Can a chicken cry??? Well?

I don't know man...she really stumped me. know where to watch this documentary? Here's another YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE a side note, my observational skills has determined that up isn't really up. It only appears 'up' based on our understanding of our position in space. If I were to stand on my head, 'up' becomes 'down'. Pretty interesting isn't it? But because we don't typically stand on our heads, we have never made this realization that it's only perspective.

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>>380652323He looks weird. Like basedfree basedmilk

>>380652323>the black Supreme Court "justice" is so fucking dumb her "I'm not a biologist" response to being asked what a women is will be viral for yearsDemocrats always have the stupidest people surrounding them.

>>380652526It's a traditional look that these weak hipsters subverted to look like "muh indie lumberjack fashion"

>>380652323some women have penises and some men have vaginas

>>380652323while i applaud his attempts, he wont really win any argument in this sphere. what we should garner from this and help others garner from this is not what a woman is, but rather what mental illness is. unironically, this "what is a woman debate" is basically a great set up for a prank to make nerds, dorks, and losers (aka trannys and tranny supporters) look even dumber, like classic jocks from the 80s. trolling dorks to say things like "its a meme you dip". >can a chicken cry this is a perfect self own and hightlights why these people are mentally ill, dorks, losers, outcasts, and deserving of the poorest of treatment until they buckle up and fly right

>>380653210>t. failed biology inbred


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>>380652323These people are insane, the so-called professionals that peddle trannies as normal

>>380652323Bump as I also want a link to the full documentary. It looks good

>>380653213>>can a chicken cry>this is a perfect self own and hightlights why these people are mentally ill,explain for me please

>>380653210>Trust the science, trust the experts, they know their shit, you are an inbred idiot larper that just wants to go against the systemA Brit told me this unironically

Wow that’s hilarious, might actually pay to see this one.

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>> this on a lesson in bullying nerds.

>>380654004true nerds will always fail to appropriately respond to bullying and will always instead defend their positions as if the person bullying them was actually mistaken in their assessment.likewise, trannys and trans enablers (if the situation is right) will always defend their positions instead of seeing trans debates for what they are: showcases for their mental illness.the point of bullying nerds was to simply get them to voluntarily display why they are nerds and why they deserve to be bullied in the first place.

>>380652323Some women have penises. Get over it, bigot

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>>380654879true jocks really dont give two shits if dweebs like magic the gathering. but they do care if the dweebs fail to self deprecate their nerd interests.likewise, i would wager if trannies could simply acknowledge they are fucked and their interests are fucked and that their relegation to the bottom of the social hierarchy was justified, people wouldnt really care about them.but instead trannies fight and defend their interests with such gusto that only makes them look even more deranged and only adds fuel to the bullying fire. this was the fatal flaw nerds made in the old days.


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>>380652323Stream link:anonfiles dot com slash 93Jdq4mdy8 slash What_is_a_Woman_The_Daily_Wire.mp4_torrent

>>380652323WTF We absolutely LOVE the Jews now and want to donate our foreskins to them!


>>380655497thank you sir

>>380652323I have never once paid to watch a grifter doc but I will actually pay for this one Looks great!

>>380655497Mega link no longer works.

>>380655388brother this is based.>>380655497ty bro

>>380657638Crap, 16 minutes into it and it got yanked. Just starting the interview with the chicken lady.

>>380655554The fact that the western world hasnt banned circumcision should be a crime against humanity and so long as we let those fucking barbarians continue to mutilate their own children and then send them into the world to dement the minds of our children we are going to be fucked. Actually unacceptable that uncle addie didnt take care of this bs

>>380655497Anon files link is broken too now

>>380652323why did we even begin to entertain these mentally ill reality-denying freaks? how did we get to this point? judaism? it's all just so tiresome

>>380658825No it isn't

>>380658825nvm im fucking retarded, make sure you remove all the slashes fml

>>380652323>>380655497would unironically pay a one and done to have the movie, I just dont want a gay subscription to anything. I watch Matt Walsh daily, his show is very good, he's one of the few on the right who's cringe and banal.

>>380652526weak, Matt Walsh is a classic guy stop being a faggot.

>>380658392Thats why you just have to download the whole thing at the start

>>380653213Yes the fundamental flaw here is that, again, it goes off this fallacy that if we just show them the truth that they will "wake up" and see the err of their ways. These people don't want the truth, they are religious adherents to a dogma that satisfices some need that our atomized materialist liberal secular society does not give them. These people unironically need fucking jesus not "The logic and reason" If they had logic and reason they wouldn't believe this shit.

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Jetzt werde ich diesen Moment nutzen, um zu sagen: Wir sollten die Trans-Untermenschen töten

>>380654004Because the man is talking about objectively observable and measurable reality. The woman cannot do that and resorts to an absurd non-sequitur about whether a goddamn chicken can cry or not. She is moving the goal posts to avoid discussing physical objectivity because her ideals insist upon subjectivity at all costs.Whether or not a chicken can cry is referring to trannies being sad and killing themselves. She is trying to defend the emotional subjectivity of trans identities while avoiding engaging with the question of objectivity.

>>380659741its true, the relationship between faith and reason is tricky, but what they need is the notion that they are distant from the mind of god, and the only way to be one with him is to serve him and the holy spirit aka humanity. How they can do this is by even conforming a little bit christ. They unironically need jesus because they are self worshippers

seed the fucking user files link faggots

Can one of you fat cunts just upload this fucking thing to Google drive. No one uses torrents anymore.

>>380655388Even jocks had their own weird little nerd hobbies. Nobody gave a shit what you did on your own, they cared if you were autistic enough to wear a Naruto headband and fingerless gloves to school unironically. Bullying is to teach you how to behave normally in public and to keep your personal business your personal business, simple as. Normal people who fit in and don't annoy anyone don't get bullied.

>>380660314You are fucking retarded if you think no one uses torrents. Its still the best way to download you fucking subhuman jew.>>380660317Exactly. Its about conformity in the open, doing what you want in private. You can do whatever you want because I am ultimately a bit of a lib but holy shit why do you need me to also like it. Its insecurity. Its the same shit with the antivaxxers where its not enough to not get it, there has to be a conspiracy that makes everyone a sheep because they are insecure about their decisions and individuality. You can be a bit weird just dont expect people to want you to do it in front of them

Some bullshit paywalled Daily Wire Shapiro documentary made by a hack Milo-tier shock jock will not do anything to convince anyone who doesn't already hate trannies. You can jerk yourselves off to "FACTS LOGIC AND SCIENCE" like Reddit atheists while parroting opaque bizarre memes like crying chickens and nobody outside your bubble will care. Giving yourselves dopamine by watching the same tired tunnel vision shit you already agree with may feel good but it won't do anything for your personal development or for social change.

>>380652323>The chicken answerThose retard literally destroy animal activist with their answer lmfao

>>380660887Its about the spectacle. Its about driving people to feel uncomfortable with the dominant ideology in society so that they have something TO talk about and fight against. Its such obvious stupidity from the left that the goal is to have moderates look at it and be scared to be left, and hopefully have a couple based leftists like me confirm their worry that trans people are degenerating society with no moral or logical framework for doing so. Marx is the last great christian apologetic and we need to start reading him like a theocrat as to convert the ones with brains

>>380660887You will never be a woman. Hmmph, you don't even know what one is. lulz


>>380652323Lol the fact that the star wars shop owner is in this fucking rules. I actually might watch this.>If you got a dick your not a chick.>you are fucking nuts. Whats wrong with you?Love that guy classic af

I'm convinced the LGBT thing is a cult. Look at her mannerisms. Almost hypnotized. Surreal.

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>>380660270I've been seeding it for hours. There are 87 other seeders

>>380660314What would be the point? It would just get taken down in 5 minutes just like the other streaming link that is now dead. Torrenting is not hard and prevents take downs

>>380661340Evidence we've become too comfortable in our cushy western lifestyles and we need to be attacked more by lions.

>> fag>>380661556god bless you

>>380652323He's Jewish.

>>380661755YASS, downloading now. Thanks bro.


>>380661853Hes super Christian.

>>380661546>I'm convinced the LGBT thing is a cultLook up the old investigations the internet atheist movement did into actual cults and every single coercion method they used back then is used by the alphabet people today

>>380655497Thank you!

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He looks like he's about to lose his shit when he says "in reality"

It's a religion, a cult, that's why you can't have intellectual conversations with them. Although this cult has invaded science, medicine, universities, public policy, etc. it is not scientific or logic based. It's not like this situation is uncommon throughout history. A religion will present itself as inherently factual and abuse the fallacy of Appealing to Authority - XYZ authority is presented as an expert, XYZ authority adheres to our religion, therefore our religion is one and the same with the institution or expert.

>>380661853He literally has a massive Chi Rho tattoo

>>380662274He's a larping Catholic

>>380662868then hes a retard.

>>380661740Lel, had a legit spear chucker neighbor. His tribe didnt allow doors on their homes, so preditors roll through and grab a snack when they feel like it. He hated american niggers more than me and moved back because of them.

>>380652323The problem is that you retards think in terms of objective reality, that is why you lose, what he should've said: "my reality/opinion is mine and your reality/opinion is yours and I won't bend to it" that's it. Let them believe they are women, trans or whatever, just tell them to fuck off and we won't accommodate them because our reality is women are women and men are men. There are no debates, there are just opinions, stop trying to find objectivity, embrace subjectivity and you will start winning.

>>380652323Pay me federal research gibs to prove why frogs are gay

>>380652323Cold takes, everybody knows trannies aren't reasonable. I dont need to watch Matt Walsh content to vindicate those views.> up isn't upSure dude. But if you defined "up" as "perpendicular to earths surface", you wouldn't be losing brain cells with this highschool stoner-tier semantics play lol

>>380664225"The color white is #FFFFFF" is objective reality but I see what you're getting at with the framing. I'd just say "my subjective reality is that an objective reality exists for all universal constants" - not that they'll interpret ANY of this rhetoric reasonably.

>>380664225Youre fucking retarded. People have their subjective realities but when we interact with each other we impose objectivity on each other. Any time we interact and make policies, we enforce some degree of objective reality that we all have to exist in. That level of epistemic skepticism, to the point of questioning if we even exist, is great for philosophy, but its worthless for making prescriptions about how people should live in the world and for describing what we are seeing. Its about using a shared language. We all exist in a language game and if we use words differently then we are playing different games.

K im watching and Matt is a little retarded. That professor is correct about most of the things he says, hes just overly sensitive lmfao. He said youre looking for an essentialist definition" and Matt denies it, which is stupid because he is looking for an essentialist definition, which is right lol so he shouldve bit the bullet

>>380664225I've been struggling with a way to articulate clown world but i think I understand it the same way as you. We try to argue facts with people who argue opinions and that's futile. But if we play their game, we can defeat them with their own rhetoric. Much the same way in Judo, using your opponent's momentum to throw them.

>>380653210And none of them will ever feel desire to see you naked. Probably a bigger issue for you than convincing Holla Forums that trannies aren't lapping. Correlation?

>>380660722>that flag>unironically using the term 'anti-vaxxers' oh shut the fuck up you retarded goy motherfucker. stop spouting establishment dogshit. fucking moron. wish i was there to throw you the beating you so clearly need.

>>380664225>Here's my plan for a phyrric victoryObjective truth is the foundation of progress. Giving that up means to enter Fukuyama's End of History, where everything is rehashed 90s-early 00s culture and sentiments and the facade of our cultural debate is forever stuck in petty squabbels over meaningless micro-offenses, because you're not expert enough to talk about big stuff and everyone has an opinion on the little things. Seriously, you play this game of everyone has their opinion at your own peril, and if you need to wake up to a day when you're the only one who thinks your way, and the isolation of being truely a unique individual slowly creeps in, it will be way too late to regret playing that game. You can't have a functioning society without common consensus, and as Putnam likes to point out, heterogeneity mainly breeds mistrust. Fun world to live in where there's no religion except jews and no community because "fuck that weird guy next door".

>>380666730oh im sorry the words people use to describe reality hurt your feelings. Youre just as delusional. I didnt go on a tirade about how vaccines are literally magic. "antivaxxers" is the term because they are anti the vaccine, stop being a faggot. They can say no to the vaccine, idgaf, ill say in my totalitarian regime we'd be mandating and going dooor to door but thats neither here nor there. What im commenting on is the pathological nature of people opposed to the vaccine who need everyone else to agree with them. In the same capacity, trannnies want everyone to adopt the same vocabulary and ideas because youre pathetic cowards to scared to hold a bad idea.

>>380665808And the professor was using a circular definition at best and a complete non-answer at worst. An essentialist definition at least makes progress towards defining the question at hand

>>380659741The point of a debate with these schizos is not to convince them they're wrong but to show onlookers how absolutely insane they really are.

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>>380667499>Sunlight is disinfecting the retarded ideas

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>>380662274((( They ))) always are.

>>380661234Matt Walsh will never convince a moderate of anything. This is nothing but low grade entertainment gruel for people who are already believers.

>>380662762>>380662436pol is also a cult which is why every discussion eventually turns into screaming dilate tranny and death threats. you retards dont even fucking read books or do any learning on your own, just Daily Wire pop culture horseshit.

>>380667485Are adoptive mothers still mothers?Every essentialist always makes exceptions therefore always resorts to circular logic and personal opinions as well. This docu is low hanging fruit for braindead boomer cunts rotting in front of their television sets.

>>380668479/pol/acks do not have a single identifying trait they they stake their entire identity on, this means than if they choose to fight and die on a specific hill it's a logically consistent argument that is being proffered, not a lizard brain belligerent response to having the differences between a fictive reality you ascribe to and actual reality pointed out.>>380668748If you had children you wouldn't have to ask this, as actually "acquiring" a child is the easy part, even retards can do it.


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>>380668189thanks for your input, rabbi


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>>380652323Woman = dress and long hair, cute clothesMan= baseball cap, pants, short hair Why do cisppl have such a hang up on gender roles and hang on to archaic beliefs like body parts Gender is all about what section of Dillards you shop in

>>380654575The video no longer exist...shit, can you tell us about the video?

>>380655497what trackers to use for this?

>>380652526I agree, the only way around it for him is to get lasik

>>380665808Fuck off and die nazi, tranny scum.

>>380664225>>380667300This user is right, embracing muh subjective reality is a retreat to 70s-90s postmodernism. You don't win anything that way.

>>380668748You will die and no one will mourn your passing, leftist filth.

>>380652323Get back to me when he makes a documentary called "What is a Jew?"

>>380652323>does a chicken commit suicideI mean, why did it cross the road?


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>>380667404"Anti-vaxxer" conveniently shifted to mean "against ALL vaccines" so its not even really the right word. "Anti-covid-jab", maybe, since its debatable if its even the same type of vaccine as all previous ones.

>>380653210none of those cases are normal, naturally disfigured or not

desu I got to thank American conservatives. However compromised they might be, they are the only ones in the world pushing back against shit like this publicly. A doc like this is practically inconceivable in the UK or EU.

>Gender ideology is an insane, incoherent messOY VAVOY

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>>380665540>When we interactAnd what objectivity did they get from interacting? The only objectivity they got was that there is no objectivity. The objectivity you impose was someone's subjectivity and laws change therefore your objectivity changes, therefore it's not objective, if it was objective you wouldn't need laws. >Should liveOnly way to impose the "should" is by authoritarianism. If you have to impose then it isn't objective.>>380667300Yeah everyone has an opinion in democracy, if you want one opinion support fascism. That's how progress and competition happens, multiple ideas fight and one wins. Just live by your opinion and if you surpass them then they will follow, communism didn't fall from debates it collapsed on it's own, same way men are women and 2+2=5 and they will collapse on their own, let them run on their shitty opinion, just live in your own reality. Don't surrender, don't debate, just live.

In the future when everyone is the same color and has the same outfit and speaks the same we will finally end opposition to diversity

>>380671087The culture war is being fought in america and the outcome will decide our future. They have my full support

>>380668310> let me tell you what high-grade popcorn looks likeNobody cares dude

>>380652323I knew Matt Walsh works for Ben ShapiroI knew he used to be an absolute megafaggot cuckservative, to the point where he would get ratioed on twitter over and over again to the point where it hit a crescendo when he was actually trying to defend Armed Robbery the Jogger. After that he figured out how to at least pretend to be based. But I never knew how much of a basedboy faggot face he has. Now I understand why his natural instinct was to be a cuck. Physiognomy is fucking real. I hate this look where they have a thick beard due to some sort of MENA genetics but look soft as fuck.

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>>380661755God bless you, user.

>>380652323Proverbs 177 Excellent speech becometh not a fool: much less do lying lips a prince. 21 He that begetteth a fool doeth it to his sorrow: and the father of a fool hath no joy.Proverbs 18:2A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself.Proverbs 23:9Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.Proverbs 26:4Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.Proverbs 26:5Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.Proverbs 26:12Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? there is more hope of a fool than of him.Proverbs 27:22Though thou shouldest bray a fool in a mortar among wheat with a pestle, yet will not his foolishness depart from him.

>>380655497> and free pilled

>>380668748> watch me do semanticsSave some of your chats/logs so you can cringe at them a decade from now. Of course an adopted mother is not a biological mother. Dual-meaning language distinctions are not difficult or impressive.


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>>380671421It won't download. Keeps getting interrupted.

>>380669940I found this on /t/ before the thread was deleted by their tranny mods

>>3806712823/10 larp, idk man, add some vitriol so you actually sound like an ass-blasted fag. They speak with more emotion.

>>380668748Your wordplay will convince nobody here.

>>380667499Noooo you can’t have free speech

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>>380671359Even though I just shat all over Matt Walsh, he is pretty clever for doing this video. I remember a few months back, someone made the point to me that if you want to assblast one of these trannies, ask them if they are able to describe what a woman is. They can't do it because any descriptor at all would narrow the definition in some infinitesimal way on who or what can identify as one. They can't even say that a woman is woman-like because your definition of a woman might differ in some way from another's. It's a funny exercise just to show how mentally insane these people are.

>>380659741they don't need jesus, they need to be locked up in mental institutions and fed a healthy dose of anti-psychotic meds until they finally expire. these people are beyond saving. they've spent their entire lives digging themselves into the hole of their ideology. these people are so fucking stubborn and will never admit fault. they'd rather kill themselves than admit they were wrong.

>>380668479Not really, it’s leftists who need to be talked to as if they’re babies

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>>380652323>As a side note, my observational skills has determined that up isn't really up. It only appears 'up' based on our understanding of our position in space. If I were to stand on my head, 'up' becomes 'down'. Pretty interesting isn't it? But because we don't typically stand on our heads, we have never made this realization that it's only perspective.All relativism is satanic kikery

>>380653213Mockery of leftoids needs to be normalized. It's what gives normal people the courage to openly reject left wing delusions

>>380670954Vaccines are shit

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>>380652323>>380652742Want some really funny shit, watch this

>>380652526A person's appearance only matters if they're liberal.

>>380669938it's a scene from the move clerks 2

>>380667499They're not insane, if you claim to have a control over fundamental reality of the world, then it's fundamentally a power claim, which will appeal to a lot of people. Furthermore meta-ethics of democracy itself reinforce their ideology, a natural question arises - democracy why?:1) Because there is no truth in this world 2) Because while there is truth in this world, the opinion of the majority should supersede it3) Because majority is more likely to find the truthIf 1, then obviously there is no such thing as woman(female) or man(male) in existence.If 2, then obviously if majority can choose the leader of the nation, which can start wars and genocides, then majority also choosing who is what sex/gender is not a big deal at all.If 3, then you are mentally challenged, and there is no further conversation to be had with you.

>>380660887>hack Milo-tier shock jockCompletely wrong. You haven't watched it so pipe down, dumbfuck

>>380672715So basically you're retarded and mentally ill which explains your batshit retarded contradicting ideology. No wonder you've lost the culture war

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>>380668310Sounds like wishful thinking to me


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>>'s true ain't it? What direction is up? What happens to 'up' once I leave the planet? Up and down can only be constructs. If I am in an aerial platform, there's a lever and an indicator for up and down. But up and down doesn't really exist. I propose we remove all 'up' and 'down' indicators on all machinery because clearly, they're inheritably racist. /sarcThis is essentially what we're dealing with here now in society.

>>380660314Torrents are the superior way to share things you fucking retard.

>>380672432All evidence points to most of it being a massive pharma racket but it doesn't explain the earlier success stories unless even POLIO was a scam. Hard sell on "ALL vaccines are bad". Just most.

>>380653440It really does feel like some Great Delusion shenanigans are afoot when I can say “A Woman Does Not Have A Penis” and get attacked, insulted, and harassed by a large number of people.

>>380659741Well it's at least good to make them look like loons at the end of the day

>>380673102> can have kidsSorry troon, you'll always be gross

>>380672917I have no idea how your response has anything to do with what i said. Or what ideology and what contradictions you're referring to.

>>380658388thanks. i speak from experience. i am only 41 but in the late 90s bullying was still cool and i was the best of the best. i never beat people up, but i was very good at triggering before triggering was a thing because in order to effectively bully nerds you have to be some what of a nerd yourself and have a working knowledge of "lore"bullying trannies is easy because all people have a working knowledge of chicks and dudes. this is why the pronoun thing is hilarious because even at the outset you can bully them by saying "hey man" then you are instantly met with "it's maam!"the problem is that society takes "misgendering" very seriously, whereas in my day, you could see a nerd talking about dungeons and dragons and say "hey gandalf" and no one would care, except the nerds who would push their glasses up and say "axcually gandalf isnt part of forgotten realms"the first step is society needs to see the humor in trannies

>>380661755based nazi pirate anonWatched it all. Was pretty good. I skipped the nigger bajambee part w/ the tribes cause I already know what they were going to say. Clown world is the reality of the documentary

>>380669938it's the scene from clerks 2 where they are talking about lord of the rings and how the only "trilogy" is star wars. Basically a scene to show how to bully nerds.

>>380673438sounds like you secretly like boy pussy user..

>>380670527cult behavior detected

>>380672505How that general can maintain his professionalism and not instantly break out in mockery is beyond me.

>>380659170"we're celebrating international women's day, ya'll!!!" I'm fucking laughing already!

>>380652323This is a genuine question, so if any faggot can answer it please do. If gender is not a dick or a pussy, then waht the fuck is it? people nowadays are treating gender like it's your name. It's not. You were born with that shit. I can't lay on the ground and shout "VROOM VROOM VROOM" and assume everyone will accept me for identifying as a audi tt, but somehow you can do that with gender. such a fucking stupid concept.

>>380652323Notice how they always retreat when facts, details, and specifics are brought to them.

>>380673528once we can see the humor in trannies, we can begin to effectively bully them into their correct station in life. which unfortunately for them is pretty low. we used to see the humor in fags which is why there were so many great gay jokes in the 80s and 90s.>limp wrist>fruity>light in the loafers>fudge packer>pillow biterto name a few.

>>380673673I also secretly want to fuck spiders aha. Shut the fuck up dude, stale meme.

>>380673618this. randall bullied the nerd until he literally puked with anger. this is good.

>>380672026you and Matt Walsh both think like 2010 reddit atheists or Jon Stewart. "Le great noodley appendage" didn't convince anyone to become atheist, it was just cirlejerk bullshit. these "logic owns" don't accomplish anything and don't even work functionally.


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>>380672089you sound like a liberal talking about racists


>>380664225Terrible advise. The entire point is to reject subjective realities

>>380673463Basically he's saying you're a faggot and that you should kys. Pretty obvious, but I guess not to a troon-sympathizing parasite such as yourself.

we never observe reality we can only observe the results of our questioning/measurement of can say a table is there because you observe it, but that's not truly the case.what you observe isn't a table but the result of your questioning of reality, a table is (shape) its made of wood, wood is made of molecules then atoms etc, but that isn't the raw information of it, you aren't even seeing the rawest form of the table, the shape and color and space debt perception you see of the table had to hit your retinas then get filtered in your brain where you assigned it learned concepts and what have you, but that table doesn't actually exists the way you think it think it's easy to put the nail on the T but what's a no brainer at first glance becomes irrevocably impossible to define in absolute truthif you removed every human being from earth, and there was no longer human observers, but other animals still existed, it becomes very easy to separate the concept of sex from realityif new Intelligent life emerged, and classified all life not as singular organisms, but as a single phenomina that is an emergent property of the universe. and didn't understand the concept of you or I and had no ego, well you get the picture.the raw information of the universe and how humans classify the universe are so far from each other discussions like this are pointless


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>>380673717Sad thing is, the nigger thinks he is saying something really intelligent.

>>380652323>>380652323This is a genuine question, so if any faggot can answer it please do. If gender is not a dick or a pussy, then waht the fuck is it? people nowadays are treating gender like it's your name. It's not. You were born with that shit. I can't lay on the ground and shout "VROOM VROOM VROOM" and assume everyone will accept me for identifying as a audi tt, but somehow you can do that with gender. such a fucking stupid concept.



Attached: 1644767330465.png (353x353, 71.04K)

>>380671272>Yeah everyone has an opinion in democracy, if you want one opinion support fascism.Pretty absurd reduction of my point. For one, having an opinion and having your opinion heard are two things. We still live in a world where the positions within the public debate are gatekept either by mass media or through the community guidelines/TOS of social media platforms. Plus, even if you can say it, odds are you'll be screaming into the void without any impact on the debate you're trying to chime in on.So, if we scale back on the retarded reddit-tier argument of "technically" everyone has an opinion, you have to see that knowing what opinions are socially acceptable to hold is a key ability in becoming a socially integrated individual. If your community by design denies you that knowledge, because everything goes, you'll at best end up with copious amounts of self-segregation or at worst, a complete fragmentation of society, because the cost of interacting with others outside of economic transactions will be way too high. You're not gonna re-establish every tenant of good manners with everyone you meet, or re-negotiate what it means to be polite or helpful. At some point, you'll be rather left alone than deal with the crazy of everyone around you.Grats to that then, now you have an atomized society where everyone is as vulnerable and insecure as can be and completely malleable to the whims of the leviathan. "Don't surrender", you say, not realizing that nobody gives a shit about your consent to this downward spiral because, unlike you, they at least figured out that you're caught in it anyways. Just like a tsunami doesn't magically avoid you if you decide to sit it out in silent, spiteful defiance, you can't win a culture war by not participating in it.

Attached: 1648400999049.jpg (1218x1259, 284.64K)

>>380674290>troon-sympathizingHilarious.I have only one thing to add, i am definitely not the one who lost the culture war here.

>>380652323Fucking bigot!

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Attached: 593B0471-DF39-4E83-B3F3-527D016FE319.jpg (1053x955, 210.99K)

>>380673922>falls for documentary editing

>>380673102Wrong x2

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>>380667404I dont go around forcing people to become trannies or forcing them out of work for refusing to transition into a faggot.But they fucking fired me for refusing to submit to their experimental medical treatments so now I am an antivaxxer and it is not the same as being a fucking tranny you kike.Anyone who isn't an antivaxxer after faggots tried to force it on you is a fucking retard. I'm anti trans for the same reason I am anti vaxx, because they are forcing me to play along with their madness.

>>380673331I blame the Jews

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>>380671863You would know

>>380664942White corresponding to that is reliant on a lot of things and isn’t an independent truth of its own. Modern men who want to engage in the realm of politics and philosophy need to go find a serious Guru (practically non existent today but there are a few hidden) to teach them how not to be retarded because we have seriously lost that ability to think philosophically.Meanwhile Jews are the master of verbal IQ and are able to run circles around us while we are focused on cooming and playing video games.

>>380673331Polio was almost eradicated before the vaccine. In fact the vaccine gave hundreds of kids polio (Cutter incident).


Attached: 788F7CF6-0477-4644-A8B9-786B31DBFAFB.jpg (1016x992, 137.06K)

>>380665540Epistemic skepticism like Hume is where Philosophy (The Love of Wisdom) goes to die. The Truth of material reality is too-down not bottom-up and only some delusional modern men in the last few hundred years has been tricked into thinking this.


Attached: 5FD10BFD-804E-4D25-BEDB-D3E1210CED2D.jpg (640x392, 27.25K)

>>380675526>>380673995google George Rekers


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>>380675802It’s out of control

Attached: C108BD30-6BB8-4C41-BB7F-66EA302A430A.jpg (910x727, 210.74K)

>>380665865>But if we play their game, we can defeat them with their own rhetoricNo you can't, that's retarded. Their game is just a weapon to beat you to death with.The enemy is imposing rules because currently its to their advantage to have these rules. You don't win by mastering this system of rules, cause they will just change it once its not working.Cry hypocrisy all you like while you are crushed under heel.

Attached: 1dd46143b3cf634e53928d63def278ee364c286f3d9d18a4860eb12944f7eca4.png (223x235, 53K)

>>380655497>>2.6 GbCan someone post a smaller file?

>>380674859There's literally no way to tell the difference!

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>>380676567Yeah, don’t be a bigot, folks!

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>>380668479theres only one proper way of dealing with people like you.

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>>380661546Mental illness and cults tend to be bedfellows....

>>380674465Empiricism is the lowest level of the 3 levels of Truth. Higher is logical Truth and even higher still is Spiritual Truth (that which is revealed from a perfect source to you)Empirical is limited, you can’t prove a circle is actually a perfect circle empirically. To do so you would have to make a logical inference. You can make a computer program that literally is created to make perfect circles and then either CNC one or display it on a screen and yet if you zoomed in and measured close enough you would see that the circle is just illusion and it is far from perfect. A deeper version of this is Pythagoras. Further to that you can’t prove that I have a mind empirically without logical inference but to suggest I don’t have a mind because it can’t be proven is literally insane. Logic has limitations too, such as the Infinite being inconceivable to the finite except for by the mercy of the infinite. Thus the highest method of Truth is Spiritual and the lowest level of Truth is Empirical.

>>380674267And what makes your reality objective? Especially since your objective reality changes. Even the strictest most authoritarian systems change. Objective reality is utopian, don't expect others to subscribe to it, especially if there is nothing they can gain from it. You can make your reality as "objective" as you want, but you cannot force it on others.>>380674728>Culture warReally? You have a side in the culture war? Lucky you, neither of the sides are attractive to me. Trannyism or Trumpism, neither world I want to live in. And I have no problem with atomization, why do you want to change opinion of 100% of the people? I'd be happy if 1% was thinking like me and from then on make your own culture and state within a state. Mormons and Amish are living fine. Why do you care if the average joe is a tranny or migapede? Make your own world. Rome started as a city state.

>>380664225>embrace subjectivity and you will start winning.Terrible advice. This isn’t a debate of objective versus subjective, it’s a conflict of religious converts versus the unconverted. The most viable debate strategy is to make this clear to normies, by asking the converted about their conversion experience. They all have one, a story of their nervous breakdown under pressure and conversion to the new faith, you just have to probe them about it and they’re happy to tell you.

Yall cis freaks are NOT OK...

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>>380652323just stop paying retards attention and you will be fine , maybe one day you even stop comeing here and have somewhat of a blissful life who knowsits that simple.

Click facebook links, pure gold awaits

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>>380676377This guy gets it.Do what they do but devoted to Truth. That is; so what works and will bring victory without compromising your ideals or Truth.


>>380676957> epigenetically traumatized individual damages their body to outwardly display their pain to the world so that the society begins to heal the cause of their traumameans something different than what either side is talking about

>>380673717because he probably has to deal with idiots in the government on a daily basis

>>380672715>posts fallacious scenario>heh checkmateThere can be no objective truth other than I exist, for if I didn't I couldn't have awareness of my existence. Everything else is conjecture - but not all conjecture is equal. I can be more sure that the sun is a flaming gaseous orb millions of miles away than I can be that you're not a cock slurping homo, both are potentially false, but it's doubtful based on evidence. The "wisdom of the crowd" is only as reliable as the intelligence of those composing the crowd. The US has anti-democratic features baked into the very foundations of our laws. The Bill of Rights is designed to solidify and protect rights that the ignorant, frothing masses might one day want to destroy in a fit of temporary frenzy. Masses arent always wrong or right or more accurate than a single persons judgement and to try and reduce down concepts like objective truth and probability to a pro/anti democratic stance is probably the most smoothbrain approach possible.

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>>380672505Jesus Christ.

>>380652323Imagine a blockbuster movie coming out with pic related in current year

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>>380665808Fuck off memeflaggot Didn’t even watch vid but I can recognize you’re writing and you keep posting these fagtakes in all the threads

>>380652742Oh, she wasn't being dumb: She was TERRIFIED of the trans mob's response if she answered directly. Which, IMO, is far more concerning. Judges aren't supposed to be terrified of shit, they're supposed to be neutral third party triers of fact and interpreters of written law. It's a bad sign for any judge in any country at any time to be afraid to answer a simple question like that.

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>>380667404This guy is one of the $15 per hour CSIS shills, and this one is really enjoying his job working over time. He thinks he’s doing to deradicalize us all with his midwit arguments and write a bestseller about it and get the most upvooooots of anyone in the class. You’re not good at this retard.

>>380668748Lol he switched flagsI see you nigger

>>380667485exactly, i dont know why he didnt take the bait >>380670400pray to uncle addie bitch>>380670954I honestly just dont give a shit about the covid vax shit. Ill lay out the goal post. Anti any vaccine. Im talking about the real crazies who let their kids get sick because they dont understand immunology and protest that vaccines need to be banned. Yes the covid people are technically an intersection but I largely just dont care about that>>380671272there it is bro, skepticism rotted your brain. we impose things through authority without necessarily doing vilence all the time. making poor people work is a form of imposition on to their objective reality ffs. the laws put forth by the state are the highest form of our collective objectivity retard. >>380675366>>380675366100% agree. there is a reason Kant's famous line is that hume "awoke me from my dogmatic slumber"because its incredibly attractive to assume there are nothing I have to answer to, and kant knew it was degenerate>>380678128god damn you are sensitive lolWHITE PEOPLE JOY

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>>380674229>beegender> is a fun place

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>>380670459Correct. Embracing subjectivity is what ANCAP cringelords do to justify their pedophilia.

peak weimarica kino

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>>380676857>why do you want to change opinion of 100% of the people?Not sure what kind of rock you've been living under, but we've had 2+ years of covid propaganda here in the west and we're looking down the barrel of climate fearmongering monotheism next. I'm not the one who wants uniform opinions, that's the issue we live under right now.What you don't seem to understand is that atomization is the most fertile ground to spread this type of 1984-style propaganda because without any visible opposition, your own resistance will eventually wither away, unless you think wearing a brass barber's basin as a helmet was a good look for Don Quixote. Solidarity is empowering and has proven throughout history to be a very potent force of change, so when you say you "have no problem with atomization", what you really mean is that you have no problem with the death of solidarity. Even a tribe of monkeys can explain to you what happens to a single individual that doesn't belong anywhere. 4 of them hold your limbs, while the rest rips out your balls, eyes and slowly bashes you to death. If, by any chance, you're hubristic enough to think having everyone at their weakest will make the playing field more amenable to you, and allow you to become the next war lord every military strategy game dreads, well, good luck with that. How are you going to convince anyone to work with you if you don't have anything in common? You think in the absence of principles anyone will just adopt yours instead of their own?

>>380678442Show flag you demonic kikel.

>>380678442No, you are just imposing your subjective reality, you clearly don't know what objective means. And thanks for proving that you can only enforce "objectivity" and not that there is one. Go back to reading.

>>380673380You mean Great Deluge"


My girlfriend enjoys Matt's stuff. He's pretty good.

>>380678765No matter how clever you think your worldview is, your pedophilia is still evil, faggot.

jews seem really obsessed with faggotry and pedophilia

>>380678955>its a kike living in canadaFigures.

>>380678955Called it. $15 per hour student working for CSIS to shill on here.

>>380677290So it is 1, aka there is no such thing as truth. After conceding that much you are already put yourself to an indefensible position, of rejecting people of their identity based on your own judgement of reality. Aka you're just an asshole bigot.Which is why you've been losing and will keep losing.What you misunderstood, is that i wasn't pushing for LGBT acceptance, i've connected it to democracy and how democracy reinforces it to show one simple thing. The right is standing on an indefensible position with the axioms it accepted. You cannot possibly by the vote decide who gets to potentially start wars, while saying that one's gender identity shouldn't be on the ballot, it is absurd at face value.To make it clear, there is an objective truth in this world, to absolute. It is just probably outside of human capacity to ever completely prove it. But you shouldn't concern yourself with it, do not hide behind systems or reason or rationality.The highest form of truth is victory, and that's what's important here.Unalienable rights go against right wing ideologyInherent human value goes against right wing ideologySubjectivity goes against right wing ideologyDemocracy goes against right wing ideologyIf you take any of those things as axioms while still trying to argue for right wing thought, then you doom yourself to lose.

>>380652323This dude is 100 % a closet fag.

>>380674465>if you removed every human being from earth, and there was no longer human observers, but other animals still existed, it becomes very easy to separate the concept of sex from realityNot at all. Your ramblings do not prove this whatsoever. The biological reality that is denoted by the word "sex" would remain.>if new Intelligent life emerged, and classified all life not as singular organisms, but as a single phenomina that is an emergent property of the universe. and didn't understand the concept of you or I and had no ego, well you get the picture.Humans and mushrooms are not indistinguishable just because both are classified as eukarya.

Are they going to make it available for non members at some point? I don’t mind paying but I’m not signing up for a subscription.

>>380679259He has several kids.

>>380678442Kneel, bitch. Your death is imminent. God hath spoken.

>>380652323Buy a banner Matt

>>380677816Pretty amusing that she basically said that gender is a matter of biology though.

Attached: 1633597725551.png (1050x969, 91.01K)

>>380678765No. What im saying you fucking retard is that we as collective spirit come to understand objective reality to the best of our ability in each historical epoch through our interfacing with the external world. individually we are trapped in a world of subjectivity. so we form a state to impose our constantly developing subjective experiences onto each other which we then believe we understand as objective reality, but we dont actually have access to absolute truth, just our best approximation, so its always an imposition on some lower class. If we didnt live in a society, and didnt interact with others, then we wouldnt impose our own thoughts onto each other and we would imagine everything to be subjective. We gain a a notion of objectivity by having someone elses subjectivity imposed on us. Im not gonna bother doing an actual proper philosophical analysis, im literally just saying shit nigger

>>380678685Why must I give up my ideals so that wider range of retards would like me? I don't need 51% of people with me if the outcome is not the world I want, I'd rather be an Amish than a Republican. That's the problem with USA politics, you have duopoly red vs blue, people are not binary, two choices do not represent 300+ million people, it might represent 10 million at best. Nobody is 100% red or blue, some people are 70% republican but like 30% of democratic views, the fuck is he supposed to vote for? People have to change their views and compromise to fit with the majority so that they might get some of their views done, that is not freedom.

>>380674781Doesn't matter, you'll probably die to a Turk's hands eventually. Either that or one of your pet faggots will give you HIV or some shit.

>>380679138haha jokes on you im actually an unemployed student so i dont make anything an hour.desu i just googled CSIS, imma check if they have openings tho lol

>>380679555Lots of fags have kids, and have a wife they have fucked onve or twice. The Republican Party and American conservative movement in general is fillled with closet fags married to women, who fuck tranny prostitutes because it helps with their delusions and shame. Many of these closeted homosexuals have built a lot of their political clout by being anti-gay and anti-tranny, but they would gobble cock at first chance.And this Matt guy is 100 % one of those dudes.

>>380680104Kek ok bud

>>380679842That's just your subjective opinion.

>>380679946I'm definitely not into bestiality or faggotry, i might die in war, as a big war is coming, not that you will be exempt of it. But Armenians probably will outlive Canadians. Your nationality has no real meaning anyone would want to identity with when the time, when the call to defend your nations comes.

>>380679138Ich kann Deutsch sprechen und plane nach deutschland bewegung um zum sind mit der Reich


>>380676377>>380677191Ya, you're right. Using their rhetoric against them will only work insofar as mockery. Standing with truth always is the only antidote.

>>380653213the movie is behind a paywall to the daily wire, it's to laugh at them, not change minds.

>>380674064>this is you have brain damage? or is it just that you are so full on kike cum that you can't think straight.

>>380676567Why that's Mr. Mcgreg who has a leg for a penis and a penis for a leg.

>>380681077it’s Somethingawful goon speech, just ignore the tranny and he will lowtax himself

>>380661755> jewed "too much viewers" WTF?!

>>380681008this thread is testamente that the net finds a by the 5 minute mark i already laughed wholeheartedly like 3 times , so its worth every penny

>>380679240Dilate, faggot

>>380653210>some women have penises and some men have vaginas

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Why can't I just pay to watch the movie? I don't need a daily wire sub. Guess I could sub for a month and then cancel. Kind of annoying.

>>380655161Fucking gay PIGS oink fucking oink LMAO

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>>380679240>there is no such thing as objective truth so everything is equally as valid and likely and you can't make an educated guess about anythingSo I guess your judgement of my comments must be wrong and inherently invalid since there is no objective truth to compare its validity against. >muh right wingLmao true midwit thinking to reduce such a debate to a binary political meme

>>380673528>the problem is that society takes "misgendering" very seriously,That's why we must misgender them on purpose, it's only getting bad because we allow it; stop playing their delusional games.

>>380679240Sorry to shatter your world view but there a massive gaps and holes in your logic.The highest form of truth isn’t Victory, despite Victory’s extremely exalted position. Also, while you’re not wrong about certain things the conclusions you draw have massive leaps and take for granted things that are up for debate, such as what you term “Right Wing Ideology.”Hitler and Evola are commonly put together as ideological Allies but if you actually read both of them they are saying slightly different thing. Each of them are trying to imperfectly approach Truth to the best of their ability given what they had available to them at the time. There is no uniform right wing ideology (people argue about what is even right wing all the time). The only way you can make this argument is if you adopt the ultra-Fascist left-right view where furthest right on the spectrum is a singular point of unobtainable Truth and left stretches into practical infinite of nonsense an illusion (“how many ways can a person give the wrong answer to a math question? How many right answers exist? The right answer is that singular point where the spectrum ceases to go right and the wrong answers are left, to the degree of which they are insane and detached from reality.)

>>380661755thanks pal

>>380682856That faggot really thinks relativism isn’t self contradictory. He’s been btfo by a few people already. Just ignore his sophistry.

>>380679935>Why must I give up my ideals so that wider range of retards would like me?Socialization is what allows you to share your opinions here. You've adopted a language that isn't native to you as well as a tone that doesn't alienate people to the point of ignoring you and you ask me what the point of having common ground is? You've already been proving its utility all along.As far as the reduction to a two-party system is concerned: A dialectic is the bare minimum for any political system, and in a country the size of the States, being heard is necessarily a question of money. What the US has is in essence a preview to what a world goverment would look like: two parties who are by necessity pro-capitalist fighting over different demographics. It's a gamified system that mostly cares about swing voters, where politicians get behind issues that would meaningfully affect the undecided: immigration, abortion, gun rights, etc. It's not a system that asks you to fit the mold of a republican or democrat anyways, and rather just tries to use your strongest held opinions to push another powerhungry narcissist into a cushy, tax-funded job into the law-producing machine.

>>380679842He’s too dumb to understand phenomenology. Just ignore him and his self-defeating relativism.

>>380669808You're so short-sighted and stupid it should be punishable.

>>380655497file got delet :(

>>380682856I believe there is an objective truth, in fact i do not believe it, i know it, just because i do not like hiding behind vagueness.You're the one who doesn't believe there is no such thing as truth, hence you're the one this logic applies to. A leftist would then ask you why do you draw the line on trans stuff, are you just hateful transphobic bigot? What's the big deal?>Lmao true midwit thinking to reduce such a debate to a binary political memeMatt Walsh is a conservative. And the fundamental argument here is whether what he is right. What i am saying is a smart leftist will beat him in an debate using his erroneous axioms that do not fit with the rest of his ideology.If you want to push an anti-trans & anti faggotry ideology, you cannot have any of these axioms:>Unalienable rights>Inherent human value>Subjectivity >Democracy

>>380660722The vaccine is literally the mark of the beast and it's not only going to kill you, it'll also send you to hell. No refunds, sorry not sorry.

>>380668479>pol is also a cult which is why every discussion eventually turns into screaming dilate tranny and death threats. you retards dont even fucking read books or do any learning on your own, just Daily Wire pop culture horseshit.

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>> you go OP

>>380668479Hail Ben Shabibo

>>380684552Oh snap!

>>380684174Ya know, I wasn’t going to respond to you at all. However, the last part of this comment resonated with me. You are correct there. Faggots and trannys don’t deserve the same rights or treatment. Good call.

>>380684552Oh shit thanks nigga

>>380652323>Can a chicken cry?appeal to emotions over factstypical femoid nonsense and one of the reasons you never allow women to rule your society

Attached: 1642449961507.jpg (825x917, 84.4K)

>>380683614>Sorry to shatter your world viewDo not worry, you have done nothing of sort.>The highest form of truth isn’t VictoryOh? And what is it then?>take for granted things that are up for debate, such as what you term “Right Wing Ideology.”"Matt Walsh's ideology" is this better?>Hitler and Evola are commonly put together as ideological Allies but if you actually read both of them they are saying slightly different thing.Okay? Humans in general take different stances on things, a "right winger" can have a "left wing" take.>There is no uniform right wing ideologyNot unless it is enforced, and if you want to consider yourself right wing, and these are the things you want to believe. But again, the question about an actual conservative who sells himself as a conservative. There is a general idea on what conservatism is.

>>380684552Based. Thanks user

>>380652323matt walsh is a libtard.

>>380684926>Faggots and trannys don’t deserve the same rights or treatment. Good call.Yes, and not only them.Good day to you.

>>380684552gotta love how they are all basically afraid to answer 'what is a woman' 24:00 - this is just unreal how hard he avoids answering

>>380655497torrents are awesome it has 20+ seeders for a mp4 under 3gb i rate this torrent as golden for at least a year. god speed anons.

>>380667404Hi tranny faggot cunt YWNBAW

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>>380661234You're a massive faggot


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>>380685561movie editing


lol, how did he not strangle those kikes with hsi barre hands?

>>380652323>republican faggotryit's a distraction, but i'll give him credit. matt played this interview well.

>>380668748>Are adoptive mothers still mothers?>Every essentialist always makes exceptions therefore always resorts to circular logic and personal opinions as well. This docu is low hanging fruit for braindead boomer cunts rotting in front of their television sets.

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Lmao, the star wars shop owner that GTFOed that tranny is in there also, will check it out.

>>380683055It's not "misgendering". There's no such thing if you subscribe to their deconstructionist philosophy because your perception of another person's gender is equally valid. If anyone is misgendering anyone, it's the trannies misgendering themselves.

The Andy dick professor interview is painful.