Can Appalachia be saved or is it doomed to desperate poverty?Will the rusted out trailers ever get removed...

Can Appalachia be saved or is it doomed to desperate poverty?Will the rusted out trailers ever get removed? Will politicians ever help? Will the locals accept the help?

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>>380669333Appalachia is the perfect environment. The fact that’s it’s considered poverty is indicative of the artificiality of our whole economic model.

>>380669663Perfect environment for what?Artificial how?

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>>380669928Perfect environment for a natural life in bucolic nature vs the need to have concrete and steel and bleak weather to be considered an economic success.

>>380669333I don't know user. I considered moving there for the cheap land and beautiful nature but I am worried about being targeted by the locals. And by locals I mean the drug addicts, hillbilly types, though I know that most are not like that.

>>380670146So basically a fallacious appeal to nature? You realize some parts of appalachia are really industrialized? Strip mines, oil and gas wells, pipelines, pressurization and fractionation plants, coal mines, coal tipples, railroads, highways, bridges, etc.It's not pre-historic....>bleak weatherin winter yeah but mid march-mid november its breddy nice

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>>380670517Targeted how exactly? >drug addictsdepends where you are really >hillbillywhat scares u about that?

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>>380669333>This fucking thread againLick my grundle and then pitch yourself head first off a bridge.

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>>380669333>be me>make big $$$$ in crypto>enough to NEET in a small house for years>buy small house on large property in Appalachia cash>walk outside>collect eggs>shotgun squirrels>fry squirrel>squirrel and gravy with eggs for breakfast>day drink homemade mead made from natural spring and my own beehives>pay taxes and utilities off trade profits>haven't seen or heard another soul except my wife in weeks>drink shine and smoke homegrown>""retired"" at 28Yeah so terrible out here plz save us city people!!

>>380670684Concrete good?

>>380670517Respect the hillbilly boom sticks and bring meat and whiskey when meeting the neighbors

>>380670684>really industrializedNot in comparison to the north east and anywhere else that isn’t “impoverished”.

>>380669333Checked. Why is Appalachia poor?

LEAVE APPALACHIA ALONE. Appalachia must remain poor and free.

>>380671158I don't believe in good or bad. I'm not a moralist. It just is and you can still evaluate it without assigning a dualistic label. >>380671120what county/state are you in?

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>>380671120Kino lifestyle of a patricians patrician.

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>>380671368This.We don't NEED saving.Everyone can fuck right off. Stay out of our mountains.

Is it really necessary for parking lots to make up 70% of american city areas?

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>>380670825I am paranoid about being murdered brutally in my home because I grew up in a third world country where being raped and then tortured to death is fairly common. The persons committing these crimes are often not even high on drugs, they do it for funsies. I am terrified of what an actually mid tier or higher intelligent, high on meth person could do.Hillbilly isn't bad, I assume they are a bit territorial though. Don't know how accepting they are of outsiders. That and there's lots of places for a kid to get lost.

>>380669333>Will the rusted out trailers ever get removed?Yeah eventually.>Will politicians ever help?Absolutely fucking not.>Will the locals accept the help?Depends on the lot owner but largely yes. Look at how many of them sold their land rights to the nat gas. companies when fracking came around.

>>380671586>Yeah eventually.u sure about that? there's a lot of them...

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I like this thread. To the user that mentioned it earlier, strip mining does not equal developed or good. You can go to many mountains near me

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>>380672416up in Wetzel and Marshall counties where they’ve blasted the mountaincaps clean off and spraypainted these ugly stumps green. No biodiversity for thousands of years

>>380672416I didn't say good but strip mining is not exactly just undisturbed nature as user was claiming. >>380672416>near mewhich county/state?

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>>380671578Nah worst the pillbillies will do is steal your lawnmower when you are at work.

>>380671578Hilbillies are incredibly misrepresented by the media. They want the government out of their lives so they can get drunk and have firearms. They present no damage to you. In fact, they can be some of the greatest people you’ve ever met. Crime they do commit stems from meth or the opiod epidemic, but it’s petty stuff like property crime. Any violence is mutual. I would much rather spend time in a small West Virginian town than any inner city in the country where you can be the victim of a violent crime for looking as if you have money

Look at this picture, it's the perfect example of media jew trying to portray rural childhoods as depressing and lifeless.Even the bike is not parked properly!Look how old that house is, bet they don't even have access to information about people they will never see in real life or places they don't give a fuck about, they probably didn't even heard the things their politicians said yesterday! How sad is that...Someone give them iPhone so they can atleast stop staring at the camera while sitting in middle of street!!! it makes me cry

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>>380671871By "eventually" I mean "Likely several generations from now".

>>380673042>t. grew up in a rural area where occasionally someone would take a trailer or vehicle from someone else and get caught by the police(who knew exactly who had a pattern of causing trouble) while since moving to a city for work I have been the victim of two violent crimes and get accosted any time into “the wrong area”, contrary to popular belief if any of those people walked down the one street in my town no one would bother them or bat an eye

>>380673089are you really trying to glorify poverty? I can tell you had a sheltered upbringing. Having almost no money for clothes and groceries is not fun. Having parents that are either alcoholics or strung out on opiates is not fun. Having a father that can't keep a job and takes it out on his wife is not fun. Having a house that leaks water when it rains and the heater barely works in the winter is not fun.

>>380671542Yes because the ratio of multi floor building capacity of human bodies and a car is about 1:1000...

>>380672558I was literally in Wetzel County yesterday!I waited 15 minutes for construction on a road. There was more gas pipeline stuff than strip mining on the part we were in.

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There's still a lot of great unused land out there! Just gotta connect it with better roads and infrastructure. It has lots of potential.

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>>380674869Do you support the coalfields expressway from Beckley to Mullens, WV?

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Why is the water in Ohio so filthy?

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>>380669333The locals will fucking eat you.

>>380675315I bring my own food where possible. I made tuna casserole for dinner last visit.

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>>380669333No.No.No.Absolutely fucking not. Piss off.

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>>380671245Thanks user. That is helpful.>>380673001>PillbillieI chuckled user. I won't have that problem because I don't often leave my home.>>380673042Well I figured they must be. They are self sufficient and just want to do their own thing, which is bad for any entity which desires power over others. That's good to hear that they are nice enough to live near to, no worse than the types I've had to live with before.

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This part was very steep! Maybe up to 40% grade in places?

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>>380671348Money poor, you mean. It's due to its remoteness.

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>>380669333>Will the rusted out trailers ever get removed?only to be replaced with $60k (((tiny homes))) with 200sqft instead of a $15k double wide with 700sqft of space, figuring how fucking retarded biden supporters are.sage

>>380670684>So basically a fallacious appeal to nature?can you define how it's fallacious? can you write a sentence diagram and prove that assuming the wild is better suited to a natural settlement than "steel and the bleak weather of economic success"??you're just repeating shit you read on redditsage

>>380669333There's literally nothing wrong with poverty as long as your minimum needs are met.>>380669663This guy gets it.

Here's my opinion, all Appalachia states should invest in more train travel between cities and star zoning more western European style of urban density so we can start to avoid bulldozing more of Appalachia or suburbs and parking lots bigger than the Walmart they service

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>>380673897Okay, carpetbagger. Better not flee your urban sinkhole for the countryside, then. It'd be awful if you actually bred.

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went swimming here

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>>380671023>>380670825>>380670684>>380669928>>380669622>>380669495>>380669333This is top locality if you ask me, broanon. Appalachian > USA niggers.

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>>380678525Btw I only recently found out that some parts of Appalachia are considered temperate rain forests. I think that's pretty cool.We can still even have suburbs as well that aren't the soulless subsidisizing devil holes that they have been post ww2. Bring back the streetcar suburbs

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>>380673089>Look at this picture, it's the perfect example of media jew trying to portray rural childhoods as depressing and lifeless.EXACTLYKike news circuit HATES White cities. It will try to poison the well and make pure enclaves look bad, by even asking them kids to "sit on the road for a photo".Time for Appalachia, yo become ORTHODOXIA.

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>>380679109where is that?

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>>380669333>Will the rusted out trailers ever get removed?Do you want a bullet in your head? Cause that's how you get one. I'd rather live in a trailer than apartment/house. Cheaper and cheap property taxes. Kiss my ass, kike. I'd punch you in the fucking mouth.

>>380669333>Can Appalachia be saved?It already has been.

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>>380679109Suburbs are a cope. They're refugee camps for Whites fleeing diversity in the inner city. Anything that doesn't incorporate church, small businesses, and homes is not a community or actual village. I would love to see the Appalachian version of Poundbury.

>>380678164When I see people spend that much on a tiny home I laugh hard. I wouldn't spend more than 5-10k on one, 15k max if its complete with everything. libtards are retarded as fuck.

>>3806794225 minute drive from downtown Knoxville, TN. The city is big on nature preservation

>>380679601Yeah I guess that's the other "big city" actually located on the plateau in appalachia - besides pittsburgh

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>>380669333No, "saving" it would just mean the people who suck even more than the depressed people here jacking the prices up. The town my family is from was visited by Google Earth in 2008, and they just came into town and turned right around and haven't been back in 14 years. I'd like it to stay that way.

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>>380679317I was raised Southern Baptist and I'd be fine with the whole of Appalachia becoming Orthodox. I think they've made some inroads in West Virginia. I just want my people to love Christ, love their neighbor, and endure. Why must the devil oppose this?

>>380679569>>380679507>>380679504All of you 3 wilderness loving motherfuckers, are you ready to build local Orthodox Churches and start an insider revolution in the Continental United States.

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Appalachian people lack iodide. No sea, no fish, no iodide causes retardation

>>380680039Fuck religion.Christ is King.

>>380680039Jesus was not a real person. Religion is a lie - brainwashing.

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>>380679800It in the great valley rather. Does serve as a gateway to the smokies though. I just wish we were more active in ripping our concrete hellscapes for more tree heavy neighborhoods and market areas

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>>380680238>picture is sidewaysFucking jews.......

>>380679966Well the zeal is there, you're on a good starting point. >>380679966The devil hates everything good, old Christianity coalesced by discovering the rotten works of the devil and FIGHTING IT at all costs.

>>380680039Provided it opposes modernity and keeps the battle on the spiritual level (which is the only one that matters), then yes. I'm only considering converting to Orthodoxy, however, so it would not be honest for me to build such churches, at present.

>>380680238Hmm well Lexington KY is technically on a low plateau I think. Smokies are a gigantic tourist trap. DO NOT WANT.

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>>380680230>Jesus was not a real person.Imagine thinking this in the year of our Lord 2022.

>>380671578You have to go back

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>>380680143>FUCK RELIGION>CHRIST IS KINGL I T E R A L L Y, pick one.>>380680230The Christ is not only real but He Resurrected. >How fo you know this user, you quite possibly can't.Fuck. You. Kike.

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>>380680412National parks were a mistake.They are a great example of what happens to a local resource when it becomes nationalized.

>>380679223Love purely wooden structures in parks, so glad no concrete or iron grids are poured there, once abandoned that wood will simplify perish and give birth to new trees. It actually makes it look like primitive humans built these, SOVL

>>380680976National forests are fine. The problem with national parks is all the fees and rules and restrictions. hkhy4

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>>380669333yes it can. when whitoids and niggers get pushed into the ocean or sent back to europe and africa and the natives get returned back there.

>>380681121I didn't get a picture of them but actually stretches of the trail were lined by steel cables attached to the trees - especially in steeper sections

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>>380681121Same it makes it feel like there is a sense of history and culture to the east US

>>380680143That depends. Christ gave us traditions that could be considered "religion." I don't want to discard those, and I don't think anyone else should, either. And yes, Christ is King of kings.>>380680230That's not true at all.

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>>380669333Many people would find it hard to believe but still here in 2022 much of WV is geographically unprofitable for modern or in some cases basic infrastructure to be built.

>>380669333i would save it. the same model needs to be applied to the entire sierra nevada range to rockies, the entire dry high basin and range region. wouldnt be too expensive. good investment, would pay for itself within a decade easily. i could see boosting WV GDP per-capita from $51,263.97 to $138,913.43 over that time frame in real (inflation adjusted) terms. the population of WV is only 1,793,716 so we're only talking about $157,218,200,000.00 which is only about four Ukraines.

>>380680336Yes, start trying to find res to build a small church and a modest 30-50 monk monastery. Christian America will flourish from there inside the green swath of Appalachia. You might have made this thread for the first time, but it isn't the first time anons have thought to plant the seed of God in America in Appalachia.Check this old man out, he is a proper Saint of God. In his sermon he asks specifically to not search for divine lights, miracles, prophecies or spiritual gifts, while he had ALL FOUR OF THOSE IN AMPLE SUPPLY.Why would he say such a thing? IF YOU ASK FIR REPENTANCE, Christ sends people like him to your nation and country. He knew very well why he said that.Together in Orthodoxy, for new world that breaks the new world order and treads it to pieces.

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>>380669333It seems pretty great the way it is, a refuge from the rest of the morally bankrupt country.Not saying it doesnt have issues. Regardless, I'd love to live there some day, I heard it's full, but I'll do it anyways.

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>>380671120Fuck that sounds so nice, I envy you brother.

>>380671120Based af

>>380669333Doesn't appear to be anything wrong and looks completely right. Fuck off faggots.


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>>380670517>I considered moving there for the cheap land and beautiful nature but I am worried about being targeted by the locals.Go jew someone else and leave those people alone.

>>380682096I've been reading Fr. Seraphim Rose's works. His observations about the aerial toll booths shook me. He agrees with St. Paisios. Thank for the recommendation, user.

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>>380682670>OH no angre localsh oooh. He really is a jew well-poisoning fucker, isn't he.

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>>380682212It's full when you think that Californians keep trying to move here for cheap housing so we have to bulldoze more land for soulless suburbs. Again I think we should tear down car suburbs for more streetcar suburbs and European style urban planning like Amsterdam.

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>>380669333>Will the locals accept the help?Lmao, Appalachians are the biggest welfare wiggers in the country. West Virginia’s longtime US Senator’s publicly-stated aim was to get the US government to spend more money in his state than anywhere else. That said, they are still based and redpilled people. I would consider moving there if it weren’t an economically-depressed shithole.

>>380671542otherwise, you wouldnt have a local heat island effect and global warming would stop

>>380682908I don't like the idea of aerial tolls but apparently all who have sight see them. There's a βlot yo it unwritten in English, for example, tattoos are completely off the limit... but why tho?Because those cursed carry demonic eeals on them according to their given sins after dead th, these are washed out with confession and communion OR great suffering irl before death.Why redraw the symbols of slavery on one's skin if it's so difficult to wipe their traces off when battling the devil.That why tattoos are completely unwelcome in Chrisianity. Similar marks are an object of aerial tolling by demons. A sordid passage into the trip to the afterlife.Here's another great trick that makes all demons hate the man who doesn't listen to their poisonous whispering.

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>>380684065* There's a lot of it unwritten in English

>>380684065Eeals : seals.

>>380670517Good decision - you seem like the exact type that would bring your SJW mentality where it isn't wanted. Probably consider yourself far removed from the SJW mentality but aren't compared to the people there.

>>380669333>Will the locals accept the help?Not from fags and kikes

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>>380683274I dont blame people there for not wanting people like that around, at all.

>>380669333We don't want your "help", jewslave

>>380669333Yes, but first America has to fall. Embrace the America delenda est mentality.

>>380669663You’re wrong, there’s a huge drug problem and it shows.

>>380683274I legit just want some land, get away from it all, and find a girl out there to breed, she can be fat, and they say shes retarded, but them titties ain't retarded...

>>380684993>>380684987>>380684953>>380684832>>380684610Folks, become Orthodox, the first Orthodox seed was planted in the deserts of Nevada in the US. Let's plant second in the forests of Appalachia.>What is Christ? He is the Satan-destroyer on Earth.>But the jews say so an so,Fuck them they are blind in the Spirit.

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>>380684065I've never cared for tattoos. I have no physical, visible ones on me. I hope and pray there are none on me when I pass through the toll houses.

>>380685602You have a long way ahead of you son, go D thing is the path of God is self-sharpening.

>>380686247Go D = good Ffs the autocorrect is fighting me Hard itt.

>>380682670Huh? I am a poorfag not a Jew. Californians and Jew Yorkers have shitted all over my state so I can't afford to buy anything after my years of saving.>>380682990More like I'm from a shithole country with hostile locals. Naturally I would be a bit more paranoid than someone who actually knows what the area is like.>>380684570I was brought to this country to get away from literal third world niggers who machete you to death. I really doubt it that they would consider me liberal compared to them.

>>380686247God help me and guide me, then. Thank you for everything, user.

This state is hell, don't fall for the memes

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>>380670825Hillbillies break into your house when theyre on acid trips. Had this happen to a neighbor, some crackhead broke into his property and dropped his wallet The dipshit went to the station asking for his missing wallet and was arrested on the spot.

>>380681653Christ did not give us traditions.He gave us eternal life.Fuck traditions.Christ is King.


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>>380684993 Know. My point is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

>>380671120Never mind that this is fake af, today I choose to believe