Tobacco, based or unbased?

Or maybe, store bought Big Tobacco unbased but organic chemical free tobacco is based?

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>>364854468Grow your own. It's great and won't make you cough the same way.

>>364854468For most people, moderate coffee consumption can be incorporated into a healthy diet.

>>364854468Nicotine is based but smoking isn't worth the health issues. Snus are better

>>364854730half to one cup of coffee a day.strangely enough a few studies have come out after covid vaccines saying that coffee is related to sudden heart failure. sounds spooky.

>>364854468based in moderation. easier said than done however

>>364854468Intoxicants are for the subhumans.The is nothing more virtuous than a sober mind focused on the betterment of the White race.

>>364854468Smoking is retarded. Even nicotine itself, substances are for niggers.

dat teeth

>>364854468She looks gross

i smoke like 35-40 cigarettes a day. - most of them in a closed room with no ventilation. i am no longer afraid of death, i can barely breathe after i walk half a km


All addiction is unbased

>>364854468Its a legal drug that easily becomes a crutch on top of a bad habbit. You will be cucked out of your happiness by the nicotine bull until you appease it. Go cold turkey for as long as you can and you will feel its wrath. Addiction is the most unbased thing. At best the argument for tabacco is "I can do things using these crutches and i don't care about the price". Its not something to be proud of.

>Cigarettes Cringe

>>364854739>smoking isn't worth the health issues>snus are betterPretty sure snus will cause cancer too. Maybe not lung cancer specifically, but any kind of cancer is still not something to strive for.

>>364854468>Trashy girl>No tattoosGuys... I think we might just have found an unicorn.

its based.>increases testosterone >increases IQ>smokers who start before puberty are less likely to develop allergiesno kidding btw, why else would they advertise against smoking so much?

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>>364854468If you don't smoke you're not a man, simple as.

>>364854468>willfully inhaling smokengmi

>>364854468Watching my dad die a slow death from lung cancer wasn’t very “based.”

>>364855732Holy based Spainanon.

>>364854739>>364856449The fuck is snus?

>>364854468Addiction is not based, and anyone who contrives a reason why it is or claims they aren't addicted is just coping about their addiction. That goes double for anyone claiming they home grow, as if somehow their natural poison plant is better than store bought poison plant.

smoking is healthy


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>>364854468Gives a nice and mellow tobacco rush. And it doesn't fuck up your lungs.

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>>364856825Chewin tobacco son!

>>364856624>increases testosterone>increases IQIm'ma need a source for that one chief

She looks like such a grotty bitch but at the same time, lust provoking. I just don't know bros.Also, smoking bad or something, I guess.

>>364855608She looks like a trailer park girl, 10/10 would bang

>>364856825Smokeless tobacco that you place between your lip and your gum. Sort of like the European version of dip. Basically instead of inhaling the chemicals you just swallow them instead. You may not get lung cancer, you'll just end up with throat and jaw cancer instead. Top kek.

>>364854468I smoke tabocco and weed since i was 13 never had any health issues

>>364854468raises test levels. grow your own so you avoid the pesticide jew

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>>364856800that was from jewish tobbaco companies who pump their cigs full of chemicals. If you grow and smoke your own tobacco its really pretty benign

Pipe or cigar

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a new day starts

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Nicotine itself is quite based and occasional smoking can give you new social opportunities, but factory produced cigarettes are bad. You should aim to grow your own. Also don't get addicted to cigarettes.

>>364857434That doesn't tell us anything until you share your current age.

The best part about tobacco ia the permanent transformation to your face. Smokers are incredibly easy to spot. They have hideous troll like growths and features on their faces.Some people call it premature aging, but really its just an addicts faceGod commands absolute sobriety

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>>364856624Sauce it now

>>364854468I gave up smoking 3 days ago. No my money for kikes anymore.

>>364854468more girls sitting like that, with legs spread?possibly panties visiblepossibly lower POV

>>364858113cigs that are from jewish ran tobacco companies sure, but growing and smoking your own tobacco changes the game.

>>364857753a lot of high T cool people start smoking in middle-/high school and get addicted for life. Low T nerds don't want to disobey the rules and thus don't smoke. Has there been a study where they have non-smoker subjects start smoking for a period of time and then measure the test level changes? I want to believe it raises test levels desu.

>>364858321No youre all disformed disfigured disgusting troll drug addicts. Youre no different than crack heads

>>364858596found the jew. >>364858472id be interested in seeing that to


>>364856449based retard


>>364854468It's unbased. It smells like shit, makes your teeth yellow and is extremely overpriced due to taxes. Just vape, we're living in CURRENT YEAR guys...

>>364854468I love tobacco and I don't give a fuck what everyone else is thinking. Just leave me alone and let me smoke in peace.

>>364854681How do you cure yours?My buddy had basins and basins of tobacco plants, but he's struggling to find a home method to cure it without specialist kit.

>>364858852Oh poor baby, show us a picture of your cigarette face. Dirty fucking drug addict

>>364859225Ironically I looked greasier and older when I smoked cigarettes. Now I look younger and my skin is clear. The worst part of smoking when your young is how clearly it affects your skin

>>364859225youre still being a jew. atleast make it less obvious next time you post

>>364854876Coffee is unbased. Like cigarettes, it tastes like shit, smells like shit and turns your teeth yellow. Just take caffeine pills, bro. You can cut them in half or quarters if the mg dosage is too high for your needs.


>>364856449All research, and there's been a lot, has not found any real health problems

>>364854468war going badly, slide shill??

vasoconstrictants will make your surface skin look dehydrated because it kinda is, but this is a conversational topic for women

>>364859500Trying to justify youre diseased lifestyle and trying to convince others to join youAnd you call me the Jew?You should be put to death you fucking filthy animal

>>364859060>Just vapeYeah, because that shit totally doesn't smell bad, right? At least cigs don't feel like a dog is panting on you.Let's be real, smoking is a bad look, but it's still by far better than the alternatives. If you don't wanna smoke just give it up or pick up the patches, don't become a vaping fucking faggot.

>>364857303Dip is burned while causes the carbon reactions and tar which causes health issues. Snus are steamed tobacco so there's no tar

>>364859822I don't usually vape but when I do I use flavourless liquid and it doesn't smell at all

>>364855088Those digits don't lie.

>>364859822>Yeah, because that shit totally doesn't smell bad, right?No, not really at all. And it doesn't linger and stink up indoor places. You feel for the anti-vape meme propaganda from big tobacco. Congratulations, cuck.