Tulsa hospital shooter kills doctor after painful back surgery

>A patient gunned down his surgeon and three other people in a mass shooting at a Tulsa, Oklahoma, medical building on Wednesday after blaming the doctor for his pain, according to police.>On May 19, the suspected gunman underwent back surgery. Dr. Preston Phillips -- one of the four people killed in the shooting at the Natalie Building, a five-story medical complex at Saint Francis Hospital -- was the suspect's doctor in that surgery, Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin said at a news conference Thursday.>A letter recovered on the suspect, Michael Louis, made it clear "that he came with the intent to kill Dr. Phillips and anyone who got in his way," Franklin said. "He blamed Dr. Phillips for the ongoing pain following the surgery.">The suspect was released from the hospital on May 24, five days after his surgery, Franklin said. After his release, the suspect called several times over several days complaining of pain and wanting additional treatment, the chief said.>On Tuesday, Phillips saw the suspect again for additional treatment, the chief said. On Wednesday, the suspect called the doctor complaining of back pain and wanting additional help, the chief said.>Phillips was found dead in an exam room, police said.abcnews.go.com/US/tulsa-mass-shooter-allegedly-gunned-doctor-pain/story?id=85131370

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nobody fucking cares

>>380665171I know people in pain ready to kill someone over it.>>380665297I care.

vaccien safe and effective

Keepin it real in Tulsa again

>>380665171goodfuck doctors. bunch of faggot kike merchants who promote the lab that pays them the most.

are any victims white?

>>380665171Based. I guess their jabs didn't protect them from this shot

we all know the government made this happen. the details don't matter. the flags aren't going to false themselves, people, so the government paints them by hand.

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Go figure; it was called the NATALIE building.


>>380665171As posted >>380665882be nigger>apply to med school>be allowed with 20% lower MCAT scores than whites>skate through doing shit work>get job because you’re a nigger surgeon>have high rates of complaints because you’re lazy and do shit work >be other nigger who wants back surgery>get nigger tier surgery > nigger decides to kill the niggger doctor who botched his surgery. Good White doctor killed in the process. Fuck niggers at all levels.

>>380665171Who cares, hospitals are filled with jabbies

>>380665812Yes. My wife’s friend from medical school was.

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>>380666434that stare...

Why didn't the doctor treat his bullet wound? He's a fucking doctor.

>>380666434Jesus Christ...


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Doc said, "Sure, I'll get you some pills. That'll be $10,000, plus tip."

>>380665297This is an automated spambot.

>>380665171Quacko got what was coming. It's all malpractice.

I feel like the back pain story is a false narrative and he was just showing his doctor how he was not going to take the mandatory vaccine.

>>380665171He was a junkie that got hooked on opioids before the surgery, and he killed his doctor because he didn't get a prescription for more. So the doctor was probably at fault hereS

>>380666897>Not bait>Not BBC>Not Holla Forums BTFO>Has linksKys you confirmed newfag

>>380665171>Diversity hire fucks dudes back up.>Nig, nogs.>Whites pay the price.This is going to be the whole summer.

>>380665297>nobody fucking caresMedical Malpractice is one of the leading causes of death in the USA. Of Course it matters.

>>380666434she shouldn't have tried to stop the gunman. stupid cunt.

>>380665171back surgery is always fucked up by doctors I know multiple people that ended up worse off with back surgery

>>380667622Man fuck you. Seriously. She did nothing. She was just there. >>380667185It actually was the black doctor with a history of botching surgeries.

>>380665297FBI cares.

>>380665171He would've just stabbed the doctor to death if he didn't have a gun

>>380665171This guy isn't a mass shooter. He had a clear motive directed at particular personnel due to his pain. He didn't randomly go into a school or supermarket and kill people. This is not another act of violence upon an American city.

>>380665171Fucking doctors these days won't prescribe pain meds. It's always " TaKe ThIs IbUpRoFeN". I've been in pain so bad I've put holes in my wall and couldn't get pain killers from my Dr unless I went to the hospital where they shot me up with synthetic heroine and sent me a 450$ bill.

>>380665171>actions have consequences?

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>>380668125Doubt. Unless it's twisting a narrative to allow government to further restrict people along politically divisive lines I doubt any alphabet agency cares about one off a=b things like this.

>>380665804There are some good ones out there>but (you) are correct

>>380665171the fbi groomed a tranny to kill a bunch of kidsthe police tried to stop anyone from preventing itthe kids tranny doctor was assassinatedthese are soviet tier times.

Not even news worthy since it were nigs

>>380666434Reptilian vibes

>>380665171what a shame. surgeons are way more valuable than the average human

>>380668821Not black ones.

>>380666644dubssssssssssssss noticed

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BasedFuck em for what they did to everyone the past two years

>>380665171Holy shit. I used to live in OK and this dude would drive around OKC in a truck with plain text on the back windows and tailgate reading something along the lines of "Dr. Preston Phillips fucked up my back."

Tulsa user here, this story will be buried. The shooter Michael Louis, will not be allowed to be released, pic related.

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>>380665171>the suspect called several times over several days complaining of pain Lowering medical schools admission standards have consequences

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>>380669261Kinda like Biden’s temporary inflation

Considering malpractice is the third biggest killer in the USA due to our doctors being nothing but a gaggle of corrupt/inept paid shills for Big Pharma i'd give fair odds to the surgeon having actually been responsible for fucking that guy's back up.

>>380668079> history of botching surgeries.There’s like 400,000 medical malpractice deaths per year, all doctors suck

>>380669261Fuckin crisis actor confirmed. Someone find his old practice. Was it in sandyhook!? Jones was right all along ahhhhh


>>380668125kek true, otherwise they wouldn't have done it

>>380669464people bounce back from these things all the time

>>380669535I can safely say there is at least one other man who wanted him dead for the same reason prior to this incident.

>>380669584No, he is not a crisis actor. He is a well known surgeon, as in "don't go to him he sucks ass" well known. I know back surgery is a crapshoot anyway, but I personally know of two people that he's fucked up.

>>380669464LARGELY TRANSITORYpic related: largely transitory wound according to the fed

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>>380665171its about time doctors got theirs. thats what they get for selling surgeries without the whole story.

>>380669783>temporarily closedOk fed. \s \s \s \s \s \s \s \s \s \s ffs...

>>380665297this. 300+ million people in burgerland and only a small handful of nutballs a week go ham with their guns. not really an issue or a nationwide domestic threat

>>380669714i wouldn't even buy a toaster with these reviews

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>>380670004I mean, the whole building is temporally closed now, so yeah. Hospitals (especially St Francis, they have more money than they know what to do with) have someone in PR that turns this stuff in.

>>380670041It certainly is. However, >When you don't socialize because you're a self centered narcissist that bogarts conversations>When you have no hobbies because your life revolved around working and spending money>When your own kids won't interact with you because you're a monsterAll you do is sit in front of the TV all day and the view they push becomes reality. It's why the big teck\msm takeover was so destructive. And then they hop on facebook\twitter like the narrative is any different...

>>380665171Was the stem cell harvesting user right?

>>380665171>>The suspect was released from the hospital on May 24, five days after his surgery, Franklin said. After his release, the suspect called several times over several days complaining of pain and wanting additional treatment, the chief said.so the boomer had his surgery on the 19th, 2 weeks ago.Too quick to say "muh doctor ruined me for life" in all honesty.And considering there's very little in regards to the boomer crying about pain during his hospital stay, Im going to say either 1 of two things happened:Boomer was either given very shitty painkillers due to opium related concerns.or boomer failed to follow doctor's orders and fucked his back up again.

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>>380666434Why do people in Tulsa look so different to people in Oklahoma City?

>>380665171This nigga killed 4 people because he was still hurting 3 weeks after back surgery?!! He was strong enough to walk somewhere carrying a rifle?!Fuck this motherfucker. I'm 6 years out from a work-related injury & haven't burned that hospital down, YET!Soft ass bitch

>>380670089he was a nig nog so it's not surprising. He probably punched his clients when they were under anesthetics.

>>380670992definitely wouldn't buy a nigger toaster

>>380670860Doctor fucked up my life too, and others, and gets away with it, royally paid. Also deserves a bullet

>>380670860Considering how my inlaws belive they need to "power through" sickness and are up the day after hacking their lungs out, this is plausible.

>>380665171Shooter lived with a Physician 75 miles from shooting...... in Muskogee, OK. Why would he need to go to Tulsa to get pain meds?

>>380670883she's not from Tulsa. Or Jenks or Owasso or any of the other suburbs.

>>380671353Workers comp network made me drive that far.

>>380671353i really don't understand it, Muskogee's a place where even squares can have a ball

>>380665171Honestly surprised this didn't happen more with some uninsured person getting fucked by bills.

>>380671353Because that was where the surgeon was.He was only 3 weeks out & still in charge of that kind of shit. Pussy was healthy enough to walk but couldn't handle 3 weeks of recovery.

>>380671153>>380671209i mean I can understand that, user. I've had surgeries too where doctors fucked up. I have bone plates and screws coming out of me (specifically screws). Like once a year or every other year a few bone screws will unironically come out of my nose. And my chin hurts like fuck if I ever hit it on anything purely due to the bone plate/screws that the doctor was a nigger and didnt take out despite there being a second surgery and even a request to remove some of said bone plates (which he did remove but its best practice to remove all of them anyway because they shift and cause problems like stated above).But again, user, 2 weeks is not enough time to say anything about a doctor fucking up. You're gonna be in severe pain for atleast a month if not longer.But I will say, it seems like the boomer had a sudden sharp rate of complaint of said pain because he was in the hospital for 5 days post surgery, that implies boomer didnt feel any pain there which means the meds worked, surgery produced very little pain when in Idle, and the patient was fine. however the moment the patient was left to their own devices, Suddenly there's pain out the wazoo. My guess is prescription was too weak or Boomer decided he thought better than doctor and fucked up and didnt want to tell his doctor that he fucked up but say "no u messed up, now fix me >:( ".But yeah, if there's a bunch of reports of him experiencing severe pain while in the hospital then I'll more or less believe the nigger botched the surgery.

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>>380671353my mom's insurance had us drive 2 hours every month for Orthodontic related reasons (braces) because they had no one in network near where we lived. Best orthodontist in the entire country though. I respect him.

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>>380671747You are fucking spook bot. Nobody drives 75 miles with a bad back to fucking pain meds when they live with a physician next to an army base. Go fuck yourself spook.with your "refugees" Haitian cock.

>>380672067>>380671353Technically 4 hours every month. 2 hours there, 2 hours back. every month. for 5-6 years.

>>380665171The title seems to justify his actions. There is always some risk in every surgical intervention.

>nigger is rushed through medical school since there are no black doctors in the state of OK>does not rehabilitate a single person in his entire tenure as a surgeon>garners a reputation for being the worst surgeon in the state, is publicly slandered by many of his patients>is killed by another nigger over prescription drugs/thread

>>380672257Eat another box of Prozac Mr. spookymcfag

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>>380665171Yeah people abusing pain meds has really fucked up legitimate pain cases. I’ve seen my father go through it and he’s the type where he won’t even have a sip of beer. After his last surgery he was so depressed from pain I thought he might off himself but when I finally convinced him to ask for pain meds they told him no. He had to ask like 4 times and beg for it before they gave him a few days worth.

>>380665171Based.If I could, I would kill the doctor that did me bad 5 years ago... In Minecraft, of course

>>380667373Hes talking about the guy that said "nobody fucking cares"you cant call anyone a newfag until you figure out how to read a fucking thread, retard

>>380668048>oh nos, we tried everything! >guess you're gonna need the pill-erinos UwU

>>380667622Its a shame that the few people who arent total pussies and are actually born with the "fight" instinct end up compulsively attacking gunmen


>>380668079>It actually was the black doctor with a history of botching surgeries.unbearably fucking basedpoor guy genuinely had his life ruined by the incompetence of the systemsure, maybe he should have crusaded against the organization that let this doctor keep ruining livesbut at least he actually hurt SOMEONE responsible for his suffering

>>380666054this, ever notice how mass shootings don't happen unless gun control legislation or attempts to restore gun rights are in the works?

>>380668225And then he likely would have been subdued after killing and wounding significantly fewer people still not a reason to restrict guns, and it doesnt make them any less necessary, but youre retarded if you think this would have gone the same way with a knife or even a nig-crafted luty

>>380668625>the kids tranny doctor was assassinatedqrd???

>>380665171>Dr. Preston PhillipsYou guys didn't tell me the doctor was black. So some nigger went to a literal witch doctor and suspected him of magical malpractice when the voodoo didn't work? Then he went nonlinear and killed a bunch of bystanders even though everybody knows only the witch doctor's death ends the curse? Only in America!

Black on black crime I was wondering why dems hadn't jumped on this one

>>380669584Explain how you came to that conclusion from this image >>380669261

I'm thinking of geting jaw surgery and the fear of living in chronic pain for the rest of my life is scary af

>>380670004>/s >reddit spacingreturn to reddit

>>380665171Based! I didn't know he actually got him. Who hasn't wanted to kill a medical professional at some point?

>>380665171>has surgery on may 19>pain in may 24>to be expected.jpg >probably downed the bottle of 14 day oxy in 2 days, called doctor asking for more, doc says ehhh no. Wtf was his problem? You should expect pain for at least three weeks after surgery. Not like debilitating pain but still.It would be one thing if he was in pain like 5 years after the fact. Kek. What a bitch. Too sad they didn’t gun him down at the hospital entrance.

>be amerimutt>get shotsimple as

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>>380674755My fingers are connected to my funny bone, user.>>380674805>having to do super deliberate formatting and common internet indicators because TWO (you) fucking retards can't chuckle. We live in a clown world, enjoy the ride.

>Be American>Go to Walmart >Get Shot >Go to school>Get shot >Go to hospital>Get shot again

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>>380666434She was just pale not white. Disgusting

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What is the race of the shooter and the victims

>>380675359Lithuanian and Bangladeshi, respectively, mr. Thinks he's proving something but didn't read the thread one post by this ID. Why do you ask


>>380675127>>380675182Brilliant contribution to the thread, queers.>>380675359Killer was a nigger. Doctor was also a nigger. Not sure about any others.

>>380668349I remember the good old days I couldn’t walk down the street with out somebody handing me a oc80 or opana…

>>380674565The voodoo dancer is among the dead though.

Lmao this fucking "doctor" deserved to die

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>>380665171a redditor who mostlikely hated that there was no free healthcare took action.

>>380672097Because the faggot didn't have bad back pain if he was able to walk.Wtf is your dumbass even mad about, nigger?He couldn't find a physician to prescribe him anything because his spinal surgeon was in control of his pain management. He was only 2 weeks out of surgery!Literally go kys and make the world a better place.

>boomer docs overprescribe oxy, creating huge drug epidemic and driving up demand for fent in illegal drugs that kill thousands of junkie degenerates (based but indirect)>government goes reefer madness on all pain meds as result>same boomer docs tell everyone post-surgery to just cope and settle for advil>this happensAnd I hope it happens again and again. The only good shootings are those that kill the most responsible party and as many of their close contacts as possible.


>>380672067>my mom's insurance had us drive 2 hoursHe fucking lived with a Dr. fuck your mom with that CIAbot's Haitian Prozac'd flacid cock too.This is a bullshit narrative by gay gun grabbing commies.

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>>380665491And you're a nobody. Nobody cares

Is this the same doc? He is fucking retarded. Never go to a black doctor.

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having had back surgery I understand. dude should have smoked weed like i did feels good man>t. almost entire spine fused at 18 and my life is pretty mid and back still hurts all the time but still alive i guess

>>380669202Spread it, make MSM suffer.

>>380671353Muskogee isnt 75 miles away from tulsa you fucking liar. You're probably a fed. I live in the area. It's more like 25-30.

Never take me to a black doctor :(

A doctor should never fear going to jail for writing a prescription, and frankly I don't give a flying fuck about 'pill mills'. Cracking down on dubious doctors treating dubious maladies ALWAYS translates to real patients suffering real consequences.

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>>380665171Maybe the doc shouldn't have been such a condescending prick to someone in legit pain

>>380668079> with a history of botching surgeries.any sauce?

>>380676079>he told me i was fat and he doesn't operate fat peoplehe was based

>>380676488i was using mobility scooters 2 weeks out from my spinal surgery. i would not have been able to drive myself, much less fire a weapon.

Guess whats gonna happen when people find out about vaids, or the vents killing people, or remdisivir causing organ failure. Hope you aren't a nurse or doctor

>>380671353>makes completely false statement>memeflagFuck you.

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>>380676875I love it when people who think they can treat others poorly get bit. It's why I'll never care about minorities beating boomers.


>>380669824Pic isn't related nigger. Flamingo have a pouch in the top of their head that contains crop milk for their chicks. The red color is just from their diet. It's not a flamingo butchering another. If you're going to make a comparison, use something that's an actual equivalency to the point.>t. Floridian

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>>380676751>>380676751He's so fucking aggressive he must just be here to tire out normal discussion. Wants nothing but trogdolytes to remain or something. Some real rabid shits show up here and there & I've seen nothing but distortions and outright lies from them.

>>380665171at least he had a reasona shitty reason, but a reason nontheless

based, fuck doctors

>>380666434F in the chat for the innocents.

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>>380670883They do. I’ve noticed this too. It’s weird >>380671523where’s she from? She lived there now right?

>>380676963they had me walking a few hours after the surgery, but it was hard as fuck. barely could move for a year really. 2 years of PT. I was 17 when had the surgery and in shape at the time so that was probably a huge plus for me. fucked now if i had it. 12 years later i still deal with pain and needing PT (just gym on my own now though).killer must have been using pure anger to fuel him. sort of based.

>>380676079Sounds like he was based

>>380667622>>380668079lolol she probably offered to suck the gunmans dick because she wasnt getting any at home.... im gonna go masturbate to an autopsy video now mmm thanks for the name im gonna cum all over her pictures

>>380676920I have no sauce but corroboration. about 2 years ago I saw a tan chevy driving around OKC with text on the back window saying never to go to Dr. Phillips in Tulsa and he is a fake doctor. I thought it was just another crazy boomer with too many health issues to be fixed, which is very common there. Now that the nigger is dead I am inclined to believe the truck.

>>380665171Based shooter that’s how everyone should deal with medical fuck ups.

it's great when a shooter is black. no 2nd amendment chimp out.

>>380676875>legit painYou’re addicted to drug and your drug seeking behavior is in medical textbooks. Literally copy pasta. All of you.

>>380676920It was a nigger spinal surgeon you retard. Figure it out.

>>380677473depends if the doctor fucked it up and ruined a lifethen it is pretty rational, medical errors kill manyand covid has shown that they got zero ethics

>>380665491Dont do it.I joke do it faggot

>>380666434is that the movie set for the new chainsaw massacre? I like to think that Im a brave man but I wouldnt stay on the same city as those motherfuckers.

>>380665171Some doctors are assholes that think they know better than you and abuse their power position by withholding treatments. I usually treat myself now because I don't like dealing with the power dynamic. It was probably deserved.

>>380669051They're trying to bump up his rating

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>>380678148meant for>>380670089

>>380677738Taking pleasure from the pain of vulnerable person's is also in the medical textbooks. Look at the patient feedback for this man. He is more like a lizard in a lab coat than a human doctor. He gave no shit about people.

>>380667388Checked and heiled. Thanks for pointing out the doctor was a nigger. Should've know.

>>380677351>Flamingo have a pouch in the top of their head that contains crop milk for their chicks.No idea why you made this shit up. The upper bird is just puking on the other one's head because they're idiots trying to feed the same chick.

>>380665171I like how none of this articles will show one picture of the shooter. You immediately know it was a non-white.

>>380678338This is a result of lowering the standards for niggers getting into medical school.

>>380678297It’s surgery it’s not supposed to be a weekend at Coachella Pain is a normal part of life. Especially of recovery. Cope. 2 years you should expect soreness and occasionally pain after a surgery. Even if 90% of it goes away after 3 months. Doctors may downplay it because dumb ass patients avoid surgery bc they’re bitches even if they need it.

>>380668349And then there's me who was trying to figure out why my knee is chronically unstable while I had no pain at all, and every idiot I saw diagnosed me with "knee pain" and tried giving me meds and demanded that I get cortisone shots, even when an MRI also showed absolutely health cartilage. I wanted to shoot all of the medical staff due to how retarded they were and they all also viciously argued with me that I definitely DID have knee PAIN, weird af.

>>380665297Agreed, a POC defended himself against a racist doctor and the malpractice committed against him. Another Saint is in heaven with Floyd.

>>380678297He had a terminal case of being honest with his patients aka “bad bedside manner”. If someone cuts your tissue open and then does things in there with muscles and cartilage and nerves and puts you back together, you say Ty sir and thank your lucky stars such a thing is possible in our gilded scientific utopia. You expect pain bc inflammation and tissue recovery happens on its own time table.


>>380678605Kick a man when he's down and don't be surprised when he rises up.

>>380665171Pilled out Prozac eyed Refugee with alleged bad back that lives with physician in another city, Allegedly drives to Tulsa where a Democrat Mayor has power to supposedly shoot up a Catholic Hospital for muh pain meds. So give up your guns? AmberTurd told better lies.

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>>380678861He can either be honest and piss you off Or he can be a drug dealer and get you addicted to opiates and ruin your life Choose one.

>>380669261>Temporarily closedUntil they resurrect him?

The government has cracked down on pain medicine. They will go after doctors that prescribe medication so as they have to limit the amount of pain medication as an extreme need case. Furthermore, besides getting the medication you need to get a secondary verification the pharmacists needs to talk to the doctor and that can take extra hours to fill the prescription. My boyfriend suffers from chronic pain and tells me all the hurdles he needs to go through. He often is resorted to drink more has to go through the emergency room only to have them give him a strong aspirin.

Same day Biden blamed whites for the Tulsa riots anniversary where black thugs got paid back by the city.

>>380671353>why would a person from nowhere, oklahoma drive to somewhere, oklahomashit i don't know maybe because the good hospitals are in OKC, tulsa, and other cities, and not in nowhere? imagine being filtered by this holy shit

There are so many bad ratings and only recently people bumped his rating back up.

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>>380665171>Emily (((Shapiro)))

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>>380669202Who the fuck would sell a gun to that ??

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>>380679357When I searched for orthopedists and PCPs within a 50 mile radius of myself last year most of the reviews for every last one were like this.

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>>380666434Whats with the eyes, look like they've been snorting lines of fluoride ffs

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>>380665171Govt. cracked down on opiates, now doctors can't treat pain. 30 years ago doc would write scrip for hydrocodone, and it worked. Now they tell you to take ibuprophen and acetaminophen, and you weep in agony. Thanks, junkies.

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>>380665650Underrated comment


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>>380670897>This nigga killed 4 people because he was still hurting 3 weeks after back surgery?!No fucking kidding. BACK SURGERY. Did he think he was gonna do gymnastic routines the next morning or something. Fuckin' idiot.

>>380665171They know the shooter's name but don't use it. They don't mention he's black either. Typical jewish bullshit of hiding the truth.



>>380668623The good ones go out of their way to help patients avoid surgery and drugs.

>>380678997He doesn't have to be an asshole and verbally abuse emotionally vulnerable people. He fucked around with the wrong guy. Treat others with respect because you do not know what anyone is capable of.

youtube.com/watch?v=_0CMWW2HzYQshould have listened to Sam Hyde lol

>>380676482>temporarily dead

>>380680007Sounds like he's a rude, condescending asshole and then likely prescribed shit like "prescription strength" ibuprofen for one of the more painful surgeries and continued to be an asshole. Surgeons nd other doctors often think they are Gods who are immune from consequences of being huge fucking dicks.

>>380679239>Furthermore, besides getting the medication you need to get a secondary verification the pharmacists needsEver been to Muskogee? Pain meds can be bought on nearly every corner. He lived with a Dr. You don't have to drive to Tulsa, to get meds. You have to drive to Tulsa to find a Democrat Mayor.

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>>380674112Yes, we all notice it and call it out for what it is, but the normies don't, and they're the ones that will ensure our demise.

>>380680260wrong vidyoutube.com/watch?v=83nxMfCiVUg&t=88s

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>>380679813they cracked down on opiates for the hoipolloi, you mean

>>380680253You have no idea. These people were probably retarded and intentionally making their health worse despite his instructions. People do that. Also there are like 20 people a day that beg for drugs. Lots of them seethe when denied. These things have research based protocols. 2 week oxy supply is given after surgery. You can eat those pills in 1 day if you want. Or 2-3 days. Or do it like designed for 2 weeks and be fine (which many never do). By contrast lots of patients don’t bitch, follow instructions, and end up fine and go on with their lives.

>>380670897He was man enough to act.

>>380665171>be me>be white man>had chronic back pain>had surgery>went through a few months of painful recovery and physical therapy>felt a lot better>be nigger>had chronic back pain>had surgery>didn't feel instantly better so two weeks later shoot up the fucking hospitalthis country has a case of chroniggers

>>380665171>nigger wants oxycontin>doctor refuses him>nigger shoots doctor/pol/ unironically defends this

>>380665171How does this not happen more often? American doctors are nothing but garbage and every single one of them deserved to die before the lockdown power grab.

>>380665171I haven't a clue really the details, but yea, this isn't as uncommon as you might believe. Usually people who get really bad back injuries end up fucked over by the industry because as has been talked about in other medical practice related threads, most doctors today don't do anything but follow their book like gospel. So if you're ignorant and don't research on your own to advocate for yourself, you're basically fucked, and just carried along in a current of insurance allowed low hanging fruit "solutions."I mean, just intuitively, you can think to yourself that if you had a bad back problem in a portion of your spine, would it make good sense to you to then FUSE that area together vertebrae to vertebrae? I would think not if you're not retarded.But that is indeed what they will do 99% of the time if you don't advocate for yourself well. And yes, as you can imagine, that shit results in chronic nerve damage pain.Also, back injuries was the thing most Americans and especially White people were given oxycontin for, which lead to the opiate crisis.What I am getting at ultimately, is it's all been a set up for failure by the kikes. Loxism. Greed. All aligns with their talmudic beliefs.If you're not in the know by now, you're pretty ignorant or just in denial and can't be helped.

>>380680742no, i think Holla Forums is relieved it's not another white kid groomed by the fbi

The shooter

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>>380680852The avergage shitbag weighs 300 lbs and will go to the doctor to try and buy a solution to back pain then they really just need to lose half of their bodyweight

>>380677008Why? You think you’ve found out and you’ve done nothing while that bull fucks your wife, pussy.



>motive matters when it's a black person>guns are the real issue when it's a white person

>>380669261>lower standards for medical school so more black people can graduate>black affirmative action hire botches surgery on fellow negro>fellow negro murders black doctor in retaliationpottery

>>380681460the solution to social issues is clearly to arm the nogs

Apparently he bought the gun he used just two hours before using it. And now the Tulsa redditors are circlejerking over OK's anti-red flag law. This doesn't look good for us even if it was black on black.

>>380681033If you're going to respond without acknowledging what I said at all in your response, don't expect me to acknowledge your shit. Doesn't work that way. I'm not playing that garbage with any of you retards anymore. because you're just trying to steer and dictate the situation away from what I said and you know it, kike.

>>380666054If a dog lawyer showed up in my court room and pled "who cares", no matter what the client did, he'd walk. Then the lawyer would get rubs and good legal bois.

>>380672556Even if he botched the surgery, the dude was cut open only a month ago, of course you’re going to feel pain afterward. It’s one reason those Obamacare “patient satisfaction” surveys are such BS because you get people wheeled out of surgery complaining it hurts and think they are being oppressed, like no shit it hurts you just got cut open.

>>380666434>Lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.... hold on now


>>380671581Lmao this deserved way more yous

lol>works entire life as child getting good grades>4 years undergrad, slaving away>4 years medical school, grinding books>6 years orthopedic surgery residency, soul-crushing work hours>2-3 years spine fellowship>finally get to practice after all your hard work>dies from an angry nigger with a gun he tried to helplol

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>>380667185After the whole opioid issue MD's are really shy at prescribing them in any meaningful amount. They feel they're a liability now.

>>380665171>america is soooooo dangerous!!!!!>don't worry user, the police are here to protect you! Back the blue!>25 cops standing around laughing


>>380680517The tinfoil and MIGApede rightwing is so retarded with their "doctors don't know shit" routine. Truly fucking moronic.

>>380665650oklahoma ass niggazyoutube.com/watch?v=mI6233eyl0U

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>>380681612Imagine blaming the kikes because you spent your whole life eating Doritos and Mountain Dew and now demand a happy pill or operation to undo it all. Bonus points when you whine to the nurse in recovery that “ it huuuurttts” after you just had your insides opened and rearranged hours earlier.

>>380679455I would for the lulz

>>380674360With a machete I could get a kill count of 3 pretty easy

>>380672257Ignore these bugmen neets. They have no idea how far people have to drive to see specialists. Especially when you add in the American system with in-network vs out-of-network.

>>380681780Better investigate and get back to us

>>380682340>doubles down on same stupid shit>probably didn't even make it 2 fucking sentences into my post before knee jerk emotional reactionPlease kys. You waste of oxygen. I'm just gonna relink my post and make your efforts pointless and a irrelevant much like you, kike.>>380680852>>380680852>>380680852

>>380680075fair point based bro

>>380667582>Medical Malpractice is one of the leading causes of death in the USA.Tulsa OK number one legal forum to get zeroed out in a lawsuit against a Dr.

>>380682217He was a nigger entering medschool 20 years ago, don't extrapolate the contemporary competitiveness onto the past

>>380665171OOGA BOOGATake whiteys guns away mane falseflag and SHEEEEIT.

>>380665171>random user snaps and does something about the malpractice problemBased. BTW medical errors is the #3 leading cause of death in USA

>>380681531glowie hands wrote this post

>>380680962Just another drug addict groomed by the feds policy on hooking country on opiates

>>380682846It's heart disease, cancer, medicine - same as just about every other country, right?

>>380682642I read your post, it’s trying to shift all responsibility away from people for their own health problems. Imagine going to a surgeon instead of trying weight loss or yoga first.

Is that a mug shot? Why is someone with a mugshot passing background checks? This sounds like another glowie operation

>>380665171Grooming awareness thread:>>380679990

>>380682976No, it's not. It's an even handed reflection of the issue from the position of the patient and people. But what position are you argueing from and how blind are you to how your motive shows that to anyone not retarded?I swear you fucking vermin genuinely believe all those not like you are stupid, but instead of dealing with the fact and reality, you just endlessly try and lie and game the situation to fit your bias instead.We're all gonna fucking kill you and those like you and you won't have anyone to blame but yourselves. 100%

>>380681033You're gonna have back pain one day you dumb ass nigger. It's literally the price of being a man on this Earth and not dying before the age of 40. If you weren't a literal CHILD you would know this. Because I'm not a faggot like you, I will at least wish that you don't require multiple surgeries when your back starts tormenting you.

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>>380683405Should have done hanging exercises. Or dont break your back. Were you a coolie?

>>380683405t. Amerifat

>>380683346>an even handed reflection of the issue from the position of the patient and peopleexactly, from a place that doesn't know shit about shit. Go find plans and the evidence for the outcome you want smart guy. You already know everything obviously, the surgeons are biased with their educations, it takes not knowing basic statistics to see the truth. Start up your own clinic and overtake them for half the price.

>>380683737>endless misrepresentation of my post details with appeals to authorityOmae wa mo shindeiru


>>380665517you know, you may have a good point there....

Fucking finally, someone shooting the actual people causing them problems. If this shit happened every day people would stop acting like liberal retards spirit bombing eachother. A lot of this stuff is related to the fact that people fundamentally refuse to tell the truth as a matter of principle function. Basically everything people do throughout the day when they talk to other people is lie to them.Guy says he'll fix someone's problemDoesn't, makes it worseProbably tells him it's something else that caused itTells him politely to fuck off, rather than tell him the truth, which is that "I don't owe you shit, because I am greedy" which he should have told the guy up frontTruth gets settled with a bullet.

>>380676870100x this. My dad got a botched back surgery and it completely destroyed his life. Could hardly walk, lost his job, golddigging whore mom divorced him and has been living in a rest home since his mid 40s.Only thing that makes the pain even remotely tolerable is high doses of methadone (opiate) meanwhile the docs make him jump through hoops and live in a constant cycle of fear in order to consistently stay prescribed it. Reason being: The DEA's solution to curbing opiate seeking junkies was to terrify the doctors in charge of them with threats of having their licenses revoked to such an extent the personal risks to their career outweigh the pain of their patients.Brutal fucked up cycle.

>>380683970>appeals to authoritylol I told you to go do it for yourself, how is that an appeal to authority? You're biologically and statistically illiterate and are probably 20 IQ points lower than the mean surgeon. It's hilarious you people pretend like anyone can just stroll into these positions when they're the most competitive positions to secure in America due to their lucrative nature.

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>>380665171>surgery was on 5/19>goes on mass shooting because of "pain" less than 2 weeks laterWhat a giant pussy.

>>380665171This is why you should not take nigger patients.

>>380680538The problem with the opiates crackdown means people that truly need them can’t get them. Serious pain I’ve seen a grown man fall into a fetal position from kidney pain. Cancer patients have more to suffer. Bone cancer is some of the most hellish pain ever encountered your body is just breaking apart. They line of addiction and pain often run neck to neck but that’s for the doctors to decide not government. I went to an online doctor asking for a sleep prescription and he told me I was addicted to pills I told him no I was addicted to sleep. Sadly we’re seeing medicine become politicized. We saw this even more prominently with Covid vaccines. Pseudo commie medicine is were we are at this point of time. But liberals will just blame the guns as you all in one fixer upper heal the nation tonic.

>>380665171he didn't jive with the ganj? wasn't he darkie?

>>380665171Based. Fuck doctors and everyone working in the medical field.

>>380666434Another blonde woman murdered by a nigger. The American specialty.

>>380684371Yeah that mentally ill nigger who couldn't even wait a full month to heal up was just a philosopher and defender of truth.

>>380668349>fuck up your body>blame doctors for not prescribing things that slowly kill you

>>380669261>Temporarily closedTOP KEK

This story is kinda funny seeing as my dad is an orthopedic surgeon. He always tries to give patients as many pain meds as possible after surgery and the fucking pharmacists are the ones who limit the amount of meds actually given.

>>380684544If the surgery was botched for something serious like discs, it's entirely understandable. Pain from shit like that can and will drive you mad even when you're not a nigger.

>>380683346The fact you think no one should be feeling pain weeks after surgery just tells me you have no clue about the intricacies of flesh and bone. Do doctors fuck up from time to time, absolutely. Is there a lot of whiners in society who realize at 50 you can’t undo all the damage you did to your own body completely? Hell fucking yes.

>>380665171If you are going to fuck up your surgeries and then deny pain medicine, you deserve this. No sympathy. Read too many horror stories about people in excruciating pain who can’t get help.

>>380685078Listen, anyone that is in enough pain to shoot someone to death obviously had something that needed to be dealt with and this doctor didn't have enough brainpower to get that person taken care of.


>>380665297I CARE BITCH

>>380684771I have two herniated discs. One is completely ruined beyond all repair. The doctors dragged their feet for two years because muh covid muh lockdown muh virtual appointments only and by the time they confirmed what I already knew it was "too late to do anything now whoopsie doopsie".Unlike what that one faggot in this thread keeps claiming I am not overweight. I did the yoga, the stretches, the physio, the otc pills, the exercises. Nothing worked. The only thing that made any difference was opiates. But of course muh opioid crisis. So I got put on a series of NSAIDs, muscle relaxers, and anti-seizure pills (lmao) that shredded my digestive tract, gave me ulcers, and did absolutely nothing for the pain.These retards don't get it because they've never felt it. It's not "back pain". At best it's a dull constant ache in your back. But more often it's a burning/freezing stabbing sensation hitting every part of your back, legs, and/or hip while leaving like every muscle in your body is trying to tear itself apart. The opioids didn't get me "high". They made me functional. They targeted the areas that needed pain and I was able to go to work, exercise, and do the conservative exercises they demanded because they can't be bothered to give me surgery to actually fix the issue.This doctor got what he deserved and I hope it happens more often. He maimed the nigger then told him to walk it off.

>>380677351god damnit user, I did not come here to learn shit, I just want my rage fix

>>380678424I like the other way better, it's more brutal than puking

>>380686336>This doctor got what he deserved and I hope it happens more often. He maimed the nigger then told him to walk it off.this, we know it's true because it's what I want to believe

>>380665171You know, medical malpractice is one of the Top 5 causes of death in America.Gay that he killed others (especially the patient), but I can understand how he rationalized "If I'm going to kill myself because of this pain, I'm taking the surgeon with me".

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>>380665171Actually based


>>380665171Sounds like the medicine man fucked up the wrong spinal column. Probably stop doing so much coke before operating.

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>>380676426The math checks out

>>380666291Backpain surgery has low rate of success and tends to worsen the symptoms. These kind of doctors are the worst. They're keen to give their patients surgery, instead of what's best for their patient because it gives them shekelsEven those "superstar" surgeon has considerable rate of patients who feels worse after back surgery