What was his biggest mistake?

What was his biggest mistake?

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he was too soft on his opponent


Trusting Göring, expecting the Brits to be reasonable, expecting Japan to help them with the USSR.inb4 the old myts. Hitler did in fact listen to the Generalstab, and invading the USSR was necessary because Stalin was setting up an invasion of Europe himself.

>>380656972/Thread FPBP

not checking these digits

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Existing at the same time as Britain.

>>380656882He was half-baked on everything.

>>380657131>expecting Japan to help them with the USSR.And not foreseeing them attacking pearl harbor "One more powerful opponent on top of soviets bc why not lol" -Hirohito probably

>>380656882Spending too much time building elaborate camps to house millions of people for the sole purpose of killing and disposing their bodies in the most inefficient and time consuming manner imaginable.

>>380656882Declaring war on the United States after Pearl Harbor even though he wasn't obligated to by the defensive alliance treaty with Japan.

>>380656882letting them escape

>>380657009thishe thought once it was over we'd all go back to being cousinshe didn't realize they portrayed him as an evil that couldn't be allowed to exist

>>380656882Engaging with Russia in winter


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>>380657529This. Germany could've stopped the Soviet advance in the east this way.

>>380657506Well he didn't but it would have been a noble cause.

>>380656882That he didn't have a plan to murder all jews

>>380656882not blitzing through Spain in 1940 and taking Gibraltar

>>380656882>What was his biggest mistake?ANSWER: Focussed on Germany, rather than the rest of White Christiandom.

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>>380656882Underestimating the Jewish infiltration and subversion of the American and British States. From the beginning he dreamed of an Aryan alliance between Great Britain and the German Reich. Had he known the Jewish subversion that would be wrought through Churchill and other Western leaders I imagine he would not have maintained such a naive fantasy.His miscalculation was grave, in that he immediately found himself in a War on every front. But the possibility of defeat should not persuade a man from the righteous path.

>>380656882attacking Yugoslavia. Delayed Barbarossa and tied down exceptional amount of troops garrisoning and putting down resistance forces

>>380656882Didn't level england


>>380657486Pearl Harbor was a false flag.

>>380656882He was too antisemitic, unironically and also imperialistic and antislavic. Yes Jews are overrepresented in pushing evil antiwhite shit, jewish power is a big problem. But he basically thought of jews as worse than animals and inheritely evil. I don't agree with that view. Also anti-slavic, obviously bad. Slavs are Europeans like us others. And Imperalistic, invaded other countries which cost millions of deaths and doomed us to this shit. Had he been more chill, we would now live in Paradise. He had many good ideas and the general ideology of bringing dignity and greatness to Europeans, but he became crazy.

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>>380656882starting an unwinnable war

>>380656882To think he could reason with the Brits.


>>380656882Not understanding that the British government was totally kiked and couldn't be reasoned with.Putting Jews in summer camps instead of just killing them, especially when it was clear that the war was lost.

>>380656882General plan Ost. Also beurocracy and creating too much entities.

>>380656882Being a Monarchy's bitch jew, or killing 29 million white Christians

>>380657818I'm just saying his priorities were jacked up. He was fighting the world's leading powers on multiple fronts... yet somehow found time to supposedly do the Halocost thingy? I'm not buying it either but that's what everyone says happened. If true it certainly lended a hand in his defeat.

>>380656882too soft with the bri'ish, should have killed em all at dunkirk

>>380659443Shut up retard. The Jew shit will never stick. Just give up.

>>380656882Trusting G*rmans


>>380656882He did everything according to the plan. Indebted Europe and got ten's of millions killed. Based Adolfo.

>>380656882The existence of Himmler and Reinhardt

>>380656882Taking speed, barbiturates, opiates and cocaine.

>>380656882>Not invading and occupying England>Not using chemical weapons>Not pursuing nuclear weapons The ZOG must be fought by any means necessary to ensure victory, look at how the world has turned out, because Hitler was too squeamish to do whatever it takes to win.

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>>380659903You know people die in wars, right?

>>380656882Being jewish

>>380656882Invading other nations. He became an imperialist as soon as he did that, betrayed the philosophy of nationalism and ensured his downfall.If he had concerned himself only with his own nation, other countries would have adopted fascism or something similar and communism would have been stamped out for good. Globohomo likely would never have gotten off the ground and the world would be a better place today

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>>380656882>What was his biggest mistake?Trying to go for Moscow in late 1941 instead of going for the oil of the Caucus. The Moscow offensive failed due to the onset of winter and Soviets shipping troops from the Far East. In fall of 1942 Germans tried for the Caucus oil, but by then it was too late. They should have went for that FIRST and then go for Moscow later. The Germans literally lost the war due to a lack of oil.

>>380658821Pol won't like this answer but it's the truth.

>>380656882He should have accepted the alliance offer from the Irish early in the war and used the Emerald Isle as a staging point to invade England on two fronts. If he'd done that, England would have been taken, and there would no longer be any chance of the Americans getting a staging ground for D-Day. Unable to reinforce the soviets, the Russians would have been obliterated by the superior Nazi forces, and the victory of Germany would be all but certain.Instead he was too soft on England. It cost him the war.

>>380656882not finishing the job

>>380656882Invading other countries. When you do that, you push other countries into allying against you. The bigger the stir you create, the bigger the backlash.He should have instead focused on building alliances and keeping the commie menace contained in Russia.And also focused on building a great civilisation rather than waging war and getting bogged down on losing fronts. He was way too blinded by ideology and that ideology was based on a lot of faulty generalisations about peoples.

>>380658821>I don't agree with that view.

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>>380660843Brainlet take. After he started posing a threat, kikes would order their puppets in the west to attack Germany while its guard was down. It would have just postponed the inevitable.

>>380658821Slavs are mongoloids and therefore not European

>>380656882Meth and cocaine. You make terrible decisions after a while

>>380656882>What was his biggest mistake?Going into politics instead of being a house painter.

>>380656882Working with Masons and being a puppet. You can hate kikes and still admit daddy hitler was a useful idiot.

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>>380660291>Not invading and occupying EnglandChamberlain didn't want to go to war with Hitler and our Royal Family were litteral Nazi sympathisers. His hunger for territory scared people and turned them against Germany.

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>>380656882Being a closted homo

>>380660843Ignorant post user. Lurk for 2 years. It's very obvious you're new.

>>380656882Overextended. Shouldn't have tried to blitzkrieg Russia until the western front was secure. Or should've dug in and fortified more heavily and tried to drawn them into attacking fortified positions themselves. Going for Moscow in the middle of winter was not a good idea. Those forces would have been better used repelling the western invasion of Normandy.

>>380661668And yet your weak ass leadership folded like a cheap lawn chair when faggot FDR wanted into the war.

>>380656882attacking russia in the cold. Anyone who has ever tried that has lost

>>380656882courting cuck island and using the hungarians and romanians to cover the rear of the stalingrad front instead of sending them into the caucasus

>>380660554Oh really? I love Adolfo now!

>>380661423All conjecture without any evidence to back it up. He would have posed no threat if he had stayed in his own country. Also fascist countries like Italy and Spain would have thrived and other nations would have looked at fascism more favourably.

>>380656882Going to africa instead of middle east. He could have took over majority oil easily if he had known.

>>380661668And your leadership went to war to please the Jewish bankers. How did that turn out for your again?

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>>380661976Well it's a very stupid comment

>>380656882>What was his biggest mistake?He should know that he couldn't win, his biggest mistake was to not reach a peace deal with US and the USSR

>>380656882should have locked down a solid fuel source and tripled down on jet engine technology before invading pooland

>>380659453It didn't happen the way the jews insist. Kikes and other undesirables were used for labor, they weren't intentionally exterminated. Having undesirables do all the work frees up the aryan big-dick badasses to do all the fighting. Makes sense when you think about it.

>>380661709>Being a closted homoI read he was pretty perverted in general, having his niece take a dump on him and getting women to beat the crap of him.

>>380656882Not actually genociding the kikes.

>>380662184That was definitely stalin

>>380662075Where did the money come from?He was never his own man but had finical owners.

>>380662169Thats why i said invade middle east rather than africa. For oil

>>380657486Gooks had no choice.Under international oil and steel sanctions for the better part of the 30s, orchestrated by the US ofc

>>380662021>Without evidence to back it upWhy do you think they got involved after he invaded Poland? Because Schlomo ordered them to. Jews had power in the west against the white man since the colonial era. The cancer was DEEEEEP by the 40s. Germany threw the shackles off, but not for long.

>>380662327He extorted money from the kikes

>>380656882Trying to please everyone. He tought that making land compromises, would win him favor, while he should have fully committed to a few allies instead, and should have done massive population transfers, or real genocide, rather than guarding hostile populations. He either should not have allied with Italy, and kept them neutral as Spain ended up being, or should have gave them more land, Corsica, Southern France, much of Balkans. Should have tried to bait Spain into the war, with land offers as well. Could have tried to bait Turkey into the war with land offers too. Should have satisfied Hungary's territorial claims fully, instead of making everyone unhappy in the region. And should have deported all occupied populations of any allied nations, into Italy's colonies, compensating Italy with European soil. This is the biggest mistake, there were many others.

>>380657601he failed to realize how jewish infiltrated UK and USA already were

>>380661776Been here longer than you most likely >>380661883Your point being?

>>380656882Going after CCCP and YU

>>380656882Should have actually killed the jews.

>>380656882Lack of patience

>>380662266>That was definitely stalinAs far as genocidal maniacs go, Stalin doesn't get the cred he deserves. Much worse than Hitler, but I guess he attacked people who aren't considered important.

>>380656882not killing every last member of the british standing army at dunkirk and presuming they would ally with him against communist jews. would be impossible to rebuild a capable military for britain if he had wiped them all out there. takes months to train basic recruits and even then would have no real command structure or experienced officers of any kind. rookie army that would take months to just be functional and learning everything on the fly. virtually unrecoverable at that point for them if he had done this.could argue not bombing the shit out of london is another. could have bombed them all into submission and demoralized or outright dead. only targeted military and runways. minor bombings of city only after churchill bombed berlin and even then barely touched infrastructure and no real attempt to kill or destroy. could have killed millions. could have disabled entire economy, roads, infrastructure, industries, factories, shipyards, etc. didnt. only basically bombed airfields and military targets. his obeying of international rules that the allies ignored is what lost the war. whether you believe losing your soul to do what the allies did in return would be worth it is a moral test most would fail.

>>380662524But that's not the full and only story is it?

>>380656882ignoring soviet's DMs

>>380656882>What was his biggest mistake?His armies fought too honorably

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>>380657199checked and based

>>380662660>Stalin doesn't get the cred he deservesHow so? He is always talked about, every year on the day against totalitarian regimes. He is usually equated to hitler in academic circles, but among ordinary people he has slightly more credibility, because his rule only affected USSR in a negative way, and the fact that he fought with hitler helped us too. But otherwise he is pretty much seen as a totalitarian, but in Russia he is not considered the worst

>>380663188uhhhh user>88

>>380663118His armies fough on the east, ignoramus, he couldn't be less bothered by UK

>>380656882By refusing to gas the kikes. The Holocaust never happened and that is forever a blemish on his record. How could he betray his own race like that? He could’ve gassed the kikes, but he refused. Why do we look up to this race traitor faggot?

>>380656882Not gassing enough kikes.

Shekelgruber killed more whites than jews.

>>380658821If you truly feel that way, read the talmud. Understand that you are not considered HUMAN and listen to kike propaganda... they always wrap their platitudes around the term "human being ' of which YOU AREN'T! They are the spawn of Satan. Inherently evil.

>>380657486>pearl harborstill believing in falseflags, fruit of amerikike education

>>380658136Yeah its called nationalism retard

>>380656882underestimating the russian winter

>>380662448Exactly. He gave them the precedent they needed to declare war on Germany. Also the expansionist appetite of Germany and Italy cannot be denied. It can't be said for sure but I think Hitler gave them exactly what they needed and created enough fear amongst other European nations to support the war against the axis powers. Had Germany and Italy not invaded other nations I don't think there would have been a credible or strong enough causus belli to go after them.

>>380663118The British have no qualms about being a murderous race of backstabbers, which is exactly why the Jew used them until there was just nothing left.

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>>380656882I don't know how this guy did it. He talked about it briefly in Mein Kampf, about the stupidity and subservience of the white race.I just can't bring myself to care anymore. White people are getting slaughtered, raped, and brutalized en masse and what do they do about it? They erect sculptures and statues of the ones brutalizing them. They worship niggers, they worship barbarian invaders, they disown their own kin if they go against the narrative. My tipping point was Rotherham and seeing the absolute cowardice and disgusting display of fear towards shitskins. I no longer have any good feelings towards white people. Every time I see them kneel for BLM, every time I see them erect statues of crackheads, every time I see them defend diversity and worship barbarians, the more I begin to hate them. At this point, I actually hate white people more than I do shitskins. Niggers know what they're doing. They can come to our countries, rape our women, get free money and housing from the government, and be congratulated by the white man for it. If anyone dare speaks out they get ostracized and sometimes even thrown in jail by other white men.His biggest mistake was thinking that the white race was one worth fighting for. Look at what happened to his precious Germans. A few years later and they were back to their old degenerate barbarian-worship ways.I'm not going to fight for a race that doesn't want to be fought for, I'm not going to die for people who want to be replaced. Fuck collectivism.

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>>380658821Basically this. But I think his imperialist tendencies were the biggest cause of his failure out of the three you mentioned.I think other nations would have allowed him to kill/exile every jew in Germany without the ability to do much about it if he hadn't started invading nations left, right and centre.

>>380662184I read that factual information >>380662184too, disgusting.


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>>380656972lol i used to believe you guys were so ignorant that you had the idea that nazis won WWII or something. btw i have a question if you guys deny the holocaust why not deny the surrender of nazi Germany too? I am sure you can convince some people of it.

>>380664805>wah wah wah wah imperalistI don't even know why you think this. Even the most bluepilled scholars can agree Poland fuck up big time during talks with the Reich. Not to mention the ruthless conditions within the treaty of versailles. This was a war escaping the international banking cartel. Your nation and my nation, under the complete control of Jews, killing the one man willing to stand agains them.Now your daughters are being raped by Pakistans and your sons are wearing makeup and dresses, getting raped by degenerate teachers, but at least you aren't speaking Germany and defeated those le evil imperalistic germans you faggot cuckold.>>3806653102/10 bait.

>>380663655The Royal Navy was blockading the Atlantic and German industry was wholly impacted by this. The UK was always on his mind.The sole reason he invaded Russia instead of Britain was because of their piss-poor performance invading Finland. It would have been Operation Sea Lion instead of Barbarossa otherwise

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>>380664375>White people are getting slaughtered, raped, and brutalized en massein you imagination, right? why do you have such thoughts? were you dropped by your parents when a child??

>>380661855>Those forces would have been better used repelling the western invasion of Normandy.Checked. 100% correct and based.

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>>380665518You can do a simple search for interracial crime statistics, unless those are also a conspiracy theory.I'll just give you one major example off the top of my head. Rotherham. 1,300 little white girls raped by Pakistani Muslims in Britain. The police and government stood by and did nothing out of fear for being called racist and for the greater good of diversity. Funnily enough, Rotherham was only the tip of the iceberg.I really do hope you aren't white. Barbarian invaders coming into our countries, demographically replacing it's people, raping, killing, looting, and you come on obscure internet forums defending them. Why? For what purpose? Does kneeling before niggers fill you with satisfaction? Does it make you feel like a good person? Do you like being called a homie by your nigger friends? Does it make you feel special, being accepted by your barbarian invaders? I am going to eat people like you alive when the civil war starts. Try not to swallow to much nigger cum by then, wouldn't want the taste of your flesh to be tainted.

>>380657333Ultra based

>>380665441You're preaching to choir my fat friend, if you think you're telling me anything new or that I'm happy with how everything has turned out, then you are mistaken, I'm simply answering OP's question.Also I'm a nationalist and therefore against all forms of imperialism.

>>380656882He wanted to bomb the brits into surrendering instead of removing them off the face of the planet. Also letting Japan awake the industrial giant that was the US at the time.

>>380656882Invading Poland, and not actually gassing all the jews.

>>380665998>I am going to eat people like you alive when the civil war startsstfu you are ridiculous, if you are so mad please tell me when are going to a school or Walmart to do your act of heroism?

>>380666160Great. I'm sure your nation is really one worth being a nationalist for. 25% of your population is non-white, your major city is non-white majority, your wives and daughters are going to be raped by shitskin invaders, your sons shall wear dresses and erect statues of the same people who raped your mother and daughter. Your history erased, statues desecrated and thrown into seas, a government that hates its own people, completely under the control of the international jewish banking cartel and filled from top to bottom with pedophiles.Damn. That certainly does seem like a nation worth being a nationalist for. Ave Britannia!

>>380657199>>380657333>>380663188Checked and BumpHeil Hitler

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>>380666460Do you think that I would be scared of you? You, who worships niggers? You, who kneels before niggers? You, who offers your wives and daughters to your nigger invaders? Haha. Make sure to eat lots of red meats, I heard it makes flesh taste good.

>>380666160>Also I'm a nationalist and therefore against all forms of imperialism.>Also I´m a (lonely sexless kid) therefore . . .lol you guys are the bomb, i fucking love you!


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>>380666755Watching someone else fuck your wife and daughter doesn't count as sex, sorry to say.

>>380664375>At this point, I actually hate white people more than I do shitskins.Dude, don't take this shit so seriously. It's not your task nor have you the power or resources to make a dent no matter how hard you'd try.Best you can do is mind your own business and not get sucked into the clown world. Look after those you care about and try to stay afloat without getting entangled and dragged down into the madness.Best you could do is try reaching out to help the unaware by educating them to avoid making the wrong choices. But you need to drop your faggy tantrum and help yourself with all that frustration first.

>>380664128>Thinking they needed a justificationIf Germany never invaded the Jews would have just pulled proto-9/11 and blown up some allied ship or home and blamed it on nazis to start the war. A true provocation is unnecessary when you can just pretend there was a provocation and go to war anyway.

>>380666700>You, who worships niggers?lol you faggots think anyone who does not follow your dumb shit is the strawman you are trained to believed. you faggots are like robots, will respond your canned shit like a trained dog.

>>380656882ihr.org/jhr/v06/v06p-91_Sanning.htmlSoviet Scorched-Earth Warfare: Facts And Consequencesihr.org/jhr/v14/Teplyakov.htmlStalin's War Against His Own TroopsThe Tragic Fate of Soviet Prisoners of War in German Captivityihr.org/other/WhyGermanyStruckUSSRWhy Germany Attacked the Soviet Unionyoutu.be/ClR9tcpKZec[Open]Germany's economic preparations for waramazon.com/dp/B0007HPZT2/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_J6BKN565QWTJT2YMPEGDGermany's Economic Preparations for Waramazon.com/dp/B0000CKCRT/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_ZSPJYTWTV3Q7525A0RR3http://www.colchestercollection.com/titles/G/germanys-economic-preparation-for-war.htmlMajor Jordan's Diaryamazon.com/dp/1717397808/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_FHVFD47SGVHNG7HJ2N4EFrom Major's Jordan's Diariesamazon.com/dp/B003IYNRH8/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_61SKDDWC5YNPVS7TF2A2From Major Jordan's Diaries ~ The inside story of Soviet lend-lease -- from Washington to Great Falls to Moscowamazon.com/dp/B0007FDREY/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_B5V3FXCQAEB4HQXBJH39http://www.colchestercollection.com/titles/F/from-major-jordans-diaries.htmlhttps://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_StieveFriedrich Stieveostarapublications.com/product/der-untermensch-the-underman-in-english-and-german/Der Untermensch / The Underman in English and German by Jupp Daehlerostarapublications.com/product/what-the-world-rejected-hitlers-peace-offers-1933-1940/What the World Rejected: Hitler’s Peace Offers 1933–1940 by Friedrich Stievelmao at the serbian who said yugoslavia.literally it was couped by the allies and soviets. ironically the king was pissed.also japs literally had to attack the usa. i say biggest mistake was trusting mussolini. monarchy should oust him

>>380656882Soviet non aggression pact and invading Poland.

>>380665310Cause one is documented and one (the holohoax) just built upon a bunch of irrelevant eyewitnesses and no facts? And you're not even allow question it or look for facts either. Obviously jews weren't gassed in Showers, that's ridiculous. And nowhere near 6 million were killed. Estimated 200-300 k by Red Cross. Died from starvation due to broken supplylines, and normal camp illnesses which spread among people close together with bad hygience.

>>380666524All those things resulted from an absence of nationalism and the adoption of globalism, which is just modern day imperialism.

>>380666864>you are a cuckoh boy, careful everyone, we have a independent and original thinker here.

Occulting Vrill/Thule but still practicing it in silence and behind closed doors, then just leaving

>>380667244really ?? can you prove that Germany surrendered?? let´s see the proof that Germany lost the war, come on, I will wait here.

>>380667042The fact those things I mentioned don't make you feel frosty fury within the depth of your racial soul is the reason why I don't like white people anymore. Apathetic cuckolds who get told to mind their own business as shitskins rape white children en masse.

>>380667473Yes. We can. No I won't prove shit to you and your stupid charade. Believe what you want.

>>380667087>Jews would have just pulled proto-9/11Can't be said for certain, and even if they did there is no guarantee that it would have been enough to get countries to declare war on Germany.Also jewish power in Europe would have been greatly diminished if Germany had concerned itself with removing the political jews embedded in German society, since Italy and Spain would have done the same and more nations likely have followed suit.

>>380667832Stop replying to that weird meme-flag kike

>>380667244>Obviously jews weren't gassed in Showers, that's ridiculous. And nowhere near 6 million were killed. Red Cross documents say closer to 300,000 from Typhus, which was spread by lice. There is no proof and has never been proof for vacuum sealed, pressurized doors. The 6,000,000 figure has been used by the Talmudic Jews for hundreds of years in media. Even the New York Times has used it going back to before the first World War. Based and (44) CHECKEDHitler did nothing wrong

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>>380667832Bullshit i don't see any proof that nazi Germany lost the war, as far as i can tell Hitler won otherwise why in the fuck are you worshiping a looser??

I will spell out the most serious issues.Letting the japs in on it was the single flaw that lost the entire war. By modern Russian admission, no lend-lease = no winning, ever. That continent does not matter and has never mattered. Nobody cares if the japs get all of China. It changes nothing. Limiting their scope to europe, africa and reducing impact on international trade would leave the US in a complete and total state of "I don't give a fuck", forever. Simply paint Russia as the bad commie retards that they are, and paint Germany as America's funny-speaking, lewd, "we're totally capitalists bro" foreign cousin.The air force. It could have been OK. He put a political bully in charge of it, and that idiot ruined it. Whatever, it's just the air. Honestly not a huge deal as people make it out to be.Being nice. He never kicked them when they were down. Like Dunkirk. Could've beaten Britain right out of the war, nope. Chemical weapons? Nope, don't care for our massive stockpiles. These cool new chemical weapons we spent all this money developing? Nope, not our style bro. Remember we aren't here to WIN, we're here to be the good guys!Tanks. He didn't have enough tanks. Quality over quantity only works in certain circumstances. 20,000 more would suffice.>a-user you can't just double the nu-The Russians did, and they're retarded. The Germans should have started with more. They should have been producing more. They let muh aethetics get in the way of logistical needs.He didn't trust his generals. Again, Dunkirk. Huge issues and delays arising from a strong command structure. When things were working, no problem, you can bank all those efficiency gains. Hit a hitch and suddenly everything's fucked.>>380657529Yep. that cost the war all on its own. Nothing else mattered after this.>>380657722Retard. Complete idiot. Wrong. His invasion of Russia was PEAK value. It wasn't in the winter. And when the winter did come, it came early, and was the worst winter in decades.

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>>380656882Not wiping out Anglokikes first.

He should have spent research money on the proximity fuse. This was possibly the 2nd or 3rd biggest secret of the allies afterManhattan and code breaking crypto. Proximity was so secret that Allies only used over water until late 1944 as they didnt want it to fall into Axis hands (dud artillery)

>>380656882Invading Russia instead of negotiating with Stalin. Stalin only wanted Romania and Bulgaria in his sphere of influence and he would have joined the axis in 1940. America would have stayed out of the war and UK would have sued for peace.

>>380668280why? whats wrong with believing Nazis won WWII? because they did, right? or what, you are telling me you worships a ideology that lost hard or something? because that would make you a moron.

The invasion of Russia was fucking perfect. They were doing their usual round of purges. The army was in complete disarray before he even attacked. Their orders to stand and fight pointlessly would be sent days after the Germans had already captured them. Kike Stalin hid in his room and cried (not joking - this actually happened) for TWO WEEKS (trust the plan goys) while considering suicide. He knew he was fucked. He was only saved by the fucking weather and by eventual US jewish infinite funny money.

>>380668333Hitler escaped to Argentina and the third Reich lives on in Agartha inside Antarctica

>>380668664fuck yes, see everyone, nazis won WWII and who says otherwise is a moron kike niggger lover.

>>380667555There's no rational solution until rationality is in demand by the masses. Wait for the appropriate cycle if you are so eager to change the society, why go against the flow only have yourself washed further down from the point that you've started?Self preservation is not apathetic if you insist then help one soul at s time. The rest is beyond your physical capacity. Try to be realistic about it is all.

The italians. The italians were never trusted. They accomplished a lot for how little assistasnce they were given. At every step, the Germans either ignored or got in the way of their allies. Sure, the Italians didn't do what they were supposed to do, invaded the wrong country and so on, but acting in a stupid manner with the reason being "the pizza eaters started being stupid first mom!" is just poor logic. They had allies and they refused to make proper use of them.>>380659833true>>380668511wrong. Russians were reorganizing and planned to invade eventually.


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>>380669375"6 million - 2 million = 6 million" -eingoldstein albertoschlomo

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>>380656882Not taking Britian before invading the Soviets, easy as that.

>>380668804All UFO sightings are third reich scouting expeditions

>>380656882Not doing the Holocaust.Imagine if it really happened.

>>380669184the same website has a section dedicate to talk about the holocaust, who should i believe?

>>380669844Numbers. Do you have any more redpills on Third Recih UFO tech and Antarctica?

>>380669844this fatboy knows!

Not invading the USSR first. People forget how feared and hated communism was before WW2. Had he directed his military ambition towards the Bolsheviks the whole western world would have rallied against him and National Socialism would still be a mighty force till this day

>>380656882Picking Jews as his scapegoat. If it were not for that, we would all be speaking German right now, with Jews and Aryans ruling over the earth uncontested.All European countries would be fully 100% white, and the current gender dysphoria would have been a fraction of what it is nowadays.What this board of retards can't understand is that Jews only became actively and outwardly subversive in self defense.

>>380670107>>380670168Their tech was obtained through Vril divination

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watch this gospel video if you want to be sure that you'd go to heaven after you die anonsyoutube.com/watch?v=Sf3uF0juIVIit's really easy to be saved from hell

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>>380670221Starting total war against your most powerful enemy without gaining some traction first? I don't know Ramiro, seems risky.

>>380668662This. >He knew he was fucked. He was only saved by the fucking weather and by eventual US jewish infinite funny money.Stalin was close to BTFOing himself

>>380670253>What this board of retards can't understand is that Jews only became actively and outwardly subversive in self defense.Sounds like you're making an excuse. As if subversion didn't exist before ww2/Hitler.


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>>380656882vegan leftist

>>380670404Do you have any book recommendations? I've been considering buying The lightning and the sun.

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>>380656972>>380657009f&spbpyou can't beat a ruthless evil opponent with half measures.

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He thought, that the UK would act for own interests, for the interests of Europe and against communism, americanism and the interests of the few.

>>380670956that nose tho

>>380669844Checked>>380670107 and here's a little bitearchive.org/details/UFOsNaziSecretWeapon1974/mode/2upThere was also a russian documentary a few years back on it

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Not realising how fully perfidious Albion would back international communism.

>>380656882not actually doing the holocaust

>>380656882not actually holocausting the kikes.

>>380656882mistake number 1: he cancelled the invasion of England when he really did not half tomistake number 2: he continued the invasion of russia instead of digging in for the wintermistake number 3: instead of retreating in the battle of Stalingrad he stayed mistake number 4: declaring war on America when he really REALLY did not need to

>>380656882>that effeminate hand gestureWas this self-parody?

>>380656882Same mistake as Rome, spreading his forces out too thinly and trying to take too much territory. If he'd concentrated on protecting Germany itself it might have gone different

>>380656882Allying with Italians, unironically

>>380658450leftypol headcanon

>>380670804vimeo.com/311322740All knowledge can be obtained through consciousness and randomness. True randomness does not exist, it can be forced to create the results desired by a conscious being due to the metaphysical consequences of a consciousness having a particular identity that is preserved through time.

Not focusing on the extinction of the Jews as he's accused. It's a shame that wasn't his goal.

>>380656882homie didnt have what it takes to harness the aryan spirit and it went to his head. his mistake was pride. if he had been more patient and more humble and understood the value of peace he would have gotten a lot further. he whipped people into a short lived fanaticism, like a drug high which they had to come down from eventually. no staying power. even if he had won it would have fractured not long after he died. all that knowledge and power but not enough wisdom. now we're even worse off because he wanted to have his last stand at ok corral. the last cowboy.

>>380672161He harnessed it but used it wrongly. I agree with you. But that kind of fervour has a price - when you whip up the in-group preference and libidinous forces to that degree, its aggression can only be directed outwards with force, hence war. It's like raising an army but not allowing it to fight. That shit comes back to bite

>>380671915>>380671043Thank you for this information. I'm going to look through what you've provided.

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>>380656882He loved the jews. He housed them, fed them and even put on plays for them. He was way too nice.

>>380656882Eva Braun

>>380672349It was a bit more than just in-group preference. No man should ever decide the who lives and who is unfit to live.

>>380662540>>380662021>>380657915Spain & Italy assisted HitIer as they could; but they were limited on resources, and HitIer had one stupid perception to make a fair deal with England (which it was a mistake). So Spain and Italy just limited on doing business with Germany. The worst mistake of HitIer it's that he once captured most English armies, but he just simply preached about NationaI SociaIism, and then released them. Probably HitIer was so soft because he was slowly becoming vegetarian, and he denied to eat meat - because muh hyperborean legacy. Poor AdoIf who trusted that Anglos monarchs could had a fair deal with him. How stupid he was.

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Attacking slavsYes we are not the "Nordic superace" but if they treated Slavs as a human being then maybe he would not get btfod by commiesSlavs are tribal as fuck and could be railed up but he just pissed them off. Look at ukras from back in the day. Butthurt belt has some of the most hardcore nationalist fighters imaginable >inb4 coping slav

>>380656882Not annihilating the allies the 3 times he had the chance - and let them run off with their dicks between their legs instead.

>>380673694Unironically, Hitler was way too nice to the eternal Anglo. Only very late, did he finally seem to realize that the Bongs were not remotely interested in peace even if it cost them their entire Empire in the long-term. Hitler really should have done his worst on the English in 1940 and struck their possessions in the Mediterranean if a direct cross-channel invasion was impossible to try and cripple them as hard as possible. Even more than the Soviets, the Anglo was Germany’s worst enemy and remains so today despite the fact they are cousins.

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>>380656882Waiting until after the war to confess his sins to a priest. If he'd done it before he would have won. youtu.be/ZKiDqoUjiCI

Attached: Hitler rescued by his beloved church.jpg (703x971, 155.2K)

>>380675615Anglo saxon protestants are spineless traitors youtu.be/E_uz37x_dgY

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>>380663916You're an idiot and you're overdosing. Do you think the Jew next to you on the bus reads the fucking Talmund? It's the ancient bloodlines in power that are the problem, not the common Jew. That's what user is saying and that's the truth

>>380671300>declaring war on America when he really REALLY did not need tothe japs pressured him to do that

>>380669932i do not deny the holocaust. i simply accept the fact that it did not occur.

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>>380656882being radicalized by his owners into believing he was doing something and to become the bad guy for his situation. If you are too young to understand Hitler, it was repeated with Gaddafi.

>>380656882Supporting the Italian shitters in Mussolini's vanity invasions and splitting the forces on the eastern front. If they'd have gone all in on just taking Moscow, they'd have succeeded and the soviets would've likely collapsed.

>>380656972Sadly this. also not genociding the jews for real. he was way too good for his own well being.

>>380656882Allying with japkikes and shitalians instead of us.

>>380675801>Hitler escaped to South America I've always thought this claim was bullshit because if it were true and he was alive while watching his character and the things he did get embellished and dragged through the mud, I would think he would write a memoir to correct the record or at least give his own account of things to be released upon his death. There is no such memoir or revelation.

>>380656882Not reaching an accord with Poland to trade territories' or some kind of population exchange and creating a continent wide alliance including UK and France, vs Soviets.

>>380657601did he have the capability to lets say ... eradicate london like the brits later did with dresden?


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>>380680717there were plans to kick them out of the war with a fast invasion and some extra bombings, but a few lost battles and it couldn't happen.

>>380679451He tried to ally Poland but Anglo promises and belligerence prevented that and gave the Poles empty confidence.

>>380670774Jews were always ethnocentric, they promoted and protected their own above outsiders. They only became anti-white after being genocided by them.

>>380681243the holocaust did not occur. read this image.

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>>380668340really interesting stuff u write sir i am german so naturally i suck eat this shit up... the idea about optimizing quantity .. make enough okay tanks... god knows how many fuckin tanks we could have made... fuck ... this is a problem this haunts us too this day... we can even speak it out and nobody cares they say in bundestag and tv that for landverteidigung u need lots of tanks "jaja yes lets make much panzer now, lets start with another qualitify over everthing hightech money grave"

>>380681592thanks.“If someone had told me that a country could start with 35,000 tanks, then I’d have said, ‘You are crazy!’,” Hitler told Mannerheim in the 1942 recording. “If one of my generals had stated that any nation had 35,000 tanks, I’d have said: ‘You, my good sir, you see everything twice or ten times.You are crazy, you are seeing ghosts.’“

fighting a 2 front war and expanding into Africa to open up a 3rd front

>>3806568821.) not going hard on u-boats instead of gay retarded plan z2.) not going hard on gb they werent gonna be pals and they werent gonna just be like oh whatever lol u replaced the govt of france thats cool u bombed london into smithereens thats cool lmao anyway gg3.) nigga really invaded russia after not being able to push englands shit in

>>380681774ha i know this tape yes... the famous "hitlers normal voice" tape. yes rediculous because in their mind they must make high quality tank that uses steel and not people as armor... and then u lose the war and millions of soldiers despite all efforts

>>380681880western front was won, just had to worry about brits. eastern front was a no-brainer. once rus was out of the picture africa would be the easy cleanup.>>380681961the timing and execution of operation barbarossa was perfect. he would have won if not for international politics and infinite US money

>>380670107I gotcha pham.entityart.co.uk/ufology-explained-the-german-breakaway-group-psyops-disinfo-antarctica-reptilians-aliens-u-boats-nazi-ufos-technology-flying-saucers/Your mind is about to be blown.

Trying to install the REICH OF GOD SUN 卐 RA 卐 on his hylic plantation while I was asleep at the top of the celestial hierarchy.Had I been awake he would have won.I am awake now.Now I am going to install my very own Nazi Reich 卐 on my Earth that belongs only to me.Do not need weapons of mass destruction, shekels, club memberships or hylic cockroach nation states.I have God.I am in the majority.God is a Nazi.Look at those turds opposed to my divine will.They did put the entire world on lockdown to thwart a single guy.To make the vessel of God, the most high, suicide.lmao!I will never leave my plantation.I am awake.I stay awake.I will win.No matter how hard they mock and seethe and fart.卐卐I WILL replace you with mass manufactured white cloned nazi babes made in a petry dish according to spec and datasheets.My manufactured Nazi angel humans. My obedient slave biomachines and me their manufacturer, owner, father, God in the flesh.Formed into companies in my own Nazi REICH 卐 with me as their God Monarch RA 卐.They all obey only me, fuck only me, love only me.My luminous, non-corporeal Heaven manifested on my hylic slave plantation Earth.ONLY THE REICH OF GOD SUN 卐 RA 卐 WILL BE FOREVER ON EARTH! MY REICH! NOTHING ELSE! NO ONE ELSE BUT ME RA AND MY LOYAL ANGEL HYLICS! ALL CAPS!

Attached: 卐 Gods new world order 卐.png (1088x1280, 1.53M)

>>380682117it was executed perfectly, but with the aforementioned issues it was a bad idea. lend lease was a reality and to prevent it hitler would have needed to skim from the luftwaffe and wehrmacht resources they desperately needed in order to field a u-boat flottila donitz could utilize to break the back of the convoys and allied escort capabilities. But barbarossa would have failed on its own merits if those resources had been diverted

>>380656882Thinking he understands war better than his generals and overruling their calls.

Not going hard on the UK, should have been his first target.

>>380681566Holocaust being real or not does not change the fact that Jews were persecuted.They had to become broadly anti-white and culturally subversive to garantee that America would not turn against them, as Germany did.Anti-semitism only weakens the right.

>>380657529bankers would never have allowed mutts to sit it out

>>380656882Being too beautiful for this world

>>380656882Sharting when he tried farting

>>380656882be against christianism

Letting Guderian waste lives, oil and time charging Moscow instead of going for the oil fields from the get go.

>>380656882not having sex

>>380682380Thank you. I've noticed that hardly anyone here talks about it seriously. I haven't been on /x/ in a long time. But I never recall any threads about this.