What Is a Woman documentary

So this fucking jew wants us to pay to watch the documentary. Anyone got a link where this shit is free?

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>>380658357Torrent link:anonfiles dot com slash 93Jdq4mdy8 slash What_is_a_Woman_The_Daily_Wire.mp4_torrent


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>>380658482Thank you.


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>>380658357Not clicking that, it's just propaganda anyway Nice try kike


>>380658482Only takes 5 years to download nice


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>>380662596Mine is already 55% done downloading.

>>380658357Why are conservatives only obsessed with mtfs but never say anything about ftms who actually have a significantly more gruesome SRS procedure?

>>380661339It's anti-tranny propaganda. Therefore it is based.

>>380659812>>380662743Based Goring poster

>>380662882how do i build a time machine like you?

>>380662882Well, not everyone has the luck to not life in a 3rd world shithole >.>

>>380662958because no one takes that clown shit seriously you're not sacrificing anything

>>380662958They're both deranged.

>>380659812This is now a fascist leader thread

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>>380663184>>380663156Funfact, Lithuania has one of the best Internet Connection in the world, and we are neither a big or a rich country.

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>>380662958>Care about what women are doing

>>380663387My god user, I...

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>>380662958Likely because MTF is far more common, and in certain cases like sports and restrooms, far more nefarious. FTM is less common but also trending to become more common. They're both absolutely disgusting and should seek proper mental help rather than embracing their delusions until they commit suicide.

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People still pay attention to shills like Shapiro?Jesus Christ

>>380663387>best Internet Connection in the world>not even 1MB downKek

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>>380663675They have always been like 50/50 but among zoomers FTMs outnumber MTFs by like 4:1


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>380663737Beep boop, bot spotted

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>>380663641>>380663773I was not talking about my specific Internet Connection, mine is shit and I know it. However, there are insanely cheap and good options here.

>>380658357It's mindboggling to me how rightoids collapse anytime a leftoid is asking for them to define what is a female. The MIGA rightoid will reactively say "someone who can bare children" and the leftoid will always reply "what about ovarian cancer? these "women" can't have children. ha check mate bigot" and unironically this will short-circuit the rightoid's brain.Why are MIGAtards so stupid to answer "a baby that is born with a vagina"?

>>380663809>They have always been like 50/50Gonna need to know where you're getting this from. Everything I've seen has suggested MTF is far, far more prevalent, and the gap has been getting closer instead of wider under zoomers. Seeing as most trannyism is a sexual perversion it makes sense that MTF would be far more common.

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>>380663838I have quadruple those top speedsBut anyway it matters how much seeders are pushing not how much bandwidth you have in this case

>>380664030>Inverting reality

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>>380664030The real answer is someone with two X chromosomes. Also this person that had her ovaries removed was still born with it initially


>>380664030All this stupid tranny shit is a damn distraction from real issues. GOP always needs a fear tactic for family values and a talking point to avoid real issues. They can't bash gays anymore or gay marriage so now it's tranny whatever. It's absolutely bizarre being how rare trans people are in general. It's the biggest nothing burger around but now elevated to a national talking point. It's very strange, being no one really gives a shit about this at all.

>>380663838This ranking makes no sense. Lithuania is apparently 30th, but the listed avg download/upload is just wrong.

>>380658482>4mb down>1mb up>only 10%, but 1mb upnow that's a lot of traffic on this torrent


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>mfw it turns out this entire thread is now downloading cp

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>>380664395Go back faggot

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>>380663250Every time I drive by the local high school and I see the hordes of niggers, I identify the sparse white children amongst them, I make eye contact and get their attention, I raise my right arm and shout Heil Hitler! I am proud of what I do for my people.

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>>380664717>mfw opening the file

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>>380664717Dont worry. I downloaded it from mega while it was up and its the same size as the torrent.

>>380664395That’s the entire point. A tiny fringe group I having an amount of influence they shouldn’t possess and it got that way because people are afraid to offend

Niggers, we have 63 seeds, and 72 peershow long was this torrent up for?

>>380662596Many leechers. I'll help seed it when I'm home later with my computer bb dont you worry

>>380664790Do white zoomers even know what a roman salute is any more?

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>>380664717The classicest of classic pranks

>>380658482This based user didn't get enough appreciation. Give him some (you)s, cmon.

>>380664945Is there some trick to seeding? or is just leaving the upload on unlimited the best you can do ?

>>380664790You have ever done this a single time

>>380664814>mfw opening the file

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Here's the mega: mega.nz/file/tM1i1ZDT#asGZat8Tb5h7aVSEKnAbhGlWStBe99e92fRbcsqKGUgTL;DW John Money and Alfred Kinsey are child molesters who pushed all this bullshit on us and gender is unfalsifiable

>>380658357Zero and one... SELL

>>380665277>Alfred Kinseyi barely hear this name. just the first jew most of the time

>>380658357>What Is a WomanXY


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>>380658357>capitalist wants money for product he producedwoah, so jewish

>>380658482FPBPYou're a good man, user.

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>>380665277>John Money and Alfred KinseyI wish Walsh would have gone deeper into origins of the tranny shit. Parts about those two were great but it felt kinda surface level.

>>380665277>>380665379LMFAO THE JEWS ALREADY TOOK IT DOWNThey are in this thread

>>380658357What is it about? All I know is a bunch of mentally ill psychos are seething about it.

>>380665120The 3 I know of is making sure your ISP is good, good internet connection obviously that isn't just focused on 'fast' but bandwidth a mouth is really the important part, and 3rd is I change my computer settings so download speed gets tanked and slow. That, not sure the exact reason why, seems to cause an adverse effect of causing the upload speeds to be faster. Good firewall up, vpns of course, and I let that shit run for my anonymous frens around the globe while I go about my day and life

>>380664345Same, demand is high so I turned off upload limits on this.

>>380665527Nah, this one was down for a while already.

>>380665204I don’t wanna get zogged and canceled by being caught on video, so I’m not doing it for very long. But yes Have done this many times.

>>380665580Judging from the trailer, I think some dude travels around the world and asks the simple question - What Is a Woman? And they fail to answer it.

>>380665580Literally 'what is a woman?'He asks doctors and whatever, and from what i heard from Pool, it starts off mundane, and escalates the questions to presure them

>>380662958Because the penis is gods gift to the world. I can understand why women are jealous.


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Imagine telling somebody 20 years ago that people would fail to answer what a woman is.

>>380664056I'll be a seeder for it in an hour or so and I'll get one of my autismo friends to be one as well once I get home my frens

>>380665693>>380665723So he's reinforcing the narrative that it's an impossible question..? Or he's trying to show the insanity in all of this?

>>380665817Try even 4 years ago.

>>380665580He asks bunch of people pushing trannyism some basic questions. They fail to give any coherent answer. Its hilarious.

>>380663933this cant be realand im talking about the boobas

>>380665874I haven't seen it yet, I am still downloading it.

>>380665874He's showing the insanity.

>>380665277>>380665379Wow, that was fast. I got it from Holla Forums and downloaded it like 2 hours ago. I just finished watching it.Also he goes to Kenya and asks an African tribe about gender and they basically have the most grounded answer in the whole documentary, then proceed to laugh at the idea that a man can become a woman. Also the pediatrians admit no one knows how long-term HRT will work, but you're expected to get cancer within 10 years of continuous use. He interviews a woman who got tricked into becoming FtM and she's livid about how she's going to die in a few years from complications caused by the continuous infections in her fake penis that aren't covered by her insurance, despite the fact that the surgery to get a fake penis made from the skin of her arm was covered.

>>380665950Well, they were large to start with, and she's preggers, so you can expect them to grow.

>>380665928>>380666032Okay gotcha, I'll actually probably pay him to watch it then. Can't keep complaining that no based content is created if I'm always pirating it.

anyone got a magnet link?

Aight, bois, I have downloaded it. I will now watch it and either continue in this thread, or make a new one if this one is gone by then. Also, I can confirm this is not cp.Cya later.

>>380666041>What if someone is nonbinary?>Come again?Those Africans were based.



>>380663023Nothing that comes from a jew is based.

>>380666302Neither is anything that comes from a meme flag. Both of yous get the fuck outta here.

I fucking lost it when the punchline to this chick's whole interview was "Oh I can't say what a woman is, because I'm not a woman"

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>>380666302>>380666302Bobby fisher

>>380666245Cancelling the subscription immediately after watching it though lol can't stand the Daily Wire

>>380666401>Those eyesThe Hindus were right about souless and monkies and demons being among humans and the dark ages we would experience.

>>380665874Here is a better look on his sentiment. The trailer comes off neutrally as intended as to not scare off anybody who may have a knee jerk reaction like perceiving it as right wing propaganda or whateveryoutu.be/FbTpM5icct8

>>380666104If I could throw him a few bucks for watching it I would, but I'm not signing up for some "billed annually" nonsense for a single production.

>>380666494Well, maybe Bobby and Jesus are the exception>>380666391I ain't going anywhere leaf. What are you going to do about it.?

>>380658357>What Is a Woman?A miserable little pile of wosecrets.

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>>380665874He talks to a genders studies professor and he keeps saying that a woman is "someone who identifies as a woman" and then doesn't understand that he's making a circular definition by using the word 'woman' in his definition of woman. When he finally asks him "can you define what a woman is without using the word woman?" He says that's a curiosity and a hard question.He goes to a pride parade and asks a gay man with tits (probably a woman) to define a woman and the gay genderblob responds by saying "I'm a gay man, how would I know what a woman is?" Walsh retorts by saying, "Are you a cat?" Genderblob says "No," and he then asks "Can you define what a cat is?" and the genderblob says "Oh, I've been severely mistaken," and literally walks away.

>What is a woman>Whatnow that's a self irony


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>>380667374So it's like one of those youtube vids where they ask questions about history or something to a bunch of random people and only add in the funniest parts.


>>380667374Also he asks a pediatrian why a child is allowed to believe in Santa Claus and also believe they were born the wrong sex, and she gives a nonsensical answer about how it's the child's truth that Santa is bringing them gifts and self-owns herself by almost sounding like she's defending the belief in Santa Claus>>380667875He does interview randoms on the street, but that's only a small portion of it. The majority of his time are with "professionals" that are involved with transitioning children, and they're all fucking insane and don't see any ethical problem with castrating children who don't know shit.

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>>380667875no, it's both random, and important peopleFirst a psychologist - no answerThen random people on the street - no answer "what is a women ? What someone indentifies as." "Yes, but that, which they identify as. What is it ?" "Idk..."Then a tranny surgeon doing tranny surgeries.It shows people from who is more and more embarrassing to no know how to answer the question

>>380668078>what>implying object>women are objectssubtle

>>380658357No. I refuse to watch and entertain shit like this anymore. We don't need more information. The verdict is in. When do we do something about it because this endless loop of exposing their corruption and scumminess isn't cutting it anymore. I'm tired.

Any place i can stream it? (illegally)

>>380668422which word would you use?

>>380662958the ratio is something like 5:1 between mtfs and ftms, which coincidentally is the same for paraphilias between men and women

>>380662958Because titcutters cant rape anyone with that skin stick.

>>380658357>Walsh>JewishYou truly are a special kind of retard.

>>380668087>sounding like she's defending the belief in Santa ClausI've noticed that analogies are these people's weakness. They have absolutely no idea how to come up with a valid one of their own, and when confronted with an analogy that would make them look bad to agree with then they'll go to the most ridiculous lengths to pretend like they don't understand. The womanish lefty fears the analogy. Pic related is an example of how they're utterly incompetent at drawing valid conclusions.

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>>380668267>>380667875Oh, you'll love this one. You know the meme with>some guy at the doctor>"Cut my dick off">"Wow, so stunning and brave">some other guy>"Cut my arm off">"Mentally unwell person..."that's LITERALLY what the tranny surgeon does

>>380668689still what, because that's how language works, but i'll still laugh


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>>380662958Simply because most you see are mtfthey are all just as mentally unwell

>>380669042Kek, and he acts like Walsh asked him something completely unreasonable too. Its ridiculous that these people dont realize how incoherent they are.

>>380669111fair enough, kek

>>380669031It is really pathetic.

>>380669304>>380669042>>380667875>"the critics...">*tranny recoils back in surprise* >"...on the other side of this issue">*cuts him off*>"there aren't many">"THERE AREN'T MANY">" T H E R E A R E N ' T M A N Y "

>>380662882You need to turn on DHT, took me a minute to realize it since I only use private trackers.

>>380664790Ok groomer.

>>380668776iirc there's more ftm youth than mtf youth, and that's a result of women being more susceptible to this kind of grooming from other women and the desire to "fit in." Also the pharmaceutical companies make more money off transitioning women than men.>>380669031Hammer ownership has gone down over the last 40 years, and kids used to bring hammers to school all the time to show off to their friends. My dad was like that when he was in high school, and everyone knew about his cool hammers. But no one in my dad's generation even considered hitting their classmates with their hammers. Has something in hammer culture changed? Is it the fact that teens on antidepressants are the only ones hitting other kids with hammers? No. It must be the hammers.

>>380658357It's boring. The whole thing is like twice as long as it needs to be. It's funny to watch the gender weirdos get mad though.I think he planted a seed of reason in that university gender professor.

>>380669817I am already watching, mate, all good.

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>>380670056That one actually fooled me.

>>380670121What fooled you?


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>>380664030>Why are MIGAtards so stupid to answer "a baby that is born with a vagina"?You are stupid, some babies are born with no genitalia at all. It's XX or nothing.

>>380669966Check'd>Hammer ownership has gone down over the last 40 yearsPrecisely. They have to make up retarded fictional scenarios because they can't think of a valid, real world comparison. Just realized this is probably why they hinge of pop fiction references so heavily.

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>>380670056Yeah I meant to reply to some other guy having problems, whatever. I'm about to start watching now.

>>380670121bruh, wtf....>Adam's apple>thick muscular legs>large shouldersHow could you not tell ?

>>380670180That troon. Looks like the average middle aged californian to me

>>380670390Same. I wouldn't have known that they are trans had they not said it.

>>380670376>they all have the adams apple from the neck lift>didn't see the legs>shoulder padsAm I losing it?

>>380670314No you see you're voldemort and I'm harry potter. You stand for actually making a meaningful change in the world and I aspire to be a status quo glownigger, or "auror," as I like to call myself, that keeps the world in its perpetual stagnation of consoomerism.

>>380670180I haven't watched the documentary yet, but in that particular still the troon looks pretty close to what most post-menopause women wind up looking like. Looks like a low-est empty egg carton.


>>380670314>user discovers hyper realitytook long enough bro

>>380658357>let me save you some money A woman is an adult human female.

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>>380670481I think you are....also, that's wool, by the looks.no way they can say straight on the shoulder, unless there's actual shoulder there. no pads

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>>380670668no, the thing that you get is not the answer to what is a women.You get a comedy.see >>380669042and >>380669741

>>380670596I have always used "they" to refer to a singular person that I don't personally know. In my language (Lithuanian), we do the exact same - we say "Jūs".

>>380662958Because ftms are all just lesbians or asexuals that are terrified at the thought of being penetrated by a man, so they remove the things that would attract a man. Nobody cared what lesbians were doing 25 years ago, no one cares what ftms are doing today.

>>380670746do you have a working link?

>>380668776Not among teenagers

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>>380658357woman has a vagina, that's it, rest are mentally ill

>>380670946dunno about you, but latin languages and latin influenced languages have almost exclusively gendered language. We literally cannot refer to a 3rd party that's singular, without using its genderEl/Ea. we literally have no word that's in betweenThe only neutral we have, would be Ei which is actually masculin plural. A plural 'him'Even the things that are gender neutral, aren't trully gender neutral.(Un) ou (M) one eggDo(ua) oua (F) two eggsGender neutral words have masculin for singular and femimin for plural. No actual 'neutral'

>>380671457>>380658482and >>380667556for first one, just replace 'dot' and 'slash' with actual '.' and '/' and remove the spaces

>>380671675No idea, man. "Jūs" is definitely a gender neutral word we use to refer to a singular person even though it's also used to refer to multiple people.

>>380662958>significantly more gruesomeno

Can they put this up on piratebay already. I'm sure as fuck not giving that kike Shapiro my money, and I don't trust magnet links from random Holla Forumsacks

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>>380669302it seems like the ftm actually do want to fit in as being a man and dont like to stand out. mtf on the other hand try to stand out and force their insanity onto others and just generally acting insane. im sure the ftm are just as delusional if you sit down and talk to them but you dont see them screeching all over the place and picking fights (online) with any group that doesnt comply. then theres the whole obsession with kids they have, dont tend to see ftm pushing for bathroom/changeroom/library(?) access to children

>>380672527Hate to break this to you, but piratebay just puts links automatically from trackers. aka, the same magnet link will appear there when its refreshed

>>380672527>>380658482Mate, this link is legit. I am watching it now, just download it, lmao.

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>>380672527Anon who posted the link here. I got this torrent from a /t/ thread before the tranny mods deleted it. Right away I applied for an account at 1337x and am waiting for uploading privileges. Will post it there when I can

>>380672700Today I learned>>380672701Ok fren

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>>380658357Women are vehicles.

>>380672700>>380672962Actually i forgot the details, someone who knows, please correct me. Was it that PirateBay had its own tracker and you needed to link the torrent to that one to appear ?. Its still along those lines

>>380664030it's not that a woman is one who can give birth. It's someone who is born ORDERED TO giving birth.

kek, this is great

>>380674117>flagfor this thread i should be meme flaging

>>380674294>not proudly showcasing your countryYou sure you should be on Holla Forums?

>>380674397nigger, i am flying a name and a tripcodedoes it look like i'm serious to you ? i love to make people madi also did pic related

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>>380658357Just a reminder that transsexuality and anything lgbtq is an abomination to God.To those who are not saved; Know that the end is nigh and thus not much time remains. All who do not believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour are doomed to end up in hell and remain condemned. If you wish to avoid such a fate believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour for your Salvation and repent and He will deliver you from evil and save you from hell.Also I suggest caution regarding other denominations that call themselves Christians. What my faith led me to is non-denominational Christianity but for you God might have a different plan so go where God leads you.catholics beware as you are in danger of damnation: granddesignexposed.com/sun/baal.htmlSomething worth watching if you have the time: youtu.be/eJK1gLHbOxA

Attached: catholics_beware_v3.2_optimized_optimized.jpg (4096x1376, 2.3M)

>>380674294that's the spirit!archive.org/details/dongcopterpirate


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>>380662958Because they are still woman and women dont matter.

>>380665277>The documentary THEY don't want you to see>Doesn't make it freely available to watch onlineWouldn't it enhance this guy's argument to make this publicly available? Fucking grifters.

>>380675004>Why doesn't this jew give away his product for freeAnon, I...

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>>380665950They're real. Genetics are pretty hard to get away from with pregnancy. 9 times out of 10, if you look at a girl don't understand how her body type could wind up being her mother's body type, the missing link is a pregnancy.On to more parochial matters- as a guy who's dated many women with large (sometimes crazy large) breasts, I can't look at those photos of her and not instantly recognize her breasts are completely shot. Those are what her breasts look like in a bra. Take that bra off and those boobs're dropping 3-4 inches, maybe more. Classic "rock in a sock" where the midpoint width of the breast is narrower than the bottom. The nerves have been stretched so much so quickly that after she stops breastfeeding I doubt she'll have much feeling in her nipples again and that's what drives women in her situation to eventually get reductions: They can't feel that shit anyway.

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Umm guys, is this a he or a she ?sounds like a she, but looks like a he

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>>380675787Very clearly a woman

>>380675787i'm still at "do chickens commit suicide?"

>>380658482did anybody scan for virus yet?

>>380675787>he or a sheIt's a fat blob. No one should care about it.

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Holy shit, what retard thought this was adequate

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I've said this in other threads, but I'll say it here too - Trannies don't live in anybody's head rent free. They kick the door to your head down and shit on the carpet. They put themselves everywhere until there is nowhere left to enjoy. I joined a Metroid discord because I was excited about Metroid Dread and wanted to see what people were talking about. There was maybe one person talking about Metroid. Everyone else was congratulating this "egg" that just "came out" as trans in the Metroid Lore discussion channel. I tried to talk about how cool it was that the pirates kept Metroids in Phendrana Drifts because its cold environment prevented them from escaping. I was banned for off topic posting. I tried to watch AGDQ last night. One of the commentators was a man, with a man voice, with a hololive avatar instead of a face, whose pronouns were listed as fae/faer. These fucking people do not leave you, your space, or your thoughts alone. If you try to have a discussion without them, they insist on making it about them. I can't even click a YouTube video anymore without some faggot putting on a fake girl voice and trying to act like a cute anime retard. It's painful. It's dishonest and inauthentic. It is also an act of aggression. If you can't recognize that, I don't know what to tell you.

>>380676306timestamp ?

>>380676439Lying is aggressive. The entire trans movement is dripping with dishonesty. When you tell me to refer to you as "she/her" you are telling me to see a woman when I look at you. I don't. I see your receding hairline, I see your broad shoulders, I see your thin hips, I see your gut and sinking cheeks and wide stubble, I see your fashion sense that reeks of male sensibilities, I see your taste in anime that reeks of somebody with a porn addiction, I see your imitation based on what men find attractive, but more than this I see male aggression. I see the demand to dominate. I see acts of assertion and imperialist reeducation. You demand that I tell you 2+2=5 and when I refuse you become angry, aggressive, and seek my removal or destruction. You are bullies who want to assert yourselves over others but have no field in which you're competitive except in social manipulation. You demand female spaces, you demand female aesthetics, you even demand the female label. You take even this from the women from which you wish you could take love and acceptance. You have gone beyond incel. You have entered into thievery and barbarism. Pastiche. Fraud. Imitation. Ersatz. You are dishonest, inauthentic, and aggressive. You are not, will never, can never, and should never be a woman. You are the aggressor in every space, turning the conversation towards your hatred of the penis and leg hair, towards your lust for the female. Your insistence on being called a woman is your demand to be given the girlfriend you were denied through your roleplaying as that imaginary woman. You are your father's son, and that is how you will die.


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>>380676447>>380676306vnm, 33:00found it


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>>380676179>>380676914wrong reply

3 minutes in and Walsh has already spent more time talking about himself than anything else.

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>>380677119Its just at the start. He generally lets people he interviews talk without interruption.

>>380676495well said, back i the olden days there was a meme about crazy people in asylums believing they were Napoleon and walking around with their hand tucked into their shirt. We are being forced to accept this sort of delusion in pubic spaces, now we might not mind indulging someone's delusion as long as it is harmless but these crybully aggressive men are demanding that we indulge their delusion or face consequences, truly upside down world>t. Napoleon

>>380675787That's the monster Lisa turns Chet into in Weird Science.

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>>380677262Yeah, mainly just poking fun at Walsh. First interview now and he's doing a good job of letting the ""therapist"" sound insane by herself.

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at 44:00 the africa part startsand to think pretty much everyone thought like that, even in the west just 2 decades agobased africans

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>>380677407Thats the trick with interviewing. I hate when they just try to get gotcha moment. All you need to do is to let these idiots talk freely.

Holy shit, based Peterson is in the documentary too. He can't stop crushing trannies, lmao.

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>>380662958Not a conservative but I think both varieties of trans are completely insane and delusional retards but the mtf ones seem to be more loud and out there claiming that in fact they have lady brains and other nonsense that they try to force upon us

>>380676495fucking hell, user, incredibly based rant.

>>380677564He should just do a documentary where he travels to random countries asking the same questions. I want to know what the Uzbeks think about our nonsense.

>>380676495Based and ranting at no one pilled

>>380676914anon that is a LOT of open tabs

>>380665927Four years ago was 2018, this shit was in full swing by then. People might not have reeee'd as hard, but they would have reeee'd.

>>380663250We live in a period

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>>380678092i know

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>>380670007>I think he planted a seed of reason in that university gender professor.You can kind of see it at the end, when he asks him to define a woman without saying woman and the guy realizes everything he believes is hot air.

>>380664974They do.There's currently about a 25%/25% split with hard left and right leaning zoomers and 50% Normies who are also split into 10%/10% left and right leaners and 30% centrists.I look forward to seeing it all play out.

>>380669031>PicrelPerhaps we should remove the kids who uses the hammer in destructive ways... what race is the hammer fiend

>>380678606Will be a very interesting generation if those demographics are true. All of the ones I know are worthless, negrified faggots, but I only know a few of them.

>>380663838>>380664056That list is fake right? Commifornian here.

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>>380678237fuck that is me my man.

>>380678809>Perhaps we should remove the kids who uses the hammer in destructive ways... what race is the hammer fiendYes, but you give them too much credit by taking the metaphor seriously in the first place. Children running around hitting each other with hammers isn't a realistic scenario, it's a retarded fantasy that highlights how they have no actual point to make.

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>>380658357I've talked to many leftists and none of them have ever been able to explain to me what a woman is.

>>380678878My stats are a bit exagerated but there is definitely something volatile cooking, perhaps a scramble for identity or to balance out the current shift.History always boils into a habbening.

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>>380679008enjoy getting assed by Comcast

You'll never stop the seeders, kikes

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after i finish watching i'm gonna go to reddit for some salt

>>380679318Currently seeding for all my frens

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>>380662958It's actually a running gag in laineyball threads.

>>380679024I disagree. It perfectly highlights their retardation. Hammers are just hammers, some whacked out kicked rampaging with a hammer is an outlier, something irregular and the core of the problem that needs to be investigated and dealt withWhich is better?a Society full of weapons where everyone is at peace and have not need or desire to use thema Society where everyone wants to murder everyone else but are physically incapable and have no weapons

>>380679254Odd, feels pretty good desu.

>>380679575I get your point and don't think we're really disagreeing all that much. When I say it's a bad analogy I mean that in the context of them trying to demonstrate a point. You're right that it does demonstrate a point, but not the one they want to make, so for their intentions it is a terrible metaphor.

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>>380679619they're raping your information and selling it to the lowest bidder. I fucking hated them in san jose

>>380669031But what the teacher is leaving out is, there are other kids with hammers but the boy only attacks the kids that don't have any.

>>380679318how the fuck do some of you get 20 mbps download ? the most i've gotten was 8, and its not my interent that's the problemi can do a lot more but the speeds never get therefor steam, i do get like 20+ tho

>>380680052How much bandwidth is your ISP advertising that you should get? Are you using wi-fi?

>>380679887True, but what ISP isn't doing that user? Should I transfer to Sonic and just expect they aren't doing the same?

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>>380680241300mbps, wifi, speed tests show around 190 down, 150 up

>>380680435Wifi is generally going to be slower than what you're supposed to be getting. If your connection is consistently underperforming you can call your ISP and bitch at them. Generally you have to be persistent, but eventually they'll come out and check your drop cables, tap, etc. At the end of the day they speeds they advertise are always "up to" that speed, so they could also just tell you too bad and to fuck off.

Just finished watching this documentary. It was good, and I consider it a mustwatch. Make sure to spread this.

>>380680435you're getting cucked hard then.


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>>380676306It doesn't really matter, they all signed a statement saying they didn't agree to being trampled by a man.

the last like 15min are kinda wasted if you've followed matt in the pastalso i would have found it interesting to see the rest of the socioligists rambling all in allfelt more like a long somewhat high quality youtube video, but pretty alright

>>380681315then why go throught the effortshe isn't fully hidden, yet her voice is still changed and stuffeither hide her, or don'tdon't half ass this

>>380678237Get out of my house

>>380663809And zoomers are the most likely generation to be transgender.. what’s your point?

>>380658357>watching anything by Ben ShabiboIm starting to think his wife doesnt exist. No doctor marries a man this retarded

>>380678385Huge props to that guy for actually dealing with the questions and not leaving.Changing religion is terrifying.

>>380658482Thx burger

>>380680803>If your connection is consistently underperforming you can call your ISP and bitch at them.nononoyou missunderstood meits SPECIFIC things that don't get speed while they shoulddownloads mostly, but STEAM downloads work normally

>>380681508>don't half ass thisThey should have said it publicly.

>>380665277Goddamn, these links are getting shoah'd fast. I get this guy wants his shekels but I want to see the damn documentary without giving my money to the bi-partisan Jew.

>>380678385it does kinda show how terrible their discussions must have been thoughhe said they spend actual semesters with those questionsyet this thre him off? pathetic, still good for him that he seemed to have realized it at the end.if you have a discussion like this, ALWAYS let each other know what the main terms you are gonna discuss actually mean and try to define them

>>380663387that's my internet speed from 10 years ago


>>380669031it's ironic that that if the teacher gave all the kids hammers, then the problematic kid wouldn't keep hammering the other kids out of fear of the hammer beat-down of his life. And if he was stupid enough to continue, he'd get only one swing in before the proverbial Damocles Hammer comes down on him.Or maybe I'm just misusing Irony as people so often do.

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Their notable cultural difference within the sexes along with institutional segregation. Men traditionally dress a certain way and females hyper feminize the differences with makeup and clothing. These differentiation constructs serve a purpose and function in its own right.

>>380664717i swear to god if you fuckers did this ill have to invoke holocaust privileges.

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Zoomers really dont know how to watch movies online for free?

>>380658482I'm just getting told to dl nordvpn

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>>380665091 donealso anyone got the monkeypox pride flag? to make this thread complete>>380658482thanks bro what is this movie about can someone QRD? (the torrent file will take care of itself using my trusty legionnaire VMs)

>>380684447>what is this movie aboutRead the thread.

>>380683768don't worry kike, it's what it says it is. and it's good

>>380662958I never really cared about ftm until I met one. The fucking audacity, it was like interacting with Tim Taylor from home improvement, but even a caricature of that.

>Tranny surgeon literally calls bottom surgery a faustian bargainKek

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>>380684611checked and thanks. some of you goy are alright. dont go to earth tomorrow.

cross thread or new bread incase it reaches page 10>>380680208 >>380649078beep boot im a bot and this action has been performed automatically>>380684606guys i dont have any seeds but the Mega Onions Archive is working fine on halite client

>>380662958It's very simple, most trannies are mtf and incels, showing them a mutilated woman won't have much effect, because they hate women, showing them fucked up mtf shit however, might actually help some people who are still on the edge and these people are worth saving. Also I was getting mad just remembering I have this picture saved and who knows, maybe someone will say enough and gun down some clinic, so it's kinda dangerous to post it.

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>>380666401How do useless and insane people pay for such nice homes?

>how do you do fellow virginiansfucking kek

>>380676495This pasta should be bronzed and put on a plaque somewhere.

>>380684768Lol. So like bull dyke lesbians but even more delusional?