>2022>Holla Forums still thinks being gay is a choiceI love you guys but come the fuck on

>2022>Holla Forums still thinks being gay is a choiceI love you guys but come the fuck on.

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>>380653770>Omg I have no choice in bending over and having a cock shoved up my ass causing fissures >It's not my fault I got aids from taking dicks from 15 people at a gay orgy>I just sucked off a state trooper >I have no free will, I'm just gay and it's my entire identity

I know it wasn’t your choice to be molested but it was your choice to not heal the damage. In other words ok groomer.

>>380653770Fuck off you fucking faggot or tell me where you are (norf) so I can stomp you and your dads skull in

>>380653770>"omg don't you realize it's current year!? gays are diverse brave and valid!!"That's how you sound

>>380653770You aren't compelled to put your dick in some other dude's ass.

>>380653770What angers me most is this exact mindset can be used to justify "nomaps"

you can always opt-out of being alive.

>>380654341>15One of those conservative gays are you?

>>380653770It is essentially your choice to get fucked.If you can't fuck an opposite sex, go be a monk or something. You have the choice.

>>380653770I don't remember saying that. I do remember saying stop prancing down the street waving your aids infested dial at children.

>>380653770Lol How the fuck is it not a choice

It's an odd thing to be proud of

>>380654767If you're gay you're not a conservative

>>380653770Why don't the gay community make up their mind then? They are the ones that keep flip flopping.

>>380653770/pol/ is slowly becoming more inclusive and I love it.

>>380653770Yeah, we all chose not to be faggot despite women being completely awful

>>380653770Why then take pride in something that you cannot help? Why make it your identity and apperance?Help me understand.

>>380653770it's definitely your choice to be a flamboyant faggot like OP

I don't think it's a choice, I think it's forced upon them by whoever raped them as a kid.

>>380655136kill yourself faggotbeing a fag is a mere bad habit like smokingquit smoking dick you stupid fag

>>380653770It's created through child abuse, which starts with sexual indoctrination in Kindergarten and schools. The kind of doctrines they are teaching pre-schoolers are highly abusive today. A friend of me works in a kindergarten and told me what she has to learn to "guide" the children, and the stuff she told me was quite sickening. Examining some other child's asshole and playing doctor games is one of the things that are in the "normal development" teachings. They make stuff like that a focal point to accompany and watch over. Now imagine a sexually and spiritually deranged modern liberal woman or guy and what they might "understand" about such teachings. In short they teach children to be sexual and most likely gay already in kindergarten already. We are in the end times.

>>380655362>Why then take pride in something that you cannot help? Why make it your identity and apperance?>t. white nationalist

>>380653770I chose to be straight because I'm not a faggot

>>380655827>It's created through child abusecan you prove this You know gays existed before it was ever taught in schools correctI don't know why Holla Forums tolerates schizo retards like this 24/7. no wonder you keep pumping out mass shooters

>>380653770>britishthe absolute state of bongs

>>380656620>I don't know why Holla Forums tolerates schizo retards like this 24/7it all went downhill after moot left. the cuckold princess spam was an attempt to chemo this board before he did. hiroshimoot just doesn't care.


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>tfw you're gay but weren't cute enough to be abused

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>>380653770Putting a dick in your mouth is absolutely a choice. It can be beaten out of someone. You just have to beat the fags thoroughly for a long time. Death to all fags.

>>380656620>Imagine thinking fags arent created through abuse See this is why your country is gone

>>380657011>Being a fag

>>380656620>You know gays existed before it was ever taught in schools correctchildren were abused before schools existed, so homos were produced way before that sure. Although it was much rarer.

This place unironically made me gay. No bullshit. I've never seen another man's shaved clean asshole until I came here. I had two girlfriends and used to get hard to girls. Never had a gay thought growing up. But you people groomed me with your insanely nice shaved man ass

>>380653770being gay is disgusting

>>380653770Deworn yourself

>>380657492disgusting faggot

>>380657085>>380657490>still no proof"if I just repeat myself more aggressively then they'll be forced to agree with me" is how every braindead polcunt thinks


do we get something cool when we have one month dedicated to celebrating every cardinal sin?

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>>380657064>Putting a dick in your mouth is absolutely a choiceSo are woman allowed to do that? Which combinations of orifices and/or body parts are acceptable? Who is going to pay for the bedroom police to enforce this.

42 replies to 1pbtid pepe_2.jpg thread/pol/ is dead/pol/ is overflowing with newfags who don't lurk

>>380657712only feminine penis in boipussy

>>380657700I'll experiment and let you know.

>>380653770Oh no now the science supports the idea that is actually parasitic entities influencing the brain to create gayness which I now believe. Gayness is unironically an infection that spreads and can be cured were just waiting for people to stop being so anti-science and accept that being game is an illness that can be treated.

>>380653770It is a conscious choice to take a dick in your butt.You can choose not to.Just like women can choose to not have a man squirt a baby into her belly.

>>380658156this is also lunatic schizo shit that you got off of some christfag hack fraud with a wordpress blog or some shit like that. you people are all deranged and it's boring


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>>380653770Strange I chose not to be gay. How can you not have that choice?

Homosexuality is not a choice, it is a behavior. It's not something you are, it's something you do.

>>380653770It literally is...take the repression pill and live as straight.

>>380653770Nothing is a choice, you are just sick in the head, obviously this is not a choice.

>>380657679direct observation is not proof to you? Please define your "prove" ok? Gays have a perverted relationship with their sexuality and that is the result of abuse. It's either a traumatic event like getting raped by someone as a child or it's a slow indoctrination by being exposed to sexuality before body and mind are ready to properly process it. Back in the day, sexuality was something that was figured out by children over the course of years, all by themselfes. This process produced mostly healthy individuals. Now if you compare that to modern "learned" sexuality you can clearly see how many freaks it pumps out.I don't make this up, the proof is the observation of reality. If real facts that exist in the world are not "proof" for you, you are demoralized to the point were only a military boot to your butt will make you see reality. OP, I don't hate you, please don't cut your dick off until you are 16-18 years old and have a grasp on what you are doing to your body and mind. I wish you the best.

This whole thread admits they find men sexually attractive.

>>380658974>direct observation is not proof to you?No, polshit, personal unverified anecdotes are not proof of anything.Remember when right wingers used to be considered persuasive and had "meme magic"? All you have now are saying schizo shit then making death threats or whatever when people don't believe you still, thinking aggression = being convincing. Such as:>the proof is the observation of reality. deranged> If real facts that exist in the world are not "proof" for you,Your personal perceptions and opinions and feelings are not facts, user. >you are demoralized to the point were only a military boot to your butt will make you see reality.Aggression, just like I predicted. "You don't believe me!? I'll fucking beat you!!!!". You're all braindead.

>>380657700>one month dedicated to celebrating every cardinal sin"Sin" is Christcuckery and a Judaic invention. Imagine worshiping the desert demon Jahve.

No faggot, pol rightfully believes faggots become faggots because they were groomed, and molested by adult faggots when they were children

>>380653770Take your anti-parasite meds faggot

>>380653770>I love you guysfaggot.

>>380653770yeah, it is.


>>380659323this snow nigger is seething knowing that pol has the power it does if pol didn't have meme magic, then how did "okay groomer" become normie stream overnight

>>380653770Humans are equipped with sex organs that are designed for a specific purpose.Procreation.When they get confused and think the purpose of their sex organs is to create and define their identity all kind of evil results.

well if its not a choice, like cancer or herpes, a cure can be found

>>380653770Being gay is an obvious sign of mental illness. Just like Obesity, Smoking, Child Neglect, Consooming. AMERICA IS A VERY SICK AND TWISTED COUNTRY!

>>380653770Gay and trans people make up a very consistent portion of the population and this has been observed, literally, over millennia. The issue is the dramatic rise cannot be explained by biology. It MUST be a social contagion. If the argument is that being gay and trans is harmless, then make that argument. Yet, looking at the numbers of modern gays and trans kids who have severe mental illness, depression, self mutilation, anxiety, and commit suicide, I'd say that's not an easy case to make.

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Being homosexual is not a choice but acting like a faggot is. (And they all choose to be nasty faggots)

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>>380659331im not even christian, anything but agnosticism is arrogance but atheism is the highest magnitude of it, what magnitude of faggot are you user?

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>no bro listen i NEED to have man on man anal masturbation ok??? i NEED to guzzle cum and felch assholes and spit the asshole cum back into my underage male prostitutes mouth to give him herpesHow the FUCK would a genetic combination or single gene that causes you to be a faggot and probable pedophile that rends other men’s assholes and spreads disease survive the hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution.

Freud thought that gayness was caused by an absent father and an overbearing mother. That's since been "debunked", but I think it was true in my case. I resent my mom so fucking much there's no way I could ever be with a girl. A lot of homos are just trans-lite, but I'm totally straight passing.

>>380658974The person you are arguing does not understand that "proof" is not required when commonly understood observations about how things operated in the past can prove your point without demonstrable evidence He is also a faggot who has had male cock in his mouth which means he shouldn't even be spoken to

>>380653770You're right. Mental illness isn't something one choose.

>>380659503>pol has the power it doesPol hasn't had any power in years. You retards haven't even made an original meme in 5+ years. You couldn't get Trump to win again either. None of you have achieved anything but fooling yourselves into thinking if you make enough death threats then everyone will start believing you.

>>380653770>>Holla Forums still thinks being gay is a choiceGay is ( apart from being a jewish demonically possessed degenerate ) a neural dysfunction disrupting hormonal balance.The choice is to admit there is something wrong and fix it. or ignore it and suck dick while submitting your anus to abusive rape.>inb4 born in wrong bodyWhatever you claim to be that "you" that is in the wrong body can only mean you refer to a soul. A soul does not have DNA, it has no genitals nor race it is therefore not masculine nor feminine. Claiming such is bullshit. and if you are like most fags an atheist there is no ]you[ , it is just your dysfunctional body. So you cannot be born in the wrong one. Deal with it..

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>>380659766>The issue is the dramatic riseThere is not much of a dramatic rise. It's still under a percent of the population. >, then make that argument. Yet, looking at the numbers of modern gays and trans kids who have severe mental illness, depression, self mutilation, anxiety, and commit suicideLots of non-LGBT white people are doing that too.

>>380653770Most people who are faggots have a bad or nonexistent relationships with their dads, figure it out retard.

>>380660371>when commonly understood observationsAnon, this is not how proof works either, sorry. People believed in all sorts of wrong things in the past. "Common beliefs" =/= Facts. Why are all poltards so braindead like this?

>>380654341They also think that not spreading STD's isn't a choice either.

>>380653770There are elements that are choices, and elements that are not. Being raped by a fag as a child wasn't your choice, but turning your trauma into a fetish you take to greater and greater extremes is a series of choices. Embracing your mental illness and making it worse is always a choice lost souls have made at some point. Weird fetishes based on trauma and public encouragement to make it worse is also what makes troons. Figuring out how larger forces in society exploit us by tricking us to self-destruct is a sort of IQ test. If you can't detect when you're being used, it's because you aren't a very substantial person. You aren't fully embodied in this world, your soul and mind are fuzzy, not all there so to speak.

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>>380661443i dont have a dad but im still heterosexual

>Atrazine induces complete feminization and chemical castration in male African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis)ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2842049/>Intersexuality in aquatic invertebrates: Prevalence and causespubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28325592/>Why Are These Male Fish Growing Eggs? Fish in wildlife refuges are feminized, probably by hormone-skewing pollution.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/160203-feminized-fish-endocrine-disruption-hormones-wildlife-refuges>Climate Change Is Turning Green Sea Turtles Female.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/climate-change-producing-too-many-female-sea-turtles-180967780/>In the group with ASD, 69.7% of the sample reported being non-heterosexualpubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29159906/>Prenatal endocrine influences on sexual orientation and on sexually differentiated childhood behaviorncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3296090/>Transsexualism as an Intersex Conditionhawaii.edu/PCSS/biblio/articles/2015to2019/2016-transsexualism.html>Fraternal birth order effect on sexual orientation explainedpnas.org/content/115/2/234>Fraternal Birth Order, Family Size, and Male Homosexualitypubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28608293/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypothalamus>If a female rat is injected once with testosterone in the first few days of postnatal life (during the "critical period" of sex-steroid influence), the hypothalamus is irreversibly masculinized; the adult rat will be incapable of generating an LH surge in response to estrogen (a characteristic of females), but will be capable of exhibiting male sexual behaviors (mounting a sexually receptive female).[17]>By contrast, a male rat castrated just after birth will be feminized, and the adult will show female sexual behavior in response to estrogen (sexual receptivity, lordosis behavior).[17]


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>>380653770>>Holla Forums still thinks being gay is a choicehomosexuality is a self-destructive dangerous and degenerate mental illness you anti-White, hit and run shill.

>>380653770Yeah bro its totally genetic grooming has nothing to do with it, just ignore the massive rise in homosexuality in younger generations, especially zoomers

>>380662536its literally the jews

>>380662536>just ignore the massive rise in homosexuality in younger generations, especially zoomersHow are these studies conducted? Some of those polls were literally fake from christian orgs and had no released datasets or published methodology, just made to scare you. Others are vague and provide no definitions for the terms they ask for, or have small data samples. Are you a victim of propaganda?

>>380662050Causation doesn't equal correlation, stupid kike.

>>380654454Literally this


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>>380662784im not a kike im romanian

>>380662827OP is still a hit and run shill and homosexuality is still a degenerate mental illness that harms society.

>>380653770T. faggot

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Even if ur gay, it's better to live a straight life. Fake it until you make it.

>>380653770OP is a faggot and that's my choice


Yeah you choose to have your asshole fucked and spread aids faggot you just to mindfuked by hardrugs to admit

>>380653770I don't care. It's gross. Sticking your dick in a shit hole is not a lifestyle, nor a quirky habit, nor an identity. It's disgusting, vile, abhorrent behavior that deviates from any acceptable behavior. It's fucking perverted and nasty. Gtfoh

>>380662953Ya don’t say….

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>>380653770> love you guysGaaayyyyyyyyyyyy

>>380663251>Ya don’t say….And it seems like you're a degenerate freak as well. You save images like that on your computer.

>>380654341Shut down thread first post ended discussion were done here. Btw them making you believe you have no free will is what they want.

>>380663229H Hot!

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>>380653770What would happen to civilization if everyone were gay? Thats why it shouldnt be encouraged or supported. The greater good is more important than the individual good.


>>380663717>What would happen to civilization if everyone were gay? It would be awesome for a lifetime and then eventually stop, which is awesome and makes no difference to me.

>Gays are all caused by being raped!!!!>well lots of straights get raped too and don't turn gay...>and lots of gays aren't raped either...>But actually it's caused by not having a father!!!!>well lots of straights don't have dads either...>and lots of gays have dads...>but anyways I don't need to prove anything, if you don't agree with me I'll fucking kill you faggot freak!!!!

>>380653770What gene is the gay one?Look at the proliferation of the Trans crap. Only shooting up like crazy in leftist areas.They are manufactured through propaganda or abuse. It can be reversed

>>380653770Everything is a choice

>>380663551Well the + U pos does give me pause…

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As someone who's received head from three men, it is one hundred percent a choice

>>380664059Imagine pumping a throbbing anus full of semen…

>>380653770>Holla Forums still thinks being gay is a choiceIt must be if we accept the core premises of the left.If everything is socioeconomic factors, then it is impossible for anyone to be born gay.If it's possible for people to be born gay, then it should also be possible for people to be born with any other inherent traits.In reality the nature vs nurture dichotomy that all of leftism is rooted in is a false one, and among the most basic bitch misunderstandings of evolution possible. Everything is a product of how genes interact with environment, and thus everything is necessarily both genetic and environmental simultaneously. There can be no such thing as a purely environmental factor, otherwise dogs could become professors of mathematics by attending the same schools as humans etc. Dog genes don't interact with the human schooling environment in the same way human genes do, and thus you don't see the same outcome. Environment must be tailored to the genetics. Natural selection accomplishes this by filtering at the genetic level, while humans are able to exercise a limited degree of intelligent design to tune their environment to suit them, but since all humans are genetically different, each human's optimal environment will be different. An environment in which one genotype develops into a murderer might cause a different genotype to develop into an engineer, and thus the only way to ensure that everyone has a healthy development is by segregating genotypes who show divergent development in a shared social environment. If everyone must share a common social environment, then that environment can only ever be optimal for one genotype, and thus the system as a whole is always suboptimal.

>>380653770>be straight guy with a crazy sex drive>made a lot of money because /biz/ and got lucky a few years ago>look decent, chad 9/10 but 5'10 and balding, but chad face and /fit/>instead of buying an expensive car and fucking a lot of girls or paying for hookers, I met a decent girl and got married>fap to lots of porn and even passing troons here and there but will never go out and act on itIf I can do it and control my urges, why can't you faggot?Civilization and being human means not acting on every single urge like a fucking monkey. Sure you're a fag, but find a decent ugly girl since you don't care about their looks and start a family, and if you get fag urges watch porn, and if you can't get it hard then think of other fags.Build something for yourself faggot

>>380653770>help me I can't stop sucking dicks!

>>380654657Just use their own logic to make them mad/uncomfortable/etc.>Niggers are not the product of socioeconomic factors, they are just born that wayetc.


You keep admitting it yourselves

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Sexual continence and not being a bug chasing slimebag. It's a choice.

>>380664589this remind me of an old joke: “Liberals think nothing is genetic except homosexuality, and conservatives think everything is genetic except homosexuality.”

>>380664730I even grossed you out, shareblue?! Don’t you have some Blacked porn to wank off too?

Being born gay is genetic but black criminality and low IQ isn't

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>>380653770You chose to be a faggot, OP.No one forced you to post this.

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>>380664950i only watch white trap porn


>>380664622>>be straight guy>>fap to troons


>>380653770It's not a choice but you're not "born that way" either.What IS a choice is the extent to which we allow lefties to try to condition children to become gay.

>>380654341op BTFO

>>380663951To be fair there are likely genetic factors that make people susceptible to leftist propaganda (and to propaganda in general, regardless of ideological content). It's not unreasonable to suspect that there might be people who evolved to just believe whatever they thought the group believed without thinking for themselves, since thinking for yourself is "wasteful" if your survival depends more upon group acceptance that it does on being correct about the nature of reality. The NPCs would thus be more "efficient" due to not having to waste energy thinking and could have been favored by natural selection in the past on these grounds. Now that technology dominates our environment however, not being able to think for yourself is becoming a major disadvantage since the "group conformity instinct" can be hijacked by those using media to manufacture the illusion of consensus. The transition to a technological society might actually be a mass-extinction event for NPC types that will continue to play out over the following decades.

>>380653770Being “minor attracted” apparently isn’t a choice. Being in control of your passions is what separates us from the beasts. Even if you are born mentally ill, society isn’t obligated to cater to your disability. I hate homosexuality. I also hate cancer. Doesn’t mean I hate the human beneath the disease. But sometimes the cancer/gay is inoperable and it’s just kinder to put them down.

I don't think getting head from traps and twinks is gay, your mind is fooled because they aren't actually men either, they're succubi in male human form

>>380665118You know your star is throbbing. Take care of it on Sniffies dot com

>>380654341Fpbp desu

Choice or not you queers are fucked up and deserve no special privileges.

>>380665931This is the answer, to senselessly indulge in every passion at the beck and call of appetite is to be a mere animal, and not a man, with will and reason

>>380665991The level of cope is nearly over 9000. You're a despicable queer and nothing more.

>>380666089im not into men

>>380666365DL, user. Nobody has to know. Keep it on the down low. T RKelly Blacked edition.

>>380664622you got married and still jack off to tranny porn. I think OP and others are asking gay people to just never have a happy love life - stay single or marry someone they're not attracted to and not even be able to jack off to gay porn. it's asking for a lot

>>380653770>2022>deliberately ignoring the science about gay absolutely being a choice and not a naturally determined event

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>>380653770I would be fine with faggot if they weren't promiscuous degenerates

>>380653770It is a choice to be gay... It's just that the choice is made by the one molesting the kid in the first place

>>380653770Anons, when did u decide to be straight? When you remember it, you realize there is a time you can decide to be gay, too.

>>380655136No mr meme flag, /our/gays are just based unlike their globohomo counterpart.

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>>380667596gays cant be based

>>380653770Why is it a bad thing that it's a choice? Is free will a bad thing now?

>>380664827>bOk retard

>>380653770>born gay>have to discuss sexual orientations and gender to children so they can choose.Which one is it?

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>>380655136I know I like itI've been meeting gays on pol for a while and I torture and kill them after going on a couple of dates. If it weren't for the influx of all these anonymous gays I would have to kill people I have some connections to and would get caught. But anons just like you are whores who I can get my hands on, and nobody cares when you disappear

>>380653770It's been a choice since 2012. Being a fag is trendy now and it also gives you victim points for not being "the norm".

>>380667046I'd be fine with them if it weren't for the politics, grooming and needing smoke blown up their arse by absolutely everyone and seen as a hero because they're a queer. They have the most god damn awful personalities; it makes me sick to think they make eligibility for adoption. It's clearly not just about the privacy of their own homes for them or I wouldn't see that bastardised rainbow flag every fucking where.

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>>380653770it's a way for molested children to cope with their abuse, and empower themselves by believing that they had agency over their situation.


>>380668888Yep, the increased rate of faggotry, no way it's genetic.

>>380669125faggotry is caused by jewry

>>380656620In the past it was well understood that molesting kids corrupts them and makes them gay. It wasn't controversial until people like you started pushing the idea of it being a mysterious condition that is innate so we definitely need to teach kids to be gay in case they are already born that way and didn't know. There is no consistency in your ideology


>>380657011That's what you think kiddo

>>380669182200%, pretty much all homo and paedo rights activists and head of these orgs have been Jewish. It's used as a battering ram against healthy society.

how to be 100% sure that you don't go to hell for your sins after you die:youtube.com/watch?v=Sf3uF0juIVI

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>>380669489israel is the gayest country

>>380667796Take the Pink Pill.

>>380664468And the stink of man shit from fucking a worm infested rectum. So hot!

>>380669533whats that?

>>380669523I know.

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>>380659331>Christcuckery is the only religion Whats your IQ level? 60? Bet its 40

>>380661454Proof to me you are not mentally ill. No personal anecdotes. To me faggots who want their faggotry and their child abuse being normalized is absolutely insane and dangerous. To an insane abnormal person this is of course "not insane", since you want these things normalized. You don't realize they are wrong in the first place. You think putting a dick in a man's asshole is completely fine. It does not belong there and it does not create anything to put your dick into a shithole for pleasure. It's a disgusting fetish. You are going against God's natural creation, and that is also completely fine to you faggots. You will never understand anything, and you will never see that there is anything wrong with the direction you are going. It will ultimately lead to pedophilia and all sorts of demonic practices. And it already has, we are in it and you are still not satisfied, you keep pushing until everything is a complete abominable sex- and death cult. Never ever will people like you acknowledge that there is anything wrong with these gay practices or later demonic practices and gender experiments and drugs and child abuse and all that evil stuff. You being a faggot is one thing, but a faggot who does not even acknowledge that his fetish is wrong and a danger to society is starting to become an enemy of mankind, an enemy of everything healthy and good. Normalization of abnormal sexual pleasures and other psycho experiments on children is evil, and I do not need to argue with you about that actually, I don't want to live with people like you, period. I don't want children near you, and I don't want you in any authoritative position over anyone. You need to be in a clinic or in some place for castoffs. You want children to be treated in a certain way, and I say YOU need to be treated in a certain way in a certain place far away from society. Because your ideas and your mindset is a dangerous. It's really just self defense for the life and health of a people.

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>>380653770>current year meme is back>that means 2016 is back, babyTRUMP 2016, DRAIN THE SWAMP, TRIGGER LIBTARDS

I'd stop being gay if I had a pussy coach bro lick my cock and get it hard for a girl. Any volunteers?

>>380669728jews literally control israel

>>38065377020% of under 12's believe they're some other "gender" than male or female.It's not a choice, it's indoctrination and it should be punishable by death.

>>380662050>Likes traps>HeterosexualCan you fucktards stop with the mental gymnastics?

>>380653770/pol/ belives now being gay is from grooming,groomer

>>380653770it's indoctrination or the gay population would stay the same if you're born that way, correct? so why is fag rates going up then if you're born gay? explain that.

>>380664827>Falling for glowniggers tricks

>>380670021traps arent gay

>>380670355anal is gay regardless of the organism, and even gayer if its with a biowoman

>>380670555so it's gay if you do anal with a woman? what

>>380669697A pill to expand your butt- I mean horizons.

>>380670633having sex with women is always gay

>>380657712>Who's going to pay for bedroom police?Afgans manage. And they even include flying lessons.

>>380653770>Holla Forums still thinks being gay is a choiceIf it's genetic then that means we can find a medical treatment like other genetic mental illnesses.

Yeah, anal sex is the last thing that makes me dislike queers, it's the actual people that they are. Their recruitment and don't bullshit me and tell me that isn't exactly what you're doing.

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>>380653770It's a choice, you can perform a parasite cleanse and incorporate anti-parasitical prophylaxis in your diet.

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>>380653770It's demonic possession youtu.be/14RlRy3EmvE

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>>380653770ngl, kinda hard to say no to hot boipucci

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>>380672719traps arent gay though

>>380672719No, it isn't. Even the old school communists could say no to that degeneracy.

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Nobody is naturally gay but there are men who are naturally not interested in women or develop trauma that makes them unable to be attracted to women. "naturally" they create a narrative in their head that if they aren't straight they must be gay, and they make subconscious choices to reaffirm this to themselves. They have profound resentment about their choices and will get defensive when somebody suggests that no one is naturally gay.

>>380653770they have a choice not to be degenerates and try and raise a healthy family instead of wearing nappies at drug orgies or whatever the fuck they do

>>380654341Fpbp, all sexuality is preference but you have to reject millennia of evolution to reject women. Theyre literally just cosmic losers.

>>380653770OK groomer

>>380653770Don't care.Won't sent my kids to public school.Won't let them have smartphones until 14.Simple as.

>>380654657Is that the pedophile that pinky promises not to molest children? I can't keep up with the jargon

>>380654341>Omg I have no choice in giving a shit and posting paragraphs about something i'm not>It's not my fault i'm a bigger faggot than anyone i'm talking about>I just sucked off a state trooper>I have no free will, I'm just on pol and it's my entire identity

>>380673663Except that people with homosexual siblings have an increased reproductive success. Gays exist because of this.

>>380653770It's disease you moron, and the solution is beating the shit of you faggots

>>380674201>Anonymous (ID: dD1DhoKm) 06/02/22(Thu)14:31:24 No.380673768▶>>>380653770 (OP)>Don't care.>Won't sent my kids to public school.>Won't let them have smartphones until 14.>Simple as.>>>> Anonymous (ID: G90DQykv) 06/02/22(Thu)14:31:44 No.380673807▶>>>380654657>Is that the pedophile that pinky promises not to molest children? I can't keep up with the jargon>>>> Anonymous (ID: mO6Wi6mw) 06/02/22(Thu)14:33:42 No.380674014▶>>>380654341>>Omg I have no choice in giving a shit and posting paragraphs about something i'm not>>It's not my fault i'm a bigger faggot than anyone i'm talking about>>I just sucked off a state trooper>>I have no free will, I'm just on pol and it's my entire identity>>>> Anonymous (ID: AhA3yQvK) 06/02/22(Thu)14:34:18 No.380674090▶>>>380673663>Except that people with homosexual siblings have an increased reproductive success. Gays exist because of this.>>>> Anonymous (ID: 63Gg18ag) 06/02/22(Thu)14:35:20 No.380674201▶>>>380653770 (OP)>It's disease you moron, and the solution is beating the shit of you faggotsso is lead poisoning, get treated

Fags weren't born as fags, but God made them that way.Being a degenerate faggot is a symptom of rejecting God. That's why most God hating white nationalists are actually just deranged trannies.

>>380666365If you're into "traps" then you are into men that dress like women. You're a FAG.


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>>380674849I would let Rafael Alencar fist me in public

>>380674422You need to read Roman's again and then 1st Corinthians. Being a fag doesn't equal reprobate, but being a fag that doesn't repent leads to being a reprobate.

>>380675214>Read ancient bullshit>ObeyOk schizo

>>380674422I'm not a Christian, I'm a white nationalist and I hate queers.

>>380675595All religions agree that homosexuality is a sin or wrong, but hey you do you.

>>380653770Hang yourself faggot

>>380659779If they don't act like flaming faggots their community will disown them. Anyone that is "straight" acting or just normal is considered to have internalized homophobia and is evil and to be avoided.

>>380677284They're a fifth column and should be treated as a public nuisance/threat to society. The fag culture and fag mannerisms are not natural. Nobody but a twisted Jew or Jew minded freak would think that it is.


>>380676022>british>hates queerspick only one

>>380674014Stay mad faggot

>>380654341Based. and hence first post is the best post once more.Also they are probably infested with parasites. being gay is not natural.

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>>380653770It's because people that think being gay is a choice unironically have homosexual tendencies, their sexuality is on the spectrum between gay and straight.

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>>380653770It is a choice...the elite decide what amount of children per year they want to turn gay, and then they decide to push harder unto those families everything that turns you gay;all the way from the obgyn visits that medicated you in the womb to the first years of school teaching you some gay agenda by some piece of shit white hippie bitch that her parents did not smack hard enough or her 1st boyfriend did not beat into place.

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>>380654341Sounds hot

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>>380678230Take your d&c shit elsewhere, I'm not interested.

>>380680066homosexuals go to heck

>>380654341>stupid breeder thinks he can just bottom willy nillyyoutube.com/watch?v=9u99gZQKeI8observe and learn, faggot

>>380654454spbp /thread fags reproduce via rape

>>380654341choice of action vs choice of attractiontwo different things

>>380676239All religions are bullshit by definition

>>380653770It's not a choice, it's mental ilness.

>>380682947Brainlet take. On the contrary, man craves religion of some kind. Creativity is the best of all for white people.

>>380653770>>380654454It is not a choice, it a mental illnes

>>380677626Does it have a dick? And do you like it?If you answer yes, then your at least part fag. Cope harder.

>>380682947Up until the early 80s all secular societies agreed that homosexuality was wrong, but you do you.

seriously the understanding of many of you is really shit, if it was a choice nobody would choose it, gays don't fuck with women because we don't want to, literally we can't, their bodies don't make us hard and the idea of penetrating a vagina It's nauseating, you don't know how exhausting it is not knowing what's happening to you when you start feeling these feelings for other boys since childhood and hearing people around you say it's wrong, saying it's a choice it is directly a blow to the face, no matter how you want to raise your children, it is simply innate and cannot be avoided, it can be repressed but not eliminated, there are people who live a whole false life marrying someone of the opposite sex and having children (the most obviously not enjoying sex) but that doesn't mean they stop being or "become gay" later in life, with trannies it's the same situation, do you think picrel person chose to be a woman in a male body?Also, how would you explain other biological phenomenons such as sisters and female relatives of gay men being more fertile and having more children than average?

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>>380654341/thread. Jannies, stick a fork in this thread, it's done.

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>>380686321its a feminine penis

>>380653770Masons rape, torture, and brainwash children in order to use as actors later posing as politicians and public figures to manipulate public opinion. Almost everything that happens if fake, WWE style. Gays are sacrifices for satanic families to gain satanism status.

>>380687422Nope, that's a fag cope. Nothing you say is going to change the fact that you're a fag even if it is "just" traps.They've trapped you into homosexuality. You think your family would agree that they aren't a guy just because they dress like a girl? Nope, they would call you a fag.