America First Nick Fuentes Searching McNeil's Furniture With a Blacklight to Look for Semen Stains are you still following this cum hunter Holla Forums?

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I'd certainly be disqualified from nicks cult.

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>>380662361kiwifarms net/threads/the-killstream-chillstream-tequila-sunrise-peaceful-sunset-productions.81183/page-660And now that even Modern Medusa is on the anti-AF train why are you still following his second in command, the Groyper Gunt General?kiwifarms net/threads/an-open-letter-to-ethan-ralph.120104/#2 of America First is an unholy combination between Drachenlord and Chris Chan now, if Nick doesn't disavow he's next, and then where will you all be?

>>380662361nick is on a path to Hell

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Only a homosexual buttfucked as a child would shameless post these daily threads about this ABSOLUTE NOBODY LOSER SPIC FAGGOTES.Seek help, OP. I'm praying for you.

>>380662361>SAUCE: SPLCFuck kikesFuck fagsFuck tranniesFuck jannies

>>380662361Nick is basically Milo JrAnyone that thinks AF is a viable political movement is brainwashed. AF has become a horse and pony drama show

>>380663542Sauce is Metokur dipshit.

>>380662361Look at this twinks arms lmao

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>>380665430He's not even wearing a Rolex lmfao.

Why do you keep posting about this faggot here all the time?Are you literally shilling?

>>380662361>Metocare still punching rightbaka'Jim', you coulda been someone, had a lasting internet legacy...yet you chose this.

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>>380665833>33NATOmasonry intensifies

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>>380662361Is this because he wasn't staying on message wrt the russia-ukraine conflict?

>>380662361Why the fuck is this nigger spammed so God damn much????Fuck off to reddit or Twitter or where ever the fuck no one's about this faggot holy everyday OMG DID YOU SEE NICK FUENTESFUENTES DID IT AGAIN. NIIIIIIIICK FUENTESSSSSSSS AHHHHHHHJust stfu already holy shit.


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>>380666882hes a yuge faggot

>>380667339And yet he lives in your head rent free. A yuge faggot has taken residence inside your mind and it compels you to shit up the board with ramblings of how obsessed you are with homosexual. Seek help.

>>380662361Its not looking to good, sussy sisters Nick's best friend exposed as a big hog with uneven eyes and mole teeth.

>>380662361>posting an anti-WN article by the SPLC and trying to get anons to jump on board with itwhy has nu-pol fallen to such levels of absolute faggotry?

>>380663578Real shame, Nick seemed like a serious guy back in the nationalist review days

>>380668932It's blessed by Metokur so it doesn't matter it's still true. Metokur>SPLC dipshit. And it's funny as fuck.

>>380662619what the hell are you talking about with this gay fucking teen drama shit?the guy runs a pro-white news streaming show and you are attacking him like a 13 year old girl on twitter you fucking absolute faggotlike there is shilling, and then there is whatever you are doing, posting a literal SPLC article but not to make fun of the article you fagmo

>>380669486If you don't think someone going to a lolcow's house and putting corn and bacon on their doorstep I don't know what to tell you retard.

>>380662619>if Nick doesn't disavow he's next, and then where will you all be?what do you even mean by thatare you gonna "cancel" nick with one of your gay articles?are you michael edison hayden?you should be writing for tiger beats with this shit you absolute homofaggot haji

>>380669486Nicks a cum hunting actual faggot you turbo nigger

>>380669955>>380670029>ohh hoo hoo, things are shaking up at the Fuentes house! Tune in next time for what drama is next, will his friend break up with his gf to stay loyal to nick? find out next time!you guys are faggots on another level with this kiwi farms shit, but trying to use it to shut down a WN streamer who has his own platform so you can't ban him, so you resort to this e-drama retard shit is pathetic beyond pathetic

>>380670581Bro he’s not going to suck your dick you are not in the inside circle

>>380662361Ralph is exposing you literal antifa /mlp/ trannies right now lmaoSPANISH SUNRISE: METOKUR HENCHMAN OUTED AS ANTIFA you're posting ADL and SPLC hit pieces, yeah we know you're jews we get it

>>380671092What's wrong with being:a) antifab) /mlp/c) transYou will have no valid answer except hate memes.

>>380671092Infamous. Hate him all you want but the Ralphamale pic related is a coontent king.

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>>380668932> we must defend our aryan hero from the splcwignat

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>>380670581>WNwignat, of the downlow variety

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>>380662361I advocate for Ethan Ralph as the leader or America First.

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>>380662361Gays Multiply By Grooming Every Christian Knows This.

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>>380662361He's cursed because he insisted on going to bat for an obese wigger who will inevitability turn on him anyway. That and he's a faggot sperg who wasn't bullied enough in high school this obsessed guntcow loltard has Metokur and Kiwifarms in his top websites fucking unhinged lmfao

>>380672154Everything is on the table.

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>>380662361Metocare sucking splc cock, seems about right.

>>380664890implying that's any better

>>380672456Fat cunt is going to get shot in the face next time he fucks around with the wrong one in public

>>380665692Rolex are for heebs

>>380673012calm down trannyfa, I think you overdosed your hormone treatment

>>380662361Why the fuck do they call him a white nationalist when he isn't? He is a christian nationalist, he said many times that jews, muslims and blacks are welcome to his organization, its annoying that they associate this incel shit to white nationalism

>when you find the cum

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>>380673318Maybe you interns can just take the L and fuck off the internet in embarrassment

The Nick fuentes cult is such a net negative for the movement at this point. They railed against Charlie Kirk for not being ideologically pure then they turned into e celebs who do nothing but punch right. Total net negative just stop spamming this fucking loser

>>380662361Has Nick ever been seen with hot women?

>>380673220Because that's the ultimate slander to their audience. The whole point of this stuff is to tank effective right wing people and paint a target for jews everywhere.

Ethan Ralph will be the leader of America First by month's end.The RALPHAMALE is INEVITABLE

>>380662361Can you kiwitranny niggers stop posting here. Nobody cares about this made up E-drama about literally who accusing idk of doing who cares. Metokur is a faggot and hasn't been /ourguy/ in years and I don't care about some fat retard doing goofy shit on the internet. Fuck off from this board this isn't political this is just tranny shit and you have no friends and nobody loves you

>>380673439obvious left wing subversive post lol

>>380673392I'm going to infiltrate your discord groups amlmd dox all of you, kiwifaggots.

I advocate Ethan Ralph for leader of America First.

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i live in portland and Itll be interesting to see if there are any kiwifaggots nearby once I start getting close to you

>we're going to get into the time he (jaden) made an advance on me

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This is all pretty obviously an attempt to defang any politically effective right wing group in America so all that there is is just controlled opposition groups being good goys so nothing ever happens ultimately. Can you fucking faggot niggers just fuck off I refuse to accept any of this baseless and petty bullshit as anything valid, it honestly just makes me want to support Nick since he clearly has something good going of there is this much petty shit flinging being spammed about him

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>>380673012Coming to Metocare's house soon. The trip is planned; Ralph will bring a few members of America First to expose that fraud and his greasy gook whore.

>>380674179Malkin looks like she's smelling shit

>>380673705You people are so fucking retarded it’s not even funny. Everyone who isn’t in your virgin internet cult is a a Jew, leftist, etc. Meanwhile none of you groyper faggots are ever putting in any real work. Never see groyper faggots doing anything with their name and face. Sometimes it’s “hide your power level” and infiltrate, but then your messiah praises hitler on stage. But stew Peters goes mask off and you have an issue with that too. What level of delusion do you have to be on to think Nick and his ever shrinking band of sidekicks has any clout outside losers like you?

>>380674063>politically effectivehow does tranny porno effect politics?

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>>380674403Imagine thinking the right wing didn't want charlie kirk attacked for his "staple greencards to diplomas" bullshit lol shoo shoo subversive jew

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>>380674599That was fake and a sad attempt to defame him, all you faggots did was watch tranny porn good job. Also since when do you think the board that hates women gives a shit if a some guy talks about how women are shit. Fuck off with your gay tactics you don't belong here and anyone with IQ over 80 sees what you are doing

e-thots belong on /soc/

>>380673683>Metokur is a faggot and hasn't been /ourguy/ in yearsPost your Kiwifarms thread lol


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>>380662361He should turn the hunt for semen stains inside of his mouth.

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Ethan ralph is currently doing a stream where he is "exposing" the twitter/youtube user VHS_Archive as a tranny. Per VHS on twitter he spread this rumor about himself when Baked Alaska was in IP2 and he was clipping him in the IP2 community. The kicker is that the fail dox was ALSO linked to a Kiwi Farms account! Tranny VHS "Luna Bucks" has been exposed as.... @gaystoner !Nick joined the call and cosigned the fail dox as well lmfao these retard faildoxing someone what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

>>380662361Jews need to learn not to make their stories sound so fucking Jewish. "Nick Fuentes advocates for abstinence, no fap, and trad family values but does cocaine with hookers"That would be way more believable, this just sounds weird. It sounds like someone is trying to make up a scary story.


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ETHANRALPHFORLEADEROFAMERICAFIRST.>>380675758This. We need to infiltrate the kiwis to take them down.

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>>380662361big if true

>>380662361Why are you retarded faggots so obsessed with him?

>>380676064registration is suspended newshit AFtranny

>>380676399doesn't matter. i said lurk not post. they use discord now. that's where we go.

>>380675583lmfaooooooo these retards doxed the wrong guy I'm gonna cummmmmmmmmmm they're so fucked

>>380676282because they are discord kiwifarms trannies that come here to spam eceleb shit.

>>380673729I’m sorry you cultists can’t handle getting dunked on because you boy some weird faggot who watches tranny porn.

>>380676820I'm going to find out who you are

>>380676878You do that closet homo

>>380662581Wtf I love nick now

>>380676938Even if it means having to get a literal job at discord just to wuery their backend for your IPs, I will find out who you are.

Ethan Ralph is the true heir to America First.Nick was smart to bring in an Alpha Male to lead the way.Fuck kiwifags.

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hahaha Guntapella

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>>380677180I'll find you :)

>>380675583we know you're vhs, take off the memeflag

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Ethan Ralph has a successful stream, he's the patriarch of a family, he travels the world, he's sharp as a tack. He would be amazing as the leader of America First.

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Ethan RALPH for LEADER of AF!

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>>3806787868 dilations by this tranny

>>380678939Are you saying Ethan Ralph wouldn't be an excellent leader of America First?He makes Mr Medicare SEETHE bro. Nick probably brought Ethan onto the platform to be his successor, it makes a lot of sense. Nick is great but the RALPHAMALE is a born leader.

>>380679263>RALPHAMALE is a born leader“FUUUUUUCK YO- ACK!”

>>380674179imagine the smell

>>380669486>>380671092GLOWIES MAD

>>380676115>We need to infiltrate the kiwis to take them down.Lmao, good luck with that when half of the site has a mentality like Holla Forums's

>>380677028you can copy user ID and get IP.



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>>380674796>just pretend its not real

>>380681260Name of the game for fagphyers

>>380676643we will find them. we will win. inevitable.

kiwitrannies still seething? how does nick do it

>>380662361> Nick is looking for Dick Juice> Epic Faggotry among Nickers and Eric Stryker Fans confirmedGROSS

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Did Nick Fuentes just admit that the American First organization harbors and protects pedophiles it has working for it because he loves them? lmfao the

>>380682319>14pbtid >linking to trannyfarms >linking to mister cancerkurs twitterlmao the absolute state of mental illness

>>380682319> [Holla Forums POT INTENSIFIES]

>>380682319don't care, still voting Fuentes in 2036

>>380662581But you look exactly like his viewers

>>380682755Basically this. He looks like a TOTAL epic faggot. He'd fit right in w/ AF & NJP. Fucking faggots - all of them.


>>380665883the joke is that hes saying "medicare" because jim is "old and dying"

>>380662361Old newsAmerica first is inevitable


>>380682319Mr Medicare can FUCK OFFKiwifags can FUCK OFFEthan Ralph was born to lead America First MOTHERFUCKERS!

the game.

Pretty low energy interns got to say

>>380686504the game you just lost though

>>380672456>imagine selfdestructing this hard just because a cancerman made fun of a ragepig

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>>380686756why do you even care about American politics i dont even recognize your flag get a life lol

>>380686756Fags are vindictive

>>380662581Are you kidding? They'd make you a groypie general

>>380687021>why do you even care about American politicsI only know this stuff because I think Jim is funny

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>>380687373who the fuck is jim? loser