Try to predict the next BIG mass shooting (date or place)

try to predict the next BIG mass shooting (date or place)

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>>380669547School . No brainer choice

>>380669716u retard

>>380669547Alva, Oklahoma. February 9th, 2023, 5:45PM.

Sinclair South Carolina, October 15th 10:47AM EST.Roll for the year

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>>380669547Adam lanza always makes me laugh every time I see him

>>380669547>>380669716>School.No brainer choicebitch, no matter how crazy someone is it will never make sense when you glowfags send in some middle-aged ugly tranny into a classroom where he doesn't know ANYONE, has NO connection to the school or the kids, and opens fire without any demands or manifesto whatsoever.You god damned demons are LITERALLY BRAIN DEAD. YOU'RE DIGGING YOUR OWN GRAVES.

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>>380669547Nice try, FBI

Your mom's pussy, ass, tits, and mouth,

>>380669547A politician. Glowniggers will have to step up their game to accelerate the gun ban due to the stagnation happening with congress's bill. They will just need an elected official to be the sacrificial lamb this time.

>>380670348Funny how every glow thread dies whenever I post this image. Subhumans.

>>380669547Imagine the headache if you accidentally guess right.

>>380669547A fag pride parade, or meetup.

>>380669547Program a bot to read Twitter and Facebook or TikTok's of kids being bullied.Read the bullied kids profile, check if he's keeping his head above the water or spinning downward into a spiral without support.If spinning downward, monitor for the next 6 months for potential shooting threats.Did I win?

>>380669547DMV or Car dealership.

>>380669547your ass

>>380669547There will be a shooting at a pride parade, this will accelerate gun control laws, all of America will cry for it, The Senate will have no choice but to unanimously push for it to save face.

>>380669547Not on any political or banking avenue. Not near the elite on any way.Just guessing, since this has never happened.

>>380669547My dick all over your mother ass and face, it will be a massacre of sperm cells and I will devastate her ass

>>380672793and then the U.S. government would be overthrown in a single night>m-m-muh militaryWill be helping civilians and not pedophiles in D.C.

>>380669547There will be a shooting up your pussy. You'll become preggers.

The moon

Oklahoma, they've been in the news lately for tranny and abortion laws, some fed will want to play around there

>>380669547TomorrowAll states

>>380673028you won't do shit and you know it

>>380669547well, i think we can safely remove locations with strict gun laws

>>380669547Grooming awareness thread:>>380669722


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try guessing the date u faggots, whole point of this thread, high chances of a shooting happening this month

>>380669547June 13th. A parade in Kansas. You’ve been warned


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>>380669547i expect a 'russian' minecrafting alocalgaypride over anukraine flag in the happening but it is too obvious?

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>>380674034I think its just warming up for the big one

>>380669547Why does he look surprised in all the photos?

>>380669547This post glows.

>>380673774My family of military vets with arsenals bigger than most police departments will certainly be doing something if gun confiscation occurs. Feds can fuck around and find out.

>>380669547it will be after the Supreme Court releases the decision on Roe later this month. it will be in Washington DC, at the Supreme Court. Antifas will show up armed, charge the building kidnap the justices and publicly execute the ones they don't like right there on the steps. nobody will do shit about it. that's my call.

>>380669547Shalom, fed.

>>380669547Black Mesa Research Facility, Arizona. May 16, 20XX

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>>380669547somewhere in fuckin floridain two weeksthat's usually what happens

>>380669547The Orion cluster, Sept 26th 2234 @ 7:13 PM

Probably this summer in the midst of the Roe v Wade unrest.

>>380675000checked and marked on calendar

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>>380674993Florida or Texas they switch between those two mostly

>>380669547Trans on kids and spare the white share one thing, Berserk eclipse like ritual, trans on kids was based on 21 sacramentos ritual btw.

>>380670779THIS. Has to be a republican. Probably Kemp or Abbot.

>>380674966I don't get it.

>>380674993Post yfw another Orlando fag bar gets shot up on Anne Frank's birthday

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>>380669547Any purple state that are not mainstream or well-known before like Oklahoma. Screencap this

>>3806754451. Leave Ukraine2. Buy Half-Life or Black Mesa for 6 million Rubles on Steam

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>>380675210They better stay the fuck away from FL.. DeSantis Isn't fucking around right now.


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>>380675906that's it.

>>380675906try predicting the kill count for bonus points

>>380675605I think they will pull the biggest ones yet something like Vegas but it will have to be a blue city to pull off something that big

>>38067607333 dead

>>380676015Around 100 enough that they will get gun control passedthat many dead niggers would get it done

>>380677688>that many dead niggers would get it doneespecially if Clarence Thomas were one of them.


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>>380669547I cannot predict a shooting, but I can predict a mass shitting in your bed when me and a few India bros come over to your house tomorrow.

>>380669716>School . No brainer choiceschools out for the summer lad... gonna be a daycare, or a movie theatre. its gonna be soon, probably this week or weekend. The Long Arm of the Left is turning the heat up and pushing these shootings closer and closer together. This is the new playbook by the left, since they know they are failing big time in the polls, they want to create such mass hysteria, find a way to blame it on Republicans, to hopefully boost their points for the november election. You will see LOTS of gaslighting on the news and media soon about taking new bills down the line and the Republicans always voting them down. Gun Control, Taxes, Inflation, all sorts of things the demmicrats actually did and put in place, the demmicrats are now going to try to "vote on policy changes" in a rush and hurried fashion and the Republicans will vote them down like gun control, ect. Then the demmicrats will constantly harp on and on about how the Republicans are voting down all these new measures and the Republicans wont allow for change and the Republicans are the ones causing these mass shootings.The Long Arm of the Left works in weird ways, they create the problems, they hype the hysteria around the problems, they pretend to be the savior that can fix the problems, they put a bill together that is full of pork and fuck-all and when the republicans vote no, the demmicrats harp on and on about how the repubs wont pass their bills. Then the mass hysteria continues.

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>>380669547>when the only shot you're willing to take is a bullet

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>>380673973Someone challenge Hogg to a DDR dance off


>>380669547Nice try glowie. If i predict it correctly you faggots show up at my house and arrest me so thanks but no thanks.

>>380669547Fuck off fed

>>380669931you gonna get V&

>>380681280you must be 18 years old or older to post on 4chan

I cannot tell you how I know.Draw a 400 mile radius around Camp Peary and Harvey Point.Strange things are afoot!

>>380669547year: this yearplace: Portlandevent: pridedate: fuck knows, date is last two numbers of post ID if under 30, last single number if over 30.perpetrator: GLOWED Holla Forumstrad autist

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>>380681849guess it's june 9 th

>>380670120you wont do shit

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>>380669547Gang shooting in south side Chicago, IL Friday night

NJ, VA, NC and PA will have major FFs this summer.Cap this...or not!

If I had any prediction for entertainment purposes. I would say New York City and a synagogue.

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>>3806695472 weeks after I talk to one on any board but Holla Forums.Talked to Stephan Balliet on Holla ForumsTalked to Robert Aaron Long on /gif/Talked to Payton Gendron on /gif/Talked to Beebo on /adv/Talked to Tawhid brothers on OmegleSo maybe I made them do it by talking to them once.

>>380669547some ghetto in detroit in about 30m.

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>>380683362DONT TALK TO ME

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>>380685184You'll be alright,

Chimcongo. Tonight. And everynight for that matter.

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gonna get v& for this one but if I was a potential shooter I’d wait for a shooting and then shoot up the kids when they stage a walkout protest. you could attack from across the street in the back of a van or from a tree line and potentially even get away with it.

>>380669547Probably at the movies. Its suspicious they actually made a good movie (top gun) They know how to but choose not to, so why now?