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Lmao you pathetic racists never fail to make me laugh with your “pol humor” threads. Face it, most poc will be infinitely more successful than any of you sad virgins will ever be. You are on the wrong side of history, get over it losers

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>>380656438The bottom panel should be tilted about thirty degrees like the ship.

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>>380658632Khazar milkers

>>380660863>There is some Redditor leaving within a bunker in some random families property.damn.

>>380654991Thats because the english have 10,000 names while Arabs have like 3 names.

>>380655219Makes sense, here’s there average school

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>>380655177what on earth is that thing?

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>>380659966>body mutated by hormones>enlarged by hfcs>dulled by endless entertainmentThats sad


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happy pride

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>>380656160Thank you for your service.

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>>380655177She Hulk looks really good.

>>380654991>>380655177>>380655308Yikes, rent free

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>>380664379At least I CAN have sex you dickless faggot lololol

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>>380664379Amazing that you thing Chads would ever stoop to having trannies as gfs when they can have real women. Such cope.

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>>380664912oh my fucking god, and i didnt even see the whole thing

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>>380658397HAHAHAHAHAHASaying "kill all trans" is actaully a really kind statement. Since they re too pussy to do it themself, but clearly want it, we'd be doing them a favour.

>>380654991Why do muslims always call their sons Muhammad? Doesn't this nullify the purpose of having a name?

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>>380665737Is she unlocking the doors?

>>380655177That lad is absolutely YOK'd


>>380661745These are the kids who grow up to call you an Amerimutt on Holla Forums.

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>>380657443>Gaze off into space while your eyes is on a woman>Lifetime prison sentenceShieeeee

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>>380657224>Putin is making the same mistake as hitlerPutin is exiling them to Madagascar instead of actually genociding them?

>>380664641Doctors are the most beautiful souls of our communities. They only want our good. And you should definetly trust them when they want to inject you with stuff.



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>>380667420This makes us based in comparison to Amerimutt S.N. 274852837

>>380654991Whites are such a fucking disgrace

>>380669095>screams externally

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>>380664379I love this picture. The first time I saw it, as i read it, i thought to myself:>n-words>racist bigot>Why is the leftist saying trad queen?>Why is the leftist cold approaching women>Oh its a tranny lmfao thats why

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>>380669146Why do you find pleasure in posting women who have the concept of prgasm ruined for life? Let's see you get raped sometime.

>>380660863When did redditors become more based than 4chud?


>>380670248If being based is the current thing it is up to Holla Forums to be against the current thing.

>>380666490I usually don't reply to these because I don't love my mother.

>>380664836one race, the human race :)

>>380654991>t. Mohammed James Barrington>t. Javier Sanchez Shaquille O'Neal Johnson

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>>380654991if Holla Forums ever made a video gameyoutu.be/ufQWi69D8aw

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>>380670765same but there's no point either way now that i have the dog of sauce.


>>380671006lol its that autist from the /fit/ dating sim?


>>380657309Much better before.


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>>380657880Were they black though? I can’t fap to this if they were white guys

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>>380654991Long Live King Muhammad!

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>>380654991I'm gonna open a camel piss bottling business. It's gonna be YUGE

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>>380658516no the tilting is largely transitory

>>380656964what an autist..would spare some bleaching material, if you catch my drift

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>>380657752it's funny because they all cum


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>>380654991Yikes. That’s awful britanon


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>>380670248Wasn't Chud and abbreviation for cannibal underground dweller? What the fuck is that reddit fag?

>>380669095>listening to women on decisions>listening to women

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>>380673537chud just means based. ignore what soibois say. the chud in every meme is the based one


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>>380655467She also played loud music through her phone/Bluetooth speaker wherever she went in the Olympic Village (there was an article about how she pissed off other athletes by doing it in the cafeteria--it was framed as if she were standing up to racism).

>>380660863based bunker chad

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>>380656160Finally done right. Thank you, brother.

>>380657309who is the semen demon on top, siri?

>>380657880>>380657941This is the biggest redpill for dating. All women want is to be violently fucked. Nothing else about you matters.

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>>380657941This isn't a fap material thread bro

>>380655864When I was on Tinder, I always reported the troons. Fraud.

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>>380674030>tfw you realize "white" means "pure"

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>>380657941Stupid fucking cunts. Women really are pathetic creatures in denial of their vanity. She’d probably still go through with trial and convict him knowing she loved it like the stupid worthless whore she is. That’s why they like being called worthless whores while you fuck them, so they know that’s what they are.

>>380657941Haha nice

>>380664379That's not a meme ....faggot Also saying yikes is gay as fuck

>>380658472What a chad. Showing how stupid women really are.


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Funny in a dark way, sad for the victim and the rest of us>fox13news.com/news/deputies-searching-for-2-women-accused-of-brutally-beating-tampa-steak-n-shake-employee-after-order-error

>>380677241What kind of animal breeds white women, anyway? They're doing you a favour.

>>380677350>well ma'am,>she has prostate cancer

>>380677350Stunning and brave!

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>>380662178An obese man crossdressing in a corset


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>>380677720Still one of my guiltiest keks on this site.



>>380658472Just be yourself

>>380657629Shes kinda a bitch on her streams so fuck her desu

>>380677720of course it is a woman

>>380655467Disgusting creature.

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>>380654991Although we are being Paki'd, this is simply a statistics issue. 1. They lump Muhammad, Mohammad, Mohammed, etc etc all together into one. 2. Mohammed is essentially a 'title' in Islamic cultures / families, they almost ALL name their kids that. So it would be "Mohammed FirstName Surname".3. Due to the above, you've got ALL Islamic kids all having that one name, whereas white names are diverse and varied. Adam, John, Bob, James etc. etc. etc. all being counted separately. Stick that in a bar chart and of course the Mohammed bar is going to be larger. A single white name (and they likely don't lump the variations together) would have to be used more than ALL Islamic kid's. That's unlikely in a country like ours with a (too large) Islamic population. So yes it's bad, but it's not quite as bad as 'this' looks to be. It's simply statistics.

>>380666490you are basterd man


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>>380678153kekt and rektCRI WYBOI!!!

>>380664052I didn't come here to feel, Mario

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>>380664379Considering ur in every fucking thread sharing the same memes, Id say by your own definition, pol is living rent free in ur head, faggot.

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>>380666490Fuck off

>>380678615What a chad

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i rather be on the wrong side of history than be a nigger.or a jew like you

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>>380679657>>380656160here have that (you) that you so desperatly want

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>>380657629Shes a lying fucking whore she doesn't have tourettes

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>>380657941haha nice


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>>380677350Lmao what the fuck. Imagine someone actually watching this on tv> please doc, I'm dying... I need a different color gow-ACK!

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>>380681325what baffles me is that the turd really looked black, bitch should see a medic before going broke

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>>380679067I always thought redundancy is smart in suicide but still wouldn't go the fire route....wow

>>380657224Behold my works, ye mighty, and despair.>>380668379Based

>>380681864That kid got screwed over before it even began. RIP.

>>380654991I’m surprised it’s not Gaylord

>>380666490Nigger shut up


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>>380654991Pol should range ban the entire UK

>>380681779>what baffles me is that the turd really looked blackCocaine is one hell of a drug ain't it?!?!?

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>>380665482Why do things like this just make me laugh now? I used to be grossed out by gore.

>>380658559From a strict evolutionary perspective her genetics are ill fit for the environment and it's best they don't continue.


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>>380678349even his suicide movie was out of focus, what a loser.

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>>380654991Fake news. Mohammed is not the most common name in the UK.

>>380684071Whiter than you mohammed

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Allahu Akbar

>>380657047Kazakhstan passport just materialised in my hand

>>380677894Niggers LOL

>>380677720I think she was intentionally trying to kill that kid.

>>380657224Based, fuck these degenerate snap channelsCaptcha: TRSAD


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>>380655177remember to spot the kike newfags>(((You ADL Kike Shill)))YADLKS


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>>380655308wew lad>>380664379>Yikes, rent freethis is the most jewish post i've seen all day

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>>380676333Lmao that little shake at the end

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>>380678206So what I am geting of this is white people should all give their kids the first name Chad. And Stacy for girls, I guess.

>>380686142top kek king

>>380670765Your DNA may wary depending on outside sources like enviroment, climate, diet, evolution (I fucking hate that guy Darwin, fucker stole my idea) or other factors that I God can't control. God is not liable for any errors, diseases, deficiences that you were born with or might get later. Also fuck that greek guy in picture related

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>>380678349You know what, he earned my respect. That tarp to make cleanup easier is more thought for others than 95% of people have.

>>380665482Is he ok?

>>380685831Based MC poster

>>380657941early life AOC



>>380681965What makes you think it was suicide.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NecklacingNecklacing is a method of extrajudicial summary execution and torture carried out by forcing a rubber tire drenched with petrol around a victim's chest and arms, and setting it on fire. The term "necklace" originated in the 1980s in black townships of apartheid South Africa where suspected collaborators were publicly executed in this fashion.[1]

>>380672872>bad part of town>committing crime>making a woman climaxCome on m8 they made Wesley Snipes look albino


>>380654991How's that diversity?

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>>380664912What the fuck did I just watch

>>380655467100% unironic demonic possession