Russia is our last chance against the Globohomo

Russia is our last chance against the Globohomo

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>>364852804Relax goys he is just trying to denazify them!

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>Russia is our last chance against the Globoho-ACK

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>>364853150seethe finno uggo mutt

All famous jews and jewish companies support ukraine, reddit too and all lgbt community as well. So if they globohomo support ukraine, I should support Russia, but if this is some 5D chess and jews actually control both and this is some scenario just to kill young white lads and make shittone of money by selling javelins and ammo and dividing society even more then fuck it all

>>364852804No.I would rather fight globohomo from the inside or join the Han Hive.Everything but r*ssia.

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>>364853150Don't you wish for good old days? >NOOO NOOOOO I want the butt sex I want to pretend as Nordic nation. Sometime soon NATO lap dog you will trot home to old master. :DD

China and globohomo are in cahoots both wanting the social credit transhumanist reset.I think it's possible China duped Russia into attacking. Promising support and perhaps a simultaneous attack on Taiwan. That being a trick to set up Russia to fail.Most likely Putin will soon be replaced by a puppet leader enforcing globohomo in russia


>>364853150>>364853404you niggers are butthurt only because you had not banans in shop, if not for soviets here you would most likely root for russia

>reducing geopolitics to a single buzzwordngmiKyiv.

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>>364853150hahaha i love this meme

>>364853609Glowniggers shills are mad they don't speak the lingoWe know very well what Globo-homo means, if you don't you're either a jew or a glowniggerSimple as

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>>364853319>1 post by this IDyeah, sure thing, Ivan. Suck my dick. I want to put a bullet between the eyes of every commie scum supporting Kremlinbots on this earth. You fucks will pay for what you did to Ukraine and what happened in Vrbětice ammunition storage.

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>>364852804No it's not. It's even worse than the globhomo. At least we're rich.


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>>364853854>3 posts by this IDPokud opravdu věříš vládní narativě o Vrběticích, tak jsi dementní.

>>364853971so not only a jew, but a homo as well

>>364852804If you're so convinced Russia is your last hope, go fight for Russia and get off our board.

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>>364853319Putin is literally talking about denazification of Ukraine, he unleashed Chechen muslims onto white lands and he's starting the first anti-fascist conference.Yet Holla Forumsbrains are still supporting him because Soros sent thoughts and prayers on twitter. You can't make this shit up.

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>>364853834I do it for free.Kyiv.

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>>364854180No you don't understand, you have to pick a side! There can't possibly be a Third Position!

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>>364854202Glownigger kike nigger tranny nigger nigger

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>>364853404based 404 get.>404 - Kremlin influence in Poland NOT FOUNDOur east slavic countries - we know how bad Russian propaganda is. And we know how fucked up communist rule is. One day we will witness them completely fall apart. I hope I will meet you on the battlefield, brother. We will finally purge the commie scum off the face of the Earth.

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>>364854180So ? Who is not the jew here ? Ukraine is jew, Russia jew too, what to do then ? Third position and ignore probably

>>364853834Globohomo is collection of demoralization propaganda tools which make people subject to it less likely to defend the interests of own country. It's a weapon.Many of those tools begun by being shilled by commie educated acidemias, most notable example being "economy experts" trying to convince countries to let in brown hordes at the promise of increased economic growth.

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>>364852804naah, they are in on it together

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>>364852804>Russia will save us from globohomo by murdering europeans and strengthening the unity of NATO and the EU

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>>364852804Kill yourself

>>364854559>>Russia will save us from globohomo by murdering europeans and strengthening the unity of NATO and the EUSpoken like a true georgian sneak attack faggot, firing artillery into south ossetian apartment blocks.

>>364854547Shut the fuck up jew

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>>364853971that's a parody of Eurovision faggotry. Shills have no meme ammo, so they post this without context 24/7. How pathetic. You won't fool anyone, Volodia. kys

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>>364852804Jorrit Faassen is the son in law of Vladimir Putin.This kike is porking putin’s first born daughter while milking the russian people for dollarinos and you’re telling me putin is gonna save me from globohomo?lmao

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>>364854711how about you respond with an argument

>>364854799Cope harder trannyNobody find this smut funny

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>>364854180Ukraines president is a drag queen short gay jew comedian installed by Soros types. Ukraine wouldn't be a country without a color revolution and the CIA. You're retarded.


>>364854896Death to Israel, America, NATO, trannies and kikes

>>364854438>I hope I will meet you on the battlefield, brother. We will finally purge the commie scum off the face of the Earth.holy basedCzechs truly are best bros.


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>>364854438>>364855046What are you waiting for glowniggers? Why are you still here posting on 4chong instead of going to fight?

>>364852804>Ukraine is the aggressorYour're rarted brah...

>>364854990Zelensky will be gone next elections, meanwhile Putin, who married his daughter to a swarthy jew and is backed by (((oligarchs))), has been in power for 20 years and will remain there until he dies.Cope

>>364852804This doesn’t work when russia is the aggressor you fucking retard

>>364853150how bubmlasted are these shills about the Dutch get yesterday?

>>364854960Weak propaganda.

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>>364853404Weeeeeeeuuuwweeeuuueeeuuueeweeeeuuueeweeeee! >>364853579I see you are also a man of culture.

>>364854960Lol do not listen to the bots this shit is hilarious. Never seen pol seethe so hard

>>364852804Tyrannical totalitarian dictator vsTyrannical totalitarian globohomo kek last chance at what?


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>>364855590>kek last chance at what?To watch Europeans kill each other on live stream.Nothing else will come from it.

>>364852804I hear this is all the rage in Russia. Wouldn't want our daughters to color their hair any weird colors or get a nose ring when there's cool Russian drugs to get hooked on.

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>>364855388Show it and I will tell you.

>>364854955yeah, because you probably think it's too "homophobic" for you, huh?>actor acting like a faggot to make fun of faggots, that's so triggering... :'( Daddy, quickly give me my dick pacifier!

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>>364854172Yeah, this is OUR board. 4 channel is more than just an image board, it's a community, and nobody can break us apart!

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>>364852804Russia is the globohomo, you idiot jaguar eater.


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>>364855833Go fight why are you still posting here?Good luck getting Holla Forums to support such flamming faggotNo amount of pilpul will change that

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>>364853576 2014, Barack Obama's State Department sponsored a coup that toppled a duly elected Russia-friendly government in Kyiv and installed one that opposed Russia. Obama funded that color revolution with $6 billion, the corrupt nation became a feeding frenzy for the families and cronies of U.S. politicians, including the Biden family. Joe Biden was in charge of Ukraine policy, and his crack-addled son was dispatched as the Biden family bag man.Later that same year, assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland, who had managed the coup in Ukraine, testified before a congressional committee that Obama and his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, had also spent $20 billion on a similar effort at regime change inside Russia itself.

>>364852804Russian society is the globohomo endgame

>>364853971>this faggot is stopping putin and Russia in its tracksSeriously Russia is India tier of superpower now


>>364852804>Russia is our last chance against the Globohomo>goes into Ukraine to bash the fash>pushes all countries near its border into EU and NATO>threathens to nuke everyone>#win

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>>364853150This but unironically

>>364856331Yeah cope glownigger

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>>364855166Oh, we’re not pro-ukrainian.We’re just anti vatnikGo volunteer for glorious russian armed forces bro, fight globohomo today!

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>>364856548what is vatnik

>>364856511>goes into Ukraine to bash the fash>pushes all countries near its border into EU and NATO>threathens to nuke everyone>#winaugust 2022>hosts the first official antifa meetup

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why shouldn't nato be fucking with russia?

>>364856548Sure thing glownigger>>364856683Cope harder

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>>364852804putin has called america racist plenty of times, he said its based on genocide and racism against poor browns, and then russia and chinks like to claim moral superior by saying america treats its niggers like shit. And as for putins anti lgbt dog whistle bullshit, even george boosh said marriage is between a man and a woman on the campaign trail. just another greasy politician poostain

>>364855337The best defense is never having to defend yourself.

>>364852804They're all globohomo. No matter who wins, you still lose. Fighting over who the king of the NWO shall be just stalls them a little.

>>364856860what copeis anything i said untruethat's the fucking outcome idiot


>>364856511If all the red is Russian why is their still fighting going on inside it. Did they just draw a red line where the scouts are?

>>364852804I dont get how am i supposed to help Putin when we and the poles have to deal with the aftereffects of his messy shit. We help the people who run away from war and we will probably get the same treatmen ukraine got in a couple of months. I really think the retards supporting putin are far away from this hotpocket and thats that. I understand what he wants to do, and even if i am scared of the prospect of shadowbanning nations i will still have to die in conscription fighting russians who are probably closer culturally and DNA than the burgers. How wi he justify invading a country that has no weapons,barely any army and has a history of just trying to mind their own business and get fucked again and again by retards at the big table? Will it be the liberation of the great romanian nation which has a rich 80 year old history of communism?

>>364857004Learn 2 read retard

fuck putin fuck zelenksy fuck israel fuck niggers

>>364852804We're in nato why are we singled out

>>364856954Shut up globohomoOr jewOr naziHonestly I don't know what the current blanket insult for anyone who doesn't suck Putain cock is

>>364853971I'm gonna teach my children that Russia was fighting against globohomo supervillains and that Zelensky was the final boss

>>364857100Most people don't read russian runes shitbrain.

>>364852804this desu

>>364857176Because the person that drew that is retarded.

>>364857284Red zones are controlled, zebra ones are contested, arrows indicate incursions, those maps always look the same faggot

>>364852804Russia is losing the war

>>364857072Also this. If that raging monkey manages to take and hold Ukraine the only buffer zone left between me and Russia is essentially just Hungary and that's not exactly ideal.

>>364852804I would agree with this if there were actually Ukraine trying to invade Russia first.

>>364856860waiting for you to put your money where your mouth is. Join daddy putin in his jiha- I mean crusade against nazi- I mean globohomo and show us how it’s done.Until then you’re just a delusional westoid shill/VPN vatnik

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when will you realize pootin is the HOMO?

>>364856860>>364857194literal jews calling others jewswhy even come here any more? You aren't fooling anyone. fucking niggers

im just sick of all the concern trolling over morals and hypocrisy. especially from people that know better.

>>364857548Cope seethe and dilate

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>>36485280410₽ зaчиcлeнo нa вaш cчeт (Хoтя в нaшe вpeмя этo ничeгo нe cтoит хaхaхa)

>>364856269because so far I'm more useful here. Housing a young Ukrainian family in one of my family's flat. Defacing Russian embassy in Bohemia. Pointing out kremlinbots like you on the internet. But as soon as you cross NATO lines, I'll be there with a rifle, gleefully making content for famous Russian mass graves, while listening to Peste Noire and thinking about you, you fake frenchie kremlinbot vpn fuck.

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>>364852804so, uh, what exactly is russia defending against the aggressive ukraine? their energy exports?

>>364857611Two more weeks>>364857691>

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>>364852804Hitler was our last chance. And we shat that up. If Putin starts to win, and all the cards are laid down against the jewish menace, they will just flip the table with nukes. I feel as if nukes aren't weapons of war, they are an assurance that no one wins if globalists start to lose.


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>>364854799Haha he only sucks dicks for a joke! Its just a big prank guys! He's an alpha really.

>>364854422You will never be a woman

>>364857837Their borders, from your owners, presumably.

>>364857952Thanks bro U too

>>364853150Cool prideflag


>>364857702this guy married putin’s first born daughter, what’s up with that?Putin lets jews fuck his daughter, and this is supposed to convince me that he’s somehow anti-kike?lmao

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>>364857948An actor acts like a fag to make fun of faggotry? Clearly this means he takes three dicks up his ass at once.

>>364857996ah, so ukies were invading russia?must've missed it


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>>364852804Ok, Vatnik

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>>364856511>arrows of hundreds of kilometersWhy so small?


>>364854799>He was just pretending to be retarded

>>364858168Yeah, I know zelensky is a jew and ukraine is being armed by kike rules globohomo.I still have no answer to my question: why am I supposed to believe that a guy who lets his daughter get fucked by a kike and showers him with money and influence is supposed to be against that?

>>364852804Nigger, it's jews jewing jews jewing jews. It's been over for almost a hundred years now.


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>>364858148Hosting NATO deserves an even grimmer punishment.

>>364858459I'm not pro Putin thoughCope

>>364858688You get in the oven last

>>364852804if Russia is your last chance then you have no chanceRussia is donethe whole world has seen their cardboard militarytheir third world tier military prowessno one can take them seriously nowthey thought that NATO was the enemybut in the next ten years China will take their far eastand muzzies will take the south

>>364858357HIGH IQ POST OF THE CENTURY>hurr durr, he was just pretending to Romeo and she was just pretending to be Julietyeah, that's sorta how acting works, brainlet

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>>364857996So when they will have borders with us we will also be threatening his borders? This is so ironic you cant find this funny. Will he declare war for having a border with countries he himself created? There is one thing i learned in my life and that is to laugh in the face of authority. They hate that shit so much it drives people in charge crazy. Laughing at them and ridiculing their pathetic existance just makes their heart pop out


>>364852804Russia IS part of the globohomo.

>>364859008I just want to know where this onslaught of braindead normies is coming from. Are the shills spamming reddit with Holla Forums pastas again?

>>364852804Yeah but I’m rooting for the US so fuck you

>>364859045>>364858618Minor update

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>>364852804>Muh Globohomothis fuckig made yp buzzword needs to die

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>>364858957Nobody find this funny especially hereAny poltard would think you should be hanged for being such flamming faggotWay to prove you're not from here, tranny

>>364859353The right in the west is being co-opted by Putin's shills.

>>364859353Seethe glownigger

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>>364859246I dont really know if you are refering to me but i for one came on pol because i am tired of waiting for news to watchbait people into seeing their shitty news coverage of hyping up news about stuff i can find here in 3 minutes. Here we had a news channel clickbait people for 3 hours just to show the map China leaked from russians.

>>364853150picrel is why shills hate Putin. They're fighting for their rights to bumsex the shit out of each other and (You) too.

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>>364859353>Alt rightNewfaggot tourist /shills, when will you leave ffs

>>364852804Everyone, can you ask your government to save civilians who live in Mariupol from the Ukrainian army?People can't evacuate. Ukrainian army kills everyone who currently trying to flee the city. There are a lot of dead civilians on the roads killing in their RE POST people getting killed right now by west supported "ukrainian" army that acts Like ISIS terrorists.I didn't care about war or whatever, but my relatives right now are there.

>>364859747Look, Hans (or should I call you Ivan?), when Russia pushes its borders right next to your shithole and suddenly Germany starts threatening its borders, don't come crying here about daddy Putain shelling Berlin. No one is going to help you.

>>364854799>Joke is on you. I was only pretending to dress in drag and dance around like a faggot.