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Previous: >>>>364852315▶WARNINGBe aware, any /chug/ thread that uses globohomo nuspeak wording in the OP (such as Kyiv) or cites UKROP sources (like video game footage) are fake shill threads.▶Latest>Russian forces have entered the center of Kharkov - Berdyansk and Kherson have fallen - Mariupol is surrounded and being attacked>Ukraine blowing bridges along the Dnieper in retreat>NATO rejects no-fly zone in Ukraine>EU rejects supplying jets to Ukraine>Russia bombs propaganda facilities, TV tower and accidentally holocast memorial in Kiev>Russian strike on Kharkov administrative building>40 mile long convoy heading towards Kiev>Negotiations ended without peace>Belarus preparing to send soldiers into Ukraine>Mayor of Kiev says city is surrounded, later says he "mispoke">Large convoy of Russian troops and tanks is moving towards Kiev>The EU have closed airspace to Russian aircraft>Putin orders Russian nuclear deterrent forces to be on alert>Ukrainian delegation set for peace talks with Russian delegates in Belarus>Russian forces have met heavy resistance as they advance on Kiev>Russian commander of 35th motor brigade has been captured by Ukrainian forces>Chechen forces are on the ground north of Kiev>Russian army releases first ever video of the Chernobyl nuclear plant after capturing it (files.catbox.moe/gqnn36.mp4)>Azov Battalion has started training volunteers in Kiev>High-rise building in Kiev hit by missile, origins unknown, both sides claim it was the other side's missile>Melitopol has fallen under Russian hands>Civilians and the SBU (Ukrainian security forces) engaged in a gunfight last night (due to a major confusion), resulting in heavy losses▶Livestreamsyoutu.be/HIPNVm6lNfMhttps://youtu.be/x3yMxxAkN4whttps://youtu.be/iZebYm-nenY▶/chug/ Template & Resourcesrentry.org/chug2022

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>7th of March>Kiev under heavy bombardment for 3 days>east completely taken, 100k hohols captured>clock strikes noon>Russian Commander: Oh no!>Slabovic's MI-28 stops mid-flight and turns back into a potato>Gas turns into vodka>T-72 tanks comically lose every part advancing along the convoy>Time to go home guys, the witch's magic only allowed us to fight until today>The southern coast of Crimea noticed a large group of landing ships in Russia, who expect landing in Odessa files.catbox.moe/0p28ol.mp4>Russian troops giving out humanitarian aid in the Kharkov oblast files.catbox.moe/o0k2gp.mp4>More footage of RU humanitarian aid delivery to Genichesk (Kherosine oblast) files.catbox.moe/mfyx38.mp4 >Russians Filmed Torturing Civiliansfiles.catbox.moe/m9yq5l.mp4>Actual War Crimesfiles.catbox.moe/lywwvl.mp4 >AZOV War Crimesfiles.catbox.moe/y4mlrg.mp4 (new)>Russian troop movements in the Kiev oblast (Kino) files.catbox.moe/h6zww2.mp4>Russian BTRs near Kherson files.catbox.moe/psklg2.mp4 (RT) >Abandoned Ukraine BTR-4s (Comm chatter)files.catbox.moe/du13z7.mp4 >Aftermath of a shelling in Kharkovlitter.catbox.moe/ol1b7f.mp4>Ukrops playing Doom (needs theme)files.catbox.moe/f8egm3.mp4 >Kinofiles.catbox.moe/qblzb8.mp4

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>>364853385What the dog doin

>>364858177These bad boys when???

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chug is comfy


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Why nothing is happening?

>i forgot the number on the thread again Someone else needs to take over baking.

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The final nail in the coffin.>ndtv.com/world-news/restrictions-imposed-on-russian-cats-in-response-to-moscows-military-operation-in-ukraine-2800290

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This is the first true amphibious invasion in ages. Fucking sweet. Any good streams?

Source on Odessa landing?

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>>364858360would they set off the mines?

>>364858449Bruh, you have 1 (one) job

>>364858395> literally WW2 LSTngmi

2nd round of negotiations in 1h20 I guess

>>364858404You have to subscribe to the Premium Kino package, bro.

>>364858360>greekThere goes all their military budget

Shills on suicide watch

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>>364858360The Jackie Chan of Odessa will take it out

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Look out Putin

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>>364858177Too all fellow burgers and western anons..Z - Western Incursion forcesZ inside square - Crimean peninsula incursion forcesO - Belogrod incursion forces (Belarus)X - Chechen Kadyrov forces V - Russian naval infantry A - Russian spetsnaz units

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>>364858177>didnt pick any of my images this time aroundI am defeated.

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>>364858177How's Big Tex doing?

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Did subhumans really turned back our paralympic team after their arrival? Anyone knows?

>>364858528Why fix what isn't broken?

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>>364858518I should hope the ruskies shelled the fuck out of the beach before they storm in to fuck up the mines.

>>364858565Scott Adams is a tranny?

>>364858590V are chechens

>>364858518just send in VDV kek

>>364858252Ah yes, the bio weapons facilities in random apartment complexes.Some Slavs can’t into logic, so they assume the rest can’t either.

>>364858701>paralympicsYou should be glad that you arent participating in that shitshow.


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>Shill: Nooo, they're both JewishRussia is the only country on this planet that actively did something to prevent killing Assad and destabilizing the Middle East for Israel.Non-shills and non-newfags remember that forever

modern troopships have ZERO sovl

>On Tuesday, Britain passed a law prohibiting access to its ports for all ships having any connection to Russia, following the Russian offensive in the Ukraine. The ban applies to all Russian-owned, operated, controlled, chartered, registered, or flagged vessels.>However, the Department for Transport has since clarified that these new regulations target only vessels, and not their cargo. Moreover, the sanctions won't block ships registered in other countries from transporting oil or natural gas from Russia.The perfidious Anglo strikes again!!!He will gorge himself on cheap Russian gas while the rest of Europe suffers!

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>>364858518I don't think they will land in the middle of the fucking city

>>364858723oh no, he's back...

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>>364856100>>364856125>>364856127>>364856149>>364856166>>364856181>>364856243holy shit i might be having a schizo moment I swear I have seen this exact conversation with the exact same images twice in the past. I mean actual identical posts. I REMEMBER THE FUCKING FRENCH GUY WITH BREAD AND THE SHITTY ACADO EDIT

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>child soldiers are good nowWhat the fuck?

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china will build a better one

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>>364858723only third world country still use LST

I wish there was a livestream. ;_;

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>>364858875she isn't even english

Has anyone seen SVT40 rifles in use yet, or ever in the DPR

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>>364858565is that hasan piker in the back?

Details of the Kiev counterattack? Was it Steinerenko? Or Memerenko?

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>>364858450Big Russian cat and small Russian cat will have their revenge

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>>364858901>i might be having a schizoGreat.Could you do it elsewhere?


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>>364858875Say it with me:GOTT

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>>364859033More than I want my cock to work tomorrow I want a stream so bad, lad.

>>364858875>Russian-owned, operated, controlled, chartered, registered, or flagged vessels.Doesn't everyone use some sort random flag to avoid paying taxes or something?

>>364858973What does le 1st world use?

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>>364859033kino as fuck

There is no need to insult or make fun of anybody here especially the dead soldiers

>>364858963They're good when they die for ZOG, doncha know?


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>>364859055Dostum finally showed up.

>>364858827>>364859092good morning sirs

>>364859109>Doesn't everyone use some sort random flag to avoid paying taxes or something?Yes, mainly Bermuda/St Kitts/any permissable carribean nation

>>364859109Panama is pretty popular.

another shill thread? c'mon putinbros, your memes are stale, like the bread they feed russian soldiers.

>>364858972china's will be built out of corn

>>364858177Checked.Also get some coffee/caffeine or whatever and keep an eye on the thread number.It's not uber important but it makes for a more comfy thread.

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>>364859133I agree. Waste of lives this war.


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>>364858969Oh shit why did he even stay and fight.

news about the killed Russian general true?

>>364858360imagine roaming around warzone going nom nom nom..

>>364858231Add this pls I want it to be saved for history>deranged half-naked Ukrainian is shouting "Glory to Ukraine! Ukraine is above all! Putin is a dickhead" in the middle of the street while prayingfiles.catbox.moe/qv2qtz.mp4

>>364859143>>364858231>>364859365Fake maps. Russia only controls roads.

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>>364859345Is that you baker san?

>>364859365did the fin autists map finally get updated?

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nice oil reserve you got there ukraine, would be a shame if someone just took them lol

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>>364859428Fake, they don't control the entire road, only where the troops are stationed

>>364859428And Ukraine controls twitter. Seethe.

>>364859428Go back to /k/.


>>364858450What about tigers?Oh wait, Russia dors not have tigers

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>bomba hits the bridge>western media: GUYS, it was a mistake, Rusks are useless >Targeted attack on Bangladeshi flag carrying ship MV Banglar Samriddhi in Ukraine.twitter.com/Defres360/status/1499078863430684673I don't believe it. Why do they want Bangladesh to enter the chat?

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>>364859515*vaporized them

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>tfw no dogfights

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>>364859428Ukraine won the Twitter war, I'll give them that.

why are memeflags so afraid of showing their flagswhere are they from? my guess is poland

>>364859267>yet another evil NATO ally getting its shit pushed in

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>>364859092>>364859180>>364859205Good morning sirs.>>364859143Where do you get those maps form?

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>>364859667fug man he is going to get warcrimed.

>>364859133War is hell, and it brings out the worst in humanity, sadly enough. There is no such thing as a clean war.

>>364859428show flag

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>>364859661the ghost of keef...

>>364859365Perkele, poika. Tikkurila ricola! Akkala kakkala!But other than that, good map and insightful comments, i'm sure.


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So Ukraine is part of the Israel-American mutt empire, correct?Iskandets incinerating american cities when

CNN still saying ukraines winning?

>>364859667This is guy from bombing EBAT video right?

>>364859481>>364859033did they dump a bunch of dirt on the beach for the mines?


>>364859667Poor fucking guy.

twitter.com/christogrozev/status/1499320660476182529?cxt=HHwWgoCywc2M1M4pAAAAthis shit true or not?

>>364859109What ever happened to the good old Liberian registry?

>>364859130Super heavy transport aircraft and Chinook

>>364859428Kek at this hohol cope, weird how they had no problem posting regular maps at the beginning of the war

>>364858177>Civilians and the SBU (Ukrainian security forces) engaged in a gunfight last night (due to a major confusion), resulting in heavy lossessource?

>>364859768looks like little rocky turds coming from my ass haha

>>364859667Lol what a manlet.

>>364859667What a fucking retard, they're going to be pissed at him.

>>364859739Poland, Germany, England etc etc

>>364859787Oh, these are from exercises.

>>364858518I imagine the mines use more than just weight triggers - like a large amount of metal passing over them would probably do it. I'm not too up on modern mine technology tho, so not sure.

>>364859365What happened here?

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>>364858493Kek The shilling is ridiculous and the worst part is they just pretend like it was never disproven and just continue on to the next thing

>>364858177Everyone, can you ask your government to save civilians who live in Mariupol from the Ukrainian army?People can't evacuate. Ukrainian army kills everyone who currently trying to flee the city. There are a lot of dead civilians on the roads killing in their cars.t.me/boris_rozhin/26881PLEASE RE POST people getting killed right now by west supported "ukrainian" army that acts Like ISIS terrorists.I didn't care about war or whatever, but my relatives right now are there.please, help. It's the first time I'm asking to help.

>>364859915Eat some soup and drink milk.

>>364859205>>364859743Good morning, sirs.

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>>364859915>anglo already seethinglmao

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>>364859787looks like they used somekind of landmover to clear the way

>>364859667Glorious dumbfuck

>>364859624It does. It also has Leopards

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>>364859908It's in the archive.

>>364859743>Where do you get those maps form?finnish maps best mapsscribblemaps.com/maps/view/The-War-in-Ukraine/091194?fbclid=IwAR3JYTlSSNdUbNHRSu_QB2ws6Nf2u2Fimc2mjyR-W6bAAvPSkEFgv201M8w

>>364860012Sweiner group contrattacked.

>>364860012Der Angriff Steiners ist erfolgt!

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>>364859739please understand we can go to jail for wrong think

>>364859660Where are the 2MUH CLIMATE" fags to go there to protest?

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>>364859667what did the tattoo's mean?

>>364859667what do the tats say?some Ukrainian nationalist/anti-Russian slogans im assuming?

>>364860012RUSSIANS army being shit and incompetent, their specialty

Any videos of russoid economic collapse seethe?

>>364858177I've been listening to this on repeat and haven't slept in 2 days. Am I going to be OK?youtube.com/watch?v=mfZq1VNbx10

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>>364858177March 03, DM RF morning official:The Russian armed forces took control of the settlements of Chistopol'ye, NOPOLTAVKA, ZHOVTNEVOE and BALAKLEYA.The troops of the LPR with the fire support of the AF RF advanced 4 km and reached the outskirts of Severodonetsk.The troops of the DPR narrowed the encirclement ring around MARIUPOL and liberated the settlements of SARTANA, VODIANE and VINOGRADNOYE.A high-precision strike disabled a backup technological television center in the Lysaya Gora district in KIEV, which was used for psychological operations by the SBU.An evacuation corridor has been organized for residents of the town of BORODYANKA to the northwest of the Ukrainian capital through the settlement of BERESTYANKA.A total of 1,612 objects of the Ukrainian military infrastructure were hit during the operation.Among them: 62 control points and communication centers, 39 S-300, Buk-M1 and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems, 52 radar stations.13 aircraft were destroyed in the air and 49 on the ground.

>>364860184Ukrainian nationalistic tattoos, "GLORY TO UKRAINE" what I heard.

>>364859817>>364860135Ow, russia is so big they even have tigers

>>364859667That's not eagle, that's a raven, bratishka.Other than that, the trident reveals a nationalist.Good catch.

>>364859667at least they recorded it, so hopefully they won't be retarded enough to disappear him

>>364858963These are from 2015

>>364860175Bro Ukraine is now on the menu Forget about climate and COVID.

>>364858252I heard they got weapons of mass destruction. Quickly bomb the civilians

>>364860012Ukrainians counter attacked from Keefiv


Wtf does the Ukrainian government stand to gain by continuing the fight? They knew they were going to get their shit pushed in weeks ago with no real western support.

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New video of captured Ukri soldiers on Intel Slava...they look like San Francisco homeless