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>>364851723ehm seems like he got captured nothing confirmed yettwitter.com/lookatmynpcnis/status/1499320586178334720

>>364851723Yeah millions of Ukrainian white BLUE EYED BIG TITTED refugees. I have room in my house.

>>364851723who's "we" ? once Zelensky the glownigger hangs some larpers will try to take his place but GRU will merk them quick enough. The absolute delusion of this guy that he is going to survive this is absolutely incredible.

>>364852623>who's "we" ?Peasants.tradingeconomics.com/commodities

>>364852623He’s just a puppet, the problem is the WEF. This is the great reset take 2, WW3 timeline.

>>364851723Looks like he will fight to the last ukrainian man. How brave of him to sacrifice all men of the country to protect the right of having anal homo sex and transgender kids.


>>364852380that is definitely not him lol, he sounds like a chain smokerhe's completely safe, it's funny how you're implying that he's even in Ukraine

>>364851723If they drag it out too much Russia is just gonna waltz over their country and move on to the next one lol.

>>364853135*white men, the jews were evacuated immediately and the niggers are fleeing to Poland.

>>364851723kek is zelenkike on about genocide now is everything is genocide

>>364851723Ukraine Demands that Russia give up

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>>364854702Uhmmm wdym sweaty? He's literally 360 noscoping CHUDssians on the front lines right now

>>364852977>muh WEF shill narrativeThe WEF is just one among a sea of globalist orgs not some secret lizard sect

>>364851723They again blame Russians and not Jews. Could work

>>364852623Yeah, he's very very fucked. The fact that he didn't manage to join NATO in time to me is like leaving your front-door open and inviting criminals in for cake.I just don't get why if he's so pro-West, how he didn't get Ukraine in to NATO in the last 6 years. Anyone know what happened here?

>>364852380It's someone with same surname, Russian asked him if he's related, he said no.

>>364855529>CHUDssiansoh, THOSE Chuds?

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>>364855703I thought nato had rules about territorial sovereignty ie you have to control all of your country and not be occupied or in conflict

I'm on Russia's side here, but how will they win this? If they continue to surround and choke off the cities, the citizens will suffer and the West can blame them for causing mass starvation and other crimes, whether true or not. Other option is invade the East, and hold it for months or years with a citizenry that is at least 50% hateful of their presence and are resentful they can't stick the latest Apple own products up their ass. If Zelensky refuses to deal, what will be the best options for Putin?

>>364851723Gas went up another 30 cents over night, it went from 3.38 to 3.70 in my area, a week and a half ago it was 2.99 and I filled up. My heat bill before this was already 3 times the amount of last year

>>364855703ukraine promised not to whine about joining the globohomoand now they started to whine so Putin decided that enough was enoughconsidering that Putin pretty much made Russia a Pariah state he probably has an ace up his sleeve because this was pretty much expected. death to globohomo

>>364851723Nobody is mobilizing for war against Russia, not even Poland. Nobody. No help is coming. This is not like your Avenger filmarinos, it's real life. And nobody is getting nuked to help Ukraine.

>>364852409I can't help but laugh at you incels thinking Ukrainian women will treat you with any less mockery or disgust than your native women. All that will happen is Chad increasing his harem from 10 to 12 women.

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>>364853135His people are safe

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>>364852409this. too bad trudeau doesn’t give a fuck about refugees, he just wants more shitskins by any means necessary

>>364856012Russia has gotten used to sanctions and obviously you don't understand their perisistance, they will take back Ukraine, this is geopolitics, the west will begin to see this also effect their economy, we are fucked either way. Why are they all going in on Ukraine in the west? I understand Russias reasoning but what happens in Ukraine that's so important to them?

>>364856012>If they continue to surround and choke off the cities, the citizens will suffer and the West can blame them for causing mass starvation and other crimesRussians will definitely aid cities they've encircled>If Zelensky refuses to deal, what will be the best options for Putin?as retarded at it sounds, they'll probably try to install a puppet government

>>364851723This isn't even an attempt to negotiate in good faith. Zelensky glows bright as fuck.

>>364851723He’s still asking for Crimea.And people still support this fucking clown?

>>364856353Yeah right now it's pretty much a media/propaganda war on Russia. These corperations aren't going to stop doing business with Russia permanently, that's a huge market. Russia can get all this stuff from China who gets it from the west.

>>364856439Oof, you tried...

>>364856711>And people still support this fucking clown?He IS a comedian.

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He should go on the offense, destroy Moscow and force Russia to surrender..

>>364856510Child slaves

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>>364856604Negotiate in good faith? You fucking faggot, they just got invaded. What good faith are you talking about

>>364856925Zelensky is having his Adolf Hitler bunker moment.

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>>364851723Zelensky is one of the "Young Leaders" of the WEF. He doesn't give two shits about the Ukrainian people, or the Donbass peoples. He's doing exactly what Klaus Schwab told him to do. Poroshenko was corrupt, but he might actually be better than Zelensky.

>>364856925It's not my fault you have a poor grasp of the English language. I'm not here to educate you. Sorry you're too stupid to understand my post.

>>364851723>500 billion dollarsholy fuck the coked out jew is nuts


>>364851723At this point Russia giving up would be the lesser of other evils.I know Ukraine won't give up because of it being a defensive war, propaganda, patriotism and the draft of people 18-65.

>>364851723And all this happened because the way US left Afghanistan. Biden planned this and he is a genius

>>364856890This. Plus money laundering, bio labs, gas business. Apparently Ukrainian is a heavenly place for corruption.

>>364857097>>500 billion dollars500 BILLYUN DOLLARZ!

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>>364856353I think this invasion was being planned since Ukraine was denuclearized. If you're going to denuclearize and at the same time also not join NATO then wtf are you doing? I mean I guess they were trying not to provoke an invasion and bide a bit more time and just hope Russia wouldn't invade. But that's all it was, hope.

>>364851723The US should declare war on Ukraine.

>>364856890Yeah and scams, probably wealthy people laundering money etc. Did you know Victoria Nuland grandfather was one of the main people involved in the holodomor and of course she supports this stuff with Ukraine and Russia. David Duke years ago did a video about it. She did have a podcast she did with Bill Kristol whose father also came from Ukraine and was dubbed the godfather of neoconservatism, Irving Kristol

>>364857287That's old news, you're up to child soldiers now

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Jews sure do love genocide: either committing it or claiming to be the victims of it for emotional extortion.

>>364857477I think they're already doing it

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>>364857287Yes I feel bad for the Ukrainian people, I remember watching live videos of the maiden and seen how they divided your people with propaganda. Understand this isn't any western countries behind the coup persay but yet about 20-50 globalist billionaires who has many western countries by the balls for some reason. I wonder why? Maybe it's some type of Epstein style blackmail? Who knows it's all speculation


>>364857584I don't see any child soldiers with long hair around their temples though, curious.

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>>364855125>the jews were evacuated immediatelyThat's fine as long as they're never allowed back in.


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>>364852380>nooo how dare those hohols spread propaganda when their civilians spread footage>YES WE CAUGHT THEIR PRESIDENT IN SOME WOODS SOMEWHERE XAXAXAthank you vatniks>>364851723>beneficiaries are England and the United Stateswow, zero knowledge of our or yanks' foreign policyprotip uniting europe and krauts funding their military is bad for us, uniting europe is bad for the US and Ukrainian refugees will not be very damaging and will serve as a perfect exhibition for the EU's worth

>>364851723Russias position is pretty simple. They want Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk and they Ukraine to demilitarize. Obviously they won't agree to that.

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>>364857804That's a human shield and wrong, using child soldiers is wrong and should be condemned, also allowing random westerners to sign up and go with no military training is desperation and wrong and should be condemned, no Russian would kill a child solider, at least I hope not

>>364857584calling bullshit.I doubt those two thin girls could handle the recoil of their AKs good enough to even have mediocre accuracy.

>>364854702He left Ukraine ages ago, Jews never stay EVER. He is a actor and probably smart enough to prerecord messages claiming he is still in town but lets be real here, the moment he actually shows his face in downtown Kiev it takes one pro Russian citizen to notify Russia and then it goes a bit like this (pic related).Second that kike faggot is out of the picture Ukraine will surrender so I am 100% they took him out of the country.

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>>364851723wtf the little bitch is lying on the ground with a black eye and bleeding anus and has demands who the fuck is he kidding

>>364857986Dumb goys, fight the Russians....yesssssss

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>>364858160Thats in palestine, Jews dropping 1500 pound laser guided bombs paid for by dumb jew loving americans, ending up killing civilians.Americans don't know 20% of palestinans are Christians.

>>364852409sounds great on a personal level, until you realize that women are even bigger resource black holes than the shitskins we took in so far.

>>364852623Wait now Jews are on our side? I am so confused. We have Nazi's, Commies, Anarchist and woke trannies supporting Jewkraine and we have actual NatSoc and now a Jew leaning more to Putin. This whole thing is next level clown world.

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>>364858424he just posted a meme lmao

>>364857477It is bad.>>364857743>Understand this isn't any western countries behind the coup persay but yet about 20-50 globalist billionaires who has many western countries by the balls for some reason. I wonder why? Maybe it's some type of Epstein style blackmail?It's not just western countries, they are most certainly balls deep in russian politics too.Putin is well known to be a pedophile, and a former KGB agent even leaked some info until he drank polonium tea. Even Stalin was a pedophile, such as most soviet leaders.Probably the only politics that don't have filth on them are chinese.

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>>364851723Pure fantasy. Ukraine isn't that important to anyone.

>>364855966you cannot join NATO if you have any ongoing territory disputes, yeah.however, I think the last decade or so has shown us well enough that rules and laws mean nothing at all and aren't worth the paper they are written on.


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>>364858150At least 2 of those AKs look like they're in 5.45x39, there really isn't that much recoil. Same with 5.56x45.

>>364857804Jews are 0.5% of Ukranian population, how many would you expect to see?It looks like they are 'slightly' over-represented among Ukranian oligarchs and political leaders. Funny how that works.

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>>364858624At least a female refugee can become a golddigger or sell her body for money. What does a male Afghan bring besides crime?

>>364856012you carpet bomb Ukraine until every last soul has left the country and then you nuke it to make it uninhabitable


>>364852977This is phase 2, not take 2. They are all fools though. Each thinking they know best for the rest, each selfish in their own desires. Most with little care for the other consciousness on the planet. Dividing themselves into factions. Needlessly working towards destruction rather than creation. None willing to truly sacrifice for the greater consciousness of all the earth.

>>364859150They already did that once, kek

>>364858639you are trying too hard to fit in

>>364859113>at least a female refugee can be a destructive resource leechyes, that's what I said. from an objective perspective, they aren't any more desirable for your country than the shitkins.


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>>364858003>protip uniting europe and krauts funding their military is bad for usInterdasting idea.Creating EU army finally?

>>364859918who knows, probably still not yet, I think it might take national armies failing somehow to push through, but they're always posturing towards it (as it would let them (mostly Germany but everyone else too) skip most of the costs of gaining experience and developing doctrine by just taking from the French), and it would let them put down protests and revolts with troops from elsewhere