I want to learn the trivium.The TRUE education.What do I do?

I want to learn the trivium.The TRUE education.What do I do?

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>>380657407cake is a lie

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Nobody is stopping you from reading a bunch of old books

>>380657407Read Sister Miriam Joseph's book Trivium. That's probably the best explanation of it. What you'll realize is that you already think in these ways, it's kind've the natural way we all think, see, and interact with the world, but thanks to public education, you lack the terms to clarify and distinguish specific operations. Knowing the terms does help, and the earlier you learn it, the sooner you internalize the terms. But it's not going to really change you, and it can't fix what the world has already broken in you. It might make you sad. The ultimate conclusion you're left with is that you would've been someone else entirely if you knew it when you were a child, but knowing it as an adult is more or less useless, relative to your adult self with Trivium and that someone else you would've been with Trivium.

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>>380657407Don’t worry guys, I can fix her.


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>>380658789Well at the very least if I learn it properly and I can teach my future children it properly

>>380659116That's the way to think about it, user. Good luck with the impregnation and child rearing.

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>>380658988Don’t tell me, user…DON’T fucking TELL me.

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>>380657407>13 candles

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>>380660352Same...and I grew up in the 2000s when this was huge and I was super into them. Feels bad man. :(

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>>380657407>>380658789this basically.Read Sister Miriam's book on the Trivium.

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>>380662040>Man who thought he'd lost all hope finds additional hope to lose

>>380657407join your local freemason lodge.

>>380657407You wont learn it here fren.

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>>380668831Thanks for the heads up, Bruce. Don’t forget to charge your anti-gravity boots today, I wouldn’t want you too fall off the planet into space.

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>>380667732>>380658988It is a female btw. Thatsamanposting is almost as bad as bbcposting

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>>380668831why the FUCK would tell me about this.

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>>380673956That's fucking disgusting.

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>>380659515GOD DAMMIT>>380661070bro you may want to look at this...

>>380668831how do you cope in day to day life?this is actually really sad im sorry it bothers you so much

>>380662040>"It's just a phase, it's just a phase", I keep telling myself. God help me, please don't let her decide she's gay next year as the 'new thing'.

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>>380658789What is the trivium in a nutshell?

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>>380657407> If you only knew... But at least we don't speak German.

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>>380675459bump, I wonder that as wellJewgle just gives me some band


>>380675459It’s an education in three fields of thought that comes from either Rome or Ancient Greece, can’t remember.

>>380677923You can always just read the original books. Not like the fields they thought back then have evolved past those books, unless you want to go beyond reading other philosophers, which wouldn’t really make it the trivium innit.

>>380657407What is she being shown?

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>>380671672BASED Z GOTH

>>380657407My little sister had a phase like that lol. She had a muslim friend I remember, until she became too western and got sent home to somalia for islamic schooling.


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>>380658789Its never too late for a total change in perspective.We are born into this world in a sort of trance, and some people never come out of it. Psychedelics do a good job of snapping people into lucidity and the trivium can sharpen them from there.Its never too late unless you give up.

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>>380657407AA is this you shilling?academic-agency.com/bundles/the-trivium

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>>380675459Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric. The shit the system wants to avoid teaching you because if you can see the manipulation its less effective.

>>380657407Buy the booksLearn to readProblem solvedamazon.com/Trivium-Classical-Liberal-Grammar-Rhetoric/dp/1632864967.

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>>380657407go to uni and view 4chan as a larp of retards

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>>380676702Did you try jewgling: "trivium DEFINITION"?

>>380676702You lack the basic trivium skills needed to find the definition of triviumThis says something about society


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>>380658905What's there to fix?