Any reason why you are letting this happen ?

any reason why you are letting this happen ?

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>>380646375Its better than groomer parades?

>>380646375imagine having to be called to prayer. wow so devout

>>380646375seriously how fucking heretical are you that you need to be called to pray at the same time every day and not remembering to do it yourself? these goatfuckers cant program a reminder into their smartphones and set a sandnigger song ringtone for it?

>>380646375Can't they just get a phone notification? What the fuck is with these shithole citiies and their love of terrorists?

>>380646375>Ring bells at the same time to drown it outNot my problem problem solved

the purpose of call to prayer is literally just to make non-muslims desire to move away.this is how they clear geographical areas for themselves.


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>>380646743>>380646748its not a notification bellthey want converts and their domineering presence known

>>380646743It's a sign of domination you fucking cuck. BTW, the like 3 mosques in the entire country here are not allowed to do it. KEK. You fucking cuck nation.

>>380647163relax nip

>>380647298cope mutt

killing saracens is a god given right of my people.

>>380647163this, and yep.I asked my mother what the church is doing to combat the luciferian and islamic agendas in our fucking answer to that... her church she's so fucking proud of, is aiding and abetting its own destruction, and the rape and pillage of its own congregation.

>>380646375Why do they so frequently use old churces and why are they afraid to call a mosqu a mosque and use this "Islamic Center" nonsense?

>>380646375That would be so fucking annoyinghopefully somebody just goes and honks airhorns when they do that

>>380647163Based. Keep fighting globohomo sushibro

>>380646743Not really that different of a concept than church bells.But bells are haram because some random sand man said so.

Don't muricuks have noise laws, didn'r they ban the fucking concord because ut was loud?

Some muzzies were blasting arabic music at my local park. Turned them to turn it off and when they gave me the whole smile and no speak english treatment I opened their van door and turned the vehicle off myself.

>>380646375More cucked than France

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>>380647763In my town power tools are allowed between 8:00 and 20:00.

>>380646910This, it's a flex

The Holy Quran is the truth. You’re being disingenuous if you say otherwise.

>>380646375For the lulz? What do you suggest there, Changeroo?

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>>380647777I wanna call bullshit but those digits. Checked

>Muslim call to prayersI hope you yanks are aware that this is a redline in Europe. Not even the Swedes are willing to debase themselves on this level.Allowing this is total fucking submission

>>380646375Racist not to.

>>380646375>any reason why you are letting this happen ?no one is paying me to do anything about it

>>380646375In lessons than a year when this shithole collapses, the sand niggers will get stacked along with the niggers and Mexican filth. The cowardly kike will have already fled to it's next host.

>>380647885So it's ok for some retard to be screaming shit over the loudspeakers five times a day?

>>380646375I don't care if they pray

Because white "people" are suicide gigacucks who happily let everyone shit on them and the very foundations that their godly ancestors laid out for them because of "tolerance." They will cowardly allow this with the excuse of muh religious freedumbs. I hope these goat fuckers enjoy their chanting, once Hispanics take over, the gravy train is over

>>380646375northshore master race here, keep that shit in the metro please

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>>380646910Makes sense. I'm familiar with that area of Mpls and the first thing you will notice is the smell. Another thing to know is the area has been minority white for a long time. Arguably the worst part of town with housing projects (we call them the "crack stacks"). It was last summer during Ramadan when I first hear then do this shit.

>>380647417push her down the stairsfucking christcucks

>>380646375And this can be heard over the drowning, trunk-rattling, deep bass of the nigs driving around blaring hippity-hop music about drugs, guns, and hoes?

>>380646375Minneapolis is 85 percent Somali. Travel a few minutes to St Paul and take a look at the streets. Its like somalia. Trash everywhere. I don't think somalia has a garage service.


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>>380646375In order to bring in cheap brown laborers, the Jews had to atomize whites as much as possible. That's why they went after Christianity so hard. The Christian Church had long been the gathering place for whites in the USA. By replacing it with atomized Atheism, the whites have no ability to resist massive societal changes.

>>380646375glasses off: call to prayerglasses on: broadcasting to everyone that there is only Allah, and this is muzzies turf

>>380648606i’ll put music out loud af if it was my neighbourhood

>>380647724>Not really that different of a concept than church absolutely is. Church bells ring at noon in order to inform people of the time, and are more often employed in a secular manner than religious ones

>>380648882> And this can be heard over the moaning, quivering cries of the faggots in Dinkeytown pounding each other in the ass while Ace of Bass is playing?

>>380648103yetyou can bet some fifth column traitor working hard for it to happen

>>380646375this is obviously in return for favors, just saudi arabia shit, keep talking about the kike takfir

>>380646447both are pushed by the same people

>>380649436Jacob Frey, mayor of Minneapolis. Don't need to even check with this guy.

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The azan was played in the conquered lands in order to humiliate the conquered population and mock their faith.The sandniggers literally yell "I TESTIFY THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH AND MAHOMED THE PEDOPHILE IS HIS MESSENGER" for the whole city to hear.They basically tell you that your faith is wrong and that theirs is correct.Imagine if someone of a diffrent religion would yell that in an islamic country "I TESTIFY THERE IS NO GOD BUT VISHNU", the abduls would lynch them on the spot.Western cuckoldry and ignorance knows no limits, here the pedophiles tried to build a mega mosque and we catapulted dead pigs.

>>380649971How is 4chan this fucking retarded?nigga are you good?!? faggot?>same religion that orders sodomites to be yeeted off skyscrapers according to you supports it when It's a death penalty?

>>380646447real & true

>>380648040We wrote the Quran

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>>380647724Bells aren't Haram faggotIt's better to Gather people by Praising God then*ding dong ding dong* wtfTechnically you could still do it

>>380647163REAL & TRUE FREN

>>380646559>imagine having to be called to prayer. >>380646743>seriously how fucking heretical are you that you need to be called to praywhites are so gay and weakyou have been infiltrated and all you have to say is this cope bullshit about them not being super muslims?

>>380646559>>380646743like>>380646910 saysyou are being flexed on

>>380647724Bells sound good unlike sandnigger screeching.


>>380651847Kikes copied stories from thier fairy tales, anti-christian writings and the talmud and the Arabs loved it.

>>380647163Japan is so fuckedIt needs to have a complete 180 soon wtfthese niggas drawing sodomite cartoons all the men are addicted & the women promote it

>>380647780Explain the image please

>>380646375None, it's banned in the UK.


>>380646375Leave it to libs to ruin all

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>>380652774It’s over

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>>380650323Silence Romanian twink fag you people are beggeras & bitches kekDonate to the Pedarist boy rape Orthodox Church & get away with anything in that hellhole country


>>380646375goblins are cucks, worse than swedes, this is common knowledge newfag

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>>380646375Can any burger tell me how are they interracting with the local nigger fauna? Are they getting well together or the opposite?

>>380646375Just play pig noises over a loudspeaker at the same time, problem solved.

>>380646375Minneapolis just got even worse LOL

>>380646447Both are shitGet rid of both of them

>>380646447>the snakes will then be eaten by the gorillas

>>380653208Over all niggers are traditionally slaves to ArabsThe Arabs are insular and remain in there own enclaves with occasional well armed cell phone stores in nigger neighborhoodsDuring the fluid riots Arabs in the areas did displays of force patrolling with ARsAround their stores

>>380652355>he bravely declares while hiding his geographical flag

>>380646375>>380653208Yo, Mirra', mirra' on the wallTell me, hooz the niggest of dem all?

>>380646375It's been gone for some time

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>>380646375>MinneapolisNot my problem

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>>380653645>During the fluid riots Arabs in the areas did displays of force patrolling with ARsHmm, looks like an opportunity

>>380646375Christianity is trying it's best to kill itself, better start making way for something that has a future.

>>380647163They started letting them do it under the guise of the pandemic. I was planning to sue the city and demand a comparable pantheon to not violate the first amendment, but i don't have the money to sue the city. The mayor is a kike

>>380646375i fucking hate islam like its unreal.How the fuck do they keep getting away with this here?i bet they wouldnt dare do that in China. the only country who openly against Islam.

>>380651847No you didn’t. It came down. Muhammad for the angel jibrerl. The Quran tells us that it’s protected from your meddling. You do not have th power to write a masterpiece like the quran

>>380652282There are no fairy tales in the holy Quran You will b


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>>380646375We should welcome the newly reformed judeo-muslims.

>>380647780It happened in several towns of France. Nothing is more cucked than France when it come to mudslims

>>380649290Their intention was to let people when church was.

>>380646447muslims are groomers

>>380652010Bells are better than needing a singing coach and a glass of water.

>>380648751>Because white "people" are suicide gigacucksEspecially Scandihoovians, of which the Twin Cities and MN in general are chock full.


>>380646375Give a legal way to stop or remove it.

>>380646375you will hate it man, even i as ex-muslim it become unbearable

>>380657196t. Abubekr "Metehan Oğuz Atatürk666" Arapoğlu

>>380646375Conquered lands aren't magically yours, you have to hold them, holding those lands requires a certain population of young men, you stop breeding for religious reasons (atheism, consumer culture, etc), someone else going to come along and outbreed you. Basic natural selection.

>>380657590Burry a pig in a mosque building site this is the only way to completly concel the mosque. Make it visible put a cross so the muslims will look.

I think we all know who's responsible for the this

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>>380646559It’s about making a loud noise to show dominance. Most muslims know nothing about the contents of the quran they just uphold cultural norms.

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>>380658204And fill a water pistol with pigs blood and squirt it whenever you go past

>>380646559muzrats do it to show dominance. this was never about getting a notification on a phone kek

>>380657792I hope this gets through to shill's, "feel bad" the political theory aka equity, is suicide for all societies..

>>380652456>Et vous, quel est votre plat préféré ?And you, what's your favorite dish ? (Obv sexual innuendo)

god being a conquered white prole enslaved by islam in my own ancestral homeland is going to be so hot

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prayer call is the worst fucking shit imaginablelike nine times a day everything STOPS>IMMMAAAAAALLLLALAAAAAAAAAAH SHUCHKGXAHALALALALALALALALAL IBN MALLL ABALLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA>MAAAAAAXXXHHHHHMUUUHAAMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~for like ten minutes at a time, so loud you can hear it through your headphones

>>380646375>any reason why you are letting this happen ?

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>>380657635t. AbdALLAH "Ramachandra Maitreya" bin Hussain Al-Arabi

Holla Forums thinks it’s a truth seeking forum, so I ask, why do you think Jews wrote the Quran? Why do you think Jews had anything to do with Islam and the Quran?

>>380646375The same reason "I let" California get overrun with super gonorrhea: I don't live there, it's not my problem.

>>380647076I love the look of african pirates. Just need one more guy with an rpg.


>Minneapolis LITERALLY hosts a Muslim call to prayer directly because of The Lutheransstrange times

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>>380646447You idiot they're all groomers

>>380647367You don't believe in God, tranny.

>>380646447It's quite literally the same thing but worse.

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>>380662854This type of importation of the worst of humanity (somalis) makes me wonder if our politicians are just extremely greedy or they actively hate our countries.


>>380654277Based & FactualGenuine Question frenWhy didn't Spain Conquer Portrugal?I just don't understandSpain is atleast 3x Largers & I assume Economically Superior, I mean heck the reason the Country is what it is because they'd Expanded so far into other Ethnic Territory & Opressed Other langs & Cultures & Dominated w/ The Help of the Moors ig & then fucked them overI just don't understand how Spain let a small neighbouring country continue to exist thrive & colonise countries outside of Europe lmaoNot that I'm Insinuating that I want that to Happen, Just Wonder what was going on their Heads.

>>380647777Men lie numbers don't>>380655222Ameen. Trips of truth.

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>>380646375why do we have to allow these creatures to waltz into our countries and set up shop as a permanent welfare ward? >muh refugeesend them to egypt, saudi arabia, or tunisia. no war there and they can be with their own disgusting dunecoon kind.

>>380655084"Die in your rage fore Allah' is Fully aware of what is hidden in your hearts." >(Quran, 3:119)

>>380646375They are calling you.

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>>380646743You are talking as if churches don't have bells

>>380655222BASED & FACTUALW Brother

>>380647123Yeah, they are also waging love jihad

>>380650323how did humanity in 2 generations forget everything we've known for 1400 years about these disgusting murderous mudslime rapist pederast savages? romania, my brother, let's join together and have a crusade. Deus vult.tired as fuck of my country being browned up and now i have to suffer these bastards to burka durka all over the place.

>>380657196The faggot that literally created your Secular Scum Slum Hellhole of a Country was a >Alcholic>Jewish>Pedarist...

>>380646375The simple answer is that amerimutts are pussies.

>>380651757>You can rape kids>Jews rape goyim children and adults in their holy bookAre you ok

>>380663018They don't give a shit because it's never going to be their problem

>>380660735goes to Holla Forums to learn of Faith/Godkek poltard are beyond retarded but I'm interested

>amerimutts even have muslimes let alone blacks and spics

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>>380664801It just doesn't make sense in my head, I can't imagine causing such pain to so many of my fellow citizens for money............totally fucked

America has freedom of religion, but I don't know how far that goes into things like noise ordinances. Church bells can ring, but can you megaphone blast call to prayer over the entire city? This probably ends up in court where the muzzies win.

>>380661858Somalis yeUnique ethnic features & an even more Interesting Phenotype

>>380662036The Catholic church is also inviting ZoomalisThe Bavarian (catholic German) diaspora in Minnesota is cuck like the Scandinavian. The curse of Germanic ppls

>>380649183>that there is only AllahYes? Where is the problem?That is the prayer call

>>380649290>Church bells ring at noon in order to inform people of the timeNot the time, but prayer

>>380652456Its will never be a woman

>>380652774This is the REAL plan. Get all the shitskins inside the US. Whites leave. Blow up US.Trust the plan.

>>3806647424tranner athiest retard>christcucks & muslims are jews somehow trust me bro they're all jews, look @ this torah passage about goyim, they're just like jews bro trust me

>>380646375Well the soundscape around me is an FM radio station repeatedly putting on songs about going to hell and some guy who sold his soul to the Devil for designer so perhaps it's about time religion overtakes the ebil radioMight both be the same though

>>380646375>le based islam will help the white cause!

>>380650323>The azan was played in the conquered lands in order to humiliate the conquered population and mock their faith.If that is true, how it comes that in muslim lands, the azan was played too?>They basically tell you that your faith is wrong and that theirs is correct.Yes, where is the problem? That is the prayer call>Imagine if someone of a diffrent religion would yell that in an islamic country "I TESTIFY THERE IS NO GOD BUT VISHNU", >the abduls would lynch them on the spot.You are a liar, there are church bells in muslim lands too>here the pedophiles tried to build a mega mosque and we catapulted dead pigs.stop projecting dude

>>380665718Mohammed ate jewish pig shit and had men fuck him using jewish pig shit as lube.

>>380665718That's kinda cringe dudesure many christcucks get a pass but FUCKING VISHNU PAGAN HINDUS WOULD GET LYNCHED FOR PROMOTING PAGANISM!

>>380653208They adopted it as their own

>>380655222Masterpiece? I'm fucking laughing, I find every muslim to be such a weak brainwashed little rabbit. I am the lion, I can eat you all, I do not belong to any """"holy"""" book. The lack of intelligence, I find it very cute, don't worry I don't hate you and won't kill you, I just find it very silly. You're like a stupid pet to me, just uglier. I am the only god alive, believe in me instead of a stupid book :*RSD0W

>>380665718Church bells here play 80s pop songs. Do mosques do this?

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>>380655222Kill yourself mehmet

>>380646743It's not a call to prayer. It's a call to assemble all the jihadis so that they can get their daily dose of jihadi training. As well as intimidate the non-mudslimes by parading their packs of hundreds and thousands on the streets. Pisslam is not a religion. It's a militant/terrorist ideology of marauders, slavers and mass rapists masquerading as an Abrahamic religion.

>>380668658All over the

>>380655222STFU Abdul. Even Harry Potter is better written and has more depth and wisdom than Quran.


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>>380646375>MinneapolisYou should be able to answer your own question mister English teacher.

>>380669085Cope harder HinduDindu streetshitting shitskin faggot

>>380647557so that they have a reason to get "funded" and use money, duh

>>380646743Flexing on the Swedish descended cucks

>>380646559The stupider the population, the more forceful the religion.Animals need a yoke.

>>380669085People should listen to the pajeets in matters related to Islamic invasions ... ahem, I mean conquest jihad... aahem, I mean "immigration". they have firsthand experience like no one elsepajeets have seen how it transpires and festers and grows over decades like a bruise that never heals and only grows larger>t. worked with lots of jeets in IT

>>380652282Islam is anti-everyone, except Muhammad (coincidentally, the inventor of it)

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>>380672119Don't you have a pig to rape, you inbred subhuman?

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>>380646375YeahI dont live in that faggy state retardany other questions retard

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>>380648954Ah yes Cedar-Riverside Plaza... The ghetto in the sky. Also known as the Crack Stacks. So many memories of Palmer's, The Nomad, and the Triple Rock before that place became totally unsafe.

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>>380673270it reads like a leftist meme.

>>380646559Didn't see you in moque today, brother.

>>380646447Fpbp>>380647076Based>>380673488Go rape a cow pajeet>>380671522So what does that say about the Vedas then? One might as well watch cartoons to learn about wisdom instead of being your average romesh who heads to the temple.>>380666332The Jews are fucking your people over $40B to Israel + $33B to Ukraine the worst is yet to come.>>380673270Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was the last Prophet in Islam not the inventor and in what regard is Islam anti anybody alive currently (if it was then Islam wouldn't the second most adhered to religion in the world).

>>380674537Tarrant, is that you, posting from your cell?

>>380674996>in what regard is Islam anti anybody alive currentlyThis comic takes a minute to digest but explains perfectly the answer to your question.>>380673270

>>380649024jokes on them. without christianity cuckholdry whites are utterly bloodthirsty killers. Christcuckery teaches weakness and womanly mindset so the slaves don't get antsy. Right now, we are on an inertia trip from the last of the cuckhold society. Unleashed white men tend exterminate shit unless they are idiots.Pretty funny actually. Golem's coming home to roost indeed.

>>380674218if those were occupied by whites it would be a nice place. don't blame the cement. blame the niggers.

>>380674996The Vedas don't teach you to call non-Hindus the worst creatures, to behead them, pull them limb from limb, to wage wars against them, enslave them and extort the jiziyya protection money out of them, simply for not converting to your cult. There's next to no wisdom in Quran. Just some basic instructions to run a society and when and how to wage jihad against non-Muslims and to capture every land. The quran reads more like a manifesto of some conqueror than a religious scripture.

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>>380664685Jewish media and supporting politicians that like fucking children so they can be bribed and controlled by the kike's. The average person generally has enough in their life not to want to fuck around with bigger picture shit on the national scale, for better or worse, it takes a certain mindset to be willing to rule. Thanks to 'voting' for mr popular and propaganda being supreme thanks to the loss of bloodshed in life, corrupt pretend men gained power positions.A little starvation and lightless cities for a few months will straighten that out. Most common men don't know the demon that resides inside themselves and fear it rather than control it. After a little vacation from civility, those that survive will know their own demon on a first name basis. Demon's don't like weak men.

>>380646375so we are going to deport these people once our team gets back control of congress and the presidency right?

>>380676913>deportSure, if that's what you want to call it. Bit of a stretch, but sure.

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>>380646375See what happens?Most Americans decide they don't need God in their lives. Christianity is on the decline and you're surprised Muslims are filling the void?More degenerates means less Christians. Less Christians, muslims fill vacuum. Muslims kill degenerates and Christian. You've brought this upon yourselves. Repent sinners.

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>>380677843Christians have been at the forefront of importing the fucking muzzies and other subhumans from the beginning you dumbshit. They chomp at the bit to support le based jew endeavors and are the first to proclaim 'we are all the same in gods eyes'. The fuck are you talking about?Name one fucking damned thing christians have done to stop this, much less reverse it. At best you click your teeth about muzzies being no christians, then you turn around and embrace muzzies and nigger that claim to be christians fucking your daughters while rejecting white men whom are not christians in the same breath. You moloch worshipers are all the same fucking religion under the kike plantation. You fucking cowardly niggers don't even raise a fuss when they come and kill you or burn your damned churches down. But the a fucking shit tier swastika and you open your wallets for the poor jew on tv like a pavlova dog.We start cleaning house its you cuckholds would be the first to virtue signal your rejection of violence against your 'brothers'.

>>380678822> name one thing Christians have done to stop this, much less reverse itI've prayed. I've donated. I've shown them love. ...what have you done, user?...perpetuate hated?'s that working out for you?

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>>380674996Muhammad was a piece of shit fraudster, kid. GTFO out of here with you, your BS and make believe.


>>380646375Friendly reminder that Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services receive money to resettle sandniggers in exchange for betraying Christians.

>>380677843/thread>>380678822fake and gay just like (You)

Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

>>380679572those are kikes, not christians.

>>380679453cuckholdry. you've shown WHOM love? the muzzies? my point right there in your post if so.And while you will refuse to believe it, hate is good for you. Unrestrained it can destroy, but it is there for a fucking reason. By ignoring your instincts you reject whichever god you think created you in favor of lying humans whom have corrupted your viewpoint.

>>380676656> control the demon. get to know your demon. demons don't like weak mendude, demons thrive on spiritually weak men lol(Sarcasm)Yeah bro, just CONTROL the demon inside you - ha ha ha - sounds like a genius plan.don't bother trying to cast them in the name of Jesus or anything.GoshWhat's more likely to happen is you'll become the demons bitch.Sure, I'm a slave to Christ.......but I'd rather be in fellowship with God than be some demon's bitch....and take a wild guess who has dominion over demons?';-PTop Kek!

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>>380672408haha you'll be the smartest fool swinging from a noose won't you?

>>380681194Dude, do you hear yourself?Hatred is toxic - if you genuinely think it's good then you're deceiving yourself and feeding your demons."Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of evil behavior." Eph. 4:31

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>>380682721why is it wrong to hate evil?

>>380682852>>380678822Sorry to disappoint you guys, but your everyday "Christians" aren't the ones pulling the political strings and displacing muzzie populations and forcing other progressive agendas. ...I'll be honest with you - I've never initiated a mass migration of Muslims nor do know any Christians that have.This >>380680949 I may be willing to speculate on - but still - that doesnt mean I go around hating Jews - I may tease them and discuss how the old testament points to Jesus... but my Jew friend that lives at home with his mom isn't responsible for global unrest bro . . . he's got other problems.

>>380683112What do you consider evil?

Hating sin (evil) is okay.Hatred of others (people - image bearers of God) is not.

>>380648954>>380674218My friends mom used to be a social worker working in those buildings.She told us how they kept / butchered chickens in the halls, and how it was regular to find people just sleeping, hanging out, and living in the stair ways. Fucking nuts man.

>>380677843REAL & TRUE


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>>380684459fucking muhammad was fucking muhammad

>>380646375>any reason why you are letting this happen ?The people we elect to represent us don't actually represent us, rather, they represent the interests of an elite ruling class whose involvement in politics is through lobbying and fundraisers to peddle influence and see their will done.

>>380646375I'm not American so who cares lmao

>>380656813Russia is pretty cucked

>>380684459Faggot retardnot everything written in arabic is authentic braindead niggerThis was written BY A LITERAL HERETIC WHO HAS LYNCHED FAGGOT AHAHA

>>380646375thats convenient bc im also bringing the muslim call to prayer to Holla Forumsallllllllaaaaaahu akbar allaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAhu AKbarallllllllaaaaaahu akbar allaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAhu AkBARashaduan LAAAAAA ilaha illallaaAAAAAaaaaahASHaduan LAAAAAA iLAha illallaaaaaaaaaaaahashaduanna MUHammADAR rasoolullaAAAAAAAHHHasHADuANNA MUHAmmadar rasoolullaAAAAAAAHHHHAYA Allas salAAAAAAAAAAAAHHAYA Allas salAAAAAAAAAAAAHHAYA allal falAAAAAAAAAAAAHHAYA Allal falaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHALLAAAAAAAH HU AKBARAllaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahu AKBARLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ilAAAHA illallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


>>380647163 This. We just banned them before they could get a foothold. No goatfuckers allowed here. >The federal popular initiative "against the construction of minarets" was a successful popular initiative in Switzerland to prevent the construction of minarets on mosques. In a November 2009 referendum, a constitutional amendment banning the construction of new minarets was approved by 57.5% of the participating voters. Only three of the twenty Swiss cantons and one half canton, mostly in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, opposed the initiative.

>>380685282cOPE LMFAO80% of Countries w/ Death Penalty for Beastiality mofos are IslamicLITERAL SHARI'A LAW TO KILL BEAST FUCKERSNOW FOR AMERICA... COPE

Islam will save the west and the world


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>>380646375>any reason why you are letting this happen ?I can't legally pogrom Jews.


>>380648803That's fucking hilarious


>>380686754So I you're telling all the radical Muslims and Nazis are going to live in post apocalyptic paradise together after they finish killing everybody else?


>any reason why you are letting this happen ?

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