FBI catfishes lonely LOSER repeatedly trying to get him to TERRORIST attack

holy fuck incel bros it’s literally every angle of life fucking with us trying to find love

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>>380669819>he repeatedly talked her out of it >herno egirls

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>>380669819He looks like a chud so he would have done something eventually. How is it wrong for the FBI to encourage him to reveal his true nature in a safe and controlled environment?


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>>380670305chuds are only white, you stupid drunk island ape.

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>>380669819>muslim name NOVL

wtf they really are groomers

>>380669819It does make me wonder how much crime would go down if we ended the FBI, CIA, and the war on drugs.

>>380670987The US federal agencies including the FBI directly protect elite child sex trafficking networks.Go look up the Franklin coverup.

>>380671386sorry but boogeymen are required to push the agenda, remember "serial Killers" that were everywhere before we installed our survaillance state? now they are completely gone when they were a news staple for DECADES

>>380670305>He looks like a chud so he would have done something eventually.

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>>380669819>ErzaJewBut yes, if feds can't get you to do their bidding, they'll plant shit on you like guns or CP and get you arrested.


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>>380669819i hope burgers finnaly start shooting jews for their criminal activityits been 2000 years and they havent change a bit>23 Then spake Jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples,>2 Saying The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat:>3 All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.>4 For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.>5 But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments,>6 And love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues,>7 And greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi.>8 But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.>13 But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.>14 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation.>15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.>Rabbinic Judaism (Hebrew: יהדות רבנית, romanized: Yahadut Rabanit), also called Rabbinism, Rabbinicism, or Judaism espoused by the Rabbanites, has been the mainstream form of Judaism since the 6th century CE, after the codification of the Babylonian Talmud. Rabbinic Judaism has its roots in Pharisaic Judaism and is based on the belief that Moses at Mount Sinai received both the Written Torah (Torah she-be-Khetav) and the Oral Torah (Torah she-be-al Peh) from God.

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>>380669819Daily reminder that the FBI grooms and sponsors domestic terrorism. Your tax dollars hard at work.

>>380670305let me introduce you to "grooming".psychologically manipulating a mentally ill person should be a crime. no body of government should have that power, you inbred liberal/jew

>>380669819this just shows that Muslims aren't born terrorists but are manipulatively created by Jewish puppets

>>380669819>no link

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>>380669819>be zoomer>just want to get laid>the fbi converts you to islam in order to use you in a plot to get more fundingWas she hot?

>>380669819I’ve actually seen a lot of videos of this guy talking about his experience and prison life, he’s very well spoken and interesting.

>huh. no way

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>>380669819Sounds like Ruby Ridge

>>380675345And user's wonder why I call everyone that calls for violence a glownigger ;this should also be proof that it's the glowniggers that are behind the sudden rise in mass shootings

>>380672160It's not even an argument anymore


>herquit reading fuck off feds , die in a fire jesus christ is king and everything else can suck my cock.


>>380670305Found the F.A.G.S.FedsActivelyGroomingShooters

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>>380670305>He looks like a chud so he would have done something eventually. How is it wrong for the FBI to encourage him to reveal his true nature in a safe and controlled environment?

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>>380669819>tfw no fed gf

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Do feds have to go through ERP training to sound like women? I can tell if a person is a man by the way they type.

>>380675835>the sudden rise in mass shootingsIs there even actually a "sudden rise" in mass shootings? In a nation of a third of a billion people, shit is going to be happening SOMEWHERE in it all the time. The (((media))) just picks what they want to hype up.

>>380669819Let's say that glowies do something awful to you and you have no recompense whatsoever. Do they really care if their targets fly off the handle or self-destruct? Not really. It's a win-win for them. Targets are either duped into committing crimes or retaliating, which of course, does wonders to discredit people who are harassed or ensnared by glowies.

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>>380677395IDK, it's strange how everyone of these shooters had direct contact with Federal agents Doesn't take a rocket scientist to add 2 and 2

>>380669819>FBI catfished pizza GUY>agent tried to get HIM to commit crime>He repeatedly talked HER out of itNow, I'm no High School Teenage Girl, but the He says She Says here is a bit off.

>>380670691that got so memoryholed that no outcome was ever made public


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>>380671574or the finders family, or nvxim

>>380670305It used to be called entrapment.

>>380676315You're really making the world a better place, aren't you FAGS?

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>>380669819Not surprised


>>380678255>It used to be called entrapment.Now it's called a promotion.

>>380669819The most awful part about it is like, first of all, nobody will bring it up to joe biden in any public appearance.... joe barely takes any questions in the first place. Second of all, you tell them about this kind of stuff and they already know about it. It's part of the plan don't worry. Like what the fuck

>>380678255Entrapment is when Law Enforcement uses money as a way to incentivize breaking the law. It's how they can get away with using drugs as an incentive to motivate druggies into breaking the law.

>>380677740It reads that the FBI agent (pretending to be female, the 'her') attempted to talk him (chud) into terrorist acts. Instead, he (the chud) talked the FBI 'her' into not doing it. 'nah, you do not want to blow up that school bus, lets just get together and fuck instead'. But I'm not seeing anything that suggests any of this story is true. So who knows.

>>380669819>Khalil Abu Rayyan

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>>380675835I also often call for violence in the USA, just because it's beneficial for my country

>>380679040That makes you a glownigger by proxy

>>380669819How can I tell if my FBI agent is female and make her my gf

>>380679352They don't let women do cyber work

>>380675835Eh. Im no glownigger i just accept the fact that obscene acts of violence need to be committed in order to change things at this point. Cia fbi atf. Fed govt in general. Its the only language they seem to understand. And everybody knows they dont represent us. Voting doesnt seem to work. So why is it such a wild idea? I get what you mean but you cant rule all of em out.

>>380669819>only human contact you get during your awful life is a fed posing as the only woman that ever gave you a chance

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>>380669819Many such cases

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>>380669819didnt netflix do a documentary on this

>>380678755I always thought entrapment was situations where the cops entice people to break the law when that wasn’t their plan of action.Cop in plain clothes pretending to have a hurt leg and calling for someone to jaywalk over to help him. Only to serve the guy a ticket for jaywalking. Even though he wasn’t even going to cross the street until the cop asked him to. Under false pretenses.

>>380670305>hes a nigger so hes gonna do something eventually>lynches the nigger

>>380671574>The US federal agencies including the FBI directly protect elite child sex trafficking networks.We have ledal records, sworn testimony, and now photographic evidence of them doing precisely this. Here they are, covering up for a child sex trafficker unlike any the world has ever known.

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>>380679418>Eh. Im no glowniggerspoken like a true glownigger

>>380669819>the thing that's happened 1000 times before is>LE COMPLETELY INSANEFBI is almost certainly involved in many of these recent attacks. Their glowing fingerprints is all over it.

this makes me think of how the suburbs of Detroit have both Dearborn, which is super muslim, and (((Bloomfield))). no violence between the two. the feds had to try to manufacture itif America stopped giving unlimited money and weapons to Israel, Israel would just figure out how to get along. they already work with the arab countries that are against Iran. any claims that the religious differences make peace impossible is total bullshit.

>>380670305He chose to not be a psycho and they still arrested him...

>>380679352They all pretend to be girls, but you're really talking to Agent Ramirez.

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>>380679492No, look it up, it's always been about financial gain

>>380675345What would happen if you took the glowniggers money and then did nothing with it?

>>380674084twitter.com/ezraklein/status/1395040771049279488?lang=en2017 story, posted by (((Ezra))) last year

>>380669819The FBI is an evil, subhuman terrorist organization and everyone working for the FBI is your enemy.

>>380670987Yes, that is precisely what they are. Groomers, and terrorists.

>>380679648Believe what you want. Its not like im advocating killing civilians. Im talking specifically about the govt. Thats like being a white guy and saying whites need to die. Or a black hating his own people.

>>380672379Probably not dude. I mean I know you're right but we're mostly cowards and we're very comfortable. Life is easy on America. We lost our teeth when we move here. I see people in Europe and they're a little different from us. I look at you the way a house dog looks at wolf. If I did something like, not only would I get killed instantly by police who do nothing when niggers riot, but no fellow Americans would help me. They would just sit there eating Arby's and watching porn. The Jews got us by the balls dude. In my opinion the only way out is to pretend to be a globohomo, infiltrate and subvert the institutions back. I'm sure some people are already doing this but if you do anything overt you'll just be crushed and you'll cause the walls to close in even closer.

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>>380669819How do I know a woman is a Fed spook? I basically never interact with women. Should I assume that any woman that starts being friendly with me is an agent?

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>>380679996That's exactly what a glownigger would say


>>380680135Yeah women never talk to me either so if one ever acknowledges that I'm alive I know that something is off and she has an ulterior motive.

>>380669819Good. I think law enforcement isn't doing enough 'intelligence work' when it comes to incel terrorism

The real tragedy of pic related is that violent criminals tend to attack their own race. There is a horrific black on black genocide going on right here, right now, but our racist media and government won't acknowledge, perhaps because they want it to continue?

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>>380680135>Should I assume that any woman that starts being friendly with me is an agent?Considering all women are mean bitches from hell now, what do you think?


>>380669819Am I retarded or does this headline not make sense? >He repeatedly talked her out of it????????

>>380680806stop having a stroke


>>380669819and this is why i stay off of dating apps, you either get ghosted, no responses or very delayed responses, and rarely even go on dates. and then you got the catfish fed niggers trying to push you oover the edge at the same time. ya save some time and dont do dating apps, go join a hiking club or some shit and meet a girl there. coming from a guy with no game whatsover online but never have too much trouble IRL

>>380680787Only a glownigger would be so blatant without fear of reprisal

>>380679663>they already work with the arab countries that are against IranIsrael was(probably is) selling Iran Military Equipment from US facilities. The Israeli arms-dealers openly talked about it, but Iran denied it because they couldn't let their citizens know they were actually cool with Israel.

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>>380680873I mean if you read the heaadldifgnewiognweifgnweiogeqgihwiogh2eiohgi2oeg

>>380677945The local Sheriff's office got so fed up with the FBI they decided they received an anonymous tip and raided the place

>>380681255Wasn't the site mysteriously bulldozed soon after?

>>380669819He was arrested for illegal gun possession prior to talking to the fed roastie. Then bought another gun. Jesus frucking christ at least they got this sandtard quickly.

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>>380670305According to the CIA's cold war era filesThe FBI was totally and completely compromised by foreign intelligence agents , and its so bad and unfixable they just started black listing the FBI from any actually important piece of informationThe last file I read on it said, this problem was n ever solved and thye just swept it under the rug so we can assume this is still an active problemYou really can just think of the FBI like a branch of the russian or chinese governmen desu

I don't even know what the last good thing the FBI did, it seems like making domestic terrorists to bust is literally the only thing they do.

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>>380680928Cmon do domestic terrorism already.

>>380677395There isn't a rise in mass shootings (gang warfare massacres, drive-bys, etc. typically number about ~200-300 per year), but there is a noticeable increase in these specific kinds of shootings (civilian targets - schools/churches/stores/etc).Of course, all the ranting about gun control is missing the forest for the trees - asking ourselves WHY so many young men are becoming self-destructive (because admitting the answer would be admitting that society is failing them and failing in general).


>>380681683I farted, the smell could technically count as terrorism

>>380681255Where’s the link to the fbi?

>>380681718Well yeah, they set shit up then yell "AHA! GOTCHA!" I didn't really notice how regular it was until the Whitmer kidnapping, now it's all I see.


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>>380681940They only "bust" the ones they couldn't talk into going on a rampage

>>380681710because the why is "we want it"


>>380681940I’m making a collage.

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>>380681564Ah yes, the cold war. USA's reward for helping Russia destroy Nazism in Europe.

>>380669819Yeah, that's literally every mass shooting, the FBI literally plans and executes them and doesn't even hide it. I guarantee you find out that the Uvalde police who wouldn't let anyone in the school had a few chats with the feds themselves.

>>380682215Gee wiz, who could be behind all these mass shooting lately? Such the mystery

>>380682103Fair point.>>380682215Godspeed user.

>>380682215Oh wow. It's surreal how close to home the USA has a literal enemy actively murdering them in their own land. It's happening right in daylight, in front of them and no one notices it.

The thing is with todays tech you can identify things before they happen so what the fuck is the point of this. are they fucking retarded.

>>380681092this is u

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FBI needs be disbanded

>>380682671Trump was pretty open about calling the glowies treasonous but he was also too impotent or lazy to do anything about it until they ultimately overthrew him after four years of open sedition. At this point the country is getting more and more destabilized by the day so I don't know if any reform even matters at this point.

>>380682215Nice. Add a news clip about the (((planned))) governor Whitmer kidnapping.

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>>380682671It's like the Taliban, but state-funded and protected and everybody pretends they're a crime-fighting organization instead of a terror cell.

>>380682871The USA can't disband the FBI because it's not working for them.>>380682956I am sorry, gringo friend. These are some difficult times for all of us. Stay strong and stay safe.

>>380670305Salaam alaikum, my name is Abdul Hamsiraji Al-Filibiyni.I’m a 21 year old Filipino (Tagalog) Mujahid (Jihadi for you infidels). I read the Qur'an and Chechen training manuals on my tablet, and spend my days perfecting my sword skills and listening to superior Nasheeds by asda Media Group.I train with my /unregistered firearm/ every day, this superior weapon can cut clean through kevlar because it is made by Russian slaves in rusting factories and is vastly superior to any other firearm on earth. I have been getting better every day.I speak Arabic fluently. I know everything about Islamic history and usul al fiqh, which I follow 100%.When I get my Chinese visa, I am crossing the border into Chechnya to attend a prestigious terrorist training camp to fight the Kadyrovites apostate dogs.I own several Islamic head bands, which I wear around town. I want to get used to wearing them before I move to Chechnya, so I can fit in easier.Wish me luck in Kyiv!!

>>380669819>He posted images of the terror group's atrocities on social media, a gruesome montage that included the beheadings of Coptic Christians, the burning death of a Jordanian pilot and men being thrown from high-rise rooftops for suspected homosexuality.Don't care.

There also must be a certain bias against Muslims involved on it, maybe because of his beard.Grooming awareness thread:>>380679990

>>380679663>any claims that the religious differences make peace impossible is total bullshitNobody says its impossible its just hard abd always has been. Some amount of treason has to happen for arabs and Israelis to cooperate.

>>380670691oh snap, I missed that angle on a mainstream news source. wow.

>>380683275I am friends with numerous atomwaffen division branch in north america they all want to join azov battalion, we speak on numerous secure platforms such as whatsapp, telegram and discord. Would you like to get in contact with them?

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>>380683437Atomwaffen is a fed/glowie group. Leave!

>>380670987they always have been. sexy crimes/busts bring in the promotions and funding so that is what they have to create since there aren't enough real ones.

>>380669819This is ridiculous but I can't even laugh about it, it's just so fucked up on multiple levels. Fuck this country man.


>>380669819why is the FBI trying to get people to do terror operations? Aren't they suppose to prevent that kind stuff?

>>380683086Thanks. Was just looking for a good headline for that.

>>380683774billable hours

>>380669819>He blustered that he once had contemplated shooting up a church near his pizza shop and he didn't intend to spare the women and children.Hopefully they waterboarded him.

>>380683774Money. They need to justify their existence somehow and they don’t want to be reduced to Indian reservation homicide and vice detectives.

>>380679492>entrapmentI think you're right. >The act of government agents or officials that induces a person to commit a crime he or she is not previously disposed to commit.>Entrapment is a defense to criminal charges when it is established that the agent or official originated the idea of the crime and induced the accused to engage in it. If the crime was promoted by a private person who has no connection to the government. Of course they could use financial gain as the lure.

>>380681650They do the same thing with drugs by using games and mobile aps. Imagine that you traded in-game cosmetics with another player, only to receive an unsolicited package of illegal drugs--then they've got you.

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>>380683886what? >>380684067Don't they earn enough money? And isn't there enough people always planning to do bad shit and they have more then enough to do? This shit don't make sense. What the fuck

>>380678263Tell us about your national security since Brandon was thrusted into office without reguard to your national security. Is that how it's supposed to work, you fucking gangsters?

>>380679783get arrested for gun possession apparently.that is if this twitter rando isnt full of shit

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>>380669819>>380683774>>380683886>>380684067>"Its one of the biggest [churches] in Detroit," Rayyan wrote. "i had it planned out ... i bought a bunch of bullets. I practiced a lot with [the gun]. I practiced reloading and unloading. But my dad searched my car one day and he found everything. He found the gun ... and bulletes (sic) and a mask i was going to wear. .. It wouldve been [a] blood bath but everything happens for a reason ... I dont no (sic) what the future leads. Maybe down the line i can try again."He literally planned and bought supplies to shoot up a church, I don't give a fuck that they catfished him. He's clearly a lunatic and radical Muslim. If he wasn't a Muslim CNN wouldn't have written this sob story.

>>380684183Screwed up quote last line continues: >, it is not entrapment.

>>380681940They get busted about half the time, the other half they get killed. As others have pointed out - see Ruby Ridge.>be Randy Weaver>you and your wife think society is kind of fucked>move family out to Idaho to live innawoods>you get in a land dispute with a local kike>you overwhelmingly win dispute in court>kike writes the feds telling them you threatened to kill the president>feds investigate you>find nothing, but don't like some of the people you hang out with>fed informant convinces you to saw a shotgun for him>AHA! THAT SHOTGUN IS 0.2" TOO SHORT!>feds threaten you with weapons charges unless you agree to infiltrate a supremacist militia for them>tell them no>tell them to charge you or fuck off>feds tell the court you're a notorious bank robber so they can get an indictment>a dozen feds with itchy trigger fingers wearing camo and carrying automatic weapons run out into the woods to bring you in>they see your dog, son, and friend hunting in the woods and open fire on them>your son and his dog are killed>they lay siege to your house>they get shoot-on-sight orders>you go out to mourn the body of your dead son>a sniper shoots you and kills your wife while she holds your ten month old baby>surrender>be acquitted of any wrong doing>still serve 16 months in jail for missing your bullshit court hearing

>>380681564And now CIA is under control of foreign governments and domestic commies.

>>380684325>twitter randojournalist

>>380684438Ah so they are the modern mafia under control of the Jew.

>>380669819guess now that they're not funneling them into isis..

>>380684438>journalistDamn, he just died last month too.

>>380684385that makes it worse you fucking retard. Instead of watching him, THEY WERE TRYING TO GOAD HIM INTO DOING OTHER THINGS

>>380684067bingo>Gee fellow glowniggers. The useless eaters are too pacified these days. We're gonna get budget cuts like a motherfucker.>What if we simply... alleviate those problems. Some people... just need a push.

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>>380681397Very soon afterward. Impossible to have searched for and cataloged evidence.

>>380683774The US is about to realize that they have been irreversably blacked, browned, and yellowed.There is about to be a massive market crash followed by authoritarian reforms and civil unrest.They are removing whites from police and military too, every gun they get out of white hands will be one less problem when they go full ZOG.As bad as that sounds, think about us. We'll be fighting off the brown hordes with assault spoons and harsh language. Time to apply for a hunting license...

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>>380684879>>journalistDunno how that got in there, ignore.

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>>380684246It's a lot easier for agents sitting in an office yo concoct a crime, then convince some dumbfuck on the internet to go along with it, than it is to actually go out and investigate real criminal plans and crimes.

>>380684246>And isn't there enough people always planning to do bad shit and they have more then enough to do?That has much more to do with threat detection and management. They try to avoid creating crimes directly and would rather manage the resolution of their bait traps and investigations.


The FBI has become a guild of stalking abusers. It needs to be reformed.

>>380669819Since when is telling the feds to fuck off while owning guns a crime? And why are feds trying to cause the thing they're supposedly employed to prevent?

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>>380675964Not only that, it was a well-known 'harvesting' tactic even before 9/11. There's a bunch of shit I think people think 'just came up' when, in fact, it's been going on FOREVER.

>>380682067>hey kid.>wanna shoot kids and innocent people??

Attached: FBI REPORTING FOR DOOTIE.jpg (1280x720, 79.06K)

>>380684879barely three weeks ago - surprised there was as little discussion as there was

>>380670305Have you guys ever hear of entrapment over there?

>>380685093>were jewish>were

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>>380669819When are we going to see some based DA bring a prosecution for terrorism against FBI agents? What is special about the FBI that they can groom suggestible kids to plan acts of terror, and provide them with support to commit such acts? How does that make them different from an ISIS cell? "Oh no, we never intended to blow the building up, we just wanted to catch terrorists just like you".

>>380685281They need crime outside regular cops payroll to keep flowing and they won't hesitate to glow to make it happen.

>>380669819Remember fellers US has quotas when it comes to FBI and cops.


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Where are the whistleblowers? Is there not a single good person willing to pull back the curtain on this rotten game they play?

>>380671574Baseless claims like this are why no one takes you people seriously. This site is a fucking joke.

>>380682215>There's four more in the Capitol of DC. Sittin' there just like me but I had to be chosen to do the dirty work and talk.governmentpropaganda.net/floyd-ray-roseberry-another-staged-event-by-the-fbi-to-usurp-more-power-over-the-serfs/Floyd Ray Roseberry. Had convenient never-talked-about accomplices that convinced him to do a thing he obviously didn't want to do. Quickly memory-holed...

>>380685455Still are. I'm sure it's a mere coincidence how many members of the EU founders and commission seats are related to high ranking bolsjeviks.They're laughing even harder than the churka you posted.

I've been saying in other threads that we shouldn't give up permanent liberty in response to unusual tragedy. Maybe we similarly shouldn't hire catfishing stalkers in response to unusual tragedy.Let a little more risk into society and we can clean up some of our government's civil rights abuses.

>>380670305Chuds aren't real.

>>380672379You leave the queen out of it.

>>380670987That's what we've been trying to tell you for the last 40 years buddy

>>380671619Lol there are tons of bNigger serial murders in cities faggot. Just because you don't hear about them does not mean they went away.

>>380675835Shooting up schools or random civs is glownigger shit but idk how someone lighting up Quantico or Langley could be anything other than heroic

>>380685814They're real.

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>>380685607they have.but unless its on the news, a lot of normies wont believe it.but thanks to media going absolutely apeshit with trump and covid, more and more people have gotten into schizo levels of distrust in them.

>>380670987No shit

>>380675835I don't directly attributed shootings or terrorism to glowies. The left likes to use the phrase 'justice involved.' I think that most shooters, terrorists or other criminals are 'justice involved' long before they do anything.

>>380669819Sounds like what they tried to do with Randy Weaver when he wouldn't be an informant for the feds. SOP for the deep state goons.

>>380679492Your definition is more accurate than the person you're responding to. It doesn't even have to involve a tangible quid-pro-quo and can simply be pressuring someone into doing something. In most states, it's doing anything that would turn a non-criminal into a criminal. Sounds subjective but there are usually some objective tests than can be be applied in a formal legal setting.


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This is why I won't associate with anyone on the left globally, its all mental illness and entitlement.Their feeels made them feel entitled to do this to him. They're immoral corupt psychopaths.

>>380686482No. Not all of the are the Antifa types of criminals. Some of them are mentally vulnerable individuals who had their mental vulnerability exploited by the feds to commit crimesCheck the grooming awareness thread:>>380679990

>>380670305>He looks like a chudAnother example right here of why the West is in such shit shape.

>>380670691And the subway shooter was detained in 2018 by the FBI, for a matter in New Mexico. That was in 2018!

>>380686902Describing someone as "entitled" doesn't provide useful insights into the situation, especially when people just do things when they feel entitled to do these things, not when they do NOT feel entitled to these things

>>380685629>baseless claimsLook into the franklin scandal, you fucking imbecile


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>>380686306This shit reminds me of my sister, try to give her good advice out of highschool to not study isms and sleep around. Nope I'm just a misoginist, now shes an unfit 30+ roastie with student debt and a simp boyfriend who she doesn't respect.Bet that'll work out just fine.Don't help the left they'll just shit on you for trying.

>>380669819I'm 99% sure that the CIA tried to groom me in 2015.>Got catfished>Talked to her "brother" a lot>He said he was in the CIA and would send me different proofs of it>Had people watching me during very late night hours>They learned I wasn't autistic and that I just swore like a sailor because that's how I was raised>Literally ghosted me after finding out I didn't have a mental issue and that I had a high IQ>I just had 0 confidence with women at that point in my life, and very easy to manipulate because I was sheltered as fuckThere were a few people I'd talk to, when I wasn't talking to her. They'd all try to convince me to do illegal shit to see what they could get me to do. I never did shit and always had good morals to the point one of them started to drink himself to death because he said he was feeling like an evil henchman. I had no idea what he was referring to, but after seeing this shit I honestly think they were trying to get me to do something and I'd always say the morally correct thing. I ended up being a therapist type figure for some of them and got told a few things I probably shouldn't have heard. They were telling me about covid and vaccines back in 2014.

>>380687237I know that feel, i have two sisters with similar mindsets.You can just watch them degrade in slow motion, and they'll only double down on the denial.It's the most demoralizing thing to me, watching family completely ignore the obvious hell we're all headed towards.I try to encourage people here, but i honestly expect that suicide will be my conclusion, this world is fake and gay.

>fbi entrapping shitskins wow based how do i join the fbi?

>>3806874482015* for that last part

>>380679418youtube.com/watch?v=T6pT6KfLDV8The only thing that will make them see sense.

Join my chat, please:>>380685988

>>380687448Bro i think you might just be a schizo. I mean that unironically, your message reads like a schizo rant.

>>380687734I'm being serious.

>>380682215>>380682401No you don't get it, they encourage people to do things to then catch them before they do it.The reason is because they then are the hero that stopped somthing they created. It's ensuring they get a budget increase when in reality they should get less since islamic terrorism has slowed down.It's always about money.

>>380678764Read the article, that's pretty much it. He was a dude who got a bad hand in life, owned a gun to protect himself, got caught with weed, lost the handgun, decided to larp to vent his anger, fed tried to turn his larping into a real thing by catfishing him.


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has there ever been terrorism in america and the fbi didn't do it?

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