Is this the greatest combination of comment sections dueling?

What are some other examples of dueling comment sections that are as based as the YT ones linked below?YT: with

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>>380658496Incredible that the comments on YouTube are still up. One of the best comment sections ever

>>380658496If only the real ones looked like that

>>380659640This surprises me as well. They did shoah a lot of the best ones like a week after, but a shocking number of good ones are still up

>>380658496Made for BGC

>>380658496It's been a year since this and they are still seething in the comment sections if you sort by newest

>>380661608lmao I don't know which one is funnier. YT there are some based comments with some humorous race based comments. But then reddit:>my tummy hurts>I wish someone would have warned me not to look at that comment section>my heart hurts>FUCK THOSE PIECES OF SHIT>WAAAHHH

>>380659985If only...

>>380664723she is cute that's for sure

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>>380658496Reminds me of the comments section on pic related

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>>380660540They shoahd the comment section of that André Rieu Jewish song, that comment section was absolutely based

>>380662016I remember how the people in the reddit thread were warning blacks not to watch it so that they don't have to go through trauma or something>>380666211She has done other races before. She did a white one where she painted her skin white and wore blonde hair. That one has zero hate comments

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>>380666334is there a reddit thread along side of it to see the seething as you read the funny comments?

>>380666754>André Rieu Jewish songwhat song is this

Yummy, so delicious.

>>380658496>>380659640this is just pol trying to stir shit people onm pol see it think it's funny to troll shitpeople make racist comments as a trollreal normies see it think it's normalthen they post racist shitit's like that japanes girl rappingall japs loved it but it#s the racist westeners hating it

>>380658496She does all kinds of faces not just black.

>>380669009>this is just pol trying to stir shitimagine the chaos if they shut down this containment board

Attached: b-4choldmeme.gif (395x272, 1.83M) I can't believe these people exist

>>380659985Yep. In the meantime find yourself a cute Asian girl and go for it.

>>380669689>Reddit echo chamberCan't wait to see these trannies hanging from lampposts

>>380669009cope shitskin. as soon as there is the slightest chance of anonymity the truth comes out. the truth is people are sick of you brown pieces of shit.

>>380662016>>380667013>>380669689>Clicked through to report it. If you're BIPOC please don't put yourself through this today. You are important, loved, and don't need to see this. Do anything else.

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>>380671506They need to be gassed and/or in asylums

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>>380658496God damn it, I thought we could memory hole this fucking goblin. Thanks for this. I hope your qt asian girls get disfigured by a bunch of nappy-headed homeless negresses.

>>380672913at least she's a woman

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>>380658496imagine all the shit on your dick afterwards

>>380673082Still would

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>>380670080>. as soon as there is the slightest chance of anonymity the truth comes out.As soon as there is the slightest chance of anonymity, everyone doubles down on their bullshit and makes things worse for everyone.

>>380658496>WAKANDA QUEEN

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>>380672525god i wish that floor were my cock


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Real talk : Why is the black face offensive?Please normal answers only, I'm genuinely curious.

>>380674572I wouldn't know. If people painted themselves white I'd give about 0fux about the whole thing.I'm interested too. Answer the question Americans.

>>380659640>>380659985>>380660540>asides from dat

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>>380673082Who was in the wrong here?

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>>380667013lol wtf

>>380658496Imagine what it'd be like to talk to one of these faggots irl

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>>380675121jfc i actually feel bad

>>380658496Blackface?! Not on my watch!

>>380674958I don't see any problems with these drawings either. It's called a caricature.

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>>380675514>my watch

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>>380675268Feel bad for what?

>>380658496Asian women are god tier at this point, I want a qt Korean like this one also. How do I get one bros?


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>>380675702Is she a high level troll?

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>>380675606That they were born looking like that

>>380658496She cute

>>380658496Ayo hol up

>>380658496> "wakanda queen" um akshually theres no reference to Disney's Black Panther so thats factually invalidThese people crack me up


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>>380675121you can see, you can put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig. Thats one ugly ass nigger in white face.niggers getting bent outta shape at white people doing black face, ok i get it may be a little offensive or whatever.... BUT jackie doing the make-up when i saw that video last year when it was first posted i was like "woah shit that bitch looks good as fuggggg" and you can see, putting make-up on a 4/10 chink can make her into a solid 7.5/10

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>>380675812kek shes cosplaying a pooskin ofc you would think shes cute pajeet

>>380675788Not your problem.

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>>380675812she look like ur cousin ?


bix nood!

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>>380676012WHAT IS SNEED

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>>380674572One might say it's simply because blacks have been so coddled and patronized for the last 50 years that they will take the cue to get offended over anything and everything they have the opportunity to. I think the reality is deeper than that though. Women doing blackface in particular is the most offensive thing because it silently reveals the truth that people don't find distaste in blacks because of an irrational or rational dislike of dark skin. It's because black women are ugly with literal orc-like facial features, the black skin in fact does them a favor by obscuring it. When a woman of another race does blackface, it's like the world all around is discovering this unspoken truth. The reality though is that it isn't being discovered. Everyone already knows it. That's why the leftists on reddit are telling black women not to look at it.

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Youtube comments are often based af and it gives me hope for normies. Massive redpill on sites like Reddit that are such pathetic curated echo chambers

>>380676012Its a subtle joke ;)

>>380676258Made my pp very hard>>380676328I am not american, we are not attracted to cousins here


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>>380675530Our negerzoenen didn't have any of such drawings on them.

>>380676670I wanted to fuck my cousin because I never met her until I was like 12 years old. You'd have to be gay not to if put in the same situation.

>>380676511> black skin in fact does them a favor by obscuring itChecked and keked

>>380676670parts of india are very inbred and do cousin marriage

>>380676511>Women doing blackface in particular is the most offensive thing because it silently reveals the truth that people don't find distaste in blacks because of an irrational or rational dislike of dark skin.You saying /our/ guy is any different than a woman in blackface?

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>>380676569>that picfor some reason I find this version of our wakanda queen the hottest

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>>380659640this comment cracked me up

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>>380677010Based coal miners coming out to show support.

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>>380677010lmfao until now I only ever saw the images of him when he was getting arrestedI wonder how long he lasted in amongst the protestors

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>>380677464That is one of my favorite webms of all time. I was searching for it but can't remember what I called it. Thanks >>380677254

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>>380658496>that was violent The absolute state of Reddit

>>380676670>>380676978Wait, almost sounds like the entire world does incest. I would say we all make fun of the freaks we all agree are gross, and move on, but I hear India has sliiiiightly more incest. Discuss. ;)

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>>380658496It really is amazing just how gorgeous she looks, almost like a dark elf.

Guys, it's over. They're protecting the BIPOC, we lost. Goddammit, they're good.

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>> comments were fantastic

>>380658496I remember, we had fun with the comment section.Btw, do you guys think a white girl could do blackface on youtube without the video being removed?

>>380678249this, or those desert people from zelda

>>380678317>You should remove...>Okay, I will remove...>Thanks for educating me

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>>380678559A white woman will never do such a thing because she adores black males

>>380678559Fuck no, if you pay attention one of the only reasons she looks so hot is because of her European contacts to be honest

>>380678557one I remember was something like>even though we were a mere thousand spectators, it felt like we were 6 million

>>380678617The effort these cunts go too make a "safe space" online, in this day and age need to catch a sledgehammer. Do you reckon 80% of the userbase is bots?

>>380677835>comments made me so sick>I just want to throw up

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>>380678249I prefer this.

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>>380679276>Do you reckon 80% of the userbase is botsI feel like a low % of reddit users who actually write responses are bots. I'm assuming a MASSIVE number of bots exist to updoot the current thing to the front page though

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>>380675121Pffffffffft ahahahahahahahah

>>380677254why was he arrested?

The jewish propaganda one was extremely good. Bright light or something? But I can't find it if anyone knows what I'm talking about. It talked about antisemitism in that global cartoon style.

>>380678317wtf is bipoc, user?

>>380679741for being black

>>380658496whats with the giant zit on her forehead?

>>380680286blacks indigenous people of color or somethingaka shitskins

>>380680286>wtf is bipoc, user?bisexual person of color. Come on user, are you retarded?

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>>380680465It's a mole, ya dingus.


>>380677254The virtue signaling faggots and cops in that video while blackface smiles and doesn't give a shit. Blackface looks like an honest nice guy.

>>380678317I love how the left for the past 100 years said no one matters. Everyone is just sperm and eggs. No one has a soul or spirit. God doesn't exist...and now...over the past 3 years the left has been running marketing campaigns for racial/gender groups telling them "you matter". No principles, morals or standards. Take whatever position they need at the time and flip it as their narrative changes. Pathetic

>>380681197its gross and she should get it removed


>>380680286Bery Interesting Person Of Color

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>>380680286Bisexual person or people of color. Are you some kind of homophobe/transphobe or just out of the loop?

This video proves that black skin in and of itself isn't ugly; it's the physical features and social behaviors underneath the black skin that makes it ugly. Black skin is honestly a person of African descent's most redeeming feature.

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>>380683995but they is gods man

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>>380672913Ain't gonna happen Kang.She is the Wakanda Queen. Always will be.

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>>380658496yassss kween go off


>>380685251More of these?