"immigrants dunt assimilate into our culture mate"

"immigrants dunt assimilate into our culture mate"

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Still not British. Would deport.

This is the Irish equivalent of that American shitskin who built Obama a clock. Sneed and cope.

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>>380664243No they really don't. I know people who grew up here as CHILDREN that don't speak a word of English - once they reach a large enough percentage of a regions demographic coupled with the gates to their homelands being wide open, assimilating becomes a choice and not a necessity and eventually just a novelty as they usurp all the levers to power that the previous tribe who failed to assimilate them held. People who come to English countries and name their children Poojeta and Anhakesh and Muhammad are not trying to assimilate - they're coming to conquer.

>>380664243I don't care about assimilation, I care about his race

>>380664243>>380664243Cherrypick a datapoint...

Syrians aren't that bad actually. Their country used to have a decent education system. It's not like they are Afghan goatfuckers.

>>380664453Shut the fuck up lutefisknigger

>>380664674>they're coming to conquer>conquerImplying they have the strength to fight.They're chimpanzees on the government's leash. They freak out and destroy everything, but they get yanked backed before a pedestrian takes action.

>>380664243arabs are good people. I've lived with them for a few years now and I think they're people

>>380664243He speaks another language, that alone disqualify him from being British.

>>380664243What does Feasgar math mean in Gaelic? Kill all infidels?

>>380664453>>380665033Arabs are based

>>380664989>Implying they have the strength to fight.For sure they're just useful pawns for the WEF homos and International Capitalists who want to exploit their labor and the Boomers who want their home prices to go up. But a lot of them will tell you with glib joy that they are conquering our lands.

>>380665224Arabs are low IQ mongrel who spread their degeneracy wherever they go.

>>380664927It's true. I want qt Syrian gf

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>>380664243at this point i don't know who is worse the stingy nords who wouldn't feed a child his kid invited home or the muslims.

Saying hello world and good morning does not mean you speak another language. Question for the colored people here, do you not get your intelligence insulted at these types of articles?

>>380664243>frenchLanguage of former masters >Arabic, mandarinLanguage of future mastersHe needs to learn urdu and polish and pidgin and he's set for life

>>380664243Assimilation is even worse than segregation. Assimilation is how we dissapear as a people. So fuck that little invader. Go back to your shithole country.

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>>380665668You're right Swedebro but we've already lost the war.There's no way to turn the tide. Our descendants will be brownish mutts. Europe is already gone.

>>380665224ok shitskin

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>>380664243abdullah will never be whitehe will never be Scottish

>>380665033they poop on hookers

>>380665855Average IQ of Iran 84 and Holla Forums worships them and calls them amazing geniuses. If IQ is an issue why do you ignore it on Iran?

>>380665926Spoken like a shitskin, a traitor or a defeatist. No.

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>>380666508>workshiping iranHaha what

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>>380666516French flag is most likely a nigger, arab or a kike.

>>380666168He is whiter than you Muhammad jubal

>>380666168Looks like the thousands of comments and re-tweets from whites disagree with you. This is a BRITISH English footballer according to 99 percent of the country. The world has moved on and left you behind.

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>>380666508>Average IQ of Iran 84 and Holla Forums worships them and calls them amazing geniuses. If IQ is an issue why do you ignore it on Iran?There is no way you aren't jewish.

>>380664243He forgot to add that he also knows Spanish, Hungarian, and a lesser-known dialect of Kazakh, has a master's degree in mathematics, and an airplane license


>>380664453Sven is right you faggots have no respect for the englishmen that built that country one sandnigger isn't all of them YOU WILL NOT TAKE US OVER WE WILL FUCKING WIN YOU HEAR THAT NIGGERS AND JEWS YOU FUCKING HEAR THAT THATS THE WHITE MANS RAGE AND ITS COMING.

>>380664503The kid is in Scotland and learning Scottish Gaelic.

>>380664243He is really smart and now Syria doesn't have him. Way to go you evil kike. If he invents something it will be Bri'ish. If he makes money it will be Bri'ish. But he will never actually be british and you play sick games.

>>380666599There are 20 threads a week here "based Iran" "How do i get a Persian aryan girlfriend bros", "Are Iranians white bros? why do we want to bomb a white country again?" these topics accumulate hundreds of replies all in agreement that Iranians are amazing intellectuals and the most handsome people alive. If IQ matters why doesn't it matter for Iran?

>>380665224you need to go back.

>>380664243woah!! one sandnigger assimilated out of a hundred million!! i guess pol is wrong!

>>380666862If you're a civnat you're lost.

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>>380665368>>380665956Whites are the biggest pushers of lgbtq gay shit shit

>>380664243I don't see the issue he looks white?? He looks just like my brother and we have pure european ancestry.


>>380664472fuck off most Scots can't even speak Gaelic

>>380667000Stop browsing Holla Forums when sandniggers are on, I don't know what to tell you.All muslims are pedo inbred retards, that's literally in their religion.

>>380666833Why would i be Jewish? Iran has the highest proportion of Jews in the Middle East, Jews sit in their parliament and are not oppressed while they oppress Sunnis all the time they leave the Yahood alone.

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>>380664243Did he convert to Christianity and change his name to a proper English name? That’s what my Japanese grandparents did

>>380666862This the jew fears the assimilated mixed raced couple because they know they know them to save the white race assimilate

>>380665926>WeObvious brown hands typed this obviously

>>380667117Gaels are potato niggers. So that's not a bad thing. Picts were the native bunch.

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>>380664243the problem is overall numbers. 1-2% foreign population is easy to assimilate and doesn't cause problems, 20% with falling native birthrates and increasing number of foreigners means you are the one being assimilated

>>380666639Most probably.

>10 year old abdullah knows 4 languages>his hobbies include fortnite, sugar, mosque, and rape

>>380664243Great now assimilate value systems and describe the value systems between each group you mentioned.

>>380664674Its because you didnt beat them up at school. Its what we did to the Somalians and Afghans in my town. They all behave better than anyone else. You go get a wild dog, and just let it run loose?

>>380664243more irish than irish

>>380667353abdullah is an aryan chad protecting whitness what the fuck have you done?

>>380665033If they're good people you can stay in your country.

>>380667215because the culture of the Japanese is being co-operate slave and stretching their anuses for colonizers that they simp for. this is not the reality of middle easterners. take your english name and christianity and shove it up your grandma's stretched asshole. Nips have no roots like arabs do. they exist to be slaves to their bosses and to porn

>>380664243damn learned all those languages and he's still a syrian that shouldn't be in europe

>>380666743>The world has moved on and left you behind. Until they start killing whites like they did in South Africa, then I'll laugh at you

>>380667378YOu have somalians and Afghan in Norway too? fucking disgusting. Even Norway is going down. Sad.

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>>380665224Shut up, Trudeau.

>>380664243One little shit vs 90%+ immigrants (especially muzzies) who couldn't care less about your cultures or countries, and many of them actively oppose them and want to impose their own ways onto the natives.

honestly compare a picture of the average german solider in ww2 and they look just like him. He is white deal with it kikes.

They never show the young Muslim girls.I wonder why...

>>380667491Fuck arabs. That's the worst migrants to ever come to Europe. And also the group I hate the most.People from these places: Iraq, Libanon, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Palestine and so on.

>>380664453>>380666949>>380667038>>380667160>SAND[n-word]yeah I dare (you) to say this in front of me

>>380665368>>380664453Kek the new butthurt belt, weak cunts who can't control immigrants

damn its hard to be a straight white kid these days

>>380664453Based ikeautist

Couldn't he have learned all that in Syria?

>>380664453This. Thanks Sven. Fuck anyone who isn’t white.

>>380664243Speaking on behalf of my Scottish brothers here - Fuck off we’re full.

>>380667378Based bro they only understand violence and strength

>>380667743>>380667745>t. triggered sandniggers that will get killed in the near future.

>>380667789and be deprived of living with his white brothers? For shame

>>380667824Based scott

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>>380667743Or what? you're going to stop fucking your favorite goat?

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>>380667789are you retarded?

>>380667077*For the last few decades. Muslims on the other hand have been inbreeding for their entire history.

>>380667743What will you do, memeflaggot? Chimp out like the nigger that you are?

>>380664453you don't hear fuckin shit about grenade attacks but as soon as one little allah builds a clock it's fuckin news for a week, they even make memes lauding these types of people for reading>look, they can read!

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>>380664243Cool. He's still not British and never will be.

I didn't realize Arabic, French, and Mandarin were part of Scottish culture.Almost like his parents are using him to get themselves richer by having him "learn" 87 different languages so they can flaunt him in the press. hmmmmmmmm

>>380667868they are just going to keep making your countries whiter and better and you cant stop them kike

>>380664243Stinky pajeet or muslim living in the UK doing it again.

>>380667928Inbreeding is very common in the middle-east. True.

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>>380664243>cherrypicked outlierBong, I....

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>>380667743Sure, I'll say it near you, but not at you. That way it's not a "hate crime" when I shoot you to death (always kill your attacker so they can't testify in court) in self-defense.

>>380667868Hahaha cope on sven funny we don't have any problems with them here after giving few trouble makers a touch up. Just grow a set before you're fully overrun

>>380667996And jews are the most inbred kind of sandnigger

>>380664243This one kid knows 100 verbs in gaelic, let's ignore the rape statistics because of it.

>>380667925explain to me why he couldn't be a boy genius in his home country

>>380664243Heil Abdullah A based ARYAN chad He will be the next Hitler Heil his white soul

>>380667171>unprompted seething about Iran and PalestineDefinitely a kike

>>380667077>lgbtq gay shit is the only form of degeneracyImagine an entire civilization trapped in a cycle of inbreeding. It has sudden renaissances whenever it conquers new territory and intermarries with locals before immediately collapsing back into inbred stupidity and madness. Islamists could kill every jew and homosexual on the planet and would still have a degenerate canker poisoning them.

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>>380668072What about after they take your muh guns seppo

>>380664243>I know all these languages!Yeah, I bet he doesn't though.

>>380665224Agreed. Don't worry user, everyone who isn't some form of beaner is considered a worthless shitskin on this board.


>>380664243Not impressive that you spend all your life learning how to admit you're a cucked subhuman in 12 languages.

>>380664243Kikes HATE when WHITE kids like this outshine and outperform them as adults!

>>380665179Roughly translated it means -"OP is a faggot"

>>380667952One tough Dalit right here Watch out

>>380668305He does, OP is a kike trying to d&c whites

>>380664243Learning many languages doesn't equate assimilating, retard. That's like saying a random chink who speaks english is integrating to your society despite never setting foot here. Language is one, small element of "integration", which is impossible in full anyway due to biological reasons.

>>380668255Never gonna happen, logistically not possible. Politicians are just making a fuss to score points for mid-term elections.

>>380665668This. Assimilation is genuinely the last thing that we need.>cor blimey look at Sukdeep over there waving the flag>just like us, he is

>>380668094Your biggest cities are run by them, what are you even talking about? Ignorant faggot.

>>380664243>knows 2 words in 6 languageswow hes a future doctor, and theres no way he will ever become a gang rapist

Not Anglo. Not Celtic/Gaelic. A dune Coon. Deport.

>>380668359He is going to translate Mein Kampf in all his learned languages tho so give him a break


>>380668527He is whiter than you kike rat coon

>>380668482Lol. Yeah. Boomer cuck-servative civic nationalism. Literally worse than fucking liberalism.

>>380668482Based. >>380668618>REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the flag

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look at all these kikes coming out of the woodwork to try and defame a white aryan. Sorry rats he is smarter and whiter than you will ever be.

>not being able to speak at least 3 languages by the time you graduate high school

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>>380668494Kek what not the Chinese today sven fuck you'd say anything to cope hey guess what no rape problem here one lot tried it and are in solitary 24/7 for their own protection serving 50yr sentences

>>380667894The irony...

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>>380668906You have to make laws to prevent it, we don't, because it's such an incredibly unheard of thing.

>>380668688Silence, you obviously brown monkey. Back to Guatemala with you.

>>380664243Mutts cant even compete and they know abdullah is whiter then their ami muttified genes are. Fucking disgusting spicniggermutt monstrosities shitting on white kids. Fuck you kikes and mutts

>>380668906Kys you disgusting arab piece of shit. Animal fucking is the most common in your countries, just like inbreeding, and everyone knows it.

>>380668134based man, also you and your fellow people are having your wages suppressed and housing prices skyrocket because of foreign imports? Dude the kid built a computer, grow up!

>>380669115shut the fuck up kike i rebuke you

>>380664243Slide thread.

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>>380665956This happens in places where they try very hard to keep their homogeneity in an environment where there are lots of lower intelligence group in close proximity

>>380668997+1 Exactly. LOL. Nobody even hasto think about it here, cause you don't do it. They have to hunt down animal fuckers, because it's so common.

watch this if you'd like to be 100% sure of going to heaven guys. it's easy to get to heavenyoutube.com/watch?v=Sf3uF0juIVI

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>>380668906 Not sure what you're trying to say, it's literally illegal in my country and surrounding countries>meanwhile

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>>380669218The only sliding is kikes trying to say this kid isnt white

>>380668897>these big words coming from an NPC who had his whole country locked down and forced with draconian measures to prevent a fake virus.Imagine being proud of a country who has camps for people who refuse to inject themselves with VAIDS.

imagine if intelligent young men like this stayed in their home countries and made them betterglobohomo sucks the lifeblood from nations in so many ways

>>380665542>Thinking the nords are bad Matate porfavor

>>380669352Isn't the war over? Why the fuck aren't they sent packing?

For some ideas on how to deal with them look up the Australia day riots k and that was only over a few lebos trying to staunch a life guard kek

>>380666743>Looks like the thousands of comments and re-tweets from whites disagree with youCloset racists trying to score brownie points. UK is a racist country remember?

>>380669226This happens because their retarded pedo prophet married his 6yo cousin

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>>380667743Okay, meet me in front of Gregg's then. I can't go in cuz I got in trouble for being racist but I'll see u out front

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>>380669342More cope camps were for returning travelers from overseas and done as it was cheaper than hotel quarantine so another swing and a miss

cant believe Holla Forums is embroiled in antiwhite racism. Fuck you its ok to be white

>>380669299He isn't. Shut the fuck up you hideous long nosed freak.

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>>380669216Screaming kike won't make you white, Hernandez.

>>380668997nigga they fucking legalized it. Don't you think there should be laws against bestiality or does this infringe upon your freedom? This happens way more than you think btw

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>>380664243to be fair, assimilating into anglo-saxon "culture" is easy as it's a very primitive civilization... "culture" is the invention of people with a lackluster civilization, it's the invention of people without Literature :^3

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>>380664453glowniggers seething in replies to this based as fuck fpbp

>>380669582>Quarantined for the cold

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>>380669609You are the kike if you hate whites you ratfaced oven dodger

>>380664243He will be PM one day Watch

>>380669582Ah yes, completely normal to have fences with barbed wire and state wide chases for people who escaped. Your news and your government were unironically sci-fi tier, reporting on people as super spreaders being wanted criminals, straight up lying and brainwashing your whole nation. Keep coping though slave, your country just like any other is controlled to the core.

>>380669645Shut the fuck up mutt you will never be a white man

>>380669680You're forgetting the part where the Spanish enslaved them to work, and killed the ones that didn't want to convert, spic.

Who gives a shit what language shitskins speak. Most of the colonized world speaks a European language, that doesn’t give them the right to live in Europe.Also>doubt

>>380664243Imagine believing this little shit is capable of functionally communicating in those languages, being able to say "where is the bathroom" does not mean you speak the language

>>380669753Yes I agree its all bullshit but so is the crap he's trying to cope over camps with

>>380669409maybe his parents are globohomo sympathizersplus the anglo kikes get to use this kid as an example to pretend like the rest of their immigrants aren't inbred dysgenicssimilar to how they tricked all the retarded brits into calling pakis and mooslims "asians" kek

>>380669758You aren't white. Post arm veins with timestamp.

>>380669804Oh so now they were for returning traveller's hahahaha got any more cope there sven

>>380669513kek that too, lol. I just mean it always seems to occur most in places where caucasoid peoples were living around noncaucasoid (for lack of a better word) people. Eventually the gene pool becomes stretched and you have to start marrying your cousins to stop the coaling.


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>>380670046>they were for returning traveller'sFalse and I never said so, you were the one who said so. You've been spoon fed that lie by your media who is a fucking clown show and clear as day divide and conquer depending on which channel you watch. No, there were plenty of clips from inside of people who never even traveled states inside Australia getting locked up for "propaganda". You're clearly a glownigger or just very stupid in general. No refunds though.

>>380664243>he's learnt englishAt least someone has.


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>>380670274You'll have no problem posting some then hey? I'll wait

>>380670219>20 posts and keeps going>debunking everythingTHIS IS A SHILL TRANNY WORTHLESS WORM NIGGER APESEGA SSSSSSSSSSSSS

>>380670475Sorry kike the kid is white

>>380664243If these so called Geniuses are really so smart, why are they wasting their time with useless languages they will never use besides Mandarin?

>>380670451>10 posts of utter bullshit adding little to no value. Like clockwork.Glownigger tier or just mental illness.Have another (you).

>>380670551Still waiting on that proof mate...

>>380664243this only happens when there is a small number of immigrants and they have no choice but to assimilate.but what will happen is the government and council will continue sending immigrants there and eventually once you reach a certain number they'll just give up assimilating.

>>380664243>made to learn Gaelic>made to live in StornowayThat's fucking child abuse.I can't think of a more useless languageand i'd sooner live in Syria than Stornoway.

>>380664927St George (the patron saint of England) was from Syria.Syria has always been alright.

>>380665224>t. Muhammad Ah'Salam

>>380670686Isle of Lewis is a really nice place

>>380670952>t. Ari Schlomo Goldbegistein

>>380670649So you're admitting you're an NPC, glownigger or a newfag? Got it. Anyone who has been here for longer than 1 year has seen all these clips I spoke of.

>>380667743you would do shit, sand nigger. don't talk tough on the internet, you just sound like a faggot

>>380664243kill yourself nigger bong

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>>380670952>T. Faggot cumskin anal sex

>>380664927>Syrians aren't that bad actually. Their country used to have a decent education system. It's not like they are Afghan goatfuckers.>>380670733>Syria has always been alright.Does not matter. They need to stay in Syria

>>380671107Hahaha so can't find any mate that's a shock. So any more deflection or wanna go back to original topic now?

>>380664243So you want shitskins to "assimilate" and interbreed into the native White population?

>>380667312WTF I got it.Gaels are conquerors of street shitters

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>>380664243How is being multilingual assimilating to your country bong?

>>380670972aesthetically yesculturally hell no.

>>380671065>Not wanting your society to be flooded with arabs is jewishShalom!

He's fixing up for that white pussy

>>380668906The fact that they have such a harsh penalty for it probably means that it's an issue.

>>380668094>.t chink

>>380664927Their education and upbringing back home is why they act the way they do in foreign countries. I know a lot of people will disagree with me but you got to at least view it from their perspective.

>>380671107Hers one you will find put Muslims feed volunteer fire fighters into your search. I know was up the mountains during the fires, can recommend the goat it was beautiful

>>380671498>denying whitness to an obvious ARYAN CHAD. NGMI

>>380664453fpbp OP is a certified homo

>>380664243I was born in the UK but I'm half Asian. Can I still call myself British?

>>380666743Is the world made of thousands of people? How many of those are chat bots?

>>380671257Normally I’d agree with you, but at this point it’s just gotta be the differentiated vs the undifferentiated. We need the civilized and differentiated peoples of the world to agree to follow a course that is eugenic, building beautiful people productive of genius and capable in war.I don’t care about nationality. We are all mutts now.Fair hair and colored eyes can all be recultivated only under these conditions. The type of man which cultivated these traits must first be built.

>>380664243>into our culture mate"It is their culture and their country now. It is you who don't assimilate.

>>380664243>muh assimilationWas always the controlled-op zogbot neocon stance. The redpilled stance is they don’t belong in scotland because they are not ethnic scots.

>>380664453Well, for some reason they can't do same trick for blacks. I wonder why...

>>380664243Learning our language is the first (terrible) step toward us assimilating to their racial tendencies, not the other way around.The most dangerous thing a society can face is a wave of shitskin invaders that learn the local language, and then begin infesting local institutions and up.Learning a language is not assimilation, in fact assimilation isn't real. The pests destroy the cultures they can't create.Non-Whites learn english, infest english speaking country, then statues of english pioneers and great men are being melted down.... yeah, 'assimilation', you dirty fucking kike.

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>>380667312Their was no Scotland until the Gaels created it

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>>380667743Really? After all the decades of beatings the West and Jews have given sandniggers; you guys are still cocky? We bomb the shit out of your homes, run out of your Country by force, and you still think you5a force to be reckoned with? And here I thought only niggers suffers from extreme cases of cognitive dissonance and delusions of grandeur. You served the White man. No need lying to yourselves.

>>380669513btw. If you want better material for shitting on muslims. Watch some of Christian Prince:youtube.com/channel/UCRYDyW5rWLgGI1qJCYr5wWQMuslims wont debate him and he just shits on Mo all day. Really satisfying stuff.

>>380672306>We bomb the shit out of your homes, run out of your Country by force, and you still think you5a force to be reckoned with>WeYou didn't do shit, you are just a gullible and subservient golem for your superiors.

>>380670733>St George (the patron saint of England) was from SyriaSt George (Άγιος Γεώργιος) was an ethnic Hellenic Roman officer from 3rd century Cappadocia, Roman EmpireCappadocian Greeks existed 'til Turks' did their Assyrian-Armenian-Greek genocides of collapsing Ottoman Empire c. 1914-1923 Anyway, ancient Assyrian peoples too were mostly exterminated by Muhammadan orc invaders from Arabia in 7th century conquest of Levant—after 1000 years of Syria being part of the Hellenistic-Roman world since Alexander the Greatthe Zionists have been working to finish off what remains of Syriac Christians over last half-century

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>>380664243>I know>he learntIs the little asshole fluently speaking the languages or does he just "know" what it sounds like?Good afternoon is like the most generic shit you would learn to say when you pick up a language so I don't think he could hold any sort of conversation in anything listed here.

>>380664453Why don’t you feed your hungry guest?

>>380670733George was a Turk from Kapadokya.

>>380664243Your anecdote in no way invalidates the rule. Good for this little kid, fuck the rest of you.

>>380664243I can speak english, gaelic, arabic, and french and mandarin too:Hello,shaeg sheipthallahu akbar wallahbonjournihao gweilo alibaba

>>380664243That kid will never be a Brit.He's an invader and should be returned to his people in their ancestral homeland.The (((politicians))) forcing this genocide should also be returned to their homelands.By any means necessary.

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>>380664243This cat now started barking like a dog, now he's a dog

>>380667743>I dare (you) to say this in front of me>too scared to even show what country he's fromI'm quaking in my boots shitskin

>>380664243if this is so common, why is it in the news? checkm8 u dumb fucking tea-sucking inbred fag

>>380664453Fpbp, Muslims are worse than niggers

>>380664243Why dont those grooming gangs rape their own kids?

>>380668906Kys shitskin

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>>380664927>Syrians aren't that bad actuallythe ones that stay in Syria are in general pretty upstanding. I know that Syria was one of the more pleasant middle eastern countries in that corner of retard cultures.Sadly, the ones that flee over here are all thuggish "men" in their 20-40s who left everything and everyone behind and have little to lose and even less value. Literally sending their scum over here.

>>380664243>learntFor fuck sake. That “journalist” already proved the point. Speak english, motherfucker. Ebonics is the post-modern equivalent of tearing down and destroying everything that existed before 60 years ago.

>>380669854>Spanish enslaved them to workYou DO know the encomienda system, which was a system first set up to protect Native Americans, was ALSO abused by the local Native Americans leaders too... RIGHT?IN FACT, the Curacas were responsible for around half of the abuses. This pattern will be repeated when the FRENCH Bourbons took over the Hispanic Empire.

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>>380675627Kek dumb Americans never fail to disappoint, it's the correct grammar mate

>>380675433whats that gonna do? they can just kinda step back, prevent it from hurting her too much, they look like stupid animals. now if they launched children from catapults the police would run and never come back.

>>380673598And what was the name of the platinum blondie semen demon he was riding?>>380675433kekked and saved

>>380675627>learnt>not english

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>>380671458>culturally hell no.what do you mean?

>>380664243And there I was hoping to go to the Hebridies to escape this shit.

>>380664453Why would you even care? I don't care if those who come here are better than us, I just don't care. I want to be around my own people for better or worse. Europe for Europeans.

>>380664674Well said.

>>380676090>it's the correct grammar mate>learntLet us disregard the fact that Australia doesn’t exist…it’s “learned” you monkey. Look, it’s okay that you are descended from aboriginal apes, but you can do better.

>>380664243>"a shitskin can ever be assimiliated"

>>380676889Only in America and Canada mate proper English is learnt

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>>380676889>learnt not a real word>Australia doesn’t existAmericans never fails to surprize me.

>>380664243>HAHA I HAVE FOUND THIS ONE EXCEPTIONStupid fucking asshole faggot OP.

>>380677434I love how they go out of their way to prove how dumb they are kek like we didn't know already

>>380676889Guess you've learnt something today hey seppo

>>380677434>>380677388Whilst you have learnt the subhumist languist…the rest of us speak english. Crawl back into your hole.

>>380665524Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese women are so beautiful. It's so sad that their husbands can´t defend them from lsaac seed.

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>>380678038Hahaha doubling down on dumb, only in America

>>380665224Inbred goat rapist

>>380664453Anyone who disagrees with this can fuck right off.

>>380664243How is learning a language assimilating?

>>380667743>too cowardly to even show flag

>>380674767>The (((politicians))) forcing this genocide should also be returned to their homelands....to be returned through HeII, you mean?

>>380664243who cares if anyone is integrating?you want to live only with your own race in your country.

>>380678771>who cares if anyone is integrating?Kalki do. More of them pretends something else than what they truly are sooner we will witness him.

>>380678771>you want to live only with your own race in your country.youtube.com/watch?v=cJz6Oqm4UoY


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>>380678771It comes down to being a strong or weak culture. Strong they will fit in, weak they'll take over.You get what you fucking deserve in other words

>>380664243He can yell Alha is great in 5 languages

Wow, he said mate, a true real british person.

>>380665224Go be based back in your desert, shitskin.

>>380664453FPBP/thread/Shitskin invaders Seething. If you're such a good boy, go improve your own country.

>>380680025Die for Vald jew

>>380671312Picts were not Gaels retard

>>380680472You a literal semite, shitskin. You're a literal genetic brother of kikes.

>>380681276For all viewers…we’re all kikes. It’s what we say that differentiates us. It’s by our words that all of us should be judged.

>>380664243And I'm how many languages can he actually hold a conversation? I've noticed shit skins always say they speak like 7 languages, but know very rudementary basics in 6 and speak 1 fluently

>>380664453based björn shutting down the bong nigger

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>>380666955Nobody in Scotland even speaks gael anyways. Maybe some sheep shaggers on Islands. Seems like the only Celtic languages which are alive are Irish Gaelic in the Gaeltacht, and Welsh in North Wales.

>>380682109>I've noticed shit skins always say they speak like 7 languages, but know very rudementary basics in 6 and speak 1 fluentlyThis, many such cases.

>>380664243Niggers tongue my anus.

>>380664453Based. These subhuman lowlives are the worst of the worst and HAVE to go back.

>>380682264If only he'd shut down the muzzies in his country like that hey

>>380664243>1 (one) shitskin actually learns the language>the achievement is then attributed to every shitskin that ever was

>>380682109Nah muh shitskins from arab countries usually just speak arabic, you are confusing poos with sand niggers

>>380664243My aunt married a Kraut and she is assimilated, she believes the same leftist shit

>>380683156Yeah poos do this aswell but at least European sand niggers and regular jungle niggers always pretend they're fluent in the native language plus five others when in fact they can hardly speak the language of the country they've lived in for 6-7 years so I doubt they speak many others

>>380664243i'm pretty sure that's haram/irrelevant to muslims.

>>380664453Based fpbp

>>380664243good, he can now go home speaking languages, plenty of opportunities in afganistan little muz

>>380664243>reverse naxalt...loses to naxalt! Sorry, try again next time!

>>380664243Dafuq is Gaylick? Never heard of that language, is it from africa?

>>380665224>promote pedophilia>promote incestArabs are degenerate

>>380685493It's time for a Reconquista 2.0.

>>380664243UK WILL BE THE FIRST EUROPEAN COUNTRY TO FALL.google.com/search?q=young mayor 2015&tbm=isch#imgrc=ATE93592PJKeCM

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>>380664243Browns are known for lying and exaggerating.He knows some basic greetings and they use shit like this to take advantage of host countries.The way people thrive in brown people countries is by lying, cheating, and gaslighting.

>>380664674>People who come to English countries and name their children Poojeta and Anhakesh and Muhammad are not trying to assimilate That a slow progress some have done that

>>380667743you probably would shit yourself because you can't even type it on a site where everyone says it all the time.

>>380686602stop taking the bait from meme flags

>A Syrian knows more Gaelic than 99.99% of Scots

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>>380686751he knows how to say "hello how are you today"and"my name is pajeet"

I'm of Asian descent and I don't see myself as the metrosexuals who post and I haven't attracted any white girls either.

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