Their level of lying is on par with Jew rats

Their level of lying is on par with Jew rats.

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>>364853745kill yourself

>>364853745well their leader is a Jew

The weird thing is they think we don't see through it.

>>364853745They are the jews. You should consider learning history

>>364853745>The lying level of jews is on the level of the jews

>>364853745Its ok to lie if the good guys do it.

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>>364853745Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew jew

>>364853745It's annoying


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They are the Jews.

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I'm going to go to lviv hold an ak47 take a photo then I will quickly leave Ukraine, I will say I fought for Ukraine against putin and killed 6 people, then I will find a hot ukranian refugee girlfriend and brag about how I defended her homeland

>>364853745Jews are better liars desu

>>364853745Luckily Putin will soon educate them on how real men should be.

>>364853745based koreanbro, let's nuke those hohol bastards

>>364853745that's antisemitic

>>364853745Sure thing just like russia

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>>364853745kys chink

Hyperborea literally invaded Khazaria basically.

>>364853956>The weird thing is they think we don't see through it.In general people don't see through it. They lie because it works.

>>364853887Get raped.

>>364854327wtf rare

>>364854325LMAOThe age of Islamic Russian ruling over Europe has begun. Along with the Indian space age, the Chinese economic power we have Russia now acting as a buffer for Islam. Orthodoxy is only adhered to by hipsters at this point.

>>364853887>>364854090>>364854327>>364854325>>364854763t. Jew rats

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>>364855069I am unironically jewish though

They're all Jews even if they don't look it

>>364853745they voted in a jew for president what do you expect????

>>3648537451pbtislide cope shill threadywnbeuniggers from ural

They have been the jew rats since Khazaria


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We can't sent troops to Ukraine they're too busy with other things.

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>>364855387Cope jew rat

>>364853745they ARE jew rats

>>364854052>Anti-blm/antifa meme rehashRussi*ns can't meme.

>>364855804save your VPN credits, you won't be able to afford it soon

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>save your VPN credits, you won't be able to afford it soon

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>>save your VPN credits, you won't be able to afford it soon

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>>364853745i unironically have the same impression.NOT trustworthy.

>>>save your VPN credits, you won't be able to afford it soon

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>>364856775>>364856880saved, thanks

>>364853956our press here copies 1:1 the propaganda from official ukranian sources. they absolutely trust them and drink their piss without hesitation.they even printed today 1:1 zelinskies fantasy numbers of 6000 killed russians here on page 1. it take a LITTLE bit of experience to know that these figures are just surreal and totally off, but they didn't check or question them at's ridicolous.

>>364853745USSR traditions.

They ARE jews

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>>3648539569gag sure as hell doesn't. It's been none stop propaganda for 8 days.tg8ph

>>364853745Zelensky is already working in a Tel Aviv gay bar

>>364853887Still a NATO dog even after all this time I see.Go hug a nigger


>>364853745Great posting Komrade. Tonight we drink vodka and toast our great midget leader

>>364854052why is russian propaganda so retarded and easy to detect? At least post jewlensky or Khazaria memes, this shit's awful

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great argumentgreat threadstill supporting ukraine

>>364853745Go back to Bunkerchan.

>>364857726the faggots ran out of good ones the first day of flooding channo it's literaly shit made by newfags

>>364853745Well... almost as if...

>>364857219Australia isn't reporting those numbers. Our news tonight said 500 dead Russians and 3000 injured.

>>364853745>chinks and shitskins supporting Russia is totally normal we are saving the white race by antagonizing Europe and the USA threatening them with nukes.

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>>364853745OP is a fag

>>364853745It's more likely they're Jew rats on VPN than real Ukrainians.

>>364855243rope yourself

>>364854107Wtf is this

both sides are lying heavily.however i tend to pay more attention to the side who currently has the gun pressed against their head.

They are repeating lies their government told them. Look at America's worship of niggers to see how good they are at brainwashing through msm and hollywood.

>>364853745It's called reddit mindset.Though, both sides but dear god the ukrainian side is just laughable

>>364854145I'm about to do the same thing except actually fight because I'm not an ausfaggot and fighting big bad Russia sounds cool.

>>364853745Says the flag where the Talmuf is a best seller and 90% of your male population is circumcised.