USA needs a national Childhood Animal Abuser Database

Salvador Ramos>Killed local cats, would throw the bodies at neighbourhood housesPeyton Gendron>Photographed the cats he tortured and killedEthan Crumbley>Killed cats, tortured a nest of baby birds to deathNikolas Cruz>Tied up frogs/chickens/squirrels as target practice, anally raped rabbits to death with sticksKip Kinkel>chopped up a cow to death, stuffed lit firecrackers into cat’s mouthsEric Harris and Dylan Klebold>boasted about killing and mutilating neighbourhood petsIn most of these cases, the animal abuse was known to parents and local authorities.If banning guns is off the table, red flagging animal abusing kids should be a fair compromise.

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>>380636303Jamal is gonna rip him a new one isnt he?

>>380636303i mean I would honestly be ok with this

>>380636303more databases, policing guns, speech, etc won't fix the fucked up shit the world is in right now.Term limits on politicians for starters will.Then taking all the money they wasted on pet projects on actually investing it in their local communities would.If these people cared so much about gun violence, minorities, bullying, etc they would get criminals of the streets, promote programs where family units were encouraged, and mentors were there for kids who were lost and struggling.For all the talk about "muh righties don't care about babies dying" the left only cares when kids get shot at a school. Because they sure as shit don't give a flying fuck about everyone getting shot by criminals daily in all their inner city hell holes they have run for decades, or everyone that will be killed by their "weapons of war" they ship overseas and spend billions financing proxy wars, while telling their own people "fuck you" and refusing to invest in their own country.And not just the US, it's like this everywhere.

wtf are wrong with these people, animals are innocent.

I sorta agree but also don't

>>380637135Ignored, stay on topic next time please

>>380637256It’s true that the majority of animal abusers don’t turn into school shooters, but almost all school shooters (especially those still of school age) do have a record of severe animal abuse.How many would this realistically affect? Maybe 20k people a year? Extreme animal abuse in childhood is very rare in childhood, but common in school shooters. It’s the lowest hanging fruit with the maximum possible impact.

I don't agree, gas the parents they're too incompetent to live


>>380638694found the school shooter

>>380636303I don't believe you'll find much disagreement from Holla Forums on this one, OP.This will be a short thread.

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>>380636303Any kid torturing cats should be executed before they grow up to become cereal killers. Give them a trial, guilty means death. Give me a Kar-98 and I'll take them out back the courthouse and put three in their chest. Quick, efficient, effective.

>>380638694I hate Russia and I hate Serbia.

>>380640407>cereal killer

>>380638694Killing to eat does not equal killing for entertainment, cats do both BTW.

>>380639030He didn't show signs of animal torture. He wasn't a conventional psychopath either. What he did was wrong however.

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>>380636303Animal abuse should at least be considered a risk factor that can be used to deny your LTC or sale of a gun

>>380640728Yeah Adam Lanza didn’t show any animal abusing traits either. But the majority of school shooters do, especially those who are school aged themselves.

>>380640755Yep. Absolutely.

>>380640683>Pic related

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>>380641004Should autism be a risk factor?

>>380636303A database of where to find the graves of the animal abusers we immediately euthanize on principle, perhaps.

>>380641648Hahaha maybe but autism is too common. The advantage of designating animal abusers is they are rare in the general population. I’m not talking about folk who are harsh towards dogs or whatever, I mean teenagers/kids who torture small animals to death for fun.Personally I don’t know anyone growing up who did that, but it’s such a common trait amongst young mass shooters.

>>380641648I doubt even a fraction of a percent of all autismos ever commit violence, meanwhile the rate of animal abusers who move on to violence against people is near 100%there's no known evidence of lanza being an animal abuser, but he had a known fascination with spree shooters, kept a scoreboard of mass murderers in his room, regularly edited wikipedia pages on shooting sprees, was a regular contributor on a columbine shooter fan site, was known to the FBI for years beforehand, etc. he was also an anorexic vegan with malnourishment-related brain damage according to his autopsy.

>>380636303I've killed countless cats.When I was an early teenager my elderly neighbour tasked me with killing a feral litter.>wheelie bin 1/2 full of water, come back in an hour and tip outNow I just 'spice' chicken offcuts with panadol that I put through a coffee grinder and they go home to die. Don't have to deal with the bodies.

>>380641648if you have an animal abuserdomestic violenceautistinceljust shoot the nigger right now

>>380644025killing feral cats is a bit different, I you weren’t doing it for no reason or for fun. Still pretty fucked up tho tbq but it’s not the same

>>380644395Now I'm spicing mittens from the neighbourhood because pet cats kill natives and I love the little creatures that live in my yard.

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>>380636303Why? So it can be ignored like all the other red flags people noted before a massacre?How many times do we hear "The shooter was known to authorities before" or "The shooter was on a watchlist" or some such shit? You and everyone else needs to understand; these events aren't necessarily planned...but they are allowed to happen to initiate a response. Helgian Dialectic. You're essentially watching firefighters let neighborhoods burn so they can be the heroes and set future fire policy

>>380636303the fact that this shit sack is not convicted and sitting on death row right now with all this time passing tells me two things:1. attorneys are milking him f0or everything he has filing motions until there is no more money2. our judicial system is corrupted by money and in Florida too.. for shame

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>>380644905What’s that, a skink?

>>380646672Techniclly yes, but they're called blue tongued lizards. They get quite big.

>>380636303Fuck databases, anyone that kills a cat should get the death penalty straight away. Yes, even kids.

Lad looks like shit.

>>380636303I agree with this. There's always been a known correlation with being a murderer and torturing pets

>>380636303Animals are the only good thing about this evil place.

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>>380636303kind of agree, all serial killers killed and tortured animals when they were children, psycopaths of all kind do this when they’re very young, then they build the courage to prey on bigger animals like humans

>>380636477>fantasizing about gay rapeOk groomer

>>380637374Faggot kike

>>380644025you have a brilliant future as a hit man ngl

>>380640407>NOOOOOOO NOT THE HECKIN CATTEROONIESHow much do you weigh fat roastie?


>>380646185>WAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAHHH WAAH WAAAAAAAHHDo your parents hear you bitch this hard?


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>>380649308You're a school shooter waiting to happen, it's just a matter of time until a glowie grooms your psychotic ass.

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>>380636303I agree with this. Maybe advertise a reward for turning in animal mutilators. They would be put into database, and banned from ever owning firearms. Anyone that straw purchases for a prohibited animal mutilator gets life in prison.

>>380636303There are many other red flags for sociopathy/psychopathy, but despite the hundreds of billions wasted in mass surveillance and national security, this obvious solution was never considered for (((reasons))).Some important red flags:> attention whore who is easily bored> power hungry and lazy, will work in jobs that fit this profile> lots of effeminate mind games, social drama, temper tantrums, stalking, ...> support from a group of similar homos (they are pussies and need to mob everyone else)> effeminate or masculinized> frequent problems with law (including frequent lawsuits or crimes)> a lot of them have obvious african heritage (weird shaped skull, huge nose, look somewhat like a Homo Erectus, ...)> aggressive parasitism>>380641648>>380642633Subhuman negroids reposting the kosher script about this.>>380643933Close to zero percent, that's what the effeminate jews and other trash here will never admit.

>>380636303Would support this

>>380649579Seethe obese cat lady, what are you gonna do, waddle towards me like a fat mother goose?

>>380651749You have no chin lol

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>>380651261More red flags:> interest in occultism and other ritualistic nonsense> some of them are obsessed with movies from (((Hollywood))) and others> tries too hard to be your friend, looks awkward like he is lying all the time (some of them are better actors)> constant gossiping, gay smear campaigns, circlejerking and other faggy past times> lots of unlikely "coincidences" happen with anyone involved with him/her> homosexual or transgender, but most are closeted or asexual

>>380651858>le plebbit meme>le heckin white supremacyI have an extremely handsome face, with a beautiful chin. My chin could crush diamonds

>>380652177>I have an extremely handsome face, with a beautiful chin. My chin could crush diamonds

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>>380651878> passive-aggressive, lots of concern trolling and virtue signalling, "dindu nuffins", ...> emotional poverty, they don't feel much, only basic negroid emotions and for a short duration, they are born under constant anesthesia> this can be misleading, but this anesthesia leads to less movements in the face, a weird stare and facial expressions (usually sort of faggy in men, for example bitch faces), drug abuse, restlessness, thrill seeking...

>>380651261The FBI never respond to it. I wonder (((Why))).

>>380652426Christopher (((Wray)))'s FBI?

>>380636303He got the downy eyes

>>380636303>patterns>Democrats don't believe in LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happinessDon't expect your politician to call them out>keeps voting(lol) for incumbents anyway>gives thanks for family democrats every 4th Thursday in November- even butters their buns for themLOL >fags, all.

>>380652578Like if you get on a watchlist, they'll watch you alright. They don't ever usually interview and they just let them do it. The FBI is useless.

>>380641648being mixed with jews causes autism

>>380637230Bad parenting and home environment and lack of socialization. Killers typically have the same childhood habits - bed wetting, torture of animals and anti-social behavior.The bedwetting indicates the kid is under stressThe anti social shit means they cannot socialize which is a vicious cycle, you have to socialize kids at least some like you socialize dogs or they go down a path of weirdnessThe animal torture is either thrill seeking or deviant behavior to assert some kind of agency, or else it's the kid asserting dominance over something weaker because in their own life they are powerless and maybe abusedShitty parents should take the blame for a lot of this. I know because my parents were shitty and I did all these things. Luckily I was able to see the course I was on and pull myself back from the cliff in time. My parents behaved like sacks of shit and my home life sucked. I could have ended up a killer if it wasn't for having an inner monologue and at least some brains.

these individuals become pyscopaths because their regular non-jew side is constantly at war with the jew side of them... inside their minds

this is what happens if you're mixed with jews>little devil - jews>little angel - non-jew

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>>380653053Bizarrely this seems to be the case, but you and the people you claim to be autistic are sociopaths or psychopaths.>>380653137They have all of this because their family are also sociopathic shits.> The anti social shit means they cannot socialize which is a vicious cycleNo, it means you can socialize in antagonist ways.> The animal torture is either thrill seeking or deviant behavior to assert some kind of agency, or else it's the kid asserting dominance over something weaker because in their own life they are powerless and maybe abusedThis only happens with negroids chimping out. Proper humans have limits to what they do for "fun".> Shitty parents should take the blame for a lot of this. I know because my parents were shitty and I did all these things. Luckily I was able to see the course I was on and pull myself back from the cliff in time. My parents behaved like sacks of shit and my home life sucked. I could have ended up a killer if it wasn't for having an inner monologue and at least some brains.I got some bad news for (((you)))...>>380653189That isn't how it works.

>>380652227Stfu faggot

>>380653608jews always strive for control for everything, even through your genes if you're mixed with them

>>380653137What were you thinking when you hurt animals? Did you brag about it or attempt to show others? Did you ever have feelings of hurting people in the same way? Not judging just genuinely curious. Glad to hear you were able to overcome all that., lad

that is the metaverse... the "goyim" who are mixed with the jews

>>380636303At least society gets punished for being so sick. If being able to torture animals without consequences is more important to people than the life of their children then that's how it is.

>>380636303Animal abusers are giant pussy faggits and don’t have the balls to harm animals in front of people. The hide like rats and should be flushed out and killed like rats.

School shooters do gods work. Normies need to be killed for a better future.

>>380636303Great points OP I fully agree

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>>380636303That's way too complicated. People who kill cats/dogs/etc should just be executed. Then we don't need a database.

>>380640683Put some fruity pebbles in front of me and I’ll be GUILTY!

>>380636303The thing is kids are sociopaths because empathy tends to develop later in life, and if they do feel bad for doing something wrong its because theyre afraid of the consequences, rather than ashamed of their actions, some people never grow out of this mindset and start hurting other people when they get older. The problem is theres no way to tell from an early age whether a kid is just being a stupid kid who will grow out of being a sociopathic piece of shit or if they will stay that way.

>>380636303They know>why dont they do anythingBecause faggots are addicted to the internet and now the economy relies on its functions. This young ppl are either retarded with no guidance or intellectual psychopaths with too much freedom

>>380636303Any pain and torture they inflict should be inflicted on them tenfold

>>380636303what about federally funded adult animal torturers?

>>380653863I was young like 11 or 12. I had a horrible home life, my school life sucked as well. There was no outlet. I guess I wasn't thinking at all when I was doing it, I was just testing to see what they would do. It's not like I even got any moral teaching from my folks. They literally didn't give a shit about me. Anyways, I did it a few times (not to death) and I began to feel guilt and to hate myself. Figured I was just evil and deserved everything I got.Never bragged about it, only did when alone, felt really bad. These days would never harm an animal. Have paid for it I guess with years of self punishment. But I know I must have done it because there was no outlet, no friends, no support and I was getting too deep into my own head with no guide. Not thought about it with people I guess, except someone that killed a relative of mine. When that happened I had thoughts of it. But they were already in custody etc. Took a while but I developed a moral compass in the end. But for sure, my parents neglect had something to do with it. I didn't get socialized, I was like some dog left in the yard and I just did whatever for some sort of stimulation or feeling of power. It was dumb, but I was a child.Would not surprise me if some of these kids had the same problem. Don't feel sorry for them tho. They either pull themselves back or they can go all the way and develop a habit and a taste, it's like porn addiction

>>380636303we need drawing and quartering back.

>>380636303There’s already tracking for kids like this. How do you think glowniggers get ahold of them and groom them into shooters?

>>380640364Goddamn stupid feels. Fuck you user.

>>380654627James Holmes actually had Schizotypal and was delusional at best. He had intrusive thoughts though and shouldn't of had access to a gun.

>>380637230>animals are they aint

>>380654627Being sociopathic is one thing, I mean not caring about the feelings of others. Bullying, getting into fights, playing cruel games, being rough with animals, these are all parts of childhood we’ve all experienced.Deliberately torturing cats/dogs/small animals to death is different, it’s exceptionally rare. not a normal part of growing up at all.

>>380638694A slaughter is not the same as torture.

>>380654627And that's why parents should beat their children, which seems to never happen anymore. I grew up being whipped with a belt.

100% should be taken more seriously. Speaking as someone who tortured frogs many times and even kittens once as a child. Also used to hunt with an air rifle from about the age of 5 without supervision. Killed countless birds, often having to decapitate live birds by hand if it wasnt a clean kill. All of this was done without feeling or hesitation. The birds were never eaten or used, simply culled because there were too many, and they were invasive species that killed local bird life. Also nobody cared that I did it. As I got older and more intelligent, I started to appreciate all forms of nature far more, and stopped killing needlessly or being cruel. It still became apparent to me as I grew older that I had a problem with fantasizing about killing people, I used to day dream stupid scenarios all in my head about how and why I would kill someone, anyone really... Sometimes I knew the person in my fantasy, sometimes it was a stranger that i had just walked past on the street. I think If I was any less intelligent I probably would have killed someone by now. The urges have always been a thing, but ive always just known that its stupid to act on such an impulse. It doesnt stop me from getting excited in some situations though, like when im watching someone who doesnt know im there, especially if im close by... My heart just starts beating through my chest and I start to quiver with excitement, sometimes my jaw even quivers, its weird. Anyhow, ive managed to keep clear of murdering or hurting humans so far and I feel like im in control enough to not just want to kill for "the rush" or if my temper rises. If my IQ were double digits though?. Im not saying im intelligent, fuck no, Im a fucking idiot. But still smart enough not to make a mess I cant clean up.

>>380655343That ends up making things worse. If you don't teach your child empathy, you risk that child growing up to be a psycho.

I’d more or like have them go to mandatory therapy classes when proven they kill and butcher animals.Let them slowly be turned, or at least be tempted to turn somewhat same enough to be trusted with guns, mind you this is a three year process.If they attempt to buy a gun before the processes or if they fail/ quit the process all sales on guns will be banned.Mind you my only gripes with this is what kind of government is getting a hand on these penalty’s and if they will make efforts to “expand” the list of shit you cannot do to own a gun.And the fact that even if they fail I know for a fact that they will start either using bows, crossbows, axes and spears and just straight up getting them illegally/ making them.


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>>380655736It happens to people with OCD and Schizotypal. Thoughts they can't control I mean.

>>380654887I sympathise with you friend. Same story for me more or less.

>>380655736this new fairy princess from pinochio is pretty spooky NGL

>>380655630I am highly empathic, almost too much. I was beaten as a kid, and all the fist fights I've had I never went full psycho. I couldn't wait for the fucking thing to be over.

>>380654887>>380655621Thanks for sharing. Obviously as a non-American I have no influence over US policy. I just was annoyed by the amount of times I read after a U.S. school shooting “yeah he was bullied, he played shooter games, he tortured animals to death, he often skipped class…”It’s just not taken seriously enough.

>>380654887Dayum son. My sympathies. At least you matured out of it. I grew up with kids like you. Sorry dude. Godspeed.>>380655621This post is thoroughly South African, like to the stereotype.

>>380636303Animal abusers are fucking pussies! Go shoot up a school or church or a mall like a real man!


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>>380636303Agreed but if you torture animals you need to be restricted somehow. I'm not sure how it's handled now but there was a dude like that who got convicted of animal abuse (mutilating cats) as a teenager then got caught for something else later, forget what exactly. He was the quintessential sociopath not like the geeks or nerds who just don't click with most of their classmates>abused animals>completely disconnected from human emotion>had plenty of chances to fit in continually scared people off with bizarre behavior like showing a girl his knife collection and asking her to cut herself like he did>continually does shit to land in juvenile detention>parents absent so he had no guidanceThat guy should've been kept on a plantation far away from regular people. Maybe he'd even mellow out. You wouldn't even double take if you saw him irl he just looks like some regular dolt but is a legit sociopath. People who shy away from the public because they're ugly or insecure aren't deserving of the media hate they get when guys like this are walking around

>>380638694>Shoot a deer in the head, eat it>Torture animals to death, rape them and leave themYes, these are absolutely the exact same thing. Fucking dumb cunt lmao.

i remember accidentally crushing a gecko with a door when I was a kid and still feel shit about it to this day. People that that voluntarly hurt animals are definitely mentally ill

>>380640407>cereal killersGod forbid someone throws out a box of frosties, pretty big deal in the US I suppose.

>>380639030You perpetuate the deaths of billions of animals with your consumer choices. You've got not footing. I ate pork chops last night.

>>380636303Or a kike database

>>380656761Don't know who is truly to blame, if I were one of these shooters it would totally be my own fault if I knew what I was doing was wrong, which I would because that would be part of the reason for doing it. But the environment a kid has and the lack of mentors or role models is a major issue in making them want power and revenge. Also parents that are divorced and the father figure is distant, massive issue. A good dad is a godsend in this world, no mistake. When you don't have one and there's no other mentor you are at so much risk, as nobody else teaches the real gravity of rules and consequences like a father. My own father was distant and I had to develop my own sense of morals but as you see it came a bit too late to avoid hurting both the animals and myself. I guess on the plus side I now know what I am capable of and can hold it in check. There are some people who don't know their dark side and it comes out unexpectedly. It just sucks I had to discover it the way I did, even as a Gen Xer. Kids today are at so much more risk of a shit environment messing with their minds, I'm amazed there isn't more of this going on.

>>380637230>animals are innocentThey're also easy targets since they generally can't defend themselves and are often given away free of charge.

The best thing Trump did was make animal abuse an automatic felony.

>>380661099Had a feeling you were a "latchkey kid".Do you have kids?

This sounds pathetic but, my only way of making up for what I did was always to be kind to animals now. I love them more than people because they never asked for any of this, they can't speak, they can't do shit and we can be like sadistic gods compared to them. Sometimes I kill animals to eat, I like fishing and hunting, but I make their deaths as clean and quick as I can and never waste their meatSometimes the only way people learn is to pay the price I suppose

>>380638694>serbianlmao you niggas ARE animals

>>380661950No kids of my own. I know I am not suited for itMy parents were "present" but they were often drunk and high, so in a way not really present at all

>>380662241I'm in a similar boat. No kids. Same generation.My father, grandfather, great grandfather, all drunks.I also knew having kids would be bad. I did not react well to pregnancy scares. Like you said, at least you are high enough IQ to be aware.

>>380664138My family has history of alcoholism all through it too. A bunch of the older generation/gramps literally drank themselves to death and then their kids were damaged. I can break the cycle at least, and encourage my other family to be there for their kids, what else can you do

>>380664854Affirmative. My sister had kids. Their father decided trying heroin would be a good idea. So he wasn't around. I did a fuckton of baby sitting. Is what it is.

>>380662188>You niggers are animals>Says the ACTUAL shitskin subhuman rapist pedophile worshipping terrorist 2 IQ animal LMFAO, you should definitely kys faggot.

>>380640536no one cares you soft tranny faggot. I hate the fact that you're still robbing the world of any oxygen at all. Fix that.

>>380654887What way did you killed an Animal?>>380655179>torturing to deathAre you talking about slow and painful?

>>380665673I have killed birds just to see if I could hit themLarger animals I didn't killIronically I actually believe if 4chan has existed back then and I'd seen some of the shit I'd seen here back then I would have stopped because it would have made me look outside of myself and see it for what it was. But there was no internet back then

>>380665670This amused me thanks.

>>380662140I think you are a textbook case of someone with a relatively high threshold for becoming a serious adult abuser/criminal, who is able to endure cruelty without perpetuating the cycle yourself.Many people endure a lot less suffering than (it sounds like) you did as a child, yet grow up blaming the world for their problems and become abusers/violent themselves. On the other hand you will get people who go through the worst childhood imaginable but would still never hurt anyone.In many cases school shooters have messy up family lives, but usually not to an extreme degree. Nikolas Cruz’s mum had died and was living with an adopted family, for example. Characters like Payton Gendron and Ethan Crumbley (who grew up in a comfortable middle class 2 parent family) however are a mystery and proof some people are just born psychopaths.

>>380666258I want to say that dissociated kids like me withdraw completely into a world of their own, there is no guide in there, there is only exploring things you can do and how it makes you feel, there is nobody to pull you out and say hey, have you thought how fucked up this is, have you thought how this will make you feel in a few years' time? Young kids that fall into their own world like this can go two ways, deeper into it or they can start to realize what they're doing and try to escape. If the life they live is bad enough I am certain they will find outlets in total dissociation from animals and people, which leads them to a completely lack of empathy. it's happening while the brain is still developing, and so it can develop in that way where empathy is suppressed. Maybe puberty and growing up further can help them develop it but in some kids it just doesn't develop. high stress probably does influence which parts of their brains get the most blood and oxygen and so which parts go on to develop properly and which ones don't. They really need to study this shit better in science

>>380636303I completely agree also make sure they are tried as adults for this shit

>>380666258>Ironically I actually believe if 4chan has existed back then and I'd seen some of the shit I'd seen here back then I would have stopped because it would have made me look outside of myself and see it for what it was.It could be through Guilt-Tripping, right? Do you wish you can travel back into time to stop you past self from killing?

I mean I've shot animals before and it was because I felt my animals were being threaten.

>>380666356Maybe so. I know I could kill someone easily under the right situations, but it would have to be morally right now. Like self defence, or if they were trying to kill me family. But I know I could do it and lose no sleep. The key with my childhood I think, after reading some psych books to figure things out was that I turned my anger inward toward self improvement and trying to make up for my wrongs whereas it can just as easily be turned outwards upon others or all humans like with the shooters. I decided it was not logical to turn my anger outward because it would only end with me in jail or dead, and the only answer was to fix myself, but that was something that needed some serious thought at the time. I see people everyday talk in a way that shows they turn their anger outwards and have no desire to fix themselves, they need help.

>>380666685> high stress probably does influence which parts of their brains get the most blood and oxygen and so which parts go on to develop properly and which ones don'tBump. Truth.

>>380666872No, I guess not, because I learned the gravity of it from doing it, I understand fully what the price is for having that shit on your conscience. What I mean is more, when you're a kid and doing random shit to get things off your chest or to amuse yourself, you don't see what you are doing - if someone else did the same thing in front of you, it would probably have a different effect because you would be viewing it as an outsider and would have a judgement call on it.

>>380667127Can I ask?What do you know about your past generations?Might be a thought you don't care much for, but do you know what happened to your parents/grandparents etc.I would assume your father was a hippie maybe. Vietnam vet type era?And your grand fathers were WW2 vets?Do you know what happened??

>>380636303FBI was literally monitoring Ramos' tiny school district and still didnt see him coming. Feds dont get paid based on performance.

>>380667127>>380667610I know that over here, 60s/70s, drinking was so fucking rampant, and I intimately understand how people degenerate, having seen it.But my family came from both those wars. And some very bizarre fucker before that. My grandmother was held down to an oak stump chopping block with her father threatening to chop her head off with an axe. She was 12. You can see how this sort of shit gets generated in terms of repeating cycles.

>>380667610My parents were stoners and drunks, father left when I was 3Mother's side grandparents, one drank herself to death, other was kind of a rogue/scammer dude, charismatic but selfish, not a vetFather side grandparents very distant, not war vets but my step grandfather was WW2 Navy.Great grandfather on his side also a massive violent drunk, used to be a builderNone of my parents generation were involved in wars, some boomer bullshit I guess. Dad's side arguably the better side in some ways but I didn't live with them. They were very much product of boomer generation and all the lack of responsibility they are famous for

>>380636303Many youths kill animals for fun and don't grow up and kill humans.Stop making leaps and trying to be a nigger

>>380667611Ramos’s “antics” were well known in the community: he would kill local cats, stuff the body in a plastic bag and lob them at neighbour’s gardens. It should have landed him in some kind of juvenile psychiatric detention or something. It seems the FBI are a joke when it comes to this stuff, they are only good at entrapping literal retards like that guy who wanted to “assassinate George Bush” (he had to ask the undercover officer how to buy a gun).

>>380649049not his point was it? more of a pruning/eugenics question rather than the idea that stray cats are too valuable to be lost

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>>380668198Drinking, welfare, drug culture, it all came together in the 60s/70s here and created this attitude where parents cared more about themselves than their own kids. It's just sad to see how many people have been ruined by it. Thankfully some of us went through it and decided not to emulate. My sister is the same, she has a functioning family, married, etc. and no bullshit, small miracle when I look at how fucked my family is in general.

>>380668454animal abusing weirdo posting his copes, look pal, people like you are top 3 reasons why eugenics/genetic pruning is going to be massively popular someday

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>>380669008obvious exception would be if you meant kids who go hunting, but to call that "killing animals for fun" would be pretty retarded imo

>>380661099> I'm amazed there isn't more of this going on.Yeah when you think about the availability of guns in the USA, the culture of the place and the large population size, the fact there’s only 1-3 big school shootings a year is must actually be a pretty rare and extreme confluence of personality traits that leads to one going all the way and shooting up their school.

>>380669008>top 3 reasons why eugenics/genetic pruning is going to be massively popular somedayAlso Genetic Modification and Biohacking.

>>380636303You forgot to mention that all of these shooters were groomed by the jews in the CIA

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>>380653742>Stfu faggot

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>>380636303Based, abusing animals is the first sign a kid will grow into a dangerous subhuman

>>380669203Right now I don't doubt some of them are being groomed by Feds to produce the shootings so they can take the guns away. But the reason they're manipulable in the first place is because they became ostracized and sink into their own world. But yea, USA considering the amount of guns is not too bad, more people die by cars and opiates every day but that isn't a crisis politicians want to spin yet. I'm not anti-gun though, more people need to be able to defend themselves from attack and home invasion, and their govt, they are better off with the guns than without in the end.This could be mostly solved if society wasn't becoming so atomized and if men were not being isolated and demonized and had places they could use as outlets, but the culture right now wants to take every recourse away from them. I'm not excusing the shooters because they're fucking stupid, but men right now are being put into a corner by society with no options but anger either against themselves or against the world.

>>380655621I relate. I used to kill ants, bumblebees etc. for fun and kept locusts in jars.Used to think a lot about killing my peers. I was a pretty weird and stunted kid and didn'T have a way to socialize. Father an alcoholic and never there. I beat my siblings regularly. Perfect school shooter material. Luckily I never encountered bad influences because I was too weird even for the weird kids and found good ones in my late teens. If I had been an only child that would probably not have been enough, even though I'm high IQ - i was just too f'd up -.Now I'm a social butterfly and functional. One of my siblings however will never forgive me ( believe me, i tried my hardest to mend the relationship) but I understand why.Life can be strange like that. I'm immensely grateful for the life I've built. My heart goes out to the kids who didn't make it.But my heart goes even more out to their future and present victims.Early detection measures and more active teachers, especially when it comes to bullying etc would have saved a lot of lives.

>>380636303i beheaded a cow apocalypse now style. it was over fast and butchered in about 6 hours which is ok for a novice.op sounds like a vegan pussy. cat makes nice stir fry.just killing to be a cunt though...that should be reserved for killing niggers jews and muslims

>>380670173Damn you really are GenX.You forgot medical malpractice.

>>380636303You instantly know someone is a disgusting filthy sperg and a retard if they torture animals. People who torture animals should be directly thrown into a concentration camp for slavelabor for the rest of their lives to protect the population. White power.

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>>380636303People who hurt and kill cats are far below niggers and deserve the breaking wheel

>>380670685yeah I guess I don't know about the drugs they're doling out, they don't really do that here so much. I was surprised when I heard about ritalin, that's fucked up

>>380636303you are the most disgusting faggot on earth

>>380670213Don't know how old you are. Sibling, even just friend relationships revolve in 10yr spans. Purely anecdotal, but once you separate, you usually make contact again in 10yrs. You test waters. See how it goes. Should you and them live long enough, I predict you rebuild that relationship. You'd be surprised.

>>380671103Try adderall.

>>380671358Yeah I don't know all this stuff. They don't do it to kids here. Least not that I know of. They do give people a lot of shit like Xanax and ADs easily, but it's not become socially acceptable until recently to be dosed up on it.


>>380671600There was a massive epidemic of "ATTENTION DEFICIT" here in the late 80s/all the way to the 2000s. They prescribed these drugs to allow kids to concentrate, but it's literally FUCKING CRACK.Good news they didn't do that over there.They were prescribing a salt, to fucking 10yr olds that would keep you up for 48hrs.No good man.

>>380671288I'm in my mid twenties.Last christmas was ruined by me and my sis again) It used to me mostly me, but this time it was mostly her who ruined it all.The reason? One of my other sisters came a long way to meet up and wanted to go on a walk with the family, I'm not vaccinated and that was her excuse to want to exclude me (we had draconian rules about unvaccinated people meeting up in the winter. )Later she said she doesn't want to have a bette relationship with me.Regarding animal abuse. I became a vegetarian in my early teens and was huge on animal rights. I guess that was the early sign something innate to myself was about to change.The person from back then, i don't even know it anymore, even though it was me.I still remember my lack of apparent empathy was born from a lack of understanding other people and why they treat others and beings less able to defend themselves the way they do.I was hurt too easily by the way the world works and thus erected a wall, but with offensive spikes.

>>380672070It's a happy cry. Makes you want to have a daughter.

>>380638694I respect all the animals that I eat.

>>380672290Shit, man. haven't there been mass lawsuits over this? Someone trying to give my kid drugs to alter their behavior just to make them sit still in school would be a massive red flag. But I know doctors hand stuff out like candy without knowing effects. They do it here too. I guess the difference is they dole it out to depressives and wine aunts and not kids. There should be a big stink about it. Some people once they realize things have been done to them though by authority just do into denial mode, like with Covid vax

>>380636303Domestic Violence is yet another “red flag”.Cops don’t like that. Any ideas why, Holla Forums ?

>>380636303Dude, worldwide most people that want guns are literally hunters

>>380672804Yep. They drawing back on prescribing ANYTHING at this point because of that.It's all tangled in litigious horseshit. Pendulum swings both ways I guess. Now people can't get pain meds.Lawyers have fucked up everything. > like with Covid vaxInteresting.>>380672325>mid 20sYou'll be fine. The exchange sounds absurd and petty.Takes years to come back around from dumb shit.I will say beating a brother down would be weird. But a sister? Say you didn't do that.

>>380636303That would be racist and antisemitic.

>>380669008I think after a certain age it should be a huge red flag. When I was 6 I would smash toads with a basketball because I had no concept of killing or death and thought it was funny. Now if I see a frog, toad, or turtle on the road I usually park my car and help it cross. Helped a family of ducks last week. People who torture animals or take pleasure in their suffering really rub me the wrong way. It's probably the greatest indicator of a deranged and sick mind.

>>380636303You're onto something

>>380673844I did.I was a monster.There are no take-bakesies in life. A second chance for someone like me is quite the stretch. Multiple second chances? Well that's just undeserved. But I got them.I never went down the criminal route, luckily. Today I make my mom and my other siblings proud. Trying hard for them, moreso than for me, seems like a form of penance which fits my moral pitfalls. I was an impulsive wreck for half of my life. Anything could tick me off. And others paid for it.Now I'm there for everyone in my life, and there is a good chance my burial will be well visited, once it's all over, meaning life. Even my granny said always said she believes in me and she said I made her proud during her process of dying, when I cared for her like a true grandson. I will continue to carry that weight.But I'd understand anyone who knows my past who'll never believe me I truly changed.Sorry for having been a general burden on humanity as a species for more than half of my life. I promise to continue to do better.

>>380669008>some dayI see you are woefully behind on your western civ. Great.

>>380674910Were the Animal's deaths painless?

>>380675090Damn son. Calm down.I took care of my paternal grandmother too. Until the day she went to sleep and never woke back up. I know this pain.I did have a sister myself. And I can't say I ever beat her. I did throw a bottle of Windex so hard right at her face. She cried so hard. Not a fun memory. But shit happens man. I didn't beat her like I would a male, but yeah. Sounds like you're in some weird prison of penance.I hope you can mend. FOR THE GOOD OF EUROPE!!!

>>380675614The toads? I imagine they were. I just smashed em.

>>380675905As long as there are still white men who rise above a system carefully engineered to break them, there is still hope left for the spirit of Europe.The jews survived and strived through millenia as a minority everyone (partially rightfully) hated, so can we. Long term the future is still very much undecided.This is what I believe. even 1984s society didn't last forever, so even George Orwell believed every regime, no matter how totalitarian, is doomed to crumble eventually. We can't wait for this, as we have to fight, but the thought gives me peace of mind, even in the case humanism and transhumanism should fall to a cyber-dystopia, no empire lasts forever.

>>380636303>One of the biggest red flags for a future violent offender>Nothing is ever done about it when it’s known by othersHumanity is retarded

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>>380677048>cyber-dystopiaOutside of that, you sound VERY FUCKING GERMAN.

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>>380677105Yes. The problem is that humans are actually much more isolated than most social animals. Just look at cats and dogs, with dogs they are social, they are always touching and reassuring one another, always checking in with the pack and interacting. Even when they attack each other the aggression does not last long and the pack moves on and they are still interacting. Cats will get contact with their owners or hang out with other cats or ferals. Then you look at humans, especially human males. Their ability to get this contact and support and this reassurance they are not alone is severely limited. I remember someone saying once that humans only really touch when they're having sex or being violent. Thinking about it, generally its correct. Humans lead a loney existence even more so for being prisoners in their own skulls. More than anything we should check in with our friends, sons, parents etc. to make sure they are okay. These days people hardly ever seem to, it's worse than it used to be. Man is a lonely animal. I've no doubt this is partly what leads to psychosis and problems in so many

>>380677374Guess I'm a natural.

>>380636303Freaks who kill cats should just be fucking shot like the fucking niggers they are.

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>>380636303It's pretty much a guarantee that someone who does this is going to turn out fucked up

>>380677972Good lad. I'll leave it at that.>>380677868This post has fucked with me.We really are socialized to balk any manner of interaction with people.My father was born in 1942.He is an innocent dottering fella with rapid onset dementia.The degree of seemingly natural interaction I watch him perform is fucking unnerving.>No Dad, you can't flirt with that 17yr old, we're gonna get fucking lynchedIt's like people aren't allowed to just talk to one another anymore. And where the fuck does that lead us?

>>380678190Why is this a thing???

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>>380637135Keeping track of animal abusers might help keep criminals OFF the streets. Also, confronting people about it and administrating psychiatric treatment could prevent them from becoming killers.

>>380679251I am not the most social person, my needs are lower for that but even I have noticed how isolation eats away at people, how damaging it is. Now people cannot even touch another person on the shoulder for reassurance, hugging is becoming kinda taboo, there is distrust in every human contact, people seem to flinch even when a dad is hugging his own kid. It's not going anywhere good user, I see that much. The further we get from our fellows and interaction with the real world, the further we end up in that dark place looking for some kind of contact, any kind, that can end up as cruelty or killing or whatever else. Not saying everyone should be constantly up in each others' face but the most intelligent animals are social ones and there's a use or lose it aspect to that part of the brain. Dementia as well seems to be accelerated by a lack of using those parts of the brain often enough. We know physical contact too releases stress relief hormones in humansI'm a cave-dweller who likes being alone most of the time but most people really do need that social input and modern society is so fucked on that front I almost give up

>>380681361I am the same. I lived alone for 7yrs. It was fucking glorious and I miss it.I initially thought I wouldn't. I was afraid at 1st. I was 3000 miles from my family on the west coast. But man did I grow into it.Now I'm back on the east coast, trying to take care of my father.I lived in Sacramento CA, Portland OR, Seattle WA and San Juan Island WA, then Haverhill MA. Alone. Was glorious. Mayne I can go back to it.

>>380681361>>380682428I can't speak to brain cells firing up. All I can say is that previous generations had a weird gift for socializing, and it wasn't passed down.

>>380681361>We know physical contact too releases stress relief hormones in humansWhen I take a hammer to knees and ankles I get the same release.

>>380640364I want to have white children with a beautiful white wife.

>>380683003Right??Makes me want to have a daughter.


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>>380652177Checked. Post chin pics, subhuman edgelord. Torturing animals is just as bad as pedophilia, there's probably a crossover between these two behaviors also

>>380654292>supporting grooming>ever better than not supporting it

>>380636303Stupid. I've killed the shit out of animals growing up, even skinned a rabbit alive. I'm not a murderer or a serial killer.

>>380684966>1964Jesus Christ dude, where the fuck did you find this?

>>380686696Should've skinned yourself and made a lampshade instead

>>380676492>I just smashed them.Were their Deaths instant due to the pressure destroying their Brains?

>>380687337Dude, it is a definite skill to kill and dress animals. But you have to do it properly, as in FAST.Meat is the single most nutritionally dense food a human can eat.Ease up, non-killer.