"The aim is to cause the collapse of the Russian economy"

Quote from French Finance Minister. Is blatantly collapsing Russia's economy any better than regular war?cnbc.com/2022/03/03/ukraine-analysts-think-western-sanctions-may-destroy-russias-economy.html

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Starving civilians who are controlled by a dictator? It's worse.

>>364854662Considering that by crashing the economy it is going to result in millions of russians starving, and millions of russians not being born that otherwise would be, yea this is the equivalent of war.

>>364854909I tried to warn them to defect. They didn't listen. ;_;

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I'm glad Putin is a mad warmongering psychopathic supervillain, it saves me having to think!

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>>364854662Are these the same analysts that said printing billions of dollars wouldn't cause inflation?

>>364854662Imagine all the western cucks destroying themself because there's a civil war in Russia

>>364854969>millions of russians starving, and millions of russians not being born that otherwise would beStop, I'm already at full mast.

>>364854662you say this as if it was some hidden agenda.It's literally the main point of economic sanctions lol; closing the tap on all economic activities so the aggressor doesn't have the means to keep attacking.

Nothing better to start a revolution than to make the people suffer the consequences of their leader's dumb choices.

>>364855287Yeah, I don't care about the analysts. More interested in the part where Western government officials are openly stating their goal is to collapse the Russian economy.I'm honestly surprised they'd publicly admit this.

How is destroying the economy and impacting millions of innocents not nazi level action?

>>364855438There's a difference in degree. Pressuring isn't the same as collapsing.

>>364855728After you pull off a 2 year global "lockdown" it's hard not to think you're omnipotent gods.

>>364855728>nazis bad

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>>364854662CNBC hahahahahahhhahahah

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>>364855728It is not, because there would be an easy way to stop it: hang Puting at the next lamp post right next to all his supporters

>>364854662It might actually be even more effective. Gone are those barbaric bombs and mortifying missiles; real, civilized people fight with the conceptual value of a piece of paper.

>>364855842"pressuring" was very useful in 2014, as we can see."Pressuring" only gives them time for adapting their economy and make them immune to the sanctions.

The Western government and media propaganda will keep anyone from questioning the agenda

>>364854662If it doesn't cause nuclear retaliation, yes, it's strictly better than boots on the ground warfare

>>364856114nigger why don't you go and do it.

Should have thought about that before starting a war of aggression

>>364854969And the ones who survive will harbor an even bigger hatred for the west than they did until now

>>364854662There's nothing to stop Russia from going elsewhere.

>>364856197If you nuke their economy, don't be surprised if they nuke you in turn

>>364854662It's honestly worst than actual war and the effects will be long lasting.War in Ukraine will be over by the end of the month, sanctions will stay for at least a year.

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>>364854662this is unironically a war crime understood as such for millenia

>>364856428Putin can stop this at any time by pulling out of Ukraine

>turn Russia into a REAL nuclear rogue stateUS "intelligence" officials at it again

>>364854969Western Europe is more likely to starve than Russia if anything.

>>364856504>economic sanctions are a war crimeI bet you also think that vaporizing 200,000 civilians in 1945 was completely justified somehow

i think russia will get stronger because of the santions. they have land and ressources. it was just easier to sell oil and import everything. now they get rid of western products and producing their own stuff. short term they will suffer a little bit in the end it was probably worth itmaybe iam wrong

No shit sherlock. Wtf do you think we're watching right now? Its the end of the post-cold war era. The old world is no more

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>>364854662better for who?

>>364854662It will never happendEurope needs russia more than russia needs europeEurope is overcrowded, filled with niggers and few resources

>>364854969why is this a bad thing?

Yeah that's why they're being dragged into a quagmire of urban warfare.

BasedDeath to vatnik scum.

>>364856915They're literally having to sell their 2200 tons of gold reserves to china at a fire sale discount, just to keep the war going. They're as fucked as it's possible to be.

>>364854909But I though Russia is a democracy?Maybe Russians should stop being cattle and rise up if they don't agree with their leaders.Or just suffer for the decisions their leaders made.


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>>364854662>Vlad goes desperate>Nukes everyone around him

>>364857352Man he ate too much ketchup.

>>364856586Wouldn't even have started if the US had stayed out of Ukraine. But go ahead, you have sowed the wind, and you will reap the whirlwind.

>>364857352What's happening here?

>>364857377Aliens will save us

>>364854662Our gouvernement is really keen on fucking us in the ass just to make amerimutts happy. What a time to be alive.

>>364855430Yeah it honestly sounds like a total win here

>>364857552The US has stayed out of Ukraine, they overthrew their previous leader independently via vote of 400 MPs. The US had nothing to do with it.

>>364857338Just to get put down by the crazy police. They only hire bloodthirsty motherfuckers who don't give a fuck and will gladly kill everyone around them.

>>364854969Shit happens when you start a war

>>364854662Russia has been planning this move for a decade. They will have their own economy with China soon and US dollar hegemony will collapse and it will be us who starves. Russia makes 1/3 of all of the wheat in the world - they arent even 1.5% of the population - tell me who is going to starve us or them?North Korea is one big army - nothing else. Yes, they're hungry, but when China and Russia side up they will feed up and tech-up North Korea and a lot of the USAs enemies. Japan and Australia will be over-run in days. The Islamic World will side with Putin, China and North Korea. USA will look to South America and get the middle finger. We are in DEEP DEEP SHIT - this is the real reason Europe has been importing millions of fighting age men from Africa - they dont know it yet but they are about to be handed a tin hat

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>>364856114>Applauds merkill while she destroys Germany or does norhing>Froths at the mouth at Russians for not staging a coup against an autocratFuckoff normie cuck

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>>364854662>deliberatly killing the economy of russia who has the most nukes out of any country in the world..yeah.. i dont see how that one could backfire....

The West is pure evil and should be destroyed. These are the same people who created this conflict by turning Ukraine into a puppet state

>>364857057All our oil and wheat and most of our vegetables come from Russia. Europe will starve in WW3

>>364854969eh, the Russian economy isn't collapsingits only the paper economy that's collapsingRussia still has all the natural resources it needswho the fuck cares if meme stock #1 was $100 or $1? Only the rich buy this "economy" and the plebs can't give a shit about numbers on a screenOf course, western nations have been so jewed that they can't understand this simple fact and think all numbers mean the same thing

>>364858204backfire on who? people in positions of power usually have friends all around the world, user...

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>>364857744kek no

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>>364856396Like south america hates spain? sure thing.

>>364858661I don't think you know what a coup is if this is considered evidence of it. The US and Russia have both been pouring resources into Ukraine trying to pull it towards democracy or autocracy. Ukraine was already keen to distance itself from Russia after watching Georgia get ass rammed in 2008 and realizing (correctly) that they were probably next. Of course they were going to vote to separate themselves from the Russian sphere of influence. Voting to get closer to them would be like voting to be roommates with a serial killer.

>>364854662no. certain people interprit it exactly as war. Freezing sovereign foreigh reserves is commented by some people here as an "economic nuclear strike".The west better pray that Putin stays in power, because whoever replaces him is not going to play nice. Europe is retarded anyway. Watch them get flooder by starving niggers even more now.

>>364854662>Force a nuclear superpower into a corner where they have nothing to live forDefinitely won’t backfire on us

I think it's going to hit us harder than them.

>>364858052Take your pills bong. Pinochet would never take the same flight with Rusia, North Korea or China.

>>364854969As long as you have food and energy, you have almost everything you need.

>>364854909the civilians can always eat the dictator

>>364857293holo hands typed this

>>364854662My aim is to destroy Western economies and destroy Western "leaders."

>>364859362Russia had the same after the Perestroika and the place was a nutthouse. Food and energy is not enough in 2021.


>>364854969Not just Russians, they're hurting the new Russians in the West too

>>364854969It's 5th gen war.

>>364859512Nah, the prospect of Russia having to load trans-Siberian trains to sell their gold at 50-75% off to Xi, because they're so desperate for cash is sad and highly contradictory to Putin's super-macho strongman image

>>364859009>The west better pray that Putin stays in power, because whoever replaces him is not going to play nice. Imagine unironically believing this lmao. Not to mention Putin will leave Kremlin in only one case. If he dies.

>>364858428>Russia still has all the natural resources it needsEurope wont be buying those natural resources. Russians are going to sell it below market price for China and central Asian shitholes. China and some central Asian shithole Stan wont be paying high price for the resources and Russia wont have a choice.

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Ah, the old "Make the Germans pay such a huge price they never consider war again" strategy from the end of WWI, because that worked so well.And then, for no reason at all. . .

>>364857744This sort of simple mindedness used to frustrate me. Now i just laugh. We're all so abysmally fucked.

>>364854662>again>we want to do what we did to them in the Cold War but again

>>364859802It's just empty big talk. Whoever replaces Putin will be desperate to rekindle trade relationships with the world, lest Russia turn into North Korea and suffer famines and desperate poverty like they do.

>>364859930>Europe wont be buying those natural resourcesThey will be, they still are, at higher prices.

food has not been sanctioned.>is removing netflix from a country worse than killing people?nice standard

>>364859992Why even type some dumb shitpost like this if you're not going to refute my argument? It's completely correct to say Ukraine voted independently to overthrow their Russia-aligned leader, without external influence.They expressed a desire to join the west as far back as 2008, it should not be a surprise they didn't want a leader dragging them back to Russia.

>>364854662>aim to collapse Russian economyMission accomplished

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>>364854662You Ruskies have 2 options1) keep killing white people in Ukraine and get your economy assgrapedor2) just stop and get back to businessYour decision VPN shill