A sensible look at US gun laws VS Europe

Let's try to have an adult conversation, and please hear me out.>First, I'm a no guns Euro, but I do not hate guns, and I would like to get into hunting, and I love shooting rifles for target practice, its fun.1. Hand guns serve little to no purpose other than self-defense and sports shooting, and are not common in private possession in Europe.2. Hunting rifles (bolt action) and shotguns are common throughout Europe, semi auto rifles, not so much or with limited mags, full auto is super rare in private possesion.3. There are a lot of murders in Europe with knives and other objects, but the same can be said about the US.4. It's “easier” (potentially less, "self-traumatizing") to kill from a distance with a gun than with a knife/hands etc.5. A good reason to own guns (in the minds of many Americans) is security/protection from government oppression.The last point, Is my main gripe, hand guns would do you no good in a fight against any government, the Euro hunting rifle arsenal would be just as good if not better in a similar imagined situation.Why bother with the handguns and AR's when they are close to useless for what the 2nd amendment is all about?Defending your independence from a tyrannical government.It's not like if Americans revolted and fought their government, the insurgents could not win in any form of close combat scenario with any significant results.

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>>380652636the last point always make me realize how dumb americans are, their plastic penis envy rifle collection would be quite useless when your whole house gets vaporized from a government drone strike

Handguns are concealable

>>380652636Maschinenpistole Vierzig

>>380653068Have a look at Afghanistan or Iraq, handguns played a minor role if any of significance.

>>380652636>hand guns would do you no good in a fight against any governmenten.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service_pistol

>>380652636Why bother defending those? It's like you don't know the slippery slope is a law, not a fallacy when it comes to these fucks.

>>380652636>hand guns would do you no good in a fight against any government,they're necessary for protection against urban threat

Starting to get Henry Rinnan lately. The servile nature of the Norwegian makes him less than human.

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>>380652636Just stay in Europe and remain the happy disarmed slave you were obviously made to be.

>>380652636>Why bother with the handguns and AR'sI believe that's the "shall not be infringed" part.

>>380652636>hand guns would do you no good in a fight against any governmentWorked just fine on Franz Ferdinand btw.

If pistols and rifles are so useless in war, why does the military buy them in their millions?

>>380653202VietnamAfghanistanDumb faggot

>>380652636>Euro "Let me tell you about your country."

>>380652636>hand guns would do you no good in a fight against any governmentYeah, what is the benefit to having a concealable weapon for covert operations in which you could gain proximity and knock off solitary security forces with? Just carry a rifle everywhere bro haha

>>380652636Handguns are perfect for insurgencies against the government. You're retarded and deserve to be creeped up on, drawn from concealed, and dropped. JUST BAN NIGGERS.

>>380653202>the government can kill you anytime they want >better submit to them completelyHow do you live without a spine?

>>380652636I'm not interested in conversations with gun grabbers

>>380652636>hand guns would do you no good in a fight against any governmenOpen battles, no.But remind me, what started WW1?

>>380652636gay baitgay repliesjust kill yourself faggot instead of killing threads>>380652636

>>380654293those were big wars organized and funded by superpowers, you really expect the average obese soulless american living in a low-trust environment to put up the same level of resistance as virtually any nation you lost against?

>>380652636You can own guns, tanks, grenades even private nukes in a moral and virtuous society. The problem isn't the guns it's liberalism moral agnosticism and inability to enforce a transcendent objective morality by removing the weirdos, freaks, communists etc from society.

>>380654276Because they got the numbers, the strategy/organizing in order, and air and artillery support you can't rival.Which is all unreasonable to expect from any non government supplied insurgency.Just look at the plethora of examples around the world to see how it unfolds.

>>380653335Handguns are used often in the USA to protect law abidong citizens, they are not weapons of war usually, just defensive sidearms.

>>380653202Actually it’s YOUR argument that’s retarded. Dronestrikeniggers always make the leap of logic that civil unrest = total war against the people by the government with no holds barred. It’s not realistic. There are a lot of reasons why the government would refrain from leveling a city block in an American city just because a right wing militant might be hiding there, this isn’t the Middle East where nobody gives a fuck about civilian deaths. Hesitation will give insurgents space to strike. And no, they’re not as powerful as the army, obviously. But again, this is not total war, it’s an insurgency. And the damage caused by a small number of strategic strikes can still change the face of a conflict.

>>380652636Hmm, instead of reading all that bullshit I’ll just give you four words: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

>>380654832Somehow the Taliban did it mostly with just small arms

>>380654932>Handguns are used often in the USA to protect law abidong citizensYeah, not so much in Europe.. most of the time we don't need em, that was kinda one of my points if you read between the lines of what I wrote.

>>380655240Based on your knife crime rates you do, but just dont have access to them.

>>380655182Meh, more like IED's, and small arms just to keep the peace when the Afghan army got btfo.

>>380655327Oslo is the worst city in Norway, I am sure there are 20 cities if not more in the US that are worse, both in gun, knife and all over murder rates.And I didn't even look it up, because I know it's true.

>>380655071if your government can gun down peaceful vietnam protesters (still kids at that lmao), what makes you think it won’t mow down any other gathering or organization that might even lead to “civil unrest”?

>>380655400How do you get IEDs if not by forcefully taking explosives? Sometimes you need to raid an ANA depot for mortar rounds.

>>380655629Are you saying a browner country is more violent?

>>380655629Sure is.It's amazing how useful a gun is when you might be robbed at gunpoint randomly

>>380655240>we don't need emkekked audibly

>>380655678A trip to the local store or chemicals from your garage and bathroom.

>sensibleabsolutely dropped right there

>>380655678In a hundred ways, desertion (common in the region), corruption/sales, threats, and the point you are looking for, small arms skirmishes (uncommon in the grander scheme of things).

>>380652636Switzerland has the right idea. All citizens must own a gun

>>380652636These debates are fucking worthless deport non whites and you will get 200x less crimes whatever the gun laws.

>>380655788Of course, niggers are the worst, and sandniggers are not much better.>>380655836You got a nigger problem..>>380655904Why would I, I have never been robbed at gun point or heard of anyone being robbed at gun point, can you say the same?Thought so..

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>>380656289>You got a nigger problem..We do, and how do you expect disarming to help that one whit?

>>380652636>hand guns would do you no good in a fight against any governmentSingle shot .45s did a number to help liberate France. With a handgun and good tactics, I can get a soldiers rifle or machine gun. You're dumb.

>>380652636The military uses pistols

>>380656417>and how do you expect disarming to help that oneI dont, I believe you need "deniggering" rather than disarming, first and foremost.But when the niggers are gone, you might want to consider Euro gun laws, it might help stop uncle Timmy from shooting his neighbor in a drunken stupor.

>>380652636>The last point, Is my main gripe, hand guns would do you no good in a fight against any governmentDo you have any idea how many German and Soviet officials were shot with handguns under occupation?

>>380656911>But when the niggers are gone, you might want to consider Euro gun lawsWhy? Once nignog crime rates are in check gun violence can return to its sleepy miniscule levels as it was for the vast majority of US history

>>380654832All of which would be mostly useless against a domestic insurgency. It's one thing to drone strike some fucking cave dweller half a world away. Drone strike someone in Dallas and their family may come for your family.

>>380655629Which is the real issue. Cities are violent shitholes, the countryside is mostly peaceful despite being filled with arms.

>>380657718You are arguing for good faith.In this thought experiment, I find your angle unlikely.

>>380658028If the government would like to rule over a kingdom of ashes, they're welcome to do so.

>>380658353Well, I guess our argument ends there..

>>380658028Why? It's why civil wars always turn into atrocities. "Hey, let's have a war. Oh wait, our families all live here to." The government would likely start the atrocities, then the rebels would find the soldiers' families and retaliate. It spirals out of control from there.

>>380658528We seem to agree, you either miss read my posts, or I miss spoke.But what you are saying is pretty much what I was saying, more or less, or what was my conclusion.

>>380658471It' is really that simple though. Once you start attacking your own territory you might find it difficult to keep the country running in any competent fashion. Businesses close, jobs evaporate, taxes no longer paid, military desertion, credit tanks, etc etc etc

>>380652636Yes of course guns are for killing. That’s the whole point. It’s not about hunting or rifle practice. It’s about having a population who is armed to the teeth. That makes the government a lot less keen on riding roughshod over their rights, because their enforcers will get shot. Hand guns will do you very well against the government. They start putting heavy artillery in everyone’s fucked, but most repression is groups of civilian and light military government enforcers going round peoples houses Why were you thinking it was about hunting? How silly. Let’s say you’re a government enforcer. Let’s say you’ve got two neighbourshood to go and enforce in. One is disarmed and docile and you can go in jackboots blazing and do what you want. The other is armed and you’ll get domed. Which district gets their rights respected? Hunting and rifle practice. Lol. It’s about levelling the imbalance of killing power between gov and populace. I say this as someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly and is totally peaceful. Even I can see this

>>380658815Once it turns into that kind of war heavy weapons have limited utility. In Iraq the tankers had to get out of their tanks and patrol on foot. At that point a rebel with rifle is largely on equal terms. Just look how useless Russian heavy weapons were trying to control Kiev.

>>380654779>funded by superpowersAnd you think foreign governments wouldn't support a rebel army in America? Everyone would want to get a piece of that pie. >the average obese soulless americanFair point.


>>380659464My point being, it's better/more efficient to be a guy with a bolt action hunting rifle 1000 meters away when that tanker crew leaves his vehicle.Rather than (at best) being 10-20 meters away with a handgun or 20-70 meters away with an AK/AR.

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>>380661198It's both legal and common to build ARs that are good out to the same ranges as a boltie. Bolties aren't inherently more accurate or longer range.

>>380661488>Bolties aren't inherently more accurate or longer rangeSo we kinda agree, I guess..


>>380661971Coolest looking mafakker ever!

>>380661649My point was that guy out at 1000 yards can be using an AR and can competently engage both at long range and midrange (though close range is another matter; the longer barrel might cause problems)

>>380652636>>380662162>Let's try to have an adult conversation, and please hear me out.Okay, the Americans people's inherent firearm rights are not subject to firearm deaths nor are our inherent firearm rights subject to only to specific firearm models.

>>380652636handguns are used in war. In conventional war they are used as a weapon of last resort. In guerrilla warfare they are used to rob banks and as a hidden weapon. Anyways 2A doesn't define what it means to be armed.

>>380652636Honestly AR-15's and pistols are fine. The problem is with letting children have them. An AR-15 is great against home invading criminals that will get their automatic weapons from the criminal cartels that break the law anyway and it's that simple. You carry a gun because cops are too heavy to keep in a pocket. That being said we also have concealed carry permits that you must apply for in most states if you desire to carry a gun in public. You must also run a background check when purchasing a firearm.The lack of gun laws in America is extremely exaggerated propaganda.

>>380662162You don't understand warfare. That is your problem.

>>380652636You can hunt with handguns. It's very common.

>>380652636>Euro hunting rifle arsenal would be just as good if not better in a similar imagined situation.Thats what the AR15 is for

>>380662447Well, yeah.. but what about a 50cal with a 2-3000 meter range? (I'm being argumentative).But you get my point.For the Second Amendment argument/view point, Euro gun laws are not that bad, but you got niggers in abundance and a slightly different culture, etc.I see your side of the argument as well.I'm not looking for a final truth, just airing some thoughts, and hearing some arguments from “both sides”.Have a nice day bro.

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>>380661198I’m just going to chime in with this;>different tools for different jobs>mission dictates equipmentIf you’re an insurgent you’re going to have a broader range of missions than your opponent. They can afford to specialize, you cannot. Your job may be to engage a target at 1000 yards. It may be to gather intelligence without the enemy knowing. You could find yourself kicking in doors to hit a target or setting an ambush on a forested road. Each one of these situations requires different equipment. If you’re observing a target and gathering intel carrying a rifle may not be the right move. You may be served better with a pistol, glass, and a note pad. Arbitrarily disarming yourself based on “need” is counterproductive.

>>380663235>For the Second Amendment argument/view point,Our firearm rights do not come from the second amendment. the second amendment merely protects firearm rights we inherently have.

Fuck you nigger shall not be infringed

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>>380652636>Shall not be infringed

>>380663377Sure, the more tool you got, the better.I'm just arguing that when it comes to pure government oppression/resistance towards it, hand guns are pretty useless.On the other hand, its never a bad idea to have more tools than you need..I'm conflicted... need VS real need..

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>>380652636>mentions AR in the trash it goes.Fuck off nigger, we have five hundred million guns here. There is no sensible solution. You can come up with whatever bullshit you want. The only solution is to institute ubi for poorfags and microchip them, collect their data run it through algorithms, then constantly monitor their metadata to predict when a crime is going to happen, then launch an autonomous drone to intercept or kill.

>>380664184Handguns are absolutely essential in a resistance and self defense manner. Concealable firepower and low sound signature make them ideal for dealing with collaborators and allow the gorilla to defend themselves against agents of the state inbetween operations.But more important is the need in current year which is to avoid darkies when in urban areas

>>380652636gtfo faggot stop trying to understand american politics/issues and go back to your cuck shed.

>>380664579Fair enough, you got a point, I concede.

>>380652636>Sensible60,000 more people a year die of opioids than attacks using guns. Sensible would be talking about things that actually matter. Not the fact that you are afraid by big mean rifles that amount to like 500 deaths a year. This isn't an issue. It's people thinking the gun debate isn't over. Pro tip: it isRepeal the NFA, I want a goddamn m60. I'll build a pill box and your have to roll armor down my street to take me away. How bout that for sensible?

>>380664184>>380664867>I'm conflicted... need VS real need..you don't fucking get it, do you? "Need" doesn't factor into our inherent rights.We don't have to justify need when expressing our rights.

>>380652636> hand guns would do you no good in a fight against any governmentAny gun would do the job the same, the goal is to prevent the fight by avoiding a massacre.

>>380652636Have a sandwich glowie. You seem hungry

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>>380652636Tell Franz Ferdinand about how handguns are ineffective.

>>380664972Meh, I tempted to getting into a whole, " why can't I own nukes, F16s or Tanks.. but what ever.

>>380664184The problem with Euro gun laws is that the obstacles limit the number of firearms in society. This makes it easier for the government to try and take them. Look at Canada, Euro gun laws, government is now trying to take them. Even if they banned guns tomorrow in America there's no way they can take them all.

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>>380652636Why would ARs be useless in an insurgency? Though I do agree, handguns would be.

>>380665189It looks decent, but I would rather have a beer.I'd eat it, but I would be concerned that you got kids germs on that sandwich..

>>380652636with a handgun, in the amount of time it takes you to raise your hand from waist to eye level you can delete a tyrannical government agent stopping you unlawfully. it's also the only thing for defense a lot of shopkeepers etc can carry in most situations. it's much trickier to just grab people off the street and disappear them if they're carrying handguns.

>>380665239You can own an F16 or a tank here, actually

>>380665239Because they're cost prohibitiveYou could have a privately owned man o war when the country was founded. Our naval force was basically all privateers at the time. If you could own a 70 cannon ship of the fucking line, when flint lock pistols and muskets was all the government had, I can own a fucking tank if I can pay for it.

>>380665239>Meh, I tempted to getting into a whole, " why can't I own nukes, F16s or Tanks.. but what ever.Why are you fine with the government owning those weapons of mass destruction then?Why is it that you're fine with the government being able to disarm the people but the people can't disarm the government?

>>380665462>Why would ARs be useless in an insurgency?I imagine that only long range weapons platforms is a viable option in any insurgency, unless you are suicidal.

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>>380665464>beer. >I'd eat it, but I would be concerned that you got kids germs on that sandwich..I'm taking it easy on the beers right now because I'm training for a triathlon. With that being said I still like to throw a few pints down with my buddies at the restaurant or at the cottage on a hot summer day

>>380652636>What use do small, easily concealable firearms have in a revolt against a government?

>>380655669You understand that the shooting of the protestors was a turning point in the Vietnam War sentiment?

>>380665720The Afghanis had aks and pickup trucks. Pretty sure there's a few of those lying around here.

>>380665905Nixon won 49 states a year after Kent State. So no.

>>380665521Not in any operational capacity, at least no the F16.>>380665536You can own a tank, with a shitload of paperwork, and you would never have enough amo/shells available to matter.>>380665613I never said I was, It's just the current state for the foreseeable future.

>>380652636the volume of fire a semi-auto AR can put out versus a bolt action is ridiculous.

>>380665720You could hit a target with an AR15 from 100 meters easily. Anything up from there is already retarded, no one is going to stage an ambush against someone 200 meters away since it isn’t easy to hit those shots.

>>380655669Turns out our government, like most, is pretty keen on gunning down the unarmed.

>>380666038>I never said I was, It's just the current state for the foreseeable future.And yet you're seemingly fine with levels of restrictions on inherent firearm rights of the people.

>>380666038Bitch I could take small cities with one Abrams >Never have enough ammo to matterYa. Luckily there's 300,000,000 of me huh?Do you think that would matter?

>>380666038>Not in any operational capacity, at least no the F16.The arms for said vehicles are a different matter, of course, but you can in fact own those too. It's expensive and requires a lot of paperwork, but destructive devices are not universally banned. Remounting them is probably not legal, but pure ownership....

> Euro flag> Hear me out about guns> Wall of textDidn't read and smudged.

>>380665720>I imagine that only long range weapons platforms is a viable option in any insurgency, unless you are suicidal.>what are tactics? The effective range of an AR15 is 500 yards with a magnified optic. That being said a close ambush will fuck anyone’s day up. I wouldn’t conduct an ambush on the 75th Ranger Platoon because that is just asking to get killed. The feds I charge of enforcing whatever nefarious plan? I’d do it day or night. Know your enemy, pick tactics from there. This is why intel and recon is critical.

>>380666049Fair>>380666128It would be suicidal to hit any modern army closer than 200 meters or without remote explosives, unless you are prepared to die.(remember, many Muslims are suicidal)

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>>380666170that’s besides the point and you know it, but for the sake of it, then look at what happens when you shoot back, for example at waco and other sieges, you literally get burned alive as punishment

>>380666038>Not in any operational capacity, at least no the F16.You absolutely can, infact private companies in the USA operate larger airforces than most european countries and there are privately owned soviet jets here used as toys. Mig29s in dallas, Mig21s all over and the super common czech L39. Shit people even own gun and rocket pod systems for them.Tanks and APCs are literal nothingburgers and you can own them with shells no problems. Friend owns a russian APC.

>>380666029Ken State happened after Nixon became POTUS. And it doesn’t matter what oldfags thought, youth sentiment was completely soured. Which is to say simply that you can’t just go around shooting citizens to enforce your will or you’re going to have problems. This is why the argument of>le drone strikes against civviesIs retarded

>>380666584... Ya. And he won TWO elections fuckface

>>380666544>"That's beside the point">No THAT's beside the pointNigger make up your mind, you should have led with "armed resistance" instead of "unarmed college kids in a tizzy"

>>380666584>1972 >Nixon v McGovern>Absolute landslide

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>>380652636You live in USA? No? Fuck off. Concern yourself with your own country's regulations, faggot.

>>380666038>>380666580For reference, Draken International (A private american firm) operates more fighter aircraft than the danish and norwegian airforces combined.

>>380666353Just common sense ones, like I'm fine with my neighbor not owning a fully loaded A-10 Warthog.He might not like me..>>380666437In other words, not feasible.>>380666383There is a total of about 400,000,000 people in the US, total, I have a hard time believing that 75% of them are like you..they are not even adults, all of them.. sorry..

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>>380667137It was an expression faggotIt wasn't a literal fucking statementYou just have no idea how to functionally communicate with human beings. If I said, "like a million years ago", I am not infact being 100% literal. It's an EXPRESSION

>>380666817It was total fraud that won that, you are a lying fucking dirty NIGGER!

>>380667120>For reference, Draken International (A private american firm) operates more fighter aircraft than the danish and norwegian airforces combined.So?Norway is about 5mill people US is about 400mill people, EU is about 700mill, and Russia is about 350mill, so what?

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>>380667137>Just common sense onesThere's no such thing. > like I'm fine with my neighbor not owning a fully loaded A-10 Warthog. He might not like me..Stop being a pussy assed bitch then.

>>380667446Its not an argument of your airforce being small, but rather private ownership already being a thing. Shit dude if you want you can go to the USA right now and drive and shoot tanks owned by private individuals. Everything from Shermans to T72s are in private hands with activated guns and live shells.

>>380667137>not feasible.Gotta find a way to make it pay for itself, which people do manage.

>>380667317Well, to be fair, you could probably take a few African countries with one Abrams, and all your inbreed mutt cousins with their AR's if you liked..

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>>380667383... Nah. Infact Nixon was cheated out of the 1960 election by Alabama. He was just actually popular

>>380667651Yeah, and none of those companies have arms to last a week against the US armed forces.There's a perfectly sound reason why those people are allowed to own tanks and shoot them.Those pose 0% threat.

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>>380667808>Well, to be fair, you could probably take a few African countries with one Abrams, and all your inbreed mutt cousins with their AR's if you liked..Oh look. the gungrabber is now spreading anti-White d&c memes.

>>380667808>and all your inbreed mutt cousins with their AR's if you liked..AwPoor little guy is getting upset. Booooo hoooo huh? Sorry your entire plan revolves around me being complaint with ANYTHING. If you tried to change a single road sign here to kph, there's a non zero chance someone would shoot at you for it and rightfully so. You worry about you. I'll worry about me. Real simple fucking equation


>>380668152>There's a perfectly sound reason why those people are allowed to own tanks and shoot them.>Those pose 0% threat....Bruh.You literally opened with the idea pistols and ARs aren't a relevant threat and should be banned for that.Fucking pick one.

>>380668210LOL, do you think I like niggers?>>380668227Fucking mong, I just gave you a compliment, I just said that you and your retarded family could be kangs with a few AR's and a tank.Take that as an insult if you like.Jeeezus.

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>>380652636I don’t have to read your worthless European opinion to know that it’s full of logical fallacies and a complete disregard for the US constitution. I don’t care what any eurocuck thinks. All hun laws are infringement. I will fight against any laws proposed in the future, including and especially shooting glowniggers if they come looking for some.

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>>380668576>LOL, do you think I like niggers?I think that if you spout of shit like "inbred mutt cousins" when speaking about White people it shows you're a d&c shill and not really pro-White.

>>380668152>"Why can I own f16s or tanks" has somehow pivoted into "Those tanks or jets arent even good!"What is this copium? Americans literally own missile launchers, aircraft, artillery, night vision goggles, body armor, drones and other equipment that is modern warfighting gear. The second amendment is absolute and shall not be infringed, this is perfectly acceptable to own equipment that is being normalized in american society.

>>380668459Yeah, they are a fart in the wind, in the grand scheme of things.Whats the problem?

>>380668576>I called you inbred and said even you could take over an undefended village with your other inbreds>It's a compliment goy jeezAll of my ancestors conquered all of yours. :-)Did it for sport half the time.

>>380668576If American citizens wanted we could take over Europe just with their own private armory.

>>380668743>Makes sense you'd be able to own tanks and fighters, since they don't present a risk>Doesn't make sense you're able to own pistols and AK/ARs, since they don't present a riskAnd you ask me what the problem is?

>>380668681It's just a natural response to one of you Americans, who think you know it all.Just another insults against an equally insulting argument.Don't fret.

>>380668934>Who think you know it allYou don't live in this country and are trying to tell us what is good and proper for us lolIt's ... Pathetic.

>>380668934I would trust an average American to have a better grasp on how things functionally work here than someone who doesn't even live on the same continent, even though the average American is retarded.

>>380668934>It's just a natural response to one of you Americans,Because you're a meming shill and it makes you feel better about yourself for demeaning other White people.Again, you're not pro-White.

>>380668832Now you are stretching it thin.I could also argue that you are the losers that fled Europe when times got tough, because you were the looser breed.But that would be mean, and I would never say such a thing;)KEKI'm done boys, it's been fun, have a good one, even those I dont agree with!Cheers!

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>>380669023>>380669241>>380669260God save you all, YOU are fucking tarded, bb, gg, hf.

>>380669361>Now you are stretching it thin.>I could also argue that you are the losers that fled Europe when times got toughYa. Hoping on a boat to the other side of the world at 16 with no money in your pocket, getting married on the boat ride over, then building your own farm, in a country current having the bloodiest war in it's History (how my first paternal ancestor immigrated here in 1860)Is definitely coward like lolThat's why his descendants went back across the ocean to fight a war against their former homelands and won. Because they were losers. Lol

>>380669474No. You're just a coward lol. You want someone else to protect you from the big mean world.

>>380653068Idgaf what they do in Faggot Europe or anywhere else for that matter.

>>380669807Dude, I live in the richest, most prosperous country in the world.You are in no position to tell me how shit my life and reality is.Imbecile.

>>380653202Yea but I will survive a Tyrone and D’quarious strike so fuck u.

>>380670235>Dude, I live in the richest, most prosperous country in the world.>You are in no position to tell me how shit my life and reality is.>ImbecileI didn't lolBut I'm glad you hate yourself and this is what you're actually thinking about. It's because you're weak and have no values. No amount of money will make you feel good, as a man, if you're weak with no values. Lol It's why you can't ever be happy. You think it's other people's fault and not your inability to accomplish anything worthwhileBooooooooooo hooooooooo

>>380652636I just bought one of those in OP pic

>>380670903Tard take, I'm merely discussing a topic.Kinda sad how much you read into that.

>>380671145Lol. Bitch you can't salvage this

>>380671385Salvage what?

>>380652636Suck your own dick and then kill yourself. “Shall not be infringed.”There is no compromise.

>It's not like if Americans revolted and fought their government, the insurgents could not win in any form of close combat scenario with any significant results.Learn English. What a fucking mess. Based on your flag, I'm going to assume you're retarded and counter the dumb version of this post. The government with help from all other western nations could not beat rice farmers. They couldn't beat sand niggers with AKs. They couldn't beat their way out of a plastic bag and you know it. Are they the best military in the world with the most allies and the most money and the most cool new tech? Yes. Can they beat a plastic bag in a shooting contest? No. The government would be faced against a civilian force 40,000 times its size, with an automatic rifle behind every blade of grass. The marines would take the side of Texas, who would obviously succeed instantly. The army would have a big ol civil war all on its own. A million militias, fifty national guards, and sixty gorilliontillion communist and fascist groups would immediately wake from sleep. Each would serve only the interest of their local ingroup. The government would not dissolve, no, it would run. It would run into the hills, and an infinite number of heavily armed screaming idiots would massacre them. The government knows this. This is why the government does not fuck around - they are too smart, they know better than to find out.>>380653202retard

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>>380652636Why the fuck do you think there needs to be a comparison to Europe?

1776 adult that

>>380673351Because you dudes are European, more or less..

Shotgun to protect your homePistol to protect you from carjackers or muggersRifle to protect against tyranny

>>380652636The 2A is to prevent tyranny, foreign and domestic. In fact, i would argue every american needs a gun to uphold that admendmant, the militia needs to be maintained regularly afterall.Your argument about what gun people need is null and void, it is required

>>380652636I'm all for arming everyone with an arsenal even most gun toting Americans would find "a bit much".Problem isn't guns senpai. Problem is people so lets help them get rid of themselves

>be Portugal>Have among the most restrictive gun laws in Europe>Be just over 10 mil pop>Still have 2 mil legal guns (admittedly, mostly just shitty hunting guns, small cal handguns)>Have another minimum estimated (by police accounts) 2 mil illegal guns (likely mostly outlawed calibers, mil guns)

>>380652636>lissen to mah argument that isn't honest n shieeeetNo, get fucked. Kys

>>380653202You know how I know you're a fucking kike? Only kikes make this stupid argument that has been btfo many times before and only kikes speak as if it hasn't. You know, like that thunderstruck quote from AH.

>>380653202Yeah that's why militaries don't issue rifles to their soldiers, right? They'll just all get evaporated by drone missiles so why even bother?

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>>380652636>hand guns would do you no good in a fight against any government, Then why do soldiers carry them?>the Euro hunting rifle arsenal would be just as good if not better in a similar imagined situationThat is patently untrue. Semi-auto is better than bolt action, especially for suppression. You can't take on a fully equipped force in open battle without being able to suppress them.

>>380658028It's quite likely. Civil war in the USA would be fucking brutal in the reprisals end. The American way of war is not giving a fuck about civvy casualties, and the only way to stop gov firepower is to force them to stop using reprisals

>>380676504Can we get an honorary citizenship for this lad?

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>>380677995You got a nigger problem tho..>>380678355>>380678808Sorry boys, I think you would be droned to hell if you took your AR and glocks and started your own revolution.Best wishes.


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>>380679265>LisbonNot my problem; fuck moors.

>>380679265The Taliban would like a word.

>>380678355We need to really start to educating people about the 2nd amendment. Everyone gets sucked into these irrelevant arguments about self defense and hunting. The 2nd amendment is about citizens having an obligation to procure and train with weapons as a cornerstone strategy for ensuring the safety of our nation against enemies foreign and domestic. When Biden and his cronies go on the corporate media and talk about how there's no place for "weapons of war" in the hands of citizens, they're implying the 2nd amendment should be repealed because that's what its literally about.

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>>380653202Your nation spent the previous century as the vassal of others

>>380679265>muh dronesYou only need weapons good enough to capture your enemies weapons. Plus, you're assuming no active military members would default to the revolution side, which is asinine and clearly in bad faith

>>380652636>Why bother with the handguns and AR's when they are close to useless for what the 2nd amendment is all about?You do not understand the purpose and reason for modern warfare. Don't ask again until you do.

Stop the slight of hand trickery. Guns always existed in the us. The difference is that mental illness was downcast and people that use to fill the insane asylum are now roaming the street. Philadelphia is a good example the streets are filled with people with mental health disabilities. They often resort to drug abuse to fit in with other groups but it’s basically mental illness. Schools are the best place to sort out kids that fall through the cracks but they often fail miserably their psychologist are underpaid and have less than stellar credentials.

>>380679908Fair enough point, but in the broader sense, who was up for desertion and who was not, is highly speculative.

>>380652636>and are not common in private possession in Europe>full auto is super rare in private possesionyou thirdworlders disgust me

>>380682887You might be an exception, also, shut up, fucking mong.

>>380652636Let's have an adult conversation then.1. the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed2. if you think this is wrong, you should put your money where your mouth is and ban your military from arming itself. That way only the US military is armed, and I'm sure the US will use that power responsibly and to protect you.

>>380653202You put the Slo in slovenia