Why are women like this?

Why are women like this?

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>>364858776Drug addicted women will do anything.

>>364858776That’s pretty hot ngl. The vagina is also nice

why is she making her vagina dryer?

>>364858776I call nexties

>>364858776bye bye porn shill

>>364858931>>364858949>>364858959>>364858970>posting in a low effort shill slide thread90iq

>>364858776Seems like a terrible idea but to answer your question, women are easily influenced by those that they perceive as being more dominant, and generally, if the man telling them to do that has money for them, that helps. But to be fair, not all women would do such degenerate things.


Sand pussy

>>364858776She was probably paid a lot to do that by some Arab.


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like a bag of sands

>>364858776Makes reproduction easier.

>>364858776I don't know, user

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>>364858776This is now the new worst thing I've ever seen on the web and i hope jannies outright murder op

>>364858776that seems extremely stupidwhat are the health implications of this?

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that's how you get crabs

>>364858776I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

>>364859338cry more you fucking faggot

>>364859338I have a legitimate question you god damned faggot whore

>>364858776Peeling, so it is softer

Women don't deserve their vaginas if we're being fully honest.

>>364859218Hahahaha the fact she was so surprised was the best part


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>>364858776Wtf is your problem? Don't post that here.



>>364859307Probably a sandy vagina for a while.

>>364859254Have Mods ever dropped someones ip address?

>>364858776Well shes got sand in her bagina.

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>>364859218Mentos ...the frest maker

>>364859475Wasted opportunity to throat fuck her


>>364858776A lot of porn threads not getting deleted instantly today, are the Janies asleep today?

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>>364859538Been longer than today. It's getting annoying.

364859338>taking time to reply to a post in slide threadLower iq then mein

>>364858776What attractive via passive sexuality? That'sw what women are. Women.If you mean why is that particular women a representation of all women in your mind, I dunno... Cos most chicks aren't doing that.

women are just retards

I don't like sand

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>>364859700Yeah in a coma.


>>364859338Doesn't that mean you have 90 iq too?


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>>364858776Women are granted a tremendous power very early in their lives. Men wouldn't handle it any better. By the time a girl turns 15 her power to control and manipulate men starts doubling every year. By the time she's 17 she has the power to make a married career man give up everything he's worked for just for a few weekends in a hotel.Some women struggle with wielding this amount of power.

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>>364859826What should I post in a monke putin thread instead. I'd rather see a sandy vagina

>>364858776New fetish unlocked

bumping to annoy the bong

>>364859592I mean she's spreading her asshole and this retard is pouring coke inside her instead of sticking his dick in so ..... they didn't even go full ham and throw in a mento once her asshole was full of the stuff for a real meme vid she just bares down once she gets tickled on the inside by the fizz. Total amateur.

364859826I suck your dad cock, youre dad is a gay

Seems she like to cement a relationship

>>364859218Weren't there lots of people that died from this?

>>364859381slightly audible nose chuckle SANC

>>364858776They are the niggers of the world.

>>364860010what are you some kind of newfag? they put the mentos in first

>>364859218This is all she will ever be remembered for.I wonder if they will show it at her funeral?

keyed and shitpostpilled

>>364858776jews pay them money