I think most women are fundamentally valueless and act in a self-serving way with no regard for the needs of others...

I think most women are fundamentally valueless and act in a self-serving way with no regard for the needs of others. I was cheated on by a girl I wanted to marry and it opened my eyes to how heartless, cold and manipulative even the sweetest girl can be when she has factored you out of her value calculus. For me, getting mixed up with that girl was more trouble than it was worth. I will probably die with the mental disease that she inflicted on me. I just want to cry when I see happy people now. She left me 10 years ago

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>>380669401Damn she could get it

>>380669401This topic is not very interesting.

>>380669401Women are for raising kids and organising the household. If you find the right one, she will take a load of stresses off your life so you can focus on the things men are good at, which is longer term planning for your family. Women are wired to be the most redpilled of all. Despite everything they say, they are hugely opportunistic. They will love you for as long as she doesn't get it into her head she can do better. user, I went through the same experience roughly 14 years ago. There's good women out there but they're all wired the same to some degree

>>380669746It is if you've lived through it.

>as long as she doesn't get it into her head she can do better.I don't know how to avoid this and the mortification of experiencing it done to you by someone you want to spend your entire life with is too much to bear. I can't stomach the thought of giving that power to another woman, it actually makes my stomach turn to think about it. It's actually sick, she might as well have murdered me and she's just off living her "best life" somewhere.


>>380669401>I think most women are fundamentally valueless and act in a self-serving way with no regard for the needs of others.That's because you got brainwashed by the incel cult sweetie, you don't actually meet or talk to women you instead copy/paste incel propaganda to your brain. >>380670157

>>380669401damn thats mad sounds like a (you) problem tho

>>380669401Also you have that image on your computer that means you're obsessed with women and would die for a girlfriend.

>>380670523>That's because you got brainwashed by the incel cult sweetie, you don't actually meet or talk to women you instead copy/paste incel propaganda to your brainthis is just factually wrong

>>380670835I don't believe you. There is a direct correlation between incels and lying.

>>380669401you are weakthat isn't what women want or needyou should have dominated her more

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>>380670978My story is literally in OP. I live in Los Angeles and I'm 30, literally all of girls I know and have known have been retarded whores

Women's value is based around their ability to make babies. If they choose not to then they are about as valuable as a retarded male with muscular dystrophy. I say women who choose not to breed should be conscripted into a new all female branch of the military. Their job is to sweep minefields by hand.

>>380669401Bro, you had a bad relationship, to actually believe that 50% of the human population is evil based off of one retarded woman is incredibly stupid. Would you believe all men were violent based off of one mugging? Get off of Holla Forums, it’s just a bunch of doomer wizards down here who probably have never touched grass. Good woman exist, go out and find one.

Women have no repercussions for their actions. Read that again. Now you understand

>>380670434>noooo having to be resposible???? nooooo thats giving power to the woman!!!! fuck i just wanna play video games and make more whores getting my dick wet

Someone post the green text about women going through everyday life worrying at the most about what to eat or wear and then becoming jealous when they see men accomplishing things

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>>380671556I don't think you understand or empathize with the trauma I've experienced. 100% likely you haven't felt the same if you're willing to condescend like that. I'm afraid of loving another woman because I had my heart ripped out and stomped on

>>380669401>I will probably die with the mental disease that she inflicted on me.grab an N95, go to a covid19 ward or near an infected person you know and with a jar, trap a sick person's breath, go near her and release that jar on her face. Alternatively, you can track down a monkeypox infected person and take something that infected person touched and proceed to rub that to her skin.

>>380670434I learned this the hard way through that experience like yours with the first girl I loved and then things started falling apart with my wife (although we are in a great relationship now). We aren't that far removed from our ape ancestors. Women are wired to only respect strength, it takes a lot of conscious power to override that. Much like how men are with fertile looking women. If you set up your own frame that you need her and you're her only option then it's unattractive on a subconscious level.

Don't talk about your problems to women. They just want ammunition.

>>380669401welcome to the club. if you (mistakenly) trusted women to begin with, thats gone forever now. best of luck in your future endeavors.

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>>380669401This is "but all men are the same' tier levels of cope


>>380672191Eh. Fine. Hopefully her skin doesn't come off with friction.

>>380671319>good women existnope.

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>>380670434Stop being such a cuck. She is right to leave you bacuase you are obvious a weak man

>>380669401>Crying for a decade like a cuckWho wouldnt leave you. Pathetic retards don't pull women.

>>380670096>Women are wired to be the most redpilled of all.Blatantly false.

>>380669401I feel you on a spiritual level brother, exact same situation. I hate women so much bros.

>>380669401>She left me 10 years ago>i'm still posting paragraphs about itI think she made the right call lmao

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>>380669401dude.I've been married 28 years to only one woman.I can tell you this:You never trust them.You manage them.The trick is finding one that you find worth the trouble.

>>380669401the incel life always proves to be better than all it's alternatives in the end

Youre just hurt and need to get over it and move onLike a dog from a shelter, they think all humans are bad, but just need a little love to get back to normal

>>380672805I second this. Women want to believe the world isn't a hostile place, and hide behind their men when they finally accept that it isn't.

>>380669401You should be over it by now.


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Check out how slav girls behaveHint: it's genetic>>380671852>>380671852

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>>380672805You see it show through sometimes, especially when it comes to protecting their children. Don't forget the women who fedposted irl at school board meetings.

>>380673468you somehow managed to make this thread even more boring

>>380673278>>380673431>biological unit must only experience grieving behavior for X time units

>>38066940110 years? grow some fucking balls you pussy, no wonder she cheated on you>>380671721roley poley

It sucks you sadly found a worthless cunt with no father in her life but there is still a rare handful of woman who actually care.. I hope you find happiness in your life again..

>>380673810It's not like he lost a family member, he's "grieving" over a cunt that literally betrayed him. He should consider himself lucky that the bitch showed her true colors before he got married to her, had kids with her, etc.

>>380674059>X type of personal loss should not exceed the grieving units of Y type of loss

>>380669401>one person betrayed me therefore 4,000,000,000 people are badOkay?

>>380674059this. op is the kind of dumbfuck who wifes a hoe, gets half his shit taken and is still wondering why this happened to him 5 years later

Good women are very few and far between. Like, it's legitimately a fucking wasteland out there right now. It's fucking incredible how the value of the standard woman has been driven into the ground in the last decade. I count my lucky stars that I met my wife when I did, looking for a girl in this dating climate basically reads like a fool's errand.Although it's hard to quantify, I'd bet that at this point in history, women are the most self-entitled they've ever been. It's pretty fucking crazy when you think about it actually: we're basically doing them a massive favor by not just enslaving them, then they treat men (and the world, which is built by men) like trash. They walk around like the own the place, and somehow completely forget that at any point, if so inclined, men could easily band together and have them all chained up in their respective kitchen for cooking and an occasional hate-fuck.My wife was mostly raised by her dad, and although she's still a woman and prone to saying/doing stupid shit occasionally, I find her immensely more tolerable than other women. Her sister on the other hand, was raised by her mom and is one of the most insufferable people I've ever met.What I'm curious about is where this myth of "women being the fairer sex" even came from? From what we've seen, we know that kids who grow up without fathers are basically doomed to be fuck-ups, yet is there any similar statistic for single fathers? No. Because single fathers can still be capable parents. The idea that women are "good in the home" is essentially just a lie to tell them so they don't have to cope with the reality of them being kinda shitty at everything they do.

>>380672805>>380673271They are, you just don't get how they think. They're in it for themselves. They are hugely opportunistic.

>women>peoplekek. they can't think, user - they're women. don't blame them. even if they could think, in theory they'd be ruined by propaganda anyways.

>>380669401>I just want to cry when I see happy people nowumm.. >She left me 10 years agoumm... what?

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>>380674597I'm married but I think most women are still decent. Most women aren't cheaters.

>>380674725I can think. I have my own independent thoughts and feelings. But maybe it's just the asperger's.

>>380669401Get help

>>380669401I feel like the kind if person that dwells on a breakup for TEN FUCKING YEARS is the kind of person that deserves to be broken up with for being a pussy. Grow up, get game, get laid, cry less to people that don't care. Either you fail and deserve it or some tough advice will change that.

>>380669401Constructive advice, OP. You have clinical depression, which just means your left and right brain don’t communicate like they should and emotional trauma doesn’t get processed like it should. Look up TMS treatment. And also there’s shrooms (seriously).

>>380669401Take the pill user.positivedisintegration.com/Read the Revolt of the masses.Start reading and add lifting if you haven't already.

>>380674913>but I think most women are still decentI think it's easy to get that perspective if you're happily married, since chances are the women that you interreact with (your wife and her family) will tend to be closer in values to you than some random hoe off the street. You end up getting a bit of a bias because you're around respectable women more often. Apart from her sister, the women in my wife's family are all fairly conservative/traditionally valued.Go to like, a club or a bar for a night and just talk to random girls all night. The results will speak for themselves.

>>380675197>>380674059>>380673811>>380672802>>380672658>inexperienced children >psychopaths >children pretending to be psychopaths It’s one of the three, kiddos.

>>380669401Women have taken this behavior as far as it could go. There is only so much of the jumping from man to man that can happen before it backfires. I'm not saying that men are going to rise up or fight it or anything (though that may happen), I mean women are finding themselves empty. There are only so many times you can have feelings for someone before you're empty. They have spread those feelings among dozens or even hundreds of people so a lot of women are now just empty shells acting out what they think they should feel while not enjoying or loving anything. This is leading to a societywide crisis in women that are chronically depressed and sad. They don't find joy in anything and that's worse than any man fighting back against women's behavior. They are doing it to themselves.Yes, I'm talking about not being able to pair bond but it's much worse than that. Women are feeling despair and they have no idea how to get out of it. So they jump onto the next man but it doesn't help so they blame him, ruin that relationship and the problem only worsens...

>>380674059I'm not really grieving over her, I agree with you that it's fortunate I didn't end up saddled with her forever. I'm grieving for my lost ability to trust women. It's gone forever

One of my bf's best friend's long term gf broke up with him and got married to her ex. He swears off dating and says she broke his heart. But that friend showed everyone naked pics of her when they were dating without her permission, though. So in conclusion men can't love and their trauma is shallow as a shower. I bet you treated her like crap similarly

>>380669401>>380670381>ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!Nobody cares about your experience with the opposite sex. You don’t speak for all men and she doesn’t speak for all women.

>>380675335Best advice in the entire thread. OP, you are unwell and most normal people get over this shit for the most part after 10 years.

>>380675813weak bait

>>380675599>t. gigasimp>

>>380675375I'm just thinking of the overall stats. My personal experience hasnt been that great. I used to date a girl in high school for 2 years and we had a great thing going, talked about marriage and kids. The plan was to marry after uni when I had a full time job. Except when we got to college she saw how much Chad dick there was around so she very coldly dumped me and very quickly moved on for the new chapter in her life. She tried to rekindle things when we got to around age 30 but she didn't know I was already with a family etc, she's poor and miserable and nobody is interested in her anymore. I actually got to show her pics of my huge home and kids during small talk and she did the whole fake 'I'm so happy for you' shit. My wife and I have had our ups and downs but she's been good for me. Stuck with me when I was unemployed for a bit. It was during our bad times it finally clicked about women's nature and I managed to salvage our relationship. We've been good for years now. On the whole, I think women are decent but you have to know how to treat them.

>>380675335thanks user. It's actually been nearly 10 years since I've done mushrooms as well so maybe that's my problem

>>380676054Then find another thread. Nobody is forcing you to stay here

>>380669401It's OK to be sad, but for 10 years? That's a you problem. You get back to living your life and have some different rules you apply in other relationships to make sure you don't get hurt again.

>>380669401man up nigger, stop being a whiny little cunt and learn to not to think of women as if they were men

>>380676577What do I think of them as? Heartless, dangerous cunts?


Man up, pop a b-vitamin and get big.

>>380669401Why are women constantly oiling themselves up. What are they, lizards?

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>>380669401>no blue eyesInto the trash she goes.

>>380673156That's not what I meant. But you need to reframe how you understand women. You can't treat them like they're your only option and you need them, it's unattractive and it's actually not masculine. The masculine attitude is that you have options and your behaviours indicate to her that you can find new pussy. There's nothing more unattractive to a woman than a man that can't get other women.


>another women threadok, juden.

>>380677481This is retarded, what about when you're an evolved european male whose ancestors haven't lived outside of strict monogamy for probably 1000 yearsWhen I was in a committed, longterm relationship there was a literal 0% chance that I was going to cheat on my girl, because I hold myself responsible for my own actions

>>380676735>What do I think of them as? Heartless, dangerous cunts?yes, that's what they are. also remember that they are retarded so treat them like children until they obey, the man is the one that leads in a relationship. if your woman doesn't behave, don't waste your time, cum inside her and find a better bitch

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>>380669401Men and women seek relationships strictly on sexual instead of emotional support.

>>380675335>>380675599>Noooo.. Why won't you cry like a woman over a whore for 10 years you psychopath. How about you fix this problem with more drugs?Weak men are the reason the west is falling. Women can smell it and she was right to leave him. Let this be a lesson for him the women are mental children and have no agency. For almost the entirety of the human civlization they were handed off from one authoritu figure (father) to the next (husband). They should be treated unironically like pet dogs or children and not on the same footing as men, despite the effort made by men to treat them as equal

>>380677936>>380677481but what you're saying is that if my gf or wife somehow senses correctly that I'm not going to cheat on her, that will somehow downgrade me as a man in her eyes.

>>3806717216 get!

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>>380669401imagine being such a bitch that you let a woman dictate your level of happiness lolimagine being a kike shill who makes slide threadskys

>>380679092I'm not generally unhappy, just when I think about the enormous gulf between my mental state and that of someone who can maintain a healthy sexual/emotional relationship w/ the opposite sex

>>380672805This. Women follow the crowd no matter how wrong or self-destructive.


>>380679950Well fuck


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>>380669401If you are a motivated and hard working young male (or should I say mule) you are considerably better off just using that male energy to take care of and advance yourself. Pairing with a modern brainwashed woman today to start a family is too high a risk. That's just ironclad fact, and you disregard it at your own peril.

>>380669401Everyone answering this thread without saging is retarded.You dumb fucking morons fall for the most simple baits.sage the fucking slide thread you faggots.

>>380669401>10 years agoHave sex mang.

>>380671721Ok roll first time. Which one do I get?

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>>380669401So do the same thing. Realize women are empty soulless cunts that only crave to be filled. A womans entire attitude revolves around her vagina. If she's horny she's nice, anything else >:(

>>380669401I don't care, man.Just feed me factoids on DizzyKitten.

>>380671721Roll second time. Is it based on second your post appears or on post number ID thingy?

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>>380669623She looks really mean. Would not bang

>>380683083lmfaooo look how many (You)'s I got though. This shits going in my cringe folder

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>>380669401>snake earringsI hate to be that guy but if you can't see red flags like this you are better off going with the hymen test (no hymen = no marriage). Any redflag is worth careful consideration, multiple red flags are a deal breaker

>>380671721Rolling in a shit women hate thread

>>380671721rollan for 5