. Ignorance is, afterall, the root of all evil. Think of them as clandestine operatives following very specific orders without knowing the end-product. Rosicruscianism is superior to Freemasonry, which are both subordinate to the Priori de Scion. Pic related is the Rosicruscian cosmography, which was drawn by Sir Walter Raleigh, based on the Book of Predictions written by Jesus, and names Joseph Gregory Hallett as Christ. 600+ years ago. 99% of masons have no clue. They have merely been acting as Vatican pawns. Maybe they know the "Queen" is fake but they still take orders from the same people she does. They abide by the adage of not casting pearls before swine, but theyve become the biggest swine by corrupting the teachings secrets of human biomagnetism between man and woman with nigger faggotry. educate yourself.

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>>380681499>Catholics vs freemasonsAny perceived hatred is likely the light and the dark of the masonic pavement fighting in a never ending battle in which neither side will ever win or lose since one can't exist without the other.Or the Roman church at some point forgot it's esoteric trinity and began worshipping the exoteric, thus prompting the manifestation of the Jesuits, which now have full control of the church

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>>380681499What we find ourselves in, what we call clownworld, is actually ourselves being mass initiated into the mystery schools. We are being locked in the chamber of reflection initiation. We are being shrouded in darkness so we willlingly step into the (false) light when it arrives.Those of us who have woken up to all the corruption and world of lies will have to wait patiently while the normies are slowly administered the red pills so they don't shit the bed and panic.The satanic Babylonian black dragons vs the lucifarian theosophical (false) light worshippers are in a fake war. And Lucifer will defeat satan as it says in the book of revelation.

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>>380684548Like in star wars. Luke Skywalker (a thinly veiled name change of Lucifer morningstar), with the help of Han solo (who is azazel some have commented) overcomes 'daarth' vader.The sephirot of the tree of life are only half the story...

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>>380686173...The qlipoth of the tree of death are the hidden degrees of freemasonry/kabbalah.

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>>380686173Indeed, Darth Vader is Jesus - chosen one, prophesied to come, born miraculously, talks to temple elders as a kid, storms the same temple as an adult etc etc. Has a Second Coming as Kylo Ren "here to finish what you started" as he says to Vader's helmet in the film. Arrives descending through clouds. Wields a fiery cross. Lucas took these figures and cast them in his own story, and even took the first century Judaea as the backdrop of events. Order 66 is 66AD outbreak of the Jewish War with the Romans. Jedda is Masada, the Jewish mountain fortress which was destroyed by the Romans. He even filched some ideas from the earlier Maccabees too. When Luke goes beneath an AT-AT and slashes it with his lightsaber in the belly, he is emulating Eleazar who threw himself under a Seleucid war elephant and stabbed it in the belly with his sword at the battle of Ben Zechariah.


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>>380670001all you need to know isdon't worry, they are the good guysplease just don't worry


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>>380686334Expand on the qlipoth pleaseWhat is this evil side?>>380686860In context of Vader in extremely curious.Is this the knowledge of good and evil? What does it mean in , exactly?