Does striker have VAIDS?

This dude has been sick basically every single week for months. It shouldn't even be possible to be sick this much. Does this confirm he's a vaxxie?

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>>380652376literally fucking who?you americans should spend less time watching retarded e-celebs and more time becoming knowledgeable in geopolitics yourselves

Enoch too. Memory lapses.Meanwhile Johnny Monoxide is older and doesn't have these problems.No guilty conscience, either.

>>380652589>BelgiumOkay, diamond dealer.

>>380652589I just have this shit on as background noise at work.

>>380652627The monoxide effect is real

>>380652807Except when it comes to flat earth, tartaria, mudflood.... Basically, I don't trust his co-hosts.He flipped on flat earth after they joined. Highly suspect.

>>380653061Reinhardt and DB?

>>380652776honestly i rather listen to warhammer audiobooks.the only thing ecelebs are good for is to provide a summary of recent interesting news.i cant think of one single eceleb who didnt end up poisoning the well, willingly or not.

>>380653339I can only listen to Mike ma books at work other ones I zone out and miss shit then I have to go back constantly. Whereas podcast idgaf if I miss something cause it's irrelevant

>>380652627>Johnny MonoxideThey never should have kicked him off the TRS network. The Paranormies was great entertainment.

>>380653317Ya, I don't trust either to be honest. They're nice, but I don't trust them.Also the telegram numbers seem fucked. There must be bots involved.

>>380652376He's coughing and sniffing from the cocaine, dumbass. A few months ago Mike had to turn off the video for a minute, and Striker sniffed something.

>>380653750He had been wanting to leave for a long time, but supposedly if you leave on your own accord, you get harassed by the feds.

>>380653884Just like the Jew from Carlito's Way.Sean PennStriker is CIA, confirmed.

>>380653782Their numbers aren't artificial they are mainly from alt skull whose been using telegram for years before it got big. I don't follow the channel anymore but nobody on the panel is tech savvy enough for bots afaik

>>380654036Fair enough, but the flat earth thing is bad enough. Only Masons and Feds like that shit.It knocks out any credibility you may have had.

>>380652376He is paralyzed from the waist down, give him a break.

>>380654196I mean I used to be on board with what you're saying but they have brought up solid points to support their arguments. However I do miss the days when it was more spoopy instead of hidden history etc. I think we can agree on that

>>380654216He has handicap parking he's got enough breaks

>>380652376Yeah, prettysure Striker took the clotshot. I miss TRS before Striker joined. I remember first time I heard his voice I thought he was a fag.

>>380654725>>380654576Striker is literally a handler.Mike's bodyguard on the day of C-ville used to work for department of state.

>>380653750They kinda got boring. Not EVERYONE is a tranny

>>380654906Oh that too. Boring and impossible to defend.

>>380654906I miss the Missing 411 days. Those were my favorite episodes

>>380654725There's no way he didn't unless he is a literal homosexual and just has regular AIDS

>>380654725When did striker get on TRS anyways I started listening in 2018 so I'm out of the loop on the early shit

>>380655370Most of the alt right is gay. Even my one IRL friend who fell into this psyop used to be gay for pay and a drug addict.Cleanse with fire.

>>380652376I sure do hope he dies, that would be a blessing.

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>>380655685Nothing of value would be lost if Mr "the science is settled" strokes out and dies

>>380655516Wasn't there an unironic group called fashy fags or some shit?

>>380655459Honestly don't remember desu senpai

>>380655902That's like 1% of the iceberg, but yes.Patrick Casey is a furry.Nick Fuentes may be trans or transphillic.Having a Jewish wife also makes you kinda gay since they lack sexual dimorphism and are ball busters.

>>380652376There is no such thing as VAIDS. The vaccine is unnecessary but ultimately largely harmless. Billions of people got it and 99.9% of them are fine.

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>>380655516No one uses “alt-right” anymore like you did. Shows you are out of touch and running a gay op.

>>380655902I think Horus the Avenger is okay afaik.Johnny grew up around niggers and used to do lots of drugs like phish concert shit.They all have their priors. At least Johnny is nice.


>>380656093That picture was funnier when it was Dr. Holla Forums, MD.

>>380655459He wrote for The Daily Stormer. There was an episode where he and Anglin went on TDS together. After that Enoch hired him.

>>380656183It's historically relevant.I know which NATO conduits and which private intelligence firms were boots on the ground in Charlottesville.So maybe I am aware of the gay op. It's still a historically relevant term.Only fags bend to peer pressure, fag.

>>380655459I think he was with twp and moved over once they imploded

>>380656093You will never be a woman

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>>380655100Agreed.Bigfoot, ghosts, the Titanic conspiracy.That was the good shit. I still listen once in a while. Dogbot cracks me up with his unparalleled ability to follow any idea to it's most impossibly crackpot conclusion. Reducto ad dogbotium.

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>>380652376>VAIDSProbably, but he suffers more from being a system-pilled theorycel

I love it when Enoch acts like he was always anti AzovWhy do you think Charlottesville took place?

>>380653672fair point

>>380656654Both left wing troonery and right wing health quackery are junk science. You Finklethinked retards are literally programmed NPCs. Basically robots. >You aren’t scared of wearing a piece of cloth over your face!? You must be a leftist socialist transgender libtard!!!The Jews are laughing at you.

>>380656965There is no connection between Azov and Charlottesville.

>>380652376Could just be hay-fever some co-workers I got have been sneezing for about 3 months now I dunno how long uninteresting E-celeb nr. 218976123 has had the sniffles but i'm just saying.

>>380657559>EstoniaFuck off glowniggerNext you'll tell me there is no connection between the FBI and Atomwaffen, or Atomwaffen and Azov.

>>380656093Hey striker how much did you get paid to say this?

>>380657559Speaking of which, when is the Sam Woodward trial going to start?4+ years is a long time to await trial.

>>380656551He moved to TRS shortly before the implosion. Also Striker was not “with” TWP. He founded it. He created it. Named it. Created their logo which was a factory gear and a pitchfork as a call back to the USSR’s hammer and sickle.Heimbach and Parrot ended up taking over but it was originally Striker’s baby.


>>380657340>muh horshoetheory>redditspacing each line(you)

>>380657674Iirc it's been happening since winter so I don't think it's that

>>380656965Or how he claims he was right about the coof and the vax from the beginning

>>380656965Wtf are you on about?

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>>380658299>>380658299Maybe he has Kommisar blood in his veins.

>>380658299Well, to be fair, so does most of Holla Forums when in reality anons were slapfighting about masks and autoclaving their groceries for six months while calling me a fag for insisting it was a cold.

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>>380658480Digital ChaffSignature ReductionHow many Americans went to Ukraine after getting blueballed by Charlottesville?

>>380658592You sound like a schizo. Take your meds.

>>380657996Nobody mentioned horseshoe theory. You just made that up.You should listen to FTN’s breakdown on Finklethink. It’s pretty on point. It would help you understand how and why you have been programmed to get upset about irrelevant things like masks and vaccines instead of things that actually matter.

>>380658587Yeah I got that too bro. Crazy how the flu disappeared when covid began. Because viruses (implying they exist) totally stop existing when a different one comes around

>>380658823Yes enforced compliance and losing your job for not getting the clot shot is totally something irrelevant and stupid to get upset about. Let's talk about how the holocaust didn't happen instead because it's relevant to your average working class White person

>>380658782I told you, Mike's bodyguard on Aug 12th 2017 used to work for USAID protecting mayor Signer in Afghanistan.

>>380652376Why did these head guys at TRS take the vaxx anyways?

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>>380659232Because the science is settled!

>>380659232Maybe they're govt employees?Why do they take off every federal holiday like govt welfare queens?

>>380659093who is jazzhands has he actually shown his face at a pool party? does anyone know?

>>380658858Viruses are like Immortals, you see. There can be only one.

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>>380656077>Patrick Casey is a furry.LOL, seriously?

>>380657698Azov existed before Cville. And Mike never talked about them before this current conflict escalated this year. Or do you have any sources of Mike talking about them before?

>>380653906Why would that be? The feds are looking for dirt? You'd think they'd look for dirt just as much, if you're kicked.

>>380659401He went to an njp event once. Other than that idk

>>380659192Ok what's his name?

>>380659401Calm down ADL.

>>380659314>>380659364Even that Keith woods fella was defending taking the vaxx as well. Kind of strange to take homoglobo vaxx that was made in 6 months.

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>>380659555Probably not. Jews are great at little (and big) shitty lies. We couldn't do it - we don't operate or think that way - but Jews seem to have no problem with it.

>>380659862Not going to dox a veteran. He got a visit from the feds not because of Enoch but because David Duke showed up.

>>380660007That faggot is the most insufferable out of all of them

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>>380659862What every happened to Spencer's "bodyguard"? Caraleus Rex.Nice guy even if a bit goofy.

>>380659401I've seen him. But, fuck you.

>>380654860You mean Jayoh?

>>380660146If it's the same guy, he went to work to help drug addicted whites.

>>380660180No I mean an actual retired treasury agent, DIA, etc. Military police, military intelligence, then federal law enforcement. Then contractor.

>>380660241Rex was nice, nothing bad to say about him.

>>380659401Host of a largely redundant podcast on the TRS network.

>>380660241If true that's pretty awesome good on him

>>380658823>Nobody mentioned horseshoe theory. You just made that up.Not at all >Both left wing troonery and right wing health quackery are junk science. >You should listen to FTN’s breakdown on Finklethink.What episode number? If it's pre-alsup, I've already heard it>why you have been programmed to get upset about irrelevant things like masks and vaccines instead of things that actually matterGovernment stealing even more freedom from the populace is irrelevant? It's sure relevant to anyone who's had to endure the hysteria, the gaslighting and gov overreach the past 2+ years. It's not a 'fake' issue if jews are actively using it to oppress whites. What the trs have done instead is say what? Just take the goy juice? There's an opportunity to show who runs the pharma industry and who's making money off of this all but forced medical experimentation, but they would rather sit as elitists and do what? Continue to grift their audience and countersignal those who are actually offering resistance?

>>380658823> be Jazzhands > nnnnguy> Russia is ZOGd> China is ZOGd> Rush Limbaugh references > go through multiple cohosts > Russia will not invade Ukraine > Russia invades Ukraine > do a complete 180 on Russia while being babysat by Mike Enoch for an entire show > start shilling for Russia> get slowly phased from the network

Does he really have an Armenian wife?Heard that on here so it may have just been bullshit.

>>380660939Do it really be like that?

Repeat after me:I am not healthier than MikeI am not healthier than BorzoiI am not healthier than StrikerI am not healthier than JazzhandsBut if I stop and listen and learn, I will be more vaccinated than I am.

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>>380661100Re: Jazzhands McFeltstein

>>380660745>What the trs have done*what trs has done

>>380661110Unironically, yes. He used to be vehemently anti-Russia and even criticised them after the invasion before Big Mike had a word with him.

>>380661150Lmao 10/10

>>380661232Which is what?

TRS are larpers and fake White Nationalists

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>>380656367whats the url nowadays? dot cn has been toast for a few days i think

>>380660333Nice trips.

>>380652376The amount of space Striker occupies in his detractors minds never seizes to amaze me.

What's wrong with baby formula, sperg? I took it and it didn't do me any harm?

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>>380662343He's probably also a Teutonic Knight fwiw. I don't know how many degrees they have... I've seen him appear on episode 33 on more than one podcast. Maybe it doesn't mean anything...

>>380661630That's just correcting grammar in the post I was responding to

>>380652376Nobody was answered me everytime a striker thread is posted: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIS HEAD?

>>380660939Jizzhands was wrong about a lot but the concept of a two party system utilizing both sides to animate people into useless battles is spot on, probably the smartest thing he has ever said.

>>380660048Yeah okay bro.

>>380664029That isn't even a big brain take, it is obvious if you have any common sense.

>>380652376Tranny AIDS

>>380661507It makes perfect sense if you use your brain. He was wrong about Russia. Everything he said about Russia was that it was full of Jews and ran by Jews. Maybe he’s smart enough to denounce that argument after entire world Jewry became anti-Russia?

>that pic Lmfao

>>380663005>say retarded shit>get called out on your retarded shit>"ha, the amount of space I occupy in their head haha"The TRS paypig everybody.

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The truth about Mike Peinovich and TRS is that they are providing a consistent source of good takes and dunking the myth of holocaust hard. there has been a massive uptick in holocaust denial in the past couple of months directly because of TRS. the groyper movement is collapsing as people with more than a few brain cells see that the type of solutions nick fuentes offers are neither viable nor desirable in the current political climate. as the groypers are left with no where to go, the shills are attempting to get ahead of the mass migration of groypers to TRS. when the waukesha documentry drops (and it will) there will be a massive influx of attention directed at NJP and the alphabet boys are trying to get ahead of it to prevent further red pilling of normies that the holocaust is fake. the shills in this thread will: >not denounce isreal >make up blatent lies about the content of TRS shows >use statements from 7 years ago as if they are somehow relavent today >not provide reasonable alternatives to what they claim TRS is not providing >direct pol users back towards kosher narratives that safely avoid the jewish question and the holocaust being fake >not admit the holocaust was fakepress these shills for their alternatives, and their world views. they will not provide any because they are paid kike shills, shitting their pants that the goyim know, and are attempting to yet again, shut it down. when you are getting counter shilled, you are directly over target. every time. the shilling is getting so desperate, so consistent, and so clearly scripted that the only obvious conclusion anyone to anyone that is not jewish could make is that TRS is a threat to the system merely by existing. the holocaust is fake, the goyim know.

>>380660939How exactly is he getting phased from the network? He's still doing shows every week isn't he??

>>380664422>Maybe he’s smart enough to denounce that argument after entire world Jewry became anti-Russia?So basically Trump is good again because the entire jewish media apparatus was against him? Is this how TRS form their opinion? By reacting to how libtards and the jewish press act?

>>380664818Netanyahu was still on Trumps side.

>>380664281David Duke's dad was department of state in Laos in the 60sDuke flew on Air America when in collegeDuke has a condo in Moscow.

>>380653750>was great entertainment.was being the key word, they went off on the retard deep end.

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>>380664737The holocaust is fake and you're a groupie fag. Go back to whatever echo chamber you come from nigger.

>>380665020And on Putin's.

>>380652627>>380653750Johnny Minoxidil and the Paraschizos are retarded, not taking the vax was the only thing they have been correct about.

>>380663903What Seed oils and baby formula does to a mf



>>380664737>when the waukesha documentary drops2 MORE WEEKS TRUST THE PLAN

>>380665412I agree, unfortunately. They used to do good content, like on the Titanic or Las Vegas shooting.

>>380665412Didn't they also predict the corona?

>>380665412>the only thing they have been correct about.What about their theory that the Oklahoma bombing was an op? They did a pretty good show on that.Air Force General Benton K. Partin, whose ground-breaking report to Congress totally refuted the evolving official story that insisted that a Ryder truck packed with diesel fuel and fertilizer parked on the street was able to demolish a more than a third of a nine-story, steel-reinforced concrete building. He concluded that at least four charges were placed inside the building at certain key supporting members, leading to the devastating collapse of most of the frontal support columns and the complete failure on the east side of the building. This failure on the east side of the building is itself problematic, as this damage is drastically offset from the crater left in the street.The Wright Armament Laboratory at Eglin Air Force Base conducted a simulation of the OKC bombing, based on Gen. Partin’s input, utilizing exterior and interior bombs on a test structure. The engineers at Eglin AFB also refute the official hypothesis: “It must be concluded that the damage at the Murrah Federal Building is not the result of the truck bomb itself, but rather due to other factors such as locally placed charges within the building itself…. The procedures used to cause the damage to the Murrah Building are therefore more involved and complex than simply parking a truck and leaving….”The bulk of the evidence damns the official explanation for the damage to the Murrah building as a lie. The Office of the Inspector General’s report on the FBI crime lab procedures used to come to that hypothesis is the final nail in the coffin of the fertilizer truck bomb theory.

>>380665146These fags act like we need any eceleb to tell us the holocaust was fake and gay. HURR DURR PLZ TELL ME WHAT TO THINK

>>380665412BIOKONTROLBIOKONTROLBIOKONTROL>FOXDIE from Metal Gear Solid, but real

>>380665888Yes. Also nice trips

>>380666033>>380666078>POWER OVERWHELMING

>>380666078it was me btw ;)

>>380665964Yeah basically if the official narrative was really all that would have happened was blown windows and ear drums. It wouldn't do what happened

>>380666199Nice dubz

>>380665888>Didn't they also predict the corona?He also predicted covid restrictions would be permanent. Oh wait that didn't happen. They all went away. Lmao.

Reminder that glowniggers are shilling in these very threads, in between meth binges and raping kids.

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>>380666362I think they said it would be rolled out as needed.I remember saying it was all a front for WW3... AND LOOK WHERE WE ARE.

>>380666362It takes like two years to get logistics in place for a war.When you consider this, all the movement in 2020, and getting Americans used to rationing, bread lines, no free speech, etc...just watch the new Top Gun. Israel about to strike Iran, supposedly.

>>380666362Striker just take the L. I know you have buyers remorse with the vax but cmon...

>>380666704Want to know how I get such digits? I place a 1.5 Tesla electromagnet ontop of my crown charka before hitting post.

>>380666840How much DMT do you do and do you do it before or after the tesla electromagnet?

>>380652376Why are you posting a picture of Nikokado with aids?

>>380667139Never done DMTTesla is the unit of measurement for a magnetic field. It's not a Tesla tech device, it's basically an MRI without the spinning. Also it's not loud.

>>380665784>>380665888>>380665964Yes they were right about some things, as were many other before them, but mixing this up with skinwalker shit and tartarian garbage just poisons the well for me. Maybe other people enjoy this but I do not. And that is not even mentioning that most the hosts are spastics just like the Third Rail crew.

>>380667266Well whatever you're doing works cause you got dubz again

>>380652376strycker? the southern california retired radio dj?

>>380667425Skinwalker tape people got defoo'd because one of them was a sexual predator.Tartarian empire imo is just Prussian or Russian imperial architecture, if I had guess. And Tatars are of course a different thing. Global Cossack Empire? lolI agree the cohosts suck. I'd rather have drunk and lazy Bradshaw. The new cohosts seem nice but I just don't trust them... Timing and the flat earth shit.

>>380667435Not to mention all the 33s>>380667598What ever happened to Salad Snake?

>>380664422The leader of the Zionist Entity told Zelenkoberg to pretty much give up.There is multiple angles to all of this, going fullthroated Putinborg because western libs and jews hate him is the definition of "lightswitch brain"And Chabad is its own thing, pretty much an autonomous node within jewry- they don't particularly give a fuck what Western jewry does and says.>>380665740It dropped and was so inconsequential it was forgotten immediately.It was pretty much 5 minutes of Brooks interview and Wis. State GOP leader interview, and 25 minutes of MSM clips.

>>380667680God I miss Brad. I need to hit that dude up

>>380666633>When you consider this, all the movement in 2020, and getting Americans used to rationing, bread lines, no free speech, etc...No. The conspiracy theorist lie that our rulers are omnipotent and have a master plan that everything falls into needs to die. The truth is they're incapable of ruling anymore and their decisions are starting to destroy the international order they crafted after WW2. The ideal liberal system is a depoliticized shopping malls with infinite growth, not a police state that restricts individual consumption. Liberal regimes only resort to direct forms of repression when their rule is becoming weak and they can't use other forms non direct forms of repression to crush political dissent. >>380666704>Striker just take the L.Implying Striker knows or cares how to use 4chan. lol.

Why do you faggots suck so much internet celebrity dick like damn

>>380656654"Doctor Troon" is a redundancy.Literally every M.D. is a fanatical shitlib.When you hear "Doctor", as a title, just replace it with, "Google H.R. agent" and you'll have a handle on their worldview

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>>380668021Would he have gone along with the flat earth stuff?

>>380668271Na he left when all the tranny shit started

>>380660745>right wing health quackery are junk science."The science is SETTLED! Listen to your doctor! Take the pills! Eat the grains! Avoid the meats! Drink the fluoride! Cook the seed oils!"I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE "right" wingers deserve their fate of being sickly, obese, asthma-ridden, impotent, neckbeards.At least shitlibs have the excuse of saying, "Well I just trusted authority."

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>>380668308There is probably some truth to the tranny stuff but it's due to DES given in the 1960s and how women become more masculine as they act more masculine (see Miley Cyrus as an example)Also Jews have always had less sexual dimorphism. B'nai nephilim or whatever causes it.

>>380667680To me they come off as people with no grounding in reality or ideology who just happened to question jewish power because they question everything even the shape of the earth. I would like a show where people research, discuss and theorize about subjects that are politically meaningful or at least relevant. As I mentioned in a thread before it also bothers me that they are all using this cryptic language. You could show a person who does not frequent these circles the table of contents of a FTN show and they still would not know what this show is about.

>>380652589Yup! That's the real problem of Anglo World: They're just simply concerned about > Oh look! BLM are going to tear down Wiston Churchill statue! We must stop them!> Look at what PewDiePie said.They're annoyingly stupid.

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>>380667986Do you have to buy the documentary or is it free for everyone

>>380652376>Does this confirm he's a vaxxie?Probably destroyed his immune system from chain smoking.

>>380668612Yeah I mean there's definitely trannies in Hollywood don't get me wrong. But it seems like one of those subjects where once you cover it you don't need to constantly talk about it and go back to it. Like we get it satanic jews in Hollywood are trying to make you like trannies


>>380669355Lots of jews fall for this tranny shit themselves, see Liev Schreiber's son. This always happens in collapsing civilizations, feminization, decadence and mental illness take over. Doesn't mean that tomboys are trannies though.

>>380661150Holy Kek of Keks.

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>>380661150Alex that faggot claimed colloidal silver has no effect which is blatantly false.

>>380669979Their counter signaling of trying to be healthy by not consooming chemical concoctions by the kikes they claim to hate and saying it's not political is fucking retarded

The globe model has been thoroughly debunked. You know that feeling you get when you can’t get your loved ones to see the light when it comes to extremely important political issues? Globe skeptics feel that same way when they can’t get their political mutuals to even begin to question the official heliocentric model (that’s been programmed into all of us from birth).

Is it true he somehow lost control of

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>>380670797Idk the details but yeah basically

>>380670561This. Especially when you can deboonk spherecucks using their own math for the curvature of the earth

>>380653061>Except when it comes to flat earth, tartaria, mudfloodThisFlat earth is shit put out there to poison the well on all "consparies"Tartaria I think there's something worth looking at, I don't think it was some globe spanning empireThe whole everyone is a tranny thing is retarded as wellJohnny is just polar opposite of Striker/Enoch/SvenThe former reflexively thinks absolutely everything is fake and gay (and much is)The latter reflexively system trust if it isn't a political or social narrativeThey both end up being retardedThe perfect example of this was years back, Sven and Johnny were on some show together right after a major shooting just happenedCan't remember which one it was, I want to say the Las Vegas shooting, but I may be wrongInstantly Johnny was gravitating towards the most retarded theory that had been hatched about the shootingInstantly Sven was "I just can't even" shitlib tier stammering and reverting to the system narrative on the shootingNeither of them could accept the rational view that the system lies even when the truth would serve them better, but bad actors/intel agencies/retards/etc put out well poisoning narratives to throw people offNow Johnny has been dragged off planet with his narratives, and Strike and Mike has become the conspiracy "deboonking" hour that sounds like msnbc + antisemitism

>>380665044How do you know this? Spend your time being productive instead of stalking e celebs you massive faggot, go back to kiwi farms

>>380652376we can only hope he and all of his paid shills have aids

>>380670996Just look at the post directly after yours…tiresome.mp4

>>380671155I'm born to glow. My dad worked at Nintendo Corporation of America.And literally grew up in Laurel Canyon.

>>380671589>laurel canyonOh boy...



>Being anti-zionist because they have used and abused their “relationship” with America? Lame!>Being anti-zionist because they oppress Palestinians? Now that’s what I’m talking about!These third-worldists are no different from conservatards, they just apply their cuckery on an international scale instead of domestically.

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>>380672073You're just jealous you aren't a mutli-million USD experiment gone awry.

What happened to Alsupp?

>>380672438Jizzhands doesn't like people who aren't yesmen

>>380652589>pretends not to know who it is >knows who it is >>380652376jew seethe thread

>>380672669Did you get your science is settled™ booster shot #33 yet?

>>380672073>>380671827>>380671155Okay okay... It's on Wikipedia.

>>380673103>>380672669>>380672650>>380672291>>380672258>>380672073>>380671857>>380671827>>380671589>>380671445>>380671326>>380671155>>380671045>>380670996>>380670888>>380670797>>380670561>>380670312>>380669979>>380669703>>380669593>>380669358>>380669355>>380669313>>380669258>>380669210>>380669039>>380668612>>380668575>>380668509>>380668308>>380668271>>380668154>>380668129>>380668039>>380668021>>380667986Bottom text



>>380660333>No I mean an actual retired treasury agent, DIA, etc. Military police, military intelligence, then federal law enforcement. Then contractor.Do you have a name and then proof of any let alone all these claims>He's probably also a Teutonic Knight fwiw. I don't know how many degrees they have...>I've seen him appear on episode 33 on more than one podcast.>Maybe it doesn't mean anything...

>>380673247The game

>>380674001I couldn't care less.The parties involved know.

>>380674153>I couldn't care less.>The parties involved know.In other words you're going to put forward accusations with 0 proofYou cared enough to make those accusations on a mongolian basket weaving forumWhy not make them stick with some sort of evidence

>>380674423Because it's not my intention to compound the problems of anyone other than myself.


Shills will NEVER be able to tell you when they "said to get vaxxed".Shills will NEVER be able to tell you when they "said to drink seed oil".Shills will NEVER be able to tell you when they "said Russia will save the white race".Shills will NEVER be able to tell you when they "shilled for China".Shills will NEVER be able to tell you when they "supported third-worldism".To any lurkers, the shills are just exploiting your ignorance and want to conflate the desire to avoid pointless infighting with support for a retarded position.

>>380672438Trs became a Pennsylvania NJP org. They meet in person often. Allsup is in the PNW so wasn’t able to contribute as much. He’s also like 12% Filipino so probably not the best leader in a white nationalist org. Guys like allsup have their place if they choose team whitey, just not at the top.

>>380671045>Can't remember which one it was, I want to say the Las Vegas shooting, but I may be wrongI remember them doing this over christchurch, but it might've happened for vegas too. Johnny went off the deep end about how there wasn't enough blood so it has to be fake

>>380674600>Because it's not my intention to compound the problems of anyone other than myself.Nice cop outIt will be assumed that you have no evidence and made shit up until the evidence, even in part, is provided

>>380675447You're right, I have no evidence. I don't need documentation. If you know, you know.

>>380675238The shell casings literally disappear

>>380675691>You're right, I have no evidence. I don't need documentationSo you're making up bs>If you know, you knowTranslation "trust me bro"

>>380675793Not enough memory.Like the skyline in Deus Ex ;)

>>380674838Striker literally said verbatim that the science is settled the vaccines are safe and effective

>>380675849I don't record my conversations with people, it's against the law in some states. Third party law it's called.

>>380675849You are talking to eceleb shills

>>380675929>can't tell you when

Attached: 1602379418839.gif (444x250, 2.21M)

>>380676118I think he said not everyone is dropping dead ergo it's safe.

>>380664029> Jizzhands was wrong about a lot but the concept of a two party system utilizing both sides to animate people into useless battles is spot on, probably the smartest thing he has ever said.Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself.>>380664352Then why do you people keep falling for it?

>>380676118>you can't cite the specific timestamp and episode>haha checkmate loser!!1!Rope yourself. He said it on strike and Mike like a month or 2 ago

>>380676278Because people are as a general rule completely retarded

>>380676200They literally said on TRS that the vaxx is risky experimental bullshit made in a rush by hypochondriac Jews who were funding risky MERS vaccines in shitty chinese labs.You just want to pretend the fact they also know the vaxx isn't full of graphene nanobots is some kind of de facto "vaxx shilling".

>>380676620>coping in the exact way I said you would to "own" me

Attached: 1574533442736.gif (300x259, 1.68M)

>>380676699These threads are clear on that

>>380675793Do you mean they flew off camera and then were too small to see on the ground in the not great quality video? Anyone have webms of it?

>>380672438TRS tried to get him to take the vax and he refused.

>>380677081You can see it artifact out of the video and not just go off the frame

300 post ecelebs. I can feel the summer change


>>380676066>You are talking to eceleb shillsI'm just exposing unsubstantiated bullshit for what it is to lurkersThere are plenty of very real things to criticize TRS/NJP onTacking on unprovable bullshit only detracts from those real criticisms and hardens oppositionTo the bought it any detractors are perceived as bad faith with imagined grievances

>>380675929Strike and Mike April 12th,>safe and effective if you're oldDebatable.

>>380660333Is Greg conte a giga glowie too?

>>380678129Not sure. The guy I mentioned worked with Mike for one day afaik. Totally different.

>>380678129No, he's busy on establishing ties between the White nationalist world and arabs who can't tell the difference between Whites and

Attached: 1653933704458.jpg (675x664, 84.57K)

>>380677897Thanks king that's what I was referring to. You can even hear it in Mike's like he thinks what striker said was fucking retarded

>>380678129Here's a short primerCIA loves MuslimsDoD loves IsraelFBI loves democrats

>>380677514Cant think anything notable to come from these people

>>380678572Nothing wrong with turning up the heat on israel but what is wrong is to let chabad guys in Russia and liberal jews at home slide out of the focus.

>>380652627>Johnny Monoxideyoutubers with 2 or 7 videos?

this is why they hate striker

Attached: striker gop ass fuck.png (486x77, 11.15K)

>>380677897They did a whole show on TRS all about how Jews were paying Chinks to do MERS vaccine research in China and that's the same labs covid came from.Also never failed to mention Jews owned all the companies funding the covid vaxx.All they ever did was disparage retards trying to turn conspiratard shit into a political movement and suddenly they're "vaxx shills".

>>380679026No that faggot is a gayop to redirect people away from the paranormies. Dude had like 40k subs in like 2 weeks after his channel was made or some shit and the explanation for naming it the paranormies was that they're just a pair of normal guys or some shit. Assuming we're talking about the same thing

some one drop ep 216

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>>380679210they are right about the conspiracy conservative types trying to talk about anything other than anti-White occupation government. and that's because these low-end christian types tend to have niggers in their family and the well-heeled types with money in the bank want the system to continue because atomized societies are the best for skimming

>>380679515If they really cared about the average White people mostly in rural America you'd think they'd attempt to steer them in the right direction instead of just insulting them

>>380679515no vaxx or mask protest was racial but it was just something the GOP could appear to score points with without actually having to help white people in any real substantive way

>When I say Death to America, I am by no means limiting that to the ruling class. >On the contrary, it is the ordinary American that must pay, be it economically, morally, or perhaps even with his own life, for the crimes he has committed against the International community.>It is the prerogative and moral duty of the United Nations, in collaboration with member states Russia and China, the new enforcers of International law, to see that this justice be enacted.>Vote for the Eurasian Justice... I mean National Justice Party at your next local elections!

Attached: 63C2AB32-DC26-42B1-ACC1-E0E7A3C1EF46.jpg (1008x1008, 241.89K)

>>380680665Don't forget>WEF has no power>WEF plan current rolling out in front of them

>>380680186>maybe if I just make shit up for 6,000,000 posts.......


Attached: 1652142888059.jpg (225x225, 7.09K)

>>380680186Why should we of the Intellectual Vanguard stoop to such levels?

Attached: D1AC46F9-275B-46FC-A60D-253B647B795A.jpg (640x640, 42.39K)

>>380681765>intellectual >striker

Attached: 1653496126981.jpg (640x406, 19.01K)

>>380680665>state fact about reality>this means you secretly want China to rule over youThis is some real bargain bin shilling

>>380682150That implies they SECRETLY want them to rule over us

>>380682304see>>380674838cope, sneed, dial 8

>>380679210>They did a whole show about Jews paying Chinks to do MERS vaccine research in China>never failed to mention Jews owned the companiesThey were silent on it for the longest timeYes they did cover those things when the whole saga was basically overThey said virtually nothing about the mandate when it mattered the mostThey failed to comprehend the sheer amount of stress it caused the average White family that had to choose between a job and a coerced vaccinationWhen they did speak to the issue they came very late to the game and gave the worst advice imaginable on how to deal with your workplace if they were still pushing itAll they had to do from the outset was say:The mandate is shitty a continuation of the other anti-White policiesThe same system that's enacting White genocide is pushing this really hardYou probably shouldn't trust themInstead we got radio silence followed by yelling "kook" and "conspiracy">All they ever did was disparage retards trying to turn conspiratard shit into a political movement and suddenly they're "vaxx shills"NoThey to this day countersignal on several points that they're wrong aboutThey attacked all criticisms of the vaccine itself as "5g nanobots" strawmenNever mentioned nordic countries banning it for certain age groupsNever mentioned the Japanese govt banning moderna due to millions of doses having metal "contamination"Ton of other easily verifiable facts that pointed to fuckery and didn't involve "5g nanobots"They attack treatments like Ivermenctin as "conspiracy theory"Yes, well known conspiracy theorists like the Tokyo Medical AsscLargest medical association in Japan outside of the national oneVery well known "kooks"Other "conspiracy theorists" like the Peruvian govt that distributed it en mass and significantly cut down the covid mortality rate in their countryTLDRThey're trying to take a niche position pandering to a target constituency that doesn't exist and come off totally wrong doing it

>>380654906trs wouldnt stop talking about trannies either, fickin weirdoes. Such a tiny non issue that usually solves itself and only survives if you give it attention.

>>380682709Vaxx politics are non racial and a waste of time, period. Yes, the masks and the mandates at some workplaces suck and are gay but all this shit was was another fake, non-racial, issue designed to keep the 2 party system alive a bit longer.Dems want all this annoying shit.GOP gets to oppose it.And in the end no matter who wins nothing really changes but the illusion of a savior party (the GOP) for disaffected whites gets to live on.You need to think bigger.

>>380652376hello antivax chads and pure bloods. my mom has Stenosis never had health problems prior to vaccine. has anyone heard of this happening. after her second last year she got strep and bloodshot eyes also developed arthritis. any connections to the jab? im a pureblood so is my wife. god bless you anons. Vaxxies need not respond.

>>380683246>vax politics are non racial and a waste of timeStopped reading right there. You're a fucking idiot

>>380682150>literally presents China & Russia as benevolent saviors of the world.>is not a propagandist for ZOG East

>>380683820>literally presents China & Russia as benevolent saviors of the world.see>>380674838cope and sneed, cope and sneed>>380683756breaking the spell the GOP has over white america is priority #1.vax politics are non racial and a waste of time.Cope.

>>380680344>no vaxx or mask protest was racialNo it wasn't.>>380680186They do attempt to steer them in the right direction. They don't listen and keep trying to dive back into market conservatism and jewish imperial ambitions at the first opportunity.

Putin & Netanyahu's War on Terror: Did they know about 9/11?Bibi wrote a book in 1995 that predicted militant Islam would bring down the world trade center. His book is titled, "Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies can defeat Domestic and International Terrorism". Putin wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times in 1999 titled, "Why We Must Act." piece talks about the need to stomp out terrorism, Putin was mostly talking about Chechnya. Both Israeli and Russian intelligence both "warned" of a major terror attack just before 9/11 with Putin specifically saying the attack was coming out of Afghanistan. 1 Hour after the north tower collapsed, Ehud Barack went on national television blaming the attack on Bin Laden and Afghanistan. Putin has said Russia "needs no proof of the guilt of Bin Laden" in the attacks. >9/11 Putin & Bibi Netanyahu's War of Terror>KGB involvement in 9/>Did Russia and Soviet Israel orchestrate the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States?>The War on Terrorism did Russia and Israel a favor>Russian Pilot Making Photos 9/11 Flying Above>On Global Terrorism: FAKT interview with A.>Putin denying 9/11 conspiracy in scrubbed RT article

Attached: 60A94324-2EEF-4D5A-9828-BF574956C83E.jpg (1298x1923, 2.65M)

>>380677365> cool thanks. It looks like a mix of low frame rate and low resolution. When the video repeats in slow motion, you can see shells hitting the ground when he fires his first string of shots. The second string, where he's looking past the white prius seems more suspicious, but they could have fallen just past the curb

>>380683645Stenosis of what? Arteries? Intestines?

My favorite part of the whole mask-tard storyline was when those mouth breathing retards got set up by Zion Don and refused to wear their masks so they all got rounded up and thrown in a DC supernig prison after outlets like TRS were telling people not to go.

>>380684098In what ways specifically other than calling them retards have they done to attempt to steer them in the right direction

>>380684405They have explained in detail for YEARS that conservatism is an occupation management system. At a certain point you can't help people.

>>380652376imagine seething so hard because they don't shill for jewkraine and fake kike kosher azog sodomites

Attached: 1627267217295.png (928x379, 253.62K)

>>380675038Makes sense

>>380684612All these people want to do is try to bring WN back to conservatism and all of its stupid fucking ideas that don't work. And when you refuse, they get pissy and complain that they're being "disrespected".

Attached: 4BC3A75D-ACC7-4A0C-9DA4-4B1E276E6C10.png (435x888, 240.51K)

>>380665412And that "one thing" happened to involve a death shot that kills you that was being pushed on the entire population... Hmm... That's like the most important thing to be right about ever.

Attached: Trust_the_experts_goy.png (598x747, 83.37K)

so we should trust this shitskin mutt spic Martinez who shills for jewkraine and NATO?

Attached: 1632421513938.jpg (414x300, 8.88K)

>>380683246>Vaxx politics are non racial and a waste of time, period.I disagreeThey could have easily been turned racialAt the peak of the mandate there were articles going around about how negroes should be exempt because they have historical reasons to not trust vaccinesIt was beyond clear who the mandates were aimed atTRS could have siezed an angle that nobody else was taking on an issue that was clearly popular with the segment of the population they are going to need to gain power and popularityWhether it was through reflexive system trusting or sheer intransigence, yet again, they pissed away a golden opportunity>GOP gets to oppose it>And in the end no matter who wins nothing really changes but the illusion of a savior party (the GOP) for disaffected whites gets to live onThey attack the GOP for having half assed policies with "based" headlines on a variety of other issuesThey should have on this one as well>You need to think biggerBigger thinking is they need to drop their shitlib priors and steer issues like this into the realm of race politicsThe covid thing alone inflicted more harm to the system's narrative than just about anything else in modern historyYou have a massive pool of people that trust precisely 0 the system says about any given subjectTRS should have done everything in it's power to reach out to them and say something along the lines of "I know you don't like the vaccines or mandates, the system is really shitty, here's the other things they're doing that are aimed directly at you on the basis of you being White"They could be easily ripped from the arms of the gatekeepersThe NSDAP wasn't so short sightedThe anti vaxx thing was huge in the Weimar republicDid they try to do some novelty take on it?NoThey outright opposed the vaccine mandate, sounded more antivaxx than nuance, and gained the support of a large segment of the populace that already inherently didn't trust the systemCase and point Der Sturmer February 1932

Attached: DieImpfung.jpg (600x587, 110.99K)

>>380685231>TRS could have siezed an angle that nobody else was taking on an issue that was clearly popular with the segment of the population they are going to need to gain power and popularityThey did. They supported payments and rent-freezes for people affected by the shut down.

>>380685396>They did. They supported payments and rent-freezes for people affected by the shut downEarly covid lockdown they didMandate, they didn't

>>380685651What mandate payment? What are you talking about?

>>380685396Wow stunning and brave

>>380685779>What mandate payment?No mandate paymentI meant early lockdown they siezed on an angle that was popular and few were takingDuring the lockdown they completely failed to do so

Get vaccinated and come to my seed oil pool party. We're going to read Star Trek fan fiction and there's going to be cake (with added microplastic). No republicucks allowed!Who else here good goy /VETTED/?

Attached: 1647757014419.png (956x712, 306.94K)

>>380685231Bro, the government were never applying covid shit racially. I'm sure some liberal rags did say some shit about how blacks need to be exempt but that was all it was.There was no potential to squeeze racial politics from covid politics.My greater point was that the GOP was "good" on covid politics and they would have come out ahead if a bigger deal had been made of covid politics and anything that legitimizes the GOP is a disaster for white americans.We need to deny the GOP any sense of grassroots popularity first and foremost.The GOP is enemy #1.

>>380683246>Vaxx politics are non racial and a waste of time, period.TRS are vax cattle good goy globohomo bootlickers. They are controlled opposition and enemies of the white race.The Freedom Convoy will never forget their betrayal. They are enemies.

Attached: 1645192363847.png (560x576, 567.58K)

>>380685231>gain power and popularityNever gonna happen. All of these guys are too fucking ugly and weird looking.. or outright sus like Enoch and Spencer. This is as far as they go. Just milking you losers. Or Fuentes milking his groupers.

>>380686191Freedom convoy was also non racial and gay, cope.

>>380686283>Largest white populist uprising in their entire lifetimes fight against globohomo, blockading borders, occupying capitals>"t-that's not white">China, Iran, Palestine, Russia>"SUPPORT THE MUSLIMS GOYS!!!!"TRS/NJP are globohomo controlled opposition and enemies of the white race. TRS niggers get the rope for being race traitors.

Is Holla Forums room 101?Is Enoch our Emmanuel Goldstein?Are we in 1984?>>380677081>>380677245Whether or not the shooting was real...Tarrant did go to 1) Pakistan, 2) Israel, and 3) Turkey in the few years before the attack.He also claims he got rich or bitconnect.

>shilling this hardlol

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>>380685970>During the lockdown they completely failed to do soI really don't understand. They never wavered from calling for financial help for people. They also never supported a vaccine mandate. And most of the country did not have a vaccine mandate and most of the country didn't have extended lockdowns. New York City did. Ivy League schools did. But most of the country did not.

>>380686283The people organizing it were literally orthodox jews.

>>380686730TRS/NJP are globohomo vax mandate bootlickers. TRS may as well just be a wing of the ADL at this point. I mean Mike Enoch is literally Jewish. Bunch of good goys.

Attached: 1639933241733.jpg (397x553, 110.94K)

>>380686906That's why the paranormies had to go. They weren't towing the company line

>>380686780TRS literally supports Jews all the time, look at their Russia arc. Most of their recent rhetoric has had nothing to do with white people whatsoever, and they're overtly supporting multicultural Jewish loving countries like Russia. They have no issue supporting non-white issues and pro-Jewish issues. TRS are controlled opposition and would never support anything that matters. They're good goys.TRS niggers will never do shit. It's clearly a glow-op ran by Jews. Lets talk about Star Trek instead.

>>380686079>Bro, the government were never applying covid shit raciallyThe system started determining who could and couldn't get monocolonal antibodies on a purely racial basis>I'm sure some liberal rags did say some shit about how blacks need to be exempt but that was all it wasWhat that's code for is:Hey HR depts, give negroes exemptions and don't give them to Whitey>There was no potential to squeeze racial politics from covid politics.Wrong on many fronts>My greater point was that the GOP was "good" on covid politics and they would have come out ahead if a bigger deal had been made of covid politics and anything that legitimizes the GOP is a disaster for white americansNoThey were half assed like they are with everything else they do "good" onVery few states passed any protections for private employees in their statesLike with guns, if they knew it wouldn't cost them every seat they hold they'd pass a full on ownership ban on semi autos tomorrowThe only reason they don't is it's one of the very few things keeping them in powerDoes this mean you should oppose 2A because the GOP supports it in the most milquetoast way imaginable? noThe right strategy on the very very few issues the GOP gets "right" is call them out for the pussies they are and say "hey White America, look how timidly Republicans support X issue, we'll give you what you actually want on X">The GOP is enemy #1We're agreed on thatThey're the biggest existential threat to Whites on the North American continentOn most issues they should be outright opposedOn the rare issues they halfway do what their constituency wants isn't the time for caveats and nuanceEnoch and Striker aren't good at it on these things, that much should be clearThey need to keep it 8th grade simple"GOP are faggots, they'll never give you everything you want, xyz examples, we'll go all the way for you"


Attached: ukraine refugees.png (440x579, 283.26K)

>>380669039these people are losers watch the public space stream on odysee literally no joke striker cant actually run a stream

>>380686079>Bro, the government were never applying covid shit racially.false>I'm sure some liberal rags did say some shit about how blacks need to be exempt but that was all it was.oh so you know you're wrong>There was no potential to squeeze racial politics from covid know except how the Freedom Convoy was literally called white supremacists and nazis all the time. It didn't need to be squeezed, it was part of the rhetoric from the start.>GOPNo one cares burger.TRS/NJP are globohomo jews, controlled opposition niggers. TRS niggers get the rope. TRS are race traitors and enemies of the white race. Bunch of good goys WHO WILL NEVER DO SHIT. Pathetic little bitch, weak ass motherfucker. Go suck Tyrone's dick and jerk off to Star Trek fanfiction.

>>380687316>The system started determining who could and couldn't get monocolonal antibodies on a purely racial basisRight -- the system was saying White people could not get access to the vaccine. Which doesn't really match up with the idea that the vaccine was a death shot. Obviously it could be reverse psychology or something, but I'm just taking things at face value here.

>>380684845And how many more people would have listened if this wasn't said buy guys who think every girl is a tranny and history is only 300 years old? Besides my opposition to the vax is not even about what is in it but that I can't justify before myself to allow nerds and faggots to inject me with something I don't believe I need.

>>380687671>creates "political party">2 years later it's all just donations and drinking partiesThe grift accelerates