Indian government killed Sikh rapper Sidhu Moose Wala

Canada/IndiaThe Indian government killed worldwide superstar Sidhu Moose Wala because he was trying to uplift Sikhs in Canada and Punjab .The current Indian government is hindu nationalist and against Sikhs , Muslims and any non Hindus Sidhu was too talented and powerful and was entering Punjab politics.The repercussions will be drastic .After the death of deep sidhu and now sidhu moose Wala the gurudawara in Canada are voting on starting another militancy and a Khalistan referendum is also taking place.Rip to sidhu moose Wala , but revenge will probably be taken

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>> miss him bros goodnight sweet prince F

>>380669094Me too man They did him dirty

>>380669479Yes :(

>>380668952Are you white OP?

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>>380669661>MemeflagWhiter than you that's for sure

>>380668952Funny thing is he got killed by an-94's. AN FUCKING 94's!!!. How are we getting this type of shit in our shithole. Sidhu paaji is already more cool than Tupac or biggie. Out boy outdid the niggers. Kek niggers die by glocks while Chadpreets die by an-94's. So fucking based.I would be so happy if we start mass smuggling an-94's and aek-971 's here. We need good guns in India I'm tired of insas ugly disgusting Pajeet gun ewwwww.

>>380669661I’m brown but more Aryan then you ,You guys have faces similar to pic related while my jawline could cut diamonds predicted his death in his last big song .So weird

>>380669899Sidhu has been predicting his death since death route. Lmao he makes this type of songs only. The themse was always this on all his songs.

>>380669867Sidhu was the goat

>canadian coonjobbers think they can start another militancy delusional then again coonjobbers aren't known for being intelligent independent thinkers

>>380670189Yeah I guess, but that one had Tupacs car all shot up and he dies two weeks later .He knew they were after himEven in lovesick with ar paisley he says exactly what would happen to him It’s messed up Death route isn’t that old a song either He was only big for like four years , but probably the most impactful 4 years in Canadian and Punjabi music Even the blacks, arabs and some Goras listen to him here

>>380670599Hindu pol posters are the scum of the earth lol Keep screeching your nonsense no one cares We ll help the Tamils start some shit too Modi will get pic related treatment

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Take the Poo to the Loo is the only indian music that ironically isn't shit

Unironically nobody cares except 30 year old brown incels

>>380670660Yeah the Canadian punjabi era with ap Dhillon and wazir has changed coonjabi music.By the next decade coonjabi music is going to be next level. It took atleast a decade after death of Tupac for rap to become truly mainstream.

>>380671015No one cares what you think Keith You are an irrelevant hick lmao Go screech about American politics in another thread like you do everyday This is a conversation for tax payers

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>>380671573It's not I'm coming too

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>>380668952So this nigga is like the Street shitting Tupac Shakur?

>>380668952DO THE NEEDFUL

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>>380671823Putting a book at night is clearly worse. What does that even mean.My multiple armed elephant God could literally amputate jesus kikelord in a matter of seconds and then erase him. Ez.


>>380671461It thinks it's really a canadian. Brown fucking delusion there bud.

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>>380671839For Us he is bigger than Tupac was, he is unmatched

>>380668952Is this Sikh Tupac?

>>380671461You don't pay taxes, you avoid them. Disgusting and arrogant poos lmao, keep the attitude up though.

>>380669899>Nigger raps about getting icedSurely that is wierd

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I live in Canada and some of my best homies are Indians. Always there for you if you need them straight up. Also you guys have the best food in the world.

>>380673579Thanks bro I have white friends too, they are always connected to their euro culture though

>>380673316Will keep up any attitude I want , you talk tough online you have no army or nothing and get bossed around by Karen Stfu with your lame ass No one is scared of you Keith,


>>380668952Based Indian government

>>380677426I hope Russia takes you over lol

>>380677958Yeah me too

>>380678172Nice Rip to the legend

>>380668952Where are you getting this information? Wasn't his killing claimed as retribution by some gangster?

>>380668952Go home shitskin. You smell like curry, and your women are hairy as chewbaka. We don't need more dump truck drivers.Shitks are terrorists.Oh, and you will never be white.

>>380679235lmao these white bois are so butthurt

>>380678849he is denying it alreadySidhu met with a lot of leaders before his deathits also the 10 day remebrance of operation blue stareveryone thinks its indian government

>>380680226My turban niggers India is not interested in a burning Punjab.

>>380681842sure sure Hindu Twa faggot


>One more dead diaperheadNothing of Value Was Lost>ALSO KYS OP

>>380684510Hindus are the incels of india

>>380684778Sikhs are the niggers of India

>>380684778they truly arelook at them bringing back their retarded caste systemin 20 years, the world will remember again why Hindus have been constantly on the losing side for 1000 yearsthe religion, the caste system, the philosophy - its all retarded and not meant for any real world

>>380684938Whatever you say faggot, would never want to be you

>>380684778How is life in Canada as truck or taxi driver?

>>380685134lmaoyou know nothing of us here

>>380668952>worldwide superstarFuck off shitskin paki, nobody except other shitskins knows who tf this is

>>380685102I don't want to put a turban on my head for my whole life either.

>>380668952What did he do though?

>>380685228I know everything about you my little turban Nigger. Every poojabi dream about leaving India for Canada even if they are at bottom of the pit in hierchy. Look what you did to the Brampton my nigger.

>>380685470Brampton is an economic powerhousego felatio your white incel counterparts in another thread dot head

How long until I get to beat and rape some sexy punjabi whores like my grandpappy back home in india?

>>380668952Gimme proofs about what you claim. Pic related is what the nigger goldy brar claimed. You say he's denying it show proofs then. Post proper proofs that the govt did it. Either you're linked with those niggers from bishnoi gang since they operated from canada or a retarded glowie trying to turn our Sikh brothers against others so as to further divide India and form Khalistan. Filthy jewish tactics you've got there son, that ain't gonna work.

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