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▶Latest:>Mariupol is isolated but under Ukrainian control. Under heavy shelling.>Kherson is confirmed to be under Russian control but there are reports Ukraine is trying to recapture it now>Two loud explosions heard in Kyiv. A water pipeline was damaged.>Heavy fighting reported in Kharkiv and Mariupol>Russia is conducting tactical strikes in Kyiv. A TV tower was hit. Another missile missed and hit a Holocaust memorial site.>Russian strike on Kharkiv administrative building>40 mile long convoy heading towards Kyiv>Peace talks ended, no agreement reached>Zelensky says Belarus leader assured him that missiles, warplanes and helicopters won’t fly to Ukraine from his territory>Putin orders Russian nuclear deterrent forces to be on alert>Russian forces have met heavy resistance as they advance on Kyiv>Russian Forces are pushing into Sumy.>Gypsies stole a Russian tank>Russian army releases first ever video of the Chernobyl nuclear plant after capturing it (t.me/intelslava/20722)>Azov Battalion has started training volunteers in Kyiv>High-rise building in Kyiv hit by missile, origins unknown, both sides claim it was the other side's missile>Melitopol has fallen under Russian hands>Russians forces are in the outskirts of Mariupol.>Seven civilians died in a day in the LPR and DPR from shelling by Ukrainian security forces, LPR authorities report>Russia says Sweden and Finland may face military and political consequences if they attempt to join NATO>10,000 AKs given out to citizens of Kyiev>Russian websites are currently being cyber attacked>Japanese cargo ship hit with a missile from the Ukrainian side>Chernobyl nuclear plant under Russian controlliveuamap.com/Frequent objective analysis of the war: understandingwar.org/

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first for monkey

>Confirmation the AN-225 was destroyed in battles at the Gostomel airport north of Kyiv, along with a lot of military equipmenttwitter.com/ELINTNews/status/1499351053384527876Rip big plane

first for

Russian victory waiting room.


>>364852875i only have this one

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BrosHow the FUCK has the 40 mile convoy not been hit yet? Kek

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the blow up doll of kiev just exploded near the convoy taking 300 trucks with it

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>>364852419It's from the donbass front. Now the Ukranian army holding the eastern front are doing a staged organised retreat to prevent themselves getting encircled the DPR morons think they are suddenly magically winning the fight.they are releasing propaganda films talking about how they "pushing the ukrops back"..

Any news on the 40 mile long Russian convoy of Kiev?


Russia is losing crazy amount of equipment today, how long can they keep throwing all this equipment and people in this meat grinder.

>>364852990Cheaper to let them die of attrition

A Ukrainian is trying to agitate the population to fight, "You're withdrawing money, do you want to wait it out? Are there any men among you? Are there those who have balls? Go to the military enlistment office to fight." As we can see, there is no reaction among the civilian population.z.zz.fo/u7PQX.mp4

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>>364853069>>364853076you've done me hereive been done lads

>>364852990They hit the big shots behind it.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3418115-ukraine-army-destroys-russian-command-post-near-chornobyl-npp.html

>>364852906big chungus of the sky, now you fly in heaven :(

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>>364852738Daily reminder to all the disgusting hohol diaspora sponging lives off the back of anglo civilzation and astroturfing and gaslighting everyone to support your disgusting corrupt absolute utter fucking shithole of a slavnigger insect colony: I do no care. I hope your country is completely destroyed and all your ancestral villages burned to the ground. It does not effect me at all lmao. I do not give a single FUCK about ukraine. The more you shill for "le heckin support" the less I even care. In fact I pray to Allah that your grandmothers apartment gets hit by a missile tonight. Why don't you also fuck off back there and also eat a missle fired by one of your slavnigger bros. Your nation is fake. Your culture is fake. Your language doesn't exist. You're just a pathetic fucking chud good only to be raped by stronger civilzations that surround you. Now FUCK OFF.And no, I don't support Russia either, they are just the same ugly potato headed retarded neanderthal slavniggers as you are. Kill yourself. Also all butthurt belt niggers: get nuked.


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>>364853069>>364853076can't make this shit up

this looks really safe and like a professional army

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Some russian user say in late thread, they are going to invade this place.Is this really important. There is only one military airport and it is abandoned. Moreover there are only 2 bridges connecting to Odessa. What if will they blow them up?

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>>364853168What city? Why would Russian speakers fight against Russia?

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There is a possibility of russians getting encircled in the vicinity of Kiev.

Is this the shill thread

>>364853168Why is he speaking russian? Has mova seriously remained just a meme it always been?

>>364853379what idiot designed that border lmao

>>364852773>to justify their existenceputin just justified it>>364853003my eyeswhy would you post that>>364853349it has(d) ammo still>>364853277pasta or you actually spent time and energy writing something that nobody will read?

>>364852738Do you think something big will happen when 666 thread will come out?

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>>364853456depends what side are you ?

>>364853431No, goddamnit, everyone will benefit from quick fall of Kiev. Russia has open borders, opposition xoxols will just be able to leave

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>>364853418Why did the Irish fight the English?

>>364852738I don't want Russia to stop the invasion, that means Russia survives.I want them to fight an insurgency for 10 years worse than Afghanistan, the financial and material impact will make Russia implode harder than USSR.I'm counting on the negotiators, don't let there be a peace treaty!

>what do you mean we only get 100 dollars?>we lost our son to this war and you think 80 dollars will help us?>I can't believe our only child is only worth 60 dollars

>>364853489>movawhat is this?

>>364853418I have no idea what kind of city it is, but by the dialect and by the word "Ceпapня бля" - it's clear that these are Ukrainians.

>>364853540Christians worshiping war will piss off out of here

Is Kabul still holding out?

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>>364853623In your dreams pigdog :)

>>364853498Presumably some bolshevik kike

>>364853702language in hohlian

Lads, it's confirmed, the AN225 is dead. It's in pieces. twitter.com/Skawtish/status/1499353700145446918

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>>364853702language on Ukranian

yes this looks like a shill thread

>>364853757go to front,lol


twitter.com/GirkinGirkin/status/1499352556300079109Russian Army, saying they have not eaten for 3-4 days, cold and wet, waiting to pickup as they have no fuel.Corroborates with the POW videos showing how hungry the captured soldiers are.

>>364853456/sg/ is the shill hive

I never thought that Ukraine would be winning this easily.

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>>364853695you know how many villages in Russia you can feed with that money , your talking about a millionaire family , they just won the lottery

sphere-gay thread

>>364853857/chud/ is that way, leave bitch if you don't like it"Mykolaiv city, bridge dropped with a Russian T-72 still on it" picrel

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>>364853932oh no no no noanother L monkibros....

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>>364853806That was a beautiful machine, RIP

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mass surrender by the russian army. looks like atleast 40 or 50 guys.not sure of the location.twitter.com/GirkinGirkin/status/1499352556300079109

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>>364853943Well if you give me infinite amount of supplies and intelligence while having all the strategies planned out for me to withstand the invasion, even my country can win against China in an all out war.

>>364853498>>364853379Budjak is such a fucking clusterfuck, there is literally ONE road that connects it to Ukraine, second one goes through Moldova.

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>>364853890I signed up, they have so many people that they put people in reserve. Vanya, are you ready for "no russian" genocide? Niggers of the world.

Russian aviation is having fun in ChernihivWith sounds z.zz.fo/BkRpb.mov

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Is that russia hoe from previous thread going to post bobs or fuck off?

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>>364854479>I signed upbased, kill them all if you get selected

>>364854479Why not in territorial defense, nigga?)

>>364854586desu Russian airforce performance has been terrible

>>364854233>twitter.com/GirkinGirkin/status/1499352556300079109>translation: wet, no food for 3-4 days, they promisse them each day to pick them up, nothing is happening. they are complainig alot how bad is it, send for meat only and there is something about some papers they signed, something that they can leave them there or so.Why is Russian army like this, bros?

>>364854479Put a selfie here so that we know it is you from a pile of human bodies later on.

>>364854685Exactly in territorial defense.

>>364854586>bombing housesexplain to me how this is not hurting your case

blyad pidor yob tvoyu mat

>>364853379What might be the strategical importance of this shithole? I would offer it to the gypsies to stir unrest in the NATO front?

>>364853489Russian is/was commonly used in Ukraine, is this a surprise to you? Zelenskyy spoke Russian all the time before; even in Cлyгa нapoдy like 90% of the characters speak Russian all the time.Now it’s changing because of you

>>364854774were only given 2 days worth of food, high command expected a quick win

>day 8lol

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Mariupol RN, Azovites are executing people who try to leave the city.Shits fucked.t.me/SIL0VIKI/43039

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>>364854811What makes you think we're bombing houses? The bombs fell somewhere behind the houses


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>>364854774high on their own supply of propaganda.thought they'd be welcomed as liberators and the war would be over in a couple of days.

>>364854479you're going to win this, russia has been pathetic.

>>364854351It's such a clusterfuck ethnically too, I fucking hate Russian colonisation retardation so fucking much.

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Operation svinoreZ by days with music z.zz.fo/OuXeD.mp4

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youtube.com/watch?v=jK-aWhM9s0omonke talking soon


>>364854811>explain to me how this is not hurting your caseI guess you still do not understand moskovite mentality, don't you?

>>364854987They're going to take Ukraine's entire coastline and therefore all of Ukraine's ability to access the oil deposits in the black sea while everyone is looking at kyeeiv.

>>364855363I think this war will last several more months

>>364854068This was a planned operation to block vital train transportation infrastructure

>>364855084Mariupol is hard to take because of that shit, Russians aren't interested in mass civil casualties


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Made a very interesting fortune telling for the war. Putin is a king of wands - king of fire, a leader who adamantly defends his interests. The tower, the devil - changes are waiting, the devil - these are sanctions, cups - the subsequent prosperity of Russia. The Five of Pentacles is the poverty of Ukraine, its plight. At the end, a card of a lovely lady comes out - the Queen of Cups, which will resolve this conflict (me)

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>>364855112Why are you bombing babushka's vegetable garden then?

>>364855084Can someone upload this in catbox? cant view it

>>364854811Have you not seen the Ukrainian Arty firing out of Residential areas and them using Schools as cover to move troops knowing the russians wont bomb them, Ukrops literally hiding behind human shields, and then using their deaths to circulate propaganda.

>>364855548I doubt Putin will last that long.

>>364854811"hohols did it"

>>364854987>RusslandI forgot how funny some German words sound>>364855028Nobody who actually supports Ukraine talks on twitter anymore in Russian>>364855084based? If they're leaving then it's only to become a POW>>364855112just go to >>364852315 already, they will love that shit>>364855528>If you are on the enemy's land, then you are the enemy toodid I get it right?

>>36485577077th is on Overtime today, either that or you're handicapped.

>>364855770its basically over, they needed to do this operation in a week at most and now its too late, the support for ukraine is flooding in.

>>364854806Oh, fuck, brother, I'm sorry for you. Different territorial defense units kill each other with enviable regularity. It would be a shame, probably, to die at their own hands, without seeing the Muscovites....

>>364855770Dude shut the fuck up. Atleast post some good content or just shut up. Im not interested.

>>364855719>lady>(me)ywnbaw Ivan

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look how fake this shit is lolt.me/boris_rozhin/26881there isn't even bullet holes in the car

Can't they just drop 1 nuke and end this war? I mean Americans dropped a nuke in Japan and ended WW2.

>>364855929not really, no, not without international condemnation.

>>364855465post yfw>Я ycтaл, я yхoжy

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>>364852738>>364845062Hey fruitcakes, it’s me, Steve Castle, but you goyim can just call me That Guy. Just dropping in once again to remind you faggots that all of this is Fake and Gay to the max.>b-b-but I just saw some emotion-evoking imagery from the Jewish owned news media outlets!Check yourself before you wreck yourself little man. Al of those pics, vids, and sob stories are either fabricated or rehashed imagery from the Donbas conflict of 2014 (which you didn’t even know about until now, you’re welcome). Anyways, I gotta jet, Jewish shills have been out in full force for over a week now trying to spread their jewery to the low IQ (that’s you). Smell ya later.

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>>364855767>firing out of Residential areasno>using Schools as coverschools closed since the start>Ukrops literally hiding behind human shieldsno, but seen the oppositeI found just the place for you >>364852315


>>364855929What use is territory when its a fucking nuclear wasteland you dumb cunt.


>>364855929Russia has “dead hand” - Russia dead = USA and all NATO member dead automatically.

>>364855929Are you retarded? Russia is claiming to be peacekeeping.. How do you reconcile that with nuking the place you want peace in?

Russians beware.

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>>364856042пepeнecли нa 20:00 гoвopят

At least some good footage:youtu.be/V4-5I5IfwBE

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>>364855928guys check this video.this is a major false flag.im not fucking around.

>start reading copypasta>but, but, but, but, here's how Zelensky can still win!Never change /uhg/ redditbros!

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>>364856062This is your brain on Jewish Propaganda

>>364855363Best hope for Ukraine is to abandon leftbank, push the Russians from northern Kiev and west of Dniepr, and dig in, while also setting defences in Pyrypeć marshes, MAYBE pushing a bit in Belarus from the west and securing Transnistria with Moldovians..

>>364855928>t.me/boris_rozhin/26881Upload a webm ffs, can't open this shit.

>>364855908kek, their aviation industry has about 2-3 weeks of spare parts left, has been frozen out of support by Airbus and Boeing globally. They have at best a dozen flight routes internationally and then because of the sanctions on the banking sector will struggle to even pay for fuel at the destination other than with hard cash.Their commercial liability insurance also appears to be targetted so even if they want to fly to Dubai or the Maldives they wouldn't be insured.

>>364856169Is that real or not?

Russian troops took Kherson, Mariupol and Kharkiv into a dense ring and now there is a systematic cleansing of these cities. Kiev is almost surrounded, but there the troops are "bogged down". According to the source, the losses of Russian troops were greatly reduced due to the changed tactics. Now the rear and engineering columns are heavily guarded, including from the air, and checkpoints are being set up in the captured territories. While in the early days of the war, the strike groups went far ahead, and the rear and engineering columns that followed were attacked by Ukrainian mobile groups hiding in the rear of the Russian strike groups. The Airborne Forces suffered serious losses during the landing and during the battle at the airport in Gostomel.

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How's the situation in Odessa ?

>>364855929Anon, the reason why the nips surrender is because they did not have a nuke.

>>364856391im putting it on twitter. wait.

anyone else crying?beautiful women are dying right now

Ukie nazi are shooting at civilians on the outskirts of Mariupol. The husband and wife tried to leave Mariupol, at the exit near the checkpoint with the radicals they noticed the shot bodies, they wanted to help, but fire was also opened on them from the checkpoint. They tried to escape, as a result, the woman was killed, the driver was wounded, now he is hiding with relatives in the Berdyansk region.z.zz.fo/DZQgK.mp4

Attached: video_2022-03-03_15-18-13.webm (720x1280, 2.93M)

>>364856169I don't want to creampie any of those people. My last for ukie women has now evaporated. I have lost my sex drive, and I no longer want to hornypost.

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>>364854068The fucking balls on these Ukranians. Respect.

>>364855929You're a literal retard

>>364856407This, Enjoy your Siberian express.

>>364856410I did a search on the subreddit and I can't find the post. Incredibly likely to be fake. Holla Forums just can't stop posting trannies though.Rent Free.

People asking for help, they have no medicine, no food, but EUROPE supplies weapons so they are quite well I think! :)

Sanctions kicking in, no more VW for Russians and no more Ikea.

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>>364856169wtf is wrong with this conehead

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>>364856568Paid shills in full swing. There are not even bullet holes. Are you telling me these faggots are perfect shots?

>>364856698Before this is over all Russians will have left is a few rotten turnips. You love to see it.

>>364856654Did the german helmets already arrived?

>>364856442Russia is getting encircled in Kiev.

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>>364855928>dead lying on the ground>bleeding from face >not moving>BUT WAIT! THE BULLET HOLES>>364856575actually funny map

>>364856773Dude, they were probably shot at point blank range.


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>>364855860>Moskovitesre rational actors wishing good at least to themselves>did I get it right?You are still using your brain. It won't work like thatEntire moskovite (they are not "russian" btw, its a propaganda myth) project is giant suicidal cult of chaos and death. They larp as Christians which they are not, russian orthodox charch is part of kgb since Stalin killed all clergy and replaced it with shills. Now they post here on Holla Forums, same people

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>>364856169Woah, is Ben Franklin going to use his patented Lighting Kites to destroy russian tanks?>>364856698>IKEA goneBlya... Now it's ogre. Well, LADDA rechargeables are no longer produced on ENELOOP factory anyway.

>>364856640it's an old photo, I will have it forever burned in my brain, it's reversed - that absolute unit of a forehead was on the left side of the photo

>>364856391>>364855928>>364856873i put it on twitter. this is such a terrible false flag. very obviously fake.twitter.com/Skawtish/status/1499359443611492362

>>364852990Because this one - for a change - is actually heavily protected

>>364856763I swear his head gets more conical every time this picture is reposted.

>>364856873I stole the map a few days ago, needs updating


>>364856698Literally don’t care. Having good time with my girlies every day, chatting, eating tasty food and smiling also seducing foreign men so they can support Russia.

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>>364856979Dude, the shit is so fake. If they were shot point blank, why are there shoes on the ground? Why can't we see any head trauma other than "blood". Fake as fuck, these retards need to hire us to make a proper psyops video.

>>364856053If what you're saying is true, the rebels in the Donbas region were using T90 tanks. Where did they get them?

>>364857076this is some high school horror movie shit

>>364857076these niggerts cant even fake it correctly

>>364854685They don't need him. Russkies are fucking themselves up at this point.Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

>>364852931Numbers and they all die

Can you call this people Europeans ? Really ?

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Crazy how couple of weeks ago I was chilling and enjoying life and now I am like 90% dead in the next 6 months cause war is about to happen. What the fuck

>>364852931Numbers and Ukraine is obliterated

>>364857076Those fags need to unironically hire us.

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>>364856163Apparently most people don't buy that Russian is "peacekeeping" anyway + they are losing. If Russia really lost this I am seeing the entire country implode by the end of this year. It is worse for world stability than just letting Russia has its way with Ukraine.

Uh oh. Looks like someone is getting ready.twitter.com/gorka581/status/1499121643666513922

>>364852931>>364857360Numbers are nukes get throw and WW3 starts

>>364856568Seems like the shills are here in force today.

numbers and monke explodes within the kremlin due to a malfunctioning nuclear bomb

>>364857384Thieves? No

>Russia wants to liberate Ukraine>sends in Chechens, Dagestanis, Buryats, Tatars and teens



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>>364857171show your tits and I will send package of dollars and ciggies

>>364857480New level of cope.

>>364857488> 88Checked and nazi-pilled



Attached: Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 14-30-29 [live] r WorldNews Live Thread for the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.png (480x365, 35.29K)

>>364857239Dude, life is not action movies from Hollywood. A small bullet hole created from a pistol or something similar looks exactly like this.

>>364856014reading the western news sites it seems they're already condemned why not spice it up. I'm sure local Russians are feeling attacked by the whole world, if they're paying attention that is

>>364857037Will this affect currency bureau or only market traders?spbdnevnik.ru/news/2022-03-03/ekspert-obyasnil-dlya-chego-tsb-vvel-komissiyu-dlya-fizlits-pri-pokupke-valyuty-na-birzhe?utm_source=yxnews&utm_medium=desktop

>>364857547two women marauders were caught in a starving city and tied to a pole

>>364857171>Literally don’t care. See how I don't care. See?Cringe as fuck.


Attached: 1621355005789.png (427x381, 182.52K)

>>364857639it just means that the first nuke will get one of those jewish memorials


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>>364852738The west is so fucking evil. It turns out that yes, there were military special forces within Ukraine training them on how to kill Russian troops. The thing about Zelensky allowing "foreign fighters" into the country is to allow Jihadist like al-queada and mercenary groups like blackwater into the country. They release prisoners for the exact same reason. They bomb civilian towns full of ethnic Russian out of spite when they start losing. The reason they didn't call for a state of emergency until the last minute is because they wanted civilians to stay so they could use them as human shields. They are getting intelligence from U.S early warning systems on when Russian missiles fly in so they can shut off their AA. They are an entirely dependent country on globohomo intelligence agencies/MIC and were never a democratic country Putin was right this entire time. I hope he succeeds and pushes those glowniggers back.The United States really is the Great Satan.

>>364853119It's Russia dude, they do this for as long as they need to.


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MFW the world realises that they were duped into supporting nazi war criminalsfiles.catbox.moe/y4mlrg.mp4

Attached: 559413cc6da8118295b51e628.jpg (1195x597, 209.83K)

>>364857658>b-but china is r-russia's ally!!

European culture

Attached: 16462897778842.jpg (573x444, 27.09K)

>>364857076actually looking at it further yeah it's fake, especially how he keeps filming while trying to open the medpack and the shooting at the end>>364857171>seducing foreign men so they can support Russia.how has that been working out?>>364857456>>364857384Here they would be praised for supporting blm

Russia releases new banknotes as response to the current economic situation.

Attached: rupla.jpg (1200x528, 987.56K)

>>364857705that's sad rip europe

>>364857787>The United States really is the Great Satan.what does this make china since they are puppet masters of the USA?

>>364857683That's the problem. There is no hole. Then there are the Women's shoes (everybody has shoes). Driver escaped but passengers didn't. Doesn't make sense.

>>364856698What will they do without overpriced German cars and crappy swedekek furniture?Just terrible, inhumane even.

>>364852738Astronomic levels of cope

>>364857864How many moldy potatoes will that buy me?

>>364857977all sold out

Caught a neo-Nazi from the Aidar battalionwith sounds z.zz.fo/3q8KD.mp4

Attached: video_2022-03-03_15-32-56.webm (848x478, 2.81M)


Attached: 1646260832607.webm (482x848, 1.43M)

>>364857864based meme ngl

>>364855767Fuck off jew

>>364855719Oh wise witch of the eastTell me your wisdomAnd show me the future of the oil prices because gas is fucking expensive now

>>364857962Overpriced? They're some of the cheapest cars.... Especially in Europe....Are you fucking retarded?

>>364857962Ikea larping as high standard furniture

>>364857846Good. Thieves can fuck off. Let me remind you, what is Russian culture again? Oh yes, fucking your own people with a broomstick in prison.

>>364857658fake, xi literally offered loans to putin if he ends the war

>>364858057My man laughed his face off at the state of the Russian military.

>>364857582I don’t need it, I’m an intelligent Russian lady. I think all of you would like to find yourself in Moscow with us now, eat delicious food and have a good time, and not tear your ass for Ukraine like Redditor’s bitches

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>>364857919>that's sadIt is. Also ukrainian nazis hold civilians in the cities and do not let them leave.

Attached: 16462228916210.jpg (1600x900, 1023.16K)

>>364856338I dont think Russia is aiming for whole of Ukraine.Eastern Ukraine and Kiev would be my bet

>>364852738Where are the bombs ?

>>364858050Ukrainian's feeding and healing captured Russians.Russians beating captured Ukrainians. .. not sure this looks quite how you hope it does...

>>364858215i doubt russian will miss glassed and canned piss

The status of business isolation of the Russian Federation on March 02, 2022: Apple Pay - full block Apple - complete exit from the market Adidas - refusal to work with the national football team Audi - exit from the market AMD - ban on microchip shipments and fast ban on graphics card shipments Amazon - a complete block of all retail Adobe - full block British Petrolium - withdrew from Rosneft 20% of the shares BBC - TV consumer review BMW - closes factories, blocks supply Bolt - exit from the market Boeing - exit from the market Chevrolet - exit from the market Cannes Film Festival - bloc rf delegation Cadillac - out of the market Carlsberg - export closure Cex Io - crypto platform bans ru users Cinema 4D - app not working Coca Cola - exit from the market Danone exits the market with its subsidiary Prosto company Disney - canceling movies of all Dell - exit from the market Dropbox - will stop working in the country in a few days DHL - exit from the market Eurovision - disqualification Ericsson - exit from the market Exxon Mobil recalls all specialists from Russian oil companies Etsy - block of all balances on ru accounts Facebook - Russian media account ban FedEx - total ban of bans Formula 1 - cancellation of the tournament in Sochi Ford - closes all stores FIFA - disqualification of the national team for the World Cup and a ban on holding any international matches in the Russian Federation 1/2


>>364858050> Posting nazi bad on Holla ForumsAnon... This war isn't about nazis.

>>364858215>companies shooting themselves in the foot to virtue signalCan someone explain this to me?

>>364858078Aren't you the one support a Jewish President, a Jewish funded military, and a Jewish PrimeMinister? lmao?

Literally nazis, not the larping ones

Attached: 16461300914993.png (1024x576, 535.56K)

>>364857703Supposedly only market traders, but you never know.

>>364858097VW proper hasn't been cheap in Europe for a while.. Some of their subsidiaries like Seat and Skoda, but not even them really.Dacia is cheap. Maybe EU built Ford (if you can call that European..).

>>364858379That's how you know they're paid shills.

>>364858241> I dont think Russia is aiming for whole of Ukraine.Their goal is to create belarus 2.0

>>364858347Apple has already changed their minds and ran back. Half is a fake from the Ukrainian media


>>364858400Their masters told them to

>>364856086I don't think it's snowing in mariupol

>>364858347My problem with these measures is that they mostly affect civilians who may be indifferent or against the war. Of course it hits their economy overall, but those sanctions can also be used for propaganda purposes.

>>364855112Why do you russians keep doing that? "what makes you think we're doing x?", "no invasion, just military exercises." Nigger, we can see the bombs falling in suburbia. Even if there's a patrol car there the shockwave fucks up everything? You russians keep speaking to us anons as if we are stupid? Why?

>>364857959What is it then? He does not turn over the rest of the corpses so that you can see the hole.>Driver escaped but passengers didn't. Doesn't make sense.The cameraman ran away, his wife, talking in the background, died.Watch the with sound version, it's full and of the best quality

Attached: Hole.png (487x356, 355.83K)

>>364858224>It isThe fuck? It's not a "food shortage". If there is food to steal, there is food to buy.Those bitches deserved it, shame they didn't get shot>>364858347saved, high effort post

>>364858513No they didn't.

>>364858520bong flag checks , kraut was on point

>>364858480At least Ford actually produces many cars in Europe. Volvo and Mercedes move more and more production to China and then sell it to you for 60.000€.

>>364858189So how are you going to find a rich European sugar daddy now that Russia will be closed off? I don't think Dimitri will be able to afford to handle your gold digger lifestyle.

>>364858510What do you mean?

>>364858315>beatingBritbro, how do you treat nazis?

>>364858513nice link faggot

>>364852990Let them stay stuck in the middle of nowhere for as long as possible and all they do is consume resources that could be used elsewhere. Better to wait for them to get as close as possible to wherever you can best counterattack too.

>>364852738March 03, DM RF morning official:The Russian armed forces took control of the settlements of Chistopol'ye, NOPOLTAVKA, ZHOVTNEVOE and BALAKLEYA.The troops of the LPR with the fire support of the AF RF advanced 4 km and reached the outskirts of Severodonetsk.The troops of the DPR narrowed the encirclement ring around MARIUPOL and liberated the settlements of SARTANA, VODIANE and VINOGRADNOYE.A high-precision strike disabled a backup technological television center in the Lysaya Gora district in KIEV, which was used for psychological operations by the SBU.An evacuation corridor has been organized for residents of the town of BORODYANKA to the northwest of the Ukrainian capital through the settlement of BERESTYANKA.A total of 1,612 objects of the Ukrainian military infrastructure were hit during the operation.Among them: 62 control points and communication centers, 39 S-300, Buk-M1 and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems, 52 radar stations.13 aircraft were destroyed in the air and 49 on the ground.


Attached: Ukrop Arty in Civilian Areas.png (452x514, 361.02K)

>>364858347 Google Pay - partial block Google Maps - info block for Russia General Motors - stops exports HP - import ban Harley-Davidson - Quantity Consumption Instagram - blocking propaganda Intel - microchip supply ban Jaguar - exit from the market Jooble - removed services and made statements KUNA - entering the market Lenovo - exit from the market LinkedIn - preparing for a full exit from the country IOC - cancellation of all events Mastercard - suspension of card production, shutdown of several banks Maersk - stop to / from russia - goodbye gear with Ali express and ASOS Mercedes - out of the country Megogo - delete all Russian movies Metro - construction 10k employees Mitsubishi - sculpture of workers 141 service center Microsoft Office - a wide range of measures are being discussed Mobile World Congress - refusal of accreditation for a delegation from the Russian Federation NFT - a block of funds of users of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, the transfer of their money to Ukraine NHL - full block for players from Russia Netflix - block for Russian subscriptions, stop production of Russian TV series Nike - close all stores Nintendo - a ban on purchases in rubles Nestle closes all 6 factories in Russia OnlyFans - closure in the country Paysera - blocking PayPal - freezing accounts for withdrawal Paramount - film distribution block Parimatch - answered the franchise Play Station - Impossible to trade Pornhub - ban on access to content Porsche - exit from Russia Renault - exit from the market Samsung pay - service blocking Snapchat - out of applications in Russia and Belarus Scania - exit from the Russian Federation SpaceX - delivery of Starlink Ukraine Shell - termination of the contract with Gazprom Spotify - unable to pay for subscription Sony - film distribution block 2/3 (thought I'd make it in two but russia fucked up bigger)

>>364858628>Even if there's a patrol car there the shockwave fucks up everything?oh ok so if you park your tank next to babushka's house nobody is allowed to shoot it? fucking idiot

>>364858633That guy is very alive. Unfortunately we have seen enough dead Russians to tell the difference. Tell your boss they need to make it look more gory, that looks like a mosquito bite.

>>364858789>KUNAT o T?

>>364858215>Smirnoff is Russian vodka>Stop supplying it to RussiaWait what...

>>364858705Puppet state similar to ours.

>>364858789Twitter - you can not register accounts for citizens of the Russian Federation TikTok - massive ban of aggressive fuckers and so-called media Toyota - sculpture 2,600 employees UEFA - cancellation of the Champions League final in St. Petersburg, a ban on all clubs from participating in the Champions League and the Champions League, termination of the contract with the general sponsor Gazprom UPS - total ban on use Universal Pictures - Film Distribution Block Visa - blocking banks under sanctions Volvo - exit from the Russian Federation Yandex - exceptional shares of companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange YouTube - blocking hundreds of radio channels and monetizing them3/3

>>364858628Bro, we both know the answer to that. Russians are genetically predisposed to lying and deceit. They literally can't help it. And if they can't lie their way out of something, they activate the victim complex.

>>364858699I have British boyfriend already, he is amazing, literally perfect. yesterday he paid for my purchase in online russian shop and it was delivered in one hour

>>364858315>not sure this looks quite how you hope it doesMoskovites do not care. The worse the better. I know it is nearly impossible to understand, is is generations after generations of negative selection


>>364857839>China>Ally to anyoneSomone forgot to tell Moscow what "Middle State" really means.

>>364858633>The cameraman ran away, his wife, talking in the background, died.Hahahahha user. Are you really retarded? Where are the ebil bad nazis in the video? I'm talking about the guys in the car he was filming. Still nothing about the shoes as well.Really, you're a paid shill or something. You can't even do the information war properly. This might have worked on Goybook or something, but not here.

>>364857787>Retard repeats propaganda

>>364858634>It's not a "food shortage"Now food is supplied by Russian humanitarian convoys

>>364858941you can defend from inside. just that when you do dont complain when the houses you are sitting next to get collateral'd

>>364858832Cope harder, hohol

CHECHNYAN BEHEADING VIDEO!!files.catbox.moe/ef4mft.mp4

>>364858581>affect civilians who may be indifferent or against the warIt must get worse before it gets better. If putin loses support from his people and oligarchs because of this then we won

>>364858633>drive around during the curfew in active war zone>get shot

>>364858699But yes, we both do feel sometimes like Romeo and Juliet. But it’s obvious that all this sunctions will go away, if not we’ll just meet in a neutral country.

>>364857846Yes, that's how you treat colaborants, with public humilation.

Attached: file.png (792x529, 367.45K)

>>364858215Finally. Fuck the Green Snake.

>>364858891>Twitter - you can not register accounts for citizens of the Russian Federation>TikTok - massive ban of aggressive fuckers and so-called media>Toyota - sculpture 2,600 employees>UEFA - cancellation of the Champions League final in St. Petersburg, a ban on all clubs from participating in the Champions League and the Champions League, termination of the contract with the general sponsor Gazprom>UPS - total ban on use>Universal Pictures - Film Distribution Block>Visa - blocking banks under sanctions>Volvo - exit from the Russian Federation>Yandex - exceptional shares of companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange>YouTube - blocking hundreds of radio channels and monetizing themImagine being banned from Jewish GloboHomo. Oh wow what a conundrum.

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>>364858889Ukrops will never settle for that we will have Maidan 2.0. Russia wants Crimea and gurantee no NATO expansion into Ukraine.

>>364858189Tits or gtfo

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>>364858400Russia will be absolutely broke in a week or so, they'll never pay for another shipment anyway.

>>364858891Noooooooooooo not our heckin Western companies and Western Media!!!!1 What will the russians do without LGBTQ open Borders propaganda shoved down their throats at all times!


Attached: Happeningmobile.gif (1221x850, 425.18K)

Apparently there are lots of wounded Russians being transported to Belarus hospitals.Any videos of that?

>>364859250Putin imported hundred of thousands of central asians.

>>364853806Russian bustards.

Attached: 1645976474318.jpg (1600x960, 240.23K)

There are refugees in my town, there are also some nice girls. How should I approach them?

>>364859125I'm pleased to see young Russians protesting to be honest. Mad props to them. Hitting the oligarchs and seizing their properties is a good move. I'm sensitive to measures that could affect poor people on their daily lives. This is a massive PR disaster for Russia though. If we already didn't trust them before...

>>364859029why lie about it being a starving city>Now food is supplied by Russian humanitarian convoyskek

>>364858789>MaerskAlso MSC and CMA CGM.. Basically all the biggest container movers except Evergreen..


>>364855719Umm... tits?

>>364858628>Why do you russians keep doing that?Because it works. Not immediately, but if they get the upper-hand and keep lying, eventually people prefer to forget, and then something like "I'm russian and I'm good I have a cute dog I hate war" pops up and everybody is like yeah sorry bro etc etc war sux. It worked 100% before and still does

>>364858400Shareholders board has funds related to the US gov (Blackrock, Vanguard...)

>>364859459tel lthem you have a extra basement

Attached: __zhongli_and_seelie_genshin_impact_drawn_by_tabibitowayo__sample-6b8fd3a9c0182906f88e7a1cf981e0bb.jpg (850x1202, 119.5K)

>>364859425Both sides are Garbage Im just rooting for the one that isn't a absolute steaming pile of shit, just a garbage can

>>364859099I hope you're not being paid in rubles for this

Attached: shill.png (493x82, 5.3K)

>>364858189>I’m an intelligent Russian lady.I like them intelligent, looking forward to seeing you in a EU brothel, lmao

>>364859459> Hey ladies, I'm fighting the information war with other l33t haxx0rs in my basement. Come and join me. Slava Ukraina

>>364859029>food is supplied by Russian humanitarian convoyswhat a good boy, russia is literaly vindicated!

Attached: 11c6f73674f712248bdc21330c350ff2.png (1000x1000, 213.34K)

>>364858732Where's the ammo? How can you fire without ammo? This easily could be a training setup from any year.

Look here, my dear western partners. Some of you want to join them in EU, but for what purposes ?

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>>364859600russians are such slaves to their government they shill for free.

>>364859555checked,pretty sure most of them have chinks shareholders as well

>>364859737>Canada >This comment kek

>>364853943I support Ukraine, but I don´t think they have a fighting change even with the problems of russians

>>364856568>0 blood splatter and drain>everyone still has natural colour of skin>no bullet holes>blood and wounds are not a natural colourfake as fug

>>364859429There is Russian equipment around, some destroyed. So this is your artillery, my friend

>>364859459>How should I approach them?You shouldn't. Their men are fighting for their nation so you would appear as a weak bitch.

>>364859484>could affect poor people you really can't have it both ways>If we already didn't trust them beforeyep, they do keep justifying nato, don't they

>>364859730Anon, the reason why you glow so hard is that you are trying to use the nazi bad argument on a literal pseudo-nazi board.

>>364856854It's almost as if they knew they were coming and led them into a trap.

Whole Ukraine military right now is a NAZI cesspit

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>>364859730Fuck the EU, Fuck Ukraine and these Larpers, Jew Funded "Nazis" Hilarious.

>>364859191>Ukrops will never settle for that we will have Maidan 2.0.Go watch his casus belli announcement.And he annoyed Macron with 4 hour long lecture about how Russia was unfairly treated. He is fucking insane.

>>364853806what happened? context?

>>364859555not this againhow can trips be so deceiving

Attached: 1646193476070.jpg (904x864, 85.33K)

Nazi torchlight procession in Ukraine. So much European, right guys ?

Attached: 16460853130620.jpg (827x465, 125.39K)

Can anyone post link to VDV song with funny captions?

>>364859880He won't get it. If the Russian military is as pathetic as we've seen, how shitty do you think their propaganda arm is? Lol.

someone make a new bread, I'm going to sleepgoodnight frens

>>364859730>my dear western partnersGlowing intensifies

>>364859865> Snow in MariupolNone

Attached: 2022-03-03-135059_478x334_scrot.png (478x334, 83.3K)


>>364859877but that gives me a chance to score

Attached: 16460829697512.jpg (1491x839, 346.08K)

>>364860113Considering Facism and National Socialism are both European Ideas, yes, you're the worst kind of Shill and I support Russia. Jewish Funded Nazi larpers.

>>364855770Putin isn't going anywhere anytime soon. There's no opposite to take custody of the country and Russians have endured too much shit in the past to start a big enough uprising to take down the government. They'd rather wait it out.

>>364859730this argument will never going to work, but you are too much of a retard to understand why

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>>364859429>Russian bustards.Think of how many Jews could have been flown out of Ukraine in that AN-225.

Attached: jew dance.webm (640x360, 1.95M)

>>364859927>they want to attack us!>they're nazis!>they have nuclear weapons!>it's righful russian clayMake your mind ffs. Everyday you have a new version of why you're invading.

>>364857488why does brazilians always make me so happy, can i first get to rio grande de sul first?

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