Plan your boating accident now. What will you do???WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden plans to deliver a major address Thursday evening from the White House urging Congress once again to pass stricter gun control legislation. The remarks will come after another mass shooting in Oklahoma Wednesday, when four people were killed after a gunman opened fire inside a Tulsa hospital.Biden has increasingly pleaded with Congress to pass stricter gun control laws following a string of mass shootings. Last week, 19 children and two teachers were killed during an elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. The week prior, on May 14, a gunman killed 10 people at a Buffalo, New York, grocery store.The president has urged Congress to pass an assault weapons ban and legislation requiring universal background checks, including for those who buy firearms at gun shows or from private sellers.Those measures currently lack support in Congress though a bipartisan group of Senators has been discussing a slimmed-down package of reforms.Biden has said there is little left for him to do through the executive branch, and that any significant reforms must come from Congress.###

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Don't care, gonna be grillin

>>380663759what gun?

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>>380663927Ban Assault grills now

>>380663759>thread sing

>>380663759Dont care, buying more gunsAnother mass shooting? Ordered another gunPolitician take about gun control? Ordered 1k more bulletsWon’t stop

>>380664165This is actually kinda comfy tune

>>380663759you really think anyone will even watch this? kek

>>380663759>P-p-p-please ban the guns>No>Ok, but can we get ice cream?>Yeah, sure thing, Joe

>>380664165>Niggerish Nogger

>>380663759Biden cant do anything lol

I'm sure all of his 8k viewers will be clapping.

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>>380664669That billboard is pretty savage

>>380664669OH SHIT

>>380663759if its time for boating accidents, then its time to use them.

>>380664669Sick burn



>>380663759Hahaha boating accident refers to you have a terrible illuck with a boating accident just as you were taking all your firearms for a nice trip out to sea? :D Insurance companies is gonna go ka-put!

>>380663759Democrats know legislation will fail. They manufacture bullshit DOA bills so they can point at Republicans and use it to stump during the midterms. A tale as old as time.

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>>380665887It's the damndest thing, I was out on the lake shooting fish like I do every weekend and my buddy dropped the box with my 55 rifles right in the water!! It was an accident.

>>380663759>impotent fossil wails impotently

>>380663759>boat accidentWe're beyond that. They are way too late to the AR game and it has really embedded itself in rural/suburban US culture. Boomers have ARs now. Girls have ARs now. LPDs have ARs they own at home. How would you even afford to go and confiscate those? How the hell is rural PD going to confiscate ARs from people who vastly outnumber them? It would be an expensive pain in the ass if every single person was compliant. Very few are going to be, just like during the assault weapons ban, the same people had all kinds of illegal shit camping out in their homes and nobody bothered enforcing the shit.

>>380663759Don’t care they’d have to stop being pussies and actually pull up first

>>380666436Yeah right , or even worse it was a nigger you dont even know. Add to the statistics on purpose while filing the obligatory police-report before going stright to your jewish insurance-plebs! Fuck em hard burgers!!

>>380663759$10 says Biden shits himself on stage.

>>380664669That's a big oof there. Jews btfo.


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>>380663759No thanks, I don't care to watch him poop his diaper on primetime TV

>>380664267Based>>380664560Ban assault niggers.>>380664669Dope.>>380668208I WAN'T to see these key moments of the collapse. They make me smile.

>>380663759Nope>So basically >I'm not gonna turn them in (my firearms)>I know.. UGH!! I KNOW!!!>It's just that I'm not gonna turn them in is all>Hhahahahabahaha"... a state authority is entitled to demand respect and protection only when it meets the interests of a people, or at least does not harm them. There can be no such thing as state authority as an end in itself, for, if there were, every tyranny in this world would be unassailable and sacred. If, by the instrument of governmental power, a nationality is led toward its destruction, then rebellion is not only the right of every member of such a people - it is his duty. ">"In general it should not be forgotten that the highest aim of human existence is not the preservation of a state, let alone a government, but the preservation of the species. And if the species itself is in danger of being oppressed or utterly eliminated, the question of legality is reduced to a subordinate role. Then, even if the methods of the ruling power are alleged to be legal a thousand times over, nonetheless the oppressed people's instinct of self-preservation remains the loftiest justification of their struggle with every weapon. "

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>>380663759What the hell are "guns"? I fight will reason.

>>380663759Oh well, good timing i guess. I just lost all my guns in a terrible smelting accident.

>>380664115Come and steak it

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>>380663759>delivering speech during NHL playoffs and NBA FinalsNo one gonna watch

>bidens gonna plead for gun control So he's gonna bitch for more gun laws

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>>380663759>goyim, we cant flip a magic switch to remove inflation, lower the price of food, or lower the price of gas.>we can instantly and unequivically remove the 2nd amendment :^)

>>380668008>accelerate>oey vey goyim the only way you can win is if you intentionally let us win THEN you can fight backlol lmao

>>380663759And now we know why the shootings happened. They needed political capital to try and push this through

>>380666869They don't care.They're not playing for today, tomorrow, or next month.They're playing for 50, 75, 100 years from now.Interesting point of Soviet history: the "true believers" all knew that they system would take generations to be fully functional. That's why when Soviet officials were "called in" for the show trials in the 1930s, knowing full well they were going to be exiled or executed, they went along with it.>for the greater good, they would allow themselves to be sacrificedSocialism has been chipping away at civilization for almost 200 years now.

>>380667460>$10 says Biden shits himself on stage.prerecorded or deep fake.


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>>380666869>how would you confiscate those?That’s not the plan. The plan is first to make them illegal. Then their enforcers will gradually, incrementally go after them. Maybe it will be during a search for another crime, or I’m transit while you’re moving households. Maybe some douche ATF enforcer will nab you while you’re ar the range. Maybe you’ll employ a banned weapon to defend your self or home and you’ll get brought up on charges yourself. Gradually, eventually you’ll be unable to train or even buy ammunition without a hassle. For a while people will hoard banned firearms in secret. But the goal is to drive you into hiding and kill gun culture itself, not to get the guns. At least not right away. In hiding, I you will be less able to teach youth, you won’t be able to invite neighbors to a range day. Gun ownership will increasingly be seen as a fringe activity. Eventually, others will stop defending gun rights because owning guns will be perceived as unusual. Then, finally, they’ll come for them.

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>>380673352>todays the day i wont do shit

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>>380673661Cut my lawn and don't forget to bag my leaves

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>>380663759>MY BODY IS READY

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>>380663759What's the over under on Biden shitting himself or just wandering off mid speech?

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>>380673661You're right. People won't comply

>>380663759would be pretty ironic if he got assassinated soon after.

>>380663759The senate is still 50/50, manchin will never allow it, even if he did, the supreme court would never allow it.

>>380675404SPOILER ALERT

>>380663759Here's what's gonna happen:>Biden calls for gun control >House crafts shitty overreaching gun control legislation, then stuffs it full of other bullshit that has nothing to donwith gun control>Passes in the house, mostly along party lines>Dies in the senate cause Manchin, Sinema, and probably at least 1-2 other democrats say "lol no">Lefties seethe and mald, blame RepublicansScreencap this for when whatever bullshit the dems cobble together fails in the next month.


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>>380676027They're doing it now

>>380675491Sinema will almost certainly vote against it too, if only to save her political career considering how much Arizona likes guns

literally not my president

I heard the One will have a massive army behind them to fight the current rulersThey think it’s AmericansLOL

guys, don't google for hunter biden

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>>380676444Check also, what the fuck?

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I know a faggot with an ar-15 who has used it to intimidate people. He's a fucking lunatic. I hope I can finally get him red-flagged.

>>380663759>boating accidenthow about putting down your foot and fighting back?unlike us and the hostile invasion we're under, you at least have the tool to repel tyranny and oppression. the very tool they're trying to take away from you.and you want to tuck tail by figuratively 'losing' those tools in a 'boating accident' rather than saying 'haha no, sorry, I'm not giving the tools that will help ensure I can fight for my liberty'. how very jewish..>>380664267basado

>>380676444>>380676632Proton glows brighter than PIA.

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>>380664267Thats how you do it user, buy one in my honor if you can afford it

>>380663759The shooting with continue until moral deteriorates.

>>380663927coal or gas? i use both often but am now addicted to lump coal

>>380676181So then it'll fail in 2 weeks instead of a month

>>380663759He can "call" for whatever he wants, doesn't mean it will happen.

>>380677770Wood fueled smoker

>>380663759Biden is going to pass out on stage during that speech

>>380677770Lump coal is the ultimate red pill. Gonna fire up the grill and cook up some of the left over burgers and brats from Memorial Day weekend.

>>380671527Three "random" wacky shootings in a few weeks. Each one followed by the media screaming ban all guns. Yup nothing odd about that.

>>380674785Most voted for and popular president of all times (says mainstream media)

>>380663759>boating accidentno. no more memes.

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>>380677332>how about putting down your foot and fighting back?There's not much to be done at this point.We try voting for candidates at the local, state, and national level who would serve our interestsEither:>there are no good people running for officeor>the one's who get elected sell out us traditional conservatives almost immediatelyWe try forming lobbying groups and look what happened under Obama when the IRS was sent out to destroy these nonprofit groupsNo matter what we do, taxes keep rising, regulations keep increasing, enforcement against the little guy keeps getting stricterLook what happened in ottowa: instead of actually engaging with what are technially "their constituents", they instead chose - yes, chose - to arrest and prosecute the organizers of the event, froze bank accounts, seized the trucks.All we want is to be left alone, and we can't even have that. pic related

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>>380676444>i-i got shut downthese faggots don't remember the Clinton docs, do they?

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>>380664267Buy one because I fucked a build.

>>380663759>urging Congress>urging>impotently asking lol

>>380676027You have several RINOS that have called for "common sense" gun legislation. I think it has a good chance of passing. Expect several more shootings to happen over the next 4-5 months.

>gun grabbing lawsYawn. SCOTUS will overturn it as they always do.

>>380677893Based. I love coal but this was a better and unexpected awnser.

>>380678869>Expect several more shootings to happen over the next 4-5 months.

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Friendly reminder pretending you don't own guns like a pussy is not fighting a tyrannical government

>>380669158This is the correct answer

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>>380663759they already updated 4chan and moved it over to fed servers. it went offline for 10 minutes multiple times yesterday

>>380663759What is stricter gun control gonna do at this point? We're literally at an all or nothing point. MAD works for the world super powers. I'm sure it'd work on a smaller person to person scale.

>>380678583>There's not much to be done at this point>t. retardif you got even 1% of the hundreds of nigger/retard mass shooters you have to shoot up a federal building/glownigger lair/billionaire party or even just a random police station, you'd make more political progress than you made in the past 70 years combined.

>>380678479The saddest part isn’t that the election is stolen. It’s that there were enough legitimate Biden votes that they could steal the election without having to fake the entire ballots.

>>380679013The next shooting will take place in Oregon, Utah, or Nevada along the path of the black sun.Don't ask how I know, the mushrooms told me.FEDS GROOM SHOOTERS

>>380668208In a few years when youre living in the crumbs of society he leaves behind, it will be kind of funny to remember how incompetent this uprising was

>>380676444I warned you retrads years ago that the tranny feminists had taken over all of the coding clubs that were contributing to the linux kernel, and they kicked out all the original coders for "toxic masculinity". those individuals even came here to warn you, because they honestly believed that when they pulled their code using the creative commons licensing they could neuter the feminist kernel. instead those men simply you all still use linux even though it's been pozzed 2 years before you knew windows 10 was virtualized fed spyware. you don't have an OS to use or trust, you fucking JOCKS trusted NERDS to keep everything under control, then you laughed at them when they warned you that linux had been taken fucking deserve this. I've been building a printing press. the rest of you are fucked.

>>380663759>legislation requiring universal background checks, including for those who buy firearms at gun shows or from private sellers.Literally already fucking exists.

>>380677116we hope he ventilates you, and the Cager Overclass.

>>380664267Boomer tier take. You can only carry and use one gun and a sidearm effectively at a time. Instead of >10 or 20 mediocre guns in a safe anyone who wants to fight when the time comes only really needs a few really good guns and all the gear to fight the zog on an equal footing. That means lvl4 plates and a good helmet with nods and coms. That means like minded and equally equipped neighbors. You only need one guy out of a dozen to have something heavier like a IAR or anti material rifle. I have second tier kits to help equip poorer friends with families who can't afford to prep like I can, but that's a slightly different concept than recreational buying extraneous shit to "own the libs". One man with a good rifle and the will and means to use it is more dangerous than ten idiots sitting on a hoard of trash like some redneck dragon waiting to get smoked out of their cave.

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>>380680085good for you defeatist faggot

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>>380680064Who is "we"? You and the rest of your airsoft militia?I have no idea what a cager overclass is, so I'm going to assume you're some weak sōy phone poster or gamer.

>>380681023>werefers to everyone who knows that you will never be a woman, nigger

>>380663759>stricter gun control laws following a string of mass shootingsWhat a cohencidence, mass shootings right before brandon wants to grab guns.

>>380680085You can get away with multiple guns if you keep them stashed in strategic locations. I typically carry a handgun with me at all times, including into the bathroom. I also keep a shotgun under my bed, a rifle in my den, and a scoped rifle in the shed on the edge of my property which has very good sightlines over my large open property whilst also offering me good concealment. This way, I have the appropriate weapon wherever on my property I may be, should ZOG come knocking.

>>380679298Any sauce?

>>380664115>>380670024kek. why does user have the sharpest wit on the planet?

>>380675666Can they take out Harris at the same time? We’re Uber fucked if biden dies in office.

>>380663759>calling forYawn, who cares.

>>380666060This. It's why they will name this Bill the "Save our Babies Act" or some shit.... Republicans should start introducing Bills under names like "Anti-Pedophile Act"

>>380663759The fantasy: COME AN TAKE IT DO IT PUSSY MOLON LABEThe reality: Uhh officer I lost my guns I swear you can search my house you won't find themfucking pussies lmao

>>380686940Lol you cant even carry any guns outside, you cant find or have any pistols, and China owns your chink ass bitch nigger faggot motherfucking cocksucking leaf nigger turbo nigger faggot bitch nigger!

>>380673244>believing people don't sense this and won't strike before that can happenKikes truly are insane. Truly.

>>380673244Not calling you a kike by the way. I know you're just stating the situation objectively unlike the fucktards.

>>380687238shouldn't you be burying your guns in the backyard right now....what's the point of the 2nd if you're too much of a bitch to use it?

>>380663759Im gonna be mowing grass. Dont care

>>380663759>WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden plans to deliver a major address Thursday evening from the White House urging Congress once again to pass stricter gun control legislation.can't do none of that, might as well just not say anything, doesn't this guy play golf or something?