Just a reminder: No one needs a AR-15

No one.

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>>380658115I do

>>380658115She's right though. She's far too stupid to realize people will always get killed no matter what. And assholes will find a way.

>>380658115I need more actually

CorrectYou get more freedom per dollar from the AKM platform

>>380658115why is this bot account always on reddit front page?

>>380658115yupnobody needs to eat, either, you just die if you don't

>>380658115Then ban them for everyone. Confiscate the company that makes them and all their profits. Stop making all weapons. A child that gets killed through US military actions overseas is worth just as much as a child in the US. Probably more so. Become a nation of peace

>>380658688It posts about whatever current issue is trending and the account holder bought enough bots to make sure it always gets picked up by the algorithm.

>>380658115You're right, AK is better.

>>380658115.223 was never enough to get me wet anyway

>>380658115The memes write themselves lmao

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No one needs your opinion. NO ONE.

It is a pussy poodle shooter. the FAL is the rifle for a man among men.

I agree with her 100%AR-10, SCAR, is where it's at.

>>380658115Why should I listen to women? They're retarded.

>>380659195my fellow 7.62 enthusiast

>>380658115I heard an Amerimutt put it very nicely on here: It's not called a "Bill of Needs".

>>380658115See how a pistol works against 30-50 hogs

>>380658231Me too.

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>>380658115Women dont need abortions.None of them.

>>380658688because this foreign piece of shit is a DNC twitter reply guy

>>380658115She's right, we all need AKs instead

ar-15 is only 1 typeso many other types

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>>380658115Yea, assassins named No One need an AR15.Completely agree, but so does everyone else.That's like saying "Who needs Oxygen?"Lol. Rhetorical.

>>380659322If you ask your mom we can come over to my house and shoot old AC units and fridges and maybe some wild pigs in the back yard, don't tell her, I know how she is about guns.

>>380658115Just a reminder. This is an opinion.

>>380658115No one needs make-up. No one.

>>380659287Urbanites would never be able to grasp the concept of wild hogs burrowing and tearing up our farmland.

>>380658115>listening to a womens opinion on anything everlol

>>380659451came here to find this

>>380658115You can't just ban AR15s and then let handguns be okay, semi automatic pistols are just as bad. What's needed is gun safety measures, mental health evaluation's, an increase in age limits to purchase the guns and a 72hr mandatory waiting period.

>>380658115No one needs Jews in their country. No one. Save Israel, deport das Juden from it!

>>380658115No one needs to go on Twitter. No one.

>>380658115Lets start from the top down then. Disarm the state

>>380658115>No one.Reginald Denny needed one.

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>>380658231>>380659322Count me in too, frens.

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Good thing it's not the Bill of Needs.

>>380658666Based satanposter

>>380658115I need one.

>>380658115What we NEED is plasma particle projectile cannons attached to our Elementals.

>>380659040She's probably never seen a sunflower field in her life.

>>380658115Correct. The 5.56 round is inferior to 7.62x51 NATO. I myself prefer the R1a1 platform to utilize the caliber of God.

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>>380659951heh gottem

>>380658115But I want one

Well I am someone and a somebody. Very proud lineage. Fuck No ones and nobodies.

No compromises, grow a spine

>>380658115No one needs birth controlNo one needs an abortionNo one needs social mediaNo one needs make upNo one needs smartphonesNo one needs apple productsNo one needs onions and vegan foodNo one needs feminismNo one

>>380658115>Pay for my witty tweets on Patreon!!!!!How is this not spam?

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>>380658231I already have one but i'll probably buy another too. Been wanting an AR10

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>>380658115no one needs a woman's opinion

>>380658688And it gets reposted here and thedonald without fail. Obvious bot and spread inorganically

>>380660281>bagel with a shmearjew detected

>>380658115Just a reminder: No one needs twitter.

>>380660240based frogs, you love to see it.


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>>380658115That’s why I have an FAL instead.

>>380658115Excellent. Now let's disarm the government.


>>380660281It is spam

>>380658115No one needs an abortion, no one needs to transition genders, no one needs their college debt paid off, no one needs gay marriage, no one needs feminists.


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>>380660301Isn’t the ar-10 considered to be phased out by the sr-25?

>>380658115>No one.That's not true. I need one to protect myself from the King of England.

>>380658115What I need is none of your business.

>>380658115What if I opened a pub that doesn't serve people on Saturdays unless they bring one? There could be a range out back and a competition the same day where the best shot gets free drinks. I'd call it "Shots" with a shotgun under it or something. Wouldn't they then need an AR, or is there another definition of "need"?

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>>380658666Incorrect in the current year. Decent AKs are ridiculously expensive.

>>380658115No one needs an abortion.No one.


>>380658115She’s correct. You need multiple in different barrel lengths and calibers.

No one needs a dick. Dicks cause rape. Men get dicks without even a background check. You must cut off your dick to prevent rape!

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MSM says AR-15 is bad, bad and more bad. But, when we call it by its military name - M16 - then it is a tool to bring democracy to many many nations - Afghanistan, IRAQ, Serbia, Syria, Libya, etc. In one case millions of women and children die. In the other 316 have died in 20 years, or less than lightning strike deaths.

No one needs jo. No one

>>380658115Kyle Rittenhouse

>>380658115No one needs female opinions.

>>380658432She’s wrong. 2A baby

>>380658115I need some. Soon all American guns will be for sale in eastern europe in discount prices

>>380658115Kyle rittenhouse sure did

>>380658115No one needs a big mouth cunt either, no one.

>>380658115Then why do i have so many of them?No one need your opinion either but you still burst opinions out with fully automatic intolerance.

Raciss white devil. How disbish gon tell me how to deal wit Ray Ray n dem tryin push on MAH MUH FUGGIN CORNER. Bish you alreddy don made the shits illegal. You gon make em double illegal. Fuck outta here crackabish


>>380658115I don't need some fucking cunt telling me anything about my constitutionally protected rights but here you are. Suck my cockand make some sandwiches. It's probably the most productive thing you'd do all week you filthy cock gobbling slut.

>>380658231Give this hero an AR-15, he has children to shoot.

>>380658115No one needs shilling harpies.

>>380658115Tell that the people that are defending their home and family.

It's not about need, faggot.

>>380660690no, only a fag would say that. The Sr-25 is just a military designation. building a basic AR-15 with a 20" barrel and good parts would get you exactly the same product. The AR-10 is .308 so it's completely different. But you should be focusing on an SBR, an MCX if you can spend the money, if not just do an AR and get a shorty upper from Midwest Industries, Aero, BCM, Ballistic Advantage, wherever... A lot more useful. Just buy lower receivers for now if you don't have money

>>380658115Pic related

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>>380662396Learn to read, midwit.

>>380658231Me 9

>>380658115I absolutely need one to fight off invaders or overthrow the government. That's what the framers of the constitution were thinking.

>>380658688>bot accountReported

Ban niggersthen we can start the conversation


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>>380658115She's right. You need at least two.

>>380658666Not since the embargo on surplus ammo

>>380658115>Just a reminder: No one needs a AR-15Except the government, right?

>>380662396To be fair a proper M4 would be more 2A.

>>380662966>Give this hero an AR-15, he has children to shoot.Meanwhile you're fine with the government being the only ones armed. What could possibly go wrong?>1pbtIDoh look. another hit and run shill.

gib ar-15 now i need children to shoot muh 2nd amendamunto

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>>380658115What the AR-15 does to the human body should be a war crime.

>y-yuro shits don no wat freedumb tastes like!!

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>>380658115Tongue a niggers asshole

>>380658115Jo would get it (unless she’s over 25)

>>380664640Gibs crumpets that fell from the queens trumpet! Muhammad Muhammad we all fall down!

>>380658115No one needs to fuck ass or children either yet there’s a whole month celebrating it. Maybe we need a gun pride month.

>>380658115Ya theres mini 14s and aks but i WANT one so fuck you

>>380664640>gib ar-15 now i need children to shoot muh 2nd amendamuntowhy are you acting as if our firearm rights are subject to firearm deaths.

No one needs twitter. STFU

>>380659824>t. Cuckfornian

>>380664921>>380665031need child blood now muh 2nd amendumunto

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>>380658666based Satan muhammed jihadi droppin facts.

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>>380658115No one should listen to Twitter whores.No one

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>>380658115If you ban AR15s from government use world wide. And they have to go back to black powder smooth bore muskets, no air support, no guided weapons, then yes. Sounds good. Otherwise fuck off.


>>380658231>tfw want one but can't get itIt hurts

>>380658115Agreed, the police and military shouldn't have them either

>>380658666>>380658885>>380659525>>380660901>>380664120behold a pale horse

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>>380658115No one needs her.No one.

>>380665279>need child blood now muh 2nd amendumuntoWhy are you acting as if all firearm owners are child murderers? Also, why are you supporting the government being the only ones with firearms?

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>>380658115>No one needs AR-15s>has Ukraine support sunflower in name

>>380664757>>380665279Apparently bongs need to ban bombs.

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>>380665729I really don't know why niggers don't rape/rob these people. They are shouting to the world they are unarmed and unable to do anything about it.

>>380658115What if I'm attacked by a wild group of Jews?

>>380659040North Jersey slag

>>380665897Vampires and their weaknesses are based off of Jews. Make a necklace with garlic bulbs and you should be fine, but be sure to worship Christ for maximum effect.

>>380658115No woman needs the right to vote.Not one


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>>380658115Stop posting screenshots from that bot farm

>>380658115>No one.What will they use for door to door then?

>>380658115No one needs a-BANG

I do, because American leftists are preparing to kill us. I can't have one right now because I'm a felon, but when anarchy hits and I have to defend myself, my family, property and town, a citizen will surely issue me one. Like a militia. In the Constitution.

>>380658115These Twitter posts are annoying. Can we at least use the check mark people instead of random nobodies? I'd like to at least recognize the retard.

>>380658115Should i open my frazzledrip folder? This is all so borning.

>>380658115I agree, we need multiple AR's for different situations

>>380658885cringe>>380665696mega cringe

>>380658432She's wrong though(you)

ok groomer

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>>380666666Check’s out

>>380658115>Yet another smug Yankee trying to tell me what I do or do not "need"Lick my grundle.

>>380658115>bill of needs

>>380658115Except ukranians.


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>>380666666Digits don’t lie

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>>380666666OK super Satan.

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>>380660889Dude it clearly states in the picture that reuploading is prohibited, you are going down buddy.

>>380658115I prefer the FN-FAL

>>380658115How do I kill the 30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard within 3-5 mins while my small kids play?"

You do when the Faggot shooting bat has an ar 15 How the fuck are you supposed to fight back against the "criminal" who doesn't obey laws?Dumb ass gun control faggots

she must be an AK enthusiast but that still doesn't make it right to belittle AR

>>380660301Might as well get one of the other 7.62 battle rifles... I'm not saying the AR-10 is bad, just... the platform was more suited to the intermediate cart.


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>>380658115>>380659040That's just another Twitter bot/shill account.

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>>380658115buy an ad you fucking faggots

>>380666666>I agree, we need multiple AR's for different situationsfucking based


>>380659941LA council members deserve to be publicly executed for that one. We can hope.

>>380658115@jojofromjerzand no one needs a mouthy little cunt leftist running their cry baby fuck hole on twitter to a bunch of group-think unoriginal shit bags..i laugh every time a leftist says they are going to take guns.LAUGHahahahahahahhahahaa

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>>380660114retards like you think SHTF is going to be fought sitting on your ass in your living room lolnah, you'll be on the move and all of that 7.62 ammo is going to weigh you down a LOT more than 5.56.Simple as.

>>380666666Honestly it would be a good idea to put certain regulations on how guns are stored and who can access them desu.And yes, they need to get over the fact that there needs to be more, not less police and school-funding in black neighborhoods and call them out when those blacks that fashion themselves "representatives" of their people want to misdirect away from a problem onto whitey that in no small part is a problem of shitty cultural preconceptions on their part too.


>>380666666woah based

>>380658666In the US? Not anymore. Haven’t been true for the last 8 years. Before, you could’ve snagged an unconverted saiga for $600-700. Now, those things are rare or exceeds $1500

>>380658115But it’s awesome so eat dick


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>>380666666I searched through a few different threads for the double devil digits. Disappointing.

I wonder if she can define what an "AR-15" is

>>380658115I do. Right now. For my personal armory. I will train my kids in the way of the rifle. WE LIVE AND DIE BY OUR LIBERTIES.

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>>380658115No one needs fully semi automatic rapid fire assault machine rifle longarm cannons like ar-m16s and ak1947s. You dont need them you dont need the extendo clips and the big bullets that are made to go fast and be deadly like the full jacket armor penetrating anti personnel bullet. What kind of suck fuck needs that? Just have a pistol if you want to shoot like smdh

>>380666970It's a mistranslation

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I don't know if I need one, but I really want one.

watch this if you want to receive God's free gift of everlasting life and be 100% sure that you'd go to heaven anonyoutube.com/watch?v=Sf3uF0juIVIheaven or hellfire, the choice is yours

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>>380663195If you are short barreling 5.56 you are retarded. If you are going for an SBR use a round that functions properly with that length barrel. Pistol caliber is best for SBR as you typically are enhancing the performance of the round not degrading it. If you want to SBR a rifle cartridge use .300 blackout or 7.62x39. They don't suffer as much performance loss as 5.56. If you are wanting to defeat lvl 4+ armor you don't want to be using an SBR anyway. Also don't buy subsonic 5.56 as its just a waste of your time and money. If that's what you want to shoot just buy a 22lr and suppress that. Same shit but cheaper.

>>380658115quick someone remember them they were programmed to support Ukraine in a war

Tell that to Kyle Rittenhouse

>>380671596You are a nigger as made clear by your terrible grasp of English and reality.

>>380658231this guy needs it, case closedcaptcha WWAR4

>>380665279Thats rich since your country is run by pedovore monarchs.Even of it was a benevolent monarch, your entire islands' opinions dont matter. Stay in you lane limey or raise an army and try to disarm us

>>380658115She needs an ar15. My ar15 in her vag

>>380666666Put me in the SS Cap'n.

>>380658115I do

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>>380658115well to fuckin badnot a god damn thing you can do about it KEK

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>>380658115the only people that say this stuff are people that have never been in a situation where a gun would have saved them. the ones that have, and were no-guns fags, are dead so they can't speak up.

>>380658115not even military ? or police ?

>>380666970>you wouldnt download a car

>>380658115No one needs an iphone 12 either, but here we are.

>>380658115You'll never stop the signal

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>>380658115You will in fact need one to stop right wing extremists seeing as how we live in a fascist nation where conservatives+russian bots secretly run a slaveocracy




>>380658115Have a couple..Your welcome

>>380658231Me too

>>380658115THE MASS SHOOTINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL DEMOCRAT APPROVAL RATINGS IMPROVE!cnn.com/2017/11/29/politics/aby-rayyan-fbi-terror-sting-pizza-man/index.html


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>>380658115So theyre going to stop sending them to Ukraine?


>>380666666Numbers show truth.

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>>380666666based double satan

>>380658115No one needs and abortion, no one.

>>380658115Not my problem. Good luck when school starts again...and it's going to be a long hot spicy summer. I love my kids, we homeschool. Homeschooled kids don't die school. Wait until it's a school filled with MAGA parents kids. At least the memes will be good. There is not a single person on Capital Hill that will fix anything in this country. You're all on your own

>>380658115You don't NEED to be a faggot, yet here you are

>>380658115I agree, none of the public official security details need any guns at all, nor do police with exception for SWAT. lead by example lefty trannies and disarm cops and gov't official security details first

>>380678965He didn't choose to be gay user, his mothers boyfriend did that for him when he was 8


>>380666666Sir! (you)

>>380658115No one needs twitter.

>>380658115No one needs a twitter account either. Sneed.

>>380658115No one needs niggers anymore but they are still everywhere.

>>380658115No one needs sex change operations either, but I’d rather have an AR than a Tranny when leftists finally start the civil war.


Ok stick this dumb slut in an area with enraged wild boars.Then yell "Nobody needs an AR Nobody".She'd get killed, no question about it.Commie woman make me sick.