What impact would it have on mass shootings if all firearms were restricted to single shot weapons

single shot pistols, single shot rifles, single shot shotguns, etcwould the time required to reload give victims enough time to flee?would it reduce the numbers of dead?

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>>380665245people would be getting picked off from 300m with a fuddy-06 durr rifle.

>>380665245it would help a lot. Only the military needs semi-automatic rifles. And NO civilian should be allowed to purchase any kind of handgun.

>>380665245>What impact would it have on mass shootings if all firearms were restricted to single shot weaponsProbably would be harder to hit the active shooter using an AR when law abiding citizens are priming their flash pans.

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None, because the cops aren't coming in to save you.

>>380665245Does there really have to be a million threads about gun control? I don't care about this topic. Stop spamming this shit.

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>>380665481not muzzle loadersthere are plenty of modern rifles that are single shot, no magazines, tubes, etc

>>380665245Probably not. It seems like it would be a fairly straight forwards solution but you need to consider the following:A single shot, breech loading rifle has a rate of fire of around 8 rnds per minute on the lowest end and above 12 rnds per minute on the higher end. Shooters would be incentivised to used rifles with larger and larger calibers meaning that instead of someone being hit with say a 115gr 9mm or a 55gr 5.56 round, now they're being hit with something like a 300gr .45-70 or possibly even a break action single shot 12 gauge firing buckshot into a crowd. The individual bullets used will become more fatal.It might make a small difference in tight, enclosed spaces where people might be able to run around a corner and break line of sight, but anyone that the shooter does hit will most certainly die and the number of wounded will drop in shootings.

>>380665976American's are talking here, nigger.GTFO

Exactly, they'd be using large caliber hunting rifles that impart so much energy it would just liquify the targets' insides and punch a softball-sized hole through them.

>>380666187a shooter with a 30 round magazine can empty that magazine in what? I'm sure it's under 30 seconds.you said a single shot can fire an average of 10 rounds per minute. at most someone with a single shot could kill 4 people as they're all running away from him

>>380666069Are we gonna walk around with breach loading Derringers or single shot long guns?The point of my post is that criminals will still be using modern weaponry. It is impossible remove all guns currently in circulation.

>>380665245Yes mass shootings would be less however people would be less safe in a self defense scenario.

>>380666550People would just go on mass stabbing sprees. It already happens in shitholes like China. That or just drive a big rig into a crowd and you can easily triple a mass shooters high score.

Single shot before reload: checkRifle: checkI would like to order one recreational challenger 2

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>>380665245Shooters would learn to carry 30 rifles.

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>>380665245Nerf the guns down to caveman level and they'll just switch to knives and clubs duh

Remember those two niggers that was picking people off at gas stations? We will get more of that and deaths in larger numbers.

>>38066524560,000 more people die a year from opioids than attacks with a gun involved130,000 more die from alcohol related incidents. So, maybe focus on something more important?

>>380665245The criminals would all have high capacity weapons and pistols.

>>380665245it isn't really possible. the only hard part of a firearm to make is the chambered barrel. that is the only part that takes tools and skill. if you want to regulate guns, the only sensible thing to regulate is barrel size, diameter, and chamber pressure. that's it. all your gun control can be trivially defeated at home with basic tools (drill, pliers, hammer, punch, wrench) by any criminal undected by law enforcement.if you want to stop people getting killed by guns, the only way is to limit slug weight and velocity. you could regulate barrel and chamber wall thickness. that's it.

>>380666550With flintlocks youd just carry a few that are ready to fire.I could make a few blunderbusses and clear out a goddamn building faggot

>>380666550Did you miss the shooting in west Virginia where a woman stopped a man who tried to shoot up a party with his rifle?He was a felon and shouldn't have even had the thing.Funny how the law doesn't stop criminals

>>380665245And will all federal agents and the politicians' private security corps also be armed with said single actions? Doubtful. The king's banned plebs from owning swords as a means to prevent anyone from banding together to cut off his fucking head when he stared abusing his own people. Have you ever studied basic history of govenrment? Or are you a disingenuous Juden for the sake of showing your shill?Either way, you know where I live, nigger.

>>380666550> at most someone with a single shot could kill 4 people as they're all running away from himWhat if they're ten year children locked in a class room with him? You know like what actually happened in Texas the other day that put gun control on your mind.How would things have turned out differently if the shooter in Texas had the single shot weapon you think is the solution ?

>>380665245Shut up niggerfaggot, your opinions are shit, you're gay and retarded.

>>380665245They would make a silencer, kill a single person, move elsewhere, etc

>>380666550they will just make bombs or drive over people instead like in Europe… life finds a way

More precisely aimed shots less ammo wasted being squirted into the void.White men would still be deadlyNiggers wouldn't shoot shit.


>>380665245Criminals don't follow laws.

"society of Jesus" = official name of jesuitslook at their logo

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>>380667906>retarded boomer talking pointThis is how you get them to ban or heavily tax ($100/bullet) ammo, lmao.

>>380665245It's all stupid, we're not far away from people 3D printing machine guns. There is no going back.

>>380665245You can still fire all your ammunition in the hour it takes for the police to enter the building.


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>>380665245In Uvalde the shooter was left alone in the room with those 20 some odd children for 60 minutes. A trained musketeer could fire 3 rounds per minute. A shitty musketeer might get 1 per minute. As a consequence there would be no difference in casualties.

>>380665245I'll be like last of the mohicans then

>>380665245single shot pistols, single shot rifles, single shot shotguns, etcwould the time required to reload give attackers enough time to attack?

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>>380665245I have come to the realization that firearms are truly the dividing line between men and faggots. I don't think anyone will contest that school shootings are horrific but the divide is how to handle it. Faggots and women want this false sense of security and don't mind giving up their freedom to make themselves 'feel' safer. They always ask, "Why won't SOMEBODY do something!?" which innately implies that "I want someone else to take care of the problem". Men view the situation and think, "how can I better protect myself and my family in this situation?" which implies independence, control and responsibility something foreign to faggots and women. If the faggots and women had it their way all problems would just be handled by someone else which, of course, eventually leads to no one doing anything about anything which ultimately just leads to anarchy. So, at a philosophical level, gun control negatively impacts society.

>>380669469official timeline:11:31 - Ramos begins shooting outside. At the same time, an officer arrives.11:33 (hehe masonic number) - Ramos enters room 111 and begins firing at room 112, where the police call came from. jesuits operate in "112 countries"12:50 - Ramos shot deadwhat were they doing for 1 hour and 19 minutes?

0 impact on yearly totals and possibly actually make the totals rise. Think how these mass shooting are conducted with Assualt weapons and almost every time the shooter is carrying 100s of rounds of ammo and usually more than 1 gun. Yet if you look the total number of deaths per mass shooting those numbers are really low. 3 dead kids isn't much when the shooter has 100 rounds and usually multiple guns. 3 is only impactful when you are talking about dead kids but thats not many.gunviolencearchive.org/reports/mass-shooting

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>>380669338That's retarded, you're retarded.They are not talking about it because it goes against their narrative.

>>380665417That other guy is right. YOU will never be a real woman. Fuck off

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>>380665245You would see mass shooting deaths go from ~30/year to ~5/year. Meanwhile mass stabbings will rise to equal the difference. If you’re really lucky some high iq autists will plant some bombs instead of using a gun or knife.

>>380670247Who isn't talking about it? Because you 2016 tourists sure as fuck love to repeat that mush brained talking point.>if they ban guns only criminals have guns!Alternatively>if they ban murder only criminals will murder!No shit you stupid fucking nigger.

It's bullshit, but in Delaware, they are banning assault rifles, but allowing all 18+ to own a year '1791' musket with no gun license needed. Everyone can have a stupid musket from 1791. Some people are slinging them over their shoulders and going to town, but I think it's a slow 'NORMALIZING' of banning cool guns.

>>380670861Kill yourself nigger lover.

>>380670689No you retarded faggot, what you'll see will be niggers, spics and police quickly rising to the status of local petty tyrants with immunity.

Shooters will simply acquire one of the many thousands of illegal fully automatic firearms waltzing over our souther border or 3d print one.

>>380665396>t. 5.56 meme retard because he's a LARPeratorSub .30 rifles are for faggots, I carried an M4 for 8 years as an infantryman and fucking hated it. AR-10s, FALs, G3s are for men

>>3806719395.56 is underpowered AF

>>380665976You're just made you have shitty gun laws

>>380671650Not an argument, retard.

>>380665245People would just switch to pipe bombs, like they do here in Europe.

>>380667577You mean IEDs. I'm actually surprised that we don't see more of that

>>380672002Look at how many niggers survive getting ventilated with 7.62 krinks. Taking a soft point full power shot center mass would be the guarenteed end of whoever recieved it.

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>>380672042This isn't r*ddit nigger loving faggot

>>380665245i dont know, ask niggers, they are always shooting eachother.

>>380671939>I can’t compensate for muh small wiener with a bigger caliber oh no!>>380672002Not really, it serves the purpose exactly what it’s intended for.

>>380672350>incapable of formulating a relevant argument to the topic at hand>entirely indistinguishable from a botIs this really the best you've got?

>>380672002It was fine in most situations in Iraq, in Afghanistan the Taliban would stay shoot outside of the effective range of our M4 and 249s so all we had were 240s and M2s to realistically shoot back with, this happened on several occasions

>>380665245>all firearmsDoes this restriction apply to law enforcement and military?

>>380665245You just carry 10 cheap pistols.> time required to reload Why would you reload? Fire, drop pistol, pick up loaded one.

>>380665245it wont stop people from buying shit out of trunks, We can't fix the criminal element you are only going to impose on innocent gun owners with any of these laws, I don't get how no one else can fuckin see that

>>380667906Why are you trying to reason with leftists? They don't actually give a shit about any particular topic. What they care about is destroying society

>>380665245One doesn't need to call a firearm a firearm if it is EMG or 5G


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>>380672470Or its my professional opinion and it was useless half the time in the battle space I was in. I own one AR-15 and it's dressed up as Mk12 Mod 0, it has it uses, but it's a terrible round for everyday Infantry use. Go back to /k/ nigger. I swear these threads attract /k/LARPers and r*dditors like this fucking faggot>>380672524

>>380665245That’s enough to shoot op in the face in Minecraft

>>380665245you duct tape a bunch of .44 mag derringers to a pressure cooker and put all your single rounds of .44 mag in the pressure cooker. add detonator and there you go that would defeat the single shot rule.

>>380665417Not happening. Seethe faggot.

>>380671939As a soldier you rather walk miles and miles carrying a heavier rifle than a lighter one ? I always thought that soldier prefer light weapons because 80% of military stuff isn’t actual combat, but boring shit that a heavy rifle makes even worse

>>380672676Yup. No one is going to disarm me. They can try all they want. But they can't take guns they don't know you have. They can't take guns you manufacturer yourself. If they did, people would just over on to IEDs and the like. No one is going to disarm me. I mean no one. Been waiting for reason to go serial again.

Semiautomatic, lever action and pump guns are over 120 year old technology. Only jews and faggots (look at Euro posters) would seriously think they could ban 120 year old tech and magically.solve gun crime. The issue in the USA is and will always be demographics.

>>380665245You're making an assumption that criminals can't build a gun.

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>>380669925Masturbating and arresting citizens who tried to intervene.

>>380665245>>380665245>What impact would it have on mass shootings if all firearms were restricted to single shot weapons

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>>380672908lolI see we've come full circle back to the 70s.

Actually more Mass shootings following Patriots and Red Sox losses than wins.

>>380674078not much. bolt action firearms are single shot firearms. the deadliest mass shooting in US history was done with a bolt firearm (the key difference was marksmanship and tactical planning in that one so ban that). the problem you need to solve is people wanting to kill people and having the time to plan their crime and choose their target (hunter vs prey). nature proves the best strategies are hide, flee, arm. people who want to flee should flee. people who want to hide should hide. people who want to fight should fight. it is what we want when life is on the line and it is a human right. train people who want to fight to defend life with firearms in teams. buddy system and mentorship polices lunacy. the right to bear arms is part of the right. arm student-teacher teams.

>>380672597Nigger a 5,56 trayectory is flatter and longer than a 7,62


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>>380674726a single shot bolt action?with no magazine or tube?i doubt it

>>380665245people would still die to semiautomatic pistols and rifles on a day to day basis...

>>380665417>making sure only criminals have semiautomatic firearms makes us safe

>>380675623doesnt matter. the hunter gets to practice. you can put the bullets anywhere. single loading a bolt on pull is not even hard. it is an olympic sport. and fluid. just a trick of the hand.

>>380676106those would be single shot as well

>>380665245You simple have to change the parameters to maintain effectiveness and you can go even bigger if needed.

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>>380667793>undected by law enforcement.We just need to start listening in on more private citizens!

>>380665245Single shot rifles? You mean those evil single shot sniper rifles? They will never stop pushing and reclassifying till you have no guns left.

>>380665245Let’s ask the civil war.

>>380668746>How would things have turned out differently if the shooter in Texas had the single shot weapon you think is the solution ?he probably would have had more funreloading a breach action feels so badass and he'd get to do it like 20 times instead of MAYBE 1 gay ass mag swap


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>>380676763fuck it, someone shoulf commit a massacre with a Marlin '94 and stream iti bet it would look NUTS


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>>380665245I would rather get peppered by some sperg’s random Walmart sporting rifle than mulched by Judd’s hunting rifle.

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>>380673826ummmmmmwhere the fuck is the trigger?

I own both a lathe and a mill. If I set my mind to it - I can make any damn weapon I want. Ammo is a bit problematic but not insurmountable... Fuck you Joe!

>>380677671the deal is, it gives victims time to run away1. the shooter shoots2. pulls the bolt back to eject the casing3. gets a cartridge from his pocket or bandalier, etc4. puts it in the chamber5. rams the bolt homemeanwhile, all the little kids are running for their lives

>>380676235So you're going to magically change all existing firearms into single, non-repeating rifles? Or is the police and military going to go door to door and confiscate/gunsmith all firearms into compliance? You do realize that cops and military are also citizens, and that a good portion of them would not enforce such laws as they would be not only limited to to stipulations with the collection, but also be in violation in their personal ownership?

>>380665245>Defeat terrorists with this one simple plan.Ain't happening,bud.

>>380671939Based BR chad

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>>380678236Oh, so you are trying to limit us to contenders and sharps in your hypothetical scenario. Non-repeating firearms is the term you're looking for btw. You want to know the work around? Carry more guns... We would have the mass shooters carrying a chest rig with 12 guns instead.

>>380665245Politicians would be getting assassinated by Sharps Rifles, and Westerns would become popular again.

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>>380669925In that time, he could have choked out his victims with his bare hands. You can't prevent these lunatics from attempting these crimes. That's why they are typically labeled "mentally ill".

>>380665245I shot a fox last night with an h&r 20 guage with #4 shot. It had an impact

>>380665245Nothing, because criminals don't follow laws, and there is millions of guns in circulation already.Just make it illegal to kill bro

>>380671813White people could unironically win a race war with only single shot firearms. This would only happen in shitholes where white people don’t live.

>>380677211Very true.

>>380679684based coop defender

>>380680446The red jew got 6 the night before

>>380679907I'd like to see you fight off cartels, sure bro, sure, underage.

>>380676235you get a single shot shotgun and load it with a kilo of carfentanyl and a flamethrower round. you get a bunch of drones to fly you over the superbowl and discharge the single shot.kills thousands.

>>380665245kys tranny we have gun control and a tyrranical government. I would love to have a shooting or two a year if that ment I would be free.

>>380680600>you get a single shot shotgun and load it with a kilo of carfentanyl and a flamethrower round.>kills thousandsI see your comprehension on firearms comes from movies and vidya.

>>380680587We are the cartels faggot goy. Where's your protection money. You seem to lack the understanding of what a teamster is.

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>>380680587Like I said, this would only be a problem in shitholes filled with nonwhites.

>>380678759"single shot" works fineso you're saying this nigger walks into a classroom?

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>>380665245Semi-automatic IS single shot. One trigger pull, one shot.

Id Just take 10 guns with me and distance shoot. Id probably choose something like a 30-06 in minecraft. But this is never going to happen

>>380681795with 10 rifles, someone would notice

>>380665933/wins thread

>>380681795Nah just shoot from your trunk like the DC snipers did from a port hole drilled out. Line the trunk with mylar so you can't be seen from thermal imaging. This is why the school shootings are fake because you can't really get away with anything these days without being clever and there's a lot of clever people

>>380681747Single shot can refer to semi-automatic and manual action repeating rifles depending on who you ask, although I agree with the way you are using the term. Non-repeating is explicit. If properly motivated, yes, we would have mobile armorys waling around. >>380682345People do notice, then they die. If a kid can be chased into a school with a gun before they shoot it up, what changes if they carry more guns?

if you do a google search on "single shot shotguns" say, you get a list of single shot shotguns.colsontaskforce.org/best-single-shot-shotgun/The Best Single Shot Shotguns [Hands-On Tested]

Also with a single shot rifle, pistol, whatever.You take a lot of the military romance out of it.It's not cool like an AR15 with a 30 round magazine is.

>>380681259what the problem is? as you're flying over the stadium, you take the duct tape off of the muzzle and drop the carfentanyl payload.then you fire the flamethrower round for kicks and fly off on the drones.

>>380683271>carfentanylniggers like you can't get their hands on carfentanyl

Shoot cop with single shot hunting rifle. Take cop's 9mm, m4, and all the extra ammo. Go to site of next mass shooting.


>>380665245There would probably be less casualties on average in mass shootings but we would still have them and shit like double barrel shotguns and SNIPER RIFLES would be on the chopping block next as you could easily get 4 to 5 kills with those weapons even with single shot no box mags.I think people forget about the Texas clock tower shooting where he did have and use an M1 Carbine, but alot of the kills were while using his Remington 700 bolt action rifle.

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>>380683165There is romance with elegant killing machines from the advent of a sharpened stick.

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>>380683165I love a single action revolver with a 6" barrel. the Ruger Blackhawk comes to mind. .38, .357 and 9mm. it's so much easier to get on target with a nice 6" single action.

>>380683567no but the feds can.

>>380683917I see nothing wrong with the poison frog dart either.

>>380683904Remington 700 has an internal magazine.

>>380665417Fuck off and abort yourself

>>380684171The skill needed for poison darts shot from blowguns is also equally admirable.

>>380665245>What impact would it have on mass shootings if all firearms were restricted to single shot weaponsThere would be far more mass shootings. Mexicans can't own firearms, so the cartels just mow them down with machine guns acquired from Russia.

>>380684575you get some ninja throwing darts it's the poison frog that's the problem.

>>380672200>IEDs. I'm actually surprised that we don't see more of thatthe 70's had one bombing in the US every three days on average.Then it slowed down a bunch.After McVeigh and Papa Ted got caught there were virtually no more bombings.Walmart still exists, the stuff is easy to make, but I think the people who know how are waiting for an actual reason rather than just doing stupid shit like terrorism


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>>380665245new meta of buying alot of small pistols so you dont need to reload spree killers will probably just snipe people and use chemical weapons or home made bombs

>>380665245A lot more snipers

>>380666550Maybe if you’re a geriatric retard, even a bolt action is fast as you can pull the bolt back. And most of them honestly can probably be given a bigger capacity.

>>3806844363-4 round internal or a 10 round box. The dude used the 4 round 6mm internal mag I believe which still follows the same single shot definition op referenced.

>>380684963I mentioned the blowgun as it is geographically accurate, though we could easily go with ricin for a poison.

>>380685133nope, you can only load one round by hand at a time. those are the rules .

>>380667793all gun control in the US is trivially defeated by the fact that there are already half a billion firearms already floating around out there and for the vast majority of them, the government has no idea where they are.Even if hypothetically everyone decided to comply with a complete gun ban and turn in their guns, it would be impossible to get all of them. There are a massive number of guns that are lost, tucked away in a storage box somewhere and forgotten, hidden by grandpa in a corner of the attic but he never told anyone about it, etc. There will ALWAYS be a huge number of guns in America, no matter what laws they pass.

>>380666550With most semi-automatic rifles it's a rate of fire of roughly 1 round ever second or so. So a 30 round magazine would be emptied in 30, seconds give or take, without aiming.So pick your poison, would you rather be hit by three smaller, weaker projectiles? Or a single larger one?

>>380665245Increase death to tragic unseen levels since WW2.People's line between action and head in the sand is the 2A.

>>380678236It doesn't really make a difference.

>>380677791It just shoots constantly once its loaded.

>>380685133Did he fire very fast, though?

>>380686092the fun thing is, no matter what the situation in life, I have zero control over the external circumstances. so fuck you, I can't pick anything that happens to me. I can only be prepared.

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>>380665245You want all single shot rifles unilaterally banned as well, shill faggot.

>>380685392Not even in autistic places like Britbonger land and nip land are you restricted to single shot bolt actions rofl.

>>380687121Charles whitman

it's significantly easier to invade america of the citizens have their gun rights taken away. digits of truth

>>380665245In ulvade guy could of walked in with a crowbar and had the same body count. Wouldn't mean shit.


>>380665417Whatever will I do

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