This shit is hilarious

I'm busting up and I'm only 15 minutes in. This guy is making a mockery of these people. It's really a shame that they pay walled it because I think as many people as possible need to see this.Here's the torrent link. Send it to as many of your friends as possibleanonfiles dot com slash 93Jdq4mdy8 slash What_is_a_Woman_The_Daily_Wire.mp4_torrent

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What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me

>>380649078Link doesn't work. What's it about?

>>380649429Link does work. Make sure you take out the "slash" in the middle after "93Jdq4mdy8"Here's the trailer:

>>380649078Im too lazy to torrent, pls provide a stream link.


>>380649078it's good but I think his dr phil segment was much more

This was painful to watch through, honestly. Aside for a few moments when it feels forced in his favour, the rest is simply a mess. The bottom line is, everything is up for grabs, everyone makes their own terms and they see no long term issues with this? No malicious intent, behind this? Because this seems more that just a fad, this looks like social engineering disguised as a fad and a phase.

>>380651180I mean all you can really do when things are this backwards is laugh. You're right that he does achieve his goal of making these people seem completely incoherent.

>>380649078I stopped the moment he start talking about black holes and the retard in the wheelchair. not smart and too much narcissism

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>>380651180>this looks like social engineering disguised as a fad and a phase.They read Brave New World and thought "wow, that'd be perfect!". It's a tired cliche to point that out, just like black crime stats, but both are repeated because they're true.

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>>380651676He's appealing to normies. Quit being retarded

>>380649078Consider any other person someone you can get something from, everything else is them manipulating you. Liberty is achieved, when liberty is stolen. All other labels like Wamen) are constructed for the simple mind.

>>380650295>asks what a woman is>can't explain term she just usedyeah i'm, thinking matt lost this round

>>380649078>>380649596>>380650055Thanks bros

>>380652849Make sure to spread it. These threads are getting deleted (at least on /t/)

Ya see theres leaders and theres followers, but i'd rather be a dick than a swallower - Kanye

>>380649078>anonfiles dot com slash 93Jdq4mdy8 slash What_is_a_Woman_The_Daily_Wire.mp4_torrentNo peers :(

>>380653383I'm literally seeding it right now

>>380653689Yeah, just after I posted the peer list populated, is that you seeding at 800k? ta chad peer user!

>>380649078Bumping to keep it alive. This is the only torrent I've been able to find

Bumping, more people need to see this

A friend recently showed the trailer to me. Yes, this is geared for normies, but it will affirm things we already know, and also serve to rule the boomers and Xers. They think all this LGBT shit is still done behind closed doors. Matt Walsh seems to uncover the grooming stuff.

>>380654856>>380654278>>380653689>>380653383The Mega link is right here >>380650055

>>380655877It's good to keep decentralised peer to peer techs alive.

I expect they'll make it free in a couple of weeks, especially if it makes a big fuss

>>380651180>it feels forcedLike a rape.

all basedboys, celebrities, politicians. theyre all women. im the only man around.

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>>380650055"The file you are trying to download is no longer availableThis could be due to the following reasons:The file has been removed as it violated our Terms of Service.Invalid URL - the link you are trying to access does not exist.The file has been deleted by the user."Trannies and Ben Shapiro are monitoring this shit like a hawk

>>380651180μην βλεπεις μαλακιες

The ex tranny scene where she shows her arm and says she will die young is gold. The scene with the savanah monkeys is great too.

It’s pay walled so they can make more shitty Gina Corano action movies

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>>380655877>>380656412mega just died in the middle of the movie link is dead

>>380657454They can't stop the torrent

>>380657454Weird, you'd think you'd want your message to get out to as many people as possible even if you didn't make a shekel off every person. Like, you'd want people to get a copy and maybe show it to their friends and family?I remember when Man From Earth got made (dead writer's script, used to write for Twilight Zone, son endeavored to get father's film made) the son released it for sale but also released a torrent, saying that he wanted people to see his father's work no matter what.Then I think it got some shit sequel I didn't bother to watch.

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>>380658076>>380657964no but they can harvest anyone's IP that isn't at least using a VPN

>>380655877>>380650055Died while i was watching it. Gay af.I hate Ben Shapiro so much its unreal. Such a grifter>>380658626

>Decide to look online to see cost to just watch it>$12 a month subscription >Okay, that's not too bad maybe I'll just pay for a month and cancel it bef->$144 due nowFuck that.

>>380649596Lmao hilarious, The trailer looked really promising.

>>380650055Not working :(

>>380659877>advertise as X per month>only payment options are month bundlesI feel like this is fraud, but I also feel like a judge wouldn't care.

>>380649596Kek. Leftists are so fucking retarded that all you have to do is film them and ask simple questions.

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>>380649654torrent not working either

>>380651180>this seems more that just a fad, this looks like social engineering disguised as a fad and a phaseIt literally is. The tranny movement is a suicide cult.

>>380660797It's pretty common practice. Same as commercials advertising 'free trials' of their product, but in fine-print you have to buy it and pay to mail it back to them to get your money back at the end of the 'trial', otherwise you just keep it and own it now. Always assume everybody wants your money and is always scheming ways to get more of it all the time, always.

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>>380661189I am currently seeding the torrent along with 30 peers

>>380649078Masonic as fuck

>>380661403>$5,000 loan>84 payments of $486.58>That's $40,872.72Holy fuck. These people should get the guillotine.

>>380661487my torrent file is invalid for some reason even though it's correctly titled?

>I could say I'm a black man. Would you accept that or would you be skeptical?>...>...>Are you?Had me fucking howling

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>>380651180The incredible thing is before Bruce Jenner chopped his dick off, you never really heard of this shit, and then suddenly it's everywhere.It's only been about 5 years. How does that happen?

>>380661923Make sure you're not using transmission. Other than that here's a google drive link but idk how long it will

>>380662029I am using Transmission, I think I got it working by downloading in the browser ta

>>380662282Transmission doesn't support the new torrent format. I switched to qbittorrent

>>380653383>>380661189>>380661923Torrent works fine

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>>380649596Oh this is good material. I'm going to torrent it for free later

>>380662347never had issues before, I usually use mag links if that makes a difference

>>380661908Many such cases. The world is full of evil hucksters who would happily rob the poorest pauper of his last penny.

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I’d pay 5-10 dollars for it a La carte but Ben small hat Shapiro is making me sub to his site. This deserves to be seen but they make it so inaccessible

>>380653383magnet link as an alternative:magnet:?xt=urn:btih:54c8b2a3c90bfa480e62d6d92ffc0edfdc57c3be&xt=urn:btmh:1220087c09cdac68fadd6cb50291d3ebf6f8ed49262bfc276690b3f84c68b92f2a7b&dn=What%20is%20a%20Woman_%20_%20The%20Daily%20Wire.mp4&

>>380657786Matt is pretty cool (minus working for a kike) and the Terror On the Prairie flick looks kino.

>>380649078Bless you, user. I've been looking for a torrent or stream for 10 minutes now and nothing. Looking forward to laughcry at this over dinner.


>>380665772I can’t sneed

perhaps some kind user could up it to shitchute

>>380666525If i could i would but i've been trying to make an account there a couple of times but i never get the confirmation mail and they wont send a new one when i'm asking for it, wtf?I just gave up lol.

>>380667152I'll give it a try with my old account once I have it, cheers

>>380667152>>380668685file too large for bitshit, 2 gig limit doh

>>380669626It's only 2.6 gig @1080p, if you knock it down to 720 it'll easily fit.

>>380669626Damn, maybe one can reformat the file and make it smaller?

>>380649078>>380662347>>380662513>>380662029I'm a retarded beaner that doesn't know how to open OP link, is it in Pirate Bay?

In just finished it. It's legitimately a good documentary. Even names John Money. Will be a good red pill for clueless mainstream conservatives.

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>>380671674click on this link >>380662948it should be automagic from then on.


>>380671832Don't really care

>>380662010The jews paid Jenner and his dumb bitch daughters billions for their stupid fake and gay psy-op reality tv show in exchange for him to chop his cock off so the show could be used as brainwashing propaganda tool to turn everyone fucking trans and mainstream that shit. I would say he sold his soul for the billions but he sold his cock as well

New mega link??

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>>380671149>>380671593oh fuck ok, I'll see if I can process it and stick it up on hieronymous shitshit channel, if I can find the login

This is a little OT but i've downloaded some anons meme folder a while ago compressed to a winrar file, he said he was retiring.What you think Anons? is it safe to unzip it? cheers!

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>>380672621It's time you figure out how to install a program to your computer user. Once that's done you can torrent it like the rest of us

>>380671792that magnet link isn't working for me, metadata won't resolve but I did get it from here>>380649078by downloading in the browser not by using the torrent file

>>380651180It's bioleninism

>>380673253cdn-145 DOT anonfiles DOT com SLASH 93Jdq4mdy8 SLASH 48bedd71-1654184645 SLASH What%20is%20a%20Woman_%20_%20The%20Daily%20Wire.mp4.torrentSry about the retarded spam filter avoidance.

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>>380651935You may be speaking hyperbolically but my sister is a huge progressive shitlib and she admitted to me years ago that she cried after reading Brave New World because our world wasn't like that. True story. Most people underestimate the impact of oversocialization combined with self loathing. These people are quite literally in a fantasy reality of their own design but are convinced everyone else is insane.

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>>380649078You just know.

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>>380678410I like how trannies are so retarded that their rationalizations for their insanity come from literal cartoon shows.


>>380675323Oy Vey!!! Not (((our))) Democracy™

>>380649078>minute 17holy fuck she got btfo

>>380649078It will be online for free in a month or soThe dailywire is filled with professional grifters They need to make some money somehowPeople shouldn't download the torrent If you want to watch it now you should pay for it. Its pretty cheap


>>380661908way ahead of you. feel a killer fart coming on.

>>380682590Cheap faggot

>>380682961weak leaf

Here is the torrent

>>380649596>>380662683Some additional free content in the same

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>>380661004Always was, the leftist agenda has never been passed in congress or by public opinion, its only been enforced through educational institutions, federal regs and Supreme Court Decisions.Its a secular dogma enforced on us plebs by the elite

>>380685412Not free but pic related is good for those who like books

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>>380649078WHAT IS A MAN?

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>>380685910Will add to my reading list

>"gotcha" political commentary I thought we were done with this in 2017.

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>>380686578it's not just "gotchas", it actually got some interesting interviews, even if way too short i thinkgranted i could've done without some of his "gotchas" i found it much more interesting when he let people talk freely and show what they thought, especially the last minutes were just unecesary for the most part, especially if you saw previous content of his

>>380685910>>380686319I believe I have found a free copy of that book, for anyone

>>380649596 >>380649078help me bros i dont have any seeds

>>380662948thanks Holla Forumsros this one worked for me this funny movie should serve as adhd fuel while i clear my tabs

>>380686578On one hand, yeah, kinda cringe.On the other hand, the fact that troons seeth over it is funny. Honestly, I wouldn't have even known about it if it wasn't for the troon sperging on Twitter dot com.

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He’s in a dress on the cover, it’s called a ritual, this dude is definitely a mason and part of the cabal. That dinner with his family looked fake af too.

>>380649596>Some women have peniseskek, what is this delusional shit?