Should brass knuckles be legal to own?

Discussion regarding the law of brass knuckles, should they be legal to carry and use in self defence?

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>>380639004They are?

no but you should own a pair they are sold fuckin everywhere anyways.. but never actually use them in a fight thats bitch shit except if SHTF than you are gonna want them incase, when/if it becomes no holds barred

Illegal in OzI just gold a crkt defence key though It's a key

>>380639578How would you even regulate this? A 70 IQ retard could make this stuff.

>>380639004No. If someone's in a fist fight with you there's a certain expectation of predictable force that both people have before getting involved. A 'we can grapple and get roughed up to sort this out but neither is going to be wrecked', brass knuckles absolutely destroy that. You'll get killed or brain damaged over an argument you at most thought was worth a broken nose. It's as scummy and vicious as bringing out a knife in a grapple.

>>380639783canada bans anything you can defend yourself with.

>>380639946Then don't start a fight, pakiSimple as

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What's a redpilled artial mart to take on as a person with low physical potential? My prime is gone.

>>380639946They could just use a hammer or even a stone and if someone is going to use them to break the law, they’d just use them anyway regardless if they are legal to own or not lol.

>>380639004if you use it it's a lethal weapon; at which point your opponent is allowed to use a lethal weapon; and it's probably not gonna be brass now instead of a fist fight you've got brass knuckles vs knife or gun and your gonna loose. just carry a knife or a gun and don't get in to fights. all violent conflict is life or death when your armed

>>380640129Expire gracelessly while nogs beat your crumpled heap of a body.Alternatively, use a tool

>>380639946Lel. Bringing out my knife and showing off ze shitzo is the first thing I do in a fight. Stops the fight immediately in 99% of cases. Once I had to hit someone with the handle.

>>380639004If you can't throw or land a punch without brass knuckles you're not suddenly going to know how to fight with them in.

>>380640129I like boxing, make sure your cardio id good and you have a little bit of muscle b4 joining. Don’t be afraid, guys in the gym are usually the most down to earth people.

>>380640205Except if I shoot/stab a hobo/nigger, now there is a body bleeding out, and people tend to notice that stuffA quick force multiplier and then I'm gone. What are you gonna do, call the cops when you come to?

>>380640080Guarantee the guy walking around with brass knuckles is the one looking to start fights.Most fights are pretty basic, some guy is being a dick, shoves happen, then a punch or two and a scuffle on the floor before it ends. They happen all the time to no major cost, I've been in a few despite being very patient. Permitting brass knuckles doesn't resolve anything, it just permits thugs to more easily change that basic conflict into a cowardly murder.

>>380639004Since when are they illegal? Fuckin news to me,oh well.

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>>380640129A gun


>>380639004I used to have some brass knuckles. But I traded them for coke.Regret it now :(

>>380639004Illegal here. I seen someone get hit with them once though, And they split the cheek in two, It was pretty brutal.

>>380640077the only thing Canadians are allowed to defend is israels security

>>380640205>all violent conflict is life or death when your armedunarmed as wellI'm not trained, but I'm pretty sure I could kick someone in the head/jaw, probably knock them unconscious while they're standing, and have them smack their head against the groundlots of guys can KO someone who then falls stiff on the back of their headThere's even that video of the white and black dude boxing where the white guy gets the black guy and he basically has a seizure or crazy ass neural bug out, maybe dies

>>380639004sure why not, also anthrax knuckles

>>380640148They could but most people don't carry hammers or stones around despite being legal. Permitting brass knuckles would see that type of scum putting them in their pockets before going to a bar.Sure that type can always stamp on someone's head but let's not make it easier for them.

>>380639004I have some, what shithole do you live in?

>>380639578>Illegal in Ozwhat about a blackjack? few oz of lead inside a leather pouch?

>>380639004Just look at fag in OPs pic. His arms are like toothpicks. He probably needs that tool to survive.

>>380639004I feel bad for most of you user who live in such commie nations that would ban brass knuckles. I fell asleep with my 45 in my pocket last night. Was very comfy

>>380640246An argument can be made for brandishing to stop a fight but brass knuckles clearly aren't for that.

>>380640576>I'm not trained, but I'm pretty sure I could kick someone in the head/jaw, probably knock them unconscious while they're standingAnon, I... Do yourself a favour and avoid physical confrontations.

>>380640613>most people don't carry hammers or stones aroundjust pick up a trash can and smash the fucker with it, they have those everywhere on the street for free

>>380640246>Stops the fight immediately in 99% of cases.delays the fight for the attacker to get a bat or if he has a knife or gun thats when you get stabbed or shot

>>380639004They’re legal in Texas.

>>380639004You have to be 18 to post here.

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>>380640769Sure and you can go get your car and drive over the person. The point with brass knuckles is that they're a lethal weapon that come out covertly during a fight. The person who likely had an expectation of a modest scuffle has no time to rejudge and leave, it's just like pulling a knife and stabbing in their side.

>>380639004>should they be legal to carry and use in self defence?I carry a set everyday. Legally.

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>>380639004On New Years Eve a few years back I socked this guy in the face with a pair when he threatened to get his gun and shoot me at a house party. He gushed like a river.


I bought my first pair 10 years ago kek. Still have them on my nightstand as a nostalgia flashback.

>>380639004It’s only a paperweight until you shatter someone’s jaw into a million pieces

>>380640355>Except if I shoot/stab a hobo/nigger, now there is a body bleeding out, and people tend to notice that stuffif you attack an unarmed person with brass knockles now you have an assault with a deadly weapon charge (felony/no more legal guns) instead of a lesser assault charge

>>380639578that is a common defense tactic taught in classes actually, you align the keys inbetween your knuckles and the keyring in your palm and now you have key knuckles

>>380640129>My prime is goneInject testosterone

>>380640129AikidoIt's very defensive and is unlikely to escalate a situation further. If you start kicking and punching you're going to make somebody angry

>>380641509Aikido is nonsense. Do MMA and that's it.

>>380640858Good thing this isn't America and I am a very good actor. Also promising sexual violence as consequence does wonders especially with the Arab type.>I'm gonna fucking rape you boy. And I mean rape.They shit their pants about this

>>380640205You could literally kill a person with one hit with brass knuckles. He won't have a chance to retaliate.

>>380639559>this leaf thinks he's not currently living in warngmi

>>380641573>too young to thinkNot if you're 50

>>380641573Yeah I have the 3. Master degree and I couldn't kill a dog with aikido. It is purely meditarional.Stick to weapons

>>380639004Just wear heavy rings.

>>380639004Thats a paper wheight, sir.

>>380639004They are legal in my state. Guns are also legal though and they are both considered lethal weapons so I'll just shoot instead thanks. If I was going to carry an impact weapon it would be a sap or a blackjack.

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>>380641735I have a years worth of casual training and used many techniques in "fighty" situations. It really does take the fight out off individuals if you're slippery and avoid their attacks without hurting them.

>>380640576>knock them unconscious while they're standing, and have them smack their head against the ground>thiswhy is it so difficult to understand this?

>>380642450And then everyone clapped.

>>380641607His point is if you don’t and they don’t die immediately they are in their rights to shoot/stab you. And he’s correct, if you get into a scuffle with someone that isn’t already trying to murder you and you hit them with the knuckles if they have a weapon of their own, in muttland that means YOU escalated it. Knuckles in the self defense matrix of mutt tactics are in that weird zone of wonky shit that is more liable to kill you than aid you.

>>380641183>literally smacked the shit out of him

>>380639004Wear rings, works the same.


>>380639004It's just a belt buckle wtf?

>>380640751You'd be surprised mate, I'm pretty strong and flexible, can even grapple with my jiu jitsu friend, but obviously their sophisticated techniques beat me.I don't know, I'm just to kick very high and hard naturally, and I have good foot-eye coordination. I could probably kick you right under the chin unless you're 6'6, in which case, I would just jump a littleI can't punch though, or not well

If you've ever actually used them you'll know all they do is create a few more cuts and darker bruises, they don't add to your knockout power really. I suppose if you hit the right part of a bone it might be more likely to fracture or chip the bone? Not really an effective self defence tool, it won't make you a better fighter.

>>380644250>I could probably kick you right under the chinNo, you couldn't. But even if you could: High kicks are the most retarded thing to do in a streetfight.

>>380639004why would someone that wears them care about their legality?

>>380643670Lmao just carry a handgun and train with it often.

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>>380640314i used brass knuckles on your mom op, she loves it. i put them on and give her a good punch in the sucker daily. =]

>>380640129cate en la nuez, paltik tlaquea facilmente, enemy out

>>380644595Knife is useful for stuff other than self defense, and is easier to get if you're nogunz in a cuck area.

>>380644514I don't think you understood my point.Maybe I would miss you if you're fast, it takes like a second. I have strong legs, I can do the Russian cossack danceBut if it's a matter of just being able to physically reach your height, unless you're over 6'6, I can kick you right in the chin with a lot of powerDidn't Chandler knock out Fergusson with a high kick to the chin?Still, that wasn't even my point, my point is that unarmed combat can be deadly.

>>380639946I expect to live and will use any means necessary.

>>380639342Not in germany

>>380639004Budk calls them paperweights. Doesn't matter because most people use them incorrectly anyway.

>>380641196>The person who likely had an expectation of a modest scuffleno such thing user, it comes to physical violence you can die from that, even if only fists

>>380644863I do MMA and Karate. I understand your point very well and I'm telling you that you're setting yourself up to get killed. All it takes is for you to lose your balance once doing a high kick, drop to your ass and then get finished off with soccer and stomp kicks to the head.

>>380641598>They shit their pants about thisit's true but only because they like it, I swear it's hilarious how gay their culture is even if they refuse to admit it

>>380644745In a nogunz cuck area it’s likely illegal to stab someone, believe it or not it can be illegal in certain mutt regions to stab a person even if they’re attacking you. You could be imprisoned for it.

>>380645419You are clearly too retarded for conversation.

>>380639004They are fucking garbage. Just carry a Kali stick or a knife.

>>380640129What do you mean your prime is gone, can you elaborate a bit compañerus?

why the fuck would you carry it over a metal bar of some sort? every weapon is a lengthening of a human arm so why would you lengthen it by 3mm?

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>>380639559SHTF a long time ago retard

>>380640573>Projecting this hardYou're average American would die for the kike

>>380645802Cos you dont want to be carrying something as telling as a metal bar? Or you want the surprise factor and a knuckle is a lot fo surprise, painful and fast enough to amke an attacker run before getting more?

>>380645621You’re a dumb nigger.

>>380640394No, we carry brass knuckles to end fightsI guarantee you've passed tons of white men carrying concealed weapons and you're still whiningCut off your dick to prevent rape

>>380639004i remember bothering a fucking tungsten tooling company to provide pricing on Tungsten alloy knuckles. it would be like 600 each. would be like twice as dense or more.

>>380639004>Discussion regarding the law of brass knuckles, should they be legal to carry and use in self defence?yes they should.

>>380641395No, there's an unconscious fuck who got laid out and I'm gone.Good luck summoning the entire resources of the FBI/CIA/BBQ to catch a guy who punched someone onceCaptcha: Nanana

>>380644873They are not?? Ive been to my local NATO shop yesterday to get new boot under you can just buy them there. It is not a weapon for me anyways. I carry brutal pepperspray and a good knife, just small enough to not be a weapon. And even if the cops control you you just say I'm on my way to go Fisher ng or camping etc. Because then it is legal to posses a sword-tier knife.Retarded German laws

>>380641466This is the dumbest “defense” tactic i have ever heard. The keys aren’t going to incapacitate an attacker, its not even likely that they will draw blood. All its going to do is fuck up the contact point of what otherwise might have been a solid punch, and if you manage to land a solid punch I guarantee you that you will fuck up the palm of your hand pretty good. Just carry a knife. If that is illegal where you live, pick up a rock. Putting keys in your hand wont do shit.

NGL, a leather belt that you can whip out in 0.5s is more useful than that piece of trash. I'm a Kyokushinkai Karate dude and I break bricks with my bare hand.I used one of these for shits and giggles on a tree trunk and that fuçk shit damn near broke my finger bone. It was swollen AF and I couldn't even wipe my ass with the injured hand for a whole four months.The senpai who brought it eventually sold it off to a shipyard worker for cheap.

>>380644723What if the person knows how to actually cover the throat in his stand and you get an elbow in retaliation?>>380644863Thais reserve high kicks for the end for a reason, its easy to get caught and thrown to the floor and you dont want that in the streets. Actually, you shouldnt use kicks almost at all unless you wanna use a frontal to the abdomen to create space. Its defenitely better to use knees if you are grabbed or close to the attacker. The head is a very movable, small target, if you throw a kick to the chin and the guy moves sideways even a bit you are risking your heel getting stuck on the opponents shoulder unless you pull back really quickly, is not easy in the heat of a battle in which you usually get nervous and hit strang trying to finish the guy. If that happens and your opponent lifts himself, unless you are very flexible you fall to th flloor, and even if you are flexible he can grab the leg with both arms and do many things from the position.


>>380641509>>380641573Aikido is situational and meant to compliment a real martial art with your go to moves. It’s not meant to be your first line of defense or applicable to even a plurality of situations.The idea behind aikido as you probably know was what should a samurai if he gets disarmed in battle and is unarmed vs a sword wielding opponent. It’s essentially just different disarm techniques using the other persons own attacks/momentum. It’s 100% reactionary (defensive) and you can’t just train aikido without boxing, judo, or BJJ and expect anything good to happen. I have seen people use certain aikido techniques while rolling/sparring and it is interesting, there’s been a growing fascination with it if just for the memes

>>380646560>damn near broke my finger bone.all the boomers warned me about knuckledusters for that exact reason, of course I did the same shit.

>>380646847I'm not trying to say I'm a bad-ass fighter by any means. I'm sure I'd get my ass kicked by many peoplePersonally, I would only use the chin high kick as a surprise attack or if my gut tells me that I have the 3d space and time to accomplish it. Reality is I'll do whatever my body tells me in a fight cause I have no training.I actually am very flexible though, and I can put my legs behind my head, so I'm less worried about ground and pound position

>>380647037This. But to be fair I once hurt myself really bad once when I was playing the attacker. It can be quite brutal but in almost no way usable in a real fight.It is a nice sport however

>>380641509Aikido is one of the shittiest "martial" arts out there. Don't study Aikido until after you can properly defend yourself first. Try BJJ, MMA, or judo first.t. former Aikidoka

>>380639004Man.. They should be legal. However... Brass knuckles are brutal.

>>380640129>as a person with low physical potentialYou've already lost

>>380646508Not necessaraily. I saw a vid of a fight between 2 girls and some piece of shit arab came from behind with a key and stabbed the girl several times with it. A key can be dangerous, and carrying a knife will get you worst legal troubles.>>380645059Exactly, if needed a low kick or a frontal, but anything else is risking going to the floor and you dont know whos around you. Better one knee if it gets to close and then elbows or projection.

>>380647727A knife is an actual tool and unless you look like a nigger or are carrying a ridiculous mall ninja knife, no one will give you shit for having one. I have a knife and a gun and I use that knife every day.

>>380647612This, Aikido is not even the best option when projecting/grappling, it would be more of a complementary thing in order to refine basic techniques and it takes years, not worthy over fist/feet-ground/grapple MA.

>>380640129>My prime is gone.Gun-fu, old timer.

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>>380639004Yes and I have no idea why stupid shit is banned. Even in the US there's stupid bans on pointless bullshit in some cities. I'm not sure why the second amendment doesn't cover sabers.

>>380647037>Aikido is a fucking LARP.

>>380647727It's funny you mention elbows, that's probably my favorite type of strike, I think I could hurt someone a lot more than my punches. I'd probably go for open palm strike or hammer fast, I don't want to break my knuckles.I'd be scared of breaking my kneecaps to be honest. And from watching all the fighting, it seems like kicking the legs is very under-used in street fights.I saw one street fight with an MMA dude, and his leg kick basically floored the guy -- probably from sheer surprise

>>380639004Dude like pick up a rock lmao.

>>380640129>>380648089tai chi

>>380639004knuckle dusters only work if your punch is strong otherwise you're just going to look embarrassingly weak like an antifa troon, you should probably learn to punch first.

>>380639004They're legal here and I'm going t o get some, but still looking at designs. Is that classic metal one even good?

>>380639004They are in my state, all deadly weapons fall under Constitutional Carry

>>380640129a gun.

>>380640613You’re making it harder for good men to legally defend themselves, I’ve been jumped by scum bags before and I would of liked to have had some knuckles to defend myself

>>380646483what the fuck would you need such a large knife for if you are fishing? do germans kill the fish with a knife? in america we kill the fish with a rock

>>380643529You forgot the carlos picture, mate.

Personally I prefer Stainless Steel.

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>>380639004You can buy them in flea markets anywhere. They work, but there's a million more effective tools that fill the same role. I would say they're more of a novelty.

>>380639004Not a huge fan of brass knucks. I use a black jack. It may seem ridiculous but 18oz of lead on a spring wrapped in leather will take down even the largest man very quickly.

>>380640246>Turning a fist fight into a knife fightTell me you've never interacted with real street without telling me you've never interacted with real street

>>380646508this. the keys in hand shit is what retarded normie chicks do. same thing they chuck pepper spray or a rape whistle in the bottom of their purse where they will never be able to access it quickly enough to use it. women are retards.personally i carry mace (in my hand in my pocket) as my non-lethal and a gun as my lethal for what the mace doesn't solve. also fun: brandishing mace isn't illegal and i've warded off 3 would be encounters like that, didn't have to spray once. >>380649285nice hand, fatso. go buy a steel bike and lose some fucking weight.

>>3806457052 old for this shiteI was just thinking (which isn't my speciality) about learning some VGH krav maga

>>380647727Yes necessarily. Keys wont do shit. The video you saw was likely a keychain intended for stabbing. Pick up a fucking rock, or carry a real weapon. Keys are quite possibly the worst weapon you could find.

>>380639946Welcome to the real world where fights aren't fair. If you get into a fight you're free to be as dirty as possible with knives, clubs and so on and be prepared to go all the way. Otherwise don't fight. What if the other party wants to go sll the way and you just want to exchange fists? You can die.

You can 3D print those btw

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>>380648706i used to carry them because they left a nice imprint in the ass of my jeans like a can of dip. never used them on anyone though, just punched them regularly. they are more about conversation for people that can appreciate them. you are just jealous you cannot have them in the Ausbr0 clot shot camps.

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>>380649612Let me guess, you have 20 weapons in your basement dungeon, but have used exactly 0 against anyone or thing save for a training dummy?

>>380647976Im not saying the opposite, im saying you can harm with a key, thats all im saying.>I use that knife every day.To kill niggers?>>380647422Well dude, start training. Muay is truly a beautiful art. Then you know BJJ, if you are really one on one and you are sure nobody is there, can reduce someone bigger than you in seconds, leave him unconscious, or break a limb and let you run the fuck out there, unless you really want revenge and you wanna make sure you carve anew face on the dreaming beauty. Im just telling you, you need to be very precise and know how to spring your heel straight up into the chin to be effective. Can you? Yes you can, Obama told you, so trust the nigger, but... at your own risk.

You can buy then at gas stations in florida. They have bins of them.

>>380639004They sell them as belt buckles in the early hours in china town. All the weird weapons shops close at 9-10 am kek.

>>380639004Legal in Texas.

>>380649951i carry a knife, life in the countryside and i always have my Opinel with me.>>380649872Ok, bro, but if you dont explain to me whats your age, your current physical shape and if you have some physical problem i cant advice something to you. Nah, dont go for Krav Maga, its overhyped and you can learn similar techniques in other MA. And its never too late, dont remember the name but theres was this guy that won a karate or judo or something championship and the guy was 40 something. Research about Samart Payakaroon, Sityodtongs champion, was fighting kids of 23 at 40 something and would literally kick the air out of their lungs with mere frontal kicks. If what you want is to be able to protect yourself, 1. get in shape at a reasonable rate, 2. practice lightly some fist/foot MA, Sanda Wu Shu has pretty neat projetion techniques that can be a resourceful addition to fist/foot and can help you out of a situation.

>>380639004yes carry them always. Helps fight off nogs.

>>380650399Yeah, I've done some lessons for various martial arts in the past, but have seriously considered the MMA gym down the street. Just been very busy with work, and I was banned for being unvaccinated until the last month.If you watch the Chandler-Fergusson front kick knockout, he actually hits him with his toes.I'm someone who does a lot of coordinated activities, and I know where I am weaker or stronger. I just have very good aim, speed and reach with my foot for those types of kicks, especially with my right leg. Not saying I'm not subject to the pitfalls, it just comes a lot more naturally to me since my legs are strong, flexible, and more connected with my mind than my fists

>>380640129Use the Sig Sauer defense technique

>>380651087I'm 40, but I have barely exercised in my life and I have a crippling problem of fatigue coming and going, lack of energy or something, but it comes and goes, so I'm sometimes good sometimes am not.Truth be told, the little I ever exercised was some judo, but I wouldn't use it as something to defend myself, it's more a sport than anything.Krav Maga, I like the philosophy of causing some kind of incapacitation and gtfoing.

>>380649758Good shill. Stock photo. At 55 I mat not be /fit/ but certainly not fat. Fuck off.

>>380649668What would happen on the street?

>>380651093What is nogs

>>380639004i always wanted this thing

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>>380651387I think tossing people to the ground hard is pretty incapacitating

>>380640394i agree with you, but police can also determine if the fight was started by the man with the weapon or if the man with the weapon was acting in self-defense. any fight can be deadly though, regardless of weapons, body slam someone on their neck/head the wrong way and BAM, dead.

>>380646483Which spray and knife do you use/recommend?I have 0 knowledge on those and have to move to Berlin soon.

>>380651796It's more about having them lose balance to score points, leaf.I was good at it tho, only time in my life where I got a perfect P.E Qualification -or any other fields for that matter, I scored the most high of my student days ever in Judo precisely-.

>>380651387Jew magic tricks, nah. In your state do yoga. Begin with Hatha and when you have been a year or so go to Ashtanga. After a couple of years you wont recognize yourself. Thank me later. Im the andalusian user, sure well meet again. Dont continue that path or youll be 50 and wanting to die.

>>380650423>>380650664also legal in Florida with a permit..if you hit someone with them there is a good chance you may kill them. that was always my deterrent. nothing more than a piece of old time artwork to me.

>>380651481>a literal fucking boomer doesn't know what "shill" meanskill yourself, traitor

>>380639004No point in using them if you're fighting someone who is armed, both knives and guns are way more lethal

>>380651387Ah, and jog 2 to 3 times a week making sure you breath correctly. Be constant. Yoga and jogging, but not nogging ok bro?

>>380652081I like this advice, I'm around 30 and this is missing in my life. You're a good guy. Thank you

>>380652421Yoga is fine I guess, I was gonna implement it to my practices actually, I'm reading through a book by Ramiro Calle. I used to practice it on and off, for this fatigue problem.

>>380639004Just wear 4 large rings retard, if they have diamond better yet.

>>380652270So you're just being as asshole for the sake of being an asshole. My parents were both the product of returning WWII Servicemen, which makes them Boomers. I'm closer to an Xer. Try not to be such a dick. Maybe you should see what in your life is causing such pain and work on eliminating that. You'll be happier in the long run.

>>380653825no, you should actually kill yourself. you aren't welcome here.

>>380646508anon I just carry a gun. I'm not getting into a hand to hand with anyone if I don't have to. I will gladly use my keys and go for someones eyes if I was a woman and it's all there was available, though. But women should be carrying guns, too. Everyone should. I've been training my body for 8 years pretty much daily and still have no intention of getting in H2H if at all avoidable. During my home invasion, at no time did engaging in someone with bloody hands dripping with blood in H2H ever occur to me, I just shot and killed his ass.

>>380654219>During my home invasion, at no time did engaging in someone with bloody hands dripping with blood in H2H ever occur to me, I just shot and killed his ass.more details please caliber?amount of shots?location? sound? smell?

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>>380652534Im here to help, unless someone is a fucking cunt. Welcome.>>380653263Dont pay attetion to Ramiro Calle, is distorting Indian teachings ( ive been in Idnia many times, practiced with them and learned from their books, have a cousin that got his diploma in Mysore ). Theres a big movement worldwide to distort Indian traditions and blned them into the Satanic new age bullshit of the NWO. Go to the Indians for that.


>>380639004They are legal in some states, in others they are paperweights.

>>380654928When adrenaline is dumping everything slows down and you begin to shut off the part of your brain that looks at the person wishing you harm as a human being. They become a rabid animal that you view less than pig shit. Everything makes sense, it's sort of hard to describe, it's very similar to when action movies go into slow mow during a firefight or action sequence. Caliber was a measly .22 LR, marlin 60 bolt action loaded with American eagle hollow points. A single shot, discharged into the garbage can he was using as a shield against my round. Was only a teenager at the time, didn't know my head from my ass. He was 6'2 armed with a mallet, he knew all I had was a .22 so he thought it wouldn't penetrate the garbage can. All of this happened in the span of less than 30 seconds, mind you. He gained entry and went after my mother/dog when I fired into the garbage can, at hip level, basically aim pointing. He went screaming out the entry way he came in, my neighbors came outside to see him eventually collapse in a field a few hundred feet away. The second the round hit him in the abdomen he looked at me in absolute shock/horror, it was even surprising to me as I was throwing the bolt back to chamber another round. Police ordered me to the ground at gunpoint and handcuffed me, left me in the cruiser in the freezing cold in nothing but my briefs for over an hour, a small price to pay. Eventually taking me to headquarters where they printed out a layout of my house and had me walk them through the entire incident. Eventually homicide drove me home awkwardly making small talk.

>>380655111Well, he doesn't seem very professional, indeed, it's just a haphazardly quick put together book. With very brief techniques, luckily I've also read some Iyengar. Is Iyengar pose books decent enough?

>>380649266Could use it as an inferior axe for making firewood if you want to spend the night but for some retarded reason don't want to carry an axe.

>>380639004No.Either use a gun or don't defend yourself at all.You fucking newfags now days I swear. Either a fight is worth fighting or it isn't. If it's worth fighting it's worth dying over.

>>380645848ya its a real warzone out there, you shutin smartphone addled child. when did ut become cool to be afraid of literally everything?

>>380655596wooowthank you user, most interesting thing i have read here all day. >nothing of value was lostyou did what you had to do, him or you. no shame in it. good for you

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>>380655596holy larp batman. post the news article which would obviously have been written about this incident

>>380656563nah I can't it will legitimately dox my current address, not in the mood for 20 boxes of pizza today bois I'm trying to fast kek

>>380655841Iyengar yes, but Iyengar practice is intense, if you are not in good shape i wouldnt recommend it, as i said Hathat yoga is suited for a more flowing, paused practice, and then one can pass to something more exercise like. Its about "listening" to your body. I myself am 40 and due to my last years obligations i feel i lost a lot of physical capacity ( I use to train hardly martial arts, was in Thailand in Erawan Sityodtongs camp ), i feel myself declining, and i would go first to Hatha. If you try something hard youll just exhaust yourself and give up. As i said, before martial arts, Jogging and yoging for a good measurte of time till you oxygenate and tonify your muscles. 40 is not an old age, you just wasted your body after a life of negligence but make no mistake, yoga can correct that 100%. Ive seen crippled Yogis in India that couldnt move from a bed and after years of practice they were able to do things unthinkable before.

>>380642041a good night stick or black jack will do wonders.I have a custom swamp ash baton with purple heart on the top. Purple heart is damn near the most dense material that comes from any plant ever. I've tried it out on barrels before and it put a hefty dent in them. It would easily crack a mans skull open.

>>380656710NO WAY??!? it totally happened though, and youre a hardened killer not a shutin on a childrens cartoon forum, right?fucking loser lol

>>380656925you're projecting so hard it hurts man, anyways here's one of his childhood toys, seeing as it was my uncle who I killed and have shared the story here a million times.

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>>380639004Why not a knife instead? or a brass knuckle knife?

>>380656925Well, hes from USA, why couldnt it happen given the kind of violence that can happen there? They can carry weapons and they have a fari amount of burglaries. Why so edgy, leafy?

>>380639004They are legal.They're called Paper Weights.I shit you fuckin' not.They made Brass Knuckles illegal.Paper Weights are legal.The Law has been an Out of Order Clown Show for a LONG time.

>>380656925>hardened killerso defending his family/home/selfmakes him a hardened killer?

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>>380655596>>380657105I read you before some days ago in another similar thread. I havent read the wholñe thread, care to explain why he went crazy on your mom? Im just curious about, no morbid interest, just the overall context.

>>380657614He wanted his childhood toys that were in the attic, since we inherited the childhood home after his grandpa (who was my father figure) died. We had absolutely no idea the toys existed at the time of the home invasion, but some months after I was up there reinsulating and decided to check this toy chest out I found. Well holy fuck, there's every kind of 1980s vintage heman, Gi-joe, transformers, etc in there. My uncle was maybe the mental age of 12-14ish, he simply couldn't verbalize what he wanted, let alone, hey I want my thousands worth of toys, he legitimately thought it was GO TIME all out war and he had to reclaim them. That was something we only came to the conclusion on in hindsight after the fact.

>>380657292MAn dont post this abortion, i get legit temporary down syndrome everytime i see this weak creature.

>>380656563"Just leave your name & social security number bro"You're completely faggot.

>>380639004Obviously not. If it's not an an automatic & assault AR - 47 machine gun, it shouldn't be banned. Imagine having a long swords or knifes banned. Wtf is this retardism?? Picrel is not even dangerous as a pocket knife is.

Attached: 16002888571725.jpg (1166x918, 477.13K)

>>380657942So basically he was retarded, went into an unwarrented rage fit and tossed into home breaking and hitting and you panicked and used some gun that was in the house? Was the garbage can inside or outside, or he began the fit outside and you saw it was serious, got the gun when he came inside and shot?

>>380657968have not seen this one in a while>raising a daughter right

Attached: 1640792523164.webm (400x316, 2.82M)

>>380658655Lamo, but why to throw to the ground where it can get dust in it?

>>380657942damn, merc'd your own literal retard uncle sperging out over his toys. based.

>>380658466Nah he was trying to sneak in as we were asleep. I wouldn't say he was retarded, just mentally unstable. He was actually very smart and excelled in school, we think he turned mentally ill from drug abuse and that's what inhibited him and kept him mentally from maturing past a certain point. He could drive cars, shoot guns, etc just fine. He went hunting plenty of times. I definitely was panicked because he woke me up out of sleep knowing my garage door code but it was locked so he tried smashing out the windows with his bare hands in attempt to access the emergency pull rope thing. I didn't even think about the gun until it was obvious he was trying to harm us, which when you're just woken up and see your family member, you don't immediately jump to that conclusion but it was grievly obvious when I saw his hands dripping in blood. He grabbed the hammer/trash can from outside then smashed his way into the patio, causing thousands of shards of glass to go everywhere, my dog stepped in them while charging him to defend us, puddling blood in places. But survived, thankfully. He tried killing us in our sleep or doing us harm in our sleep for sure. That stuff was left outside because this is an all white neighborhood that hasn't seen a homicide in probably 50 years.

>>380639559>thats bitch shitonly dead people follow this gay logicfending off a rabid nigger is not a test of sportsmanship, you mongoloid

>>380658973i would wager she is in Floridano fucks given in full effect =]


>>380639004Just wear big rings, same effect

>>380647612wtf is BJJ? Blow Job Job?


>>380639004I unironically want them to be legal due to it being one of the very few weapons in AMERICA, that’s outright banned to own in most states and carry in all the others.As for practicality it’s basically a bodyguards weapons for dealing with rowdy patrons to his bosses business or (I can see why they are banned for this reason sadly) the perfect tool for the knockout game

>>380659182I cried like a little bitch when learning he died cus I figured he'd survive a fucking single .22 LR, ya know? Plus I knew this man since I was born, he was apart of my life. But you have to take emotion out of life sometimes and handle business. It took over a year for the stress to sort of subside, but for years after the fact, the event replayed in my head over and over almost daily. It became very hard to concentrate or focus on basic and menial tasks for a little while, so I just went outside and cut down some cherry trees and split up firewood, it helped a lot to get into nature.

>>380639004Looool euros be like "should we be allowed to have metal spoons?"

>>380639946It’s that one Mexican user who thinks all guns should be banned due to “honor” on a vpn holy shit.

>>380659621>the perfect tool for the knockout gameanon they will kill people.. you really wanna sit in prison for hitting some fuck face with brass knuckles and said fuck face dies? >pass

>>380639946That’s stupid nigger brained shit. You shouldn’t be picking fights with people in public in a civilized society because the person you picked a fight with can just as easily kill you with a gun. Threat of escalation keeps everything ordered and civil.

>>380640576>I'm not trained, but I'm pretty sure I could kick someone in the head/jaw, probably knock them unconscious while they're standingIt's calles a suckerpunch, and everyone canndo that.But to knock someone who is aware is 10 times as difficult.Have You guys never fight someone?

>>380659206I see, thats some fucked up shit right there, must have been traumatic, happy you survived and managed to protect your family user, stay safe.>>380659307Why Florida though? Whats the difference with other states?>>380659320Not so easy to get a gun in here unless you are a gypsie.

>>380640576You've never trained but assume you can land a head kick in a real fight and score the knockout with it.God damnit I hate people so fucking much.At least I respect your honesty and admitting your lack of training or fight experience but god damnit man this is so far removed from reality it's annoying. It's like a guy saying "I've never done jiu jitsu but if someone tackled me I'd just roll them into an omoplata and I'd break their arm!"What you might do is punch or shove someone and they fall and hit the back of their head on the concrete and die. That's still a possibility but don't try a head kick in rage if you've never thrown a kick in your life.

>>380660061Thank you user. It helps a lot just writing it out so cheers. Have a good day yourself! Buenos Tardes, amigo

>>380659846Assuming the people who play the game would be held responsible in areas that support said people

>>380660061i recognize the background foliagethe first gun is a Glock, you can throw those in the mud if you so choose

>>380652053Bear mace and a tri knife

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>>380660188that is true

>>380641183Lmao he dropped a turd the size of a zucchini, wtf. Are these arabs? Anyone know the context?>>380660131;/>>380651542A mythical creature you cant relax around, take the advice.

>>380660379As an american I can confirm pepperspray and a knife combo will stop a single attacker almost always. Or pepperspray and a baton. Or pepperspray and just don't stop kicking them in the balls until you're tired. Honestly pepperspray seems to work better than a taser but it gets all over you too.

>>380639004Brass knuckles are a weapon of mass destruction, just like guns and knives. They should be banned. Only a violent thug needs to "defend" himself.

>>380661155you gotta loicense for that bait?

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>>380659344Huemonkey jujitsu

I can't imagine a situation where brass knuckles would be a better option than any other lethal weapon. Can anyone think of one?

>>380663378>Can anyone think of one?Ran out of ammoNeed to get the job done without loud boom stickNylon knuckles to avoid metal detectors

>>380639004Shall not be infringed.

I've been reading all this bullshit in this thread about "Be a man, use a fist/knife/whatever" don't ever believe this bullshit, it may cost you your life in a SHTF situation.I know from firsthand experience that if you don't know how to use a knife in a fight, you will not be able to. Some shithead gangbanger will best you in a second and you rightfully become a fucking statistic. Anyone that advocates for other people to defend themselves with a knife, deserves nothing less than having to.

>>380639004Yes officer that is a paperweight in my pocket.

>>380640129Wakizashi concealed in your back

>>380639004NoIf used with intent to kill or wound then felonyIf used in defence, fuck it, I'll allow it

>>380639004Brass knuckles are basically used to maim, and cause excessive pain and lasting trauma, not so much to kill or dispatch home invaders.Super concealable too. If you have brass knuckles with you, you know what you're going to do with them. Otherwise you'd bring a knife or a gun.

>>380639004Brass knuckles are for small men who need a weapon to do any damage.

>>380655596What state were you in that treated you like shit for saving your family?

>>380668162I'm not going to risk doxxing myself but let's just say I had 4 cannabis plants and they did nothing to me over it, and my case never was persued by the DA, despite it technically being a felony at the time. Not a cucked state at all. Most people carry here. They treated me like shit because they're napoleon complex having rural cops who thought they were playing CSI.

>>380659273This. I don't think you realize how effective brass knuckles really are in a fight. Even light rabbit punches will bust someone's face open and have them gushing kool aid instantly. I used to work night shift at a big residential building in midtown and had to use it on this homeless nigger who fucking lost his mind or something. Takin the train at night is fucked bros, I don't recommend it.

>>380645003>Doesn't matter because most people use them incorrectly anyway.This, if you know how to properly throw a punch, you won't want knuckle dusters. Plus they limit your grappling / open hand options

>>380660119I mean, I can just tell from the pressure that if it hit someone in the chin, it would knock them out, maybe kill them.Regarding doing it in the middle of a fight? I never said I could do that, and I honestly have no idea. When I used to spar with my friends, I was able to land kicks, but I never tried to tear their face off.I have thrown thousands of kicks, I just haven't really formally gotten good at fighting or studied it more than a few lessons from about a dozen martial arts.I've kicked objects out of people's hands and I'm able to kick full force many inches over my head , but I understand that it's risky, it's like a catapault. I just have the deep instinct in me to kick, and even jump kick.

>>380656563You say larp but I legit know people who were involved in B&E defense shootings here in Canada that didnt even get an article in the local news.Oddly, the incidence was still listed on the police maintained online crime map.

>>380640576I hate violence, I absolutely hate it,Makes me think of nothing but dead people for days. I want to relax and unfortunately relaxing is the devil.

>>380639004Yes, memeflaggot. Yes.


>>380660379Just use a regular knife, It disables your enemy in a fight but they'll maybe live. Tri knife is just 100% certain death and you'll be a murderer.

>>380639004Depends on your state in the USThey are Illegal in mineShould be legalTasers are a wierd one in my state as wellYou can have one, but you have to have a conceal and carry permitWhich is really easy to get

Attached: 127-1270450_4829292-apu-pepe.jpg (820x603, 120.24K)

>>380659897Except fights happen all the time in civilized society almost exactly because there's general trust and expectation that things won't be escalated and even if it's come to a fight the other person will be restrained. I've been in several fights and every single time everyone backs off after the initial brawl. Only outside of europe do you worry about some subhuman going mental.

>>380659793> mutt reading comprehension A sad darkened mutt mind

>>380649956That's not the real world though. Have you ever been in a fight lmao

Just literally hold anything in your fist and boom, your punch is magically stronger.

In Canada (my home country) metal knuckles are illegal but it can be made out of plastic or other materials. Can't you just 3d print carbon-reinforced polyamide/nylon and won't they be just as strong or deadly as metal ones (minus the less weight)?

>>380659598You can tell by the format, that's thingaverse

>>380666821tell me that when you get jumped by a pack of feral groids

>"Just use a knife to defend yourself"You fucking retards have no idea what the fuck you're saying. You don't know how to use one, you will become a statistic. The movies make it seem like you'll instantly know how to use one the very moment that you need to, and you have no fucking idea how wrong that is. The closest thing to real-life from the movies is you as a teen girl in a slasher flick. That's as far fucking skillset actually is. Walking statistics, the lot of you.

>>380642041get a mean Gene hot tamale. u can't carry a sap everywhere but u can a coin purse

>>380639004I only see a paperweight.

>>380640129>Striking martial arts?Kyokushin. Yoshukai. Boxing. >Grappling?BJJ or get out>unorthodoxCarry a cane. >highest damage per secondHK, sig, Glock, etc but may be difficult or illegal to posses in public in euro zone

>>380676622Had this discussion with my son the other day, how if you use a knife to defend yourself, unless you are a highly trained professional, you're probably going to end up having it used on yourself instead. Friend and I used to practice parrying with knives and shit all the time, training ones, of course. You have no idea how unbelievably hard it is to use one in self defense without getting equally or more fucked up yourself. I'd rather just throw hands or pick up anything else from my surroundings than to use a knife

>>380641466Wouldn't you end up with a key stuck in your hand?

>>380678451Wouldn't you rather a dagger or short sword at that point? lol>>380671760> Makes me think of nothing but dead people for days.What do you mean when you say that?You're imagining dead people?What do you mean relaxing is the devil? Do you have OCD?

Google 1/2" chain link - dumbass.

>>380641466Pretending to be Wolverine with keys in between your knuckles is such a hilariously bad idea. Every punch you’d hurt the fuck out of your hand. And it wouldn’t let you punch cleanly. It’s a hilariously bad idea from mall cop tier self defense courses

>>380639004Why are the illegal?

>>380678731Yeah, that wouldn't be conspicuous at all, just strolling through town with a fucking short sword swinging from your side like a Monty Python character lmao. A ex-friend of mine (ex-friend because he was hard core communist) used to carry a 9 inch bladed knife in his backpack "for self defense" but didn't like the idea of people owning firearms for the same purpose. Fucking retard, by the time he got his back pack off, opened it up, dug the knife out, unsheathed it, and got into somewhat of a defensive posture, niggers would have already beat the living shit out of him, stole all his shit and left his ravaged body in the gutter.

>>380673036Where the fuck do you live? I don't start fights and my Aliexpress "catapult" comes in well handy. Cheap enough to throw away as well. Literally one shot to the ribs and it's over.

>>380680942lol Im just saying as far as knife fighting goesI've never carried around a knife with me for self-defence, so I don't have the same mindsetI did have an extendable baton at one point, but where I live isn't dangerous enough to risk being caught

>>380660379Theose are illegal in germany because of the dmg capability unfortunately.

>>380681989I thought the discussion was about defending yourself against an unarmed assailant (In Canuckistan, using a knife would instantly get you charged) If it was knife on knife fight, then, you're legitimately fighting for you life and you better know what you're doing.

I like acrylic knuckle dusters myself. way harder to find when thrown off the side of the road after you do the deed.

>>380639004Yes they should be legal. "Deadly weapon" my ass. They're barely any more lethal than a regular fist. They're the weapon of choice for retarded wiggers too dumb to use a gun/knife.

Attached: gettyimages-185257780-612x612.jpg (612x612, 25.13K)

>>380682516It was a law created in a time when fist fighting was pretty common and accepted and men weren't complete pussies. Brass knuckles were seen as "taking it too far" and were a weapon for niggers and cowards.


>>380683179That's the problem over here, no one's chinning you and then walking away nigger behaviour is rampant. That's why knife crime has skyrocketed all these young lads can't risked getting ko'd and having posted all over social media, they'd rather stab each other up.

>>380678451>You have no idea how unbelievably hard it is to use one in self defense without getting equally or more fucked up yourself.Use TWO knives instead of one. Nealy all weapons beat knives, but someone unarmed VS someone with two knives is dead meat- period.

Attached: 82628.jpg (2560x1440, 1.13M)

>>380684804>That's the problem over here, no one's chinning you and then walking away nigger behaviour is rampant.Agreed.


Attached: WmJg16ckjAuKxe8JX9q96Psl-1UUXPMJR2Q290Pi4w8.jpg (795x600, 83.31K)

>>380640613It's not tranquil guys that tend to jump people in swarms. I would otherwise agree with you. You know, if gangs and ganging up weren't a thing.

>>380686612Those knives are too long to be fast.

>>380660379Ah yes officer, just bringing my deadly tri-knife for uh... fishing. Very practical carry tool you see, perfect for gutting fish and carving wood with its curving all sided cutting edge

>>380661006arabs brazilians all the same thing