You Niggers said that the vax was bad and was causing strokes to people. It was Holla Forums sperg as always! The bad hearth conditions are caused by a cause totally unrelated recently discovered.>Scientists have detected a new type of extremely reactive substance in the Earth's atmosphere that could pose a threat to human health, as well as the global climate. The research team claims that the hydrotrioxides are likely to be able to penetrate into tiny airborne particles, known as aerosols, which pose a health hazard and can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. I'm stopping to believe Holla Forums bullshit from now

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How convenient they found this chemical to explain the sharp increase in respiratory and heart disease that happened shortly after the vax rollout


>>380669777COVID is fake and the vaccine is fake, easier to poison the whole world with toxic aerosols

>>380669341did they name this "new chemical" ?

>>380669341The goyim cattle will believe it

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>>380669341>trioxideSo ozone, basically. Yeah, we know that stuff is shit. It also decays extremely quickly and likely never reaches your lungs.

>>380669341"Trioxides" are Ozone. Do we bring back the CFCs now?

>>380669341>yeah we've been wrong about every iteration of "climate change" for a hundred years >yeah we openly talk about using these panics to achieve political goals >yeah we've been caught lying about literally everything for a decade straight now and we just pretend it didn't happen >yeah we haven't changed at all and we have every reason to invent new lies when the old lies don't stoke the same fear>but we're not lying this time

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okayi'll just be over here, continuing to not be vaxxed

>>380670122Zyklon C

>>380669341>Goyim the ozone layer is very important you must sacrifice your race for ozone>Trioxides are dangerous!>Ozone is O3

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>>380669341> trioxide> have 3 O atomsyou know who's the target of this blatant astroturfingand funniest thing, NPCs still won't know what they're talking about, but> muh sciencerinos



>>380670692They're bad to breathe, but good high up in the atmosphere to keep out high energy rays.

>>380670507Fucking this.>Mfw I've been saying the masks are for the pollution they spray in the air

>>380670811>Le doublethink

>>380669341can't possibly have anything to do with the crap they're spraying all over the sky every morning, can it?

>>380669777this, like always. with bonus points for climate change

>>380670916Refrigerants are bad for you, but I sure do like having a fridge and AC.Don't be contrarian, you're just being retarded.


Bill gates quoted in 2015 " if we get a successful vaccination program underway, we can reduce the worlds population by around 10%

>>380669341>Heart issues unrelated to experimental therapy pushed on everyone>ACTUALLY ITS HECKIN CLIMATE CHANGE>1pbtidgayest post I've read all day

How convenient that scientists find a new chemical in the atmosphere after they inject Gene altering substances into the population.

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>>380671105Couldn't we reach the same result by nuking switzerland while they host the WEF?

>>380670104>Coping vaxxed coward

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>>380670692doesnt the -ide part mean something different or sone shit

>>380671246It's on a literal mountain, and they're rich as fuck. I'm sure Dr. Evil has a bunker there.

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>>380671099>Imagine not being able to detect obvious sarcasm. Meds should be barred from this website.

>>380669777Checked and correct

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>>380669341This is the nanotechnology for movie plotholes.Created an explainable shitshow, use the magic of nanotech to fix it.

>>380669341>identify and name substance that's always been present in the atmosphere>claim the recent increase in respiratory and heart disease is due to this substance... which has always been present in the atmosphereRetards are gonna retard.

Wow, it causes the same ailments as the vax AND causes global warming? MASK UP FOR LIFE WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR

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>>380670576Not that it matters, because you’re a retardBut Arrhenius figured out climate change in the 19th century

>>380671390i am speading freshnews,what's ur problem if i use a sarcasm thread?

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>>380669341>new kind trioxideIt's just fucking ozone, isn't it?

>>380670525>>trioxideI wonder when they will start to blame oxidane for blood clots

>>380671131Constant ingestion of fluoride has made you incapable of detecting sarcasm, sad.

>>380669341Surely you could fly a bunch of detectors on commercial airliners and pinpoint the source of this in no time (hint: Its probably china or western polymer producers)

>>380669341Wow fortunately I don't have the urge to feel validated.

>>380671246I want to subscribe to your newsletter.

>>380671021I'm just shit posting user>Haha I was only pretending to be retarded!

>>380669341>stupid asshole spray shit in the sky>people get sick>hurf durf why do people get sickMaybe stop proving people right about chemicals and shit.

>>380671660No, It is new kind of ozone caused by global warming and winter vaginaYou have to eat the bugs take vaxx and live in pod to stop formation of that shit

>>380669341Took this long to find it, kek

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>>380669341Debunked already my nigger

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>>380671886ah fuck m8, we're screwed.Time to chop off my dick and pray to black inventors. That should stop the new super-ozone.

>>380669777>holy checkAmazing it only effects the cattle low IQ retards who got the clot shot too. Don't look into anything though chuds or you're racist homophobic antisemitic assholes if you do who kill children!!!

>>380669341>scientists discover ozone in the atmospherehas science gone too far?

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>>380670122It already has a name because its not really novel in any sense, its organic hydrotrioxides. Basically an organic group with a -OOO-H on it, its a whole range of familiar compunds.

>>380671660I'm waiting when they start blaming everything on hydrogen dioxide and truly showing they are negative IQ microcephalic shit for brains.

>>380669341So they just found this, huh?

>>380672346It's literally stupid assholes blaming ozone for VAIDS and quite literal retards believing shit.

>>380672065Sorry chud, but correlation doesn't mean causation.

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>>380669341now that the medical industry successfully oppressed western people, all the tyrants are trying to spin their bullshit as a public health crisis

>>380672512Of fucking course it's swedenistan saying this stupid shit. The only faggots more obnoxious then you lot are leafs and aussies.

That's it, time to cut off my penis and kneel to blacks, I'm gonna eat bugs now. Thank God for kneel dagrass tieson and his science. I can't believe white people did this. I love jews now.

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>>380669341I welcome global warming, because if true it will literally burn this clown world, so how can we Holla Forumscels help accelerate global warming destroying clown world?

>>380669341I wouldn't mind dissolving your body in a barrel with trioxides.

>>380671315Yeah it means the O3 is attached to some other atom. Ozone is O3 by itself

>>380669341You believers are all fucked.

>>380669341Oh so they're acknowledging the uptick in cardiovascular disease, and trying to point away from their social and biomedical experiment and twords the thing they been trying to use to establish a global government.

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>>380669341I trust my own instincts over 'science'

>could be>most likelyAh yes, "science" folks.

>>380669341O2 is highly reactive...


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lol, all this crazy shit going on in what should be normally healthy people is "caused" by the air. fucking clown world.

>>380669777Yep. Predictably, the establishment is blaming "muh climate change" for the vaxxie die-off. "THE AIR ITSELF IS POISON, GOY!!" Never mind the poisons, toxic metals, and "pesticides" being intentionally spread via Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (aka, "chemtrails") across the sky every day by the parasitic globalists. It's YOUR fault for not driving an electric car!

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>>380669341>The bad hearth conditions are caused by a cause totally unrelated recently discovered.>Scientists have detected a new type of extremely reactive substance in the Earth's atmosphere that could pose a threat to human health, as well as the global climate. The research team claims that the hydrotrioxides are likely to be able to penetrate into tiny airborne particles, known as aerosols, which pose a health hazard and can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.... Gene therapy acquitted, Covid faces life without parole?

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>>380669341>It's just a novel mystery chemical in the air bro stop making up conspiracies.

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>>380670122Agent Uvilleatzeebugz

>>380670916its part of the natural creation & destruction mechanism of ozone, user.

>winter vagina>climate change>too violently changing your sheet >sudden adult death syndrome>post pandemic traumatic stress disorder>aerosolized hydrotrioxidesanything else?how many things to obfuscate the toxic genetic jew jab?

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It used to be tiresome, now it's time to preheat the ovens.

>>380674163>hearth conditionsAre a leading cause of climate change, I'm told

>>380673539Your people shit in the street

>>380669341Trioxide or O3 is ozone. Is this saying we need to destroy the atmosphere to solve global warming?

I guess I've been BTFO! It's a good thing this mysterious, highly reactive compound doesn't affect unjabbed people though! Lucky!

>>380669341Damn that climate change is really getting brutal.

>>380671246I would not like that

>>380669341Pfizer has a vaxx to help avoid this, only $49.95 a month!Thank God Gates has been dropping these particles in the atmosphere.

>>380674803I only shit on your bed

>>380669341tha 'prince' told us,they will use,muh climate change even before covid.

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>>380669341>entirely new kind of 'highly reactive' chemicalmfw when its just ozone and always been there

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>>380669341Jew particles

>>380672138I heard it's highly reactive with uranium, causing increased libid response forming the U-OOOH compound

>uh oh the chemtrails really were poisonous lol


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>>380669341>a new type of extremely reactive substance in the Earth's atmosphereIsn’t that convenient

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>>380669341The real redpill is earth is being terraformed for aliens. It's a serious conspiracy theory, read about it decades ago. Either that or periodic earth changes/kali yuga cycles, it's time for the harvesting frens.

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>>380670525Came here to say this - trioxide quite literally means O3 or Ozone. Media needs a new scary word for the New generation

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>>380675378Why are you posting your private videos on 4chan? You'll get doxxed

>>380669341So they figured out what's in my farts that corrodes stainless steel


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>>380675539>Why are you posting your private videos on 4chan? You'll get doxxedyour flag literally represents the international symbol for diarrhea

>>380675709>corrodes stainless steelWhere were you on 9/11?

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>>380669341Bro they even said in the camera dei deputati that the vaxxine lower the immune system, the vaxxine is bad

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>>380675816And you are getting raped by niggers and muslims, haha, how do you cope?

The chemical they talk about is created because of isoprene, which is released by trees. Who wants to bet they're gonna start cutting down forests under this pretense to prevent us from hiding from them. Also once all the forests are cut down the CO2 concentration will skyrocket, and because npcs unironically believe in the climate hoax, they'll be able to finally ban cars and the such.

>>380675299Top zozzle

>>380670525>>380675455Something something american education.In organic chemistry, trioxides are compounds that have three consecutive oxygen atoms (R-O-O-O-R').

>>380669341Right, the atmosphere. So we should see no correlation between respiratory problems and vaccination status, right?

>>380669341Did this new substance, per chance, appear about 2 or 3 years ago, completely coincidentally?

>>380676024>And you are getting raped by niggers and muslimst. curry nigger shit eating subhuman

>>380675877Holy shit, how do they cope with this shit

>>380669341WE'RE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

>>380676138List of trioxides> not be specific

>>380669341>highly reactive in air>has a lifetime that anyone needs to worry aboutchoose one. the rules of chemistry require it.

>>380676387Haha, seethe more, hope you burst an aneurysm

>>380669777Checked and truth pilled

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>>380676588wont happen because i eat real food instead of cow curry shit

>>380671670underrated post

>>380676483Because the nomenclature is retarded, basically. What you linked is a different thing. "Trioxide" means different things in organic and inorganic chemistry. In organic, it's R-OOO-R' (where R and R' are either hydrogen, or some organic functional group like CH3- etc). In inorganic, it's any oxide with 3 oxygen atoms in their compound molecule.The article in the OP is about the organic ones. What looks questionable to me is the claim they are new, there are relatively old studies about them being present in the atmosphere.

>>380676898You eat what chemical poison your masters throw at you like dogs, kek. No wonder your brain cells are dead

>>380669341>couldCopium prices just skyrocketed

>>380669777Checked. This new kind of climate change really increases the risk of the winter vagina as well. Soon a new vaccine to reduce its effect will be made in miraculous time, thanks science, very cool!

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You know, I'm starting to think none of this has to do with science when they squeeze in this many qualifiers and can't even consistently spell the word that defines what they're describing.

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>>380672728mul-ti-pass multipass


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>>380676298Why do you think they need to get rid of the irl control group?

>>380677118>No wonder your brain cells are deadt. umbahumbranaya cow university graduate

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>>380677504Keep talking

>>380672672Didn‘t you see the pic?

>>380675152>18 months>2019welp i guess it cant be helped now, time to enjoy ourselves


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>>380677831Uh huh? Go on

The grift must flow.

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>>380670104>COVID is fakeLow quality well poisoning


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>>380677285the state of modern "journalism"

believing anything from pol is a clear sign of a diminished mental capacity.>seethe

>>380675423That’s more or less the plot of X files

>>380677083The article specifically mentions “trioxides” tho.Organic vs inorganic is based on the presence of carbon, and carbon-hydrogen bonds. I still think being specific was an option

>>380675423>it's time for the harvestingAt least we got to eat tasty foods and hang out with some good frens. Godspeed Anons.

>>380669341It is water vapour, isn't it?

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>>380669777The only people making this connection are you dumbfucks. If you read the articles about this, the chemical is caused by PLANTS AND ANIMALS and has always been there, it just wasn't known until now. That means that you can't blame an increase in anything on it. Jesus fuck why is everyone here so stupid

>>380678804>and has always been there>but it’s new

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>>380678427organic trioxides are unstable intermediates which are obtained by reaction of an alkene with ozone. these intermediates are far too short lived and continue to react immediately

>>380679068> "These compounds have always been around – we just didn't know about them," says chemist Henrik Grum Kjærgaard from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

>>380670122Mongolonium propagandus.

>>380678427>Organic vs inorganic is based on the presence of carbon, and carbon-hydrogen bondsIt's not that simple. Inorganic "trioxides" have a completely different structure to organic ones. Al2O3 is an example of an inorganic trioxide, it has a crystalline structure and is not particularly volatile. The article talks about stuff like CH3-OOOH, C2H5-OOOH, etc. It can't mention a specific one, because it's not just one compound. It's a family of similar molecules that are all formed in the same way.I know it's confusing, but there are billions of chemical compounds, and chemists are normal people who want to use simple words instead of nightmarishly long proper nomenclature. It's also an old science, so there are a lot of poorly chosen terms that persist out of tradition.If you want to scrutinize the article, you chose a strange angle. Organic trioxides are a thing that exists for sure, that's not the sketchy part.These ones are:1) The article calls them "entirely new", but they have been known to chemists for decades.2) The article provides no explanation as to how they would cause respiratory problems, it just speculates they might.3) There are studies that show they have been in the air for a long ass time, why do they only cause problems now then?

>>380679131Which is why the article should have been more specific, and I’m suspicious as to why it wasn’t


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>>380675378>>380671575>this fucking pictureThe probability of me dying from laugh coming to Holla Forums is much higher than from covid, what a place

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>>380669341lol, when does this shit finally end?

>>380679252>The article talks about stuff like CH3-OOOH, C2H5-OOOH, etc.these compounds are called peroxy acids. the term 'trioxide' makes no sense from an organic chemical point of view in this context

>daily mailliteral shitter tabloid. They are retards, ignored

>>380669341The earth is literally trying to kill humans. There are too many people that keep shitting out babies and everyone is living far too long. This planet has had enough.

>>380679166>it's triggering respiratory and heart problems>we just found out about itIsn't it something we would have adapted to in these many millions of years of animals and plants?

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>>380669341Could it be the shit they’ve been spraying us with from planes for almost a decade?

>>380679626>peroxy acidsDifferent things, see picrel.

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>>380679956ozone is actually formed in the upper layers of the atmosphere. this happens through the excitation of an oxygen molecule by UV radiation. hence the term 'ozone hole'. without this ozone in the higher layers, significantly more UV radiation would reach the earth

>>380679956They are spraying us with metals like aluminum, barium etc. Tropospheric ozone is already a pollutant which increased in significant concentrations after the industrial revolution

>>380679987yes, because the structure 'drawn' by you has no physical chemical relevance. this compound is so energetic that it reacts immediately. if the molecule exists for even 1 second, that's a really long time. i doubt that this compound forms at all


>>380679166>>"These compounds have always been around – we just didn't know about them,"Mmmmmmm, conveniences

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How many more children have to die from dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO) before this deadly substance is banned?

>1992: muh hole in the ozone layer!>2022: muh trioxygen in the atmosphere bad!Really?

>>380680883>'drawn' by you has no physical chemical relevanceCovalent bonds don't exist? Hello?

>>380681178yes, the ozone hole is bad. that's why people living right under it, in australia and new zealand, have fuckloads of skin cancer

>>380679252> 1) The article calls them "entirely new", but they have been known to chemists for decades.KeK> 2) The article provides no explanation as to how they would cause respiratory problems, it just speculates they might.Kinda my point, fren> 3) There are studies that show they have been in the air for a long ass time, why do they only cause problems now then?Another reason being specific would be helpful

>>380681360please show me evidence for ONE organic compound with a R-O-O-O-R bondpro tip: you cant

Attached: 1654184115729.gif (390x373, 2.54M)

>>380669341'Scientists' find a new atmospheric 'toxin', yet somehow manage to overlook:>Independent analysis of chemtrail fallout planet-wide has identified many toxic elements including->Aluminum Oxide Particles>Arsenic>Bacilli and Molds>Barium Salts>Barium Titanates>Cadmium>Calcium>Chromium>Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells>Ethylene Dibromide>Enterobacter Cloacal>Enterobacteriaceae>Human white Blood Cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA)>Lead>Mercury>Methyl AluminumMold Spores>Mycoplasma>Nano-Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass>Nitrogen Trifluoride>Nickel>Polymer Fibers>Pseudomonas Aeruginosa>Pseudomonas Florescens>Radioactive Cesium>Radioactive Thorium>Selenium>Serratia Marcscens>Sharp Titanium Shards>Silver>Streptomyces>Strontium>Sub-Micron Particles>Particles Containing Live Biological Matter>Unidentified Bacteria>Uranium>Yellow Fungal Mycotoxins

>>380669341Hold up a new chemical? Who put that chemical in the air? Which company does humanity sue to the ground for this air pollution and poisoning of people? Seems to be a lot to do to stop this artificial health crisis. Why hasn't this been broadcasted on tv? Why hasn't the government raided the factory and headquarters of this deadly new chemical? Where are the lawsuits?

>>380682223>It’s new, but has always been there Is that seriously hard to understand?

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>>380674534Is your pet increasing your risk of respiratory virus? Science says: Probably!


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>>380669341>a solar eclipse! We must sacrifice some peasants!Muh science.

>>380678804So it doesn't explain the heightened mortality rate anyway.

I'm reminded of when people started getting skin and other cancers like crazy and they blamed the sun. The mother fucking Sun. Meanwhile people were slapping aluminum all over their bodies and using Teflon on fucking everything.

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>>380669341Friend just told me a healthy 33 year old at his workplace just dropped dead after the vax

>>380669341The vax is ineffective at best now. You're boosters have worn off. If you get covid and it feels like a cold or less it's because that's what the virus is whether you got the vaccine or not. So it was better not to have gotten it. I didn't get it and I'm never going to get it.

>>380669341yeah we called this, they will blame everything but the vaxxine , winter vagina, global warming etc

>>3806788041.) After "reading articles" for 10 years as a hobby, I stopped because a staunch majority of it was bullshit.2.) "It wasn't known until now" is copeanese for "we just made this convenient thing up so you won't kill us for all the bullshit we pulled the past two decades".3.) If this were true, they'd still be fucked for pushing veganism.

>>380669341Ummm aaaactually the it's strawberries sweetieTrust the science

>>380683501Yeah, white people evolved in cloudy northern europe and then moved to equatorial latitudes where their skin lets in too much UV.

Attached: distribution-of-skin-color.png (702x561, 103.65K)

>>380683583>people are still getting vaxxinated

Attached: E61BDD4D-B976-456E-B818-5CC13A6BF8DC.jpg (500x335, 45.27K)

>>380669341lmao vaxxtards will actually believe this too

Attached: 1632800111003.png (400x386, 72.11K)

>>380683583Oh wow, another invisible and totally unverifiable phenomenon is threatening us, which will undoubtedly lead to more loss of freedoms to counter it>climate hoax>covid hoax>aerosols hoaxSee the pattern yet?

>>380669341Is it copium?

>>380669341Science is fake and gay.

>>380669341Soooo a new vaccine will be made to stop air? I'm all for it. Of course I'll refuse to take it.

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>>380685208Post the chemical composition of copium.

Attached: 1E8111F1-BD82-46E4-A5CF-A1E1ABB92BCB.jpg (363x480, 66.47K)

>>380681495Now they are saying ozone is bad.

>>380672138And it just started affecting us 2 years ago.

>>380679356No need to be suspicious, I worked closely around journalists and they are pretty much all gullible idiots.

>>380669759kekdat nigger's funny, ngl

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>>380669759do u luv blakpeepo

>>380670104>COVID is fakeNo, it’s not. I know lots of old people killed by it. And when I got it, I was knocked on my ass for a good week (that only happened with the Swine Flu before). Acting like it doesn’t exist makes everyone who is anti-COVIDiocy look like Flat Earth retards.

>>380669777CHECKED & totally anti-semitic pilled

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>>380685746maybe you have been brainwashed

>>380685798>I worked closely around journalists and they are pretty much all gullible idiots.That’s a prime example of why to be suspicious

Attached: 413BB88A-C7DB-4C6D-A495-38173D6A9AB9.jpg (1024x451, 43.37K)

>>380670122Yeah, it's ozone.

>>380685746>Post the chemical composition of copium.doesnt work, there is no element with the element symbol Um

>>380669341>TrioxideSo... uh... fucking OZONE?

>>380670104why poison your own planet, when you can make the stupid cattle willingly take the poison on its own.seriously, from the way the k*kes (seem to) think about the goyim, it makes way more sensei mean, why risk the (((collateral damage))) ?

Attached: 81e6b8bdd27446bf2eb40ed01db75388-imagejpeg.jpg (550x550, 52.34K)

>>380685580Goddess of Popoland, kruwa.

Attached: 000FE0I4S5B4O15O-C122-F4.jpg (740x416, 51.98K)

>>380672103I'm more terrified that people who believe this are allowed to vote.


>>380686059>And now gas is $6 dollars a gallon>new radicalsChecks out

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>>380669777how convenient you're a complete fucking retarded faggot who needs to rely on made up bullshit peddled to you by conspiracy tards. hmm curiousenjoy the brain damage though

Chem trails are real its called geo engineering.

>>380686174>no element with the element symbol Um

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>>380669341>a cause totally unrelatednot really

>>380669777>>380670122>>380670232>>380669341>>380670812Sure, but this new chemical in the atmosphere only appears to affect vaccinated people for now.It's not like there were long coherent scientific explanations years ago for how spike proteins attack the heart and indeed did so in the Pfizer trials. Nope, might as well gaslight everyone about a new chemical (that only targets the vaxxed).

>>380672030Show it


>>380686867>It's not like there were long coherent scientific explanations years ago for how spike proteins attack the heartNever happened retard. But 10% of the unvaxxed population taking up 90% of the ICU beds sure is funny, isn't it faggot? kek

>>380687150>But 10% of the unvaxxed population taking up 90% of the ICU beds sure is funnyAre you retarded?

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>the vaccines aren't harmful, it's actually the chemtrailsI don't know who's clowning who anymore

>>380669777CHECKED and Safe and effective-pilled

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>>380669341>NIGGAS YOU BTFO>>380669759 >>380670017 >>380670122 >>380670232 >>380670377 >>380670525 >>380670560 >>380670576 >>380670692 >>380670751 >>380670967 >>380671099 >>380671131 >>380671444 >>380671502 >>380671660 >>380671701 >>380671742 >>380671854 >>380671933 >>380672030 >>380672103 >>380672346 >>380672654 >>380672730 >>380673004 >>380673273 >>380673375 >>380673539 >>380673727 >>380674163 >>380674217 >>380674813 >>380674974 >>380675053 >>380675152 >>380675178 >>380675216 >>380675413 >>380675423 >>380675709 >>380675753 >>380675877 >>380676298 >>380676347 >>380676477 >>380676503 >>380677131 >>380677888 >>380678795 >>380679613 >>380679749 >>380679956 >>380681899 >>380682223 >>380683019 >>380683583 >>380684019 >>380684337 >>380684729 >>380684999 >>380685208 >>380685345 >>380685433 >>380686350 >>380686768 >>380686867>WHO, ALL OF USYES """"" ALL OF YOU""""">>>>>>>>>>>>>>1PBTID

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> You Niggers said that the vax was bad and was causing strokes to people. It was Holla Forums sperg as always! The bad hearth conditions are caused by a cause totally unrelated recently discovered.>I'm stopping to believe Holla Forums bullshit from now on.If I couldn't see the flag I’d be laughing at the spoof OP (it’s not a spoof), duh.

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>>380669777Based messenger of god

>>380687264>Of the 271 total COVID patients in the surveyed ICUs, 255 patients, or approximately 94%, were unvaccinated against COVID-19 in ABC News' snapshot in time.OH NONONONOOOOO2 seconds of google the permanent brain and lung damage faggot hahahaha

>>380685929What difference does it make reallyOoh no wouldnt want to sound retarded in this world full of absolute geniusesCovid might as well be fake, because it cuts closer to the truth of bullshitteryEssentially chem trails confirmedYou have no power, real or not- oooh it fucked you and gran up? Doctors confirmed it did they?Don't bare false witness, ergo, only spout what you know, what you have observed from A - Z, dont give me your bullshit C through T, you missed the start, your foundation of knowledge lacking i identify you as a drone, oh you havent got to Z yet? Dont talk as if you know

>>380687589>>380687539>>380687516>>380687492>>380687464Here : >>380687409


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>>380687409>high iq post

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